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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6677

Chapter 6677 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stirnemann, P.; Triller, J., 1986:
The fate of femoropopliteal and femorodistal bypass grafts in relation to intraoperative flow measurement: an analysis of 100 consecutive reconstructions for limb salvage

Curtis, C.G.; Powell, G.M.; Bradbury, A.; Rhodes, C., 1983:
The fate of fenclozic acid in the gut and its effect on some aspects of gut metabolism

Takahashi, J.; Wada, G.; Shoji, S., 1976:
The fate of fertilizer nitrogen applied to the paddy field and its absorption by rice plant part 6 influence of a thermal factor on the soil ammonium nitrogen and the absorption of nitrogen by the rice plant

Takashashi, J.; Wada, G.; Shoji, S., 1976:
The fate of fertilizer nitrogen applied to the paddy field and its absorption by rice plant part 7 relationships between the absorption of nitrogen by the rice plants and the growth of the plants

Shoji, S.; Nogi, T.; Takahashi, J.; Wada, G., 1976:
The fate of fertilizer nitrogen applied to the paddy field and its absorption by rice plant part 8 comparative studies of the fate of basal nitrogen and the absorption of nitrogen by rice plant in different paddy fields

Ando, H.; Sadao, S.; Chiba, T., 1978:
The fate of fertilizer nitrogen applied to the paddy field and its absorption by the rice plant 9. the fate of soil ammonium nitrogen by rice plants in 4 different soil types with special reference to the accumulated effective thermal index

Paige C.J.; Kincade P.W.; Moore M.A.S.; Lee G., 1979:
The fate of fetal and adult bone marrow derived cell progenitors grafted into immuno deficient cba n mice

Kerr, J.B.; Knell, C.M., 1988:
The fate of fetal Leydig cells during the development of the fetal and postnatal rat testis

Bashan Y.; Levanony H.; Ziv Vecht O., 1987:
The fate of field inoculated azospirillum brasilense cd in wheat rhizosphere during the growing season

Maga J.A.; Sizer C.E., 1979:
The fate of free amino acids during the extrusion of potato flakes

Greenaway P., 1981:
The fate of glomerular filtration markers injected into the hemolymph of the amphibious crab holthuisana transversa

Brown P.M.; Pringuer M.A.; Anderson D.M.W., 1982:
The fate of gum karaya in the rat

Gregson S.K.; Roberts R.D.; Roberts J.M., 1988:
The fate of heavy metals in co disposed refuse

Pratt C., 1981:
The fate of heliothis peltigera in sussex england uk

Lahiri, D.K.; Thomas, J.O., 1985:
The fate of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein complexes during mitosis

Weisbecker U.; Ibbotson G.E.; Livesey G.; Williams K.E., 1983:
The fate of homologous iodine 125 labeled immuno globulin g within rat visceral yolk sacs incubated in vitro

Scott, M.; Werthan, M., 1970:
The fate of hypertensive patients with clinically proven spontaneous intra cerebral hematomas treated without intra cranial surgery

Ghanbari H.A.; Wheeler W.B.; Kirk J.R., 1982:
The fate of hypo chlorous acid during shrimp processing a mode system

Isersky C.; Rivera J.; Mims S.; Triche T.J., 1979:
The fate of immuno globulin e bound to rat basophilic leukemia cells

Isersky, C.; Rivera, J.; Segal, D.M.; Triche, T., 1983:
The fate of immuno globulin e bound to rat basophilic leukemia cells 2. endocytosis of immuno globulin e oligomers and effect on receptor turnover

Furuichi, K.; Rivera, J.; Isersky, C., 1984:
The fate of immunoglobulin e bound to rat basophilic leukemia cells 3. relationship between antigen induced endocytosis and serotonin release

Furuichi, K.; Rivera, J.; Triche, T.; Isersky, C., 1985:
The fate of immunoglobulin e bound to rat basophilic leukemia cells 4. functional association between the receptors for immunoglobulin e

Feeney-Burns, L.; Gao, C.L.; Berman, E.R., 1988:
The fate of immunoreactive opsin following phagocytosis by pigment epithelium in human and monkey retinas

Driessen, O.; Emonds, A.; Luk, C.M.; van Rees, H., 1984:
The fate of infused spermidine in the plasma of rats

Obiamiwe, B.A., 1977:
The fate of ingested Brugia pahangi microfilariae in susceptible and refractory strains of Culex pipiens and Aedes aegypti

Martonen T., 1983:
The fate of inhaled particles in the human a comparison of experimental data with theoretical computations based on a symmetric and asymmetric lung

Mitrenga, D.; Arnold, W.; Mueller, O.; Von-Mayersbach, H., 1974:
The fate of injected human immuno globulin g in the mouse liver uptake immunological inactivation and lysosomal reactions

Bottomley P.A.; Smith L.S.; Brazzamano S.; Hedlund L.W.; Redington R.W.; Herfkens R.J., 1987:
The fate of inorganic phosphate and ph in regional myocardial ischemia and infarction a noninvasive phosphorus 31 nmr study

Kahn, C.R.; Baird, K., 1978:
The fate of insulin bound to adipocytes. Evidence for compartmentalization and processing

Eckel J.; Reinauer H., 1982:
The fate of insulin in cardiac muscle isolated muscle cells from adult rat heart

Chalmers, J.P.; Wurtman, R.J., 1971:
The fate of intra cisternally administered tritiated norepinephrine in the brain and spinal cord of the rabbit

Earnshaw, J.S.; Curtis, C.G.; Powell, G.M.; Dodgson, K.S.; Olavesen, A.H.; Gacesa, P., 1985:
The fate of intravenously administered highly purified bovine testicular hyaluronidase ec hyalosidase in the rat

Seifert, J.; Buecklein, R.; Brendel, W., 1973:
The fate of inulin in dogs with impaired kidney function after parenteral application

Carpenter J L.; Gorden P.; Freychet P.; Canivet B.; Orci L., 1981:
The fate of iodine 125 labeled iodo epidermal growth factor in isolated hepatocytes a quantitative electron microscopic auto radiographic study

Genell, S.; Ohlsson, K.; Wehlin, L., 1977:
The fate of iodine 131 labeled human pancreatic elastase ec after intra duodenal administration

Forrest J.M.S.; Trudgill D.L.; Cotes L.M., 1986:
The fate of juveniles of globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida in roots of susceptible and resistant potato cultivars with gene h 1

Nozzolillo, C.; Paul, K.B.; Godin, C., 1971:
The fate of l phenyl alanine fed to germinating pea d seeds pisum sativum d cultivar alaska during imbibition

Gliemann J.; Rees W.D.; Foley J.A., 1984:
The fate of labeled glucose molecules in the rat adipocyte dependence on glucose concentration

Miras F.; Hernandez J.; Higuera Torres P.J.D.; Nunez J.; Martin A.; D.L.H.guera R.J., 1983:
The fate of labeled palmitic acid in rat lung

Alberch, P.; Lewbart, G.A.; Gale, E.A., 1985:
The fate of larval chondrocytes during the metamorphosis of the epibranchial in the salamander, Eurycea bislineata

Morgan, A.; Holmes, A., 1978:
The fate of lead in petrol engine exhaust particulates inhaled by the rat

Nakamura, T.; Ikehara, S.; Inoue, S.; Oo, M.M.; Hamashima, Y., 1985:
The fate of liver allografts in radiation bone marrow chimeras in mice

Van-Den-Biggelaar, J.A.M., 1976:
The fate of maternal rna containing ectosomes in relation to the appearance of dorsoventrality in the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis

Navratil M.; Moravkova K.; Gafronova M.; Hruska F., 1986:
The fate of men with pleural hyalinosis plaques relationship to direct and indirect asbestos exposure

Giblin A.E.; Valiela I.; Teal J.M., 1983:
The fate of metals introduced into a new england usa salt marsh

Rabinowitz J.L.; Christner P., 1986:
The fate of mevalonate in the crab callinectes sapidus the case for carbon dioxide and transfer rna containing isopentenyladenosine

Heude M.; Moustacchi E., 1979:
The fate of mitochondrial loci in rho minus mutants induced by uv irradiation of saccharomyces cerevisiae effects of different post irradiation treatments

Mason, J.; Lamand, M.; Kelleher, C.A., 1980:
The fate of molybdenum 99 labeled sodium tetra thio molybdate after duodenal administration in sheep the effect of ceruloplasmin ec di amine oxidase activity and plasma copper

Hustin J.; Koulischer L.; Demoulin A.; Reuter A.M.; Franchimont P., 1979:
The fate of mouse testicular leydig cells in organ culture

Saotome K.; Hoshino T., 1981:
The fate of multi nucleated giant cells derived from aneurysmal bone cyst in vitro

Heinamaki J.; Marvola M.; Happonen I.; Westermarck E., 1988:
The fate of multiple unit enteric coated formulations in the stomach of the dog

Zalewski, A.A.; Goshgarian, H.G.; Silvers, W.K., 1978:
The fate of neurons and neurilemmal cells in allo grafts of ganglia in the spinal cord of normal and immunologically tolerant rats

McGowan, S.E.; Stone, P.J.; Calore, J.D.; Snider, G.L.; Franzblau, C., 1983:
The fate of neutrophil elastase incorporated by human alveolar macrophages

Goldstein, R.H.; Faris, B.; Hu, C.; Snider, G.L.; Franzblau, C., 1978:
The fate of newly synthesized lung collagen after endo tracheal administration of carbon 14 proline to hamsters

Feigenbaum S.; Bielorai H.; Erner Y.; Dasberg S., 1987:
The fate of nitrogen 15 labeled nitrogen applied to mature citrus trees

Starr J.L.; Deroo H.C., 1981:
The fate of nitrogen fertilizer applied to turf grass

Muller M.M.; Sundman V., 1988:
The fate of nitrogen nitrogen 15 released from different plant materials during decomposition under field conditions

Hudson A.M., 1984:
The fate of normuramyl di peptide tritium labeled after local administration in incomplete freunds adjuvant in the guinea pig

Ohshima M., 1982:
The fate of nucleic acid bases in ladino clover during ensilage

Vesely D., 1985:
The fate of occurrence of micromycetes in the sugar beet rhizosphere

Humphrey B.; Green D.R.; Fowler B.R.; Hope D.; Boehm P.D., 1987:
The fate of oil in the water column following experimental oil spills in the arctic marine nearshore

Lambert W.E., 1987:
The fate of old country values in a new land a cross national study of child rearing

Dreyer C.; Scholz E.; Hansen P., 1982:
The fate of oocyte nuclear proteins during early development of xenopus laevis

Kadar D.; Fecycz T.D.; Kalow W., 1983:
The fate of orally administered carbon 14 labeled phenytoin in 2 healthy male volunteers

Kristensen E.; Blackburn T.H., 1987:
The fate of organic carbon and nitrogen in experimental marine sediment systems influence of bioturbation and anoxia

Acher A.J., 1982:
The fate of organic pollutants in frozen waters sun light photo decomposition of uracil herbicides in frozen aqueous solutions

Banks P.A.; Robinson E.L., 1984:
The fate of oryzalin applied to straw mulched and nonmulched soils

Jones, A.R.; Gadiel, P.; Stevenson, D., 1981:
The fate of oxalic acid in the Wistar rat

Hirate J.; Horikoshi I., 1985:
The fate of p aminohippuric acid administered orally to mice

Papp, M.; Varga, G.; Folly, G.; Törcsvári, V., 1982:
The fate of pancreatic secretory proteins in the blood circulation of dogs and rats

Matas, A.J.; Simmons, R.L.; Buselmeier, T.J.; Kjellstrand, C.M.; Najarian, J.S., 1976:
The fate of patients surviving 3 years after renal transplantation

Fabián, J.; Horák, J.; Kocandrle, V., 1987:
The fate of patients who met the criteria for heart transplantation

Adler J.; Weissberg D.; Herczeg E., 1983:
The fate of patients with lung cancer 5 year review of 250 cases

Nicol D., 1986:
The fate of pelecypod families subfamilies and tribes during and after the cretaceous period

Ernst, W.; Weber, K., 1978:
The fate of penta chloro phenol in the weser estuary and the german bight

Cuschieri A.; Mughal S.; Kharbat B.A., 1985:
The fate of phytohemagglutinin activated human lymphocytes following their peak proliferative activity

Meirelles, M.N.; D.S.uza, W., 1986:
The fate of plasma membrane macrophage enzyme markers during endocytosis of Trypanosoma cruzi

Augenfeld J.M.; Anderson J.W.; Riley R.G.; Thomas B.L., 1982:
The fate of poly aromatic hydro carbons in an inter tidal sediment exposure system bio availability to macoma inquinata mollusca pelecypoda and abarenicola pacifica annelida polychaeta

Pfeiffer, E.H.; Kunte, H., 1984:
The fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil treated with sewage sludge garbage compost 1. field investigations

Pfeiffer, E.H.; Kunte, H., 1984:
The fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil treated with sewage sludge garbage compost 2. laboratory experiments

Inoue Y., 1979:
The fate of polymorphic inversions of drosophila melanogaster transferred to laboratory conditions

Yonezawa M.; Hiraishi K.; Kurokawa K., 1987:
The fate of postoperative residual renal calculi and their influence on renal function

Schelenz R.; Fischer E., 1984:
The fate of potassium and cesium 137 during the machine smoking of cigarettes/

Tikhomirova M.M.; Tupitsina L.S., 1983:
The fate of potential chromosome damages in mutation process

Kessler, I.; Lancet, M.; Schwartz, Z.; Yemini, M.; Kassner, R., 1986:
The fate of pregnancy after first and middle trimester bleeding

Duperray, B.; Lobut, M.; Roche, M.; Pacheco, H., 1977:
The fate of pridinol in the organism pharmaco kinetics and distribution in animals

Saf'yanova, V.M.; Alekseev, A.N.; Karapet'yan, A.B., 1976:
The fate of promastigotes of leishmania tropica major and leishmania gymnodactyli in the body of phlebotomus papatasi during mixed infection

Taugner, R.; Kim, S.J.; Murakami, K.; Waldherr, R., 1987:
The fate of prorenin during granulopoiesis in epithelioid cells. Immunocytochemical experiments with antisera against renin and different portions of the renin prosegment

Nakai T.; Kanemori Y.; Nakajima K.; Muroga K., 1985:
The fate of pseudomonas anguilliseptica in artificially infected eels anguilla japonica

Svoboda J.A.; Herbert E.W.Jr; Thompson M.J.; Shimanuki H., 1981:
The fate of radio labeled 28 carbon and 29 carbon phyto sterols in the honey bee apis mellifera

Kaplan, R.; Apirion, D., 1975:
The fate of ribosomes in Escherichia coli cells starved for a carbon source

Taylor, A.J.; Wenzel, M., 1978:
The fate of ruthenium 103 ruthenocene in mice and rats

Renwick, A.G.; Williams, R.T., 1978:
The fate of saccharin impurities the excretion and metabolism of 3 carbon 14 benz d isothiazoline 1 1 di oxide in man and rat

Ball, L.M.; Williams, R.T.; Renwick, A.G., 1978:
The fate of saccharin impurities the excretion and metabolism of carbon 14 toluene 4 sulfonamide and carbon 14 4 sulfamoyl benzoic acid in the rat

Renwick, A.G., 1978:
The fate of saccharin impurities the metabolism and excretion of 3 amino 3 carbon 14 benz d isothiazole 1 1 di oxide and 5 chloro saccharin in the rat

Verkaar H.J.; Schenkeveld A.J.; Huurnink C.L., 1986:
The fate of scabiosa columbaria dipsacaceae seeds in a chalk grassland

Van Tooren B.F., 1988:
The fate of seeds after dispersal in chalk grassland the role of the bryophyte layer

Ogden, D.A.; Mickliem, H.S., 1976:
The fate of serially transplanted bone marrow cell populations from young and old donors

Fishman, P.S.; Kelley, J.P., 1984:
The fate of severed corticospinal axons

Schulz D., 1984:
The fate of silicalemma and plasmalemma during cell wall formation in coscinodiscus granii and thalassiosira eccentrica

Plytycz B., 1980:
The fate of skin allo grafts in 3 species of newts triturus vulgaris triturus alpestris and triturus cristatus amphibia urodela

Whitmore, W.F.I.i ; Gittes, R.F., 1976:
The fate of skin allo grafts within the prostate

Morozzi G.; Savino A.; Conti R.; Manenti R., 1986:
The fate of some organic pollutants in wastewater during ozone and ozone granulated activated carbon adsorption treatments

Galle, J.; Friend, D.S., 1977:
The fate of sperm after vasectomy in the guinea pig fine structure freeze fracture and cytochemistry

Lista, F.R.; Thomson, H.G., 1988:
The fate of sternotomy scars in children

Wolanski, E., 1977:
The fate of storm water and storm water pollution in the parramatta estuary sydney australia

Ahn T.I., 1983:
The fate of strain specific protein in xd strain of amoeba proteus

Millard P.; Evans L.V., 1982:
The fate of sulfate within the capsular poly saccharide of the uni cellular red alga rhodella maculata

Adamson, R.H.; Bridges, J.W.; Kibby, M.R.; Walker, S.R.; Williams, R.T., 1970:
The fate of sulphadimethoxine in primates compared with other species

Macartney, F.J.; Taylor, J.F.; Graham, G.R.; D.L.val, M.; Stark, J., 1980:
The fate of survivors of cardiac surgery in infancy

Wisniewski, H.M.; Ghetti, B.; Horoupian, D.S., 1972:
The fate of synaptic membranes of degenerating optic nerve terminals and their role in the mechanism of trans synaptic changes

Aberhart, D.J.; Caspi, E., 1971:
The fate of the 6alpha hydrogen of 5alpha cholest 7 en 3beta ol in the conversion to 7 dehydro cholesterol by rat liver microsomes

Trofimova, L.V.; Mikryakov, V.R., 1978:
The fate of the bacteria aeromonas punctata in the bodies of fish

Meyers, F.J.; Palmer, J.M.; Freiha, F.S.; Harker, E.G.; Shortliffe, L.D.; Hannigan, J.; McWhirter, K.; Torti, F.M., 1985:
The fate of the bladder in patients with metastatic bladder cancer treated with cisplatin, methotrexate and vinblastine: a Northern California Oncology Group study

Madar Z.; Gertler A.; Birk Y., 1979:
The fate of the bowman birk trypsin inhibitor from soybeans in the digestive tract of chicks

Suhrbier, A.; Hamilton, A.J.; Nicholas, J.; Sinden, R.E., 1988:
The fate of the circumsporozoite antigens during the exoerythrocytic stage of Plasmodium berghei

Muslin, H.L.; Thurnblad, R.J.; Meschel, G., 1981:
The fate of the clinical interview: an observational study

Doerfler, W., 1968:
The fate of the dna of adenovirus type 12 in neopl baby hamster kidney 21 cells 5 bromodeoxy uridine inst sonication

Bergmans, H.E.N.; Hoekstra, W.P.M., 1977:
The fate of the donor dna after conjugation in escherichia coli k 12 influence of the growth rate of the recipient

Austin, R.B.; Edrich, J.A.; Ford, M.A.; Blackwell, R.D., 1977:
The fate of the dry matter carbohydrates and carbon 14 lost from the leaves and stems of wheat during grain filling

Ewers F.W.; Schmid R., 1985:
The fate of the dwarf shoot apex in bristlecone pine pinus longaeva

Kissin M.W.; Cox A.G.; Wilkins R.A.; Kark A.E., 1985:
The fate of the end to end anastomosis stapled anastomosis a clinico radiological study of 38 patients

Morgan, P.R., 1976:
The fate of the expected fusion zone in rat fetuses with experimentally induced cleft palate an ultrastructural study

Van Akkerveeken P.F.; Van D.K.aan W.; Muller J.W.T., 1986:
The fate of the free fat graft a prospective clinical study using computed tomographic scanning

Friederichsen, I., 1977:
The fate of the fungi collected by a. moeller in brazil 1890 1895 and a list of specimens of the collection still existing

Levenbrook L.; Bauer A.C., 1983:
The fate of the larval storage protein calliphorin during adult development of calliphora vicina

Scher, K.S.; Coil, J.A.; Dawson, D.L.; Wroczynski, A.F., 1984:
The fate of the left kidney after division of its vein

Gavaret J M.; Cahnmann H.J.; Nunez J., 1979:
The fate of the lost side chain during thyroid hormonogenesis

Carr, C.; Gage, J.R., 1987:
The fate of the nonoperated hip in cerebral palsy

Pehrson J.R.; Cohen L.H., 1986:
The fate of the small micromeres in sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus development

Neilson, M.J.; Richards, G.N., 1978:
The fate of the soluble lignin carbohydrate complex produced in the bovine rumen

Nielsen, A.L.; Lassen, M.; Nielsen, I.M.; Medgyesi, S., 1988:
The fate of the split thickness skin graft in neovaginas. A pathologic study of 21 cases and a review of the literature

Thomas K.P., 1987:
The fate of the sulfur content of malathion when applied to barley used to produce malt whisky

Imber, S.; Schultz, E.; Funderburk, F.; Allen, R.; Flamer, R., 1976:
The fate of the untreated alcoholic. Toward a natural history of the disorder

Fitt P.S.; Sharma N., 1987:
The fate of thymine containing dimers in uv irradiated halobacterium cutirubrum

Godard, P.; Zini, R.; Metay, A.; Tillement, J.P., 1979:
The fate of ticlopidine in the organism 2. distribution and elimination of carbon 14 labeled ticlopidine after a single oral administration in the rat

Godard, P.; Zini, R.; Metay, A.; Tillement, J.P., 1978:
The fate of ticlopidine in the organism part 1 distribution and elimination of ticlopidine carbon 14 after a single intra venous injection in the rat

Harmand, M.F.; Blanquet, P., 1978:
The fate of total flavanolic oligomers extracted from vitis vinifera in the rat

Santschi P.H.; L.Y.H.; Carson S.R., 1980:
The fate of trace metals in narragansett bay rhode island usa radio tracer experiments in microcosms

Sampson, D.; Kauffman, H.M.; Walczak, P., 1976:
The fate of transplanted kidneys accidentally embolized with air

Franklin, W.A.; Schulak, J.A.; Reckard, C.R., 1979:
The fate of transplanted pancreatic islets in the rat

Williams, B.; Dring, L.G.; Williams, R.T., 1978:
The fate of tri phenyl lead acetate in the rat

Mercer J.G.; Gillespie J.P.; Rees H.H., 1988:
The fate of tritiated ecdysone in three species of annelids

Roffler, T.S.; Langer, A.Z., 1971:
The fate of tritiated norepinephrine released from isolated atria and vas deferens effect of field stimulation

Sinha, A.J.W.; Shaw, S.R., 1978:
The fate of tritiated prostaglandin a 1 in the dog

Nilsson, H.T.; Simonsson, B.G.; Strom, B., 1976:
The fate of tritiated terbutaline sulfate administered to man as an aerosol

Bellows, T.J.; Morse, J.; Gaston, L.; Bailey, J., 1988:
The fate of two systemic insecticides and their impact on two phytophagous and a beneficial arthropod in a citrus agroecosystem

Gorzinski S.J.; Takahashi I.T.; Hurst G.H., 1986:
The fate of ultra low viscosity carbon 14 hydroxypropylmethylcellulose in rats following gavage administration

Hasegawa, P.M.; Murashige, T.; Mudd, J.B., 1977:
The fate of uniformly labeled carbon 14 l tyrosine in shoot forming tobacco callus

Macrae W.D.; Mackinnon E.A.; Stich H.F., 1979:
The fate of uv induced lesions affecting sister chromatid exchanges chromosome aberrations and survival of chinese hamster ovary cells arrested by deprivation of arginine

Svendsen O.; Aaes Jorgensen T., 1979:
The fate of vegetable oil after intra muscular injection into experimental animals

Culver D.C.; Beattie A.J., 1980:
The fate of viola seeds dispersed by ants

Brooks, J.; Taylor, P.J.; Freedman, B.; Pattinson, H.A., 1987:
The fate of women requesting reversal of tubal sterilization

Hixon, S.; Moustacchi, E., 1978:
The fate of yeast mitochondrial dna after uv irradiation part 1 degradation during post uv dark liquid holding in nonnutrient medium

Ward G.D., 1985:
The fate of young radiotagged common brushtail possums trichosurus vulpecula in new zealand lowland forest

Jain, L.; Saxena, S.; Sen, S., 1985:
The fate of your prescription

Jaenig W.; Mclachlan E., 1984:
The fate sympathetic and sensory neurons projecting into a neuroma of the superficial peroneal nerve in the cat

Krolewski, A.S.; Czyzyk, A.; Kopczynski, J.; Janeczko, D.; Puncewicz, B., 1978:
The fates of diabetic patients epidemiological study part 3 prevalence of coronary heart disease in diabetics depending on the method of hypo glycemic treatment warsaw poland

Krolewski, A.S.; Czyzyk, A.; Janeczko, D.; Kopczynski, J., 1977:
The fates of diabetic patients warsaw epidemiological study part 2 mortality from coronary heart disease among diabetics in relation to methods of hypo glycemic treatment

Hammond D.C.; Lesnaw J.A., 1987:
The fates of undermethylated messenger rna cap structures of vesicular stomatitis virus new jersey during in vitro transcription

Russell, G., 1978:
The father role and its relation to masculinity femininity and androgyny

Chalmers, B., 1987:
The father's role in labor view of pedi women

Grimby, L.; Hannerz, J.; Hedman, B., 1981:
The fatigue and voluntary discharge properties of single motor units in man

Borg, J.; Grimby, L.; Hannerz, J., 1983:
The fatigue of voluntary contraction and the peripheral electrical propagation of single motor units in man

Sprusinska, E.; Makowska, Z., 1986:
The fatigue of women employed at workplaces involving the dynamic effort i. work demands vs. type of fatigue signs

Yue S.; Pilliar R.M.; Weatherly G.C., 1984:
The fatigue strength of porous coated titanium 6 percent aluminum 4 percent vanadium implant alloy

Raichev S.; Katsarov Y.; Stankov I.K., 1984:
The fattening and meat producing abilities of fine fleece semi fine fleece and coarse fleece lambs

Jeroch H., 1979:
The fattening and slaughtering performances and the nutrient content in the meat of as well as nutritional economic data about the muscovy duck cairina moschata domestica compared to the young fat duck and the young fat goose

Burgstaller, G.; Huber, A.; Hofmann, P.; Edelmann, P., 1986:
The fattening of german simmental heifers and steers on permanent grassland following different feeding intensities during the stall period 2. weight development and nutrient consumption of spring calves with reference to the late castration of yearling bulls

Tobioka H.; Kikuchi M.; Kato M., 1985:
The fattening performance of swine given the tofu cake ration

Nichols P.D.; Jones G.J.; D.L.euw J.W.; Johns R.B., 1984:
The fatty acid and sterol composition of 2 marine dinoflagellates

Koizumi Y.; Nagasima T.; Yamada M.; Yanagida F., 1986:
The fatty acid components and free fatty acid in commercial cooked curry a study on curry part ii

Berry S.K., 1981:
The fatty acid composition and cyclo propene fatty acid content of the maturing okra hibiscus esculentus fruits

Khan M.U.; William J.P.; Jeng R.S., 1986:
The fatty acid composition and its alterations due to different incubation temperature in the lipids of aggressive and non aggressive strains of ceratocystis ulmi

Hampton M.J.; Floyd R.A.; Clark J.B.; Lancaster J.H., 1980:
The fatty acid composition and membrane micro viscosity in salmonella typhimurium ta 98

Diepenbrock W.; Stamp P., 1982:
The fatty acid composition in leaves of maize zea mays seedlings in relation to genotype and temperature changes

Shinohara, K.; Ishida, Y.; Matsumoto, N.; Kaneko, T., 1984:
The fatty acid composition in the red cell membrane of the patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

El-Karim, H.A.A., 1978:
The fatty acid composition of amniotic fluid phospho lipid

Shishkov, G.Z.; Gol'berg, N.D.; Marchenko, P.S., 1978:
The fatty acid composition of carbon di oxide extract from the fruit of morus alba

Thompson, S.N.; Barlow, J.S., 1970:
The fatty acid composition of cuticle and fat body tissue from tenebrio molitor periplaneta americana and schistocerca gregaria

Rauramaa, A.; Kreula, M.; Hukari, E.; Pesonen, H., 1976:
The fatty acid composition of finnish butter in 1975

Kankare V.; Antila V., 1984:
The fatty acid composition of finnish butterfat in 1983 1984

Diepenbrock W., 1984:
The fatty acid composition of galactolipids and triglyceride from seeds rape plants brassica napus as affected by genotype

Ahmed A.W.K.; Hudson B.J.F., 1982:
The fatty acid composition of hibiscus sabdariffa seed oil

Khandwala, A.S.; Kasper, C.B., 1971:
The fatty acid composition of individual phospho lipids from rat liver nuclear membrane and nuclei

Abo-Elnaga, I.G.; el-Dahan, A.S.; Ridha, S.H., 1985:
The fatty acid composition of Iraqi ewe's, goat's and cow's milk fat

Vasyurenko Z.P.; Chernyavskaya E.N.; Open'ko L.V., 1982:
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The feature of urohyal in the suborder clupeoidei

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The features of radiation pathomorphosis of stomach cancer during the use of metronidazole as a radiosensitizer

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The fecundity and dependence of the development of cydia delineana on temperature conditions

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The fecundity of ixodes ricinus acarina ixodidae and the mortality of its developmental stages under field conditions

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The fecundity of rutilus rubilio rubilio

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The federal law on drinking and driving a better protection for citizens

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The feed drink decision

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The feed feed decision how goldfish carassius auratus solve the patch depletion problem

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The feed of carp cyprinus carpio k 1 2 in ponds

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The feed value of horse feces

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The feed value of plant cell wall substances for pigs 2. the influence of pectic substances on the digestibility of feed compounds nitrogen excretion and carbon di oxide in flatulence

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The feed value of potato silage enriched with vitamin b 12 by means of the propionibacterium peterssonii culture

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The feed value of the plants cell wall substances for pigs part 1 the influence of pectic substances on the energy increment

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The feedback inhibition of the pancreatic secretion by its juice in the duodenum

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The feedback of exogenous steroids on lutropin release and ovulation in the intact female vole microtus agrestis

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The feedforward control by peripheral vision involved in the view maintenance head movement

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The feeding activity of aphids studied by means of the number of stylet sheaths with regard to virus transmission

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The feeding activity of myriapods in the alpine meadows of the georgian ssr ussr

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The feeding and biocenotic role of the brown bear in the northern tien shan kirgiz ssr and dzungarian ala tau ussr

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The feeding and growth of the sea nettle chrysaora quinquecirrha desor in the laboratory

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The feeding and mating behavior of pollen beetles meligethes aeneus and seed weevils ceutorhynchus assimilis on oilseed rape brassica napus

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The feeding apparatus in four pacific tube blennies teleostei chaenopsidae lack of ecomorphological divergence in syntopic species

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The feeding apparatus of the barnacle nauplius larva a scanning electron microscope study

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The feeding area and the stability of larch forest belts in the northern khakass assr russian sfsr ussr

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The feeding behavior and diet of calliostoma occidentale a coelenterate associated prosobranch gastropod

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The feeding behavior of a sit and wait predator ranatra dispar heteroptera nepidae description of behavioral components of prey capture and the effect of food deprivation on predator arousal and capture dynamics

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The feeding behavior of a sit and wait predator ranatra dispar heteroptera nepidae optimal foraging and feeding dynamics

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The feeding behavior of the common crossbill loxia curvirostra on larch trees

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The feeding behavior of the feather star antedon bifida echinodermata crinoidea

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The feeding behavior of the juvenile dungeness crab cancer magister on the bivalve transennella tantilla and a determination of its daily consumption rate

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Griffiths D., 1980:
The feeding biology of ant lion morter obscurus larvae prey capture handling and utilization

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The feeding biology of four predatory reef fishes off the south eastern cape coast south africa

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The feeding habits and food sources of the deposit feeding polychaete neanthes japonica

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The feeding habits of six pelagic and predatory teleosts in eastern cape coastal waters south africa

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The feeding habits of the nudibranchs of galicia spain

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The feeding habits of the saker falcon falco cherrug and the peregrine falcon falco peregrinus in the lower austrian chalk pre alps

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The feeding level in the production of heavy pigs effects on carcass characteristics and meat quality

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The feeding level in the production of heavy pigs the effects on the principal criteria of zoo technical efficiency

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The feeding of copepods on thalassiosira partheneia from the northwest african upwelling area

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The feeding of diets containing up to 10 percent mono sodium glutamate to beagle dogs for 2 years

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The feeding of diets containing up to 4 percent mono sodium glutamate to rats for 2 years

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The feeding of fermented colostrum to neo natal calves 3. laboratory evaluation of mold inhibiting and nutrient preserving properties of sorbic acid applied to fermented colostrum

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The feeding of fish larvae present state of the art and perspectives

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The feeding of growing chicks as it affects their rate of growth and productivity as laying hens

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The feeding of larval chub mackerel scomber japonicus scombridae in the southeast pacific

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The feeding of larval whitefish coregonus lavaretus ludoga baikal omul coregonus autumnalis migratorius and peled coregonus peled

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The feeding of minnows of the genus barbus pisces cyprinidae in africa with special reference to barbus anoplus

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The feeding of mycophagous birds and detection of tularemia epizootics in the tundras of yakutsk assr russian sfsr ussr and the european north

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The feeding of pike esox lucius of the kremenchug reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr during spawning

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The feeding of pleurobrachia pileus ctenophora from galway bay ireland

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The feeding of roach rutilus rutilus and rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus 1. studies on natural populations

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The feeding of roach rutilus rutilus and rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus 2. feeding experiments in the laboratory

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The feeding of rutilus alburnoides hellenicus pisces cyprinidae in lake trichonis greece

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The feeding of rutilus rubilio pisces cyprinidae in lake trichonis greece

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The feeding of some cladocera of mesotrophic lake by phyto plankton and bacterio plankton 1. epilimnal bosmina coregoni and diaphanosoma brachyurum

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The feeding of some passeriform birds of the pamir alai mountain range tadzhik ssr ussr

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The feeding of some species of hydromedusae

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The feeding of terrestrial slugs in relation to food characteristics starvation maturation and life history

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The feeding of the azov anchovy engraulis encrasicholus maeoticus

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The feeding of the blackbird turdus merula in the nesting period

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The feeding of the chinese silkworm bombyx mori on leaves of different plant species

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The feeding of the dingo canis familiaris dingo 2. dietary and numerical relationships with fluctuating prey populations in southeastern australia

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The feeding of the lantern fishes ceratoscopelus warmingi and bolinichthys longipes of the family myctophidae in the western equatorial part of the pacific ocean

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The feeding of the larvae of simulium austeni and simulium spp

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The feeding of the saberfish trichiurus lepturus pisces trichiuridae

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The feeding of the young in reed warblers acrocephalus scirpaceus description of the diet and the hunting efforts of the parents

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The feeding of two littoral amphipods crustacea echinogammarus pirloti sexton and spooner and echinogammarus obtusatus dahl

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The feeding of young carp and phyto planktophagous species

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The feeding pattern interspecific and intraspecific trophic interrelations of the long legged buzzard in the southern turkmen ssr karabil' mountains ussr

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The feeding periodicity of striped mullet mugil cephalus in 2 florida usa habitats

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The feeding potential of african locust bean parkia filicoidea meal in rabbits

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The feeding preference of some tropical cyprinodonts cyprinodontiformes for malarial mosquito larvae in the presence of other food objects based on experimental data 1. selection of a model food object

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The feeding preference rate of development and fecundity of 2 pumpkin beetles on different cucurbitaceous host plants

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The feeding rates and efficiencies of a marine ciliate strombidium sp grown under chemostat steady state conditions

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The feeding rates of the pelagic tunicate pegea confederata and 2 other salps

Henry C.; Perthuis A., 1986 :
The feeding regime of the tawny owl strix aluco in two forested areas of central france

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The feeding regimen of a population of the wall lizard podarcis muralis in southwestern france

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The feeding relationships of 2 invertebrate predators in a new zealand river

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The feeding respiration and excretion of zoo plankton in the bering sea during a spring bloom

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The feeding response of copepods from the peru upwelling system food size selection

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The feeding response of culex pipiens fatigans in the laboratory

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