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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6687

Chapter 6687 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thomas R.G., 1982: The hazardous cuffed endo tracheal tube aspiration on extubation

Noer Z., 1979: The hazardous effect of short birth interval on physical growth a 4 case study

Anon, 1987: The hazardous waste facility siting controversy the massachusetts experience

Olin, G. R., 1978: The hazards of a chemical laboratory environment a study of the mortality in 2 cohorts of swedish chemists

Bykhovskii, A. V.; Dyubankova, E. N., 1977: The hazards of alimentary penetration of vinyl chloride into the human body

Harris J.M.Jr, 1981: The hazards of bedside bayes

Spanier S.S., 1982: The hazards of biopsy in patients with malignant primary bone and soft tissue tumors

Elkington A.R., 1987: The hazards of hammers

Mays, E. T., 1976: The hazards of suturing certain wounds of the liver

Jeejeebhoy K.N., 1988: The hazards of using active clinic patients as a source of subjects for clinical studies

Kivanc E., 1983: The hazel door mouse muscardinus avellanarius in turkey

Waitz J.A., 1983: The hazimycins a new class of antibiotics taxonomy fermentation isolation characterization and biological properties

David C.S., 1986: The hb 2d cross reactive idiotype a common idiotype expressed by monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to human hemoglobin

Humphrey A.E., 1984: The hch 1 model of enzymatic cellulose hydrolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686014

Hamid H.A., 1980: The head ache relieving effect of a new pyrazolone compound

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686016

Bodenmueller H., 1986: The head activator is released from regenerating hydra bound to a carrier molecule

Osten T., 1982: The head and mouth in scolioid hymenoptera a study of form and function

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686019

Bairati, A.; De-Biasi, S.; Cheli, F.; Oggioni, A., 1987: The head cartilage of cephalopods i. architecture and ultrastructure of the extracellular matrix

Johnson, W. A.; Billiar, R. B.; Rahman, S. S.; Little, B., 1976: The head extractions brain and pituitary uptake and metabolism of progesterone and 5 alpha di hydro progesterone in anesthetized female rabbits

Guzman F., 1986: The head eye body turning behavior induced by electrical or cholinergic stimulation of the pulvinar lateralis posterior nucleus complex is not dependent on the catecholaminergic system

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686023

Dittmann, I.; Eichler, W., 1978: The head louse of man pediculus capitis

Maroli M., 1980: The head louse pediculus humanus capitis in italy an epidemiological study among school children

Kabir, S. M. H.; Begum, F., 1986: The head musculature of a rice grasshopper oxya velox fab. orthoptera acrididae

Fuglsang, H.; Anderson, J.; De, C. Marshall, T. F., 1976: The head nodule and ocular onchocerciasis in africa

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686029

Poelmann R.E., 1981: The head process and the formation of the definitive endoderm in the mouse embryo

Schweiger M., 1982: The head protein d of bacterial virus lambda is related to eukaryotic chromosomal proteins

Brennan M.J.W., 1982: The head retraction reflex its specificity in parkinsons disease

Yonzon, P. B.; Shrestha, J., 1977: The head skeleton of glyptothorax trilineatus sisoridae cypriniformes

James W.S., 1987: The head tail linker protein of bacteriophage t5 genetic and immunological studies

Janssen P.A.J., 1983: The head twitch response to intra peritoneal injection of 5 hydroxy tryptophan in the rat antagonist effects of purported 5 hydroxy tryptamine antagonists and of pirenperone and lsd antagonist

Cappa K.G., 1987: The headache of temporal arteritis

Sebes J.I., 1988: The headless bone scan an uncommon manifestation of metastatic superscan in carcinoma of the prostate

Anon, 1970: The heaf test

Najafi H., 1987: The healing characteristics of autogenous saphenous vein used in the reconstruction of previously implanted arterial saphenous vein grafts

Ochsner P.E., 1988: The healing of biologic and synthetic bone implants an experimental study

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686042

Infante R., 1988: The healing of colonic anastomoses after early intraperitoneal chemotherapy an experimental study in rats

Paavolainen, P.; Slatis, P.; Karaharju, E.; Holmstrom, T., 1979: The healing of experimental fractures by compression osteosynthesis 1. torsional strength

Paavolainen, P.; Penttinen, R.; Slatis, P.; Karaharjus, E., 1979: The healing of experimental fractures by compression osteosynthesis 2. morphometric and chemical analysis

Chernova, T. G., 1976: The healing of experimental wounds under the effect of x ray at high altitude

Poupa O., 1982: The healing of frog rana pipiens heart lesions induced by isoproterenol injections

Et Al, 1984: The healing of gastric ulcer

Schofield I.D., 1984: The healing of hamster skin ulcers treated with n butyl 2 cyano acrylate histoacryl blue

Davanger M., 1984: The healing of human corneal endothelium an in vitro study

Cintron C., 1982: The healing of linear nonperforating wounds in rabbit corneas of different ages

Al-Sadi, H. I., 1977: The healing of linear skin incisions with and without sub cutaneously induced poly vinyl sponge granuloma in the dog

Davanger M., 1984: The healing of rabbit corneal endothelium

Vigorita V.J., 1984: The healing of segmental bone defects induced by de mineralized bone matrix a radiographic and bio mechanical study

Geboes K.J., 1984: The healing of single row and double row stapled circular anastomoses

Yakovleva, N. D., 1977: The healing of skin wounds during local beta irradiation

Eaglstein W.H., 1983: The healing of superficial skin wounds is stimulated by external electrical current

Matsumoto T., 1985: The healing of the thin walled expanded polytetrafluoroethylene vascular graft

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686059

Winblad B., 1980: The healing pattern of experimental pars flaccida perforations

Rosling, B.; Nyman, S.; Lindhe, J.; Jern, B., 1976: The healing potential of the periodontal tissues following different techniques of periodontal surgery in plaque free dentitions a 2 year clinical study

Awanbor D., 1982: The healing process in african psycho therapy

Walther B., 1984: The healing process in high and low anterior resection of the rectum a comparative study in the pig using stapling devices

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686064

Walther B., 1984: The healing process of anastomoses of the colon a comparative study using single double layer or stapled anastomosis

Demling L., 1980: The healing process of experimentally produced bleeding lesions after hemostatic electro coagulation with simultaneous instillation of water

Ohhata H., 1984: The healing process of tooth extraction wounds observed by scanning electron microscopy and x ray microanalysis

Eiken, O.; Hagberg, L.; Rank, F., 1978: The healing process of transplanted digital tendon sheath synovium experimental auto radiographic studies in chickens

Heap T.R., 1980: The healing rate of chronic gastric ulcer in patients admitted to hospital

Bendix K., 1982: The healing strength of corneal wounds in the human eye

Hermoni, D.; Mankuta, D.; Sivan, E.; Collander, Y.; Porter, B., 1986: The health activist program a new method of involving the community in improving its health

Franchi D., 1987: The health administrator management in the area of hygiene and epidemiology

Mcroberts J.W., 1980: The health and cost implications of routine excretory urography before trans urethral prostatectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686074

Robson, Jrk; Wadsworth, Gr, 1977: The health and nutritional status of primitive populations

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686076

Calnan M., 1984: The health belief model and participation in programs for the early detection of breast cancer a comparative analysis

Quah S.R., 1985: The health belief model and preventive health behavior in singapore

Asogwa S.E., 1988: The health benefits of mechanization at the nigerian coal corporation

Sepulveda J., 1986: The health care reform in mexico before and after the 1985 earthquakes

Rychard A., 1984: The health care system in poland the case of lodz as compared with foreign regions a secondary analysis

Schnurrenberger P.R., 1981: The health characteristics of veterinarians in illinois usa

Ancak J., 1987: The health condition of oak and how to improve it by appropriate cultural treatments

Pazderova-Vejlupkova, J.; Pechan, J.; Tomanek, R.; Capkova, O., 1977: The health condition of persons working with industrial ultrasound sources/

Hulka B.S., 1988: The health consequences of environmental tobacco smoke

Ferraro K.F., 1983: The health consequences of relocation among the aged in the community

Black N., 1985: The health culture of families as an influence on the use of surgery for glue ear a case control study

Tollerud, D. J.; Weiss, S. T.; Elting, E.; Speizer, F. E.; Ferris, B., 1983: The health effects of automobile exhaust 6. relationship of respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function in tunnel and turnpike workers

Nijenhius, H. W. A., 1977: The health of adolescents a survey of the state of health of 14 18 year old applicants for a job in the netherlands

Corney R.H., 1985: The health of clients referred to social workers in an intake team

Preston, F. S., 1978: The health of female air cabin crews

Roberts, R. E.; Lee, E. S., 1980: The health of mexican americans evidence from the human population laboratory studies

Terui, S.; Fuchigami, H.; Yamada, K.; Miyake, T.; Yokoyama, E.; Ariga, T.; Nishikawa, S., 1986: The health of migrant farmers at seasonal work ii. an examination on health survey of cornell medical index

Goldberg, E. D., 1976: The health of the oceans

Kraus, A. S.; Spasoff, R. A.; Beattie, E. J.; Holden, D. E. W.; Lawson, J. S.; Rodenburg, M.; Woodcock, G. M., 1977: The health of the very aged

Heath J., 1979: The health of welders in naval dockyards acute changes in respiratory function during standardized welding

Mcmillan G.H.G., 1983: The health of welders in naval dockyards the risk of asbestos related diseases occurring in welders

Cuthbert, J. W., 1978: The health of women in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Lebedeva N.T., 1981: The health of young people in relation to their motor activity during early school years

Jones A.P., 1979: The health opinion survey reconsidered dimensionality reliability and validity

Ing S.J., 1980: The health physics of xenon 127

Wolfgang A.P., 1988: The health professions stress inventory

Solomon L., 1985: The health promoter in rural villa de leiva colombia impact on pregnancy

Ben Sira Z., 1982: The health promoting function of mass media and reference groups motivating or reinforcing of behavior change

Pender N.J., 1987: The health promoting lifestyle profile development and psychometric characteristics

Davis H.P., 1983: The health role expectations index a measure of alignment disparity and change

Chrisman, N. J., 1977: The health seeking process an approach to the natural history of illness

Kelly, W. R.; Collins, J. D., 1978: The health significance of some infectious agents present in animal effluents

Hughes J.M., 1983: The health significance of viruses in water

Brisou, J., 1977: The health situation around the mediterranean

Kiryakov, K.; Ivanova, S.; Spasovski, M.; Stamova, N.; Gincheva, A.; Khristova, V., 1978: The health state of workers during the production of vidlon poly amide fibers

Bulsara M.K., 1985: The health status of children in a rural community in northeastern zambia

Yoshinaca K., 1981: The health status of female workers in vinyl greenhouse culture

Lapointe Y., 1986: The health status of mild to moderate intellectually handicapped adolescents

Ys, B. S.; Yoel, C.; Lubis, I. Z.; Lubis, C. P., 1985: The health status of paramedics' children in dr. pirngadi hospital medan indonesia

Zimmerman M.K., 1986: The health status of the old old a reconsideration

Jones D.R., 1987: The healthy motivation to fly no psychiatric diagnosis

Shindell, S.; Weisberg, R. F.; Giefer, E. E., 1978: The healthy worker effect fact or artifact

Shy C., 1987: The healthy worker effect in actively working communications workers

Weinkam J.J., 1985: The healthy worker effect on morbidity rates

Barker D.S., 1985: The hearing aid feedback path mathematical simulations and experimental verification

Rowson V.J., 1980: The hearing and receptive vocabulary of the trainees of an adult training center

Kikuchi, K.; Ishiyama, E.; Arai, H.; Yamamoto, N.; Minagawa, T.; Sakuma, S.; Yamazaki, M.; Nogaki, M.; Nakajima, M.; Furusaka, T., 1977: The hearing function of aged persons

Weinstein B.E., 1988: The hearing handicap inventory for the elderly as a measure of hearing aid benefit

Tannahill J.C., 1979: The hearing handicap scale as a measure of hearing aid benefit

Olaussen T., 1983: The hearing of symphony orchestra musicians

Hawkins, A. D.; Johnstone, A. D. F., 1978: The hearing of the atlantic salmon salmo salar

Owens, E.; Fujikawa, S., 1980: The hearing performance inventory and hearing aid use in profound hearing loss

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686130

Mintz G., 1985: The heart and ankylosing spondylitis

Obenchain, F. D.; Oliver, J. H. Jr, 1975: The heart and arterial circulatory system of ticks acari ixodoidea

Bell W.R., 1979: The heart and cardiac conduction system in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura a clinico pathologic study of 17 autopsied patients

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686134

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686135

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686136

Pirogova G.V., 1985: The heart as a leading component in the functional system of energy supply to the arterial blood flow

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686138

Wells M.J., 1979: The heart beat of octopus vulgaris

Tranel D.T., 1982: The heart beats to reward the effect of monetary incentive on heart rate

Hewer R.L., 1983: The heart disease of friedreichs ataxia a clinical and electro cardiographic study of 115 patients with an analysis of serial electro cardiographic changes in 30 cases

Hosaki J., 1985: The heart disease screening system for school children in japan and its results

Schulten H R., 1984: The heart glycosides of the arrow poison of lophopetalum toxicum

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686144

Markiewicz W., 1980: The heart in acromegaly correlation of echo cardiographic and clinical findings

Benderley A., 1979: The heart in acute glomerulo nephritis an echo cardiographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686147

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686148

Khosla S.N., 1981: The heart in enteric typhoid fever

Brumback, R. A.; Panner, B. J.; Kingston, W. J., 1986: The heart in friedreich's ataxia report of a case

Fox K.A.A., 1983: The heart in friedreichs ataxia

Roberts W.C., 1984: The heart in massive more than 300 pounds or 136 kilograms obesity analysis of 12 patients studied at necropsy

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686153

Swedlow D.B., 1986: The heart is under the lower third of the sternum implications for external cardiac massage

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686155

Miller, C. L.; Morse, P. A., 1976: The heart of categorical speech discrimination in young infants

Frish, K., 1978: The heart of the collembola insecta a contribution to the anatomy of the collembola

Marsh H., 1985: The heart of the dugong dugong dugon and the west indian manatee trichechus manatus sirenia

Monkhouse W.S., 1988: The heart of the newborn child an anatomical study based upon transverse serial sections

Johnson J.T., 1987: The heart on the sleeve and the secret self estimations of hidden emotion in self and acquaintances

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686161

Jackson, A.; Dishman, R. K.; La-Croix, S.; Patton, R.; Weinberg, R., 1981: The heart rate perceived exertion and pace of the 1.5 mile run

Bellandi F., 1984: The heart rate response after myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686164

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686165

Gallucci V., 1985: The heart rupture as complication of the acute myocardial infarction personal casuistry and clinical evolution of the survived patients

Shumway N.E., 1981: The heart transplant 11 year progress report

Okland S., 1980: The heart ultrastructure of lepidopleurus asellus and tonicella marmorea mollusca polyplacophora

Nylund A., 1981: The heart ultrastructure of praunus flexuosus and mysis relicta crustacea mysidacea

Gavrieli Levin I., 1987: The heat acclimated pigeon an ideal physiological model for a desert bird

Hylmo, B.; Persson, T.; Wikberg, C.; Sparks, W. C., 1975: The heat balance in a potato pile part 1 the influence of the latent heat of the removed water

Hylmo, B.; Persson, T.; Wikberg, C.; Sparks, W. C., 1975: The heat balance in a potato pile part 2 the temperature distribution at intermittent ventilation

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Hamer, P. J. C., 1985: The heat balance of apple buds and blossoms part i. heat transfer in the outdoor environment

Hamer, P. J. C., 1986: The heat balance of apple buds and blossoms part ii. the water requirements for frost protection by overhead sprinkler irrigation

Hamer, P. J. C., 1986: The heat balance of apple buds and blossoms part iii. the water requirements for evaporative cooling by overhead sprinkler irrigation

Rutter N., 1982: The heat balance of small babies nursed in incubators and under radiant warmers

Walsberg, G. E.; King, J. R., 1978: The heat budget of incubating mountain white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha in oregon

Cox J.A., 1979: The heat capacity of water in hydrated collagen

Fuchs, M.; Hadas, A., 1972: The heat flux density in a nonhomogeneous bare loessial soil

Takahashi T., 1981: The heat induced gelation of myosin effect of actin polymerization

Kirchmeier D., 1984: The heat induced transition of whey proteins into the casein fraction

Gomez P., 1980: The heat labile entero toxin of escherichia coli comparative study between rabbit ileal loop test and the vero cell system

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686185

Gaedeken D., 1980: The heat of combustion values of body protein and body fat in pigs and beef cattle of different live weight

Martin C.J., 1987: The heat of complex formation of copper ii with phytic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686188

Aubert, X.; Lebacq, J., 1971: The heat of shortening during the plateau of tetanic contraction and at the end of relaxation

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686190

Howarth, J. V.; Keynes, R. D.; Ritchie, J. M.; Von-Muralt, A., 1975: The heat production associated with the passage of a single impulse in pike olfactory nerve fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686192

De Jong J., 1982: The heat resistance of asco spores of 4 saccharomyces spp isolated from spoiled heat processed soft drinks and fruit products

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686194

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686195

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686196

Smith P.J.M., 1983: The heat resistance of some new zealand plants

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686198

Waterman S.C., 1982: The heat sensitivity of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni in milk

Mortimer P.P., 1984: The heat sensitivity of hepatitis a virus determined by a simple tissue culture method

Khudaiberdiev M.D., 1985: The heat sensitivity of the medial preoptic hypothalamus in seasonal adaptation and acclimation to high ambient temperature

Lynn B., 1979: The heat sensitization of poly model nociceptors in the rabbit and its independence of the local blood flow

Voellmy R., 1985: The heat shock consensus sequence is not sufficient for hsp 70 gene expression in drosophila melanogaster

Candido E.P.M., 1984: The heat shock phenomenon in cultured cells of rainbow trout hsp 70 messenger rna synthesis and turnover

Jackson R.J. , 1986: The heat shock response in drosophila kc 161 cells messenger rna competition is the main explanation for reduction of normal protein synthesis

Adamson E.D., 1987: The heat shock response in hela cells is accompanied by elevated expression of the c fos proto oncogene

Walker V.K., 1986: The heat shock response in locusta migratoria

Kapoor M., 1983: The heat shock response in neurospora crassa

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686210

Gurdon J.B., 1982: The heat shock response in xenopus laevis oocytes is controlled at the translational level

Lindquist S., 1982: The heat shock response is self regulated at both the transcriptional and post transcriptional levels

Miller, D.; Mclennan, A. G., 1988: The heat shock response of the cryptobiotic brine shrimp artemia i. a comparison of the thermotolerance of cysts and larvae

Miller, D.; Mclennan, A. G., 1988: The heat shock response of the cryptobiotic brine shrimp artemia ii. heat shock proteins

Ignat'ev L.A., 1980: The heat stability of intact and detached leaves of spring wheat

Kudo S., 1980: The heat stability of milk formation of soluble proteins and protein depleted micelles at elevated temperatures

Gleich G.J., 1980: The heat stability of short ragweed pollen extract and the importance of individual allergens in skin reactivity

Pratt W.B., 1987: The heat stable cytosolic factor that promotes glucocorticoid receptor binding to dna is neither thioredoxin nor rnase

Vankova, J., 1978: The heat stable exo toxin of bacillus thuringiensis

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Boulton R., 1979: The heat transfer characteristics of wine fermentors

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686223

Specht, R. L.; Connor, D. J.; Clifford, H. T., 1977: The heath savanna problem the effect of fertilizer on sand heath vegetation of north stradbroke island queensland

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Shaw A.E.S., 1983: The heavy atom effect in the room temperature luminescence of some pesticides and ecologically related compounds

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Hammer J.A.IIi, 1987: The heavy chain of acanthamoeba myosin ib is a fusion of myosin like and non myosin like sequences

Strominger J.L., 1979: The heavy chain of human histo compatibility antigen hla b 7 contains an immuno globulin like region

Johnson M.A., 1985: The heavy chain of macrophage myosin is phosphorylated at the tip of the tail

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686234

Lusby, E. W-Jr ; Dekloet, S. R., 1976: The heavy dna satellite of yeast and its relationship to the ribosomal rna genes

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Lottspeich F., 1985: The heavy subunit of the photosynthetic reaction center from rhodopseudomonas viridis isolation of the gene nucleotide and amino acid sequence

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Destrade C., 1986: The hebb williams test to assess recovery of learning after limbic lesions in mice

Keydar, B.; Katz, J., 1976: The hebrew version of the staggered spondaic word test

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686245

Mauersberger, G., 1977: The hedge sparrow prunella modularis in new zealand aves passeriformes prunellidae

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686247

Berthoud G., 1980: The hedgehog erinaceus europaeus and the roads

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Shergold P.R., 1982: The heights of british male convict children transported to australia 1825 1840 2

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Juhasz F., 1983: The hellinger distance as used for the representation of serological abo distances among earlier human populations

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686272

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686273

Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686274

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Section 7, Chapter 6687, Accession 006686300

Hojensgard J.C., 1986: The helmstein bladder distension treatment for tumors and severe bleeding

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