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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 6680

Chapter 6680 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hofker, J., 1980:
The foraminifera of the saba west indies bank expedition 1972 cicar cruises 34 35

Poignant, A.; Sztrakos, K., 1986:
The foraminifera of the upper oligocene of the ciudad granada formation barranco blanco section province of almeria spain comparison to the microfauna of the hungarian oligocene

Trifonova, E., 1978:
The foraminifera zones and subzones of the triassic in bulgaria part 1 scythian and anisian

Suraru, M.; Suraru, N., 1975:
The foraminiferal fauna of the senonian in the borod basin bihor district romania

Edwards, P.G., 1981:
The foraminiferid genus gavelinella in the senonian of northwest europe

Rumberger, E.; Reichel, H., 1972:
The force frequency relationship a comparative study between warm and cold blooded animals

Gabella, G., 1976:
The force generated by a visceral smooth muscle

Fisher, R.F., 1977:
The force of contraction of the human ciliary muscle during accommodation

Remme, J.; Mandara, M.P.; Leeuwenburg, J., 1984 :
The force of measles infection in East Africa

Pohl, H.A., 1985:
The force on a neutral dielectric object of biological interest in crossed time varying electric and magnetic fields

Lannergren, J., 1978:
The force velocity relation of isolated twitch and slow muscle fibers of xenopus laevis

Ranatunga, K.W., 1984:
The force velocity relation of rat fast twitch and slow twitch muscles examined at different temperatures

Edman, K.A.P.; Hwang, J.C., 1977:
The force velocity relationship in vertebrate muscle fibers at varied tonicity of the extracellular medium

Teller, D.Y., 1979:
The forced choice preferential looking procedure a psycho physical technique for use with human infants

Burki, N.K.; Dent, M.C., 1976:
The forced expiratory time as a measure of small airway resistance

Kraman, S.S., 1983:
The forced expiratory wheeze. Its site of origin and possible association with lung compliance

O'dor R.K., 1988:
The forces acting on swimming squid

Wirth, W.W.; Howarth, F.G., 1982:
The forcipomyia ingrami complex in hawaii usa diptera ceratopogonidae

Tsuji, T.; Suma, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; Inoue, K.; Shiroma, K.; Koyama, Y.; Narumi, J.; Yoshikawa, T.; Ito, N.; E.A., 1981 :
The fore head and deep temperature monitoring with deep body thermometer in cardiac surgery

Leach, D., 1977:
The fore limb musculature of marten martes americana and fisher martes pennanti

Gaertner, K.; Pfaff, J., 1979:
The fore stomach in rats and mice a food store without bacterial protein digestion

Nachtigall, W., 1981:
The fore wings of large locusts as generators of aerodynamic forces 1. model measurements of aerodynamic effects of various wing profiles

Pfau, H.K.; Nachtigall, W., 1981:
The fore wings of large locusts locusta migratoria as generators of aerodynamic forces 2. the coordination of muscles and joint mechanics in the generation of the wing geometry

Kevorkian, B.; Legre, R.; Magalon, G.; Bureau, H., 1985:
The forearm flap with a radial pedicle thirteen cases

Ulanowicz, R.E.; Caplins, W.C.; Dunnington, E.A., 1980:
The forecasting of oyster crassostrea virginica harvest in central chesapeake bay maryland usa

Zharinov, G.M.; Gabelov, A.A., 1984:
The forecasting of radiation injuries of the urinary bladder and rectum in patients with cancer of the uterine body

Polyakov, I.Ya, 1980:
The forecasting system for plant protection in the ussr its theory methods and organization

Adamson, P.A., 1986:
The forehead lift: refinements in surgical technique

Azumi J I.; Shiono, H.; Maya, A.; Tabata, N.; Sakamoto, Y.; Morita, M., 1981:
The forensic and clinical application of human chromosomes

Henke, J.; Basler, M., 1981:
The forensic application of blood group antigens lu a and lu b

Hummel, K., 1987:
The forensic application of the utility principle in kinship cases involving serostatistics

Soules, M.R.; Pollard, A.A.; Brown, K.M.; Verma, M., 1978:
The forensic laboratory evaluation of evidence in alleged rape

Shalaby, S.; Swedan, N.; Abdel Aal, S.; E.S.geni A.; Ammar, S.; Hessien, S.; Abdel Latif, M., 1986:
The forensic pathology of healing under cytotoxicity and analgesia together with the toxic hepatic renal and hematological hazards

Rao, V.J.; Wetli, C.V., 1988:
The forensic significance of conjunctival petechiae

Gilli, A., 1977:
The forest areas in eastern afghanistan

Smith, P., 1984:
The forest avifauna near bega new south wales australia 1. differences between forest types

Hoebeke, E.R.; Nickle, D.A., 1981:
The forest cockroach ectobius sylvestris new record for european species newly discovered in north america dictyoptera blattodea ectobiidae

Arp, P.A.; Krause, H.H., 1984:
The forest floor lateral variability as revealed by systematic sampling

Pirmagomedov, P.M., 1980:
The forest grapevine vitis sylvestris in the dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

Sargent, C., 1985:
The forest of bhutan

Cherrier J F., 1986:
The forest of the isle of pines new caledonia

Kielland Lund, J., 1981:
The forest plant communities of southeast norway

Swaine, M.D.; Hall, J.B.; Lock, J.M., 1976:
The forest savanna boundary in west central ghana

Bhatt, R.P.; Sabnis, S.D., 1975:
The forest vegetation and phyto geography of khedbrahma region in north gujarat india

Sawyer, D.A.; Kinraide, T.B., 1980:
The forest vegetation at higher altitudes in the chiricahua mountains arizona usa

Paiero, P., 1981:
The forest vegetation of canal del ferro udine italy

Barbero, M.; Quezel, P., 1979:
The forest vegetation of crete greece

Ishibashi, N.; Suzuki, H., 1982:
The forest vegetation of mount mengami and its vicinity western honshu of japan

Dowsett Lemaire, F., 1988:
The forest vegetation of mt mulanje malawi a floristic and chorological study along an altitudinal gradient 650 1950 m

Cahayla-Wynne, R.; Glenn-Lewin, D.C., 1978:
The forest vegetation of the driftless area northeast iowa usa

Gauvin, C.; Bouchard, A., 1983:
The forest vegetation of the mount orford park quebec canada

St-Jacques, C.; Gagnon, D., 1988:
The forest vegetation of the northwest section of the st. lawrence river valley quebec canada

Beckhoff, H.; Seifert, M., 1986:
The forest vegetation of the vogelsangbachtal near heiligenhaus district of mettmann north rhine westphalia west germany and its worthiness for protection

Verger J P., 1982:
The forested mountain stage on serpentinite in the ayas valley aosta valley italy

Voliotis, D., 1976:
The forests and the vegetation belts in the tymfristos oeta parnassos mountain range greece

Gamisans, J.; Gruber, M.; Quezel, P., 1983:
The forests of castanea sativa alnus cordata and ostrya carpinifolia of the san petrone massif corsica france

Swies, F.; Pomian, J., 1984:
The forests of the marynopole fir tree reservation poland

Sikorska, E., 1975:
The forests of the northern slopes of mount turbacz poland part 1 natural and forestal characterization

Sikorska, E., 1975:
The forests of the northern slopes of mount turbacz poland part 2 environmental types of forests

Takashima, Y.; Kawamata, I.; Tsunoda, K.; Kimura, M.; Murayama, H., 1984:
The foretell method of the observation of crystal growth of dequalinium chloride in a short time in oil in water type ointments

Seroo, T.; Kemper, H.C.G.; Storm Van Essen, L., 1982:
The foreward and backward bends of the thoraco lumbar spine in teenagers

Rovee Collier, C.K.; Enright, M.; Lucas, D.; Fagen, J.W.; Gekoski, M.J., 1981:
The forgetting of newly acquired and reactivated memories of 3 month old infants

Abramovici, H.; Faktor, J.H.; Bornstein, J.; Sorokin, Y., 1987:
The forgotten intrauterine device

Paine, R.T., 1981:
The forgotten roles of disturbance and predation

Bortnyak, M.M.; Didukh, Y.P.; Shelyah Sosonko, Y.R., 1979:
The forgotten species silene coringiifolia

Lynn, B., 1971:
The form and distribution of the receptive fields of Pacinian corpuscles found in and around the cat's large foot pad

Coffey, G.L.; Godwin-Austen, R.B.; Macgillivray, B.B.; Sears, T.A., 1971:
The form and distribution of the surface evoked responses in cerebellar cortex from intercostal nerves in the cat

Mariscal, R.N.; Bigger, C.H.; Mclean, R.B., 1976:
The form and function of cnidarian spirocysts part 1 ultrastructure of the capsule exterior and relationship to the tentacle sensory surface

Mariscal, R.N.; Mclean, R.B., 1976:
The form and function of cnidarian spirocysts part 2 ultrastructure of the capsule tip and wall and mechanism of discharge

Mariscal, R.N.; Mclean, R.B.; Hand, C., 1977:
The form and function of cnidarian spirocysts part 3 ultrastructure of the thread and the function of spirocysts

Arcese, P.; Kraft Stoddard, P.; Hiebert, S.M., 1988:
The form and function of song in female song sparrows

Weclewicz-Kruczyńska, K.; Woźniak, W., 1981:
The form and microscopic structure of the human spinal cord during the embryonic period

Dowson, C.G.; Rayner, A.D.M.; Boddy, L., 1988:
The form and outcome of mycelial interactions involving cord forming decomposer basidiomycetes in homogeneous and heterogeneous environments

Reid, G.M., 1982:
The form function and phylogenetic significance of the vomero palatine organ in cyprinid fishes

Gomazkova, V.S.; Bunik, V.I.; Buneeva, O.A., 1987:
The form of alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase possessing no cooperative properties during substrate binding

Andryushin, Y.N.; Shevchenko, V.I.; Yabluchanskii, N.I., 1979:
The form of branching of the pulmonary air pathways in the dog lung

Routledge, R.D., 1980:
The form of species abundance distributions

Oldfield, S.C., 1976:
The form of the globiferous pedicellarial ossicles of the regular echinoid psammechinus miliaris

Mageean, B., 1981:
The form of the information and selective counting by educationally subnormal mild pupils

Etter, H.U.F., 1978:
The form of the scapula in hominoid primates

Tsvelykh, A.N., 1983:
The form of the wing apex of birds and its analysis

Walsby, A.E.; Xypolyta, A., 1977:
The form resistance of chitan fibers attached to the cells of thalassiosira fluviatilis

Davey, M.C.; Walsby, A.E., 1985:
The form resistance of sinking algal chains

Rau, W., 1983:
The formal cause of gastric ulcer

D.W.al F.B.M.; Luttrell, L.M., 1985:
The formal hierarchy of rhesus macaques macaca mulatta an investigation of the bared teeth display

Niu, C.S.; Liang, X.T., 1988:
The formal total synthesis of securinine

Yanagita, T., 1980:
The formaldehyde resistance of aspergillus fungi attacking silkworm larvae 4. relationship between pathogenicity to silkworm larvae and chitinase activity of aspergillus flavus oryzae

Yanagita, T., 1980:
The formaldehyde resistance of aspergillus fungi attacking the silkworm larvae 5. decomposition of chitin of larval skin by aspergillus flavus oryzae fungi

Dubuisson, D.; Dennis, S.G., 1977:
The formalin test: a quantitative study of the analgesic effects of morphine, meperidine, and brain stem stimulation in rats and cats

Bukharin, P.D.; Stanko, S.A.; Chetverikov, A.G.; Kumakov, A.V., 1986:
The formation and activity of the photosynthetic apparatus of apple tree as a function of the degree of cultivation

Foreman, J.K.; Goodhead, K., 1975:
The formation and analysis of n nitrosamines

Hyams, J.S.; Stebbings, H., 1979:
The formation and breakdown of nutritive tubes massive micro tubular organelles associated with cytoplasmic transport

Cavalier, M.; Benoit, J.P.; Thies, C., 1986:
The formation and characterization of hydrocortisone loaded poly racemic lactide microspheres

Singh, S.S., 1982:
The formation and coexistence of gibbsite boehmite alumina and alunite at room temperature

Makita, T.; Morimoto, M.; Kiwaki, S., 1974:
The formation and continuity of secretion granules in the splenic lobe of the pigeon pancreas as revealed by freeze etching micro x ray analysis and cytochemistry

Lambeir A M.; Appleby, C.A.; Dunford, H.B., 1985:
The formation and decay of the oxyferrous forms of the cytochromes p 450 isolated from rhizobium japonicum rapid spectral scan and stopped flow studies

Hankovszky, O.H.; Hideg, K.; Lloyd, D.; Mcnab, H., 1979:
The formation and decomposition of 1 4 8 11 tetra aza cyclo tetra deca 4 11 dienes

Ross, H.A.; Davies, H.V., 1985:
The formation and development of adventitious buds on potato solanum tuberosum cultivar maris piper sprouts

Li, T., 1987:
The formation and development of paddy soils on zhujiang delta china

Krejzova, R., 1988:
The formation and discharge of conidia in cultures of entomophthorous fungi

Townes Anderson, E.; Raviola, G., 1981:
The formation and distribution of inter cellular junctions in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta optic cup early development of the cilio iridic and sensory retinas

Kwaad, F.J.P.M.; Mucher, H.J., 1979:
The formation and evolution of colluvium on arable land in northern luxembourg

Michael, E., 1978:
The formation and final structure of the oocyst wall of Eimeria acervulina: a transmission and scanning electron microscope study

Yue, G.K., 1981:
The formation and growth of sulfate aerosols in the stratosphere

Macri, F.J.; Cevario, S.J., 1978:
The formation and inhibition of aqueous humor production. A proposed mechanism of action

Suslova, G.F.; Shishchenko, V.M.; Nartsissov, R.P., 1975:
The formation and interrelation of the activity of some dehydrogenases in the development of young rats

Sato, R.; Noguchi, T.; Naito, H., 1985:
The formation and iron binding property of phosphopeptides in the small intestinal contents of rats fed egg yolk diet

Blue, M.E.; Parnavelas, J.G., 1983:
The formation and maturation of synapses in the visual cortex of the rat 1. qualitative analysis

Blue, M.E.; Parnavelas, J.G., 1983:
The formation and maturation of synapses in the visual cortex of the rat 2. quantitative analysis

Hanson, R.F., 1971:
The formation and metabolism of 3 alpha 7 alpha di hydroxy 5 beta cholestan 26 oic acid in man

Ross, D.; Farmer, P.B.; Gescher, A.; Hickman, J.A.; Threadgill, M.D., 1982:
The formation and metabolism of n hydroxymethyl compounds 1. the oxidative n demethylation of n di methyl derivatives of arylamines aryl triazenes aryl formamidines and aryl ureas including the herbicide monuron

Ross, D.; Farmer, P.B.; Gescher, A.; Hickman, J.A.; Threadgill, M.D., 1983:
The formation and metabolism of n hydroxymethyl compounds 3. the metabolic conversion of n methyl benzamides and n n di methyl benzamides to n hydroxymethyl compounds

Cooksey, P.G.; Gate, E.N.; Gescher, A.; Hickman, J.A.; Langdon, S.P.; Stevens, M.F.G., 1983:
The formation and metabolism of n hydroxymethyl compounds 4. cyto toxicity and anti tumor activity of n hydroxymethyl formamide a putative metabolite of n methyl formamide nsc 3051

Addison, S.J.; Cunningham, B.D.M.; Gate, E.N.; Shah, P.Z.; Threadgill, M.D., 1985:
The formation and metabolism of n hydroxymethyl compounds 6. the synthesis of s amidomethyl ureidomethyl and s 1 3 5 triazin 2 ylaminomethylglutathione derivatives

Jackson, D.A.; Yanofsky, C., 1969:
The formation and properties of dimers of the tryptophan synthetase alpha subunit of Escherichia coli

Leigh, B., 1978:
The formation and recovery of 2 break chromosome rearrangements from irradiated spermatozoa of drosophila melanogaster

Orange, R.P.; Moore, E.G.; Gelfand, E.W., 1980:
The formation and release of slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis by rat and mouse peritoneal mononuclear cells induced by ionophore a 23187

Ross, R.A.; Takacs, A.M., 1986:
The formation and removal of benzene and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in reactions of cornstarch chars with gamma alumina

Walker, I.G.; Sridhar, R., 1976:
The formation and repair of single-strand breaks in DNA of cultured mammalian cells treated with UV-light, methylating agents or 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide

Anfinsen, C.B., 1972:
The formation and stabilization of protein structure

Tamburro, A.M., 1975:
The formation and stabilization of protein structure in solution and in bio membranes

Jokinen, E.H., 1977:
The formation and structure of the shell varix in stagnicola elodes gastropoda lymnaeidae

Conklin, E.J.; Bigger, C.H.; Mariscal, R.N., 1977:
The formation and taxonomic status of the microbasic q mastigophore nematocyst of sea anemones

Forte, A.J.; Wilson, J.M.; Slattery, J.T.; Nelson, S.D., 1984:
The formation and toxicity of catechol metabolites of acetaminophen in mice

Dyer, A.F.; Cran, D.G., 1976:
The formation and ultrastructure of rhizoids on protonemata of dryopteris borreri

Fishman, J.H.; Fishman, J., 1985:
The formation at 37 celsius of a nondissociable receptor estradiol complex

Chkhikvadze, V.M.; Shammakov, S.Sh; Zerova, G.A., 1983:
The formation history of squamata fauna of soviet central asia and kazakh ssr ussr

Strack, E.; Seim, H., 1979:
The formation in vivo of gamma butyro betaine from exogenous l levo carnitine in the mouse and the rat

Varich, V.Ya; Vanin, A.F., 1983:
The formation mechanism of nitrosyl complexes of nonheme iron in animal tissues in vivo

Wurzenberger, M.; Grosch, W., 1984:
The formation of 1 octen 3 ol from the 10 hydro per oxide isomer of linoleic acid by a hydro per oxide lyase in mushrooms psalliota bispora

Lahaniatis, E.S.; Clausen, E.; Bieniek, D.; Korte, F., 1985:
The formation of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzodioxin in the thermolysis of selected chlorinated organic compounds

Jones, J.H.; Witty, M.J., 1979:
The formation of 2 benzyloxy oxazol 5 4 h ones from benzyloxycarbonyl amino acids

Wells, B.; Horne, R.W.; Shaw, P.J., 1981:
The formation of 2 dimensional arrays of isometric plant viruses in the presence of poly ethylene glycol

Rao, V.S.; Perlin, A.S., 1984:
The formation of 3 4 6 tri o benzyl 2 5 anhydro l iditol from 2 3 4 6 tetra o benzyl d gluco pyranose intra molecular displacement of a secondary mesyloxy group by a benzyloxy group in the presence of cesium propionate

Dikun, P.P.; Kostenko, L.D.; Liverovskii, A.A.; Shmulevskaya, E.I.; Romanovskaya, L.S.; Pankina, E.I., 1977:
The formation of 3 4 benz pyrene during the pyrolysis of wood by super heated steam

Dumelin, E.; Solms, J., 1976:
The formation of 5 nucleotides during cooking of potatoes

Mihailovic, M.L.; Lorenc, L.; Bondarenko, L.; Tinant, B.; Declercq J P.; Van Meerssche, M., 1986:
The formation of 8 14 seco steroid systems 3 beta 5 17 beta trihydroxy 8 14 seco 5 alpha androstan 8 one and its 3 17 diacetate ester

Panayotatos, N.; Villemez, C.L., 1973:
The formation of a beta 1 4 d galactan chain catalyzed by a phaseolus aureus enzyme

Chesterman, C.N.; Cederholm-Williams, S.A.; Allington, M.J.; Sharp, A.A., 1977:
The formation of a fibrinogen activator complex by the action of strepto kinase

Sasame, H.A.; Liberato, D.J.; Gillette, J.R., 1987:
The formation of a glutathione conjugate derived from propranolol

Aladin, N.V., 1979:
The formation of a latent egg in the white sea evadne nordmanni and podon leuckarti cladocera podonidae

Connor, H.D.; Thurman, R.G.; Galizi, M.D.; Mason, R.P., 1986:
The formation of a novel free radical metabolite from carbon tetrachloride in the perfused rat liver and in vivo

Ono, H.; Masuda, C.; Nagayoshi, T., 1980:
The formation of a root specific iso peroxidase as an indicator of root primordium differentiation in pith of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun

Nishizawa, E.E.; Della Coletta, A.A., 1984:
The formation of a thrombin like material following stimulation of leukocytes

Nikitin, S.A.; Deulina, M.K., 1977:
The formation of a vegetative cover on the littorals of the caspian sea ussr

Uryvaeva, I.V.; Faktor, V.M., 1982:
The formation of aberrant poly ploid hepatocytes induced by the alkylating drug dipin and stimulated proliferation

Saffhill, R.; Abbott, P.J., 1983:
The formation of acetylamino fluorene adducts in poly deoxy cytidylate deoxy guanylate and poly deoxy adenylate deoxy thymidylate on reaction with n acetoxy 2 acetylamino fluorene and the effect of such modification upon the polymers as templates for dna polymerases

Banks, P.; Sharrard, M.; Peace, C., 1978:
The formation of actin containing gels by extracts of bovine splenic nerve

Manjula, B.N.; Mushinski, E.B.; Glaudemans, C.P.J., 1977:
The formation of active hybrid immuno globulins from the heavy and light chains of beta 1 6 d galactan binding murine myeloma immuno globulin a s 10 and immuno globulin a j 539

Thornalley, P.J.; D'arcy Doherty, M.; Smith, M.T.; Bannister, J.V.; Cohen, G.M., 1984:
The formation of active oxygen species following activation of 1 naphthol 1 2 naphtho quinone and 1 4 naphtho quinone by rat liver microsomes

Koehler, G.H.; Rindt, K.P.; Ohmann, E., 1976:
The formation of active pyruvate carboxylase from the apo enzyme and biotin in rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Lerner, M.H.; Lowy, B.A., 1974:
The formation of adenosine in rabbit liver and its possible role as a direct precursor of erythrocyte adenine nucleotides

Venverloo, C.J.; Koster, J.; Libbenga, K.R., 1983:
The formation of adventitious organs 4. the ontogeny of shoots and leaves from epidermis cells of nautilocalyx lynchii

Venverloo, C.J., 1976:
The formation of adventitious organs part 3 a comparison of root and shoot formation on nautilocalyx lynchii explants

Goldstein, L.; Newsholme, E.A., 1976:
The formation of alanine from amino acids in diaphragm muscle of the rat

Sponholz, W.R.; Lacher, M.; Dittrich, H.H., 1986:
The formation of alditols by the yeast of wine

Huckenbeck, W.; Daldrup, T., 1984:
The formation of alpha aminobutyric acid in clostridium sordellii

Cote, G.L.; Robyt, J.F., 1983:
The formation of alpha d 1 3 branch linkages by an exocellular glucan sucrase from leuconostoc mesenteroides nrrl b 742

Eling, T.E.; Mason, R.P.; Sivarajah, K., 1985:
The formation of aminopyrine cation radical by the peroxidase activity of prostaglandin H synthase and subsequent reactions of the radical

Milano, E.A.; Williams, D.A., 1983:
The formation of an aluminum epinephrine complex and its effect on the addition of bi sulfite to epinephrine

Scherings, G.; Haaker, H.; Wassink, H.; Veeger, C., 1983:
The formation of an oxygen tolerant 3 component nitrogenase complex from azotobacter vinelandii

Beeching, J.R.; Weightman, A.J.; Slater, J.H., 1983:
The formation of an r prime carrying the fraction i dehalogenase gene from pseudomonas putida pp 3 using the inc p plasmid r 64.44

Gradwohl, J.; Greenberg, R., 1980 :
The formation of antwren flocks on barro colorado island panama

Frank, E.; Westerfield, M., 1982:
The formation of appropriate central and peripheral connections by foreign sensory neurons of the bull frog rana catesbeiana

Shukri, A.; Smith, F.A.; Marsden, P.J., 1988:
The formation of aqueous indium 111 complexes i. a study using time integral pac and radiochromatography

Smith, F.A.; Marsden, P.J., 1988:
The formation of aqueous indium 111 complexes ii. time differential pac studies as a function of ph and temperature

Nelson, S.D.; Forte, A.J.; Vaishnav, Y.; Mitchell, J.R.; Gillette, J.R.; Hinson, J.A., 1981:
The formation of arylating and alkylating metabolites of phenacetin in hamsters and hamster liver microsomes

Fassina, V., 1980:
The formation of atmospheric sulfates in the presence of ammonia and sulfur di oxide in venice italy

Biryukov, A.I.; Osipova, T.I.; Khomutov, R.M., 1976:
The formation of atp from adenosine 5 phospho imidazolide and pyro phosphate catalyzed by valyl transfer rna synthetase

Sandor, S.; Fazakas-Todea, I., 1980:
The formation of axial organs in the chick embryo 10. further investigations on the role of ectoderm and endoderm in somitogenesis

Fazakas-Todea, I.; Sandor, S., 1984:
The formation of axial organs in the chick embryo 11. experimental investigations into the role of hensens node in somitogenesis

Hiscock, J.; Straznicky, C., 1986:
The formation of axonal projections of the mesencephalic trigeminal neurons in chick embryos

Fiala, E.S.; Kohl, N.E.; Hecht, S.S.; Yang, J.J.; Shimada, T., 1981:
The formation of azoxy 2 phenyl ethane during biological oxidation of phenethylamine by rabbit liver microsomes

Fiala, E.S., 1980:
The formation of azoxy methane a colon carcinogen during chemical oxidation of methylamine

Zakordonets, L.A.; Bilai, T.I.; Suprun, S.M.; Gorbik, L.T., 1983:
The formation of biologically active compounds by mesophilic and thermophilic fungi when cultivated on cellulose containing and starch containing substrates

Yampol'skaya, G.P.; Rangelova, N.I.; Bobrova, L.E.; Platikanov, D.N.; Izmailova, V.N., 1977:
The formation of black foam films of proteins

Ulmer, A.; Maurer, H.R., 1978:
The formation of bone marrow derived lymphocyte colonies in agar contained in glass capillaries

Kloskowski, R.; Fuehr, F., 1983:
The formation of bound simazine residues in a parabrown earth

Baer, H.H.; Astles, D.J.; Chin H C.; Siemsen, L., 1985:
The formation of branched chain deoxypentofuranosides by ring contraction in the reductive desulfonyloxylation of hexopyranoside p toluenesulfonates

Nakahara, H.; Bevelander, G., 1978:
The formation of calcium carbonate crystals in halimeda incrassata with special reference to the role of the organic matrix

Kunicki, T.J.; Pidard, D.; Rosa J P.; Nurden, A.T., 1981:
The formation of calcium dependent complexes of platelet membrane glyco proteins iib and iiia in solution as determined by crossed immuno electrophoresis

Bal, L., 1977:
The formation of carbonate nodules and intercalary crystals in the soil by the earthworm lumbricus rubellus

Kruglova, V.M.; Bakanov, A.I., 1977:
The formation of chironomid biocenoses in the veselovskoye reservoir

Wang, D.T.; Meresz, O.; Taguchi, V.Y.; Jenkins, S.W.D.; Robinson, D., 1988:
The formation of chlorinated and brominated artifacts during extraction of drinking water with dichloromethane

Lahaniatis, E.S.; Roas, R.; Bieniek, D.; Klein, W.; Korte, F., 1981:
The formation of chlorinated organic compounds in the combustion of poly ethylene in the presence of sodium chloride

Thingstad, T.; Pengerud, B., 1983:
The formation of chocolate mousse from statfjord norway crude oil and sea water

Mitropoulos, K.A.; Avery, M.D.; Myant, N.B.; Gibbons, G.F., 1972:
The formation of cholest 5 ene 3 beta 26 diol as an intermediate in the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids by liver mitochondria

Fitzgerald, J.W., 1973:
The formation of choline o sulfate by pseudomonas strain c 12b and other pseudomonas spp

Ljubesic, N., 1977:
The formation of chromoplasts in fruits of cucurbita maxima turbaniformis

Konieczny, L., 1979:
The formation of cold immuno globulin complexes

Lukens, L.N., 1970:
The formation of collagen alpha chains in the absence of proline hydroxylation

Marfenin, N.N., 1985:
The formation of compact stolonal colonies in hydroids clava multicornis leptolida athecata taken as an example

Taylor, I.B.; A.K.mmer M.K., 1982:
The formation of complex hybrids between lycopersicon esculentum cultivar ailsa craig and lycopersicon peruvianum var humifusum and their potential use in promoting interspecific gene transfer

Johnson, M.R.; Sutherland, I.O.; Newton, R.F., 1980:
The formation of complexes between aza derivatives of crown ethers and primary alkyl ammonium salts 6. bis mono aza crown ethers

Stebbing, N.; Dawson, K.M., 1979:
The formation of complexes between poly nucleotides carboxymethyl cellulose and poly lysine which are anti viral in mice without inducing interferon

Ohlsson, P.I.; Paul, K.G.; Wold, S., 1984:
The formation of compound i of lactoperoxidase and horseradish peroxidase ec a comparison

Mortimer, R.D., 1985:
The formation of coniferyl alcohol during alkaline delignification with anthraquinone 2

Knyrim, K.; Paweletz, N., 1978:
The formation of contacts between HeLa cells. Directed mutual outgrowth of cell surface protrusions

Suhama, M., 1976:
The formation of cortical structures in the cell cycle of paramecium trichium part 3 development of somatic cilia

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The formation of cyclic peroxide from guaia 6 9 diene as a model for hanalpinol biosynthesis

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The formation of cyclic sesquiterpenes from farnesyl pyrophosphate by prenyltransferase

Huber, F.M.; Pieper, R.L.; Tietz, A.J., 1988:
The formation of daptomycin by supplying decanoic acid to streptomyces roseosporus cultures producing the antibiotic complex a 21978c

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The formation of degraded areas in the dry savanna woodlands of northern australia

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The formation of dehydro alanine residues in alkali treated insulin and oxidized glutathione an nmr study

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The formation of deoxy cholic acid in patients with type ii and type iv hyper lipo proteinemia

Soroczan, W., 1987:
The formation of developmental cycles in parasitic nematode nematoda rudolphi 1808 of rhabditis dujardin 1845 and strongyloides grassi 1879

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The formation of di hydro diols by chemical oxidation or enzymic oxidation of 3 methyl cholanthrene

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The formation of di hydro diols by the chemical or enzymic oxidation of 7 hydroxymethyl 12 methyl benz a anthracene and the possible role of hydroxymethyl di hydro diols in the metabolic activation of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene

Hewer, A.; Ribeiro, O.; Walsh, C.; Grover, P.L.; Sims, P., 1979:
The formation of di hydro diols from benzo apyrene by oxidation with an ascorbic acid ferrous sulfate edta system

Macnicoll, A.D.; Burden, P.M.; Rattle, H.; Grover, P.L.; Sims, P., 1979:
The formation of di hydro diols in the chemical or enzymic oxidation of di benz a c anthracene di benz a b anthracene and chrysene

Martin, I.D.; Barton, D.R., 1987:
The formation of diapause aggregations by larvae of neophylax fuscus banks trichoptera limnephilidae and their influence on mortality and development

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The formation of dimethylsulfide during fermentation using a wine yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The formation of diphyllobothriasis foci in the krasnoyarsk waterbody russian sfsr ussr

Shellswell, G.B., 1977:
The formation of discrete muscles from the chick wing dorsal and ventral muscle masses in the absence of nerves

Polyakova, G.P.; Chudinovskaya, N.V.; Kondakova, L.I., 1986:
The formation of dmso induced microfilament bundles in interphase nuclei of the rat neurinoma cells

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The formation of double stranded dna breaks in irradiated rat thymocytes

Coutts, M.P., 1976:
The formation of dry zones in the sap wood of conifers part 1 induction of drying in standing trees and logs by fomes annosus and extracts of infected wood

Coutts, M.P., 1977:
The formation of dry zones in the sap wood of conifers part 2 the role of living cells in the release of water

Bishop, P.M.; Mitchell, P.B.; Paton, T.R., 1980:
The formation of duplex soils on hill slopes in the sydney basin australia

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The formation of echinocytes by the insertion of oxygenated sterol compounds into red cell membranes

Thung, S.N.; Gerber, M.A., 1982:
The formation of elastic fibers in livers with massive hepatic necrosis

Vinnikov, A.I., 1984:
The formation of electric difference potential in membrane vesicles of staphylococcus aureus

Tavss, E.A.; Gaffar, A.; King, W.J., 1984:
The formation of electrostatic complexes between benzethonium chloride and anionic polymers

Puzyrev, A.A., 1979:
The formation of endocrine cells in the human pancreas from the epithelium of acini and ducts

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The formation of endoplasmic reticulum in the aleurone cells of germinating wheat an ultrastructural study

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The formation of endothelial webs and channels in plasma clot culture

Balut, S.; Bitka, R.; Kulej, M.; Sabor, J., 1976:
The formation of equalized mean heights and diameter at breast height of larch thickets and pole stands in poland depending on the habitat type of the forest

Wuethrich, C.; Zimmermann, H.; Marek, B., 1984:
The formation of ethylene thio urea imidazolidine 2 thione from di thio carbamate fungicides during preparation of herb tea infusions

Wilson, L.G.; Bierer, D., 1976:
The formation of exchangeable sulfite from adenosine 3 phosphate 5 sulfato phosphate in yeast

Fawcett, J.W.; Cowan, W.M., 1985:
The formation of eye dominance stripes and patches in the doubly innervated optic tectum of the chick

Blagosklonov, K.N., 1976:
The formation of feeding electivity in behavior ontogenesis of insectivorous birds

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The formation of ferric heme during low temperature photolysis of horseradish peroxidase compound i

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The formation of ferritin from apo ferritin catalytic action of apo ferritin

Egorov, N.S.; Landau, N.S.; Gesheva, V.I., 1982:
The formation of fibrinolytic exo proteases in the associative cultures of actinomycetes

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The formation of flavanones from hydroxycinnamoyl coenzyme a thiol esters and malonyl coenzyme a by enzyme extracts from anthers

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The formation of fluorescent substance by lipid per oxides 3

Tabata, T.; Yoden, K.; Takei, H.; II.T., 1979:
The formation of fluorescent substances by lipid per oxides 1

Yoden, K.; II.T.; Tabata, T., 1981:
The formation of fluorescent substances by lipid per oxides 2

Friebe, D.; Moehr, M.; Schober, C.; Arlt, H., 1984:
The formation of food behavior

Zvyagintsev, A.Yu; Mikhailov, S.R., 1985:
The formation of fouling communities on a long distance ship in tropical waters

Dorenda, M., 1982:
The formation of fungal associations in a mountain agricultural habitat of trifolium pratense l. and dactylis glomerata l

Purohit, B.C.; Joshi, K.R.; Ramdeo, I.N.; Bharadwaj, T.P., 1977:
The formation of germ tubes by candida albicans when grown with staphylococcus pyogenes escherichia coli klebsiella pneumoniae lactobacillus acidophilus and proteus vulgaris

Morjaria, B.; Voaden, M.J., 1979:
The formation of glutamate aspartate and gamma amino butyric acid in the rat retina glucose and glutamine as precursors

Ruderman, N.B.; Berger, M., 1974:
The formation of glutamine and alanine in skeletal muscle

Roberts, R.M.; Connor, A.B.; Cetorelli, J.J., 1971:
The formation of glyco proteins in tissues of higher plants specific labeling with d 1 carbon 14 glucosamine

Lehle, L.; Bauer, F.; Tanner, W., 1977:
The formation of glycosidic bonds in yeast glyco proteins intra cellular localization of the reactions

Bakshtanskii, Z.L.; Nesterov, V.D.; Neklyudov, M.N., 1987:
The formation of gregarious behavior of the young atlantic salmon salmo salar during downstream migration

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The formation of growth substances by rhizobium species

Ryazanova, E.M.; Flyakh, Y.V.; Sukhodolets, V.V., 1985:
The formation of heterokaryons by trichothecium roseum morphological mutants

Vollbrecht, D., 1974:
The formation of higher alcohols by amino acid auxotrophic mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae part 2 the influence of threonine iso leucine valine and leucine

Andreev, N.G.; Kulakovskaya, T.V., 1986:
The formation of highly productive grass stands on drained peat bog soils of the southern karelian assr russian sfsr ussr

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The formation of hydrogen cyanide from histidine in the presence of amino acid oxidase ec and peroxidase ec

Webster, D.A., 1975:
The formation of hydrogen per oxide during the oxidation of nadh by cytochrome o from vitreoscilla

Okada, S., 1976:
The formation of immune insulitis in mice sensitized to bovine alpha component and bovine mono component insulin

Dixon, J.F.; Hokin, L.E., 1985:
The formation of inositol 1 2 cyclic phosphate on agonist stimulation of phosphoinositide breakdown in mouse pancreatic minilobules evidence for direct phosphodiesteratic cleavage of phosphatidylinositol

Kolloffel, C.; Linssen, P.W.T., 1984:
The formation of inter cellular spaces in the cotyledons of developing and germinating pea pisum sativum cultivar marzia seeds

Hoagland, P.D., 1981:
The formation of intermediate lactones during aminolysis of di ethyl galactarate

Hoagland, P.D.; Pessen, H.; Mcdonald, G.G., 1987:
The formation of intermediate lactones during aminolysis of diethylxylarate

Gottardi, W., 1981:
The formation of iodate as a reason for the decrease of efficiency of iodine containing disinfectants

Ereskovskii, A.V., 1986:
The formation of iophon piceus larvae demospongiae poecilosclerida

Stolbova, F.S., 1986:
The formation of juvenile plumage and post juvenile molt in the european blackcap sylvia atricapilla in the southern lake ladoga area ussr 2. postjuvenile molt

Mehlhorn, H.; Peters, W.; Haberkorn, A., 1980:
The formation of kinetes and oocysts in plasmodium gallinaceum haemosporidia and considerations on phylogenetic relationships between haemosporidia piroplasmida and other coccidia

Branden, R.; Nilsson, T.; Styring, S., 1980:
The formation of l 3 phospho glyceric acid by ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase

Tsygankov, A.Yu; Motorin, Y.A.; Dobrushkin, A.E.; Vol'fson A.D.; Orlovskii, A.F.; Gladilin, K.L., 1986:
The formation of lactate dehydrogenase complexes with proteins and polyelectrolytes a feasible physiological role

Sandhu, S.S.; Yianni, Y.P.; Morgan, C.G.; Taylor, D.M.; Zaba, B., 1986:
The formation of langmuir blodgett deposition of monolayers of novel photochromic azobenzene containing phospholipid molecules

Boettcher, F.A.; Miller, J.D., 1986:
The formation of learning sets by the chinchilla in an auditory discrimination task

Worgul, B.V.; Mandel, S., 1980:
The formation of lens fiber terminal bodies

Hoskins, J.A., 1977:
The formation of m hydroxyphenyl acetic acid through a direct ring hydroxylation reaction in humans

Stanjek, H., 1987:
The formation of maghemite and hematite from lepidocrocite and goethite in a cambisol from corsica france

Hemsley, D.R.; Garety, P.A., 1986:
The formation of maintenance of delusions: a Bayesian analysis

Ito, H., 1977:
The formation of maltol and iso maltol through degradation of sucrose/

Mochizuki, Y.; Furukawa, K., 1984:
The formation of matrical tubules in peroxisomes by aspirin in hyperplastic liver nodules of rats induced by 2 acetylaminofluorene

Brakin, V.F.; Morozova, N.A., 1979:
The formation of meat productivity in young bulls of the lebedinskii breed during their feeding with granules with urea or with grass meal

Sidorov, V.E., 1977:
The formation of membranes of the basic substance by hemocytes of alveonasus lahorensis argasidae

Smits Van Prooije, A.E.; Vermeij Keers, C.; Poelmann, R.F.; Mentink, M.M.T.; Dubbeldam, J.A., 1988:
The formation of mesoderm and mesectoderm in 5 to 41 somite rat embryos cultured in vitro using wga gold as a marker

Tam, P.P.; Beddington, R.S., 1987:
The formation of mesodermal tissues in the mouse embryo during gastrulation and early organogenesis

Vertregt, N., 1977:
The formation of met hemo globin by the action of nitrite on bovine blood

L.S., 1982:
The formation of metacercaria of clonorchis sinensis

H.Y.; Liang, H., 1982:
The formation of micro nucleoli by argon laser micro irradiation

Romanova, L.G., 1986:
The formation of micronucleoli in the oocytes of the snail littorina saxatilis

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The formation of mitochondria reticulum in the diaphragm muscle during rat ontogenesis

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The formation of monomeric products from lignin by the action of ammonium sulfide

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The formation of multi nuclear muscle fibers in xenopus laevis 1. observations on dissociated myotomal cells and auto radiography

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The formation of muscles in regenerating limbs of the newt notophthalmus viridescens after de nervation of the blastema

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The formation of mutagenic derivatives of benzo a pyrene by peroxidizing fatty acids

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The formation of n acylglycosyl amines of some mono saccharides d mannose and l rhamnose derivatives

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The formation of n nitrosodibutylamine from precursors in model environmental systems

Khaspekov, L.G., 1977:
The formation of neural fibers between organotypic explants of the hippocampus and mamillary nuclei of new born mice

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The formation of neuraminidase inhibiting antibodies in man by inactivated influenza virus a vaccine

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The formation of nitro pah from the gas phase reactions of fluoranthene and pyrene with the oh radical in the presence of nitrogen oxides

Bugge, G., 1976:
The formation of nitrogen compounds in the course of ontogenesis in lolium multiflorum part 1 quantity and composition of the individual plant organs

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The formation of nitrosamine from drugs part 3 differential pulse polarographic determination of n nitroso di methylamine formed from promethazine hydro chloride and nitrous acid

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The formation of nitrosoantipyrine in aqueous medium

Berg, O.K., 1985:
The formation of non anadromous populations of atlantic salmon salmo salar in europe

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The formation of nucleolar peri chromatin granules

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The formation of o o iso propylidene derivatives from 16 hydroxy oleanenes

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The formation of oligonucleotides on mineral surface

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The formation of omega cyclohexyl fatty acids from shikimate in an acidophilic thermophilic bacillus a new biosynthetic pathway

Niezabitowski, A., 1980:
The formation of oncornavirus type particles in cell cultures

H.C.T.; Hartman, G.J.; Jin, Q.Z., 1982:
The formation of oxazoles and oxazolines in the strecker degradation of d l methionine and l cystine with 2 3 butanedione

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The formation of pathogenic myco flora on introduced decorative plants

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The formation of pattern on the wing of the moth ephestia kuhniella

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The formation of penicillins and 6 amino penicillanic acid by some trichoderma spp

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The formation of phenol in the degradation of para hydroxy benzoic acid by klebsiella aerogenes aerobacter aerogenes

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The formation of phosphate end groups in the radiolysis of polynucleotides in aqueous solution

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The formation of photo receptor synapses in the retina of larval xenopus sp

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The formation of photoreactivatable damage by direct excitation of dna in x irradiated escherichia coli cells

Golubkova, B.M.; Kislyakova, T.E., 1983:
The formation of photosynthetic chloroplast membranes in magnolia grandiflora

Murashev, V.V., 1985:
The formation of plant development biology at moscow university russian sfsr ussr

Liang H X., 1985:
The formation of pollen dimorphism in paris axialis in vivo

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The formation of poly adenylic acid containing rna in rat liver after administration of 3 methyl cholanthrene

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The formation of poly phosphates in ankistrodesmus braunii by photo phosphorylation in red and in far red light under nitrogen 3 3 4 di chlorophenyl 1 1 dimethyl urea herbic antimycin a

Weidner, S., 1983:
The formation of poly ribosomes during the germination of grains of wheat triticum aestivum of different ripeness

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The formation of polycarpic shoots in the rosetted species of the genera astragalus and oxytropis in the southeastern altai ussr

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The formation of polymethylgalacturonase in the protoplast reversion of aspergillus foetidus and aspergillus carbonarius

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The formation of population structure of the stationary cell culture and participation of nonproliferating cells with double dna content in the regulation of its density

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The formation of procainamide hydroxylamine by rat and human liver microsomes

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The formation of processes during fibroblast spreading in a medium with cytochalasin b in vitro

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The formation of products of anaerobic metabolism in ischemic myocardium

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The formation of protein synthesis rhythm in the developing parotid gland during post natal ontogenesis

Shaaya, E.; Sekeris, C.E., 1970:
The formation of proto catechuic acid 4 o beta glucoside in periplaneta americana and the possible role of the juvenile hormone

Daniele, P.G.; Grasso, M.; Rigano, C.; Sammartano, S., 1983:
The formation of proton metal and alkali metal complexes with ligands of biological interest in aqueous solution formation constants of hydrogen ion lithium ion sodium ion potassium ion phosphate complexes and their dependence on ionic strength

Pfeifer, T.A.; Khachatourians, G.G., 1987:
The formation of protoplasts from beauveria bassiana

Przyjemski, C.; Mattii, R., 1980:
The formation of pulmonary mycetomas

De-Kloet, S.R., 1970:
The formation of rna in yeast hybridization of high molecular weight rna species to yeast dna

Yamauchi, K., 1984:
The formation of sargassum beds on artificial substrata by transplanting seedlings of sargassum horneri and sargassum muticum

Walter, L.R., 1985:
The formation of secondary centers of ossification in kannemeyeriid dicynodonts

Paulitz, T.C.; Baker, R., 1988:
The formation of secondary sporangia by pythium ultimum the influence of organic amendments and pythium nunn

Fend, H.; Schroer, S., 1985:
The formation of self concepts in the context of educational systems

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The formation of serine from glycine and formaldehyde by cell free extracts of Clostridium acidi-urici

Jones, D.T.; Woods, D.R.; Webster, J.R., 1980:
The formation of simple fruiting body like structures associated with sporulation under aerobic conditions in clostridium acetobutylicum

Gutierrez, C.; Maldonado, A.; Lopez Saez, J.F., 1984:
The formation of sister chromatid exchanges in the presence of high concentrations of oxygen

Kul'gavin L.E.; Lyubimov, N.N.; Gadzhieva, N.A.; Baziyan, B.Kh; Kulieva, F.B., 1987:
The formation of slow background activity in various parts of the visual system during section of one half of midbrain operculum

Leonova, V.V., 1982:
The formation of sodium carbonate in the process of life activity of soil algae

Pesenko-Yu, A., 1976:
The formation of solitary bee populations hymenoptera apoidea on alfalfa fields

Vasil'eva, L.A.; Aleksandrova, I.I., 1976:
The formation of somatic cortical projections in ontogenesis in cats

Simionescu, C.I.; Denes, F.; Totolin, M., 1985:
The formation of some lipid like structures under cold conditions

Cowan, A.E.; Young, P.G., 1978:
The formation of some mitochondrial enzymes during the cell cycle in heat synchronized tetrahymena pyriformis

Albertini, A.M.; Hofer, M.; Calos, M.P.; Miller, J.H., 1982:
The formation of spontaneous deletions the importance of short sequence homologies in the generation of large deletions

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The formation of sporangio spores in phycomyces blakesleeanus

Galili, U.; Schlesinger, M., 1976:
The formation of stable erythrocyte rosettes by human thymus derived lymphocytes activated in mixed lymphocyte reactions

Gould, J.P.; Richards, J.T.; Miles, M.G., 1984:
The formation of stable organic chloramines during the aqueous chlorination of cytosine and 5 methylcytosine

Pandolfi, F.; Nilsson, K.; Quinti, I.; Aiuti, F., 1980:
The formation of stable rosettes by mitogen activated lymphocytes and hematopoietic cell lines

Schlesinger, M.; Kertes, T., 1979:
The formation of stable sheep erythrocyte rosettes by human peripheral blood lymphocytes after short exposure to concanavalin a

Katoh, A.K.; Charoensiri, S., 1977:
The formation of stable sheep erythrocyte rosettes by human thymus derived lymphocytes activated by phyto hem agglutinin

D.Z.aan A.; Zurburg, W., 1981:
The formation of strombine in the adductor muscle of the sea mussel mytilus edulis

Stock, B.H.; Bend, J.R.; Eling, T.E., 1986:
The formation of styrene glutathione adducts catalyzed by prostaglandin H synthase. A possible new mechanism for the formation of glutathione conjugates

Mentaberry, A.; Idoyaga Vargas, V.; Carminatii, H., 1976:
The formation of sugar lipids intermediates in the chick embryonic lens

Wells, R.M.G.; Pankhurst, N.W., 1980:
The formation of sulfide and oxidation compounds from hemo globin of the lugworm abarenicola affinis

Ngo, T.T.; Shargool, P.D., 1972:
The formation of sulfur containing amino acids in germinating seeds of rape d brassica napus d

Shvinka-Yu, E.; Toma, M.K.; Galynina, N.I., 1978:
The formation of super oxide anion radicals by bacterial cells

Hyland, K.; Auclair, C., 1981:
The formation of super oxide radical anions by a reaction between oxygen hydroxyl ion and di methyl sulfoxide

Carlson, B.M., 1984:
The formation of supernumerary structures after grafting anterior quail coturnix coturnix japonica wing bud mesoderm of various ages into chick gallus domesticus wing buds

Powell, C.V.L.; Halcrow, K., 1984:
The formation of surface micro scales in idotea baltica crustacea isopoda

Bennett, M.R.; Pettigrew, A.G., 1975:
The formation of synapses in amphibian striated muscle during development

Bennett, M.R.; Florin, T.; Woog, R., 1974:
The formation of synapses in regenerating mammalian striated muscle

Bennett, M.R.; Pettigrew, A.G., 1974:
The formation of synapses in striated muscle during development

Sundrehagen, E.; Nakken, K.F., 1980:
The formation of technetium 99m complexes with 2 thio carboxylic acid derivatives

Gheorghies, C., 1973:
The formation of teleuto spores of the fungus puccinia recondita tritici in wheat plants

Benayoun, J.; Ikan, R., 1980:
The formation of terpenoids and their role in the metabolism of pinus halepensis mill

Kryuchkova, G.A., 1979:
The formation of the amniotic cavity and the skeleton development of sand dollars

Straznicky, C.; Chehade, M., 1987:
The formation of the area centralis of the retinal ganglion cell layer in the chick

Burlakov, Y.A.; Bogdanova, I.I., 1984:
The formation of the associative system of a foreign language

Kogan, A.Kh; Losev, N.I.; Kudrin, A.N.; Mieegombyn, A., 1986:
The formation of the border preoxidant zone and its role in the intensification of lipid peroxidation in ischemic and myocardial infarction areas

Danilova, M.F.; Beisekova, S.K., 1984:
The formation of the casparian strip in the endodermis of clivia miniata amaryllidaceae

Lee, Y.S., 1988:
The formation of the collateral venous circulation after renal vein ligation in dog

Fuster, P., 1977:
The formation of the concept of psychosis in the child

Nakahara, H.; Kakei, M.; Bevelander, G., 1981:
The formation of the crossed lamellar structure of strombus gigas

Dixon, K.E.; Colton, M., 1978:
The formation of the cyst wall of the metacercaria of cloacitrema narrabeenensis digenea philophthalmidae

Kryuchkova, G.A., 1979:
The formation of the definitive skeleton in sea urchins of the genus strongylocentrotus camarodonta

Wylie, C.C.; Roos, T.B., 1976:
The formation of the gonadal ridge in xenopus laevis part 3 the behavior of isolated primordial germ cells in vitro

Abramyan, A.A., 1984:
The formation of the lichen cover on exposed stony areas of lake sevan armenian ssr ussr

Gulenkova, M.A., 1977:
The formation of the life form of lathyrus sylvestris fabaceae in its ontogeny

Sidorova, P.A., 1986:
The formation of the nucleolus and changes in its morphology in different embryonic and larval stages of the polychaete nereis virens sars

Labordus, V.; Hooftman, R.N.; Van Der Wal, U.P., 1986:
The formation of the pronuclei and their associated perinuclear cytoplasm the determination of the phases of the first cleavage cycles in crepidula fornicata mollusca gastropoda

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The formation of the pudendal nerve comparative anatomy

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