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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6682

Chapter 6682 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dreher-Mansur, M. C.; Veitenheimer, I. L., 1976: The future of bivalve mollusks in the guaiba river brazil

Kahrs, R. F., 1976: The future of bovine viral vaccines

Hare F.K., 1982: The future of climate

Glick, D., 1978: The future of clinical microchemical analysis

Bull, J. W. D., 1976: The future of computerized axial tomography

Tips W., 1982: The future of ecological evaluation for land use planning the case of belgium

Speidel, J., 1976: The future of female sterilization technology

Walters S.M., 1986: The future of flora europaea

Van Zwanenberg T.D., 1986: The future of general practice in newcastle upon tyne england uk

Skelton, D., 1977: The future of health care for the elderly

Cotton R.E., 1985: The future of histopathology a personal view

Bergmann, E. D., 1976: The future of insecticides a problem of human environment

Griffiths, G. C. D., 1976: The future of linnaean nomenclature

Thomson D.J., 1985: The future of lucerne medicago sativa in british agriculture an economic assessment

Levy D.L., 1984: The future of measles in highly immunized populations a modeling approach

Warwick, R., 1978: The future of nomina anatomica a personal view

Sheehy J.E., 1984: The future of sainfoin onobrychis viciifolia in british uk agriculture an economic assessment

Mazzoni P., 1986: The future of the cholecystectomized patient a personal contribution

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681020

Haun, P., 1968: The future role of state mental institutions human

Vohra, P.; Wilson, W. O., 1970: The future trends in avian sciences

Revel M., 1981: The future use of interferon in ocular infections trachoma

Gaines, B. R.; Kohout, L. J., 1977: The fuzzy decade a bibliography of fuzzy systems and closely related topics

Krantz S.B., 1985: The fv 2 gene controls induction of erythroid burst formation by friend virus infection in vitro studies of growth regulators and viral replication

Blank, K. J.; Steeves, R. A.; Lilly, F., 1976: The fv 2 r resistance gene in mice its effect on spleen colony formation by friend virus transformed cells

Marsden J., 1983: The g 1 distribution of g 1 less v 79 chinese hamster cells

Et Al, 1985: The g and c binding chromosome patterns of the transplantable mammary adenocarcinoma in mice

Chita O., 1985: The g band technique in the analysis of chromosomal aberrations induced by some alkylated derivatives of pyridine in human lymphocyte cultures

Ronne M., 1988: The g banded karyotype of vulpes fulva desm

Evans, W. L.; Welch, D. L., 1977: The g banding pattern of chromosomes in ehrlich lettre ascites tumor cells

Dhaliwal S.S., 1979: The g bands and c bands in relation to robertsonian polymorphism in the malayan house shrew suncus murinus mammalia insectivora

Alter B.P., 1979: The g gamma a gamma composition of fetal hemo globin in fetuses and new borns

Altay, C.; Schroeder, W. A.; Huisman, T. H. J., 1977: The g gamma delta beta thalassemia and g gamma beta hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin conditions in combination with beta thalassemia and hemo globin s

Collins P.L., 1987: The g glycoprotein of human respiratory syncytial viruses of subgroups a and b extensive sequence divergence between antigenically relation proteins

Fleissner E., 1981: The g i x antigen of murine leukemia virus an analysis with mono clonal antibodies

Stockert, E.; Old, L. J.; Boyse, E. A., 1971: The g ix system a cell surface allo antigen associated with murine leukemia virus implications regarding chromosomal integration of the viral genome

Vernon P.A., 1986: The g loading of intelligence tests and their relationship with reaction times a comment on ruchalla and others

Knowlton, L. L.; Sink, K. C. Jr, 1977: The g locus in petunia hybrida negative relationship to endogenous chlorophyll starch and sugar

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681040

Gilman A.G., 1987: The g protein beta 2 complementary dna encodes the beta 35 subunit

Dupont Y., 1985: The g protein of retinal rod outer segments transducin mechanism of interaction with rhodopsin and nucleotides

Marshall J.R., 1979: The g suit a major advance in management of gynecologic blood loss

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681044

Athersuch, J., 1977: The g w mueller ostracod collection

Barnard E.A., 1987: The gaba a benzodiazepine receptor is a heterotetramer of homologous alpha and beta subunits

Ramirez G., 1987: The gaba a receptor complex in the developing chick optic tectum characterization of benzodiazepine and ionophore linked convulsant barbiturate recognition sites

Ramirez G., 1987: The gaba a receptor complex in the developing chick optic tectum characterization of tritiated muscimol binding sites

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681049

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681050

Enna S.J., 1987: The gaba agonist thip attenuates antinociception in the mouse by modifying central cholinergic transmission

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681052

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681053

Katoh Y., 1987: The gabaergic neurons and axon terminals in the lateralis medialis suprageniculate nuclear complex of the cat gaba immunocytochemical and wga hrp studies by light and electron microscopy

Cushing D.H., 1984: The gadoid outburst in the north sea

Trifaro J.M., 1982: The gadolinium ion a potent blocker of calcium channels and catecholamine release from cultured chromaffin cells

Arlinghaus R.B., 1984: The gag mos hybrid protein ts 110 moloney murine sarcoma virus variation of gene expression with temperature

Polyzois G., 1987: The gagging problem from the prosthodontic view point

Koller, W. C.; Trimble, J., 1985: The gait abnormality of huntington's disease

Schatz M.C., 1988: The gait of elderly persons study of the principal parameters in 32 nursing home inhabitants

Cantor S., 1981: The gait of hypotonic schizophrenic children

Gasc J.P., 1980: The gait of the potto perodicticus potto lorisinae primates during his gait on a horizontal beam

Howarth C.I., 1987: The gait of visually impaired pedestrians

Ko K S., 1985: The gaiting behavior of the shrimp macrobrachium nipponense on the nettings

Ko K S., 1987: The gaiting behaviour of the grass crab hemigrapsus penicillatus on nettings

Suh, S. W.; Bhat, T. N.; Navia, M. A.; Cohen, G. H.; Rao, D. N.; Rudikoff, S.; Davies, D. R., 1986: The galactan binding immunoglobulin fab j539 an x ray diffraction study at 2.6 a resolution

Melton L.D., 1981: The galactan sulfate from the edible red alga porphyra columbina

Sommerfeld M.R., 1983: The galactan sulfates of the conchocelis phases of porphyra leucostricta and bangia atropurpurea

Mackender, R. O.; Leech, R. M., 1974: The galacto lipid phospho lipid and fatty acid composition of the chloroplast envelope membranes of vicia faba

Cerezo A.S., 1984: The galacto mannan system from the endosperm of the seed of gleditsia triacanthos

Guthrie W., 1985: The galactocele a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Cerezo A.S., 1984: The galactomannan like oligosaccharides from the endosperm of the seed of gleditsia triacanthos

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681073

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681074

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681075

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681076

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681077

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681078

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681079

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681080

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681081

Higgins, P. J., 1978: The galapagos iguanas models of reptilian differentiation

Jiang S Q., 1986: The galerucine genus capula from west china coleoptera chrysomelidae

Puff, C., 1977: The galium obtusum group galium section aparinoides rubiaceae

Puff, C., 1976: The galium trifidum group galium sect aparinoides rubiaceae

Ghoneem M., 1988: The gall bladder as a cause of dyspepsia in egyptian schistosomal hepatosplenomegalic patients

Lin, C. H.; Chang, L. R., 1981: The gall formation of zizania latifolia 1. anatomical approach

Skuhravy V., 1988: The gall gnats diptera cecidomyiidae of the harz mountains east germany

Lieber A., 1981: The gallbladder in poly cystic liver disease

Aldrey, J. L. N., 1982: The gallicolous cynipidae hymenoptera cynipidae of the oaks and muricated oaks 2. genera neuroterus cynips trigonaspis biorhiza and callirhytis

Gates G.F., 1979: The gallium bone scan in acute leukemia

Manoli R.S., 1982: The gallium scan problems and misuse in examination of patients with suspected infection

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681095

Menin C., 1979: The gallo roman population in the necropolis of maule france yvelines cranial morphology

Kudryavtsev B.N., 1988: The gallocyanin chromalum rna content in hepatocytes of different ploidy

Hohenberg H., 1979: The galloyl glucose mordanting effect as post fixative for tissue culture cells during scanning electron microscope studies

Carstensen B., 1982: The galls of lipara species diptera chloripidae and their inhabitants in the reed grass of the haseldorf marsh near hamburg west germany

Shattock, R. C., 1977: The galls on forsythia intermedia inoculation studies

Pakes A.G., 1984: The galton watson process with killing

Serikov I.S., 1985: The galvanic skin response as an electrographic correlate of the processes of memorization and recognition of various types of verbal information in boys and girls

Grossman R.G., 1979: The galveston orientation and amnesia test a practical scale to assess cognition after head injury

Ferguson R.L., 1984: The galveston technique of pelvic fixation with l rod instrumentation of the spine

Athias Henriot C., 1979: The gamasodes bispinosus species group of the genus gamasodes parasitiformes parasitidae

Et Al, 1987: The gambia hepatitis intervention study

Coren S., 1982: The game of academe

Isidoro A., 1985: The game of the pentose phosphate cycle

Urry R.L., 1988: The gamete and embryo compatibility of various synthetic polymers

Salvioli, R. A.; Latina, C. A.; Suarez, L. A., 1978: The gametic vigor as basis for selection in alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar saladina

Atkinson, L. R., 1975: The gametophyte of 5 old world thelypteroid ferns

Javalgekar, S. R.; Phartale, D. L., 1976: The gametophyte of acrostichum aureum part 1

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681114

Ratra R., 1979: The gametophytes of 3 thelypteroid ferns with particular reference to the segmentation pattern during 2 dimensional growth

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681116

Kurylo E., 1980: The gamma amino butyrate content of nerve endings synaptosomes in mice after the intra muscular injection of gamma amino butyrate elevating agents a possible role in anti convulsant activity

Maurer R., 1979: The gamma amino butyric acid agonist 4 5 6 7 tetra hydro isoxazolo 5 4 c pyridine 3 ol a muscimol analog does not interfere with the benzodiazepine binding site on rat cortical membranes

Koidl, B., 1974: The gamma amino butyric acid content of the central nervous system of crustacea and annelida a comparison

Ribak, C. E.; Vaughn, J. E.; Roberts, E., 1979: The gamma amino butyric acid neurons and their axon terminals in rat corpus striatum as demonstrated by glutamic acid decarboxylase ec immuno cytochemistry

Olsson R., 1983: The gamma amino butyric acid shunt in germinating sinapis alba seeds

Tokunaga, M.; Nakano, Y.; Kitaoka, S., 1976: The gamma amino butyric acid shunt in the callus cells derived from soybean cotyledon

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681123

Mirzoyan, S. A.; Akopyan, V. P., 1978: The gamma amino butyric acid system as a factor facilitating compensation of disturbed brain hemodynamics

Sytinskii I.A., 1982: The gamma amino butyric acid system in cat brain during convulsions

Wu J Y., 1979: The gamma amino butyric acid system in rabbit retina localization by immuno cytochemistry and auto radiography

Turner A.J., 1986: The gamma aminobutyrate benzodiazepine receptor from pig brain enhancement of gamma aminobutyrate receptor binding by the anesthetic propanidid

Turner A.J., 1986: The gamma aminobutyrate benzodiazepine receptor from pig brain purification and characterization of the receptor complex from cerebral cortex and cerebellum

Head R.A., 1984: The gamma aminobutyric acid benzodiazepine receptor complex in the nervous system of a hypertensive strain of rat

Olsen R.W., 1987: The gamma aminobutyric acid benzodiazepine receptor protein from rat brain large scale purification and preparation of antibodies

Chiodera P., 1986: The gamma aminobutyric acid ergic control of prolactin release is not affected by insulin dependent diabetes mellitus evidence from studies with sodium valproate

Fisher, R. S.; Buchwald, N. A.; Hull, C. D.; Levine, M. S., 1986: The gamma aminobutyric acid ergic striatonigral neurons of the cat demonstration by double peroxidase labeling

Novikov V.E., 1985: The gamma aminobutyric acid ergic system and brain edema

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681134

Tunnicliff G., 1984: The gamma aminobutyric acid receptor in catfish ictalurus punctatus brain

Lange L., 1983: The gamma body a vesicle generating structure

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681137

Reese A.L., 1981: The gamma chain heterogeneity of fetal hemo globin in black beta thalassemia and hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin hetero zygotes

Schoenmakers J.G.G., 1988: The gamma crystallin gene families sequence and evolutionary patterns

Surrey S., 1982: The gamma delta beta globin gene region in g gamma beta plus hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin

Grindley N.D.F., 1987: The gamma delta resolvase induces an unusual dna structure at the recombinational crossover point

Ptail G.P., 1984: The gamma distribution and weighted multi modal gamma distributions as models of population abundance/

Masala B., 1986: The gamma globin chain heterogeneity of the sardinian italy newborn baby

Ginsberg, A. L., 1976: The gamma globulin controversy

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681146

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681147

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681148

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681149

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681150

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681151

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681152

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681153

Bancher, E.; Washuettl, J.; Schmidt, B., 1972: The gamma irradiation of phytic acid in aqueous solution

Bancher, E.; Washuettl, J.; Riederer, P., 1972: The gamma irradiation of synthetic beta carotene some physicochemical and thin layer chromatographic studies of radiolysis products

Novotny J., 1984: The gamma l heavy chain disease for protein is present in 2 molecular forms

Gatzek W.J., 1987: The gamma loop a model of glomerular hemodynamics

Brooks, C. B.; Jacobs, A. M., 1975: The gamma mass scanning technique for inertial anthropometric measurement

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681159

Karu, A. E.; Sakaki, Y.; Echols, H.; Linn, S., 1975: The gamma protein specified by bacterio phage lambda structure and inhibitory activity for the recbc enzyme of escherichia coli

Eschweiler H., 1982: The gamma radiation response of blue cellophane films under controlled humidity conditions

Cunningham D.D., 1982: The gamma subunit of 7s nerve growth factor binds to cells via complexes formed with 2 cell secreted nexins

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681163

Lofberg H., 1983: The gamma trace concentration of normal human seminal plasma in 36 times that of normal human blood plasma

Erickson B.W., 1987: The gamma turn ab initio calculations on proline and n acetylproline amide

Khaled, M. A.; Urry, D. W.; Okamoto, K., 1976: The gamma turn as an independent conformational feature in solution

Savage A.A., 1981: The gammaridae and corixidae of an inland saline lake from 1975 1978

Andres H.G., 1985: The gammaridea crustacea amphipoda from the german antarctic expeditions 1975 76 and 1977 78 acanthonotozomatidae paramphithoidae and stegocephalidae

Andres, H. G., 1983: The gammaridea crustacea amphipoda of the 1975 1976 and 1977 1978 west german antarctic expeditions 3. lysianassidae

Andres, H. G., 1981: The gammaridea crustacea amphipoda of the german antarctic expeditions of 1975 1976 and 1977 1978 1. gammaridae melphidippidae and pagetinidae

Ledoyer M., 1984: The gammarids crustacea amphipoda from water plant communities of marine phanerogams from new caledonia region of noumea pacific ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681172

Goedmakers, A.; Pinkster, S., 1977: The gammarus pulex group in italy crustacea amphipoda a study based on material from the museo civico di storia naturale verona

Cesana, D., 1978: The gamogonic mitosis in iridia lucida foraminifera lagynidae

Arnold Z.M., 1984: The gamontic karyology of the saccamminid foraminifer psammophaga simplora/

Williamson S.L., 1987: The gamut of increased whole bone activity in bone scintigraphy in children

Restrepo, A.; Robledo, M.; Giraldo, R.; Hernandez, H.; Sierra, F.; Gutierrez, F.; Londono, F.; Lopez, R.; Calle, G., 1976: The gamut of paracoccidioido mycosis

Severo L.C., 1981: The gamut of progressive pulmonary paracoccidioido mycosis

Sarkar, S. S., 1975: The gangamopteris flora of kashmir and the salt range and the stratigraphy of india pakistan malaya and south africa

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681180

Stratman R.L., 1980: The ganglion blocked angiotensin ii supported rat a model for demonstrating anti hypertensive vaso dilator activity

Perry, V. H.; Cowey, A., 1985: The ganglion cell and cone distributions in the monkey's retina implications for central magnification factors

Perry V.H., 1979: The ganglion cell layer of the retina of the rat a golgi study

Lundy, P. M., 1978: The ganglionic blocking properties of the cholin esterase reactivator hs 6 1 3 aminocarbonylpyridinomethoxymethyl 2 hydroxyiminomethyl pyridinium di chloride

Van Dessel G., 1980: The ganglioside content of the milk fat globule membrane and the mouse mammary tumor virus isolated from the milk of infected mice partial characterization of a new di sialo ganglioside

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681186

Romero Vidal D., 1987: The gangliosides in the perceptive deafness with tinnitus

Bergelson L.D., 1987: The gangliosides of adult human aorta intima media and plaque

Bergel'son L.D., 1981: The gangliosides of ascites hepatoma 22a and mouse liver

Gilden R.V., 1985: The gap and pol genes of bovine leukemia virus nucleotide sequence and analysis

Rogers, R. R.; Rasof, B., 1977: The gap between psychiatric practice and the medical model

Bhat A.V., 1982: The gap in your knowledge gender on wheels

Brink P.R., 1986: The gap junction channel its aqueous nature as indicated by deuterium oxide effects

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681194

Sposito G., 1980: The gapon coefficient and the exchangeable sodium percentage sodium adsorption ratio relation

Thoms G., 1981: The garden dormouse eliomys mammalia rodentia gliridae in northern africa a survey

Henry T.J., 1983: The garden fleahopper genus halticus hemiptera heteroptera miridae resurrection of an old name and key to species of the western hemisphere

Mcmenamin M.A.S., 1986: The garden of ediacara

Solonen T., 1980: The garden warbler sylvia borin as a member of a breeding bird community

Rand R.W., 1981: The gardner neuro vascular decompression operation for trigeminal neuralgia

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681201

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681202

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681203

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681204

Thoenes W., 1983: The garland type of acute post infectious glomerulo nephritis morphological characteristics and follow up studies

Ouwehand P.J., 1987: The garschella formation and goetzis beds aptian coniacian new stratigraphic data from the helvetian of eastern switzerland and vorarlberg austria

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681207

Tokunaga, T.; Iida, H.; Miwa, K., 1977: The gas chromatographic analysis of amines in fish

Kunz B., 1982: The gas chromatographic detection of metabolic products of cultures of selected lactic acid bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681210

Ciupe R., 1985: The gas chromatographic determination of the accumulation of ddt and methyl chloride in some fish tissues

Mancas D.G., 1981: The gas chromatographic determination of thio di glycolic acid in urine

Dornseiffen J.W., 1982: The gas chromatographic determination of toxic residues in adulterated spanish olive oil

Bohn, G.; Audick, W.; Hoeltzenbein, P., 1977: The gas chromatographic mass spectrometric detection of amphetaminil

Tucknott O.G., 1981: The gas chromatographic mass spectrometric examination of the volatiles produced by the fermentation of a sucrose solution

Hanika G., 1988: The gas chromatographic measurement of benzene toluene in atmospheric air by adsorptive sampling and thermal desorption

Flores, J. J.; Bonner, W. A.; Van-Dort, A., 1977: The gas chromatographic resolution of dl iso valine

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681218

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681219

Schwarz, M.; Michael, G., 1976: The gas chromatography of tri fluoroacetyl amino acid tri methyl silyl ester

Stuart, T. S.; Gaffron, H., 1972: The gas exchange of hydrogen adapted algae as followed by mass spectrometry

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681222

Buttery P.J., 1979: The gas liquid chromatographic analysis of the lysine content of feedstuffs

Haeffner, L. J.; Magen, J. S.; Kowlessar, O. D., 1976: The gas liquid chromatographic separation of selected catecholamines on poly amide a 103

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681225

Grove, J.; Toseland, P. A., 1970: The gas liquid chromatography of hydroxyamylo barbitone in plasma and urine

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681227

Sornberger G.C., 1979: The gas phase of marihuana smoke and intra pulmonary bactericidal defenses

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681229

Fletcher I.S., 1986: The gas phase reaction of the methylperoxy radical with sulfur dioxide

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681231

Weathers, P. J.; Jost, M.; Lamport, D. T. A., 1977: The gas vacuole membrane of microcystis aeruginosa a partial amino acid sequence

Young T.W.K., 1979: The gasteroid russulales

Sharma B.M., 1984: The gasteromycetes of the himalayas 3

Thind I.P.S., 1982: The gasteromycetes of the himalayas india 1

Thind I.P.S., 1982: The gasteromycetes of the himalayas india 10

Brighi S., 1980: The gastric acid secretion under basal conditions and after maximal stimulation in normal subjects and in different pathological conditions of the upper digestive tract 215 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681238

Parmar, N. S.; Hennings, G., 1984: The gastric antisecretory activity of 3 methoxy 5 7 3' 4' tetrahydroxyflavan a specific histidine decarboxylase inhibitor in rats

Combrisson H., 1984: The gastric barrier

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Sharma H., 1983: The gastric emptying of hard gelatin capsules

Sharma H., 1982: The gastric emptying of pellets contained in hard gelatin capsules

Mozsik G., 1984: The gastric fundic mucosal energy systems and hydrochloric acid induced lesions in rats in dependence on starvation

Laburthe M., 1984: The gastric inhibitory polypeptide receptor on pancreatic beta cell tumor molecular identification by covalent cross linking

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681248

Gupta B.B., 1983: The gastric morphology and histology of an indian frugivorous bat cynopterus sphinx

Gupta B.B., 1982: The gastric morphology and histology of an insectivorous bat rhinopoma kinneari

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Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681256

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681257

Sewing K F., 1987: The gastric proton pump a target for neuroleptics and antidepressant drugs?

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681260

De-Schryver-Kecskemeti, K.; Greider, M. H.; Saks, M. K.; Reiders, E. R.; Mcguigan, J. E., 1977: The gastrin producing cells in tissue cultures of the rat pyloric antrum

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Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681268

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681269

Tan, C. K.; Gopalakrishnakone, P., 1987: The gastro esophageal junction of the python python reticulatus

Vansant J.H., 1979: The gastro esophageal scinti scan comparison of methods to demonstrate gastro esophageal reflux

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681272

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681273

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681274

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681275

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681276

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681277

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681278

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681279

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681280

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681281

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681282

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681283

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681284

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681285

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681286

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681287

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681288

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681289

Vichard P., 1985: The gastrocnemius free flap

De Vizia G.P., 1981: The gastrocnemius myo cutaneous flap an alternative method to repair severe lesions of the leg

Anderson I.A., 1986: The gastrocnemius tendon of domestic fowl histological findings in different strains

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681293

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681294

Section 7, Chapter 6682, Accession 006681295

Fagolimul J.O., 1985: The gastropod cymatium muricinum a predator on juvenile tridacnid clams

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