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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6676

Chapter 6676 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tonkin M.A.; Lai M.F.; Kennedy P.J., 1987:
The extended deep inferior epigastric flap a case report

Wagensberg J.; Valls J., 1987:
The extended maximum entropy formalism and the statistical structure of ecosystems

Tarpay, M.M.; Chartrand, S.; Marks, M.; Cox, A., 1984:
The extended microbiology of group a streptococcal pharyngitis observations during a double blind controlled study of cephalexin twice vs. 4 times daily

Black D., 1981:
The extended muenchausen syndrome a family case

van de Geijn, J., 1987:
The extended net fractional depth dose: correction for inhomogeneities, including effects of electron transport in photon beam dose calculation

Dellon A.L., 1983:
The extended palmar advancement flap

Macfarlane, C.M.; Tsakalakos, N., 1988:
The extended Pedersen hypothesis

Mason, C.A.; Edmondson, J.C.; Hatten, M.E., 1988:
The extending astroglial process: development of glial cell shape, the growing tip, and interactions with neurons

Koike, H., 1987:
The extensibility of Aplysia nerve and the determination of true axon length

Schaeflein H., 1985:
The extension and forms of potamonectes griseostriatus together with a description of a new variation

Vrasti R.; Lazarescu M., 1985:
The extension and the quality of the social network an attribute of evolution and recuperation in schizophrenia

Deakin M.B.; Neild T.O.; Turner R.G., 1985:
The extension of 2 dimensional cable theory to arteries and arterioles

Woehler, M.; Cukor, P.; Buhrer, C.; Persiani, C.; Fermin, A., 1977:
The extension of radio allergo sorbent test for the simultaneous determination of numerous patients responses to several allergens

Novotova, M.; Uhrik, B.; Zachar, J., 1978:
The extension of sarcolemmal invaginations in crayfish muscle fibers

Doshchitsin V.L.; Sigal E.S.; Sedov V.V., 1981:
The extension of the q t interval on the electro cardiogram classification and clinical significance

Williams, J.G.; Hoffman, R.; Penman, S., 1977:
The extensive homology between messenger rna sequences of normal and sv 40 transformed human fibroblasts

Jarnicka Stanios H.; Biadun W.; Cisz B., 1983:
The extensiveness and seasonal dynamics of infection with fasciola hepatica in cattle from the lublin poland region

Karp Damdin M.; Wisniewski R., 1987:
The extensiveness of infection with trichomonas vaginalis yeast like fungi and neisseria gonorrhoeae in women in the town of rzeszow poland and its vicinity

Gebski, J.; Pinkowski, R., 1987:
The extensiveness of protozoa invasion in oral cavity among the lodz population poland i. the protozoa invasion in school

Kiskaroly, M.; Tafro, A., 1984:
The extensiveness of the invasion of diplostomiasis the most frequent parasitosis in fish in the cyprinid fish ponds in bosnia herzegovina yugoslavia iv. diplostomiasis spread in the bardaca fishery

Lanzani A.; Buselli P.; Respizzi S.; Aglieri S.; Merlo M., 1986:
The extensor apparatus of the knee biomechanical evaluation in relation to potentiation of the quadriceps muscle

Landsmeer J.M.F., 1979:
The extensor assembly in 2 species of opossum philander opossum and didelphis marsupialis

Wood, V.E., 1988:
The extensor carpi radialis intermedius tendon

Adler H.; Schlenkhoff D.; Seiler W., 1982:
The extensor digitorum brevis manu muscle an anomaly of hand muscles

Taleisnik J.; Gelberman R.H.; Miller B.W.; Szabo R.M., 1984:
The extensor retinaculum of the wrist

Biddulph S.L., 1985:
The extensor sling procedure for an unstable carpometacarpal joint

Hall M.H.; Carr Hill R.A.; Fraser C.; Campbell D.; Samphier M.L., 1985:
The extent and antecedents of uncertain gestation

Doering, P.L.; Stewart, R.B., 1978:
The extent and character of drug consumption during pregnancy

Grgic P., 1985:
The extent and characteristics of bryophyta investigations in bosnia and herzegovina yugoslavia

Gump, F.E.; Shikora, S.; Habif, D.V.; Kister, S.; Logerfo, P.; Estabrook, A., 1986:
The extent and distribution of cancer in breasts with palpable primary tumors

Labbe, R.; Lindsay, T.; Walker, P.M., 1987:
The extent and distribution of skeletal muscle necrosis after graded periods of complete ischemia

Brown, B.B., 1982:
The extent and effects of peer pressure among high school students: A retrospective analysis

Strobel U.; Spiegler A.W.J.; Herrmann F.H., 1985:
The extent and kinetics of the activity increase of creatinine kinase in serum after bicycle ergometric loads in untrained women

Sen, B.; Williams, P., 1987:
The extent and nature of depressive phenomena in primary health care. A study in Calcutta, India

Ahuja L.R.; Lehman O.R., 1983:
The extent and nature of rainfall soil interaction in the release of soluble chemicals to runoff

Qu, J.Q., 1986:
The extent and pattern of infiltration along the bronchial wall in central type lung cancer

Kotzur J.; Kuebart I.; Haufe M.; Theisen K., 1986:
The extent and prognostic value of malignant and harmless ventricular arrhythmias in 492 patients examined invasively

Bradshaw R.; Mcgee E., 1988:
The extent and time course of mountain blanket peat erosion in ireland

Schaack, J.; Sharp, S.; Dingermann, T.; Burke, D.J.; Cooley, L.; Soll, D., 1984:
The extent of a eukaryotic transfer rna gene 5' flanking and 3' flanking sequence dependence for transcription and stable complex formation

Stuks I.Yu; Vintizenko Z.Ya; Ageeva T.S., 1979:
The extent of antibiotic resistant pneumococcal strains

Khan S.; Khan M.I.H., 1983:
The extent of apical growth of the bast fibers over their mother initials in some trees of myrtaceae

Holland G.R., 1982:
The extent of axonal exposure and axo axonal apposition in the nonmyelinated nerve fibers of peripheral nerve trunks and their dependence of buffer molarity

Ueckermann, E.; Scholz, H., 1975:
The extent of bark peeling by mouflon ovis ammon musimon in spruce stands and the effect of several technical measures to prevent peeling

Tulzer, H.; Kupka, S., 1978:
The extent of carcinomatous involvement of the regional lymph nodes in cervical carcinoma and its influence on the therapeutic results a report on 103 cured cases

Koenies H., 1979:
The extent of contamination of the fulda river and its largest tributaries in the vicinity of kassel west germany in spring 1979

Raut S.K., 1982:
The extent of damage inflicted by achatina fulica to agri horticulture economic plants

Hofman, T., 1979:
The extent of dendrites of the thoracic nucleus neurons in the spinal cord of cat

Kasper H.; Rabast U.; Ehl M., 1980:
The extent of dietary fiber intake in west germany

Krenyi Z.; Tamas G.; Vargha P., 1987:
The extent of diurnal changes of 2 3 diphosphoglycerate in healthy and insulin treated diabetic individuals

Ley A.C.; Mauzerall D.C., 1986:
The extent of energy transfer among photosystem ii reaction centers in chlorella vulgaris

Aliverti, V.; Bonanomi, L.; Giavini, E.; Leone, V.G.; Mariani, L., 1979:
The extent of fetal ossification as an index of delayed development in teratogenic studies on the rat

Aggett J.; Kriegman M.R., 1988:
The extent of formation of arsenic iii in sediment interstitial waters and its release to hypolimnetic waters in lake ohakuri north island new zealand

Zakiyan S.M.; Kul'bakina N.A.; Serov O.L.; Meier M.N.; Zharkikh A.A., 1984:
The extent of genetic divergency between microtus arvalis and microtus subarvalis rodentia

Clapperton J.L., 1980:
The extent of hydrogenation of 2 formaldehyde treated spray dried mixtures of soybean oil and casein fed to sheep

Rodrigues de Miranda, J.F.; Eikelboom, T.D.; Van Os, G.A., 1976:
The extent of hydrophobic binding area studied by fatty acid binding to albumin

Metelitsa, V.I.; Chubukova, A.L.; Ilyushina, I.P.; Ostrovskaya, T.P.; Lukiyanova, L.E., 1977:
The extent of ischemic heart disease in relation to the markedness of some risk factors

Renaud J.M.; Stevens E.D., 1983 :
The extent of long term temperature compensation for jumping distance in the frog rana pipiens and the toad bufo americanus

Carpenter, R.L.; Eger, E.I.; Johnson, B.H.; Unadkat, J.D.; Sheiner, L.B., 1986:
The extent of metabolism of inhaled anesthetics in humans

Kaplan, R.S.; Coleman, P.S., 1978:
The extent of mitochondrial f 1 atpase ec and adenine nucleotide carrier activity with 1 n 6 etheno atp

Travis C.C.; Dennison J.W.; Arms A.D., 1987:
The extent of multimedia partitioning of organic chemicals

Roffman, E.; Wilchek, M., 1986:
The extent of oxidative mitogenesis does not correlate with the degree of aldehyde formation of the T lymphocyte membrane

Lesovoi M.P.; Kravets A.F.; Shelekhova L.N., 1981:
The extent of peroxidase isozyme activation in connection with wheat inheritance of resistance responses to brown rust incitant

Reichholf, J., 1986:
The extent of population reduction in several bird species caused by the extremely cold weather in jan. and feb. of 1985 results from southeastern bavaria west germany

Baillie S.R.; Swann R.L., 1980:
The extent of post juvenile molt in the blackbird turdus merula

Collins D.M.; Bates J.H.T.; Maslowski A.H.; Mckinnon A.E.; Campbell C.B., 1981:
The extent of reflux of unconjugated carbon 14 labeled cholic acid from the liver in subjects with normal liver function

Horzempa L.M.; D.M., 1983:
The extent of reversibility of poly chlorinated bi phenyl adsorption

Miller R.G.; Derry H.R.; Sarjeant B.J., 1982:
The extent of self major histo compatibility complex restriction of cyto toxic t cells in nude mice varies from mouse to mouse

Renaud J.M.; Stevens E.D., 1984:
The extent of short term and long term compensation to temperature shown by frog rana pipiens and toad bufo americanus sartorius muscle

Zeven A.C.; Waninge J.; Colon L.T., 1986:
The extent of similarity between near isogenic lines of the australian spring wheat triticum aestivum cultivar triple dirk with their recurrent parent

Thompson, W.; Jansen, J.K.S., 1977:
The extent of sprouting of remaining motor units in partly de nervated immature and adult rat soleus muscle

Kruger N.J.; Bulpin P.V.; Rees T.A., 1983:
The extent of starch degradation in the light in pea pisum sativum cultivar kelvedon wonder leaves

Grange R.I., 1984:
The extent of starch turnover in mature pepper capsicum annuum leaves in the light

Obrecht W.F.Jr; W.W.C.; Gelfand D.W.; Ott D.J., 1984:
The extent of successful colonoscopy a 2nd assessment using modern equipment

Freiha, F.S.; Shortliffe, L.D.; Rouse, R.V.; Mark, J.B.; Hannigan, J.F.; Aston, D.; Spaulding, J.T.; Williams, R.D.; Torti, F.M., 1984:
The extent of surgery after chemotherapy for advanced germ cell tumors

Navarina, S.V.; Demin, V.N.; Shal'neva, T.S., 1977:
The extent of surgical intervention for ovariectomy in breast cancer patients

Korenberg E.I.; Ivanova L.M.; Yurkova E.V., 1986:
The extent of the changes in the intensity of epidemic manifestations of natural foci of tick borne encephalitis

Lockett, M.F.; Retallack, R.W.; Sayers, L., 1972:
The extent of the destruction, during passage through the lungs, of a substance secreted by the heart

Knauer N., 1980:
The extent of the environmental pollution occasioned by incorrect farming decisions and possible ways of avoiding them

Zainullin R.G.; Kulikova S.V., 1982:
The extent of the illusion of apparent movement as a function of the time parameters of stimulation

Markowitsch H.J.; Pritzel M.; Petrovic Minic B., 1980:
The extent of the lateral prefrontal cortex of the cat

Finot P.A.; Deutsch R.; Bujard E., 1981:
The extent of the maillard reaction during the processing of milk

Cook R., 1980:
The extent of visual control in the courtship tracking of drosophila melanogaster

Mitchell, D.E., 1988:
The extent of visual recovery from early monocular or binocular visual deprivation in kittens

Lamb B.C.; Helmi S., 1982:
The extent to which gene conversion can change allele frequencies in population

Jackson, R.C., 1975:
The exterior surface of the chicken erythrocyte

Kirkpatrick, J.R., 1977 :
The exteriorized anastomosis: its role in surgery of the colon

Klimm, W., 1982:
The external action of fluorides their anti bacterial and plaque inhibiting significance 1. literature survey and in vitro studies

Klimm, W., 1983:
The external action of fluorides their anti bacterial and plaque inhibiting significance 2. clinico microbiological studies

Jonkman J.C.M., 1980:
The external and internal structure and growth of nests of the leaf cutting ant atta vollenweideri hymenoptera formicidae

Frohlich, O., 1982:
The external anion binding site of the human erythrocyte anion transporter 4 4' di nitro stilbene 2 2' disulfonate binding and competition with chloride

Ziółkowski, M.; Kurlej, W., 1984:
The external aperture of the human vestibular aqueduct

Mirouze, J.; Selam, J.L.; Pham, T.C.; Orsetti, A., 1977:
The external artificial pancreas a new mode of insulin therapy

D'avena C.; Colobraro P.; Barzi A.; Bertoldi I.; Chirletti P., 1982:
The external biliary fistula following surgical treatment of hydatid cysts of the liver

Fasoli, G.; Bini, R.; Congedo, E.; Russo, R.; Chion, R.; Stritoni, P., 1976:
The external cardio mechanical indices in the evaluation of ischemic heart disease correlations with the hemodynamic data

Burgess, L.P.; Quilligan, J.J.; Van Sant, T.E.; Yim, D.W., 1985:
The external (combination) rhinoplasty approach for the problem nose

Wisselink, M.A., 1986:
The external ear in skin diseases of dogs and cats: a diagnostic challenge

Allieu Y.; Ginouves P.; Gomis R.; Jacoulet P., 1987:
The external fixation in the treatment of osteoarticular infections of the hand

Ferrier, J.M.; Dainty, J., 1978:
The external force method for measuring hydraulic conductivity and elastic coefficients in higher plant cells application to multi layer tissue sections and further theoretical development

Dahl J.F., 1985:
The external genitalia of female pygmy pan paniscus chimpanzees

Visset, J.; Leborgne, J.; Barbin, J.Y., 1975:
The external laryngeal nerve

Victorio V.M.N.; Jurberg J.; Lent H., 1986:
The external male genitalia of four species of the genus sirthenea hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae peiratinae

Heymans, J.C., 1978:
The external mandibular musculature of dispholidus typus punctatus and of thelotornis capensis oatesi serpentes colubridae dispholidinae

Heymans, J.C., 1977:
The external mandibular musculature of philothamnus irregularis irregularis philothamnus semivariegatus and philothamnus hoplogaster serpentes colubridae philothamninae

Gao W Z.; Guo B Q., 1983:
The external morphology and fine structure of the compound eye of cotton bollworm moth heliothis armigera

Nelson S.Jr, 1982:
The external morphology and life history of the pseudoscorpion microbisium confusum

Legg, G., 1976:
The external morphology of a new species of ricinuleid arachnida from sierra leone

Ali H.; Jasim H.S., 1987:
The external morphology of gyrinus dejeani brulle gyrinidae coleoptera of iraq

Fletcher M.J., 1981:
The external morphology of kallitambinia australis homoptera tropiduchidae

Regel, E.D.; Epshtein, S.M., 1977:
The external morphology of onychodactylus fischeri hynobiidae

Pennick, N.C., 1983:
The external morphology of pyramimonas 9. pyramimonas spinifera new species

Fletcher M.J., 1979:
The external morphology of scolypopa australis homoptera ricaniidae

Pennick, N.C., 1977:
The external morphology of the pyramimonas like motile stage of halosphaera russellii

Hofer H.O., 1979:
The external nose of tarsius bancanus borneanus primates tarsiiformes

Chandrasekhar B.; Sloan G.M.; Beatty J.D., 1988:
The external oblique myocutaneous flap for extended hemipelvectomy reconstruction

Weinrib H.; Schenck R.R.; Sadr B., 1983:
The external ring method of microvenous anastomosis a new experimental concept

Zaluska S.; Kis G.; Zaluska E., 1979:
The external structure of the obturator nerve in the post fetal life in man

Shatrov A.B., 1986:
The external structure of the oral apparatus of euschoengastia rotundata and neotrombicula vulgaris trombiculidae and of the host skin lesions produced by them

Wright A.D., 1981:
The external surface of dictyonella and of other pitted brachiopods

Washington E.D.; Mcloyd V.C., 1982:
The external validity of research involving american minorities

Bushnell I.W.R.; Gerry G.; Burt K., 1983:
The externality effect in neo nates

Bonsall R.W.; Michael R.P., 1980:
The externalization of vaginal fatty acids by the female rhesus monkey

Rookmaaker, L.C.; Groves, C.P., 1978:
The extinct cape rhinoceros diceros bicornis bicornis

Northcote E.M.; Mourer Chauvire C., 1988:
The extinct crane grus primigenia milne edwards in majorca spain

Wetherbee D.K., 1985:
The extinct cuban and hispaniolan macaws ara psittacidae and description of ara cubensis new species

Harrison, C.J.O.; Cowles, G.S., 1977:
The extinct large cranes of the northwest palearctic

Youngman P.M., 1986:
The extinct short faced skunk brachyprotoma obtusata mammalia carnivora first records for canada and beringia

Ouimette J.R.; Flagan R.C., 1982:
The extinction coefficient of multi component aerosols

Gussakovskii E.E.; Abramov A.A.; Babaev T.A.; Gulamov T.G.; Gorina O.V., 1980:
The extinction coefficient of thyro globulin

Westbrook R.F.; Smith F.J.; Charnock D.J., 1985:
The extinction of an aversion role of the interval between nonreinforced presentations of the averted stimulus

Clarke B.; Johnson M.S.; Murray J., 1984:
The extinction of endemic species by a program of biological control

Adams C.G.; Rodda P.; Kiteley R.J., 1979:
The extinction of the foraminiferal genus lepidocyclina and the miocene pliocene boundary problem in fiji

Groh, G.; Hoffmann, D.; Sischka, N., 1978:
The extinction of the white stork ciconia ciconia in the palatinate west germany 2

Rescorla, R.A.; Freberg, L., 1978:
The extinction of within compound flavor associations

Viola S.; Rappaport U., 1979:
The extra caloric effect of oil in the nutrition of carp

Korvin-Pavlovskaya, E.G.; Karalova, E.M.; Kul'minskaya, A.S.; Magakyan-Yu, A.; Gazaryan, K.G., 1978:
The extra cyclic synthesis of dna total protein and hemo globin accumulation in cells of the erythrocyte series during anemia in pigeons

Curgy J J.; Vennin M.; Baert J L., 1987:
The extra oocyte synthesis of the egg yolk precursor vitellogenin in perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta evidence from cell free translation of messenger rna

Bolder, P.M.; Healy, T.E.; Bolder, A.R.; Beatty, P.C.; Kay, B., 1986:
The extra work of breathing through adult endotracheal tubes

Buu, N.T.; Nair, G.; Kuchel, O.; Genest, J., 1981:
The extra-adrenal synthesis of epinephrine in rats. Possible involvement of dopamine sulfate

Rao M.M.; Chary C.M., 1981:
The extraaquatic fungi of 2 fresh water ponds in the mannanur forest andhra pradesh india

Danneskiold-Samsøe, B.; Clemmensen, I.; Andersen, R.B., 1979:
The extra-articular deposition of fibrinogen antigenic material in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Paiement, J.M.; Mcmillan, D.B., 1975:
The extracardiac chromaffin cells of larval lampreys

Neville, M.C.; Mathias, R.T., 1979:
The extracellular compartments of frog skeletal muscle

Costello P.B.; Green F.A., 1987:
The extracellular control of intracellular aspirin hydrolysis

Orlow, S.J.; Shapiro, R.I.; Franke, J.; Kessin, R.H., 1981:
The extracellular cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase ec of dictyostelium discoideum purification and characterization

Bohrmann, J.; Dorn, A.; Sander, K.; Gutzeit, H., 1986 :
The extracellular electrical current pattern and its variability in vitellogenic Drosophila follicles

Pfueller, S.L.; Elliott, W.H., 1969:
The extracellular enz alpha amylase of bacillus stearothermophilus

Brochner Mortensen J., 1982:
The extracellular fluid volume in normal man determined as the distribution volume of chromium 51 labeled edta

Gospodarowicz D.; Ill C., 1980:
The extracellular matrix and control of proliferation of corneal endothelial and lens epithelial cells

Webster E.H.Jr; Silver A.F.; Gonsalves N.I., 1984:
The extracellular matrix between the optic vesicle and presumptive lens during lens morphogenesis in an anophthalmic strain of mice

Morrison, J.C.; Jerdan, J.A.; L'Hernault, N.L.; Quigley, H.A., 1988:
The extracellular matrix composition of the monkey optic nerve head

Mccurley T.L.; Gay R.E.; Gay S.; Glick A.D.; Haralson M.A.; Collins R.D., 1986:
The extracellular matrix in sclerosing follicular center cell lymphomas an immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study

Aplin, J.D.; Campbell, S.; Allen, T.D., 1985:
The extracellular matrix of human amniotic epithelium: ultrastructure, composition and deposition

Campochiaro, P.A.; Jerdon, J.A.; Glaser, B.M., 1986:
The extracellular matrix of human retinal pigment epithelial cells in vivo and its synthesis in vitro

Fairbairn, S.; Gilbert, R.; Ojakian, G.; Schwimmer, R.; Quigley, J.P., 1985:
The extracellular matrix of normal chick embryo fibroblasts: its effect on transformed chick fibroblasts and its proteolytic degradation by the transformants

Barsky, S.H.; Huang, S.J.; Bhuta, S., 1986:
The extracellular matrix of pulmonary scar carcinomas is suggestive of a desmoplastic origin

Kirk, D.L.; Birchem, R.; King, N., 1986:
The extracellular matrix of Volvox: a comparative study and proposed system of nomenclature

Aiyappa, P.S.; Harris, J.O., 1976:
The extracellular metallo protease of serratia marcescens part 1 purification and characterization

Aiyappa, P.S.; Harris, J.O., 1976:
The extracellular metallo protease of serratia marcescens part 2 comparison with trypsin ec and substrate specificity

Neher, E.; Sakmann, B.; Steinbach, J.H., 1978:
The extracellular patch clamp a method for resolving currents through individual open channels in biological membranes

Matavulj, M.; Grubor, G.; Palanacki, V., 1978:
The extracellular phosphoric mono ester hydrolases activity in alkaline acid and neutral media in some heterotrophic bacteria isolated from the river danube

Huq, M.N.; Ralph, B.J.; Rickard, P.A.D., 1978:
The extracellular poly saccharide of a methylotrophic culture

Catley B.J., 1980:
The extracellular poly saccharide pullulan produced by aureobasidium pullulans a relationship between elaboration rate and morphology

Hansen, A.J., 1978:
The extracellular potassium concentration in brain cortex following ischemia in hypo glycemic and hyper glycemic rats

Federici, F.; Martini, A., 1975:
The extracellular proteases of the yeasts

Shinchi, S.; Kandatsu, M., 1980:
The extracellular proteolytic activity of rumen ciliate protozoa 1. proteolytic activity of cell free rumen liquid incubation medium of rumen ciliate protozoa and their extracts

Dean D.D.; Domnas A.J., 1983:
The extracellular proteolytic enzymes of the mosquito parasitizing fungus lagenidium giganteum

Kaufman J.F.; Strominger J.L., 1983:
The extracellular region of light chains from human and murine major histo compatibility complex class ii antigens consists of 2 domains

Ohlsson, K.; Olsson, I., 1977:
The extracellular release of granulocyte collagenase and elastase during phagocytosis and inflammatory processes

Shaw, S.R., 1978:
The extracellular space and blood eye barrier in an insect retina an ultrastructural study

Bakay, L., 1970:
The extracellular space in brain tumors part 2 the sucrose space

Esposito, G.; Faelli, A.; Capraro, V., 1972:
The extracellular space of rat intestine in vivo

Jirku V.; Kraxnerova B.; Krumphanzl V., 1980:
The extracellular system of beta 1 3 glucanases of alternaria tenuissima and aspergillus versicolor

Delitala G.; Devilla L., 1981:
The extracerebral dopamine antagonist domperidone blocks the suppressive effect of bromocriptine on prolactin and tsh secretion in man

Mccready, S.J.; Cox, B.S.; Mclaughlin, C.S., 1977:
The extrachromosomal control of nonsense suppression in yeast an analysis of the elimination of psi plus in the presence of a nuclear gene pnm minus

Weis, E.E.; Barth, C.A., 1978:
The extracorporeal bile duct: a new model for determination of bile flow and bile composition in the intact rat

Kruse Jarres J.D.; Waldmann D.; Simon H., 1980:
The extracorporeal blood glucose regulation in the pancreatectomized dog

Deruty, R.; Duquesnel, J.; Lecuire, J.; Dechaume, J.P.; Bret, P., 1976:
The extracranial intra cranial anastomosis radiological and clinical correlations

Braun, W.; Tzonos, T., 1968:
The extracranial metastases of gliomas by implantation

Sakuragawa, N.; Takahashi, K.; Hoshiyama, M.; Jimbo, C.; Ashizawa, K.; Matsuoka, M.; Ohnishi, Y., 1977:
The extract from the tissue of gastric cancer as pro coagulant in disseminated intra vascular coagulation syndrome

Maclean, K.S.; Langille, W.M., 1976:
The extractable trace element content of acid soils and the influence of ph organic matter and clay content

Maclean K.S.; Langille W.M., 1983:
The extractable trace element content of coarse textured annapolis valley nova scotia canada soils and the influence of ph organic matter and clay content

Roorda-Van-Eysinga, J.P.N.L.; Van-Dijk, P.A.; De-Bes, S.S., 1978:
The extractable zinc content of soils in the netherlands determined by various methods

Stekac M.; Hrivnak J., 1985:
The extractibility of alkylphenols from water studied by means of capillary gas chromatography

Beadle C.L.; Hart J.W.; Jarvis P.G., 1983:
The extraction and activity of carboxylases in sitka spruce picea sitchensis and some other conifers

Hammond M.D.; Osselton M.D.; Moffat A.C., 1979:
The extraction and analysis of benzodiazepine drugs in blood stains

Kropinski A.M.; Chan L.C.; Milazzo F.H., 1979:
The extraction and analysis of lipo poly saccharides from pseudomonas aeruginosa strain pao and 3 rough mutants

Lukaszewski T., 1985:
The extraction and analysis of quaternary ammonium compounds in biological material by gas liquid chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Cheshire M.V.; Mundie C.M.; Bracewell J.M.; Robertson G.W.; Russell J.D.; Fraser A.R., 1983:
The extraction and characterization of soil poly saccharide by whole soil methylation

Morris, G.F.I.; Thurman, D.A.; Boulter, D., 1970:
The extraction and chemical composition of aleurone grains protein bodies isolated from seeds of vicia faba d

Osborne, G.J., 1976:
The extraction and definition of nonexchangeable or fixed ammonium in some soils from southern new south wales

Dinesen I.G., 1984:
The extraction and diagnosis of corynebacterium sepedonicum from diseased potato tubers

Mayes, R.W., 1982:
The extraction and identification of drugs in aviation toxicology

Bancroft, K.; Paul, E.A.; Wiebe, W.J., 1976:
The extraction and measurement of atp from marine sediments

Keeley, F.W., 1977:
The extraction and partial characterization of proteins released by decalcification from calcified human aortic plaques

Bergeron D.; Bushway R.J.; Storch R.H.; Alford A.R.; Bushway A.A., 1988:
The extraction and partial purification of a rhamnosidase from colorado potato beetle larvae leptinotarsa decemlineata say

Holness, N.J.; Atfield, G., 1976:
The extraction and purification of a cysteine transfer rna from bakers yeast

A.Ogram, G.S.Sayler, T.Barkay, 1987:
The extraction and purification of microbial DNA from sediments

Brailsford, M.A.; Thompson, A.G.; Kaderbhai, N.; Beechey, R.B., 1986:
The extraction and reconstitution of the alpha cyanocinnamate sensitive pyruvate transporter from castor bean ricinus communis mitochondria

Gough, K.M.; Gesser, H.D., 1975:
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The extraction of soil phyto toxins using a neutral edta solution

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The extraction of the enzyme degrading the limonin precursor in citrus albedo

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The extractive components of formosan lauraceous plants 2. a new lignan from the bark of machilus zuihoensis f longipaniculata

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The extrafloral nectaries of ipomoea carnea convolvulaceae

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The extrafloral nectaries of ipomoea leptophylla convolvulaceae

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The extrarhabdomeral cytoskeleton in photo receptors of diptera 2. plasmalemmal undercoats

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The extremely low frequency electrical properties of plant stems

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The extrinsic innervation of the abdominal organs in the female rat

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The extrinsic innervation of the pelvic organs in the female rat

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The extrinsic innervation of the stomach of the plaice pleuronectes platessa part 1 the vagal nerve supply

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The extrinsic innervation of the stomach of the plaice pleuronectes platessa part 2 the splanchnic nerve supply

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The extrinsic neural control of serotonin release from the small intestine

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The extrusion of nucleolar material during the interphase

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The extrusion of sodium ions from presynaptic nerve endings of rat cerebral cortex

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The exudation of glutamine and theanine from tea leaf

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The facilitation effects of phonetic symbolism on paired associate learning

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The facilitation of lexical decisions by a prime occurring after the target

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The facilitation of long term memory improvement and operative development

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The facilitation of self efficacy

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The facing and compound system of cottbus

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The factor of immunization in the rat the effect of allogeneic immunization of graft vs host activity

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The factor structure of curiosity measures breadth and depth of interest curiosity styles

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The factor structure of the eating disorders inventory

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The factor structure of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI) for psychiatric inpatients

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The factor which aggregates nematode turbatrix aceti yeast and liver phospho glycerate kinase is transfer rna

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The factorial structure and specificity of the british ability scales

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The factorial structure of adolescent responses to a fear survey schedule

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The factorial structure of personal development mechanisms in unmarried mothers college alcoholic and schizophrenic populations

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The factorial structure of the general aptitude test battery

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The factorial structure of the illinois test of psycho linguistic abilities and wechsler intelligence scale for children sub tests in 3 diagnostic groups

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The factors affecting forest colonization of fynbos in the absence of recurrent fire at orange kloof cape province south africa

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The factors affecting the feeding of dendrocoelum lacteum turbellaria tricladida on asellus aquaticus crustacea isopoda

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The factors affecting the rate of fouling of reverse osmosis membranes treating secondary sewage effluents

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The factors and the living conditions related to tooth caries in children

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The factors causing instability of the three dimensional structure of mutant human hemoglobins a method for estimating the instability

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The factors determining the diurnal dynamics of phytoplankton bioluminescence

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The factors governing the productivity of the moorland soils

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The factors in the gel forming properties of hsian tsao mesona procumbens 1. extraction conditions and different starches

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The factors influencing cholesterol and beta lipo protein level in the blood serum of hungry rabbits

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The factors influencing toxin elimination in clinical conditions

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The failure of conventional drug therapy in the management of infantile colic

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The failure of pod and seed development of bauhinia tomentosa l

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The failure of prolactin to enhance the inhibitory effect of estradiol 17 beta on luteinizing hormone synthesis and release in ewes

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The failure of pullet sized di calcium phosphate to improve egg shell quality of hens

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The failure of the 1976 swine influenza immunization program

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The failure to communicate a change of mind explanation of young children's nonconservation responses

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The failure to demonstrate an involvement of human leukocyte group 5 antigens in graft vs host disease and marrow graft rejection

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The failure to detect the absence of covariation between dichotomous variables

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The failure to live up to a self imposed set of values as a specific situation of conflict in migraine patients

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The failure to obtain sexual isolation by artificial selection

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The failures of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy

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The fairy shrimp branchinecta paludosa new record in norway

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The fairy shrimp chirocephalus pelagonicus new species crustacea branchiopoda from macedonia yugoslavia

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The fakability of subtle and obvious measures of aggression by male prisoners

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The fall emigration of stone crabs menippe mercenaria say from an intertidal oyster habitat and temperature's effect on locomotory activity

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The fallibility of x chromatin as a screening test for anomalies of the x chromosome

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The fallout of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from the atmosphere at ngapuna near rotorua new zealand

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The fallout of particles in the vicinity of coal fired power plants in czechoslovakia

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The fallow deer of european pleistocene

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The false cortical thumb

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The false darkling beetle genus microscapha coleoptera melandryidae

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The false falx sign

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The false negative smear part 2 the trapping effect of collecting instruments

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The false normal oral cholecystogram

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The falsification of an odontogram

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The familial sporadic classification its power for the resolution of genetic and environmental etiologic factors

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The family chenopodiaceae of the steppe portion of the don river basin ussr

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The family cladoniaceae in melanesia 1. cladonia section unciales

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The family cladoniaceae in melanesia 2. cladonia section cocciferae

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The family curculionidae of japan 2. viticiinae new subfamily

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The family curculionidae of japan 3. subfamily anoplinae

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The family curculionidae of japan 4. subfamily rhynchaeninae

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The family curculionidae of japan vi. tribe mechistocerini part 2 insecta coleoptera

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The family curculionidae of japan vi. tribe mechistocerini part i insecta coleoptera

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The family lepidopleuridae mollusca polyplacophora in the eastern pacific

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The family meets the hospital. Predicting the family's perception of the treatment program from its problem solving style

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The family monotaxidae pisces perciformes of taiwan

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The family mussidae part 1 demonstration of the relationships between coral and symbiotic algae in the genera mycetophyllia and mussa

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The family of strophariaceae

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The family ommexechidae

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The family oripodidae acari oribatei 1

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The family oripodidae acari oribatei 2

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The family orthotrichaceae in greenland a taxonomic revision

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The family philodromidae araneae in the central and western iberian peninsula

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The family philosciidae crustacea oniscoidae in africa south of the sahara

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The family pilipalpidae new status coleoptera heteromera its composition and taxonomic relationships

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The family position of papposphaera and pappomonas prymnesiophyceae with records from the indian ocean

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The family priacanthidae of taiwan

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The family pterogeniidae with notes on the phylogeny of the heteromera

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The family pterolonchidae meyrick 1918 of spain and portugal insecta lepidoptera

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The family pylochelidae or symmetrical pagurids crustacea coenobitoidea

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The family relations of female juvenile delinquents

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The Family Responsibility Index: a behavioral measure of marital work allocation

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The family selenopidae in dominican amber arachnida araneae

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The family situation and family related design for life of juveniles and young adults recent findings from the youth compass lower saxony west germany

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The family sphaerolaimidae nematoda monhysterida from the sea of japan

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The family stilbopterygidae neuroptera in australia

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The family syngnathidae pisces syngnathiformes of taiwan

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The family syrphidae order diptera in the fauna of the vrancea department romania

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The family taxodiaceae in fossil floras of the georgian ssr ussr

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The family taxodiaceae in the maeotian flora of the western georgian ssr ussr

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The family tegastidae sars copepoda harpacticoida from the indian ocean

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The family teneriffiidae with a new species from mexico

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The family thelypteridaceae in the pacific and australasia

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The family tubeufiaceae pleosporales

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The family undellidae protozoa ciliophora tintinnina

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The family viewpoint of chronic pain

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The family volutidae mollusca gastropoda of taiwan china

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The family xiphocentronidae trichoptera annulipalpia

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The family xylariaceae in cuba 1

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The family xylariaceae in cuba 2. phylacia sagraeana

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The fangs of dispholidus typus and thelotornis kirtlandii serpentes colubridae

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The fantail darter etheostoma flabellare in the salt river drainage kentucky usa

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The far metastatic formation of intensive treated urinary bladder carcinomas

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The farming system in the pyrenees france spain a model of the constitution and utilization of hay stocks

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The fascial adipose tissue sheath of the superior mesenteric artery and its branches

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The fascial radial flap

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The fasciated ramification of euonymus japonica

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The fasciculus cinguli in the rat

ten Donkelaar, H.J.; Bangma, G.C.; de Boer-van Huizen, R., 1985:
The fasciculus longitudinalis medialis in the lizard Varanus exanthematicus. 2. Vestibular and internuclear components

Peterson E.L., 1984:
The fast conducting system of the leech hirudo medicinalis a network of 93 dye coupled interneurons

Wiman, B.; Csemiczky, G.; Marsk, L.; Robbe, H., 1984:
The fast inhibitor of tissue plasminogen activator in plasma during pregnancy

Klein H.; Guldbakke S.; Jahr R.; Lesiecki H., 1979:
The fast neutron sensitivity of a geiger mueller counter photon dosimeter by the time of flight technique

Ito Y.I.; Gananca M.M.; Albernaz P.L.M., 1985:
The fast phase eye speed on post caloric nystagmus in normals a vectornystagmographic study

Goslow, G.E.J. ; Cameron, W.E.; Stuart, D.G., 1977:
The fast twitch motor units of cat ankle flexors part 1 tripartite classification on basis of fatigability

Goslow, G.E.J. ; Cameron, W.E.; Stuart, D.G., 1977:
The fast twitch motor units of cat ankle flexors part 2 speed force relations and recruitment order

Nagano, H.; Hosaka, K.; Shukuya, R., 1976:
The fastest migrating component of lamprey serum in zone electrophoresis

Fujihara, T.; Furuhashi, T., 1976:
The fasting metabolism of adult goats

Voemel A.; Hoelzl J.; Ceylan A.; Marquard R., 1977:
The fat and flavonoid contents in the seeds of silybum marianum cultivated under extremely varied ecological conditions

Koebke, J.; Tillmann, B., 1986:
The fat body of the obturator canal

Smoker, W.R.; Dolan, K.D., 1987:
The "fat" C2: a sign of fracture

Boeryd B.; Hallgren B., 1985:
The fat composition of a mouse diet modifies the effects of levamisole on growth and spread of a murine tumor

Kharboush, M.A.M.; Gadalla, M.A., 1973:
The fat content of some locally isolated molds

Baggott G.K., 1986:
The fat contents and flight ranges of four warbler species on migration in north wales uk

Steen, G.; Holthuis, N., 1987:
The fat meal test of malabsorption: some further experience

Nevrla, F., 1977:
The fat metabolism in physiological gravidity

Uotila P., 1979:
The fat of intra tracheally instilled tritiated styrene oxide in the isolated perfused rat lungs

Coll Hellin L.; Valls Palles C.; Martin Sanchez P., 1985:
The fat of spanish market sardines and the covering oil of canned sardines unsaponifiable composition sterol fraction of canned sardines and of their covering oils

Heyman M.B.; Storch S.; Ament M.E., 1981:
The fat overload syndrome a case and literature review

Bohrer, S.P., 1970:
The fat pad sign following elbow trauma its usefulness and reliability in suspecting invisible fractures

Dunham K.M.; Murray M.G., 1982:
The fat reserves of impala aepyceros melampus

Kricke, E., 1980:
The fatal riding accident

Eis B.J.; Ferguson J.J.; Benjamin M.M., 1983:
The fate and effect of bi sulfate in anaerobic treatment

Wolff, J.R.; Rajan, K.T.; Noack, W., 1974:
The fate and fine structure of fragments of blood vessels in central nervous system tissue cultures

Zalewski, A.A.; Silvers, W.K., 1976:
The fate and functional capacity of neo natal neurons in allo grafts of ganglia in normal and immunologically tolerant rats

Pivko, J.; Motlik, J.; Kopecyn, V.; Flechon, J.E., 1982:
The fate and role of macro molecules synthesized during mammalian oocyte meiotic maturation 2. auto radiographic topography of tritium labeled fucose incorporation in pig oocytes cultured in vitro

Motlik, J.; Kopecny, V.; Pivko, J., 1978:
The fate and role of macro molecules synthesized during mammalian oocyte meiotic maturation part 1 auto radiographic topography of newly synthesized rna and protein in the germinal vesicle of the pig and rabbit

Sugimoto K.; Fujii S.; Ichikawa Y.; Nakamura I., 1986:
The fate and role of openings formed in the mesentery of bullfrog rana catesbeiana tadpoles with reference to the contour of mesothelial cells

Audunson T., 1980:
The fate and weathering of surface oil from the bravo blow out

Bristow A.W.; Ryden J.C.; Whitehead D.C., 1987:
The fate at several time intervals of nitrogen 15 labelled ammonium nitrate applied to an established grass sward

Suett D.L.; Whitfield C.E., 1986:
The fate distribution and biological performance of insecticide residues in vegetable crops following seedling treatment

Thomas, C.W.L.; Van-De-Water, R.; Ruben, R.J., 1978:
The fate mapping of the 11th and 12th day mouse otocyst an in vitro study of the sites of origin of the embryonic inner ear sensory structures

Epstein, E.; Klein, I.; Lavee, S., 1977:
The fate of 1 2 carbon 14 chloroethyl phosphonic acid ethephon in olive olea europaea

Christenson, J.T.; Eklöf, B., 1979:
The fate of 100 synthetic aortic bifurcation grafts

Craddock, V.M.; Mattocks, A.R.; Magee, P.N., 1968:
The fate of 17 carbon 14 methyl guanine after administration to the rat nucleic acid methylation during carcinogenesis

Dooland M., 1982:
The fate of 1st permanent molars recorded as doubtfully carious at a school dental clinic

Rose, J.Q.; Ramsey, J.C.; Wentzler, T.H.; Hummel, R.A.; Gehring, P.J., 1976:
The fate of 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin following single and repeated oral doses to the rat

Sauerhoff, M.W.; Braun, W.H.; Blau, G.E.; Gehring, P.J., 1977:
The fate of 2 4 d following oral administration to man

Redemann, C.T.; Meikle, R.W.; Hamilton, P.; Banks, V.S.; Youngson, C.R., 1968:
The fate of 4 amino 3 5 6 trichloro picolinic acid herbic in spring wheat m and soil tordon herbic

Sinha, A.J.W.; Shaw, S.R., 1977:
The fate of 5 6 tritiated prostaglandin a 1 in the rat

Van Staden J., 1984:
The fate of 6 2 3 4 tri hydroxy 3 methylbutylamino purine and n purin 6 yl glycine injected into developing lupine lupinus albus fruits

Kadar, D.; Lovrics, A.J.; Endrenyi, L., 1978:
The fate of 7 tritiated isoproterenol in cats after intra venous administration

Mullany C.J.; Wolfe R.R.; Burke J.F., 1980:
The fate of a glucose infusion in fasting and fed guinea pigs glucose oxidation rates and the distribution of glucose in liver muscle and adipose tissue

Volp, R.F.; Lage, G.L., 1978:
The fate of a major biliary metabolite of digitoxin in the rat intestine

Allen H.M.; Ness J., 1979:
The fate of abnormal eggs in nests of captive willow grouse hens lagopus lagopus lagopus

Szeto, S.Y.; MacCarthy, H.R.; Oloffs, P.C.; Shepherd, R.F., 1979:
The fate of acephate and carbaryl in water

Uemura, T.; Hanasaki, N.; Yano, S.; Yamamura, Y., 1976:
The fate of ACTH released from rat anterior pituitary into the incubation medium in vitro: enzymatic degradation and acid activation

Chelliah, R.; Bakhle, Y.S., 1983:
The fate of adenine nucleotides in the pulmonary circulation of isolated lung

Briggs, O.M.; Harley, E.H., 1986:
The fate of administered purines in the Dalmatian coach hound

Stoloff, L.; Trucksess, M.; Martinez, W., 1976:
The fate of afla toxins in the preparation of protein concentrates and isolates from contaminated peanut and cottonseed flours

Schroeder D.C., 1987:
The fate of alachlor during treatment of public water supplies

Dovrat A.; Gershon D., 1983:
The fate of aldolase molecules in the aging rat lens

Mason D.W.; Charlton H.M.; Jones A.J.; Lavy C.B.D.; Puklavec M.; Simmonds S.J., 1986:
The fate of allogeneic and xenogeneic neuronal tissue transplanted into the third ventricle of rodents

Nisbet, N.W.; Menage, J., 1981:
The fate of allogeneic grafts of intact bone marrow in immunologically tolerant recipients and after abrogation of the tolerance

Boulanger, P.; Mizon, J., 1976:
The fate of alpha and epsilon lysine amino groups in rat liver in vitro

Eley, B.M., 1979 :
The fate of amalgam implanted in soft tissues -- an experimental study

Malmary Nebot M F.; Oustrin J.; Gauci M., 1979:
The fate of amp in the rat after a single oral administration influence of a simultaneous treatment by papaverine

Salt, G., 1975:
The fate of an internal parasitoid nemeritis canescens in a variety of insects

Sherman, S.H.; Green, K.; Laties, A.M., 1978:
The fate of anterior chamber fluorescein in the monkey eye part 1 the anterior chamber outflow pathways

Paul M.O.; Beswick T.S.L., 1982:
The fate of antibiotics added to cell cultures used in virology

Lambelet, P.; Loliger, J., 1984:
The fate of antioxidant radicals during lipid autooxidation 1. the tocopheroxyl radicals

Asghar M.; Kanehiro Y., 1981:
The fate of applied iron and manganese in an oxisol and an ultisol from hawaii usa

Hawxby K.W.; Mehta R., 1979:
The fate of aquazine in a small pond

Boyd, E.J.; Wilson, J.A.; Wormsley, K.G., 1984:
The fate of asymptomatic recurrences of duodenal ulcer

Keller, J.T.; Dunsker, S.B.; McWhorter, J.M.; Ongkiko, C.M.; Saunders, M.C.; Mayfield, F.H., 1978:
The fate of autogenous grafts to the spinal dura. An experimental study

Kahn, R.A.; Meryman, H.T.; Syring, R.L.; Flinton, L.J., 1976 :
The fate of bacteria in frozen red cells

Bridges, J.W.; French, M.R.; Smith, R.L.; Williams, R.T., 1970:
The fate of benzoic acid in various species

Mainprize, J.; Knapp, J.S.; Callely, A.G., 1976:
The fate of benzothiazole 2 sulfonic acid in biologically treated industrial effluents

Blanckaert, N.; Compernolle, F.; Leroy, P.; Van-Houtte, R.; Fevery, J.; Heirwegh, K.P.M., 1978:
The fate of bilirubin ix alpha glucuronide in cholestasis and during storage in vitro

Yamaguchi I., 1980:
The fate of blasticidin s and methoxyphenone in the environment

Jamuar, M.P.; Cronkite, E.P., 1980:
The fate of blood granulocytes

Rinkevich B.; Weissman I.L., 1987:
The fate of botryllus ascidiacea larvae co settled with parental colonies beneficial or deleterious consequences?

Baker R.C.; Goodrich D.C., 1981:
The fate of broiler necks and giblets

Eze, E.N., 1977:
The fate of brucella abortus and associated antibodies in traditionally soured milk

Tsugawa H.; Sasek T.W.; Tange M.; Nishikawa K I., 1988:
The fate of buds of kudzu vine pueraria lobata ohwi

Kaufman, J.L.; Whittemore, A.D.; Couch, N.P.; Mannick, J.A., 1982:
The fate of bypass grafts to an isolated popliteal artery segment

Nielsen N.B.; Schmidt F., 1985:
The fate of carbohydrates during fermentation of low calorie beer

Krechniak J.; Klosowska B., 1986:
The fate of carbon 14 carbendazim in rat

Haggarty P.; Reeds P.J.; Fletcher J.M.; Wahle K.W.J., 1986:
The fate of carbon 14 derived from radioactively labeled dietary precursors in young rats of the zucker strain fa minus and fa fa

Wurtman, R.J.; Chou, C.; Rose, C., 1970:
The fate of carbon 14 dopa in the whole mouse

Yu, S.Y.; Yoshida, A., 1977:
The fate of carbon 14 elastin in the peritoneal cavity of rats part 1 biochemical studies

Tsumuki H.; Rojas R.R.; Storey K.B.; Baust J.G., 1987:
The fate of carbon 14 glucose during cold hardening in eurosta solidaginis fitch

Williams, J.F.; Clark, M.G.; Blackmore, P.F., 1978:
The fate of carbon 14 in glucose 6 phosphate synthesized from 1 carbon 14 ribose 5 phosphate by enzymes of rat liver

Biette R.M.; Geen G.H., 1980:
The fate of carbon 14 labeled food ingested by under yearling sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka in relation to temperature and ration

Hisaaki T.; Kanehisa K., 1981:
The fate of carbon 14 labeled glycerol in the rice stem borer chilo suppressalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Siddik Z.H.; Barnes R.D.; Dring L.G.; Smith R.L.; Williams R.T., 1979:
The fate of carbon 14 labeled lsd in the rat guinea pig and rhesus monkey macaca mulatta and of carbon 14 labeled iso lsd in rat

Mueller L.; Mittelstaedt W.; Pfitzner J.; Fuehr F.; Jarczyk H.J., 1983:
The fate of carbon 14 labeled metamitron in sugar beets after preemergence application in a lysimeter study

Johansson Brittebo E.; Tjalve H., 1979:
The fate of carbon 14 labeled streptozotocin in nicotinamide pre treated mice pancreatic islet radioactivity and urinary carbon 14 labeled n methyl nicotinamide excretion

Renwick A.G.; Pettet J.L.; Gruchy B.; Corina D.L., 1982:
The fate of carbon 14 labeled trithiozine in man

Bourbonnais R.; Paice M.G., 1987:
The fate of carbon 14 labelled high molecular weight chlorinated lignin and chromophoric material during microbial treatment of bleached kraft effluent

Shaw I.C.; Graham M.I.; Jones M.S., 1986:
The fate of carbon 14 mesna in the rat

Ball, L.M.; Renwick, A.G.; Williams, R.T., 1977:
The fate of carbon 14 saccharin in man rat and rabbit and of 2 sulfamoyl carbon 14 benzoic acid in the rat

Dockerill, B.; Hanson, J.R., 1978:
The fate of carbon 20 in 19 carbon gibberellin biosynthesis

Durzan D.J., 1983:
The fate of carbon during the assimilation of carbamoyl phosphate in white spruce picea glauca seedlings as revealed by carbon 14 labeled carbamoyl phosphate carbon 14 labeled cyanate and carbon 14 labeled bi carbonate labeling patterns

Thorne G.N.; Wood D.W., 1987:
The fate of carbon in dying tillers of winter wheat

Klapcinska B.; Chmielowski J., 1983:
The fate of carbon in the biochemical degradation process of carbon 14 labeled phenol by activated sludge microorganisms

Humphrey B.; Boehm P.D.; Hamilton M.C.; Norstrom R.J., 1987:
The fate of chemically dispersed and untreated crude oil in arctic benthic biota

Sanborn, J.R.; Metcalf, R.L.; Bruce, W.N.; Lu, P.Y., 1976:
The fate of chlordane and toxaphene in a terrestrial aquatic model ecosystem

Holzwarth G.; Balmer R.G.; Soni L., 1984:
The fate of chlorine and chloramines in cooling towers henrys law constants for flashoff

Holzwarth G.; Balmer R.G.; Soni L., 1984:
The fate of chlorine in recirculating cooling towers

Wong, G.T.F.; Davidson, J.A., 1977:
The fate of chlorine in sea water

Coleman A.W., 1984:
The fate of chloroplast dna during cell fusion zygote maturation and zygote germination in chlamydomonas reinhardi as revealed by 4 6 diamidino 2 phenolindole staining

Beek B.; Klein G.; Obe G., 1980:
The fate of chromosomal aberrations in a proliferating cell system

Piearce T.G.; Phillips M.J., 1980:
The fate of ciliates in the earthworm gut an in vitro study

Hershko, C., 1975:
The fate of circulating hemo globin

Laker, M.E.; Mayes, P.A., 1978:
The fate of clofibrate in the perfused rat liver

Muller M.M., 1988:
The fate of clover derived nitrogen nitrogen 15 during decomposition under field conditions effects of soil type

Jones R.C., 1981:
The fate of conceptuses in rats receiving an intra uterine injection of lhrh prior to implantation

Renwick, A.G.; Williams, R.T., 1972:
The fate of cyclamate in man and other species

Cantley L.C.Jr; Aisen P., 1979:
The fate of cytoplasmic vanadium implications on sodium potassium atpase inhibition

Ballare C.L.; Scopel A.L.; Ghersa C.M.; Sanchez R.A., 1988:
The fate of datura ferox seeds in the soil as affected by cultivation depth of burial and degree of maturity

Lurie A.A.; Pridantzeva E.A.; Tsizin Y.S.; Shekhter O.V.; Drabkina A.A.; Zakharchenko O.V., 1979:
The fate of development inhibitor monsanto 0585 in water mosquitoes and nontarget hydrobionts

Furnival, B.; Harrison, J.M.; Newman, J.; Upshall, D.G., 1983:
The fate of di benz b f 1 4 oxazepine in the rat 2. metabolism in vitro

French, M.C.; Harrison, J.M.; Newman, J.; Upshall, D.G.; Powell, G.M., 1983:
The fate of di benz b f 1 4 oxazepine in the rat 3. the intermediary metabolites

French, M.C.; Harrison, J.M.; Inch, T.D.; Leadbeater, L.; Newman, J.; Upshall, D.G.; Powell, G.M., 1983:
The fate of di benz b f 1 4 oxazepine in the rat rhesus monkey macaca mulatta and guinea pig 1. metabolism in vivo

Branham B.E.; Wehner D.J., 1985:
The fate of diazinon applied to thatched turf

Dixon, P.A.F.; Caldwell, J., 1978:
The fate of dichlorophen in the rat

Quistad G.B.; Mulholland K.M.; Skinner W.S., 1986:
The fate of dienochlor administered orally and dermally to rats

Lock, M.A.; Hynes, H.B.N., 1976:
The fate of dissolved organic carbon derived from autumn shed maple leaves acer saccharum in a temperate hard water stream

Clapp, D.W.; Naylor, D.V.; Lewis, G.C., 1976:
The fate of disulfoton in portneuf silt loam soil

Gosden, J.R.; Gosden, C.; Lawrie, S.S.; Mitchell, A.R., 1978:
The fate of dna satellite i satellite ii satellite iii and ribosomal dna in a familial dicentric chromosome 13 14

Srdic Z.; Gloor H., 1980:
The fate of drosophila hydei anlagen in heteroplastic transplantations

Kusuda R.A.I., 1981:
The fate of edwardsiella tarda bacteria after intra muscular injection of eels anguilla japonica

Duncan R.L.Jr; Morrison D.C., 1984:
The fate of escherichia coli lipo poly saccharide after the uptake of escherichia coli by murine macrophages in vitro

Wickramasinghe S.N.; Hughes M.; Fucharoen S.; Wasi P., 1984:
The fate of excess beta globin chains within erythropoietic cells in alpha thalassemia 2 trait alpha thalassemia 1 trait hemo globin h disease and hemo globin q h disease an electron microscope study

Huo, B.Z.; Du, R.Y.; Huang, C.T.; Hu, Y.T., 1988:
The fate of exophthalmos after subtotal thyroidectomy in hyperthyroidism

Wind, C.A.; West, C.; Centifanto, Y.; Polack, F.M., 1975:
The fate of experimental corneal grafts in herpetic keratitis and kerato uveitis

Hubl, S.; Bogumil-Oczkowska, M.; Wesolowski, J., 1977:
The fate of experimental venous grafts in the common bile duct

Hahn, R.; Wendel, A.; Flohe, L., 1978:
The fate of extracellular glutathione in the rat

E.B.noby F.E.; Rudolph K.; Mendgen K., 1981:
The fate of extracellular poly saccharide from pseudomonas phaseolicola in leaves and leaf extracts from halo blight susceptible and resistant bean plants phaseolus vulgaris

Rajasekariah, G.R.; Howell, M.J., 1977:
The fate of Fasciola hepatica metacercariae following challenge infection of immune rats

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