Section 7
Chapter 6,685

The green hydra hydra viridissima symbiosis 4. entry of symbionts into digestive cells

Mcneil, P.L.; Smith, D.C.

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B Biological Sciences 216(1202): 1-6


ISSN/ISBN: 0950-1193
Accession: 006684947

Scanning electron microscopy showed that particles, including symbiotic algae, nonsymbiotic algae and latex spheres, entered digestive cells of European green hydra by 2 different types of phagocytosis: they sank into crater-like formations of the digestive-cell surface; or they were enveloped by raised, funnel-like extensions of plasma membrane. The morphology selected did not depend on particle type: there was no evidence for specific recognition of symbiotic algae during phagocytosis.

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