The genetic characteristics of river valley solods in the left bank ukrainian forest steppe zone ukrainian ssr ussr

Kovalishin, D.I.

Pochvovedenie 1: 52-64


Accession: 006681952

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Data is given on the macro- and micromorphological characteristics of solods in river valleys of the left bank of the Ukrainian SSR [USSR] forest-steppe region in comparison to solods of the western, light grey forest and meadow solontz soils. Physical-chemical and redox properties, granulometric, bulk, chemical and mineralogical composition are discussed. Alluvial solods are genetically individualized and are mainly characterized by swamp formation and salinization, indicating that they should be classified as swampy solonetzic solonchakous solods. The process of solod formation is accompanied by deep transformation and destruction of the primary and secondary minerals, lavage of the products of this destriction into low-lying horizons and an accumulation of SiO2 in the upper part of the profile.