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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6684

Chapter 6684 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Friedmann E.I., 1979:
The genus geitleria cyanophyceae or cyanobacteria distribution of geitleria calcarea new record and geitleria floridana new species

Morariu I., 1981:
The genus gentianella in romanian flora

Hoelzel H., 1982:
The genus gepus neuropteroidea planipennia myrmeleonidae

Mielcarek, R., 1986:
The genus gerardiina engl. scrophulariaceae gerardieae from zaire

Korytkowski, C.A., 1976:
The genus gerrhoceras and description of a new gall producing species

Kraft G.T., 1986:
The genus gibsmithia dumontiaceae rhodophyta in australia

Schlueter, T., 1976:
The genus glabellula new record diptera bombyliidae from the oligocene fossiliferous resin of the dominican republic

Umber R.E., 1979:
The genus glandularia verbenaceae in north america

Deva S., 1981:
The genus globba zingiberaceae from dehra dun and garhwal himalaya india

Keller G., 1981:
The genus globorotalia in the early miocene of the equatorial and northwestern pacific

E.N.khal H.A.; E.N.ggar Z.R., 1987:
The genus globotruncana from the subsurface upper cretaceous of kuwait arabia

Hindak, F., 1978:
The genus gloeocystis chlorococcales chlorophyceae rod gloeocystis chlorococcales chlorophyceae

Mauries, J.P., 1977:
The genus glyphiulus and its place in the classification of the cambalida in relation to the description of a new species from vietnam diplopoda iulida cambalidea

Kristensen T.K., 1981:
The genus gonatus mollusca cephalopoda in the north atlantic a revision of the north atlantic species and description of gonatus steenstrupi new species

Balech E., 1979:
The genus goniodoma dinoflagellata

Jessup L.W., 1986:
The genus goniothalamus annonaceae in australia

Manohar K.V.; Patel R.J., 1985:
The genus gonium volvocales chlorophyceae from gujarat india

Auffenberg, W., 1976:
The genus gopherus testudinidae part 1 osteology and relationships of extant species

Sotomayor A.O.; Almodovar L.R., 1982:
The genus gracilaria gigartinales rhodophycophyta in puerto rico and its possible potential as an industrial scale agarophyte

Trono G.C.Jr; Azanza Corrales R.; Manuel D., 1983:
The genus gracilaria gigartinales rhodophyta in the philippines

D.O.iveira E.C.; Mclachlan J.; Bird C.J., 1983:
The genus gracilaria rhodophyta gigartinales in the western atlantic gracilaria domingensis gracilaria cervicornis and gracilaria ferox

Barnard J.L., 1980:
The genus grandifoxus crustacea amphipoda phoxcephalidae from the northeastern pacific ocean

Jaech M.A., 1984:
The genus grouvellinus in the himalayas and southeastern asia elmidae coleoptera

Yakovlev G.P., 1980:
The genus gueldenstaedtia fabaceae

Molina, A.M., 1978:
The genus gunnera in argentina and uruguay gunneraceae

James, P.W., 1975:
The genus gyalideopsis in britain

Lee, Y.T., 1976:
The genus gymnocladus and its tropical affinity

Hong W.S., 1984:
The genus gymnomitrion in north america west of the 100th meridian

Davies F.G., 1980:
The genus gynura compositae in india sri lanka and the seychelles

Davies F.G., 1981:
The genus gynura compositae in malesia and australia

Furman D.P.; Dailey M.D., 1980:
The genus halarachne acari halarachnidae with the description of a new species from the hawaiian usa monk seal

Blanche, C.; Moleno, J., 1987:
The genus halopeplis ung. sterb. salicorniaceae in the iberian peninsula

Talavera P.; Murillo L.; Templado J., 1987:
The genus haminoea turton and kingston 1830 opisthobranchia bullomorpha in southeastern spain with the description of a new species

Kaim-Malka, R.A., 1976:
The genus haploops crustacea amphipoda in the mediterranean sea

Mayer, E.; Wraber, T., 1974:
The genus haplophyllum in yugoslavia

Kunst, M., 1977:
The genus haplozetes in czechoslovakia acari oribatei

Thaler K.; Madlener I., 1979:
The genus harpactocrates in the western alps arachnida aranei dysderidae

Key K.H.L., 1981:
The genus hastella orthoptera eumastacidae morabinae

Frerichs, W.E.; Pokras, E.M.; Evetts, M.J., 1977:
The genus hastigerinoides and its significance in the bio stratigraphy of the western interior

Haitlinger R., 1986:
The genus hauptmannia oudemans 1910 acari prostigmata erythraeidae in poland

Bosser, J., 1976:
The genus hederorkis orchidaceae on the mascarene and seychelle islands

Lefeber V., 1986:
The genus hedychridium in the benelux hymenoptera chrysididae

Todzia C.A.; Wood C.E.Jr, 1988:
The genus hedyosmum chloranthaceae in the west indies

Mancini, G.; Moretti, F., 1976:
The genus helicotylenchus in piedmont and the aosta valley part 1

Reddy Y.R.; Radhakrishna Y., 1981:
The genus heliodiaptomus in india including the description of heliodiaptomus kolleruensis new species copepoda calanoida

Schreiber A., 1979:
The genus heliophila brassicaceae in south west africa

Ospanova N.K., 1981:
The genus helioplasmolites heliolitoidea and its taxonomic position

Broodbakker N.W., 1983:
The genus hemicypris crustacea ostracoda in the west indies

Buckup P.A., 1988:
The genus heptapterus teleostei pimelodidae in southern brazil and uruguay with the description of a new species

Krikken J., 1982:
The genus heteroclitopus in kenya coleoptera scarabaeidae

Broodbakker, N.W., 1983 :
The genus heterocypris crustacea ostracoda in the west indies 2. carapace length ecology and zoo geography

Exley E.M., 1983:
The genus heterohesma hymenoptera apoidea colletidae

Lack, H.W., 1978:
The genus heywoodiella asteraceae lactuceae

Johnson, M.F., 1977:
The genus hieracium cichorieae asteraceae in virginia usa

Braeutigam S., 1983:
The genus hieracium in the caucasus ussr

Straka, V., 1978:
The genus hilara diptera empididae in the tirolian alps austria

Brailovsky H.; Barrera E., 1985:
The genus himella dallas with description of two new species hemiptera heteroptera coreidae nematopodini

Hastings A.B., 1979:
The genus hippothoa polyzoa bryozoa cheilostomata

Clayton, W.D., 1978:
The genus holcolemma gramineae

Marques R.V., 1988:
The genus holochilus mammalia cricetidae in rio grande do sul brazil taxonomy and distribution

Michener C.D., 1979:
The genus homalictus in fiji hymenoptera halictidae

Munari L., 1988:
The genus homalometopus becker biogeographic and phylogenetic considerations and hypotheses with description of a new species from sardinia italy diptera ephydridae

Maeto, K., 1982:
The genus homolobus of japan hymenoptera braconidae 1. subgenus homolobus

Maeto, K., 1982:
The genus homolobus of japan hymenoptera braconidae 2. subgenera chartolobus apatia phylacter and oulophus

Novoa N.; Alayo P., 1986:
The genus hortensia homoptera auchenorrhyncha in cuba

Fujita, N., 1976:
The genus hosta liliaceae in japan

Gupta G.S.; Safui B., 1984:
The genus hovenia rhamnaceae in the indian subcontinent

Gourvennec R., 1985:
The genus howellella brachiopoda spiriferida of the siluro devonian of western europe

Ryvarden L., 1982:
The genus hydnochaete hymenochaetaceae

Jaech M., 1982:
The genus hydraena in israel

Schlickum W.R., 1979:
The genus hydrocena in the european tertiary neritacea hydrocenidae

Mendoza M.L.; Cabloch J., 1986:
The genus hydrolithon rhodophyta corallinaceae on the subantarctic and antarctic coasts of argentina and some adjacent regions

Westmoreland G.R., 1981:
The genus hydrophyllum in illinois usa

Raynal Roques A., 1979:
The genus hydrotriche scrophularaceae

Kuhner P.R., 1979:
The genus hygrocybe some collections from the forest zone

Varga A., 1979:
The genus hygromia gastropoda helicidae

Koster A., 1986:
The genus hylaeus in the netherlands hymenoptera colletidae with a key to the species of northwestern europe

Thind K.S.; Sharma M.P., 1980:
The genus hymenoscyphus in india

Moore, H.E.Jr, 1978:
The genus hyophorbe palmae

Cherneva O.V., 1983:
The genus hypacanthium asteraceae and its representatives in central asia

Lecordier C., 1988:
The genus hyparpalus alluaud in africa coleoptera carabidae harpalinae

Doll R., 1979:
The genus hyphodontia in mecklenburg east germany

Wynne M.J.; Ballantine D.L., 1986 :
The genus hypoglossum delesseriaceae rhodophyta in the tropical western atlantic including hypoglossum anomalum new species

Biswas A., 1985:
The genus hypolepis in india

Enderle M., 1982:
The genus hypoxylon in the ulm area southern west germany

Beaucournu J C.; Launay H., 1979:
The genus hystrichopsylla in the west of the mediterranean basin siphonaptera hystrichopsyllidae

Serban, E.; Comas-Navarro, J., 1978:
The genus iberobathynella iberobathynella asturiensis new species and iberobathynella espaniensis new species from spain bathynellacea parabathynellidae

Matile Ferrero D., 1984:
The genus iberococcus from western mediterranean homoptera coccoidea pseudococcidae

Alonso, M.R.; Ibanez, M., 1977:
The genus iberus pulmonata helicidae part 1 iberus rositai

Ibanez, M.; Alonso, M.R., 1977:
The genus iberus pulmonata helicidae part 2 iberus cobosi new species

Wen, T.W., 1975:
The genus ichoronyssus with description of a new species gamasides macronyssidae

Nadchatram M., 1980:
The genus iguanacarus new genus new status acari prostigmata trombiculidae with description of a new species from the tracheae of amphibious sea snakes

Kiew, R., 1976:
The genus iguanura palmae

Bhaskar V., 1981:
The genus impatiens in south india endemism and affinities

Strohecker H.F., 1979:
The genus indalmus in asia new guinea and australia with a description of platindalmus new genus coleoptera endomychidae

Sanjapa M., 1985:
The genus indigofera fabaceae papilionoideae in burma

Carbonell E.; Coomans A., 1987:
The genus indodorylaimus ali and prabha 1974 and its identity with sicaguttur siddiqi 1971 nematoda thornenematidae

Poncy, O., 1985:
The genus inga leguminosae mimosoideae in french guiana systematics morphology of juvenile forms ecology studies on the flora of the guianas no. 13

Anderberg A., 1985:
The genus iphiona compositae inuleae

Johri S.C., 1984:
The genus ipomoea in rajasthan india

Segun, A.O., 1977:
The genus iridodrilus eudrilidae oligochaeta in nigeria

Braasch D., 1980:
The genus iron heptageniidae ephemeroptera in the caucasus ussr

Kaszab Z., 1982:
The genus iscanus coleoptera tenebrionidae from the pacific

Andersson, L., 1977:
The genus ischnosiphon marantaceae

Cood L.E., 1984:
The genus isodon in africa and rabdosiella new genus lamiaceae

Aspoeck U.; Aspoeck H., 1980:
The genus isoscelipteron neuropteroidea planipennia berothidae

Keirans, J.E.; Clifford, C.M., 1978:
The genus ixodes in the usa a scanning electron microscope study and key to the adults

Udar R.; Kumar A., 1982:
The genus jackiella in south india

Borhidi, A.; Muniz, O., 1978:
The genus jacquinia theophrastaceae in cuba

Prunus, G.; Pantoustier, G., 1976:
The genus jaera isopoda asellota from the coasts of tunisia morphological and ecological study

Kumar A.; Udar R., 1985:
The genus jamesoniella spruce in india

Carvacho A., 1981:
The genus janira with description of a new species isopoda asellota

Gosliner T.M., 1982:
The genus janolus nudibranchia arminacea from the pacific coast of north america with a reinstatement of janolus fuscus

Dall'asta U., 1979:
The genus janomima lepidoptera eupterotidae

Schlickum, W.R., 1977:
The genus josephinella

Damsholt, K.; Vana, J., 1977:
The genus jungermannia hepaticae in greenland

Zanoni, T.A.; Adams, R.P., 1975:
The genus juniperus cupressaceae in mexico and guatemala numerical and morphological analysis

Beal, E.O.; Brown, S.F., 1976:
The genus justicia acanthaceae in north carolina usa

Daniel T.F., 1980:
The genus justicia acanthaceae in the chihuahuan desert mexico

Raadts, E., 1977:
The genus kalanchoe crassulaceae in tropical east africa

Sewell, J.J.; Gay, F.J., 1978:
The genus kalotermes in western australia isoptera kalotermitidae

Hafellner, J.; Poelt, J., 1976:
The genus karschia link between bitunicate ascomycetes and lecanorales

Roberts D., 1984:
The genus katelysia bivalvia veneridae in southern australia

Halliday P., 1984:
The genus kleinia compositae in arabia

Rosario R.M.T.; Hunter P.E., 1988 :
The genus klinckowstroemia tragardh and descriptions of nine new species acarina trigynaspida klinckowstroemiidae

Conran J.G., 1987:
The genus kniphofia moench aloeaceae in australia

Ranne Rasmussen, 1979:
The genus knowltonia ranunculaceae

Kozhevnikov A.E., 1981:
The genus kobresia cyperaceae in kamchatka oblast russian sfsr ussr

Wiebes, J.T., 1978:
The genus kradibia and an addition to ceratosolen hymenoptera chalcidoidea agaonidae

Van Stalle J., 1986:
The genus kuranda distant 1907 with a description of four new species from papua new guinea homoptera fulgoroidea derbidae

Fabritrius K.; Weiss I., 1985:
The genus labolips new record proctotrupoidea diapriidae new for the romanian fauna

Gentili E., 1980:
The genus laccobius in melanesia coleoptera hydrophilidae

Sharma M.P.; Thind K.S.; Sharma R., 1980:
The genus lachnellula in india

Lalli G.; Pacioni G., 1981:
The genus lactarius in circeo national park italy

Dethier D., 1982:
The genus lactuca asteraceae in central africa

Hindak, F., 1978:
The genus lagerheimia and lagerheimia like uni cells in the genus scenedesmus chlorophyceae

Poll, M., 1978:
The genus lamprologus description of 4 new species rehabilitation of lamprologus mondabu and rearranged synopsis of the species of lake tanganyika africa

Bernardello L.M., 1979:
The genus lamprothyrsus poaceae in argentina

Bachmann A.O.; Tremouilles E.R., 1981:
The genus lancetes in continental argentina coleoptera dytiscidae

Sharma M.P.; Sharda R.M., 1985:
The genus lanzia in india

Raenko L.M., 1985:
The genus lappula in the turkmen ssr ussr

Talde, U.K., 1977:
The genus lasiosphaeria in india

Miller A.G., 1985:
The genus lavandula in arabia and tropical northeast africa

Ducasse O.; Rousselle L., 1988:
The genus leguminocythereis ostracods in the northern aquitanian france paleogene species and populations local evolution

Suzuki, S., 1976:
The genus leiobunum of japan and adjacent countries leiobunidae opiliones arachnida

Gramiccia, M.; Gradoni, L.; Pozio, E., 1985 :
The genus Leishmania in Italy

Perrault, G.G., 1981:
The genus leistus coleoptera carabidae 3. the subgenus nebrileistus

Perrault, G.G., 1982:
The genus leistus coleoptera carabidae nebriini 4. the subgenus pogonophorus division into groups of species

Perrault, G.G., 1984:
The genus leistus coleoptera carabidae nebriini 5. the leistus obtusicollis group

Perrault, G.G., 1985:
The genus leistus coleoptera carabidae nebriini 6. the subgenus evanoleistus

Perrault, G.G., 1985:
The genus leistus coleoptera carabidae nebriini 7. the subgenus evanoleistus 2. the leistus nepalensis group

Perrault G G., 1979:
The genus leistus coleoptera carabidae part 1 the leistus angusticollis group

Perrault, G.G., 1988:
The genus leistus froehlig coleoptera carabidae nebriini x. subgenus leistus sensu stricto 2. the asian species 2nd paper

Perrault, G.G., 1986:
The genus leistus ix. complements to the study of the subgenus evanoleistus coleoptera carabidae nebriini

Aspoeck U.; Aspoeck H., 1985:
The genus lekrugeria neuropteroidea planipennia berothidae berothinae

Mcalpine, D.K.; Kim, S.P., 1977:
The genus lenophila diptera platystomatidae

Margulis R.Ya; Alekseev D.O., 1985:
The genus lensia siphonophora calycophorae

Hewson H.J., 1981:
The genus lepidium brassicaceae in australia

Hewson H.J., 1982:
The genus lepidium brassicaceae in new guinea

Kaas P.; Van Belle R.A., 1981:
The genus lepidochitona mollusca polyplacophora in the northeastern atlantic ocean the mediterranean sea and the black sea

Eernisse D.J., 1986:
The genus lepidochitona mollusca polyplacophora in the northeastern pacific ocean oregonian and californian provinces usa

Ferreira, A.J., 1978:
The genus lepidozona mollusca polyplacophora in the temperate eastern pacific baja california mexico to alaska usa with the description of a new species

Kaszab Z., 1983:
The genus leprocaulus coleoptera tenebrionidae

Racheboeuf, P.R., 1976:
The genus leptaenopyxis brachiopoda leptaenidae in the devonian of the armorican massif france

Vari, R.P., 1978:
The genus leptagoniates pisces characoidei with a description of a new species from bolivia

Lazarides M., 1980:
The genus leptochloa poaceae eragrostideae in australia and papua new guinea

Awasthi, D.D.; Akhtar, P., 1977:
The genus leptogium section mallotium in india

Monne M.A.; Hoffmann M., 1981:
The genus leptostylus coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae acanthocinini in south america

Moser, M.; Noble, R., 1976:
The genus Leptotheca (Protozoa: Myxosporida) in macrourid fishes and sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria

Laurent R.F., 1984:
The genus leptotyphlops in the collection of the fundacion miguel lillo argentina

Monne, M.A., 1976:
The genus lepturges in eastern and southern brazil coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae acanthocinini

Monne, M.A., 1978:
The genus lepturges in the northern and west central parts of brazil coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae acanthocinini

Axelius B., 1987:
The genus lerchea rubiaceae

Searles, R.B., 1978:
The genus lessonia phaeophyta laminariales in southern chile and argentina

Barreto Valdes A.; Yakovlev G.P., 1987:
The genus leucaena leguminosae mimosoideae in cuba

Udar R.; Awasthi U.S., 1983:
The genus leucolejeunea in india

Singh, B.K.; Gupta, J.P., 1974 :
The genus leucophenga diptera drosophilidae in india

Fogel R., 1979:
The genus leucophleps basidiomycotina leucogastrales

Braun U., 1980:
The genus leveillula a preliminary study

Bremer, K., 1978:
The genus leysera compositae

Raynal, J., 1977:
The genus lilaeopsis new record umbelliferae in madagascar

Brullo, S., 1978:
The genus limonium in cyrenaica libya

Erben, M., 1978:
The genus limonium in the southwest mediterranean area

Darwin, S.P., 1976:
The genus lindenia rubiaceae

Sivarajan V.V.; Mathew P., 1983:
The genus lindernia scrophulariaceae in india

Dixit R.D.; Ghosh B., 1983:
The genus lindsaea in india

Tenchov Y.G.; Popov A.B., 1987:
The genus linopteris presl late carboniferous in dobrudza coal basin bulgaria

Beveridge I., 1983:
The genus linstowia cestoda anoplocephalidae in australian mammals with the description of linstowia macrouri new species

Fischer M., 1980:
The genus liodoryctes hymenoptera braconidae doryctinae

Koyama T., 1982:
The genus lipocarpha its morphology and systematic position in the family cyperaceae

Baez, M., 1977:
The genus lispe on the canary islands with description of lispe lanzarotensis new species diptera muscidae mydaeinae

Okada T., 1985:
The genus lissocephala and an allied new genus of southeast asia and new guinea diptera drosophilidae

Cody W.J.; Munro D., 1980:
The genus listera in new brunswick canada

Myers A.A.; Mcgrath D., 1983:
The genus listriella crustacea amphipoda in british and irish waters with the description of listriella mollis new species new species

Browicz K., 1986:
The genus lithodora boraginaceae in the eastern mediterranean region

Woelkerling W.J., 1986:
The genus litholepis corallinaceae rhodophyta taxonomic status and disposition

Smith D.G., 1987:
The genus littoridinops mesogastropoda hydrobiidae in new england usa

Vanden Berghen C., 1984:
The genus lopholejeunea lejeuneaceae hepaticae in africa

Kovtonyuk N.K., 1987:
The genus luzula juncaceae in siberia ussr

Arrondo O.G.; Petriella B., 1979:
The genus lycopodiopsis lycopodiopsidaceae lepidodendrales of the middle carboniferous lower permian of argentina

Martins U.R., 1980:
The genus lygrus coleoptera cerambycidae

Amsel H.G., 1983:
The genus lymira new name and hosidia lepidoptera pyralidae phycitinae peorini

Pointier J P.; Delplanque A.; Poli G., 1979:
The genus lyria mollusca volutidae and a taxonomic anatomic and ecologic study of lyria archeri on guadeloupe french antilles

Rudd, V.E., 1977:
The genus machaerium leguminosae in mexico

Forest, J., 1978:
The genus macropodia in european atlantic waters crustacea brachyura majidae

Van Noort G.J.; Adema J.P.H.M., 1985:
The genus macropodia in the north sea and adjacent waters with the description of a new species

Panda P.C.; Choudhury P.B.; Patnaik S.N., 1985:
The genus macrotyloma fabaceae in orissa india

Hippa, H., 1978:
The genus macrozelima diptera syrphidae

Duenas H., 1980 :
The genus magnastriatites

Chinnock R.J., 1980:
The genus malacocera chenopodiaceae

Asmund B.; Kristiansen J., 1986:
The genus mallomonas chrysophyceae a taxonomic survey based on the ultrastructure of silica scales and bristles

Thomson, G., 1976:
The genus maniola lepidoptera satyridae notes on male and female genitalia

Eberhard M.L.; Orihel T.C., 1984:
The genus mansonella synonym tetrapetalonema a new classification

Gilliam, M.S., 1976:
The genus marasmius in the northeastern usa and adjacent canada

Jegu M.; Leveque C., 1984:
The genus marcusenius pisces mormyridae in western africa

Baert L.; Kekenbosch J., 1979:
The genus maro araneae linyphiinae in belgium

Morillo, G., 1978:
The genus marsdenia in venezuela colombia and ecuador

Van Welzen P.C.; Den Hengst S., 1984:
The genus mastersia papilionaceae phaseoleae

Awasthi U.S.; Udar R., 1984:
The genus mastigolejeunea in india

Ceuca, T., 1976:
The genus mastigophorophyllon diplopoda ascospermophora

Kostermans A.J.G.H., 1982:
The genus mastixia cornaceae in ceylon sri lanka

Darwin, S.P., 1977:
The genus mastixiodendron rubiaceae

Dransfield, J., 1978:
The genus maxburretia palmae

Demissew S., 1985:
The genus maytenus celastraceae in northeast tropical africa and tropical arabia

Stirton C.H., 1982:
The genus medicago leguminosae in southern africa

Takagi S., 1981:
The genus megacanthaspis a possible relic of an earlier stock of the diaspididae homoptera coccoidea

Matthei, O.R., 1974:
The genus megalachne gramineae

Olazo E.V.G., 1981:
The genus megalomus neuroptera planipennia hemerobiidae in argentina and chile

Dessart P., 1981:
The genus megaspilus in north america hymenoptera ceraphronoidea megaspilidae

Izzatullaev Z.I.; Starobogatov Y.I., 1984:
The genus melanopsis gastropoda pectinibranchia and its representatives in water bodies of the ussr

Lisowski S.; Mielcarek R., 1983:
The genus melasma scrophulariaceae gerardieae in central africa

Longhi, H.M., 1975:
The genus melica gramineae in rio grande do sul brazil

Russell G.E.G.; Ellis R.P., 1982:
The genus melica poaceae in southern africa

Hamilton R.W., 1985:
The genus merhynchites in america north of mexico

Dussart B.H., 1985:
The genus mesocyclops crustacea copepoda in north america

Andrassy I., 1986:
The genus mesodorylaimus andrassy 1959 and its relatives nematoda dorylaimidae

Rechinger K.H., 1981:
The genus mesostemma caryophyllaceae in the flora of iran and afghanistan

Akhvlediani, E.G., 1977:
The genus metadacna from the pliocene brackish water deposits of the western georgian ssr ussr

Mateu J., 1982:
The genus metadromius

Ducker S.C., 1979:
The genus metagoniolithon corallinaceae rhodophyta

Tulloch, M., 1976:
The genus metarhizium

Manuel, M.G., 1977:
The genus meteoridium new genus new status bryopsida meteoriaceae

Manuel, M.G., 1976:
The genus meteoriella bryopsida pterobryaceae

Coiffait H., 1980:
The genus micrillus coleoptera staphylinidae paderinae

Nelson S.Jr, 1984:
The genus microbisium in north and central america pseudoscorpionida neobisiidae

Tibell, L., 1978:
The genus microcalicium

Mawson, P.M., 1977:
The genus microtetrameres nematoda spirurida in australian birds

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The genus millotellina new record in australia myriapoda symphyla scutigerellidae

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The genus mimosa leguminosae mimosoideae in cuba

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The genus mimosa mimosaceae in bahia brazil new taxa and nomenclatural adjustments

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The genus miracarus oribatei miracarus abeloosi new species 1. adult stage

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The genus mitrella risso 1826 gastropoda columbellidae on the iberian coasts

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The genus mixodiaptomus copepoda diaptomidae in spain

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The genus miyakea ranunculaceae in the flora of the far east russian sfsr ussr

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The genus monapia araneae anyphaenidae

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The genus montia portulacaceae in the ussr

Goldblatt, P., 1976:
The genus moraea in the winter rainfall region of southern africa

Ellis, J.P., 1980:
The genus morenoina in britain uk

Verlaque R., 1983:
The genus morina

Bigorne R., 1987:
The genus mormyrops pisces mormyridae in west africa

Bisse J., 1985:
The genus mosiera small myrtaceae myrtoideae in cuba i

Meyen S.V.; Smoller H.G., 1986 :
The genus mostotchkia upper paleozoic of angaraland and its bearing on the characteristics of the order dicranophyllales pinopsida

Matthei O., 1984:
The genus muhlenbergia poaceae in chile

Anton, A.M.; Hunziker, A.T., 1978:
The genus munroa poaceae morphologic and taxonomic synopsis

Sarasua H.; Espinosa J., 1979:
The genus muricopsis mollusca neogastropoda in cuba

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The genus muscari in slovakia czechoslovakia

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The genus mycetophila diptera mycetophilidae 6. description of 15 new species

Duret J.P., 1979:
The genus mycetophila in patagonia chile 2 8 new species from the straits of magellan chile diptera mycetophilidae

Okada, T., 1986:
The genus mycodrosophila diptera drosophilidae of southeast asia and new guinea i. typical species

Okada, T., 1986:
The genus mycodrosophila diptera drosophilidae of southeast asia and new guinea ii. atypical species

Evans H.C., 1984:
The genus mycosphaerella and its anamorphs cercoseptoria dothistroma and lecanosticta on pines

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The genus myrmozercon berlese with descriptions of two new species acari mesostigmata laelapidae

Moser, M.; Noble, E.R.; Lee, R.S., 1976:
The genus Myxidium (Protozoa: Myxosporida) in macrourid fishes

Moser, M.; Noble, E.R., 1977:
The genus Myxoproteus (Protozoa: Myxosporida) in macrourid fishes

Kiew R., 1984:
The genus myxopyrum oleaceae

Harvey M.S., 1984:
The genus nannochelifer with a new species from the coral sea pseudoscorpionida cheliferidae

Wiklund A., 1987:
The genus nauplius asteraceae inuleae

Brailovsky H., 1979:
The genus neacoryphus in south america and description of 3 new species hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae lygaeinae

Kensley, B., 1976:
The genus nebalia in south and southwest africa crustacea leptostraca

Decloitre, L., 1977:
The genus nebela complement to the monograph published in 1936 as of december 31 1974

Schawaller W., 1986:
The genus necrophilus in the himalayas insecta coleoptera agyrtidae

Samuels G.J.; Dumont K.P., 1982:
The genus nectria hypocreaceae in panama

Mateu J., 1982 :
The genus negrea and its neotropical re partition coleoptera carabidae lebiinae

Dessart, P., 1975:
The genus neoceraphron hymenoptera ceraphronoidea ceraphronidae

Goloboff P.A., 1987:
The genus neocteniza pocock 1895 araneae mygalomorphae idiopidae in argentina and paraguay

Hochmut R., 1984:
The genus neodiprion hymenoptera diprionidae in cuba

Askevold I.S., 1987:
The genus neohaemonia szekessy in north america coleoptera chrysomelidae donaciinae systematics reconstructed phylogeny and geographic history

Roth L.M., 1987:
The genus neolaxta mackerras dictyoptera blattaria blaberidae

Redhead, S.A., 1977:
The genus neolecta neolectaceae new family lecanorales ascomycetes in canada

Werding B., 1986:
The genus neopisosoma in the tropical western atlantic with a description of neopisosoma neglectum new species and neopisosoma orientale new species crustacea anomura porcellanidae

Ragusa S.; Athias Henriot C., 1983:
The genus neoseiulus parasitiformes phytoseiidae redefinition composition geography description of 2 new species

Guenther, K.K., 1975:
The genus neotridactylus tridactylidae saltatoria insecta

Wind F.H., 1983:
The genus nephrolithus coccolithophoridae

Bremer B., 1979:
The genus neurocalyx rubiaceae argostemmateae in ceylon sri lanka

Lejoly J.; Lisowski S., 1984:
The genus neuropeltis convolvulaceae in zaire gabon and cameroon

Scoble M.J., 1980:
The genus niepeltia taxonomy and comments on structure and relationships lepidoptera nepticulidae

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The genus nigella ranunculaceae a taxonomic revision

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The genus niphogeton umbelliferae a 2nd encore

Brailovsky H., 1983:
The genus nirovecus with description of a new species hemiptera heteroptera coreidae coreini

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The genus nodilittorina in the red sea new data

Masuda M., 1982:
The genus noedilsea rhodophyta in japan

Yeates D.K.; Exley E.M., 1986:
The genus nomioides hymenoptera halictidae in australia

Diviacco G.; Vader W., 1988:
The genus normanion bonnier in the mediterranean sea with the description of 2 new species amphipoda lysianassoidea

Maldonado Gonzalez S., 1986:
The genus nostochopsis new record wood cyanophyta in pinar del rio cuba

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The genus nosybus neuropteroidea planipennia berothidae

Storr G.M., 1982:
The genus notechis serpentes elapidae in western australia

Anufriev G.A., 1979:
The genus notus and notus insularis new species homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae from kuril islands russian sfsr ussr

Ribes, J., 1976:
The genus noualhieria hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Rossi-De-Garcia, E., 1977:
The genus novocythere ostracoda from bore hole sc 1 santa cruz argentina

Eckblad, F.E.; Granmo, A., 1978:
The genus nummularia ascomycetes in norway

Czechura G.V.; Ingram G.J.; Liem D.S., 1987:
The genus nyctimystes anura hylidae in australia

Geisthardt M., 1982:
The genus nyctophila coleoptera lampyridae

Wood J.R.I., 1983:
The genus ocimum labiatae in forsskals flora aegyptiaco arabica

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The genus octavius coleoptera staphylinidae distributed worldwide

Itzerott, H., 1977:
The genus octospora and an attempt to solve its taxonomic problems

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The genus ocypode as represented in the collection of the geneva natural history museum crustacea decapoda

Goff M.L., 1979:
The genus odontacarus acari trombiculidae in new guinea with descriptions of 4 new species

Goff, M.L.; Loomis, R.B., 1977:
The genus odontacarus acari trombiculidae in north america

Southcott, R.V., 1986:
The genus odontacarus acarina trombiculidae ii. observations on the life history and morphology of odontacarus swani new species and related forms

Snogerup B., 1987:
The genus odontites in sweden

Deyrup M.; Trager J.; Carlin N., 1985:
The genus odontomachus in the southeastern usa hymenoptera formicidae

Nagatomi A., 1985:
The genus odontosabula diptera coenomyiidae

Kis B., 1979:
The genus odontoscelis heteroptera scutelleridae

Garay, L.A.; Taylor, P., 1976:
The genus oeceoclades

Mosto Cascallar P., 1984:
The genus oedogonium

Rostanski K.; Forstner W., 1982:
The genus oenothera onagraceae in austria

Masner L., 1983:
The genus oethecoctonus in north america hymenoptera proctotrupoidea scelionidae

Green J.; Kling G.W., 1988:
The genus of daphnia new record in cameroon west africa

Miller W.E., 1979:
The genus olethreutes identity corrections and description of a new species lepidoptera tortricidae olethreutinae

Fazekas, I., 1981:
The genus oligia in the lepidoptera collection of the hungarian natural science museum budapest hungary 1. lepidoptera noctuidae

Pena, G.L.E.; Barria, P.G., 1975:
The genus oligocara coleoptera tenebrionidae

Kilburn R.N., 1980:
The genus oliva mollusca gastropoda olividae in southern africa and mozambique

Landry J F.; Bousquet Y., 1984:
The genus omophron coleoptera carabidae redescription of the larval stage and phylogenetic considerations

Bain O., 1981:
The genus onchocerca hypothesis on its evolution and a key to the species

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The genus oncideres coleoptera lamiidae from southern brazil and surrounding areas a serious pest of fruit and forest trees

Kenneally K.F.; Schneider E.L., 1983:
The genus ondinea nymphaeaceae including a new subspecies from the kimberley region western australia

Cottarelli V.; Saporito P.E.; Puccetti A.C., 1985:
The genus oniscopsis chappuis crustacea copepoda harpacticoida morphological and faunistic observations

Helava, J.; Howden, H.F., 1977:
The genus onthophilus new record in australia with description of a new species coleoptera histeridae

Domrow, R., 1978:
The genus ophiomegistus acari paramegistidae

Goff M.L., 1980:
The genus ophiomegistus acari paramegistidae with descriptions of 5 new species a new structure and a key to the species

Rossman, A.Y., 1977:
The genus ophionectria euascomycetes hypocreales

Del Prete C., 1984:
The genus ophrys orchidaceae in italy checklist of the species subspecies and hybrids contributions to the knowledge of the italian orchidaceae 12

Essig F.B., 1980:
The genus orania arecaceae in new guinea

Mergl M., 1982:
The genus orbithele brachiopoda inarticulata from the lower ordovician of bohemia czechoslovakia and morocco

Holttum R.E., 1981 :
The genus oreopteris thelypteridaceae

Bray R.A., 1987:
The genus orientodiploproctodaeum bhutta and khan 1970 digenea cryptogonimidae its synonyms and a new species

Tornadore, N.; Garbari, F., 1979:
The genus ornithogalum liliaceae in italy 3. contribution to a cyto taxonomic revision

Shepherd A.J.; Narro S.P., 1983:
The genus ornithonyssus in the ethiopian region description of a new species and a re description of ornithonyssus roseinnesi acarina mesostigmata

Kraft J., 1979:
The genus orobanche in sweden

Lecordier C., 1986:
The genus orphanixus coleoptera carabidae

D.Z.ttere P.; Schumacker R., 1979:
The genus orthothecium musci in belgium and in adjoining regions orthothecium intricatum new record and orthothecium rufescens new record for the belgian flora

Lewinsky, J., 1977:
The genus orthotrichum morphological studies and evolutionary remarks

Lewinsky, J., 1978:
The genus orthotrichum musci in africa south of the tropic of cancer

Spasskii A.A., 1984:
The genus oschmarinetta new genus and notes on the systematics of davaineids cestoda

Warner, R.E.; Negley, F.B., 1976:
The genus otiorhynchus in america north of mexico coleoptera curculionidae

D.Fabio S.P., 1980:
The genus oxyascaris nematoda subuluroidea

Sabatinelli G., 1981:
The genus oxythyrea from the mediterranean area morphological and systematic notes

Sabatinelli G., 1984:
The genus oxythyrea notes on the species of the oxythyrea cinctella group scarabaeidae cetoniinae

Slater J.A.; Baranowski R.M., 1983:
The genus ozophora in florida usa hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Rigout J., 1984:
The genus pachnoda synonymic note and description of new insects coleoptera cetoniidae cetoniinae

Carpenter J.M., 1986:
The genus pachodynerus in north america hymenoptera vespidae eumeninae

Giesbert E.F., 1987:
The genus pachymerola bates coleoptera cerambycidae

Scholtz C.H.; Oberprieler R.G., 1983:
The genus pachyonyx coleoptera curculionidae cryptorhynchinae in south africa gall inciting weevils on wild legumes

Bochantseva V.V., 1984:
The genus pachypterygium brassicaceae

Van-Der-Walt, J.P., 1978:
The genus pachytichospora transvaalensis new genus new combination saccharomycetaceae

Bouvrian G., 1980:
The genus palaeoreas mammalia artiodactyla bovidae taxonomy and geographic distribution

Walkiewicz, A., 1977:
The genus palmula and some other rare nodosariidae foraminiferida from the korytnica clays middle miocene holy cross mountains poland

Besuchet C., 1980:
The genus panaphantus coleoptera pselaphidae

Hu, S.Y., 1976:
The genus panax ginseng in chinese medicine

Stone B.C., 1986:
The genus pandanus pandanaceae on christmas island indian ocean

Zuloaga F.O., 1979:
The genus panicum gramineae in argentina 1

Zuloaga F.O., 1981:
The genus panicum gramineae in argentina 2

Renvoize S.A.; Zuloaga F., 1984:
The genus panicum group lorea gramineae

Renvoize, S.A., 1978:
The genus panicum group lorea gramineae studies in the gramineae part 43

Sharma M., 1985:
The genus panicum in punjab india

Zuloaga, F.O., 1975:
The genus panicum in the jujuy province

Zuloaga, F.O.; Saenz, A.A.; Morrone, O., 1986:
The genus panicum poaceae paniceae sect. cordovensia

Willmann, R., 1975:
The genus panorpa insecta mecoptera in turkey

Lent, H.; Jurberg, J., 1975:
The genus panstrongylus with a study on the external genitalia of the species hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae triatominae

Stibick, J.N.L., 1978:
The genus pantorhytes coleoptera curculionidae division a part 1 additions and changes to the common and major cacao species

Stibick J.N.L., 1979:
The genus pantorhytes coleoptera curculionidae part 2 additions to the four spotted species of studded weevils of new guinea

Zoia S., 1986:
The genus parabathyscia in north italy and tuscany coleoptera catopidae bathysciinae

Lee S C., 1982:
The genus paracaesio perciformes lutjanidae of taiwan

Lecroy M., 1981:
The genus paradisaea display and evolution

Loof P.A.A.; Coomans A., 1986:
The genus paradorylaimus dorylaimoidea nematoda

Shima H., 1984:
The genus paradrino from japan and the indo australasian region diptera tachinidae

D.Lajonquiere Y., 1980:
The genus paralebeda 25th contribution to the study of lasiocampids

Rolston L.H., 1983:
The genus paralincus hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

Brinkhurst R.O.; Coates K.A., 1985:
The genus paranais oligochaeta naididae in north america

Carvalho J.C.M., 1987:
The genus paraproba distant with descriptions of new species hemiptera miridae

Poncy, O., 1978:
The genus pararistolochia aristolochiaceae from tropical africa

Godefroid, J.; Fagerstrom, J.A., 1983:
The genus paraspirifer wedekind r. 1926 in the middle devonian of eastern north america

Buckup L.; Rossi A., 1980:
The genus parastacus in brazil crustacea decapoda parastacidae

Hayat M.; Shuja Uddin, 1980:
The genus paratrichogramma new record from india with description of paratrichogramma giraulti new species hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Jimenez R.M., 1979:
The genus paratylenchus and its detection in the azapa valley 1st region chile

Van-Den-Berg, E., 1977:
The genus paratylenchus paratylenchinae nematoda in south africa

Tenchov Y.G.; Popov A.B., 1987:
The genus paripteris gothan in dobrudza coal basin bulgaria late carboniferous

Tixier F., 1985:
The genus parisia in new caledonia

Togashi I., 1980:
The genus parna in japan with description of a new species and key to the japanese genera of the tribe fenusini hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Murray J.; Clarke B., 1981:
The genus partula on moorea french polynesia speciation in progress

Zuloaga, F.O., 1974:
The genus paspalum gramineae in the jujuy province argentina

Yannitsaros, A., 1977:
The genus paspalum new record in kriti greece

Henssen A., 1986:
The genus paulia lichinaceae

Wittmer W., 1984:
The genus pelochrus in south africa coleoptera malachiidae and a new related genus

Gomez, C.E.; Loewenbaum, M., 1976:
The genus peniophora basidiomycetes aphyllophorales from around buenos aires argentina

Kundu, B.C.; Guha, S., 1977:
The genus perichasma menispermaceae

Angulo A.O.; Jana Saenz C., 1984:
The genus peridroma from chile lepidoptera noctuidae

Goff M.L.; Brennan J.M., 1982:
The genus perissopalla acari trombiculidae with descriptions of 3 new species from venezuela correction to the description of perissopalla precaria a key to the species and synonymy of pseudoschoengastia tiucali with hoffmanniella beltrani

Bhatti, J.S., 1977:
The genus perissothrips in india thysanoptera thripidae

Astaf'eva-Urbaitis, K.A., 1977:
The genus pernopecten in the carboniferous of the moscow basin ussr

Sharma, A.D.; Munjal, R.L., 1977:
The genus peronospora in himachal pradesh india

Garrard, T.A., 1976:
The genus pervicacia terebridae gastropoda mollusca in southeastern australia

Bernier P., 1979:
The genus petrascula dasycladaceae emendation revision of the species of the genus creation of new species

Bremer, K., 1977:
The genus peyrousea compositae

Donadini, J.C., 1978:
The genus peziza 1. peziza spp from haute provence and the dauphine savoie region france

Donadini J.C., 1984:
The genus peziza in southeastern france supplements 1 with extension to europe

Clayton, W.D., 1978:
The genus phacelurus gramineae

Bhat S., 1979:
The genus phaenocarpa hymenoptera braconidae alysiinae

Redhead S.A.; Malloch D.W., 1986:
The genus phaeocollybia agaricales in eastern canada and its biological status

Kano R.; Lopes H.D.S., 1981:
The genus phallosphaera diptera sarcophagidae

Sigwalt, B., 1978:
The genus phanerotomella general remarks new species from southeast asia hymenoptera braconidae

Costa, C., 1978:
The genus phanophorus considerations on synonyms and re description of phanophorus perspicax coleoptera elateridae pyrophorinae

Couri M.S., 1979:
The genus phaonantho with description of phaonantho benevola new species and notes on synonymy diptera anthomyidae

Gibbs P.E., 1985:
The genus phascolion sipuncula with particular reference to the northeast atlantic species

Telleria, M.T.; Calonge, F.D., 1977:
The genus phellinus aphyllophorales basidiomycetes in spain

Gilbertson R.L., 1979:
The genus phellinus aphyllophorales hymenochaetaceae in western north america

Kistner, D.H.; Gut, L.J., 1977:
The genus philotermes with a description of a new species coleoptera staphylinidae

De-Lajonquiere, Y., 1978:
The genus philudoria 25th contribution to the study of lasiocampidae lepidoptera

Cooperrider T.S., 1986:
The genus phlox polemoniaceae in ohio usa

Wunderlich J., 1980:
The genus pholcus arachnida araneae pholcidae

Tjallingii Beukers D., 1987:
The genus pholiota

Mckinney L.D., 1980:
The genus photis crustacea amphipoda from the texas coast usa with the description of photis melanicus new species

Bedlan G., 1984:
The genus phragmidium with special consideration of the group phragmidium mucronatum and phragmidium potentillae in central europe

Fantini-Sestini, N., 1978:
The genus phricodoceras polymorphitidae ammonoidea in the italian pliensbachian

Clay, T., 1977:
The genus phthirpediculus anoplura phthiraptera insecta

Keng, H., 1978:
The genus phyllocladus phyllocladaceae

Storr G.M., 1987:
The genus phyllodactylus lacertilia gekkonidae in western australia

Garcia-Vidal, M., 1978:
The genus phyllophaga coleoptera scarabaeidae in cuba part 1 description of 5 new species

Swinscow T.D.V.; Krog H., 1981:
The genus phyllopsora with a report on east african species

Baez M., 1979:
The genus phyto in the canary islands spain diptera rhinophoridae

Schicha E., 1984:
The genus phytoseius in australia the south pacific and indian ocean regions with 4 new species and records of known species acarina phytoseiidae

Belles X., 1980:
The genus piarus coleoptera ptinidae 1

Lack H.W., 1979:
The genus picris asteraceae lactuceae in tropical africa

Jahns H.M., 1981:
The genus pilophorus

Kwieton E., 1982:
The genus pimelia coleoptera tenebrionidae

Rahiman, B.A.; Nair, M.K., 1987:
The genus piper linn. in karnataka india

Alonso, M.R., 1975:
The genus pisidium mollusks sphaeriidae in the geological depression of granada spain

Hoc P.S., 1981:
The genus pithecellobium in argentina

Hoc, P.S., 1982 :
The genus pithecellobium mimosoidea ingeae in argentine 2. study of pollen

St-John, H., 1977:
The genus pittosporum pittosporaceae on rapa island and on the austral islands polynesia pacific plant studies 31

Panigrahi, G., 1975:
The genus pityrogramma hemionitidaceae in asia

Nair, N.C.; Ghosh, S.R., 1975:
The genus pityrogramma in indian subcontinent

Berghen, C.V., 1981:
The genus plagiochila hepaticae in madagascar and the mascarene islands mainly according to the collections of m. onraedt

Shaw H.K.A., 1979:
The genus plagiopteron plagiopteraceae recorded for thailand

Raju, D.S.N.; Drooger, C.W., 1978:
The genus planolinderina in india

Norris, J.N.; Bucher, K.E., 1977:
The genus platoma gigartinales rhodophyta with a description of platoma abbottiana new species

Beschovski V.L., 1980:
The genus platycephala diptera chloropidae

Cherian, P.T., 1978:
The genus platycephala new record diptera chloropidae from india

Ohara K., 1980:
The genus platycheirus diptera syrphidae of japan with descriptions of 3 new species

Peinado D.D.ego M.V.; Mateos Martin J., 1987:
The genus platystolus bolivar in the iberian peninsula orthoptera epihippigerinae

Benedetto J.L.; Herrera Z.A., 1987:
The genus platystrophia king brachiopoda in the san juan formation of the argentinian precordillera

Andrassy I., 1985:
The genus plectus and its nearest relatives nematoda plectidae

Lluch J., 1985:
The genus pleurogenoides travassos 1921 digenea lecithodendriidae from amphibians of the iberian mediterranean coast proposal of pleurogenoides punicus new combination for pleurogenoides stromi var punicus balzet and callot 1938

Slater, J.A.; Sweet, M.H., 1977:
The genus plinthisus in the australian region hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Lippold H., 1979:
The genus plumeria apocynaceae in cuba

Conde B., 1983:
The genus plusiocampa in sardinian italy caves diplura campodeidae

Aspoeck U.; Aspoeck H., 1980:
The genus podallea neuropteroidea planipennia berothidae

Coscaron, S.; Fairchild, G.B., 1976:
The genus poeciloderas in argentina tabanidae diptera insecta

Novoa N.; Alayo D.P., 1987:
The genus poeciloscarta homoptera auchenorrhyncha in cuba

Menzel, M., 1985:
The genus pogonatum polytrichales musci in latin america 1. taxonomy and geography of pogonatum campylocarpum and pogonatum subflexuosum

Nordhorn-Richter, G., 1982:
The genus pohlia bryales bryaceae in germany and adjoining areas 1. little known and frequently overlooked pohlia species

Landau I.; Rosin G.; Miltgen F.; Leger N.; Beveridge I.; Baccam D.; Hugot J P., 1980:
The genus polychromophilus haemoproteidae parasite of microchiroptera

Chandrabose M.; Nair N.C., 1981:
The genus polygala polygalaceae in andhra pradesh kerala and tamil nadu southern india

Jeffrey C., 1980:
The genus polygonatum liliaceae in eastern asia

Raffaelli, M., 1979:
The genus polygonum 1. polygonum romanum and polygonum gallicum new species

Raffaelli, M., 1979:
The genus polygonum 2. polygonum bellardii

Mamaev-Yu, L.; Parukhin, A.M., 1976:
The genus polylabris and some closely allied species of microcotylids monogenoidea microcotylidae

Cosel, R.V., 1977:
The genus polymesoda on the north coast of south america bivalvia corbiculidae

Mlakar J., 1987:
The genus polypodium in slovenia yugoslavia

Kapraun D.F., 1979:
The genus polysiphonia ceramiales rhodophyta in the vicinity of port aransas texas usa

Kapraun, D.F., 1977:
The genus polysiphonia in north carolina usa

Masyuk N.P.; Kostykov I.Yu, 1986:
The genus polytomella aragao dunaliellaceae volvocales chlorophyceae chlorophycophyta in the flora of the ussr

Kurogi, M., 1978:
The genus polytretus ectocarpaceae brown algae in japan

Dinet, A., 1977:
The genus pontostratiotes in the abyssal level of the bay of biscay copepoda harpacticoida

Sycheva, O.A., 1975:
The genus populus in the paleogene flora of sakhalin island ussr

Staples G.W., 1987:
The genus porana convolvulaceae in australia

Hong W.S., 1983:
The genus porella in north america west of the 100th meridian

Conway, E.; Mumford, T.F.J. ; Scagel, R.F., 1975:
The genus porphyra in british columbia canada and washington usa

Coll, J.; Cox, J., 1977:
The genus porphyra rhodophyta bangiales in the american north atlantic part 1 new species from north carolina usa

Coll, J.; De-Oliveira-Filho, E.C., 1976:
The genus porphyra rhodophyta bangiales in the american south atlantic part 2 uruguayan species

Matthews J.F.; Levins P.A., 1985:
The genus portulaca in the southeastern usa

Boullier A., 1981:
The genus postepithyris terebratulidae brachiopoda in the oxfordian and the kimmeridgian of france

Stemprokova-Jirova, D., 1975:
The genus praebulimina foraminifera from the upper cretaceous of bohemia czechoslovakia

E.N.khai H.A.; E.N.ggar Z.R., 1987:
The genus praeglobotruncana in the late cretaceous succession of kuwait

Baldwin J.G.; Luc M.; Bell A.H., 1983:
The genus pratylenchoides nematoda tylenchida

Johnson M.F., 1980:
The genus prenanthes cichorieae asteraceae in virginia usa

Jacques-Felix, H., 1977:
The genus preussiella melastomataceae

Nielsen R.; Mclachlan J., 1985:
The genus pringsheimiella chlorophyta including pringsheimiella sanctae luciae new species

Dommergues J L.; Faure P.; Mouterde R., 1984:
The genus prodactylioceras ammonitina lower pliensbachian bio stratigraphy paleo bio geography and patterns of evolution description of a new species prodactylioceras aurigeriense new species

Gibson R.; Moore J., 1985:
The genus prosorhochmus hoplonemertea

Karg, W., 1977:
The genus protogamasellus acarina parasitiformes

Blieck A., 1981:
The genus protopteraspis vertebrata heterostraci from the lower devonian of the north atlantic

Dyko B.J.; Sutton B.C.; Roquebert M.F., 1979:
The genus protostegia

De-Laubenfels, D.J., 1978:
The genus prumnopitys podocarpaceae in malesia

Brancucci M., 1986:
The genus pseudocerocoma coleoptera cantharidae

Weiss J.C., 1980:
The genus pseudochazara in europe and in north africa description of pseudochazara hippolyte augustini new subspecies lepidoptera satyridae

Senowbari Daryan B., 1982:
The genus pseudocucurbita and description of comparable questionable organisms from the upper triassic of the alpine mediterranean area paleontology and micro facies of the upper triassic ledges of the alpine mediterranean area 25

Holttum R.E.; Grimes J.W., 1980:
The genus pseudocyclosorus thelypteridaceae

Taiti S.; Ferrara F., 1979:
The genus pseudodiploexochus aramadillidae oniscoidea isopoda

Orr G.F., 1979:
The genus pseudogymnoascus

Lhuillier, M.; Coulanges, P., 1977:
The genus pseudomonas problems of laboratory diagnosis

Saunders J.B.; Mueller Merz E., 1982:
The genus pseudononion in relationship with nonion nonionella and nonionellina

Karg, W., 1978:
The genus pseudoparasitus

Villiers J F., 1983:
The genus pseudoprosopis mimosaceae in africa

Munari L., 1981:
The genus pseudorhicnoessa diptera tethinidae

Hoiland, K., 1978:
The genus psilocybe in norway

Marcos Garcia M.A., 1986:
The genus psilota new record for the iberian fauna diptera syrphidae

Morzadec P., 1988:
The genus psychopyge trilobita from the lower devonian of north africa and west europe

Pavicevic B., 1981:
The genus psylla homoptera psyllidae presence on pear trees in serbia yugoslavia

Daniels G., 1979:
The genus ptecticus from australia new guinea and the bismarck and solomon archipelagos diptera stratiomyidae

Nesbitt, E.A., 1976:
The genus pterella diptera sarcophagidae miltogramminae of the ethiopian and madagascan zoo geographical regions

Nair, N.C., 1972:
The genus pteridium in the indian subcontinent

Schawaller W., 1985:
The genus pteroloma in japan coleoptera agyrtidae

Parke, M.; Boalch, G.T.; Jowett, R.; Harbour, D.S., 1978:
The genus pterosperma prasinophyceae species with a single equatorial ala

Donadini, J.C., 1976:
The genus pulparia in france new and critical species

Banarescu, P.M., 1978:
The genus puntioplites pisces cyprinidae

Schneider R., 1979:
The genus pyrenochaeta

Balech, E., 1978:
The genus pyrophacus dinoflagellata

Kock D.; Schroeder H., 1981:
The genus python in bangladesh reptilia serpentes boidae

Lundqvist N., 1980:
The genus pyxidiophora sensu lato pyrenomycetes

Kashiwadani, H., 1977:
The genus pyxine lichens in papua new guinea

Schmidt A., 1980:
The genus quadricoccus chlorococcales

Decraemer, W., 1978:
The genus quadricoma with a re description of quadricoma cobbi quadricoma crassicomoides and quadricoma loricata nematoda desmoscolecida contribution no 10 on nematodes from the great barrier reef australia collected during the belgian expedition in 967

Minguez M.E.; Ruiz E.; Subias L.S., 1985:
The genus quadroppia acari oribatida oppiidae

Takagi, S.; Howell, J.O., 1977:
The genus quernaspis a possible asio american element in scale insect bio geography homoptera coccoidea

Brailovsky H.; Barrera E., 1985:
The genus quintius stal with description of a new subgenus and three new species hemiptera heteroptera coreidae nematopodini

Dransfield S., 1983:
The genus racemobambos gramineae bambusoideae

Domrow R., 1981:
The genus raillietia in australia acari dermanyssidae

Krog, H.; Swinscow, T.D.V., 1976:
The genus ramalina in east africa

Krog, H.; James, P.W., 1977:
The genus ramalina in fennoscandia and the british isles

Krog H.; Osthagen H., 1980:
The genus ramalina in the canary islands spain

Thind K.S.; Sharda R.M., 1985:
The genus ramaria in the eastern himalayas subgenera ramaria echinoramaria and lentoramaria

Ginns J., 1979:
The genus ramaricium gomphaceae

Petersen, R.H., 1978:
The genus ramariopsis in southeastern australia

Coppins B.J., 1987:
The genus ramonia in the british isles

Adamson M.L., 1983:
The genus ransomnema rhigonematidae in south american diplopods

Leite, A.M.C., 1975:
The genus rauwolfia apocynaceae in brazilian amazonia

Srivastava S.C.; Agarwal A., 1986:
The genus rectolejeunea in india

Fedotov, V.V., 1978:
The genus regnellidium marsileaceae in the late eocene flora of raichikha amur oblast russian sfsr ussr

Snogerup B., 1980:
The genus reichardia asteraceae in the aegean area

Bremer, K., 1976:
The genus relhania compositae

Gooday A.J., 1986:
The genus rhabdammina in the northeast atlantic a new species a redescription of rhabdammina major and some speculations on species relationships

Hansen, O.J., 1975:
The genus rhamphicarpa scrophulariaceae a taxonomic revision

Wiklund A., 1987:
The genus rhanteriopsis asteraceae inuleae

Tremouilles E.R., 1984:
The genus rhantus in argentina coleoptera dytiscidae

Barnard J.L.; Barnard C.M., 1982:
The genus rhepoxynius crustacea amphipoda phoxocephalidae in american seas

Blieck A., 1980:
The genus rhinopteraspis vertebrates heterostraci of the lower devonian taxonomy morphology distribution

Farghaly M.S.; Denizot M., 1979:
The genus rhipiliopsis definition and position in the caulerpales chlorophyceae

Lai, M.J., 1978:
The genus rhizogonium musci in taiwan

Duke N.C.; Bunt J.S., 1979:
The genus rhizophora rhizophoraceae in northeastern australia

Gourbiere, F.; Morelet, M., 1980:
The genus rhizosphaera 2. rhizosphaera pini rhizosphaera kobayashii and rhizosphaera kalkhoffii

Gourbiere, F.; Morelet, M., 1978:
The genus rhizosphaera part 1 rhizosphaera oudemansii and rhizosphaera macrospora new species

Bartsch I., 1982:
The genus rhombognathus acari halacaridae list of species their distribution and a tabular key

Faden, R.B., 1977:
The genus rhopalephora commelinaceae

Wilson K.L., 1980:
The genus rhyncharrhena asclepiadaceae

Ohashi, H.; Tateishi, Y., 1977:
The genus rhynchosia leguminosae in nepal

Verma D.M.; Chandra V., 1980:
The genus rhynchospora in india

Clark, W.C., 1976:
The genus rhynchothorax pycnogonida in new zealand waters

Clayton, W.D., 1978:
The genus rhytachne gramineae

Damsholt K.; Hallingback T., 1986:
The genus riccia in fennoscandia

Vianna, E.C., 1981:
The genus riccia marchantiales in rio grande do sul brazil 1. subgenera ricciella and thallocarpus

Cecca F., 1986:
The genus richterella ammonitina perisphinctids in the lower tithonian of the ardeche border southeast france dimorphism and variability

Tabanelli C., 1981:
The genus ringicula in the deep deposits of the lower pleistocene in romagna italy

Ciccone G.; Savona S., 1982:
The genus ringicula in the mediterranean

Apostolov, A., 1978:
The genus robertgurneya copepoda harpacticoida from the black sea description of the previously unknown male of the species robertgurneya oligochaeta

Lima I.M.B., 1986:
The genus rocinela leach on the brazilian littoral with a description of two new species crustacea isopoda

Jonsell B., 1987:
The genus rorippa in norway

Bremer, K., 1976:
The genus rosenia compositae

Garcia J.C., 1986:
The genus rostanga bergh 1879 gastropoda nudibranchia in the iberian littoral spain

Van-Den-Berg, E., 1978:
The genus rotylenchulus rotylenchulinae nematoda in south africa

Gaskin D.E., 1984:
The genus roxita lepidoptera pyralidae crambinae new species and combinations and a reappraisal of its relationships

Puff C., 1984:
The genus rubia rubiaceae in southern africa

Spies, J.J.; Du-Plessis, H., 1985:
The genus rubus in south africa i. chromosome numbers and geographical distribution of species

Spies, J.J.; Du-Plessis, H.; Liebenberg, H., 1985:
The genus rubus in south africa ii. meiotic chromosome behavior

Spies, J.J.; Du-Plessis, H., 1986:
The genus rubus in south africa iii. the occurrence of apomixis and sexuality

Kalkman, C., 1984:
The genus rubus rosaceae in malesia 2. the subgenus malachobatus

Kalkman, C., 1987:
The genus rubus rosaceae in malesia 3. the subgenus micranthobatus

Spies, J.J.; Stirton, C.H.; Du-Plessis, H., 1987:
The genus rubus rosaceae in south africa iv. natural hybridization

Cirujano, S., 1986:
The genus ruppia l. potamogetonaceae in la mancha spain

Paolo, P., 1978:
The genus salix on the southern slope of the eastern alps with particular regard to the carnic and julian alps and prealps a contribution to the taxonomic and geographic revision of italian willows

Sekretareva N.A., 1984:
The genus salix salicaceae in the vegetation cover of the middle reaches of the syradasai river western taimyr russian sfsr ussr

Makhmedov A.M., 1980:
The genus salvia lamiaceae as material for the red book of protected plants of the ussr

Bochantseva V.V., 1985:
The genus sameraria brassicaceae

Bouvrain G.; D.B.nis L., 1985:
The genus samotragus artiodactyla bovidae an antelope from the upper miocene of greece

Purohit K.M.; Panigrahi G., 1984:
The genus sanguisorba rosaceae in india

Shults V.A., 1984:
The genus saponaria caryophyllaceae in the flora of the ussr

Srivastava R.C., 1985:
The genus saprolegnia in india

Moffett R.O., 1979:
The genus sarcocaulon

Snajdr M., 1981:
The genus sarkia trilobita

Watson T.J.Jr; Lackschewitz K.H., 1980:
The genus saussurea asteraceae cynareae in montana usa

Sastre C., 1984:
The genus sauvagesia ochnaceae in french guyana studies on the flora of the guianas

Hong, W.S., 1979:
The genus scapania in western north america 1. historical background

Hong, W.S., 1980:
The genus scapania in western north america 2. taxonomic treatment

Mas Coma S.; Esteban J.G.; Valero M.A., 1986:
The genus scaphiostomum trematoda brachylaimidae a systematic review and description of scaphiostomum palaearcticum new species

Barnett, D.E.; Freytag, P.H., 1976:
The genus scaphoidophytes new genus new status and description of 1 new species

Pena G.L.E., 1985:
The genus scelidospecta coleoptera tenebrionidae nycteliini

Tsarenko P.M., 1984:
The genus scenedesmus in the flora of the left bank polesye ukrainian ssr ussr

Jovcheva P.M., 1987:
The genus schackoina foraminifera from the upper albian and lower cenomanian in central north bulgaria

Shang C B., 1984:
The genus schefflera araliaceae in china and indochina

Udar R.; Awasthi U.S., 1982:
The genus schiffneriolejeunea hepaticae in india

Robinson H., 1979:
The genus schistocarpha heliantheae asteraceae

Fain A.; Lukoschus F., 1985:
The genus schizocarpus acari chirodiscidae from the beaver castor fiber an example of multiple speciation

Woelkerling W.J.; Irvine L.M., 1982:
The genus schmitziella rhodophyta corallinaceae or acrochaetiaceae?

Bosser J.; Rabevohitra R., 1985:
The genus schrebera oleaceae found in madagascar

Vanky K., 1981:
The genus schroeteria ustilaginales

Muniz, C.; Shepherd, G.J., 1987 :
The genus scleria berg. cyperaceae in state of sao paulo brazil

Hennessy E.F.F., 1985:
The genus scleria in southern africa

Fain A.; Lukoschus F.S., 1980:
The genus sclerolistrophorus acari listrophoridae

Kohn L.M.; Nagasawa E., 1984:
The genus scleromitrula sclerotiniaceae episclerotium new genus leotiaceae and allied stipitate capitate species with reduced ectal excipula

Cavichioli, R.R., 1986:
The genus scopogonalia and description of three new species homoptera cicadellidae

Alayon Garcia G., 1985:
The genus scytodes araneae scytodidae in jamaica west indies with description of two new species

Alayon Garcia G., 1985:
The genus scytodes araneae scytodidae in jamaica west indies with the description of 2 new species

Kung H S., 1981:
The genus selaginella from sichuan china

Vitt D.H.; Bartlett J.K., 1983:
The genus seligeria in new zealand

D.Sloover J.L., 1981:
The genus seligeria musci in belgium

Konechnaya, G.Yu, 1981:
The genus senecio asteraceae in the european part of the ussr 2. the system of the genus

Cabrera A.L., 1985:
The genus senecio compositae in bolivia

Munari, L., 1987:
The genus sepedon latr. in italy diptera sciomyzidae

Dittrich M., 1981:
The genus serratula compositae the identity of the eastern mediterranean taxa rhaponticum pusillum and centauserratula mouterdei

Strgar V., 1980:
The genus sesleria on the subpanonian vegetation area of northeastern slovenia and northwestern croatia yugoslavia

Auquier P., 1979:
The genus setaria poaceae in belgium and luxembourg

Rodriguez Hernandez M.; Camino Vilaro M., 1985:
The genus seuratia ascomycotina in cuba

Tewary, P.K.; Sarkar, A.K., 1987:
The genus shorea roxb. ex gaertn. f. dipterocarpaceae in india

Fryxell P.A., 1979:
The genus sidastrum malvaceae a correction

Kiryakov, I., 1975:
The genus siderocelis in bulgaria distribution and ecology

Burhanuddin ; Martosewojo, S.; Hutomo, M.; Djamali, A., 1975:
The genus siganus in the collection of the national institute of oceanology siganidae

Cherian, P.T., 1977 :
The genus siphunculina diptera chloropidae from india

Romanczuk M.C., 1982:
The genus sisymbrium cruciferae in argentina

Parent G.H., 1980:
The genus sisyrinchium iridaceae in europe a provisional appraisal

Monchenko V.I., 1982:
The genus smirnoviella crustacea cyclopidae in the caspian sea ussr with a description of a new species

Srivastava R.C., 1984:
The genus sonchus asteraceae in madhya pradesh india

Rao, R.R.; Rao, M.K.V., 1978:
The genus sonchus asteraceae in northeast india

Okajima S., 1987:
The genus sophiothrips thysanoptera phlaeothripidae from eastern asia with descriptions of two new species

Kh'ep N.T.; Yakovlev G.P., 1981:
The genus sorbus rosaceae in vietnam

Vienna P., 1980:
The genus spelaeabraeus moro and description of a new species coleoptera histeridae

Goff, M.L.; Brennan, J.M., 1977:
The genus speleocola acari trombiculidae with descriptions of 2 new species from venezuela

Jeanne C., 1982:
The genus speluncarius description of a new species and table of known species

Langdon, R.F.N.; Fullerton, R.A., 1978:
The genus sphacelotheca ustilaginales criteria for its delimitation and the consequences thereof

Aspoeck U.; Aspoeck H., 1984:
The genus sphaeroberotha neuropteroidea planipennia berothidae

Okada T.; Carson H.L., 1983:
The genus sphaerogastrella diptera drosophilidae of papua new guinea

Yano O.; Pirani J.R.; Santos D.P., 1985:
The genus sphagnum bryopsida in south and southeastern regions of brazil

Vitt, D.H.; Andrus, R.E., 1977:
The genus sphagnum in alberta canada

Griffin D.IIi, 1981:
The genus sphagnum in the andes of colombia and venezuela

Gijswijt M.J.; Graham M.W.R., 1986:
The genus spilomalus hymenoptera chalcidoidea pteromalidae

Ara, J.; Faridi, M.A.F., 1978:
The genus spirogyra of peshawar valley pakistan

Popenoe J., 1979:
The genus spondias in florida usa

Ramesh C., 1986:
The genus sporormia from maharashtra india

Sabrosky, C.W., 1975:
The genus stenomicra in the ethiopian region diptera aulacigastridae

Theischinger G., 1983:
The genus stenoperla in australia insecta plecoptera eustheniidae

Krapp-Schickel, G., 1976:
The genus stenothoe crustacea amphipoda in the mediterranean

Smith, M.T.; Van-Der-Walt, J.P.; Johannsen, E., 1976:
The genus stephanoascus new genus ascoideaceae

Lambinon J.; Serusiaux E., 1985:
The genus stereocaulon lichens in belgium and neighboring countries

Clayton, W.D., 1978:
The genus stereochlaena gramineae

Gordon R.D.; Anderson D.M., 1979:
The genus stethorus coleoptera coccinellidae in chile

Freitag H., 1985:
The genus stipa gramineae in southwest and south asia

Moraldo, B., 1986:
The genus stipa l. gramineae in italy

Nogueira, I., 1977:
The genus stoebe compositae in the flora zambesiaca area and angola

Broodbakker, N.W., 1984:
The genus strandesia and other cypricercini crustacea ostracoda in the west indies 2. carapace length ecology and distribution of 2 strandesia species

Palamarev E.H., 1979:
The genus stratiotes in bulgarian tertiary flora and its biogenesis in eurasia

Zander R.H., 1982:
The genus streptocalypta equals barnesia

Redhead S.A., 1980:
The genus strobilurus agaricales in canada with notes on extralimital species

Kiriakov I.K., 1983:
The genus strombomonas euglenophyta from bulgaria

Osella G., 1980:
The genus styphlidius

Bassett, I.J.; Crompton, C.W., 1978:
The genus suaeda chenopodiaceae in canada

Alonso Zarazaga M.A., 1983:
The genus subhaptomerus coleoptera curculionidae tanyrhynchinae with the description of a new subspecies

Thiers H.D., 1979:
The genus suillus in the western usa

Carre C., 1979:
The genus sulculeolaria siphonophora calycophorae diphyidae

Breuning, S.; Teocchi, P., 1976:
The genus sumelis coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae position synonymyzing of sumelis singularis re description of the species and inclusion of exocentrus leucostictipennis

Endrodi, S., 1975:
The genus surutu coleoptera melolonthidae dynastinae

Nikolaev V.A., 1983:
The genus symbolophora bacillariophyta

Berazain R., 1983:
The genus symphysia ericaceae in cuba

Roth, L.M., 1984:
The genus symploce 1. species from the west indies dictyoptera blattariae blattellidae

Roth, L.M., 1984:
The genus symploce 2. species from new guinea dictyoptera blattaria blattellidae

Roth, L.M., 1984:
The genus symploce 3. species from borneo flores india and the philippines dictyoptera blattaria blattellidae

Roth, L.M., 1986:
The genus symploce hebard vii. african species continued dictyoptera blattaria blattellidae

Roth, L.M., 1987:
The genus symploce hebard viii. species from taiwan and the japanese islands dictyoptera blattaria blattellidae

Roth, L.M., 1985:
The genus symploce iv. species from borneo kalimantan sabah sarawak sumatra and west malaysia dictyoptera blattaria blattellidae

Roth, L.M., 1985:
The genus symploce v. species from mainland asia china india iran laos thailand south vietnam west malaysia dictyoptera blattaria blattellidae

Roth, L.M., 1986:
The genus symploce vi. african species dictyoptera blattaria blattellidae

Codd, L.E., 1976:
The genus syncolostemon lamiaceae

Prunus, G.; Pantoustier, G., 1976:
The genus synisoma isopoda valvifera in tunisia description of synisoma teissieri new species

Londt J.G.H., 1980:
The genus synolcus diptera asilidae

Bourdon R., 1981:
The genus synsynella with a description of synsynella integra new species crustacea epicaridea bopyridae

Hugot J.P., 1985:
The genus sypharista oxyuridae nematoda morphological study numerical systematics and paleobiogeography

Reese, W.D., 1977:
The genus syrrhopodon in the americas part 1 the elimbate species

Reese, W.D., 1978:
The genus syrrhopodon in the americas part 2 the limbate species

Ginns J., 1986:
The genus syzygospora heterobasidiomycetes syzygosporaceae

Qaiser M., 1981:
The genus tamarix tamaricaceae in pakistan

D.M.rtis B.; Loi M.C.; Polo M.B., 1984:
The genus tamarix tamaricaceae in sardinia italy

Broodbakker N.W., 1984:
The genus tanycypris crustacea ostracoda in the west indies

Clark, W.C., 1977:
The genus tanystylum pycngonida in the southern oceans

Kudinova Pasternak R.K., 1979:
The genus tanzanapseudes and a new life form in tanaidacea crustacea

Sharma M.P.; Thind K.S.; Narula A.M., 1980:
The genus tapesia in india

Arevshatyan I.G., 1984:
The genus taraxacum asteraceae in the armenian ssr ussr

Sebens, K.P.; Laakso, G., 1977:
The genus tealia anthozoa actiniaria in the waters of the san juan archipelago and the olympic peninsula

Fain A.; Lukoschus F.S.; Nadchatram M., 1982:
The genus teinocoptes acari astigmata teinocoptidae in malaysia and indonesia description of 3 new species

Arle, R.; Mendes-De-Oliveira, M., 1977:
The genus temeritas in the amazonia region brazil collembola symphypleona

Bonaudce G.; Ruggieri G.; Russo A., 1984:
The genus tenedocythere ostracoda podocopida of the mediterranean miocene to recent especially from italy

Lawrence J.F., 1985:
The genus teredolaemus coleoptera bothrideridae in australia

Mongin, D., 1978:
The genus teruella from the lower cretaceous of spain belonging to the subfamily of quadrulinae fresh water bivalve

Espinar L.A., 1979:
The genus tessaria compositae

Crucitti P.; Tringali L., 1986:
The genus testudo in greece reptilia testudines testudinidae

Vala J C.; Brunel C., 1987:
The genus tetanocera in france and first mention of tetanocera freyi new record diptera sciomyzidae

Codd, L.E., 1983:
The genus tetradenia lamiaceae 1. african species

Codd, L.E., 1984:
The genus tetradenia lamiaceae 2. malagasy republic

Kirjakov, I.K.; Vodenicarov, D.G., 1986:
The genus tetrastrum chod. 1895 chlorococcales in the water basins of bulgaria

Johansen J.R.; Doucette G.J.; Fryxell G.A., 1985:
The genus thalassiosira bacillariophyceae morphology of heterovalvate resting spores of thalassiosira scotia

Fryxell G.A.; Doucette G.J.; Hubbard G.F., 1981:
The genus thalassiosira the bi polar diatom thalassiosira antarctica

Gittenberger E.; Ripken T.E.J., 1987:
The genus theba mollusca gastropoda helicidae systematics and distribution

Page, F.C., 1977:
The genus thecamoeba protozoa gymnamoebia species distinctions loco motive morphology and protozoan prey

Tibell, L., 1976:
The genus thelomma

Stahl B., 1987:
The genus theophrasta theophrastaceae foliar structures floral biology and taxonomy

Schminke H.K., 1987:
The genus thermobathynella capart 1951 bathynellacea malacostraca and its phylogenetic relationships

Lojtnant B.; Worsoe E., 1980:
The genus thesium toadflax extinct in denmark

Pajni H.R.; Sidhu C.S., 1982:
The genus thlipsomerus coleoptera curculionidae eremninae with the description of 2 new species and 1 new genus

Nguen Khak Khoi, 1979:
The genus thoracostachyum cyperaceae in the flora of vietnam

Lopez-Colon, J.I., 1983:
The genus thorectes coleoptera scarabaeoidae 2. thorectes ferreri new species from spain

Burman A.G., 1983:
The genus thrasyopsis gramineae

Dominguez E., 1987:
The genus thraulodes ephemeroptera leptophlebiidae in argentina

Lin, T.P.; Hsu, C.C., 1977:
The genus thrixspermum of taiwan orchidaceae

Retief E.; Reyneke W.F., 1984:
The genus thunbergia in southern africa

Sakakibara, A.M., 1975:
The genus thuris with description of a new species homoptera membracidae

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The genus thymbra l. labiatae

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