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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6681

Chapter 6681 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ferrell, R.E.; Ueda, N.; Satoh, C.; Tanis, R.J.; Neel, J.V.; Hamilton, H.B.; Inamizu, T.; Baba, K., 1977:
The frequency in japanese of genetic variants of 22 proteins part 1 albumin ceruloplasmin hapto globin and transferrin

Satoh, C.; Ferrell, R.E.; Tanis, R.J.; Ueda, N.; Kishimoto, S.; Neel, J.V.; Hamilton, H.B.; Baba, K., 1977:
The frequency in japanese of genetic variants of 22 proteins part 3 phospho gluco mutase 1 ec phospho gluco mutase 2 ec phospho gluconate dehydrogenase ec adenylate kinase ec and adenosine deaminase ec

Tanis, R.J.; Ueda, N.; Satoh, C.; Ferrell, R.E.; Kishi-Moto, S.; Neel, J.V.; Hamilton, H.B.; Ohno, N., 1978:
The frequency in japanese of genetic variants of 22 proteins part 4 acid phosphatase ec nadp iso citrate dehydrogenase ec peptidase a peptidase b and phospho hexose isomerase ec

Neel, J.V.; Ueda, N.; Satoh, C.; Ferrell, R.E.; Tanis, R.J.; Hamilton, H.B., 1978:
The frequency in japanese of genetic variants of 22 proteins part 5 summary and comparison with data on caucasians from the british isles

Hook E.B.; Cross P.K.; Regal R.R., 1984:
The frequency of 47 plus 21 47 plus 18 and 47 plus 13 at the uppermost extremes of maternal ages results on 56094 fetuses studied prenatally and comparisons with data on live births

Waller, M.; Richard, A.J., 1976:
The frequency of 7S rheumatoid factors and 22S complexes in human sera with positive latex tests for rheumatoid factor

Antoshchina M.M.; Poryadkova N.A.; Luchnik N.V., 1981:
The frequency of aberrations in uni filiary and bi filiary 5 bromodeoxy uridine substituted chromatids

Frolov A.K., 1981:
The frequency of acrocentric chromosome associations and their silver staining in blood lymphocytes on immune reaction

Frolov, A.K.; Sokhin, A.A.; Frolov, V.K.; Lebedinskii, A.P., 1975:
The frequency of acrocentric chromosome associations in children vaccinated against small pox

Chirilă, M.; Florescu, L.; Popescu, M.; Capetti, E.; Panait, E., 1984:
The frequency of allergens implicated in bronchial asthma in different areas of Romania

Aiman, J.; Griffin, J.E., 1982:
The frequency of androgen receptor deficiency in infertile men

Vallee G.; Izembart M.; Thonnet M., 1982:
The frequency of anti thyro globulin and anti microsomal antibodies in thyroid pathology

Nisbet, N.W.; Simonsen, M.; Zaleski, M., 1969:
The frequency of antigen sensitive cells in tissue transplantation chicken embryo

Paaske P.B.; Malling B.; Knudsen L.; Staunstrup H.N., 1988:
The frequency of barotraumata in the middle ear in amateur pupil divers

Vidyavati ; Nizam, J., 1974:
The frequency of bi nucleate cells in euastrum spinulosum after gamma rays and x rays irradiation

Raskov H.; Lanng C.; Gaarslev K.; Hansen B.F.; Hauch O., 1988:
The frequency of campylobacter pyloridis in patients with dyspepsia in the upper gastrointestinal tract

Fishbain, D.A., 1987 :
The frequency of Capgras delusions in a psychiatric emergency service

Bogdanovich, E.G.; Sakhnovskaya, G.K.; Shvartsman, L.Y., 1976:
The frequency of carriers of hepatitis b antigen and antibodies to it among hospital personnel

Nikolaevskaya, N.G., 1975:
The frequency of chromosome aberrations in cells of the bone marrow of lethally irradiated rats treated with homologous dna

Pilinskaya M.A., 1985:
The frequency of chromosome aberrations in greenhouse workers and the in vitro sensitivity of their lymphocytes to the cytogenetic action of dimatif

Pilinskaya, M.A.; Zhurkov, V.S., 1977:
The frequency of chromosome aberrations in persons living in districts with different levels of pesticide use

Philip, J.; Lundsteen, C.; Owen, D.; Hirschhorn, K., 1976:
The frequency of chromosome aberrations in tall men with special reference to 47, XYY and 47, XXY

Fetcu C., 1980:
The frequency of chronic gastritis and of the ulcerous disease in chronic alcoholism

Bartolucci G.; Fine J., 1987:
The frequency of cohesion weakness in psychiatric syndromes

Tan, N.S., 1980:
The frequency of collection and semen production in Muscovy ducks

Breitenbach G.L., 1982:
The frequency of communal nesting and solitary brooding in the salamander hemidactylium scutatum

Markvart K.; Vlasimska H., 1980:
The frequency of complications of mumps and its economic losses

Kozic S.; Persic L., 1979:
The frequency of congenital dislocation of the hip in the community of labin yugoslavia

Darr, A.; Modell, B., 1988:
The frequency of consanguineous marriage among British Pakistanis

Curie-Cohen, M., 1980:
The frequency of consanguineous matings due to multiple use of donors in artificial insemination

Kuehlhorn F., 1987:
The frequency of contact of diptera with cat feces and its possible hygienic importance

Sinclair E.R.; Bengston M., 1980:
The frequency of cryptolestes spp in grain in southeast queensland australia

Storch, W.; Sauer, I.; Scheel, H.; Traut, H.; Predel, K., 1976:
The frequency of cytoplasmic antibodies as dependent on age

Stiling P.D., 1987:
The frequency of density dependence in insect host parasitoid systems

Poulsen A.; Foged E.K., 1981:
The frequency of dermatological disorders in a department of internal medicine

Samsoen, M.; Basset, M.; Basset, A., 1977:
The frequency of dermatophytes of animal origin at the strasbourg dermatology clinic epidemiological survey

Otcenasek M.; Humpolickova M., 1979:
The frequency of dermatophytes of so called microsporum gypseum complex in garden soils and on the experimental pathogenicity of these agents

Dumitrescu C.; Cheta D.; Lichiardopol R.; Strachinariu N.; Santu E.; Georgescu M.; Cocioaba G.; Mincu I., 1987:
The frequency of diabetes mellitus among first degree relatives of diabetic patients with reference to the type of affection

Iosif, S.; Henriksson, L.; Ulmsten, U., 1981:
The frequency of disorders of the lower urinary tract, urinary incontinence in particular, as evaluated by a questionnaire survey in a gynecological health control population

Favor J., 1986:
The frequency of dominant cataract and recessive specific locus mutations in mice derived from 80 or 160 milligrams ethylnitrosourea per kilogram body weight treated spermatogonia

Droste, U.; Pfluger, N., 1976:
The frequency of electro cardiogram abnormalities in ankylosing spondylitis compared to healthy controls

Wery, M.; Weyn, J.; Wery-Paskoff, S.; Bolola, L., 1976:
The frequency of entamoeba histolytica infestation in human populations of zaire appreciated in the laboratory by parasitological examination and by the fluorescent antibody technique

Loftfield, R.B.; Vanderjagt, D., 1972:
The frequency of errors in protein biosynthesis

Zagariya A.M.; Berdyshev G.D., 1987:
The frequency of familial longevity among the inhabitants of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Herzog, L.W.; Alvarez, S.R., 1986:
The frequency of foreskin problems in uncircumcised children

Small, J.M.; Larsen, R.A.; Peric-Golia, L., 1986:
The frequency of fungal involvement in abnormal vocal cord biopsy specimens

Orekhova, V.A., 1975:
The frequency of genes and blood groups of the abo rh mn and p system in poles and belorussians of the grodno region

Slawinski T.; Balcerzak K.; Sitarz M., 1983:
The frequency of genes and genotypes determining chosen qualitative traits in an outbred stock of brw pgci mice

Wang T R.; Chen S H.; Lin K S.; Lee T C., 1982:
The frequency of genetic disorders and assessment of genetic evaluation of hospitalized pediatric patients in a university hospital taiwan

Franke W., 1984:
The frequency of gingivitis in children before going to school systematically cared for

Haisenleder D.J.; Khoury S.; Zmeili S.M.; Papavasiliou S.; Ortolano G.A.; Dee C.; Duncan J.A.; Marshall J.C., 1987:
The frequency of gonadotropin releasing hormone secretion regulates expression of alpha and luteinizing hormone beta subunit messenger rna in male rats

Tuncer A.M.; Kunak B.; Kirsac N.; Yeginaltay T.; Kotiloglu G.; Can R.; Gungor A.; Nalca M., 1987:
The frequency of group a beta hemolytic streptococcus in acute tonsillopharyngitis the results of the therapy with cefadroxil clavulanic acid amoxicillin combination and erythromycin in patients unresponsive to the procaine penicillin therapy

Mirrakhimov M.M.; Meimanaliev T.S.; Abdurasulov K.D.; Maksumov E.Yu, 1985:
The frequency of heart rate and conductivity disorders in cases of chronic high altitude cor pulmonale

Giordiano, M.; Ruggiero, G.; Tirri, G.; Andreana, A.; Ara, M.; Giusti, G., 1976:
The frequency of hepatitis b surface australia antigens in progressive systemic sclerosis and other connective tissue disease

Kuramochi S., 1983:
The frequency of hepatocellular mitotic figures in human autopsy cases

Whitehouse I.E., 1985:
The frequency of high intensity rainfalls in the central southern alps new zealand

Tompa A.; Appel J.; Strausz J., 1987:
The frequency of hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase deficient t lymphocytes in primary bronchial and secondary lung tumors

Krutovskii K.V.; Milishnikov A.N.; Gyulemetova R.M.; Cholakova N.I., 1983:
The frequency of induced mutations in allozyme loci at different stages of drosophila melanogaster ontogenesis

Danilenko I.I., 1981:
The frequency of induction of polyene resistant candida mutants and their phenotypic characteristics

Taylor, B.A., 1968:
The frequency of inst x ray induced recessive visible mutations in the rat

Fujikawa, S.; Ariizumi, M.; Okuni, M.; Baba, K.; Seki, Y.; Hori, M., 1977:
The frequency of intra muscular injections at a pediatric clinic

Willgeroth C., 1979:
The frequency of intra vital undetected tuberculosis in autopsies

Peters, W.H.; Lester, F.T.; Kohnert, K.D.; Hildmann, W., 1986:
The frequency of islet cell surface antibodies in newly diagnosed diabetics from Ethiopia

Trigg M.E.; Glaubiger D.; Nisbet M.E.Jr, 1982:
The frequency of isolated central nervous system involvement in ewings sarcoma

Balanza, E.; Taboada, G., 1985:
The frequency of lactase phenotypes in Aymara children

Bacić, M.; Domić, A.; Sutalo, J., 1986:
The frequency of lesions to molar furcations in patients with periodontal disease

Kelly, J.W.; Sagebiel, R.W.; Calderon, W.; Murillo, L.; Dakin, R.L.; Blois, M.S., 1984:
The frequency of local recurrence and microsatellites as a guide to reexcision margins for cutaneous malignant melanoma

Jevtic M.; Kuzmanovic O.; Jevtic R.; Vidic L., 1987:
The frequency of lumbago syndrome in specialist medical services

Petri, M.; Rheinschmidt, M.; Whiting-O'Keefe, Q.; Hellmann, D.; Corash, L., 1987:
The frequency of lupus anticoagulant in systemic lupus erythematosus. A study of sixty consecutive patients by activated partial thromboplastin time, Russell viper venom time, and anticardiolipin antibody level

Durr, H.K.; Bindrich, C.; Bode, J.C., 1977:
The frequency of macro amylasemia and the diagnostic value of the amylase to creatinine clearance ratio in patients with elevated serum amylase activity

Thorsby, E.; Segaard, E.; Solem, J.H.; Kornstad, L., 1975:
The frequency of major histo compatibility antigens sd and ld in thyro toxicosis

Mohlin, B.; Sagne, S.; Thilander, B., 1978:
The frequency of mal occlusion and the cranio facial morphology in a medieval population in southern sweden

Irvine J.E., 1984:
The frequency of marker changes in sugarcane saccharum plants regenerated from callus culture

Abe K., 1982:
The frequency of molting and growth of the horse crab erimacrus isenbeckii

Teixeira D.E.A.; Rezende A.L.S.; Miranda I.A.D.; Fontenelle L.C., 1983:
The frequency of morbidity in infants less than 3 years of age in different nutritional states

Morgan, R.P.I. ; Ulanowicz, N.I., 1976:
The frequency of muscle protein polymorphism in menidia menidia atherinidae along the atlantic coast

Chebotarev A.N.; Selezneva T.G., 1982:
The frequency of mutagen induced sister chromatid exchanges in 3 cell cycles

Meszaros G.; Annus J.; Dosa E.; Deak J., 1988:
The frequency of mycoplasma hominis during first half of pregnancy

Hughes, B.O., 1978:
The frequency of neck movements in laying hens and the improbability of cage abrasion causing feather wear/

Bahe, F.C.; Schurath, U.; Becker, K.H., 1980:
The frequency of nitrogen di oxide photolysis at ground level as recorded by a continuous actinometer

Nazirov N.N.; Kozubaev S.S., 1986:
The frequency of occurrence of early maturing large fruited cotton forms of varying origin under the action of radioactive phosphorus

Rothwell T.J., 1985:
The frequency of occurrence of various human blood groups in the uk with observations on their regional variation

Quintero, M.M.T.; Acevedo, H.A.; Enriquez, O.J.J., 1987:
The frequency of oestrus ovis and lesions due to it in goats

Sigal, N.H., 1977:
The frequency of p azo phenyl arsonate and di methylamino naphthalenesulfonyl specific bone marrow derived cells in neo natal and adult balb c mice

Nakajima, T.; Tsumuraya, M.; Morinaga, S.; Teshima, S.; Shimosato, Y.; Kishi, K.; Ohmi, K.; Sonoda, T.; Tsunematsu, R.; Tanemura, K., 1986:
The frequency of papillomavirus infection in cervical precancerous lesions in Japan: an immunoperoxidase study

Baucic I.; Catovic A., 1987:
The frequency of particular colors from the sr vivosit pe scale in teeth and acrylic crowns

Buzdugan I.; Constantiniu S.; Cismaru M.; Straton A.; Straton C.; Iosub C.; Oana C.; Ambarus A.; Tansanu I.; E.A., 1985:
The frequency of pathogenic and potentially pathogenic enterobacteria including non 0 1 vibrios within the context of the surveillance of acute diarrheic disease in moldavia romania 1981 1983

Mahmalat M.O.; Beyer H.K., 1986:
The frequency of pathological changes in kidneys in relation to the multiple renal arteries an angiographic study

Plate, S.; Johnsen, N.J.; Nødskov Pedersen, S.; Thomsen, K.A., 1979:
The frequency of patulous Eustachian tubes in pregnancy

Engell T.; Andersen P.K., 1982:
The frequency of peri phlebitis retinae in multiple sclerosis

Masters, M., 1977:
The frequency of phage p 1 transduction of the genes of escherichia coli as a function of chromosomal position preferential transduction of the origin of replication

Holmgren, G.; Larsson, A.; Palmstierna, H.; Alm, J., 1976:
The frequency of phenyl ketonuria and hyper phenyl alaninemia in sweden a study in institutions for the mentally retarded as well as in neo nates

Puxty, J.A.; Fox, R.A.; Horan, M.A., 1983:
The frequency of physical signs usually attributed to meningeal irritation in elderly patients

Nowaczyk P.; Kryger H., 1987:
The frequency of polyembryony in f 2 f 3 and f 4 generations from mono embryonic twin and embryonic seeds in pepper capsicum annuum l

Biava M.F.; Kures L.; Contet Audonneau N.; Percebois G., 1987:
The frequency of positive isolations of torulopsis at the nancy university medical center france

Langset, M.; Aandahl, E.; Omland, T.; Midtvedt, T., 1978:
The frequency of positive toxoplasma dye test in children and adolescents with physical and mental handicaps

Heckenlively J., 1982:
The frequency of posterior subcapsular cataract in hereditary retinal degeneration

Ishii N.; Fujioka T.; Takaiwa M.; Toyota S.; Saitoh S.; Chiba R.; Tokiwa M., 1985:
The frequency of postoperative male sexual impotence following intrapelvic operations

Bhatia, K.K., 1981:
The frequency of private electrophoretic variants and indirect estimates of mutation rate in scheduled tribes from South India

Bhatia, K.K.; Blake, N.M.; Kirk, R.L., 1979:
The frequency of private electrophoretic variants in Australian aborigines and indirect estimates of mutation rate

Petras S., 1987:
The frequency of prostatic cancer in autopsy material

von Cramon, D.; Zihl, J., 1977:
The frequency of rapid eye movements and blinks as an activation indicator

Ryman, N., 1977:
The frequency of recessive lethal hetero zygotes among individuals obtained from inbred strains a random number simulation study

Hackl J.M.; Eder C.; Koller J.; Murer L., 1984:
The frequency of reflux and stool at enteral nutrition of patients with severe traumata

Biesold L.; Irlenbusch U., 1984:
The frequency of relapsing luxations of the shoulder after traumatic dislocations of the shoulder

Abo Ghallia A.; Thibout E., 1982:
The frequency of reproductive diapause in the leek moth acrolepiopsis assectella lepidoptera yponomeutidae as a function of different photoperiods under constant temperatures and research of the sensitive stage

Michailow, R., 1975:
The frequency of sex chromatin occurring in cell nuclei of internal organs determined by the smear method

Strickland, R.W.; Tesar, J.T.; Berne, B.H.; Hobbs, B.R.; Lewis, D.M.; Welton, R.C., 1987:
The frequency of sicca syndrome in an elderly female population

Horvat D.; Racic J.; Rozgaj R., 1981:
The frequency of sister chromatid exchanges in v 79 chinese hamster lung cells exposed to heavy metals

Hoshika A., 1979:
The frequency of sleep spindles

Hecht, H.; Wittchen, H.U., 1988:
The frequency of social dysfunction in a general population sample and in patients with mental disorders. A comparison using the Social Interview Schedule (SIS)

Hadziselimovic R.; Terzic R., 1985:
The frequency of some congenital hereditary hand anomalies in the sample of newborn children from the population of the banja luka region yugoslavia

Zagalkova, M.; Kubikova-Kourzhilova, A., 1976:
The frequency of some group factors of the blood in twins and their parents

Abilov, A.N.; Tokarev-Yu, N., 1977:
The frequency of spontaneous chromosomal aberrations of bone marrow tissue cells in healthy persons of different sex and age

Waibel, P., 1977:
The frequency of stenoses and occlusions of the celiac upper and lower mesenteric arteries and their clinical significance

Kosugi K.; Furusawa T.; Yamashita H., 1987:
The frequency of supernumerary head of biceps brachii muscle regional difference in japan

Bloch M.; Rivera G.H., 1982:
The frequency of the infection from entamoeba histolytica the pathogenic capacity

Giardina, A.; Santini, L.; Sciacca, A., 1976:
The frequency of the meso tele systolic click in the school age on a mass investigation carried out in elementary schools in the municipality of florence

Ebert W., 1983:
The frequency of tuberculosis in autopsy material of the institute of pathology of the friedrich schiller university jena

Luna F., 1986:
The frequency of twins and factors regulating it in an area of andalusia spain

Gladson, C.L.; Scharrer, I.; Hach, V.; Beck, K.H.; Griffin, J.H., 1988 :
The frequency of type I heterozygous protein S and protein C deficiency in 141 unrelated young patients with venous thrombosis

Bloch M.; Rivera G.H.; Soundy C.J., 1981:
The frequency of typhoid fever its variability implications clinical categorization and vaccination

Sierakowski, R.; Finlayson, B.; Landes, R.R.; Finlayson, C.D.; Sierakowski, N., 1978:
The frequency of uro lithiasis in hospital discharge diagnoses in the usa

Danilovic Z.; Kuzmic I.; Belicza M.; Pavelic L., 1986:
The frequency of wegener granulomatosis

Grube M.; Wortha H P.; Schubert J.; Stiefel A., 1987:
The frequency of white spot caries idiopathic white opacities and enamel hypoplasias of patients with cheilognathopalatoschisis

Harmata W., 1987:
The frequency of winter sleep interruptions in two species of bats hibernating in limestone tunnels

Woodruff, R.C.; Ashburner, M., 1978:
The frequency of x ray induced chromosome breakage in the sibling species drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans/

Schröder, J.; de la Chapelle, A.; Hakola, P.; Virkkunen, M., 1981:
The frequency of XYY and XXY men among criminal offenders

Martin R.L.; Webster W.R.; Serviere J., 1988:
The frequency organization of the inferior colliculus of the guinea pig a carbon 14 2 deoxyglucose study

Schiff, H., 1976:
The frequency pattern in the nervous hierarchy of the compound eye of squilla mantis crustacea stomatopoda

Miyamoto, T.; Nakao, Y., 1978:
The frequency pattern of dumpy mutations induced by x rays in the successive stages of oocytes of drosophila melanogaster

Inagaki, E.; Uchibori, M.; Miyamoto, T.; Fujikawa, K.; Nakao, Y., 1977:
The frequency pattern of the dumpy mutations induced by x rays in different stages of spermatogenesis of drosophila melanogaster

Inagaki, E.; Fujikawa, K.; Miyamoto, T.; Teranishi, Y.; Nakao, Y., 1977:
The frequency pattern of y chromosome loss mosaics induced by x rays in drosophila melanogaster/

Talbot, L.; Steinert, J.J., 1987:
The frequency response of electrochemical wall shear probes in pulsatile flow

Kirkwood, P.A., 1972:
The frequency response of frog muscle spindles under various conditions

Crawford A.C.; Fettiplace R., 1980:
The frequency selectivity of auditory nerve fibers and hair cells in the cochlea of the turtle pseudemys scripta elegans

Huis-In't-Veld, F.; Osterhammel, P.; Terkildsen, K., 1977:
The frequency selectivity of the 500 hertz frequency following response

Tavartkiladze G.A.; Harrison R.V., 1985:
The frequency selectivity of the cochlea in normal guinea pigs and those with experimentally induced deafness

Thomsen J., 1980:
The frequent involvement of vital teeth in focal disturbances

Malik A.; Afza N.; Siddiqui S., 1981:
The fresh latex of euphorbia tirucalli

Rattan, R.S.; Rawla, G.S., 1983:
The fresh water algae of the panjab state india and its neighboring areas 1. chlorococcales the genus pediastrum

Conforti, V.T.D., 1978:
The fresh water algal flora of buenos aires argentina 4

Griffiths C.L., 1981:
The fresh water amphipoda crustacea of south and southwest africa

Potter, I.C.; Beamish, F.W.H., 1977:
The fresh water biology of adult anadromous sea lampreys petromyzon marinus

Cooper C.M., 1984:
The fresh water bivalves of the lake chicot an oxbow of the mississippi river in arkansas usa

Smith, K.; Fernando, C.H., 1978:
The fresh water calanoid and cyclopoid copepod crustacea of cuba

Lai H.C.; Mamaril A.Sr; Fernando C.H., 1979:
The fresh water calanoida copepoda of the philippines

Lai, H.C.; Fernando, C.H., 1978:
The fresh water calanoida crustacea copepoda of singapore and peninsular malaysia

Lai H.C.; Fernando C., 1981:
The fresh water calanoida crustacea copepoda of thailand

Por F.D., 1983:
The fresh water canthocamptidae copepoda harpacticoida of israel and sinai

Mohandas, A., 1981:
The fresh water cercariae of kerala india 7. echinostomatid cercariae

Croskery, P., 1978:
The fresh water co occurrence of eurytemora affinis copepoda calanoida and manayunkia speciosa annelida polychaeta possible relicts of a marine incursion

Collado C.; Defaye D.; Dussart B.H.; Fernado C.H., 1984:
The fresh water copepoda crustacea of costa rica with notes on some species

Fryer G.; Forshaw O., 1979:
The fresh water crustacea of the island of rhum inner hebrides a faunistic and ecological survey

Neck R.W.; Fullington R.W., 1983:
The fresh water ectoproct pectinatella magnifica new record in eastern texas usa

Eng, L.L., 1977:
The fresh water entoproct urnatella gracilis in the delta mendota canal california usa

Jensen C.F.; Jensen F.; Warncke E., 1983:
The fresh water fauna of some selected spring areas helocrenes in jutland denmark

Ishino, K.; Goto, A.; Hamada, K., 1983:
The fresh water fish in hokkaido japan 3. distribution of 3 types of a goby chaenogobius annularis

Behera, M.K., 1972:
The fresh water fishes of sambalpur orissa india

Hashimoto H., 1981:
The fresh water hydroid astrohydra japonica new genus new species

Appleton, C.C., 1977:
The fresh water mollusca of tongaland south africa with a note on molluscan distribution in lake sibaya

Strayer D., 1980:
The fresh water mussels bivalvia unionidae of the clinton river michigan usa with comments on mans impact on the fauna 1870 1978

Taylor R.W., 1982:
The fresh water mussels naiads of the big indian creek a small southern indiana usa tributary of the ohio river bivalvia unionidae

Hadl, G., 1976:
The fresh water mussels of new guinea and the fiji islands

Taylor R.W., 1983:
The fresh water naiad mussel fauna of the nolin river in the green river drainage of central kentucky usa mollusca bivalvia

Taylor R.W.; Hughart R.C., 1981:
The fresh water naiads of elk river west virginia usa with a comparison of earlier collections

Clark, C.F., 1976:
The fresh water naiads of the lower end of the wabash river mount carmel illinois usa to the south

Rahman, A.K.A., 1976:
The fresh water pipefishes of bangladesh with the description of a new species

Kawakatsu, M.; Wong, M.H., 1975:
The fresh water planaria from hong kong

Pfiester, L.A.; Holt, J.R., 1978:
The fresh water red tide in texas usa

Mees, G.F.; Kailola, P.J., 1977:
The fresh water therapontidae of new guinea

Young, J.O., 1976:
The fresh water turbellaria of the african continent

Morris K.H., 1987:
The fresh waters of shetland uk chemical characteristics of running waters

George D.G.; Maitland P.S., 1984:
The fresh waters of shetland uk physical and morphometric characteristics of lochs

Czarnecki D.B., 1987:
The freshwater diatom culture collection at loras college dubuque iowa usa

Stoch F., 1985:
The freshwater epigeous asellids of venezia giulia northeastern italy

Chambers M.R., 1987:
The freshwater lakes of papua new guinea an inventory and limnological review

Tsygir V.V.; Ivankov V.N., 1987:
The freshwater masu oncorhynchus masou from the basin of artem reservoir primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Zeto M.A.; Tolin W.A.; Schmidt J.E., 1987:
The freshwater mussels unionidae of the upper ohio river greenup and belleville pools west virginia usa

Kinzelbach R.K.; Koster B., 1985:
The freshwater shrimp atyaephyra desmaresti in the levantine countries crustacea decapoda atyidae R.W.; Van Den Berg T.J.T.P.; Beintema M.R.; Greve E.L.; Hoppener J.; Verduin W.M., 1982:
The friedmann visual field analyzer mark ii technical evaluation and clinical results

Mak, T.W.; Penrose, D.; Gamble, C.; Bernstein, A., 1978:
The friend spleen focus forming virus genome fractionation and analysis of spleen focus forming virus and helper virus related sequences

Bernstein, A.; Mak, T.W.; Stephenson, J.R., 1977:
The friend virus genome evidence for the stable association of murine leukemia virus sequences and sequences involved in erythro leukemic transformation

Pragnell, I.B.; Ostertag, W.; Paul, J.; Williamson, R., 1979:
The Friend virus genome: partial characterization of a complete DNA copy

Nakaya, K.; Bass, A.J., 1978:
The frill shark chlamydoselachus anguineus new record in new zealand seas

Hayes M.P.; Pounds J.A.; Robinson D.C., 1986:
The fringe limbed tree frog hyla fimbrimembra new record anura hylidae new records from costa rica

Lewis E.R., 1984:
The frog rana catesbeiana amphibian papilla

Farrands P.A.; Griffiths R.L.; Britton D.C., 1981:
The frome england uk experiment value of screening for colo rectal cancer

Caleffi E.; Vaienti L.; Ghillani M., 1985:
The frontal and nasolabial island flaps for partial loss of substance of the nose advantages and disadvantages

Tonkin, I.L.; Kelley, M.J.; Bream, P.R.; Elliott, L.P., 1976 :
The frontal chest film as a method of suspecting transposition complexes

Pathak S.C.; Mukerji R., 1984:
The frontal ganglion as a center of neurosecretory activity in supella supellectilium phyllodromidae blattoidea

Young, E.; Levine, H.D.; Vokonas, P.S.; Kemp, H.G.; Williams, R.A.; Gorlin, R., 1970:
The frontal plane vector cardiogram in old inferior myo cardial infarction part 2 mid to late qrs changes

Gossman, J.R.; Pogrel, M.A., 1981:
The frontal screw; a fixed point for internal suspension

Stepanov A.A., 1983:
The frontal sinus structure in dogs/

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The function of insular tissue in the pancreas of the scorpionfish scorpaena porcus under experimental effects

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The function of intradental nerves in relation to the sensations induced by dental stimulation

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The function of juvenile hormone in adult worker honey bees apis mellifera

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The function of keeping population in rural areas under the progress of urbanization

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The function of phytochrome in the natural environment part 2 the influence of vegetation canopies on the spectral energy distribution of natural day light

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The function of phytochrome in the natural environment part 3 measurement and calculation of phytochrome photo equilibria

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The function of pulse song and sine song in the courtship of drosophila melanogaster

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The function of pyemotes boylei acarina pyemotidae in the population dynamics of diadiplosis cocci diptera cecidomyiidae in cuba

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The function of saponins in the resistance of plants to parasitic fungi

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The function of saprophagous animals of the soil of a limestone beech forest a long term study program in the goettingen forest west germany

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The function of shudder displays in the lizard sceloporus jarrovi

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The function of singing in female black headed grosbeaks pheucticus melanocephalus family group maintenance

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The function of siphonein in a siphonous green alga dichotomosiphon tuberosus

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The function of statolith hair and free hook hair receptors in the statocyst of the crab scylla serrata

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The function of stem form of spruce and the proportion of the assortments on the standing tree

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The function of stomata in partially blocked transpiration vicia faba d

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The function of tactile organs caudal to the bulla tympanica in odontoceti

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The function of the acetabulum of trematoda digenea as exemplified by dicrocoelium dendriticum

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The function of the aleurone layer during galacto mannan mobilization in germinating seeds of fenugreek trigonella foenum graecum crimson clover trifolium incarnatum and lucerne medicago sativa a correlative biochemical and ultrastructural study

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The function of the anal vesicle in respiration and excretion in the braconid wasp microplitis croceipes

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The function of the antagonist muscle during fast limb movements in man

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The function of the antenna cleaner of the honeybee apis mellifica

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The function of the avian olfactory organ

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The function of the bacterial membrane

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The function of the carbohydrate units of 3 fungal enzymes in their resistance to dehydration

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The function of the caruncle of an amphinomid eurythoe sp a histological investigation

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The function of the circulatory and respiratory systems in new borns and their bio electric monitoring patterns

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The function of the common inhibitory neuron in the walking legs of the crab eriphia spinifrons

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The function of the elytra in the melolonthic flight mechanism in beetles

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The function of the epiglottis in monkey and man

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The function of the exocrine pancreas after exogenous and endogenous stimulation in Billroth II patients

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The function of the eyespots in agonistic behavior in the firemouth cichlid cichlasoma meeki

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The function of the free living bacterial fraction in the organic matter metabolism of a mesotrophic lake

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The function of the heat shock proteins in drosophila melanogaster tissue culture cells

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The function of the isolated heterologous liver perfused with the human blood

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The function of the katydid requena verticalis spermatophore and its role in fecundity and insemination orthoptera tettigoniidae

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The function of the kidney membranes

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The function of the large air space of the normal temporal bone clinical and theoretical consideration on the mastoid cavity

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The function of the legs in the free walking stick insect carausius morosus

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The function of the membrane bound iron sulfur centers of the photosynthetic bacterium chromatium vinosum

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The function of the mesencephalic periaqueductal central gray matter

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The function of the natural atpase inhibitor protein in intact mitochondria

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The function of the nonprimer transfer rna associated with the 70s rna of avian myeloblastosis virus

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The function of the nuclear envelope in nuclear protein accumulation

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The function of the ocelli in 2 species of bugs oncopeltus fasciatus and nezara viridula

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The function of the ovaries in patients with uterine fibro myoma complicated by bleeding

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The function of the pallial organs of bivalves in controlling ingestion

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The function of the paramedian reticular nucleus in the control of heart rate in the cat

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The function of the pituitary thyroidal axis in acromegalic patients vs. patients with hyper prolactinemia and a pituitary tumor

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The function of the pod for protein storage in seeds of vicia faba part 4 seed dependent reactivation of stored starch from the pods

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The function of the right heart and changes in the lymphatic system of the serous membranes in pulmonary arterial hypertension

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The function of the right heart in primary pulmonary hypertension and dilated cardiomyopathy according to two dimensional contrast echocardiography data

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The function of the sigma factor of escherichia coli rna polymerase in template site selection

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The function of the sinus node in conduction disorders

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The function of the small subunits of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec

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The function of the sodium potassium pump and its cortico steroid regulation as factors limiting cardiac adaptation to severe physical exertion

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The function of the sodium pump during differentiation of amphibian embryonic neurons

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The function of the statocyst sensory cells in aplysia limacina

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The function of the sympathetic nervous system with chemical carcinogenesis

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The function of the testes in patients with hypospadias in puberty

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The function of the tongue in the reeducation of speech disorders faulty breathing habits and difficulties in swallowing

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The function of thymus derived cells carrying receptors for complexes of immuno globulin and antigen

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The function of tight junctions in maintaining differences in lipid composition between the apical and the basolateral cell surface domains of MDCK cells

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The function of tonoplast atpase in intact vacuoles of red beet beta vulgaris is governed by direct and indirect ion effects

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The function of torpor in hummingbirds

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The function of turret building behavior in the larval tiger beetle cicindela willistoni coleoptera cicindelidae

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The function of ubiquinone in Escherichia coli

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The function of upper urinary tract 13. ureteral function after uretero lithotomy observed by radio isotope renogram

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The functional abilities of heart rhythm regulation during burst stimulation of the vagus nerves

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The functional activities of the pigment epithelium in aging

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The functional activity of adult mouse leydig cells in mono layer culture effect of lutropin and fetal calf serum

Nagoev B.S., 1986:
The functional activity of neutrophil leukocytes in patients with typhoid fever

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The functional activity of t lymphocytes in children with acute respiratory viral infections

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The functional activity of zinc in the feeding of ruminants of economic importance 2. experimental deficiency in full grown ewes

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The functional activity state of the thyroid gland in cancer of the larynx in the course of radiation therapy

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The functional analysis of auditory discrimination

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The functional anatomy and development of the swimbladder inner ear lateral line system in herring and sprat

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The functional anatomy of frontal lobe neglect in the monkey macaca fascicularis behavioral and quantitative 2 deoxy glucose studies

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The functional anatomy of the foregut of porcellana platycheles and a comparison with galathea squamifera and upogebia deltaura crustacea decapoda

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The functional anatomy of the mesothoracic leg of the waterstrider gerris remigis heteroptera

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The functional anatomy of the neck and fore limbs of the cape golden mole chrysochloris asiatica lipotyphla chrysochloridae

Fretter V., 1984:
The functional anatomy of the neritacean limpet phenacolepas omanensis and some comparison with septaria

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The functional anatomy of the olfactory organs in a hill stream fish garra mullya

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The functional anatomy of the receptive fields of rabbit C polymodal nociceptors

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The functional anatomy of the shoulder of the pallid bat antrozous pallidus

Behrmann G., 1984:
The functional anatomy of the sperm whale physeter macrocephalus

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The functional anatomy of the teeth of the western terrestrial garter snake thamnophis elegans

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The functional and biochemical changes of platelets in experimental decompression sickness of rabbits

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The functional and fluorescence properties of escherichia coli rna polymerase ec reacted with fluorescamine

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The functional and phylogenetic significance of dinoflagellate eyespots

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The functional and physical form of mammalian cytochrome c oxidase determined by gel filtration, radiation inactivation, and sedimentation equilibrium analysis

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The functional state of the left ventricle under cardio toxic shock

Komar E., 1980:
The functional state of the liver in pigs anesthetized by intra venous administration of chloral hydrate nembutal eunarcon and brevinarcon

Kostko S.Z.; Yunusov Z.Z.; Kasymkhodzhaev A.Sh; Khashimov K.A., 1984:
The functional state of the myo cardium in angina pectoris induced by isoproterenol

Astvatsatryan V.A.; Bagdasaryan V.S.; Demirchyan V.A., 1987:
The functional state of thrombocytes in children with rheumatic fever

Mayes, P.A.; Felts, J.M., 1968:
The functional status of enz lipo protein lipase in rat liver heart

Berdov B.A.; Wedzizeva T.B.; Bassalyk L.S., 1988:
The functional status of gastrin producing cells in patients with gastric carcinoma in local irradiation

Repin A.A.; Donskov A.M., 1988 :
The functional status of the gastroduodenal zone in the electrical stimulation of the afferent innervation area of the vagus nerve of the floor of the auricle

Lungu, G.; Zosin, I.; Deutsch, G.; Berger, E.; Miloş, A., 1981:
The functional status of the parathyroid in adult spasmophilia patients estimated by plasma parathormone assay

Klepach G.S.; Kaminskaya N.I., 1987:
The functional status of the visual cortex of the cat in various electrical stimulation regimens

Garmasheva, N.L., 1977:
The functional system mother fetus

Watts, M.P.; Evans, A.L., 1988:
The functional testing of external cardiac pacemakers

Woehrmann Repenning A., 1981:
The functional topography of the orifices of jacobsons organs in the rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus

Simonenko V.K., 1980:
The functional ultrastructure of the tapetal cells in the cytoplasmic male sterility maize lines and their fertile analogs

Jorgensen, K.E.; Lind, K.E.; Roigaard-Petersen, H.; Moller, J.V., 1978:
The functional unit of calcium plus magnesium ion dependent atpase from sarcoplasmic reticulum the aggregational state of the deoxy cholate solubilized protein in an enzymically active form

Hitchens G.D.; Kell D.B., 1983:
The functional unit of energy coupling in photo phosphorylation by bacterial chromatophores

Andersen J.P.; Moller J.V.; Jorgensen P.L., 1982:
The functional unit of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase active site titration and fluorescence measurements

Romero Maroto J.; Verdu Tartajo F.; Garcia Gonzalez R.; Gonzalez Gancedo P.; Cacicedo L., 1986:
The functional value of collateral testicular vascularization an experimental study

Cohen, M.V., 1978:
The functional value of coronary collaterals in myocardial ischemia and therapeutic approach to enhance collateral flow

Wand, H., 1978:
The functionalization of macroporous glass with thio phosgene followed by covalent fixation of trypsin

Wassermann K.; Reitemeyer E.; Mueller K M.; Nakhosteen J., 1988:
The functionally amputated lung investigation into the unilateral hyperlucent lung syndrome

Clement L.T.; Yamashita N.; Martin A.M., 1988:
The functionally distinct subpopulations of human cd4 plus helper inducer t lymphocytes defined by anti cd45r antibodies derive sequentially from a differentiation pathway that is regulated by activation dependent post thymic differentiation

Komissarov, A.A.; Shpanchenko, O.V.; Sklyankina, V.A.; Avaeva, S.M., 1987:
The functionally significant residue of lysine in inorganic pyrophosphatase from escherichia coli i. interaction of inorganic pyrophosphatase with pyridoxal 5' phosphate

Almatov K.T.; Rakhimov M.M., 1979:
The functioning and degradation of liver mitochondria of rats of different ages

Hall J.G.; Sinnett H.D., 1987:
The functioning in unanesthetized sheep of the popliteal lymph node after the surgical removal of its blood supply

Slusarczyk K.; Dreszer H., 1979:
The functioning of pelvic leg lymphatic system in a rat during disturbed blood circulation

Tsala G.; Bonzon M.; Greppin H., 1984:
The functioning of spinach chloroplasts under various photoperiodic treatments

Leclerc M.C.; Biascamano A., 1982:
The functioning of the nitrogen cycle in 2 vegetation types of coastal sandy soils in southern france

Solodovnik, F.A., 1977:
The functioning of the otolithic apparatus in cosmonauts after space flights

Stephenson J.W., 1979:
The functioning of the sense organs associated with feeding behavior in deroceras reticulatum

Ruklish, M.P.; Duntse, M.E.; Levane, V.A.; Kalninya, R.V., 1987:
The functioning of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in brevibacterium flavum and micrococcus glutamicus

Nakamura K.; Aoki S.; Oguri K., 1981:
The functions of agricultural cooperative associations in the treatment and utilization of animal waste

Nejmark, L., 1977:
The functions of bile ducts in sheep

Schramm, M.; Selinger, Z., 1975:
The functions of cyclic AMP and calcium as alternative second messengers in parotid gland and pancreas

Cruchaud, A.; Girard, J.P.; Hitoglou, S., 1977:
The functions of human monocytes in normal subjects and in disorders associated with immune deficiency

Reger Z., 1986:
The functions of imitation in child language

Prizant, B.M.; Duchan, J.F., 1981:
The functions of immediate echolalia in autistic children

Horiuchi, T., 1979:
The functions of lymphocytes from patients with systemic auto immune diseases 2. suppressor cell activity of lymphocytes from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus on responses to phyto mitogens and allogeneic antigens

Hendin H.; Pollinger A.; Ulman R.B.; Carr A.C., 1982:
The functions of marihuana abuse for adolescents

Harcus, J.L., 1977:
The functions of mimicry in the vocal behavior of the chorister robin

Minato N.; Takeda A.; Kano S.; Takaku F., 1982:
The functions of natural killer interferon system in patients with sjogren syndrome

Baldwin J.; Lee A.K.; England W.R., 1981:
The functions of octopine dehydrogenase and d lactate dehydrogenase in the pedal retractor muscle of the dog whelk nassarius coronatus gastropoda nassariidae

Hongo, S.; Sugawara, K.; Homma, M.; Nakamura, K., 1986:
The functions of oligosaccharide chains associated with influenza C viral glycoproteins. I. The formation of influenza C virus particles in the absence of glycosylation

Hongo, S.; Sugawara, K.; Homma, M.; Nakamura, K., 1986:
The functions of oligosaccharide chains associated with influenza C viral glycoproteins. II. The role of carbohydrates in the antigenic properties of influenza C viral glycoproteins

Csato, M.; Dobozy, A.; Raith, L.; Simon, N., 1985:
The functions of polymorphonuclear leukocytes emigrating into the skin

Caro, T.M., 1986:
The functions of stotting in thomson's gazelles gazella thomsoni some tests of the predictions

Read, J.S.; Haines, C.P., 1976:
The functions of the female sex pheromones of ephestia cautella lepidoptera phycitidae

Hurst J.L., 1987:
The functions of urine marking in a free living population of house mice mus domesticus rutty

Fukuda S., 1985:
The fundamental and clinical evaluation of endoscopic therapy for early gastric cancer

Kusumi, S., 1985:
The fundamental and clinical studies on the inhibitors of coagulation and fibrinolysis part i. the study on the method of measurement for alpha 2 plasmin inhibitor activities in plasma using chromogenic substrates

Kusumi, S., 1985:
The fundamental and clinical studies on the inhibitors of coagulation and fibrinolysis part ii. determination of antithrombin iii and alpha 2 plasmin inhibitor activities in plasma of various thrombogenic diseases

Yoshida, T., 1976:
The fundamental and experimental study of the malignant tumor scanning with iodine 131 labeled human serum albumin

Wang J T.; L.B.S.; Chen W L.; Zhang J W., 1980:
The fundamental characteristics of the steppe vegetation in xizang plateau tibet china

Yamamoto H.; Tomimori Y., 1981:
The fundamental conditions for growth and alkaloid formation in callus cultures of coptis japonica var japonica 1

Yamamoto, H.; Tomimori, T., 1981 :
The fundamental conditions for growth and alkaloid formation in callus cultures of coptis japonica var japonica 2. influence of the callus age at inoculation and growth inhibitors

Yamamoto, H.; Ishida, M.; Tomimori, T., 1981:
The fundamental conditions for growth and alkaloid formation in callus cultures of coptis japonica var japonica 3. effects of cloning and mutagens

Q.C., 1984:
The fundamental pattern of the geographic distribution of vegetation in hunan province china

Ogino N., 1985:
The fundamental principle of ophthalmic surgery

Frangioni, G.; Borgioli, G., 1978:
The fundamental role of lactate in erythropoiesis experimental studies on larvae of amphibia anura

Rico M.; Gallego E.; Santoro J.; Bermejo F.J.; Nieto J.L.; Herranz J., 1984:
The fundamental role of the glutamic acid 2 arginine 10 salt bridge in the folding of isolated rnase a s peptide

Lichtenberg, J.D.; Galler, F.B., 1987:
The fundamental rule: a study of current usage

Ogawa H.; Tashiro H.; Yoshida H.; Imamura K., 1988:
The fundamental studies of caffeine and kallikrein on sperm motility in male infertility

Yowell, R.L.; Araneo, B.A.; Sercarz, E.E., 1980:
The fundamental thymus derived cell proliferative repertoire in a nonresponder strain and its qualitative alteration by suppression

Tseng H Y.; Chen Z C., 1979:
The fungal air spora of taipei as determined by the agar plate method

Fedorinchik, N.S.; Tarunina, T.A.; Tyutyunnikov, M.G.; Kudryavtseva, K.I., 1977:
The fungal bio preparation trichodermin 4 for the control of plant diseases

Cotter V.T.H.; Blanchard R.O., 1982:
The fungal flora of bark of fagus grandifolia

Brown V.W.; Sasaki H.; Takao S., 1981:
The fungal flora of hokkaido japan hay

Ulutan, F.; Copur, S.; Koçoğlu, T., 1985:
The fungal flora of the air in the villages around Carsamba, Northern Turkey

Monthoux, O.; Rollin, O., 1975:
The fungal flora of the xeric areas of the geneva region switzerland part 2 nidulariales

Monthoux, O.; Rollin, O., 1976:
The fungal flora of the xeric areas of the geneva switzerland region part 3 gastrosporiaceae

Monthoux, O.; Roellin, O., 1976:
The fungal flora of the xeric areas of the geneva switzerland region part 4 lycoperdaceae the genus bovista

Pystina, K.A.; Svishch, L.G., 1977:
The fungal herbarium of the v l komarov botanical institute of the ussr academy of sciences part 7 phycomycetes

Davet P.; Ravise A.; Baroudy C., 1980:
The fungal micro flora of bean phaseolus vulgaris roots in lebanon

Dimitrijevic, M.; Jurkovic, D., 1977:
The fungal micro flora of maize kernels

Palacios Chavez R., 1982:
The fungal spores of lower and middle miocene of north of chiapas mexico

Lehmann, P.F.; Hudson, H.J., 1977:
The fungal succession on normal and urea treated pine needles

Davalos L.; Guzman G., 1981:
The fungi collection of the herbarium of the national school of biological sciences of the polytechnic national institute mexico city mexico

Ceruti, A., 1978:
The fungi in the forests life

Rogers, J.D.; Dumont, K.P., 1979:
The fungi of colombia 6. 2 new applanate species of hypoxylon

Veerkamp, J.; Gams, W., 1983:
The fungi of colombia 8. some new species of soil fungi from colombia

Dennis R.W.G., 1981:
The fungi of jensens nunataks west greenland

Parmelee, J.A., 1977:
The fungi of ontario canada part 2 erysiphaceae mildews

Dennis, R.W.G.; Reid, D.A.; Spooner, B., 1977:
The fungi of the azores

Ayala, N.; Guzman, G., 1984:
The fungi of the peninsula of baja california mexico 1. the known species

Guzman, G., 1983:
The fungi of the yucatan peninsula mexico 2. new mycological expeditions and additions

Prihoda A., 1982:
The fungi on rotting plant matter of tobacco

Skipp, R.A.; Bailey, J.A., 1977:
The fungi toxicity of iso flavanoid phyto alexins measured using different types of bioassay

Clark, N.G., 1984:
The fungicidal activity of substituted 1 4 naphtho quinones 1. alkyl thio and aryl thio derivatives

Clark, N.G., 1984:
The fungicidal activity of substituted 1 4 naphtho quinones 2. alkoxy phenoxy and acyloxy derivatives

Clark, N.G., 1985:
The fungicidal activity of substituted 1 4 naphthoquinones 3. amino anilino and acylamino derivatives

Moore, G.S.; Atkins, R.D., 1977:
The fungicidal and fungistatic effects of an aqueous garlic extract on medically important yeast like fungi

Hasan A.; Khan A.M., 1979:
The fungicidal control of anthracnose disease of arhar cajanus cajan

Singh U.P.; Singh H.B.; Singh R.B., 1980:
The fungicidal effect of neem azadirachta indica extracts on some soil borne pathogens of gram cicer arietinum

Lehrer, R.L., 1975:
The fungicidal mechanisms of human monocytes part 1 evidence for myelo peroxidase linked and myelo peroxidase independent candidacidal mechanisms

Prusky D.; Dinoor A.; Jacoby B., 1981:
The fungicide or heat induced hyper sensitive reaction of oats avena sativa to crown rust puccinia coronata var avenae relations between various treatments and infection type

Watt T.A., 1983:
The fungicide tridemorph as a selective herbicide for the control of holcus lanatus in rye grass lolium perenne cultivar aberystwyth s23 and of bromus sterilis in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar maris mink

Martinelli J.A.; Reis E.M., 1984:
The fungitoxicity of 1 2 dibromo 2 4 dicyanobutane to some plant pathogenic fungi

Malathrakis N.E., 1985:
The fungus acremonium alternatum a hyperparasite of the cucurbits powdery mildew pathogen sphaerotheca fuliginea

Bai A.J.; Reddi C.S., 1981:
The fungus air spora of visakhapatnam india

Kushnir, E.; Galun, M., 1977:
The fungus alga association in endolithic lichens

Whitney H.S.; Ritchie D.C.; Borden J.H.; Stock A.J., 1984:
The fungus beauveria bassiana deuteromycotina hyphomycetaceae in the western balsam bark beetle dryocoetes confusus coleoptera scolytidae

Rammeloo, J., 1978:
The fungus collection of v mouton in the national botanical garden of belgium

Angeli Papa J.; Eyme J., 1985:
The fungus cultivated by the leaf cutting ants attinae intracellular changes in hyphae during development

Rastetter V., 1979:
The fungus flora of alsatia france

Fergus, C.L., 1978:
The fungus flora of compost during mycelium colonization by the cultivated mushroom agaricus brunnescens

Tubaki K.; Murata S I.; Nakagiri A., 1983:
The fungus flora of japan 33

Weiler R.; Kennel W., 1986:
The fungus flora of prunings in an apple orchard

Sutherland, J.R.; Woods, T.A.D., 1978:
The fungus geniculodendron pyriforme in stored sitka spruce seeds effects of seed extraction and cone collection methods on disease incidence

Joost, W.; Plassmann, E., 1978:
The fungus gnat fauna in west caucasus ussr insecta diptera mycetophilidae

Mietkiewski R.; Balazy S., 1982:
The fungus isaria nipponica discovered in poland

Saubenova, O.G., 1976:
The fungus metarrhizium anisopliae as a possible regulator of the population of horse flies

Samsinakova, A.; Kalalova, S., 1978:
The fungus paecilomyces farinosus deuteromycetes a study on conditions of its use for the control of the colorado beetle

Prihoda A., 1981:
The fungus phacidiopycnis pseudotsugae on austrian pine pinus nigra

Strid, A., 1978:
The fungus trametes trogii new record in sweden

Pedersen G.K.; Surlyk F., 1983:
The fur formation a late paleocene ash bearing diatomite from northern denmark

Iriarte J.A.; Jaksic F.M., 1986:
The fur trade in chile an overview of seventy five years of export data 1910 1984

Kawinska J.; Niedzwiadek S.; Tuczynska J., 1980:
The fur value of the skin of rabbits of the french silvery breed

Lau-Cam, C.A.; McDonnell, J., 1978:
The furfural test for cannabis: an evaluation and modification

Ashkenazy, D.; Friedman, J.; Kashman, Y., 1983:
The furocoumarin composition of Pituranthos triradiatus

Pokrovskii V.G., 1985:
The furosemide sensitive transport of chlorine through the apical membrane of the cells of the proximal tubule in triturus vulgaris

Kok G., 1983:
The further away the less serious effect of temporal distance on perceived value and probability of a future event

Machmerth, R.; Welcker, F.; Horn, H.; Lindig, K., 1986:
The further development of the chapter sterilization of the east german pharmacopeia 2nd edition 3. monitoring sterilization according to the section thermal methods

Koluchova, J., 1976:
The further development of twins after severe and prolonged deprivation a 2nd report

Sanders, J.L.; Joung, J.I.; Rochman, H., 1976:
The further heterogeneity of creatine kinase ec presence of iso enzymes of cathodic mobility in rat tissues

Paris Z., 1984:
The further investigations of the influence of mineral fertilizing on yields botanical changes and quality of biomass of natural meadow of agrostidetum vulgare plant association on kopaonik mountain yugoslavia

Caputa, A., 1977:
The further significant findings of moths lepidoptera of the rozsutec nature reservation czechoslovakia

Stephens P.J., 1986:
The fused thoracic abdominal ganglion of the hermit crab pagurus pollicaris neuromuscular relationships in the thoracic and abdominal flexor muscles

Tognoli L.; Basso B., 1987:
The fusicoccin stimulated phosphorylation of a 33 kda polypeptide in cells of acer pseudoplatanus as influenced by extracellular and intracellular ph

Bergoin, M.; Devauchelle, G.; Vago, C., 1976:
The fusiform inclusions associated with entomopoxvirus of the coleopteran melolontha melolontha

Verkleij, A.J.; Nauta, I.L.D.; Werre, J.M.; Mandersloot, J.G.; Reinders, B.; Ververgaert, P.H.J.T.; De-Gier, J., 1976:
The fusion of abnormal plasma lipo protein and the erythrocyte membrane in patients with cholestasis studied by electron microscopy

Vasetskii S.G.; Sekirina G.G., 1984:
The fusion of germ and embryonic cells and perspectives of using the method of somatic hybridization in embryology

H.S.Y.; Zhu C., 1979:
The fusion of male and female nuclei in fertilization of higher plants

Sekirina, G.G.; Skoblina, M.N.; Vassetzky, S.G.; Bilinkis, A.A., 1983:
The fusion of oocytes of the starfish aphelasterias japonica 1. formation of cell hybrids

Vassetzky, S.G.; Sekirina, G.G.; Skoblina, M.N.; Bilinkis, A.A., 1983:
The fusion of oocytes of the starfish aphelasterias japonica 2. the capacity of cell hybrids for maturation and cleavage

Vassetzky, S.G.; Sekirina, G.G.; Veisman, B.L.; Skoblina, M.N.; Bilinkis, A.A., 1984:
The fusion oocytes of the starfish aphelasterias japonica 3. reconstruction of oocytes from cells and cell fragments cytoplasts

Oku, N.; Yamaguchi, N.; Yamaguchi, N.; Shibamoto, S.; Ito, F.; Nango, M., 1986:
The fusogenic effect of synthetic polycations on negatively charged lipid bilayers

Geron N.; Meiri H., 1985:
The fusogenic substance dmso enhances exocytosis in motor nerve endings

Kahler, F., 1976:
The fusulinidae of the dorud formation in the djadjerud valley of tehran iran

Dodgson J.; Duncan I.D., 1987:
The futility of smear follow up after radiotherapy for carcinoma of the cervix

Arie, T., 1981:
The future for the elderly

Sposito G., 1984:
The future of an illusion ion activities in soil solutions

Wandiga S.O., 1982:
The future of atmospheric chemistry in africa

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