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The growth of the thick billed murre uria lomvia chicks at colonies in hudson strait canada inter colony and intra colony variation

Gaston, A.J.; Chapdelaine, G.; Noble, D.G.

Canadian Journal of Zoology 61(11): 2465-2475


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4301
Accession: 006685478

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Comparison of growth rates and fledging weights recorded for thick-billed murre chicks (U. lomyia) by previous investigators shows that these parameters vary widely between studies. Growth rates and fledging weights were measured at 4 colonies in the Hudson Strait area to examine the magnitude of variation both within and among colonies. Significant variations among years and among different areas of a single colony were detected but were less important than colony-specific factors in determining overall variation. A negative correlation between colony size and chick fledging weights suggests that colony size may be an important determinant of intercolony differences.

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