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The growth of clingstone peach trees prunus persica propagated from hardwood cuttings in relation to time of propagation and planting

Issell, L.G.; Chalmers, D.J.

Journal of Horticultural Science 54(1): 33-38


Accession: 006685289

Hardwood cuttings of the 'Golden Queen' peach were taken during the winter at fortnightly intervals. Root development was measured after the cuttings had been treated with a 10 s dip of 1000 ppm IBA dissolved in 50% ethyl alcohol and 6 wk bottom heat at 23.degree. C. The percentage of satisfactorily rooted cuttings was highest in July (85%). Cuttings planted directly into the nursery grew into larger plants than those that were first potted and hardened in the greenhouse. Trees became progressively smaller with later planting. Flower bud density per unit butt area apparently was greatest on trees propagated in late July. There was no difference in flower bud numbers due to time of planting in the nursery.

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