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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6686

Chapter 6686 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sheppard C.R.C., 1981:
The groove and spur structures of chagos atolls indian ocean and their coral zonation

Tamas F., 1979:
The groove of the mandibular neck as a risk factor in vertical osteotomy of the ramus of the mandible

Chan, J.K.; Saw, D., 1986:
The grooved nucleus. A useful diagnostic criterion of papillary carcinoma of the thyroid

Yagiuchi, T.; Yashima, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Kumashiro, H.; Ochiai, S., 1987:
The groping phenomena in a case of Alzheimer type dementia

Yen P.H.; Davidson N., 1980:
The gross anatomy of a transfer rna gene cluster at region 42a of the drosophila melanogaster chromosome

Moore, J.V.; Dixon, B., 1978:
The gross and cellular response of a rat mammary tumor to single doses of cyclo phosphamide

Sanford, S.E.; Little, P.B.; Rapley, W.A., 1977:
The gross and histo pathologic lesions of malignant catarrhal fever in 3 captive sika deer cervus nippon in southern ontario canada

Gammon, R.L.; Tiemeier, O.W.; Gier, H.T., 1972:
The gross and micro anatomy of the digestive tract and pancreas of the channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Wouk A.F.P.; Sautet J.Y.; Cabanie P.; Van Haverbeke G., 1986:
The gross and microscopic anatomy and the morphometry of the urethralis muscle in the male calf

Naczk M.; Synowiecki J.; Sikorski Z.E., 1981:
The gross chemical composition of antarctic krill shell waste

Reynolds, J.; Tanford, C., 1970:
The gross conformation of protein sodium dodecyl sulfate complexes

Von Sicard N.A.E.; Anderson M., 1986:
The gross morphology of the stinging and non stinging states of the ant tetramorium caespitum hymenoptera formicidae myrmicinae

Vidyadaran M.K.; Hilmi M.; Sirimane R.A., 1982:
The gross morphology of the stomach of the malaysian lesser mouse deer tragulus javanicus

Lieth, H.; Box, E., 1977:
The gross primary productivity pattern of the land vegetation a 1st attempt

Oppenheimer, J.R.; Tikader, B.K., 1976:
The ground activity of spiders araneae and harvestmen phalangidae in west bengal india

Casale A.; Taglianti A.V., 1983:
The ground beetle genus aptinus coleoptera carabidae brachininae

Trautner J., 1986:
The ground beetles of the district of boeblingen west germany coleoptera carabidae

Mccoy E.D., 1987:
The ground dwelling beetles of periodically burned plots of sandhill

Popper, H., 1975:
The ground glass hepatocyte as a diagnostic hint

Montanari C.; Guido M.A.; Bottero M., 1987:
The ground level pollen rain sampled in the genoa italy urban area

Lupini R.; Gamba P., 1982:
The ground level trajectory of diffusing clouds in the atmosphere boundary layer

van Gurp, M.; Schamhardt, H.C.; Crowe, A., 1987:
The ground reaction force pattern from the hindlimb of the horse simulated by a spring model

How R.A.; Dell J.; Humphreys W.F., 1987:
The ground vertebrate fauna of coastal areas between busselton and albany western australia

Ronneberger, D., 1975:
The ground water fauna of the saale river drainage area thuringia east germany

Halliday R.G.; Pinhorn A.T., 1982:
The groundfish resource in the gulf of st lawrence canada

Gerber, M.A.; Randolph, M.F.; Mayo, D.R., 1988:
The group A streptococcal carrier state. A reexamination

Schalen C.; Christensen P., 1980:
The group a streptococcal receptor for human immuno globulin a binds immuno globulin a via the fc fragment

Von Mentzer E., 1981:
The group aplocera lythoxylata with aplocera dervenaria new species and aplocera palumbata new species lepidoptera geometridae

Allison S.T.; Messick D.M., 1985:
The group attribution error

Deryagina M.A.; Butovskaya M.L., 1986:
The group behavior and manipulation activity of primates in the light of the problems of anthropogenesis

Stern, M.J.; Gorman, P.A.; Kaslow, L., 1983:
The group counseling vs. exercise therapy study a controlled intervention with subjects following myo cardial infarction

Streletskaya E.A., 1983:
The group eisseni of the genus hesperodiaptomus and a new species of the genus from the chukot peninsula ussr

Renna, M.; Zenhausern, R., 1976:
The group embedded figures test normative data

Ikuta T.; Furuta N.; Unzai A.; Ozone Y.; Niki S., 1980:
The group mean somato sensory evoked potential of normal human subjects

Arutyunyan S.Zh; Akhverdyan V.Z.; Khrenova E.A.; Karabekov B.P.; Krylov V.N., 1984:
The group of genetically related phages of corynebacterium glutamicum

Cantor, S.; Pearce, J.; Pezzot-Pearce, T.; Evans, J., 1981:
The group of hypotonic schizophrenics

Singer, R., 1977:
The group of laccaria laccata agaricales

Shinohara A., 1988:
The group of pamphilius sylvaticus hymenoptera pamphiliidae five new species and additional records from the far east

Baltisberger M., 1980:
The group of ranunculus polyanthemos in europe

Welner, A.; Croughan, J.; Fishman, R.; Robins, E., 1977:
The group of schizo affective and related psychoses a follow up study

Welner A.; Weiner Z.; Fishman R., 1979:
The group of schizoaffective and related psychoses part 4 a family study

Puthz, V., 1977:
The group of stenus aculeatus coleoptera staphylinidae 156th contribution to the knowledge of steninae

Ueno S I., 1985:
The group of trechiama oni coleoptera trechinae its distribution and differentiation

Johnson R., 1986:
The group selection of variola minor in the americas an anthroponotic analogue for the myxomatosis epizootic in australia

Dill L.M.; Ydenberg R.C., 1987:
The group size flight distance relationship in water striders gerris remigis

Sadoff, R.L., 1973:
The group that failed

Dunbar R.I.M.; Dunbar E.P., 1981:
The grouping behavior of male walia ibex capra waalie with special reference to the rut

Harrison R.H., 1986:
The grouping of affect terms according to the situations that elicit them a test of a cognitive theory of emotion

Aksoycan, N., 1977:
The grouping of candida spp according to the salmonella cholerae suis o 6 7 antigen part 5

Balcomb, R., 1977:
The grouping of nocturnal passerine migrants

Hull, R., 1977:
The grouping of small spherical plant viruses with single rna components

Bonnard R.; Michon A., 1981:
The groupings of aquatic macrophytes in the river loue france

Arushanyan, R.I., 1977:
The grove of plane platanus orientalis in the nagorno karabakh autonomous oblast of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

J.J Y., 1981:
The growing and spawning of the catfish clarias batrachus in the aquarium

Litvak J.; Ruiz L.; Restrepo H.E.; Mcalister A., 1987:
The growing burden of noncommunicable diseases a challenge to the countries of the americas

Kawata S I.; Katano M.; Yamazaki K., 1980:
The growing directions and the geo tropic responses of rice crown roots

Lee, J.Y.; Kim, C.S., 1980:
The growing mode of intra hepato cellular and extrahepato cellular ovalocyte following p di methylaminoazo benzene administration

Cislak V., 1986:
The growing of plants under irrigation conditions from the point of view of energetics

George D.W., 1982:
The growing point of fall sown wheat triticum aestivum a useful measure of physiologic development

Sangawe, J.L.; Mhalu, F.S.; Mtanda, A.T., 1984:
The growing problem of purulent conjunctivitis in adults and its management

Gefferth, C.M., 1984:
The growing skull 3. dynamics of growth of the neurocranium

Lorigan, J.G.; Eftekhari, F.; David, C.L.; Shirkhoda, A., 1988:
The growing teratoma syndrome: an unusual manifestation of treated, nonseminomatous germ cell tumors of the testis

Klusacek J.; Diblik T.; Fiedler J.; Jelinkova V., 1986:
The growth ability of the gilts of the large white breed and their subsequent reproductive efficiency

Aprahamian M.W.; Dickson Barr C., 1985:
The growth abundance and diet of o group sea bass dicentrarchus labrax from the severn estuary uk

Balatkova, V.; Hrabetova, E.; Tupy, J., 1977:
The growth activity and fertilizing capacity of submersely cultivated pollen tubes of nicotiana tabacum

Barraclough P.B., 1986:
The growth and activity of winter wheat roots in the field nutrient inflows of high yielding crops

Barraclough P.B., 1984:
The growth and activity of winter wheat roots in the field root growth of high yielding crops in relation to shoot growth

Barraclough P.B., 1986:
The growth and activity of winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar hustler roots in the field nutrient uptakes of high yielding crops

Barraclough P.B.; Leigh R.A., 1984:
The growth and activity of winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar hustler roots in the field the effect of sowing date and soil type on root growth of high yielding crops

Barko, J.W.; Smart, R.M., 1978:
The growth and biomass distribution of 2 emergent fresh water plants cyperus esculentus and scirpus validus on different sediments

Landau N.S.; Milovanova I.I.; Egorov N.S., 1985:
The growth and biosynthetic activity of a mixed microbial culture

Robson, M.J., 1982:
The growth and carbon economy of selection lines of lolium perenne cultivar s 23 with differing rates of dark respiration 1. grown as simulated swards during a re growth period

Robson, M.J., 1982:
The growth and carbon economy of selection lines of lolium perenne cultivar s 23 with differing rates of dark respiration 2. grown as young plants from seed

Thorpe W.; Cruickshank D.K.R.; Thompson R., 1979:
The growth and carcass characteristics of crosses of hereford and friesian with angoni barotse and boran cattle in zambia

Affia M.O.; Joslin C.A.F.; Rothwell R.I.; Boothby C.D., 1986:
The growth and cellular kinetics of human cervical cancer spheroids in relation to drug response

Johnston, T.N., 1978:
The growth and control of harrisia cactus on a state forest in southern inland queensland australia

Lobban, C.S., 1978:
The growth and death of the macrocystis sporophyte phaeophyceae laminariales

Day K., 1984:
The growth and decline of a population of the spruce aphid elatobium abietinum during a 3 year study and the changing pattern of fecundity recruitment and alary polymorphism in a northern ireland uk forest

Gabriel, B.P.; Rapusas, H.R., 1976:
The growth and development of bombyx mori at different leaf maturity and variety of mulberry

Burdelev T.E.; Kokorina E.K.; Ivanova L.Ya, 1979:
The growth and development of calves in addition of vitamins and poly salt trace elements to the feed

Konjoian P.S.; Staby G.L.; Tayama H.K., 1983:
The growth and development of chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar bright golden anne in low oxygen environments

Ojeifo, I.M.; Lucas, E.O., 1987:
The growth and development of corchorus olitorius l. grown alone and intercropped with tomato lycopersicon esculentum mill

Littleton, E.J.; Dennett, M.D.; Elston, J.; Monteith, J.L., 1979:
The growth and development of cowpeas vigna unguiculata under tropical field conditions 1. leaf area

Littleton, E.J.; Dennett, M.D.; Monteith, J.L.; Elston, J., 1979:
The growth and development of cowpeas vigna unguiculata under tropical field conditions 2. accumulation and partition of dry weight

Littleton, E.J.; Dennett, M.D.; Elston, J.; Monteith, J.L., 1981:
The growth and development of cowpeas vigna unguiculata under tropical field conditions 3. photosynthesis of leaves and pods

Richardson F.D.; Thomson J.W., 1984:
The growth and development of heifers and their concepti

Stallard, H.E.; Arai, H.P., 1978:
The growth and development of hymenolepis peromysci cestoda cyclophyllidea

Clowes M.S.J.; Allison J.C.S., 1983:
The growth and development of lateral branches in the top middle and bottom of pruned coffee coffea arabica cultivar sl 34 trees in a hedgerow

Clowes, M.S.J.; Wilson, J.H.H., 1977:
The growth and development of lateral branches of coffea arabica in rhodesia

Hardacre, A.K.; Turnbull, H.L., 1986:
The growth and development of maize zea mays l. at five temperatures

Norman, M.G.; O'Kusky, J.R., 1986:
The growth and development of microvasculature in human cerebral cortex

Carberry, P.S.; Campbell, L.C., 1985:
The growth and development of pearl millet pennisetum americanum as affected by photoperiod

Carberry, P.S.; Campbell, L.C.; Bidinger, F.R., 1985:
The growth and development of pearl millet pennisetum americanum as affected by plant population

Norton, T.A., 1977:
The growth and development of sargassum muticum

Pain S.K.; Nayek B., 1982:
The growth and development of sesamum indicum the effects of naphthaleneacetic acid

Moran J.B.; Wood J.T., 1982:
The growth and development of the alimentary tract in asiatic swamp buffalo and zebu cattle

Popov, V.P.; Popova, O.S., 1975:
The growth and development of the balsam poplar in protective plantings of northern kazakh ssr

Coleman, W.K.; Greyson, R.I., 1976:
The growth and development of the leaf in tomato lycopersicon esculentum part 1 the plastochron index a suitable basis for description

Coleman, W.K.; Greyson, R.I., 1976:
The growth and development of the leaf in tomato lycopersicon esculentum part 2 leaf ontogeny

Peakin G.J., 1985:
The growth and development of the overwintering larvae in the ant lasius flavus hymenoptera formicidae

Bairamov S.; Rzakuliev G., 1979:
The growth and development of the root systems of reaumuria oxiana and reaumuria turkestanica

Burke, P.H.; Hughes-Lawson, C.A., 1988:
The growth and development of the soft tissues of the human face

Kaack, B.; Walker, L.; Brizzee, K.R., 1979:
The growth and development of the squirrel monkey (Saimiri Sciureus)

Easter, S.S., 1979:
The growth and development of the superior oblique muscle and trochlear nerve in juvenile and adult goldfish

Mohapatra P.K.; Aspinall D.; Jenner C.F., 1982:
The growth and development of the wheat triticum aestivum cultivar warimba apex the effects of photoperiod on spikelet production and sucrose concentration in the apex

Baldos, D.P.; Javier, E.Q., 1976:
The growth and development of townsville stylo stylosanthes humilis

Brar L.S.; Gill H.S., 1981:
The growth and development of trianthema monogyna under self induced competition

Silva P.A.; Crosado B., 1985:
The growth and development of twins compared with singletons at ages 9 and 11

Satpathy B.; Mohapatra P.K., 1985:
The growth and development of wheat inflorescence the effect of pre anthesis nitrogen treatment on fertility and assimilate concentration of the inflorescence

Ektov, V.A.; Kasymov, K.T.; Chindaliev, E.A., 1977:
The growth and development of young pure bred santa gertrudis steers and their cross breeds in southeast kazakh ssr

Shanghai-Acad-Agric-Inst-Crop-Cultiv-Learn-Group-Nicheng, 1975:
The growth and developmental indices and diagnosis of high yield in cotton plants

Grabczynski, S., 1986:
The growth and diameter increment of common pine pinus sylvestris l. in the region of the tarnobrzeg sulfur basin poland

Currie D.A.; Milner M.J.; Evans C.W., 1988:
The growth and differentiation in vitro of leg and wing imaginal disc cells from drosophila melanogaster

Handel S.E.; Stickland N.C., 1987:
The growth and differentiation of porcine skeletal muscle fiber types and the influence of birthweight

Dyban P.A., 1984:
The growth and differentiation of terato carcinoma oc 15s 1 in syngeneic and allogeneic mice

Chlapowski F.J.; Haynes L., 1979:
The growth and differentiation of transitional epithelium in vitro

Juraskova V.; Mackova N., 1984:
The growth and dissemination of continuously irradiated ls bl lympho sarcoma cells

Jones S.D.M.; Price M.A.; Berg R.T., 1980:
The growth and distribution of muscle in bulls and heifers of 2 breeds

Nomaguchi H.; Mar Mar Nyein; Kohsaka K.; Yoneda K.; Mori T., 1980:
The growth and drug sensitivity of mycobacterium lepraemurium by tissue culture applying mono layer and agar suspension technique

Lamey P J.; Ferguson M.M.; Marshall W., 1982:
The growth and ductal epithelial cell response of mouse submandibular salivary glands to selected neuro transmitters in vitro

Obizoba I.C., 1981:
The growth and energy metabolism of rats fed diets containing 2 levels of autoclaved poultry manure

Mathers R.A.; Brown J.A.; Johansen P.H., 1985:
The growth and feeding behavior responses of largemouth bass micropterus salmoides exposed to pentachlorophenol

Hyslop E.J., 1987:
The growth and feeding habits of clarias anguillaris during their first season in the floodplain pools of the sokoto rima river basin nigeria

Hanks G.R.; Jones S.K., 1987:
The growth and flowering of hymenocallis festalis

Wimpenny, J.W., 1979:
The growth and form of bacterial colonies

Koch A.L., 1982:
The growth and form of escherichia coli

Mirza J.I.; Olsen G.M.; Iversen T H.; Maher E.P., 1984:
The growth and gravi tropic responses of wild type and auxin resistant mutants of arabidopsis thaliana/

Makhmudov, E.S.; Khaibullina, E.R., 1977:
The growth and heat resistance of rats subjected to repeated heat exposure in early periods of ontogenesis

Hay J.H.; Busuttil A.; Steel C.M.; Duncan W., 1986:
The growth and histological characteristics of a series of human bladder cancer xenografts

Cizkova-Macurkova, R., 1976:
The growth and ion absorption by maize in flowing medium at different levels of nutrients part 1 the growth of maize plants

Cizkova-Macurkova, R., 1976:
The growth and ion absorption by maize in flowing medium at different levels of nutrients part 2 accumulation distribution and utilization of nutrient ions by maize plants

Sato Y., 1981:
The growth and lactate production of streptococcus mutans especially in relation to the content of cellular magnesium

Maslin J L., 1986:
The growth and life span of corbula grigona mollusca pelecypoda in lake aheme a coastal lagoon in south benin

Zubenko T.F.; Sultanova I.G.; Zakirov M.Z., 1984:
The growth and lipolytic activity of rhizopus microsporus at different temperatures of cultivation

Stradling, D.J., 1978 :
The growth and maturation of the tarantula avicularia avicularia

Grant, C.; Dobbs, A.J., 1977:
The growth and metal content of plants grown in soil contaminated by a copper chrome arsenic wood preservative

Chan W S.; Page C.M.; Maclellan J.R.; Turner G.A., 1988:
The growth and metastasis of four commonly used tumor lines implanted into eight different sites evidence for site and tumor effects

Okusanya O.T.; Ungar I.A., 1984:
The growth and mineral composition of 3 species of spergularia as affected by salinity and nutrients at high salinity

Siddiqi, M.Y.; Glass, A.D.M., 1983:
The growth and mineral nutrition of barley hordeum vulgare varieties 1. effect of potassium supply on the uptake of potassium and growth

Kardash, O.R.; Khorkavtsiv-Ya, D.; Demkiv, L.O., 1988:
The growth and morphogenesis of weissia tortilis schwaegr. c. muell. from various growing sites

Henderson P.A.; Whitehouse J.W.; Cartwright G.H., 1984:
The growth and mortality of larval herring clupea harengus in the river blackwater estuary uk 1978 1980

Fraher, J.P., 1976:
The growth and myelination of central and peripheral segments of ventral moto neuron axons a quantitative ultrastructural study

Harmer, R.; Lee, J.A., 1978:
The growth and nutrient content of festuca vivipara plantlets

Iremiren G.O., 1984:
The growth and nutrient content of polybag oil palm seedlings as affected by mulch materials and time of their application

Lovitt, R.W.; Morris, J.G.; Kell, D.B., 1987:
The growth and nutrition of Clostridium sporogenes NCIB 8053 in defined media

Kogut M.; Russell N.J., 1984:
The growth and phospho lipid composition of a moderately halophilic bacterium vibrio costicola during adaptation to changes in salinity

Pursglove J.D.; Sanders F.E., 1981:
The growth and phosphorus economy of the early potato solanum tuberosum

Woledge J.; Calleja Suarez A., 1983:
The growth and photosynthesis of seedling plants of white clover trifolium repens at low temperature

Hsieh H L.; Chen C P.; Chang K H., 1981:
The growth and production of gafrarium tumidum bivalve in the littoral zone of chiang mei penghu taiwan

Gaigher I.G., 1982:
The growth and production of mozambique tilapia oreochromis mossambicus fed on algae in small tanks

Wahbeh M.I., 1984:
The growth and production of the leaves of the seagrass halophila stipulacea from aqaba jordan

Tarasov V.M.; Maimusova L.V.; Kovalenko V.F., 1986:
The growth and productivity of young apple trees as a function of the methods and norms of mineral fertilization and presowing soil cultivation

Lorriman F.; Llewellyn M., 1983:
The growth and reproduction of hop aphid phorodon humuli biotypes resistant and susceptible to insecticides

Wimpenny, J.W.; Lewis, M.W., 1977:
The growth and respiration of bacterial colonies

Piatkiewicz, A.; Kasperkiewicz-Jamroz, T., 1976:
The growth and some enzymatic functions of uv mutants of streptococcus diacetilactis 239

Eloranta P.; Kunnas S., 1979:
The growth and species communities of the attached algae in a river system in central finland

Boeryd B.; Benktson A., 1983:
The growth and spontaneous dissemination of melanoma b 16 and lewis lung tumor in 2 substrains of c 57bl 6j mice treated with corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes and or levamisole

Chen T F.; L.C.M., 1988:
The growth and stand biomass of casuarina plantation at miao li taiwan coastal sand dune

Obata, S.; Awaya, H.; Honda, K., 1977:
The growth and stand structure of hardwood forest belonging to the subtropics part 1 summary investigation of the experimental area

Awaya, H.; Honda, K.; Shibayashi, T.; Obata, S., 1981:
The growth and stand structure of warm temperate broad leaved evergreen forest 2. study of growth properties for each species and species groups

Awaya, H.; Nishikawa, K.; Honda, K.; Obata, S., 1984:
The growth and stand structure of warm temperature broadleaved evergreen forest 3. growth properties of species and species groups by permanent plot survey

Skene, D.S., 1978:
The growth and strength of apple trees with unions weakened by frost damage in the nursery/

Arenholt Bindslev D.; Jepsen A.; Maccallum D.K.; Lillie J.H., 1987:
The growth and structure of human oral keratinocytes in culture

Burykin Y.B.; Marfenin N.N., 1983:
The growth and structure of the colony of the hydroid polyp campanularia platycarpa hydrozoa campanulariidae

Patrick, S.; Reid, J.H.; Larkin, M.J., 1984:
The growth and survival of capsulate and non-capsulate Bacteroides fragilis in vivo and in vitro

Spencer, B.E.; Gough, C.J., 1978:
The growth and survival of experimental batches of hatchery reared spat of ostrea edulis and crassostrea gigas using different methods of tray cultivation

Ong C.K.; Marshall C., 1979:
The growth and survival of severely shaded tillers in lolium perenne

Cai S K.; Yang Z B.; Wei H T.; Zong S X., 1984:
The growth and the ecological characteristics of chinese fir cunninghamia lanceolata on the river bank in north jiangsu province china

Konicek R.; Frelich J.; Kral M.; Trmal J., 1985:
The growth and the weight of calves of first calf cows in a hereford herd in the sumava mountains czechoslovakia

Maelzer, D.A., 1978:
The growth and voracity of larvae of leis conformis coleoptera coccinellidae fed on the rose aphid macrosiphum rosae homoptera aphididae in the laboratory

Kan, W.H., 1987:
The growth and wind resistance of a clonal race of casuarina junghuhniana miq. in taiwan

Neuman, E., 1976:
The growth and year class strength of perch perca fluviatilis in some baltic archipelagos with special reference to temperature

Islam M.A.; Shahid M.A.; Ali M.I., 1986 :
The growth and yield of a few semi dwarf wheat varieties as affected by seed rates

Malhotra, O.P.; Cheema, S.S., 1977:
The growth and yield of barley in relation to soil moisture and cycocel 2 chloroethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride treatments

Ayub M.; Sharar M.S., 1986:
The growth and yield of rice cultivar irri 6 as influenced by planting density

Sutton M.W.; Robinson D.L.; Dixon G.R.; Wilson F., 1988:
The growth and yield of virus tested and visually healthy commercial narcissus stocks from different localities

Cannell R.Q.; Ellis F.B.; Christian D.G.; Graham J.P.; Douglas J.T., 1980:
The growth and yield of winter cereals after direct drilling shallow cultivation and plowing on noncalcareous clay soils 1974 1978

Ayling S.M.; Bacon E.; Christian D.G.; Goss M.J., 1987:
The growth and yield of winter wheat following 10 years of continuous plowing shallow tine cultivation or direct drilling on a non calcareous clay soil

Liechty H.O.; Mroz G.D.; Reed D.D., 1986:
The growth and yield responses of a high site quality red pine pinus resinosa plantation to seven thinning treatments and two thinning intervals

Rahimi A.; Bussler W., 1979:
The growth and zinc iron and phosphorus contents of higher plants in relation to zinc supply

Pollock, D.E.; Roscoe, M.J., 1977:
The growth at molting of crayfish jasus tristani at tristan da cunha south atlantic

Riggs M.R.; Lemly A.D.; Esch G.W., 1987:
The growth biomass and fecundity of bothriocephalus acheilognathi in a north carolina usa cooling reservoir

Yeeh Y.; Jun H.K., 1985:
The growth characteristics of candida sp jy cells on ethanol acetic acid and acetaldehyde substrate

Rodriguez C.; Dominguez A., 1984:
The growth characteristics of saccharomycopsis lipolytica morphology and induction of mycelium formation

Proctor, M.C.F., 1977:
The growth curve of the crustose lichen buellia canescens

Menegheti J.O.; Frozi M.; Burger M.I., 1985:
The growth curve of the red winged tinamou rhynchotus rufescens aves tinamidae

Chiang, S.H.T., 1976:
The growth cycle of cambium and the structure of the vascular tissue in the corm of isoetes taiwanensis

Cuadra, M., 1975:
The growth cycle of influenza viruses as studied in touch preparations of the allantoic layer of chick embryos part 1 the number of cells lining the allantoic cavity

Cuadra, M., 1975:
The growth cycle of influenza viruses as studied in touch preparations of the allantoic layer of chick embryos part 4 the growth cycle of influenza b virus presence of basophilic inclusions in cytoplasm of chorio allantoic membrane epithelial cells

Suetin S.O.; Pariiskaya A.N.; Kalakutskii L.V., 1980:
The growth cycle of the endo symbiont in nitrogen fixing nodules on the roots of alnus glutinosa studied by electron microscopy

Bishop J.D.D., 1982:
The growth development and reproduction of a deep sea cumacean crustacea peracarida

Turkington, R.; Harper, J.L., 1979:
The growth distribution and neighbor relationships of trifolium repens in a permanent pasture 1. ordination pattern and contact

Turkington, R.; Harper, J.L., 1979:
The growth distribution and neighbor relationships of trifolium repens in a permanent pasture 2. interspecific and intraspecific contact

Turkington, R.; Cahn, M.A.; Vardy, A.; Harper, J.L., 1979:
The growth distribution and neighbor relationships of trifolium repens in a permanent pasture 3. the establishment and growth of trifolium repens in natural and perturbed sites

Turkington, R.; Harper, J.L., 1979:
The growth distribution and neighbor relationships of trifolium repens in a permanent pasture 4. fine scale biotic differentiation

Dung N.N.; Szoke E.; Verzar Petri G., 1981:
The growth dynamics of callus tissues of root and leaf origin in datura inoxia

Davitashvili, A.N., 1975:
The growth dynamics of fresh weight and total protein amount in the heart of 10 16 day old chick embryos

Herbert D.A., 1986:
The growth dynamics of halophila hawaiiana

Evdokimova N.Yu; Nizheradze K.A., 1987:
The growth dynamics of human skin fibroblast cultures on gelatin glass and polystyrene

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The growth fraction in the root meristems

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The growth in vitro of new born rat brown and white adipose tissue

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The growth of 2 cultivars of tomato at ibadan western nigeria

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The growth of 2 maize varieties in farmers plots located at 2 contiguous ecological zones in nigeria

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The growth of 2 subacute sclerosing panencephalitis viruses in organotypic cultures of hamster dorsal root ganglia

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The growth of 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway cereals depending on nitrogen supply

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The growth of 3 crisp lettuce varieties from different sowing dates

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The growth of 3 woody plant species and the development of their mycorrhizae in 3 different plant composts

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The growth of 4 human animal enteroviruses in the central nervous systems of mice

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The growth of 4 species of azolla as affected by temperature

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The growth of a column of age dependent and position dependent cells

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The growth of above ground organs and water uptake under the beginning fertility of the apple tree malus domestica

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The growth of acoustic neurinomas

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The growth of aeromonas hydrophila k144 in ground pork at 5 c

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The growth of african horse sickness virus in embryonated hen eggs and the transmission of virus by culicoides variipennis diptera ceratopogonidae

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The growth of aquatic macrophytes in the bay of quinte canada prior to phosphate removal by tertiary sewage treatment 1975 1976

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The growth of arbacia lixula part 2 the apical system

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The growth of arrhenatherum elatius var bulbosum in spring barley as influenced by cultivation

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The growth of arthrobacter globiformis cultured at different temperature condition with special reference to the cyclic morphological change

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The growth of asp aspius aspius in lake balaton and the selective effects of commercial fisheries on population structure

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The growth of bacteria and the fungus phaeosphaeria typharum eumycota ascomycotina in salt marsh microcosms in the presence and absence of mercury

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The growth of bacteria and the production of exoglycosidic enzymes in the dental plaque of macaque monkeys

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The growth of barley hordeum vulgare grains during germination on the effect of natural and synthetic humic acids

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The growth of benign prostatic hypertrophy in semisolid agar culture

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The growth of biophysical literature

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The growth of bothriochloa pertusa and dichanthium annulatum in relation to crowding and herbage removal

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The growth of bovine ephemeral fever virus in primary cell cultures

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The growth of bream abramis brama in relation to habitat and population density

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The growth of breast fed and artificially fed infants from birth to 12 months

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The growth of calcium phosphates on natural enamel

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The growth of char salvelinus willughbii in windermere england uk

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The growth of chara globularis and its relationship to calcium carbonate deposition in malham tarn north yorkshire england uk

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The growth of children from paris from birth to 6 years old

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The growth of children's moment of inertia

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The growth of chlamydia in mouse fibroblastic mccoy cells treated with emetine

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The growth of chloroflexus aurantiacus under anaerobic conditions in the dark and the metabolism of organic substrates

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The growth of citrus fruits satsuma mandarin citrus unshiu cultivar miyagawa and hassaku citrus hassaku in relation to the development of tissue systems in the leaf and fruit stalk

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The growth of cladophora glomerata in a river receiving sewage effluent

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The growth of clingstone peach trees prunus persica propagated from hardwood cuttings in relation to time of propagation and planting

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The growth of clun and southdown sheep body composition and the partitioning of total body fat

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The growth of cochlear fibers and the formation of their synaptic endings in the avian inner ear a study with the electron microscope

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The growth of coelastrum proboscideum var dilatatum chlorophyta an autotrophic alga in nutritive solution enriched with glucose and potato extract

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The growth of colonies of dynamena pumila as a function of the quantity of food received hydrozoa sertulariidae

Huang L W., 1987:
The growth of colony size in relation to increasing reproductive capacity of coptotermes formosanus shiraki

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The growth of compact and diffuse variants of Staphylococcus aureus in bovine mastitic and normal whey

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The growth of concanavalin a activated lyt selected subsets in interleukin 2 containing supernatants

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The growth of coral colonies and the importance of crustose coralline algae and burrowing sponges in relation with carbonate accumulation

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The growth of coronavirus strain 229e using immuno peroxidase method and electron microscopy

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The growth of cultured bovine aortic endothelial cells preliminary observations of ultrastructural freeze etching morphology and quantitation of growth speed at phase contrast microscopic examination effect of glycosamino glycans

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The growth of cultured rabbit articular chondrocytes is stimulated by pituitary growth factors but not by purified human growth hormone or ovine prolactin

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The growth of daphnia magna in a medium enriched with dissolved organic substances

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The growth of detached wheat heads in liquid culture

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The growth of different organs of normal and dwarfed Snell mice, before and during growth hormone therapy

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The growth of dinoflagellates in laboratory cultures

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The growth of drosera intermedia in nutrient rich habitats the role of insectivory and interspecific competition

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The growth of dunaliella under magnesium hyper tonicity

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The growth of easter lily lilium longiflorum as influenced by vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi fusarium oxysporum and fertility level

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The growth of elastic cartilage

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The growth of emerging wheat plant infested with aphids

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The growth of ethnobiological nomenclature

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The growth of exclusively breastfed infants

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The growth of eyes and orbits in chick embryos part 9 the development of ocular and cranial primordia in 3 9 day old embryos with artificially induced bilateral microphthalmia

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The growth of fairy rings of agaricus arvensis and their effect upon grassland vegetation and soil

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The growth of female di ploid and tri ploid plaice pleuronectes platessa x flounder platichthys flesus hybrids over 1 spawning season

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The growth of femur and tibia in 3 distinct chondro dystrophic mutants of the house mouse/

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The growth of fetal human sensory ganglion neurons in culture: a scanning electron microscopic study

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The growth of fetus during pregnancy in swine

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The growth of fiber in isolated cotton ovule culture

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The growth of follicles in the rat ovary under the influence of busulfan and endoxan

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The growth of gymnotus carapo in the lobo reservoir state of sao paulo brazil by the length frequency distribution method pisces gymnotidae

Nagasawa, S., 1976:
The growth of head capsule in the successive instars in larvae of diegaserigipus and papilio scamander grayi lepidoptera danaidae and papilionidae

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The growth of hepatocytes and sinusoid littoral cells during liver regeneration

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The growth of herring larvae clupea harengus in the clyde scotland uk an assessment of the suitability of otolith aging methods

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The growth of heterotrophic bacteria in the surface waters of warm core rings

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The growth of hyphantria cunea in groups reared on different kinds of host plants

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The growth of immature green turtles chelonia mydas under natural conditions

Horsnell, L.J., 1985:
The growth of improved pastures on acid soils 1. the effect of superphosphate and lime on soil ph and on the establishment and growth of phalaris and lucerne

Horsnell, L.J., 1985:
The growth of improved pastures on acid soils 2. the effect of soil incorporation of lime and phosphorus on the growth of subterranean clover and lucerne pastures and on their response to topdressing

Horsnell, L.J., 1985:
The growth of improved pastures on acid soils 3. response of lucerne to phosphate as affected by calcium and potassium sulfates and soil aluminum levels

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The growth of individual seminal vesicle epithelial cells and their proliferation

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The growth of iron hydroxide oxide microcrystals and chemisorption rate of nitric oxide

Gutt J., 1985:
The growth of juvenile flounders platichthys flesus at salinities of 0 5 15 and 35 parts per thousand

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The growth of l cells and vero cells on an autoclavable minimum essential medium peptone medium

Melkumyan L.S., 1983:
The growth of lacerta strigata in lowland and mountains

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The growth of large single crystals of lysozyme

Diana J.S., 1984:
The growth of largemouth bass micropterus salmoides under constant and fluctuating temperatures

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The growth of larvae and juveniles of blue crab portunus pelagicus l

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The growth of lateral roots of sugar beet beta vulgaris studied with a mesh bag technique

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The growth of lignocellulolytic microorganisms on activated sludge potential application

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The growth of lodgepole pine pinus contorta ssp contorta seedlings raised under clear polythene cloches at 5 seedbed densities

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The growth of london england uk school children 1904 1966 an analysis of secular trend and intra county variation

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The growth of long bones after permanent zonal removing of the periosteum

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The growth of luffa aegyptiaca in response to various nitrogen sources and concentrations

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The growth of lung volumes affected by physical performance capacity in boys and girls during childhood and adolescence

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The growth of lymphocyte colonies from peripheral blood of patients with malignant melanoma

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The growth of maize in the cool temperate climate of the netherlands effect of grain filling on production of dry matter and on chemical composition and nutritive value

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The growth of maize part 4 dry matter yields and quality components for silage

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The growth of masking asymmetry with stimulus intensity

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The growth of memory during infancy

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The growth of microbacterium thermosphactum on beef

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The growth of microorganisms in parenteral nutrition solutions containing amino acids and sugars

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The growth of microorganisms in some parenteral radio pharmaceuticals

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The growth of molds in the form of pellets a literature review

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The growth of motoneurons and their neurites in relation to schwann cells harvested from sciatic nerve

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The growth of motor axons in the spinal cord of xenopus laevis embryos

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The growth of mouse melanoma cells in hormone supplemented serum free medium

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The growth of mouse neuro blastoma cell in controlled orientations on thin films of silicon mon oxide

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The growth of muscle nerves in relation to the formation of primary myotubes in the developing chick forelimb

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The growth of narthecium ossifragum in some southern english mires

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The growth of natural stand of morrison spruce picea morrisonicola in nan tzu hsien chi region taiwan

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The growth of neonates and juveniles of caiman sclerops fuscus cope 1868 crocodylia alligatoridae

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The growth of neurites from explants of brachial spinal cord exposed to different components of wing bud mesenchyme

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The growth of nonpyramidal neurons in the visual cortex of the rat a morphometric study

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The growth of oocytes and follicles in tylopods

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The growth of oscillatoria rubescens in correlation with the vitamin b 12

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The growth of our knowledge of the water mites known from africa hydrachnellae acari

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The growth of Paracoccus halodenitrificans in a defined medium

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The growth of penaeus vannamei

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The growth of penicillium tardum and gliocladium roseum in the presence of cadmium

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The growth of penicillium verruculosum bim g 122 on heterogeneous media as a function of the method of substrate pretreatment

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The growth of perceived causality in children

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The growth of perch perca fluviatilis l. in recently acidified lakes of southern finland a comparison with unaffected waters

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The growth of perennial rye grass a model

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The growth of pichia pinus ha ploid and di ploid strains on methanol

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The growth of pistachio pistacia vera anacardiaceae in badkhyz during the last 100 years and possibilities of its prediction

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The growth of planted leucaena leucocephala in taiwan

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The growth of procladius cinereus diptera chironomidae larva

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The growth of pseudomonas putida in aviation turbine fuel

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The growth of pseudomonas putida on chlorinated aliphatic acids and its dehalogenase activity

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The growth of pseudomonas putida on m toluic acid and on toluene in batch and in chemostat cultures

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The growth of pseudomonas sp am 1 on 4 hydroxy butyrate

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The growth of purple bacteria assimilating acetate under anaerobic conditions in the dark

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The growth of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri given diets containing chitin and its relationship to chitinolytic enzymes and chitin digestibility

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The growth of rauwolfia serpentina tissues in a suspension culture part 1 factors affecting the aggregation of cells

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The growth of rauwolfia serpentina tissues in a suspension culture part 2 the production of finely dispersed tissue cultures

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The growth of red beet and its infection by streptomyces spp

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The growth of regenerating soleus muscle transplants after ablation of the gastrocnemius muscle

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The growth of reovirus 3 type in cultured rat embryos and implications for human reproductive failure

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The growth of rhododendrons in containers in soil treated with calcium carbonate calcium hydroxide or calcium sulfate

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The growth of rhodopseudomonas capsulata and its synthesis of hydrogenase under the conditions of continuous cultivation

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The growth of rice on a topo sequence a methodology

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The growth of rodent brain cells in culture

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The growth of root cap columellar cells of corn seedlings

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The growth of rubus vestitus in a mixed deciduous woodland

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The growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 426 on mixtures of glucose and succinic acid: A model

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The growth of school children in the heavy snow district

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The growth of scotch pine in northern lapland finland 1928 1977

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The growth of secondary infections of Hymenolepis microstoma in mice: the effect of various primary infection regimes

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The growth of selected desmid desmidiales chlorophyta taxa at different calcium and ph levels

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The growth of single and mixed laboratory populations of sitophilus zeamais and sitotroga cerealella on stored maize

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The growth of single crystals of l arginine b o bovine insulin and their preliminary x ray crystallographic analysis

Paule L., 1982:
The growth of slovakian red beech provenances fagus sylvatica

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The growth of social attributions

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The growth of some ephemeropteran nymphs during winter in a north swedish river

Danimihardja S.; Saefudin; Syarif F.; Setyowati Indarto N., 1988 :
The growth of some fast growing legume species in the field after seedling inoculation with rhizobium

Zakhariev Z.I.; Petrov J., 1982:
The growth of some muscles during the post natal period of bulgarian simmental cattle

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The growth of some perennial grasses under irrigation on a rendzina soil in the lower southeast of south australia

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The growth of some young boinae ophidia with notes on shedding frequency

Kawamoto Y.; Masuda Y.; Goto I., 1983:
The growth of sorghum sorghum bicolor in the mixed culture with forage soybean glycine max

Hayward P.M.; Clymo R.S., 1983:
The growth of sphagnum experiments on and simulation of some effects of light flux and water table depth

Przytocka Jusiak M.; Rzeczycka M.; Palacz G.; Kamut M., 1984:
The growth of stichococcus bacillaris in intermittent light

Skowronski T.; Czernas K., 1985:
The growth of stichococcus bacillaris on media containing cadmium or zinc

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The growth of streptococcus thermophilus in soy milk medium

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The growth of sugar cane saccharum sp calluses inoculated with xanthomonas albilineans

Carabine, M.D.; Maddock, J.E.L., 1976:
The growth of sulfuric acid aerosol particles when contacted with water vapor

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The growth of tagetes erecta petunia hybrida nana compacta and myosotis alpestris in a range of peat based container media

Tulli M., 1980:
The growth of tetrahymena pyriformis on a krill protein medium

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The growth of the bleak alburnus alburnus pisces cyprinidae in some czech localities

Mann M.D., 1984:
The growth of the brain and skull in children

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The growth of the cabbage butterfly in constant and diurnally fluctuating temperatures

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The growth of the cultured scallop patinopecten yessoensis

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The growth of the danube salmon hucho hucho salmonidae introduced into the river dunajec poland

Twentyman, P.R., 1978:
The growth of the emt 6 mammary tumor in the lungs of balb c mice following intra venous inoculation of tumor cells from culture/

Hobson, D.; Johnson, F.W.; Byng, R.E., 1977:
The growth of the ewe abortion chlamydial agent in McCoy cell cultures

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The growth of the femur of chinese fetus and it's correlation ratio with the c r length

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The growth of the fresh water crayfish austropotamobius pallipes in northumbria uk

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The growth of the fry of rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus in the klicava reservoir czechoslovakia

Pshedetskaya, L.I., 1986:
The growth of the fungus claviceps paspali stev. and hall in pure culture as a function of the source of nitrogen

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The growth of the hanasakigani paralithodes brevipes decapoda anomura

Boettcher M., 1983:
The growth of the mandible with special regard to the tongue as a growth factor

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The growth of the muscular and collagenous parts of the rat heart in various forms of cardiomegaly

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The growth of the oocyte and follicle in the ovaries of monotremes and marsupials

Akos H., 1981:
The growth of the pike esox lucius in the section of the tisza river near tiszafured hungary

Harka, A., 1977:
The growth of the pike perch stizostedion lucioperca in the area of the tisza river hungary yugoslavia

Glattly, A.D.; McKeown, M., 1982:
The growth of the rabbit skull in 3 dimensions --a radiographic cephalometric appraisal

Benesova K.; Zaveta J., 1987:
The growth of the roach rutilus rutilus in the orlik riverine lake czechoslovakia in 1981 1982 pisces cyprinidae

Guillou M., 1983:
The growth of the sea star asterias rubens in the bay of douarnenez finistere france

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The growth of the sheatfish silurus glanis in czechoslovakia

Harka A., 1984:
The growth of the silurid silurus glanis in the tisza hungary

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The growth of the skull and jaw muscles and its functional consequences in the New Zealand rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

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The growth of the skull during post nidal development of lemmus lemmus mammalia rodentia

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The growth of the species sisyrinchium angustifolium in croatia yugoslavia

Kacinska M., 1985:
The growth of the testes and the comb and plasma testosterone concentration during ontogenesis in the cockerel

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The growth of the thick billed murre uria lomvia chicks at colonies in hudson strait canada inter colony and intra colony variation

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The growth of the transverse sectional area of the semitendinosus muscle in the dog and horse and its relation to athletic ability in the 2 species

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The growth of the upper part of the vault in hominids and chimpanzees

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The growth of the yeast candida tropicalis kl 18 synthesis of lipids and waxes at different temperatures

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The growth of the young yellowfin thunnus albacares and bigeye tuna thunnus obesus off the northwest coast of madagascar

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The growth of tiller buds and the distribution of radioactivity in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar proctor seedlings treated with carbon 14 labeled benzylamino purine

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The growth of tipula larvae with particular reference to the head capsule diptera tipulidae

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The growth of vibrissa dermal papilla cells in vitro

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The growth of vigna radiata l. after infection with different antibiotic resistant mutants of rhizobium cowpea group

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The growth of white clover trifolium repens in five sown hill swards grazed by sheep

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The growth of young meadow pipits anthus pratensis in the nest

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The growth of young salmonids oncorhynchus keta controlled ecosystem pollution experiment

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The growth of young snail and fecundity of oncomelania hupensis hupensis in the laboratory

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The growth of zalerion maritimum in response to variation in salinity and temperature

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The growth pattern and nutrient uptake of durian durio zibethinus on an oxisol

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The growth pattern of 2 spp. of schima

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The growth pattern of adolescent Tswana schoolchildren

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The growth pattern of otoliths of lophius piscatorius and lophius budegassa in the aegean sea

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The growth pattern of sitting height skull and chest circumference in varanasi india school children of upper socio economic group

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The growth pattern of the clavicle in the rat

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The growth pattern of waist, pelvic and hip measurements during adolescence

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Nabors, M.W.; Lang, A., 1971:
The growth physics and water relations of red light induced germination in lettuce d seeds part 2 embryos germinating in water

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The growth physics and water relations of red light induced germination in lettuce seeds part 4 biochemical changes in the embryonic axes of red and far red treated seeds

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The growth physiology of coleoptiles in continuous record vessels anomalous kinetics of cyclo heximide action on auxin controlled growth

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The growth physiology of the filamentous organism type 021n and its significance to activated sludge bulking

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The growth potential of spirulina platensis a blue green alga in night soil digester effluent and saline water

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The growth precipitation test as a diagnostic method for differentiation of mycoplasma and acholeplasma spp

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The growth process of the stature of japanese growth from early childhood

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The growth process of vole microtus arvalis during autumn and winter

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The growth productive characteristics and organ and gland weights of white leghorn chickens subjected to various diets during growth

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The growth productivity and qualitative seed composition of castor bean plants as a function of temperature

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The growth promoting effect of daminozide b 9 on castor

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The growth promotion capacity of calf serum for animal cells in vitro 1. test of 56 lots of calf serum against several cell lines and primary cell cultures

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The growth rate and the variation in growth in relation to the stock plant of hedera canariensis gloire de marengo

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The growth rate in the interpretation of the natural history of lung cancer

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The growth rate of acartia clausi in the ebrie lagoon ivory coast

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The growth rate of acoustic neuromas a report of 3 cases

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The growth rate of bone sarcoma prognostic and therapeutic value

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The growth rate of breast cancer as a dynamic indicator of prognosis

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The growth rate of daphnia pulex and daphnia pulicaria crustacea cladocera at different food levels

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The growth rate of four forest tree species in the alang alang imperata cylindrica beauv. area of jampang tengah sukabumi indonesia

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The growth rate of mychonastes ruminatus under various light temperature and salinity regimes

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The growth rate of palaemon adspersus and palaemon serratus decapoda natantia in the ria de vigo northwestern spain

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The growth rate of sensory nerve fibers in the mammalian embryo

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The growth rate of the grayling thymallus thymallus in the tributaries of the river dunajec as an indicator of habitat conditions

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The growth rate of the uni cellular green alga chlorella pyrenoidosa as affected by the iron supply

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The growth rate of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar gamenya leaves in relation to the extension zone sugar concentration manipulated by shading

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The growth rates of weaned lambs grazing 3 legume based pastures during summer

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The growth regulating activity of certain phosphonium class compounds

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The growth related 28 kilodalton protein in germinating wheat use of peptide mapping to identify cryptic forms in cell free extracts and protein synthesizing systems

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The growth reproductive phenology and longevity of non tide pool fucus distichus in new england usa

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The growth requirements of the genus dysmorphococcus volvocales

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The growth response of a model gymnodinium splendens in stationary and wavy water columns

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The growth response of aortic smooth muscle cultures in normal and hypoxic atmospheres

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The growth response of container grown woody ornamentals to controlled release fertilizers

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The growth response of freshly cut and aged maize coleoptile segments to auxin and acid buffer

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The growth response of pinus caribaea var hondurensis seedlings to fertilizer application on the serdang malaysia soil series

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The growth response of the diatom navicula incerta to selected concentrations of the metals cadmium copper lead and zinc

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The growth response of the lettuce lactuca sativa hypocotyl and root to mercury discharge tube radiation and x rays as influenced by sodium humate

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The growth response of tribolium castaneum larvae to whole oat avena sativa varieties and oat fractions

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The growth response of two east african perennial grasses to defoliation nitrogen fertilizer and competition

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The growth response of wood destroying fungi to the presence of spruce callus

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The growth responses of chlorella saccharophila navicula incerta and nitzschia closterium to selected concentrations of cadmium

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The growth responses of lolium perenne to the weather during winter and spring at various altitudes in mid wales

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The growth responses of soybean plant to photoperiod and temperature 4. the effect of temperature during the ripening period on the yield and characters of seeds

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The growth responses of soybean plant to photoperiod and temperature 6. starch accumulation and chloroplast fine structure in soybean leaf as affected by temperature

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The growth responses of soybean plant to photoperiod and temperature part 1 responses in vegetative growth

Sato, K., 1976:
The growth responses of soybean plant to photoperiod and temperature part 2 responses in chemical constituents

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The growth retarding effect of daminozide in spirodela oligorrhiza and its reversal by gibberellin

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The growth status of premature infants fed with premature formulas

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The growth stimulating effect of alpha 1 acid glyco protein in cells in culture

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The growth to maturity of lean and fat lines of broiler chickens fed diets of different protein content evaluation of a model to describe growth and feeding characteristics

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The growth velocity prediction using the sampled transfer functions

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The growth zone of the thymus under development of spontaneous mammary tumors in rats

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The Gruca operation for congenital absence of the fibula

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The gryon variicornis group of gryon hymenoptera scelionidae

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The gschwend scheier baehler knee prosthesis

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The gtp binding protein of rod outer segments ii. an essential role for magnesium in signal amplification

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The gua operon of escherichia coli strain k 12 evidence for polarity from guab to guaa

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The guanine nucleotide activating site of the regulatory component of adenylate cyclase. Identification by ligand binding

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The guanosine 3' 5' bis di phosphate cycle comparison of synthesis and degradation of guanosine 3' 5' bis di phosphate in various bacterial systems

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The guanylate cyclase ec of the social amoeba dictyostelium discoideum

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The guaranty of the post operative protein status

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The guarded prognosis of physeal injury in paraplegic children

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The gubernaculum during testicular descent in the human fetus

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The gubernaculum during testicular descent in the pig fetus

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The guerreiro machado reaction effects of inactivation of chagasic serum in complement fixation with trypanosoma cruzi antigen

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The guest ant formicoxenus nitidulus follows the scent trail of its wood ant host hymenoptera formicidae

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The guidance of axons from transplanted neurons through aneural Drosophila wings

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The guidance of optic axons in the developing and adult mouse retina

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The guidance of saccadic eye movements to perceptually mis localized visual and nonvisual targets

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The guild of myrmecochores in the herbaceous flora of west virginia usa forest

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The guild structure of a community of predatory vertebrates in central chile

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The guillain barre syndrome and pregnancy

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The guinea pig neutrophil calcium dependent lysosomal enzyme secretory process inhibition by nonsteroid anti inflammatory agents

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The gum exudates from some closely related acacia species of the subseries uninerves racemosae section phyllodineae

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The gusum sweden case a brass mill and the distribution of soil collembola

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The gut and pre absorptive satiety

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The gut in the acute phase response: changes in colonic and hepatic enzyme activity in response to dermal inflammation in the rat

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The gut index a new parameter to measure the gross nutritional state of arctic char salvelinus alpinus and brown trout salmo trutta

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The gut of an intestinal air breathing fish lepidocephalus guntea

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The gut of the red currant blister aphid cryptomyzus ribis homoptera aphididae

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The gut stercoral pocket and hemolymph as potential storage sites of potassium and phosphate for the spider's orb web

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The gynecologist's attitude towards psychogenic sterility considerations on two cases

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The gynoecial development and systematic position of allamanda apocynaceae

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The gynoecium of the apiaceae model and ontogeny

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The gynostemium of the neottioid orchids

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The gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae its parasitoid apanteles melanoscelus hymenoptera braconidae and the nuclear polyhedrosis virus an ultrastructural study

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The gyr b gene product functions in both initiation and chain polymerization of escherichia coli chromosome replication suppression of the initiation deficiency in gyr b ts mutants by a class of rpo b mutations

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The h 2 complex affects the frequency of urethane induced chromosomal aberrations

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The h 2 complexes of inbred and wild mice are organized in a similar fashion

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The h reflex in the extensor digitorum brevis muscle study in the normal subject and in those with latent alcoholic neuropathy

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The h reflex recovery curve reinvestigated low intensity conditioning stimulation and nerve compression disclose differential effects of presumed group ia fibers in man

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The h y antigen and the sex differentiation of the brain

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The habit and habitat external characters and the body wall of dero cooperi

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The habitat and behavior of cephalodiscus gracilis pterobranchia hemichordata from bermuda

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The habitat and behavior of the amphibious fish periophthalmus koelreuteri africanus at tulear madagascar comparison with the sympatric periophthalmus sobrinus

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The habitat and feeding behavior of the musk deer

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The habitat and feeding behavior of the wentletrap epitonium greenlandicum

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The habitat and feeding ecology of woodland harvestmen opiliones in england uk

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The habitat and life history of pilbara ningaui ningaui timealeyi

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The Hawthorne effect in the measurement of adolescent smoking

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The hay fever plants of Colorado

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The hazard of cigarette smoke to nonsmokers

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The hazard of old lead mines in Wales

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The hazard on respiratory system of acrylic bone cement during anesthesia

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