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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6679

Chapter 6679 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bonierbale Branchereau M.; Hontanx J.; Boubli L., 1987:
The first sexual encounter of adolescence a survey of college students

Lang B., 1985:
The first sphinctozoa segmented calcareous sponges from the upper jurassic of the franconian alps southern germany

Wunderlich J., 1986:
The first spiders from the middle eocene of the messel depression darmstadt west germany

Scintei Dorobat V.; Pasnicu L.; Pasareanu M.; Cura E., 1987:
The first stage of mixed dentition an orthodontal approach

Portier, C.; Dondon, L.; Grunberg-Manago, M.; Regnier, P., 1987:
The first step in the functional inactivation of the escherichia coli polynucleotide phosphorylase messenger is a rnase iii processing at the 5' end

Lorenz H., 1988:
The first step of development of the project micha microbiology charite for computer supported data processing of clinical microbiological routine data data registration structure of data bank

Gil Carcedo L.M.; Coca M.C., 1988:
The first structure of the olfactive pathway the olfactive cilium

Trefil P.; Cermak V.; Kolomaznik P.; Nejedly J.; Bartak M., 1988:
The first successful artificial insemination of saker falco cherrug in czechoslovakia

Rai, K.M.; Hamid, M.T.; Tewari, H.C., 1986:
The first successful attempt of artificial queen rearing of apis mellifera linn. in uttar pradesh india

Silva A.E.D.F.; Nunes J.F., 1985:
The first suckling of hairy sheep breeds of northeast brazil

Boerma, E.; Groen, L.G.; Voous, K.H.; Wight, H.J., 1987:
The first tengmalm's owls aegolius funereus new record in the netherlands

Wilson E.C., 1986:
The first tertiary sclerosponge from the americas

Briggs D.E.G.; Clarkson E.N.K., 1987:
The first tomopterid a polychaete from the carboniferous of scotland uk

Hurt E.C.; Muller U.; Schatz G., 1985:
The first twelve amino acids of a yeast mitochondrial outer membrane protein can direct a nuclear encoded cytochrome oxidase subunit to the mitochondrial inner membrane

Lapis J.; Switlik I.; Uminski M.; Zielinski S., 1987:
The first two year results of renal transplantation in the szczecin center poland

Webby B.D.; Blom W.M., 1986:
The first well preserved radiolarians from the ordovician of australia

Harrington M.G.; Brennan M.; Hodkinson H.M., 1988:
The first year of a geriatric orthopedic liaison service an alternative to orthogeriatric units?

Lim, G.S.Y.; Ng, P.K.L., 1988:
The first zoeal stage of harrovia albolineata adams and white 1848 crustacea brachyura pilumnidae with a note on eumedonine systematics

Paula J., 1987:
The first zoeal stage of stenorhynchus lanceolatus brulle 1837 decapoda brachyura majidae

Paula J., 1985:
The first zoeal stages of polybius henslowi maja squinado pachygrapsus marmoratus and uca tangeri crustacea decapoda brachyura

Stewart, R.B.; Mobley, L.A.; Van Tuyl, S.S.; Salvador, M.A., 1987:
The firstborn's adjustment to the birth of a sibling: a longitudinal assessment

Borets L.A., 1982:
The fish anthias rubromaculatus new species a new serranoid fish from the seamounts of the hawaiian ridge pacific ocean

Libosvarsky, J., 1977:
The fish community in a section of rokytna creek after 20 years

Leach, J.H.; Nepszy, S.J., 1976:
The fish community in lake erie usa canada

Galzin R., 1979:
The fish community of a coral reef of moorea french polynesia sampling techniques and preliminary results

Beckley L.E., 1985:
The fish community of east cape south africa tidal pools and an assessment of the nursery function of this habitat

Bray, R.N.; Miller, A.C.; Geesey, G.G., 1981:
The fish connection: a trophic link between planktonic and rocky reef communities?

Martini E., 1983:
The fish fauna from langenau near ulm west germany lower miocene ottnangian stage

Gaudant J., 1981:
The fish fauna from the continental messinian of northern italy and its geodynamic significance

Menzel H., 1979:
The fish fauna from the middle miocene of twistringen west germany

Menzel H., 1980:
The fish fauna from the upper oligocene of astrup near osnabrueck lower saxony west germany

Ferreira, E.J.G., 1984:
The fish fauna of curua una reservoir santarem para brazil 1. list and distribution of species

Ferreira, E.J.G., 1984:
The fish fauna of curua una reservoir santarem para brazil 2. food and feeding habits of the main species

Skreslet S., 1979:
The fish fauna of skjomen a fjord of north norway

Wilkens, H.; Koehler, A., 1977:
The fish fauna of the lower and middle elbe river west germany the species used 1950 1975

Spaeh H.; Beisenherz W., 1986:
The fish fauna of the river senne west germany

Higo, N.; Nishitai, M.; Kakimoto, M.; Hashi, H.; Tabata, S.; Shinkado, M.; Kitsui, T., 1981:
The fish gathering effect of artificial reefs ascertained by diving observations 8. at the seafront off the northern districts of kagoshima prefecture japan

Higo, N.; Hashi, H.; Arai, A., 1984:
The fish gathering effect on artificial reefs ascertained by diving observation 13. at the off sea of bounotsu town japan

Schwarz M.; Goth D., 1988:
The fish hook knot an aid in pulling tendon implants through small bone holes

Yamaguchi Y.; Murabayashi K., 1981:
The fish luring effect of flotsam

Malta J.C.D.O., 1984:
The fish of a floodplain lake of the central amazon region lake janauaca rio solimoes brazil and their relationships to ectoparasitic crustaceans branchiura argulidae

Kritscher, E., 1975:
The fish of the neusiedler lake austria hungary and their parasites part 2 parasitic copepoda and branchiura

Aisa E.; Guerrieri P.; Desideri L., 1981:
The fish parasites in the chiascio river italy

Helvey M.; Dorn P., 1981:
The fish population associated with an offshore water intake structure

Angelier, M.L., 1976:
The fish population in the stream mousquere hautes pyrenees

Champeau, A.; Gregoire, A.; Brun, G., 1978:
The fish population of the artificial lakes of verdon france

Harka, A., 1975:
The fish population of water grade ii of the tisza river hungary

Gordon, J.D.M., 1977:
The fish populations in inshore waters of the west coast of scotland the distribution abundance and growth of the whiting merlangius merlangus

Gordon, J.D.M., 1977:
The fish populations in inshore waters of the west coast of scotland the food and feeding of the whiting merlangius merlangus

Turnpenny A.W.H.; Sadler K.; Aston R.J.; Milner A.G.P.; Lynam S., 1987:
The fish populations of some streams in wales uk and northern england in relation to acidity and associated factors

Otte G., 1979:
The fish stock in the head waters of a lowland trout stream

Penaz M.; Sterba O.; Prokes M., 1986:
The fish stock of the middle part of the morava river czechoslovakia

Rosen G., 1980:
The fisher and the cubic polynomial equations for the propagation of species properties

Qvenild T., 1981:
The fisheries in lake randsfjorden norway 1978 1980

Finnell L.M., 1988:
The fisheries of eleven mile canyon reservoir colorado usa 1982 1987

Durve, V.S., 1976:
The fisheries of the lake jaisamandh rajasthan

Eckmann R., 1983:
The fisheries situation in the peruvian amazon region

Dvi S.L., 1985:
The fishery and biology of crabs of kakinada region india

Tung I H., 1981 :
The fishery and the biology of the squid ommastrephes bartrami in the northwest pacific ocean

Tung I H., 1981:
The fishery biology of the gray mullet mugil cephalus in taiwan

Bezzi S.I., 1984:
The fishery biology of the long tailed hake macruronus magellanicus of the southwestern atlantic ocean

Stevenson S.C.; Baird J.W., 1988:
The fishery for lumpfish cyclopterus lumpus in newfoundland canada waters

Rehwinkel, B.J., 1978:
The fishery for paddlefish at intake montana usa during 1973 and 1974

Chubb C.F.; Hall N.G.; Lenanton R.C.J.; Potter I.C., 1984:
The fishery for perth herring namatalosa vlaminghi

Swarup, K.; Khan, M.Z.; Das, V.K., 1976:
The fishery of bakhira lake basti india a preliminary study

Setyono D.E.D., 1985:
The fishes caught with the surface gillnet and bottom gillnet at pacitan bay indonesia

Hikita T., 1981:
The fishes from eastern waters and rivers of the shiretoko peninsula in hokkaido japan

Nijssen H.; D.G.oot S.J., 1980:
The fishes occurring along the dutch coast

White, D.S.; Hill, F.C.; Haag, K.H., 1977:
The fishes of goose creek jefferson county kentucky usa a stream under the influence of urban development

Barton M., 1984:
The fishes of jessamine creek jessamine county kentucky usa

Kakuda S., 1979:
The fishes of kojima bay in the seto inland sea japan

Wise D.A., 1980:
The fishes of licking county ohio usa

Robinson J.M.; Branson B.A., 1980:
The fishes of marrowbone creek pike county kentucky usa with notes on the effects of coal mining

Quignard J.P.; Wai R.M.; Vianet R., 1984:
The fishes of mauguio lagoon herault france inventory population structure size polymorphism and growth

Maret T.R.; Peters E.J., 1980:
The fishes of salt creek basin nebraska usa

Edwards, A.J.; Glass, C.W., 1987:
The fishes of st. helena island south atlantic ocean i. the shore fishes

Edwards, A.J.; Glass, C.W., 1987:
The fishes of st. helena island south atlantic ocean ii. the pelagic fishes

Ploeg A., 1986:
The fishes of the cichlid genus crenicichla in french guiana pisces perciformes cichlidae

Bertelsen, E.; Krefft, G.; Marshall, N.B., 1976:
The fishes of the family notosudidae

Gon O., 1987:
The fishes of the genus bathylagus of the southern ocean

Economidis P.S.; Sinis A.I., 1982:
The fishes of the lakes of koronia and volvi macedonia greece taxonomic and zoo geographic considerations

Peters N.; Schmidt W.; Gercken J.; Kranz H.; Watermann B., 1986:
The fishes of the lower elbe west germany in comparison of 1894 and 1982 a rectification

Hastings R.W., 1984:
The fishes of the mullica river a naturally acid water system of the new jersey usa pine barrens

Witt, L.A., 1970:
The fishes of the nemaha basin nebraska usa

Skelton P.H.; Bruton M.N.; Merron G.S.; Van Der Waal B.C.W., 1985:
The fishes of the okavango drainage system in angola south west africa and botswana taxonomy and distribution

Branson B.A.; Schuster G.A., 1982:
The fishes of the wild river section of the little south fork of the cumberland river kentucky usa

Mual G.E., 1976:
The fishes taken in bottom trawls by research vessel meteor during the 1967 seamounts cruises in the northeast atlantic

Tortonese E., 1982:
The fishes with a circumtropical distribution present in the mediterranean

Inoue, Y., 1977:
The fishing ground of set net and the distribution of fish schools part 2 types of fish schools from the image of a fish finder

Inoue, Y., 1976:
The fishing ground of set nets and the distribution of fish schools part 1 research on fish schools by fish finder

Houghton, R.G., 1977:
The fishing power of trawlers in the western english channel between 1965 and 1968

Dunstone, N., 1978:
The fishing strategy of the mink mustela vison time budgeting of hunting effort

Birchall, C.H., 1979:
The fishmouth phenomenon in retinal detachment: old concepts revisited

Pruett, R.C., 1977:
The fishmouth phenomenon part 1 clinical characteristics and surgical options

Pruett, R.C., 1977:
The fishmouth phenomenon part 2 wedge scleral buckling

Corley M.F.V., 1980:
The fissidens viridulus complex in the british isles and europe

Durkacz B.; Beach D.; Hayles J.; Nurse P., 1985:
The fission yeast cell cycle control gene cdc 2 structure of the cdc 2 region

Hayles J.; Beach D.; Durkacz B.; Nurse P., 1986:
The fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe cell cycle control gene cdc 2 isolation of a sequence suc 1 that suppresses cdc 2 mutant function

Bush R.M.; Smouse P.E.; Ledig F.T., 1987:
The fitness consequences of multiple locus heterozygosity the relationship between heterozygosity and growth rate in pitch pine pinus rigida mill

Smouse P.E., 1986:
The fitness consequences of mutliple locus heterozygosity under the multiplicative overdominance and inbreeding depression models

Eanes W.F.; Wesley C.; Hey J.; Houle D.; Ajioka J.W., 1988:
The fitness consequences of p element insertion in drosophila melanogaster

Garrick, J.G., 1985:
The Fitness Facility as a Rehabilitation Care Extender

Taylor, F., 1986:
The fitness functions associated with diapause induction in arthropods 1. the effects of age structure

Barton N.H., 1980:
The fitness of hybrids between 2 chromosomal races of the grasshopper podisma pedestris

Masutani T.; Yamasaki E.; Shimizu A.; Nishizawa M., 1981:
The fitness of weibull distribution by classification of topography the young stands of sugi cryptomeria japonica

Mukai F.; Wada Y.; Namikawa K.; Tanase K., 1980:
The fitting of the nonlinear growth models for describing growth patterns of body weight and measurements in japanese black female calves

Brooks, N.; Campsie, L.; Symington, C.; Beattie, A.; McKinlay, W., 1986:
The five year outcome of severe blunt head injury: a relative's view

Dobbins Place J.; Schroeder H.R., 1982:
The fixation of antibody to hepatitis b surface antigen on plastic surfaces

Hyslop, N.E.J. ; Dourmashkin, R.R.; Green, N.M.; Porter, R.R., 1970:
The fixation of complement and the activated 1st component c1 of complement by complexes formed between antibody and di valent hapten

Hummell D.S.; Berninger R.W.; Tomasz A.; Winkelstein J.A., 1981:
The fixation of complement c 3b to pneumococcal cell wall polymers as a result of activation of the alternative complement pathway

Abemayor, E.; Zemplenyi, J.; Mannai, C.; Webb, D.J.; Canalis, R.F., 1988:
The fixation of malar fractures with the transnasal Kirschner wire

Skaer, R.J.; Whytock, S., 1977:
The fixation of nuclei in glutaraldehyde

Boehm P.; Breitner S.; Wirth C.J., 1988:
The fixation of the cervical spine by means of a new halo fixator system

Nakamura K.; Sugiyama Y.; Takekawa T.; Sato S.; Satohisa E.; Sano T., 1983:
The fixation response by human new borns to vertical grating patterns differing in width and contour sharpness

Jäättelä, A., 1979:
The fixed combination of propranolol and bendrofluazide in the treatment of hypertension

Williams, J.R.; Bonnett, D.E.; Parnell, C.J., 1979:
The fixed horizontal neutron therapy beam at Edinburgh: dosimetry and radiation protection

Evans, J.A.; Hastings, D.E.; Urowitz, M.B., 1977:
The fixed lupus hand deformity and its surgical correction

Meunier G.F.; Hankins M., 1979:
The fixed ratio schedule of reinforcement as a preparation for psycho physical scaling

Mogea J.P., 1980:
The flabellate leaved species of salacca palmae

Sleumer H., 1985:
The flacourtiaceae of thailand

Berman T.; Roth I.L., 1979:
The flagella of peridinium cinctum f westii in situ fixation and observation by scanning electron microscopy

Seravin L.N.; Gudkov A.V., 1987:
The flagella of the freshwater amoeba pelomyxa palustris

Lange, L.; Olson, L.W., 1976:
The flagellar apparatus and striated rhizoplast of the zoo spore of olpidium brassicae

Roberts K.R.; Stewart K.D.; Mattox K.R., 1981:
The flagellar apparatus of chilomonas paramecium cryptophyceae and its comparison with certain zoo flagellates

Marano F.; Santa Maria A.; Krishnawamy S., 1985:
The flagellar apparatus of dunaliella isolation of basal body flagellar root complex

Rogers C.E.; Domozych D.S.; Stewart K.D.; Mattox K.R., 1981:
The flagellar apparatus of mesostigma viride prasinophyceae multi layered structures in a scaly green flagellate

Andersen R.A., 1985:
The flagellar apparatus of the golden alga synura uvella four absolute orientations

Melkonian M., 1981:
The flagellar apparatus of the scaly green flagellate pyramimonas obovata absolute configuration

Sluiman H.J., 1983:
The flagellar apparatus of the zoo spore of the filamentous green alga coleochaete pulvinata absolute configuration and phylogenetic significance

Sluiman H.J.; Roberts K.R.; Stewart K.D.; Mattox K.R.; Lokhorst G.M., 1982:
The flagellar apparatus of the zoo spore of urospora penicilliformis chlorophyta

Karpov S.A., 1987:
The flagellar apparatus structure in the colorless flagellate thaumatomonas lauterborni and estimation of the evolutionary conservatism concept of cellular structures

Betts, B.; Joys, T.M., 1978:
The flagellar protein of Clostridium tetani

Schnepf, E.; Deichgraeber, G.; Roederer, G.; Herth, W., 1977:
The flagellar root apparatus the micro tubular system and associated organelles in the chrysophycean flagellates poterioochromonas malhamensis synonym poterioochromonas stipitata and ochromonas malhamensis

Vesk M.; Moestrup O., 1987:
The flagellar root system in heterosigma akashiwo raphidophyceae

Herth W.; Heck B.; Koop H.U., 1981:
The flagellar root system in the gamete of acetabularia mediterranea

Melkonian, M., 1977:
The flagellar root system of zoo spores of the green alga chlorosarcinopsis chlorosarcinales as compared with chlamydomonas volvocales

Nicoli R M.; Nourrit J.; Muniglia A.; Michel Nguyen A., 1981:
The flagellate trichomonas vaginalis and its bacterial environment in vaginal environment

Krishnamurthy R.; Sultana T., 1979 :
The flagellates of the genus monocercomonoides mastigophora oxymonadida from insects in india a review with a key to the species

Ferrer J.R., 1986:
The flame cell in trematoda ultrastructure in the sporocyst and cercaria of proctoeces maculatus digenea fellodistomatidae

Rohde K., 1982:
The flame cells of a monogenean and an aspidogastrean not composed of 2 interdigitating cells

Watanabe I.; Kashimoto T.; Tatsukawa R., 1983:
The flame retardant tetra bromo bis phenol a and its metabolite found in river and marine sediments in japan

Lankin P.M., 1983:
The flamingo in the anthropogenic mangyshlak landscapes kazakh ssr ussr

Wilkins D.A., 1984:
The flandrian woods of lewis scotland uk

Kulev Y.D.; Rubin A.B.; Samuilov V.D.; Shinkarev V.P., 1987:
The flash induced oxygen uptake by chromatophores of nonsulfur purple bacteria

Van Der Wal H.N.; Van Grondelle R.; Duysens L.N.M.; Gimenez Gallego G., 1981:
The flash induced photo reduction of a cytochrome b in chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum the effect on nadh on this reduction

Magnant, D.; Janicot, M.; Gavaudan, P., 1975:
The flash of luminescence given by photobacteria at low temperatures correlated with the changes of physical state by ir spectrography on differential thermal analysis

Toyosawa T.; Nunomura M.; Sarashina H.; Saito N.; Arai T.; Taniyama S.; Yokoyama M.; Inoue I.; Ihara M.; E.A., 1987:
The flat elevated type of early colonic carcinoma report of two cases

Limpus C.J.; Parmenter C.J.; Baker V.; Fleay A., 1983:
The flatback turtle chelonia depressa in queensland australia post nesting migration and feeding ground distribution

Limpus C.J.; Fleay A.; Baker V., 1984:
The flatback turtle chelonia depressa in queensland australia reproductive periodicity philopatry and recruitment

Cannon, J.R.; Martin, P.F., 1977:
The flavanones of agonis spathulata myrtaceae

Drabent, R.; Grajek, H., 1983:
The flavin dimers 1. the application of absorption in anti stokes excitation region to investigate the flavin dimer formation

Heelis P.F.; Parsons B.J.; Phillips G.O.; Mckellar J.F., 1981:
The flavine sensitized photo oxidation of ascorbic acid a continuous and flash photolysis study

Burret F.; Lebreton P.; Voirin B., 1982:
The flavone aglycones of cactaceae distribution and significance

Geiger H.; D.G.oot Pfleiderer W., 1979:
The flavone and flavonol glycosides of taxodium distichum

Reynaud J.; Raynaud J., 1982:
The flavone heterosides of hedera helix araliaceae

Dombris M.A.; Raynaud J., 1981:
The flavone heterosides of the leaf bearing stalks of carlina corymbosa compositae

Brum-Bousquet, M.; Tillequin, F.; Paris, R.R., 1976:
The flavone pigments of sarothamnus patens the presence of chrysin 7 beta mono glucoside

Mastenbroek O.; Knorr J.J.; Kamps Heinsbroek R.; Maas J.W.; Steyns J.M.; Van Brederode J., 1983:
The flavones of the european species of silene section elisanthe

Verykokidou Vitsaropoulou E.; Vajias K., 1986:
The flavonoid aglycones of teucrium polium

Umber R.E., 1980:
The flavonoid chemistry of glandularia bipinnatifida verbenaceae and allied species

Zennie, T.M.; Mcclure, J.W., 1977:
The flavonoid chemistry of pistia stratiotes and the origin of the lemnaceae

Tomimori T.; Miyaichi Y.; Kizu H., 1982:
The flavonoid constituents from the roots of scutellaria baicalensis

Ahmed, Z.F.; Rimpler, H.; Rizk, A.M.; Hammouda, F.M.; Ismail, S.I., 1970:
The flavonoid constituents of certain centaurea d species grown in egypt

Wietschel, G.; Reznik, H., 1980:
The flavonoid patterns of tuber bearing solanum spp 2. the flavonoid glycosides of the species from series 1 16

Garrido A.; Guerra R.; Valenzuela A., 1988:
The flavonoid silymarin increases the permeability of rat bone marrow cells to tritiated uridine

Gonnet, J.F., 1978:
The flavonoid variation among the subspecies of anthyllis vulneraria

Harborne J.B.; Boardley M.; Frost S.; Holm G., 1986:
The flavonoids in leaves of diploid triticum species gramineae

Gottlieb, O.R., 1977:
The flavonoids indispensable additions to a recent coverage

Dauguet J.C.; Foucher J.P., 1982:
The flavonoids of arbutus unedo ericaceae

Downie S.R.; Denford K.E., 1986:
The flavonoids of arnica frigida and arnica louiseana asteraceae

Maksoud S.A.; E.H.didi M.N., 1988:
The flavonoids of balanites aegyptiaca balanitaceae from egypt

Castleden, I.R.; Hall, S.R.; Nimgirawath, S.; Thadaniti, S.; White, A.H., 1985:
The flavonoids of combretum quadrangulare crystal structures of the polymorphic forms of 5 hydroxy 2 4' hydroxy 3' 5' dimethoxyphenyl 3 7 dimethoxy 4h 1 benzopyran 4 one

King, B.L., 1977:
The flavonoids of deciduous rhododendron of north america ericaceae

Reynaud J.; Raynaud J., 1986:
The flavonoids of doronicum grandiflorum

Chevrier, M., 1976:
The flavonoids of echinops ritro

De-Israilev, R.L.A.; Seeligmann, P., 1977:
The flavonoids of gaillardia megapotamica

Nicholls K.W.; Bohm B.A., 1984:
The flavonoids of lithophragma saxifragaceae

Nicholls K.W.; Bohm B.A.; Wells E.F., 1986:
The flavonoids of mitella bensoniella and conimitella saxifragaceae

Averett, J.E.; Kerr, B.J.; Raven, P.H., 1978:
The flavonoids of onagraceae tribe epilobieae epilobium section epilobium

Mears J.A., 1980:
The flavonoids of parthenium

Nawwar M.A.M.; Sissi H.I.E.; Baracat H.H., 1980:
The flavonoids of phragmites australis flowers

Vandekerkhove, O., 1978:
The flavonoids of riccia fluitans

El-Alfy, T.S.; Paris, R.R., 1975:
The flavonoids of ruscus hypoglossum liliaceae

Brum Bousquet M.; Delaveau P., 1982:
The flavonoids of sarothamnus scoparius and sarothamnus patens special study of the flowers

Rajbhandari A.; Roberts M.F., 1983:
The flavonoids of stevia rebaudiana

E.N.goumy S.I.; A.W.keel S.A.M.; E.H.didi M.N.; Saleh N.A.M., 1986:
The flavonoids of the fagonia arabica complex zygophyllaceae

Maksoud S.A.; E.H.didi M.N., 1987:
The flavonoids of the fagonia bruguieri complex zygophyllaceae

Dauguet J.C.; Foucher J.P.; Pourrat H., 1982 :
The flavonoids of the leaves of some berberis

Wolf S.J.; Denford K.E.; Packer J.G., 1979:
The flavonoids of the minuartia rossii complex

Sobel G.L.; Whalen M.D., 1983:
The flavonoids of the osmundaceae

El-Sherbeiny, A.E.A.; El-Sissi, H.I.; Nawwar, M.A.M.; El-Ansari, M.A., 1978:
The flavonoids of the seeds of lygos raetam

Herrmann, K.; Woeldecke, M., 1977:
The flavonol content of peas as influenced by variety and light and a note on the flavonol content of broad beans

Folkes D.J.; Gramshaw J.W., 1981:
The flavor and volatiles of white bread crust

Etievant P.X.; Guichard E.A.; Issanchou S.N., 1986:
The flavor components of mirabelle plums examination of the aroma constituents of fresh fruits variation of head space composition induced by deep freezing and thawing

Ismail H.M.M.; Williams A.A.; Tucknott O.G., 1980:
The flavor components of plum prunus domestica cultivar victoria an examination of the aroma components present in a distillate obtained from fermented plum juice

Ismail H.M.M.; Williams A.A.; Tucknott O.G., 1980:
The flavor components of plum volatile components of canned plums

Ismail H.M.M.; Williams A.A.; Tucknott O.G., 1981:
The flavor components of plums prunus domestica an examination of the aroma components present in the headspace above 4 cultivars of intact plums marjories seedling merton gem na 10 and victoria

Hinchcliffe, C.; Mcdaniel, M.; Vaisey, M.; Eskin, N.A.M., 1977:
The flavor of faba beans as affected by heat and storage

Etievant P.X.; Issanchou S.N.; Bayonove C.L., 1983:
The flavor of muscat wine the sensory contribution of some volatile compounds

Flament, I.; Kohler, M.; Aschiero, R., 1976:
The flavor of roasted beef part 2 identification and mode of formation of di hydro 6 7 5h cyclo penta b pyrazines

Sourkova, M., 1978:
The flax field weed silene cretica ssp annulata new record in czechoslovakia

Elwood P.C.; Mcaulay I.R.; Elwood J.H., 1982:
The flax industry in northern ireland uk 20 years on

Houghton R.A.; Woodwell G.M., 1980:
The flax pond ecosystem study exchanges of carbon di oxide between a salt marsh and the atmosphere

Yakuba, V.N.; Lazareva, L.A.; Klimov, V.T.; Maevskii, M.P.; Bondarenko, A.A.; Mashkovskii, I.K., 1977:
The flea ceratophyllus fasciatus as a vector of the mountain altai strain of a plague microbe

Mahnert, V., 1972:
The flea infestation of small alpine mammals and its dependence on the time of year and altitude

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The flp recombinase of the saccharomyces cerevisiae 2 micrometer plasmid attaches covalently to dna via a phosphotyrosyl linkage

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The fly can discriminate movement at signal noise ratios as low as one eighth

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The focus to detector distance as a source of systematic errors in the measurement of chaoul therapy units

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The follow up of the process of replacement of temporary teeth a permanent necessity in stomatological practice

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