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Chapter 6,681

The frequency of white spot caries idiopathic white opacities and enamel hypoplasias of patients with cheilognathopalatoschisis

Grube, M.; Wortha H P.; Schubert, J.; Stiefel, A.

Zahn- Mund- und Kieferheilkunde 75(8): 816-820


Accession: 006680177

A comparative clinical examination of the frequency and the localization of white spot caries, idiopathic white opacities and enamel hypoplasias was performed in 75 patients with clefts and control group of 369 patients without clefts. The results demonstrate an enamel spot in at least 96% of cleft patients (control group 30-50%), in 15-35% of them exclusively as idiopathic white opacities, in 50-75% as idiopathic white opacities as white spot caries and in 3-20% exclusively as white spot caries. In the patients with clefts enamel hypoplasias frequently were found (20-45% comparing with 1-5% in control group).-The fendings indicate pathogenetic contex between structural anomalies and formations of cleft lip and palate, on the other hand the processes of remineralization and low frequency of caries may be expected in cleft patients.

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