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The fauna of cork oak quercus suber during a pullulation of lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae and malacosoma neustria lepidoptera lasiocampidae in sardinia italy

Casevitz Weulersse, J.

Bulletin d'Ecologie 12(4): 355-364


Accession: 006676395

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Diverse arthropods were collected by using the beating method on cork oaks in Sardinia during heavy infestation of 2 pest insects (L. dispar L. and M. neustria L., Lepidoptera). On 30 trees .apprx. 1 650 specimens were collected: caterpillars 51.5%; beetles 26%; ants 14.3%; spiders 3.2%. A list is given followed by comments on some of the species, particularly ants. This infestation significantly reduced the populations of spiders and ants.

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