Section 7
Chapter 6,683

The genus bouteloua poaceae

Gould, F.W.

Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 66(3): 348-416


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-6493
DOI: 10.2307/2398834
Accession: 006682658

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Bouteloua was established in 1805 by Mariano Lagasca. The type species is B. curtipendula (Michaux) Torrey, originally named B. racemosa by Lagasca. In the present treatment, 39 spp. are recognized, 29 of these restricted to North America and Central America, 2 spp. are endemic to the Antilles, 2 spp. occur in the Antilles and at other locations, 5 spp. are distributed in both North and South America and 1 sp., B. megapotamica, is represented only in southern South America. Bouteloua is a characteristic member of the tribe Chlorideae of the subfamily Eragrostoideae (Chloridoideae). The species all are C4 plants with typical Kranz leaf anatomy and starch storage features. Chromosome numbers are reported for 29 spp. with most species being diploid (2n = 20) or tetraploid (2n = 40). Aneuploid records or series of counts are reported for 9 spp.

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