The frequency of chromosome aberrations in greenhouse workers and the in vitro sensitivity of their lymphocytes to the cytogenetic action of dimatif

Pilinskaya, M.A.

Tsitologiya i Genetika 19(2): 124-128


Accession: 006680032

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The cytogenetical survey of 8 people working in greenhouse and occupationally contacting with a complex of pesticides has shown a significant increase of chromosomal aberration level in comparison with the control group. The cytogenetic effect of the greenhouse's workers differed significantly from that of the control group when lymphocytes of the examined persons were treated by the potent mutagen dimatyph in vitro. The occupational group on the whole was more sensitive than control people to the clastogenic action of dimatyph (43.0 .+-. 2.2 and 28.7 .+-. 2.4%, respectively). An assumption is advanced on the modifying influence of the pesticide complex on the frequency of induced chromosomal aberrations in vitro.