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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6690

Chapter 6690 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marmo E.; Lampa E.; Matera M.G.; Spadaro R.; Romano A.R.; Guarino V., 1984:
The hypolipemic properties of bendaline

Chang D M.; Fuh M.M.; Jeng C Y.; Shian L R., 1986:
The hypolipidemic effect of gemfibrozil on hyperlipidemia in patients with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Stark K H.; Bernt W.D., 1987:
The hypoosmotic swelling test a new investigation method

Temin P.A.; Gerasimova O.I.; Savost'yanova N.A.; Medvedev M.I.; Faustov V.S.; Dzhabarov B.D.; Bobrova K.F., 1981:
The hypophyseal adrenal system in hereditary myopathies

Burzawa-Gerard, E.; Goncharov, B.F.; Fontaine, Y.A., 1975:
The hypophyseal gonadotropin of a cartilaginous fish the sturgeon acipenser stellatus part 2 biochemical properties

Burzawa-Gerard, E.; Goncharov, B.F.; Fontaine, Y.A., 1975:
The hypophyseal gonadotropin of a chondrostean fish the sturgeon acipenser stellatus part 1 purification

Chambolle, P., 1977:
The hypophysis and reproduction in gambusia sp teleostean fish viviparous poeciliidae/

Rizkalla, W., 1976:
The hypophysis of the marine teleost fish mugil auratus

Nabiulin M.S.; Kuimov A.D., 1982:
The hypophysis thyroid system in the course of a complicated and uncomplicated myo cardial infarction

D.G.acomo V.; D.G.acomo M.; Siacca V.; Meloni F.; Cavallaro A., 1986:
The hypoplastic aorto iliac syndrome a critical approach to its pathogenesis

Lai, M.J., 1976:
The hypopterygiaceae musci of taiwan

Gerson U.; Schneider R., 1982:
The hypopus of hemisarcoptes coccophagus acari astigmata hemisarcoptidae

Hennig, W., 1976:
The hypopygium of lonchoptera lutea and the phylogenetic relationships of the cyclorrhapha diptera

Tiwari S.C., 1983:
The hypostase in torenia fournieri a histochemical study of the cell walls

Deroux, G., 1978:
The hypostome ciliate order synhymeniida from chilodontopsis to nassulopsis

Eisenberg-De-Smoler, P.; Dominguez-De-Costa, C.; Campos, A.U.; Badillo, R., 1982:
The hypotension picture in the pregnant woman 1. study in patients with disturbances of glucose metabolism

Kulakowski E.C.; Hurst J.H.; Scheinin M.; Linnoila M.; Lovenberg W., 1985:
The hypotensive action of 4 5 6 dimethyl 2 benzofuranylpiperidine hydrochloride cgp 6085 a in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Gobbi A.; Reguzzoni G.; Bonzi G., 1982:
The hypotensive action of saluretic drugs

Mathison, I.W.; Morgan, P.H.; Wojciechowski, N.J.; Lawson, J.W., 1976:
The hypotensive activity of some dia stereo isomeric deca hydro iso quinolines

Kutyrina I.M.; Nikishova T.A.; Tareeva I.E., 1985:
The hypotensive and diuretic action of heparin in patients with glomerulonephritis

Ribeiro J.A.; Lima M.S., 1985:
The hypotensive effect of intracarotid injections of atp depends on its hydrolysis to adenosine

Lew, A.S.; Laramee, P.; Cercek, B.; Shah, P.K.; Ganz, W., 1985:
The hypotensive effect of intravenous streptokinase in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Rustamova M.T.; Yunusov R.A., 1984:
The hypotensive effect of nephrectomy in renal hypertension and function of the remaining kidney in the late observation period

Chin W P.; Nakagawa Y.; Mitomi A.; Imai S., 1982:
The hypotensive effects and mechanism of sgb 483 ethyl 7 4 2 methoxyphenyl 1 piperazinyl heptanoate di hydro chloride a newly synthesized hypotensive agent

D'ermo F.; Gerosa L.T., 1980:
The hypotensive effects of administration of nabilone

Tanaka S.; Kasuya Y.; Masuda Y.; Shigenobu K., 1983:
The hypotensive effects of platelet activating factor 1 o alkyl 2 acetyl sn glyceryl 3 phosphoryl choline in rats guinea pigs rabbits and dogs

Sasaki, S.; Imai, Y.; Abe, K.; Nihei, M.; Minami, N.; Munakata, M.; Sasaki, H.; Sekino, H.; Yoshinaga, K., 1988:
The hypotensive mechanism of percutaneous transluminal dilatation (PTD) in renovascular hypertension due to bilateral renal artery stenosis

Woods, J.E.; Mennella, J.A.; Thommes, R.C., 1981:
The hypothalamic adeno hypophyseal gonadal axes in the developing chick embryo 1. luteinizing hormone sensitivity

Yardley C.P.; Hilton S.M., 1986:
The hypothalamic and brainstem areas from which the cardiovascular and behavioural components of the defence reaction are elicited in the rat

Niewiadomski J.S., 1979:
The hypothalamic and neuro hypophyseal vasopressin content as influenced by di phenyl hydantoin in dehydrated rats

Guzek J.W.; Juszczak M., 1985:
The hypothalamic and neurohypophyseal oxytocin content as influenced by desmethylimipramine in normal and pinealectomized white male rats

Ciosek J.; Guzek J.W.; Morawska J., 1985:
The hypothalamic and neurohypophyseal vasopressin and oxytocin content under various states of adrenergic transmission in dehydrated and subsequently rehydrated rats

Bojanowska E.; Stempniak B.; Guzek J.W., 1985:
The hypothalamic and neurohypophyseal vasopressor and oxytocic activities during of chronic tobacco smoke exposure in the rat

Guzek J.W.; Olczak S.; Lewandowska A., 1985:
The hypothalamic and neurohypophyseal vasopressor and oxytocic content as influenced by alpha adrenergic blockade in stressed rats

Olczak, S.; Guzek, J.W.; Stempniak, B., 1987:
The hypothalamic and neurohypophysial vasopressor and oxytocic activities in stressed rats treated with haloperidol

Gaillard R.C., 1987:
The hypothalamic factors recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances

Lamartiniere, C.A., 1981:
The hypothalamic hypophyseal gonadal regulation of hepatic glutathione s transferases ec in the rat

Navarro Despaigne D.; Speck Garzon P.; Alavez Martin E., 1985:
The hypothalamic hypophyseal thyroid axis in family members of patients with toxic diffuse goiter

Silverman, A.J.; Desnoyers, P., 1976:
The hypothalamic magno cellular neuro secretory system of the guinea pig part 3 ultrastructure of the fetal neural lobe

Tolivia, J.; Tolivia, D.; Alvarez-Uría, M., 1987:
The hypothalamic magnocellular system in the domestic fowl. Study on semithin sections

Ojeda S.R.; Negro Vilar A.; Arimura A.; Mccann S.M., 1980:
The hypothalamic mechanism by which prostaglandin e 2 stimulates growth hormone release in vivo and in vitro studies

Belen'kii, M.A., 1977:
The hypothalamic median eminence of hypophysectomized rats structure and ultrastructure/

Rizkalla, W., 1976:
The hypothalamic neuro secretory system of the marine teleost fish mugil auratus

Qureshi M.M.; Qazi M.H., 1986:
The hypothalamic neurosecretions of toad species bufo melanostictus chromatographic and biological characteristics

Pickard, G.E.; Turek, F.W., 1983:
The hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus mediates the photoperiodic control of reproduction but not the effects of light on the circadian rhythm of activity

D.L.F.ente J.R.; Rosenbaum A.H.; Morse R.M.; Niven R.G.; Abboud C.F.; Jiang N S.; Schatzberg A.F., 1983:
The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis in alcoholics

Suzuki M.; Kamijo K., 1979:
The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal function in mal nutrition a comparison between psycho somatic diseases treated with fasting therapy and anorexia nervosa

Yokoyama F.; Koseki M.; Hashimoto S.; Takahagi K.; Murata S.; Watanabe M.; Hoshino Y.; Kaneko M.; Kumashiro H., 1988:
The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal function of patients with chronic schizophrenia

Baumgartner, A.; Graef, K.J.; Kuerten, I.; Meinhold, H., 1988:
The hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis in psychiatric patients and healthy subjects part 1. repeated trh tests in patients with major depressive disorder patients with schizophrenia and healthy subjects

Baumgartner, A.; Graef, K.J.; Kuerten, I.; Meinhold, H., 1988:
The hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis in psychiatric patients and healthy subjects part 2. repeated measurements of thyroxine free thyroxine triiodothyronine free triiodothyronine and reverse triiodothyronine in patients with major depressive disorder and schizophrenia and healthy subjects

Baumgartner A.; Graef K J.; Kuerten I.; Meinhold H., 1988:
The hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis in psychiatric patients and healthy subjects part 3 the trh test and thyroid hormone determinations as predictors of therapeutic response and long term outcome in major depression and schizophrenia

Baumgartner A.; Graef K J.; Kuerten I.; Meinhold H., 1988:
The hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis in psychiatric patients and healthy subjects part 4 trh tests thyroxine triiodothyronine and reverse triiodothyronine determinations in medical students during a major examination

Hirooka, Y., 1976:
The hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis studies on the regulatory role of thyrotropin releasing hormone

Lechan R.M.; Nestler J.L.; Jacobson S.; Reichlin S., 1980:
The hypothalamic tubero infundibular system of the rat as demonstrated by horseradish peroxidase micro iontophoresis

Brownfield, M.S.; Kozlowski, G.P., 1977:
The hypothalamo choroidal tract part 1 immuno histochemical demonstration of neurophysin pathways to telencephalic choroid plexuses and cerebro spinal fluid

Schultz, W.J.; Brownfield, M.S.; Kozlowski, G.P., 1977:
The hypothalamo choroidal tract part 2 ultrastructural response of the choroid plexus to vasopressin

Naik, D.V.; Sokol, H.W., 1970:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system in mice with vasopressin resistant urinary concentrating defects

Yurisova M.N.; Ivanova L.N., 1981:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system in silver foxes with various hereditarily determined behavior before the rut

Sahai S., 1981:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system in some fishes

Savchenko O.N.; Propp M.V.; Danilova O.A.; Stepanov G.S.; Maslova L.N.; Naumenko E.V., 1982:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal ovarian system in rats after de afferentation of the medio basal hypothalamus

Polenov, A.L.; Pavlovic, M., 1978:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in acipenseridae 7. the functional morphology of the peptidergic neuro secretory cells in the preoptic nucleus of the sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti a quantitative study

Polenov, A.L.; Belenky, M.A.; Garlov, P.E., 1979:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in acipenseridae 8. quantitative electron microscopic study of the functional state of neuro secretory terminals in the neuro hypophysis of acipenser guldenstadti during upstream migration and after spawning

Polenov, A.L.; Garlov, P.E., 1974 :
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in acipenseridae part 4 the functional morphology of the neuro hypophysis of acipenser guldenstadti and acipenser stellatus after exposure to different salinities

Polenov, A.L.; Garlov, P.E.; Koryakina, E.D.; Faleeva, T.I., 1976:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in acipenseridae part 5 ecological histo physiological analysis of the neuro hypophysis of the female sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti during up stream migration and after spawning

Polenov, A.L.; Belenky, M.A.; Garlov, P.E.; Konstantinova, M.S., 1976:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in acipenseridae part 6 the proximal neuro secretory contact region

Belenky, M.A.; Kuzik, V.V.; Chernigovskaya, E.V.; Polenov, A.L., 1985:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in acipenseridae x. corticoliberin like immunoreactivity in the hypothalamus and hypophysis of acipenser ruthenus

Davidovich I.M., 1985:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in patients with hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome

Yurisova, M.N.; Polenov, A.L., 1979:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in the ground squirrel citellus erythrogenys 2. seasonal changes in the classical neuro secretory system of a hibernator

Polenov, A.L.; Yurisova, M.N., 1976:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system in the ground squirrels citellus erythrogenys and citellus undulatus part 1 micro anatomy and cyto morphology of the gomori positive neuro secretory system with special reference to its state during hibernation

Polenov, A.L.; Blenky, M.A.; Bogdanovic-Stosic, N., 1981:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of hypophysectomized rats 2. structure and ultrastructure of the median eminence

Polenov, A.L.; Ugrumov, M.V.; Propp, M.V.; Belenky, M.A., 1974:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of hypophysectomized rats part 1 ultrastructure of nerve fibers in intact and dehydrated animals

Polenov, A.L.; Belenky, M.A.; Konstantinova, M.S., 1974:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis

Belenky, M.A.; Konstantinova, M.S.; Polenov, A.L., 1979:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis 2. the proximal neuro secretory contact region

Belenky, M.A.; Chetverukhin, V.K.; Polenov, A.L., 1979:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis 3. high resolution radioautography of mono aminergic structures in neuro hemal regions

Arshavskaya, T.V.; Polenov, A.L.; Tkachev, A.V., 1984:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of the lemming dicrostonyx torquatus 1. seasonal changes in the neurosecretory system during years of various reproductive efficiency

Arshavskaya, T.V.; Polenov, A.L.; Tkachev, A.V., 1985:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of the lemming dicrostonyx torquatus ii. seasonal changes in the gomori positive neurosecretory centers of the hypothalamus and posterior pituitary an ultrastructural study

Polenov, A.L.; Belenky, M.A.; Kornienko, G.G.; Konstantinova, M.S., 1984:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal system of the wild carp cyprinus carpio 1. structure and ultrastructure of the posterior neurohypophysis

Malaviya R.B., 1980:
The hypothalamo hypophyseal vascular relationship in clarias batrachus

Merchenthaler I.; Csontos C.; Kallo I.; Arimura A., 1986:
The hypothalamo infundibular growth hormone releasing hormone system of the rat

Rizkalla, W., 1978:
The hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal complex of the fresh water catfish clarias lazera

Fujimoto, S., 1977:
The hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal system and anti diuretic hormone

Saksena, D.N., 1976:
The hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal system and its physiological relation to the reproductive cycle of indian fresh water goby glossogobius giuris

Saksena D.N., 1979:
The hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal system in indian fresh water goby glossogobius giuris

Bridges T.E.; Bridges D.C.M., 1982:
The hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal system of native australian desert rodents the catecholamine contents of the hypothalamus and posterior pituitary of notomys alexis pseudomys australis and the laboratory rat

Bridges T.E.; James N.V., 1982:
The hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal system of native australian desert rodents the vasopressin and oxytocin contents of hypothalamus and posterior pituitary of notomys alexis and pseudomys australis compared with those of the laboratory rat and mouse in different states of water balance

Kawagoe, M., 1977:
The hypothalamo pituitary adrenal system in thyroid dys function

Hoshino Y.; Watanabe M.; Tachibana R.; Murata S.; Kaneko M.; Kumashiro H., 1984:
The hypothalamo pituitary function in autistic children the change of serum 5 hydroxytryptamine plasma human growth hormone and prolactin level after l 5 hydroxytryptophan loading

Ado, A.D.; Gol'dshtein, M.M., 1978:
The hypothalamus and allergic reactivity

Makarchenko, A.F., 1978:
The hypothalamus and its role in the mechanisms of anabatic and catabatic effects

Whitaker, M.D.; Scheithauer, B.W.; Hayles, A.B.; Okazaki, H., 1985:
The hypothalamus and pituitary in cerebral gigantism. A clinicopathologic and immunocytochemical study

Kalishevskaya, T.M.; Farber, B.L., 1976:
The hypothalamus and the effect of its efferents on the blood anti coagulating system

Balitskii K.P.; Veksler I.G.; Vinnitskii V.B.; Ryabukha V.N., 1979:
The hypothalamus and the effect of nonspecific stimulators of a poly saccharide nature

Makarchenko, O.F.; Velyka, R.R.; Il'yin, V.M., 1977:
The hypothalamus and the visual system

Dafny N., 1982:
The hypothalamus exhibits electro physiologic evidence for morphine tolerance and dependence

Mendoza C.; Carreras A.; Ruiz E.; Ortega E.; Hervas H.; Osorio C., 1985:
The hypothalamus hypophyseal gonadal axis in individuals with chronic renal insufficiency and subjected to hemodialysis

Franzoni, M.F.; Fasolo, A., 1982:
The hypothalamus of lacerta sicula 1. a golgi study on the caudal hypothalamus

Griffiths E.C.; Slater P.; Widdowson P.S., 1986:
The hypothermic action of carbachol in the rat brain periaqueductal gray area may involve neurotensin

Kulakowski E.C.; Hurst J.H.; Miller T.; Linnoila M.; Lovenberg W., 1984:
The hypothermic effect of 4 5 6 dimethyl 2 benzofuranyl piperidine hydrochloride cgp 6085 a in wistar kyoto rats

Glaser, W., 1974:
The hypothesis of optimum detection in bats echo location

Klasterska I.; Ramel C., 1979:
The hypotonic pre treatment in mammalian cytology its function and effect on the aspect of meiotic chromosomes

Saletu B.; Gruenberger J., 1984:
The hypoxia model in human psychopharmacology neurophysiological and psychometric studies with intravenous aniracetam

De-Kock, A.; Lochner, A.; Kotze, J.C.N.; Gevers, W., 1978:
The hypoxic low flow perfused rat heart characterization as a model of global ischemia

Begin Heick N., 1986:
The hysteretic effect of guanylylimidodiphosphate on adenylate cyclase is not altered by magnesium in adipocyte membranes of ob ob mice

Maier W.; Schrenk F., 1987:
The hystricomorphy of the bathyergidae as determined from ontogenetic evidence

Zelenski, K.R.; Lambert, R.M., 1979:
The I, i, and HI blood group antigens in extracts of human erythrocytes

Joshi S.R.; Bhatia H.M., 1984:
The i i negative phenotype in a large kindred indian family

Greene, M.I.; Pierres, A.; Dorf, M.E.; Benacerraf, B., 1977:
The i j subregion codes for determinants on suppressor factor which limit the contact sensitivity response to picryl chloride

Pelisson A.; Bregliano J C., 1981:
The i r system of hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster construction and characterization of a noninducer stock

Bucheton A.; Bregliano J C., 1982:
The i r system of hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster heredity of the reactive condition

Klein J.A.; Juretic A.; Baxevanis N.; Nagy Z.A., 1981:
The i region of the mouse h 2 complex a reinterpretation

Catalina L.; Valpuesta V.; Sarmiento R., 1980:
The iaa oxidase of the plants

Della Marchina M.M.; Grossi A.; Bianchini G.; Suprani R., 1985:
The iatrogenic pellagra a case report

Morgan, R.F., 1978:
The iatrogenic psychology of practitioners' defeatism and other assertions of the null hypothesis

Bevanger L.; Iversen O J., 1981:
The ibc protein fraction of group b streptococci characterization of protein antigens extracted by hydro chloride

Bevanger L., 1985:
The ibc proteins of group b streptococci isolation of the alpha and beta antigens by immunosorbent chromatography and test for human serum antibodies against the 2 antigens

Bevanger, L.; Iversen, O.J., 1983:
The Ibc proteins of group B streptococci: trypsin extracted alpha antigen and detection of the alpha and beta antigens

Espanol F., 1979:
The iberian dorcatominae and their bio geographical particularities anobiidae column note 87

Serra A., 1987:
The iberian lithobius chilopoda lithobiomorpha with latero internal furrows in the last pairs of legs description of lithobius longiscissus new species

Espanol F.; Vinolas A., 1981:
The iberian phylan brought up to date coleoptera tenebrionidae

Nieves Aldrey J.L.; Pujade I.Villar J., 1987:
The iberian species of section ii mayr 1872 of the genus synergus hartig with the description of a new species hymenoptera cynipidae cyniponae

Martin-Piera, F., 1985:
The ibero balearic ontophagini coleoptera scarabaeoidae 2. chorology and autoecology

Oleinikov, N.S.; Kazakov, B.A.; Lomadze, N.K. ; Yazykova, I.M., 1975:
The ibis family in ciscaucasia ussr

Chaika E.; Alexander P., 1986:
The ice cream stories a study in normal and psychotic narrations

Prys Jones O.E.; Olafsson E.; Kristjansson K., 1981:
The icelandic bumble bee fauna bombus apidae and its distributional ecology

Einarsson, S.T., 1978:
The icelandic seal research and hunting

Frilli F.; Horstmann K., 1982:
The ichneumon flies studied by gravenhorst preserved in the zoological museum of turin university italy

Gauld, I.D.; Mitchell, P.A., 1976:
The ichneumonid genus pseudanomalon hymenoptera

Fitton, M.G., 1978:
The ichneumonidae hymenoptera described by j f ruthe

Lee, J.W.; Kim, C.W., 1983:
The ichneumonidae of korea 1. 6 unrecorded species of ophioninae hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Aubert J.F.J.; Halperin J.; Gerling D., 1984:
The ichneumonids from israel

Thirion C., 1981:
The ichneumoninae hymenoptera ichneumonidae in belgium 2

Kern J.P., 1979:
The ichno fossil helicotaphrichnus commensalis in the korytnica basin middle miocene holy cross mountains central poland

Bromley R.G.; D'alessandro A., 1984:
The ichnogenus entobia from the miocene pliocene and pleistocene of southern italy

Eckert J.D., 1988:
The ichnogenus tremichnus in the lower silurian of western new york usa

Pemberton S.G.; Frey R.W.; Bromley R.G., 1988:
The ichnotaxonomy of conostichus and other plug shaped ichnofossils

Cihar, J.; Tauber, V., 1976:
The ichthyo fauna and herpeto fauna of the bohemian woods

Beckley L.E., 1983:
The ichthyo fauna associated with zostera capensis in the swartkops estuary south africa

Galzin R.; Toffart J.L.; Louis M.; Guyard A., 1982:
The ichthyo fauna of the grand cul de sac bay in guadeloupe french west indies

Lusk, S., 1976:
The ichthyo fauna of the kretinka creek in relation to the water reservoir at letovice czechoslovakia

Blahak P., 1981:
The ichthyo fauna of the lower course of the vlara river slovakia czechoslovakia

Lusk, S., 1977:
The ichthyo fauna of the middle course of the jihlava river in relation to the water reservoir at dalesice

Lusk, S., 1978:
The ichthyo fauna of the oslava river

Fursa, T.I.; Movchan-Yu, V., 1978:
The ichthyo fauna of the southwestern coastal region of india

Trunov I.A., 1981:
The ichthyo fauna of the submarine bank valdivia southeastern atlantic

Brunken H., 1984:
The ichthyofauna of the grosser graben area in lower saxony west germany

Landini W.; Varola A., 1983:
The ichthyofauna of the lower pleistocene of matera southern italy

Beckley L.E., 1986:
The ichthyoplankton assemblage of the algoa bay south africa nearshore region in relation to coastal zone utilization by juvenile fish

Oliveira Duarte A.P., 1987:
The ichthyoplankton of the albufeira lagoon spain 1984 1985

Richards E.P.; Cook C.J.; D'auteuil R.R., 1985:
The ichthyoplankton of the scioto river near omega ohio usa

Mazin J.M., 1985:
The ichthyopterygia of the upper triassic of new caledonia paleobiogeographic implications

Inamori, Y.; Kubo, M.; Tsujibo, H.; Ogawa, M.; Saito, Y.; Miki, Y.; Takemura, S., 1987:
The ichthyotoxicity and coronary vasodilator action of 3 3' dihydroxy alpha beta diethylstilbene

Murphy M.A.; Cebecioglu M.K., 1984:
The icriodus steinachensis and icriodus claudiae lineages devonian conodonts

Maksimova, L.A.; Kartashova, O.Y. ; Zaltsmane, V.K.; Briede, L.P.; Vinokurova, F.A., 1975:
The icteric form of acute toxic alcoholic hepatitis

Scardovi I., 1982:
The idea of chance in the statistical intuition of natural variability

Kruta, V., 1976:
The idea of common elements in the structure of animals and plants j e purkyne and t schwann contribution to the discussion on the beginnings of the cell theory

Lomnicki A., 1979:
The idea of superorganism in ecology and the study of evolution

Secretan, S., 1977:
The idea of the epimer in decapod crustaceans the epimer and epimero endophragmal connections in astacura

Giachetti D.; Taddei E.; Taddei I., 1986:
The ideal collection time of parietaria judaica

Pinter, L.; Schmidt, J.; Kelemen, G.; Szabo, J., 1988:
The ideal harvest index for forage maize zea mays l. under continental climate

Fagelman, M., 1988:
The ideal urinary strainer

Kavetskii, R.E., 1976:
The ideas of n n petrov and some theoretical aspects of modern oncology

Kavetskii, R.E., 1977:
The ideas of n n petrov and some theoretical problems in current oncology

Coldman, M.F.; Gent, M.; Good, W., 1970:
The identical effect of electrolyte and non electrolyte on the osmotic fragility of mammalian erythrocytes

Carlson, C.H.; Hoff, P.J., 1978:
The identifiable elysia from guam elysiidae sacoglossa opisthobranchia

Beckett, A.H.; Chidomere, E.C., 1977:
The identification and analysis of mexiletine and its metabolic products in man

L.C.; Cui Z G.; Zhang Z Y.; Chen N C.; Guo Y.; Gfu B C., 1984:
The identification and antitumor effect of the cell wall skeleton of nocardia rubra

Sarsunova M.; Schmidt K., 1983:
The identification and assay of lobeline hydro chloride in chewing gum to reduce the desire to smoke

Tait, G.H., 1975:
The identification and biosynthesis of siderochromes formed by Micrococcus denitrificans

Norwood J.M.; Crute I.R.; Clay C.M.; Whenham R.J., 1986 :
The identification and characteristics of a mutation in bremia lactucae resulting in large lipid inclusions in the conidiosporangia

Isaacs J.T.; Mcdermott I.R.; Coffey D.S., 1979:
The identification and characterization of a new 19 carbon triol steroid metabolite in the rat ventral prostate 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 6 alpha 17 beta triol

Fioravanti, C.F.; MacInnis, A.J., 1977:
The identification and characterization of a prenoid constituent (farnesol) of Hymenolepis diminuta (Cestoda)

Yoshida H.; Yamamoto S.; Yumoto T., 1983:
The identification and characterization of anti macrophage serum and its application to murine fibrous histio cytoma

Mundie, C.M., 1976:
The identification and determination of glucuronic acid and galacturonic acid in scottish soils and soil fractions using ion exchange and gas liquid chromatography

Labuschagne, J.H., 1975:
The identification and determination of off flavor compounds in butter

Watkins J.F.II, 1985:
The identification and distribution of the army ants of usa hymenoptera formicidae ecitoninae

Wesolowski, J.J.; Flessel, C.P.; Twiss, S.; Stanley, R.L.; Knight, M.W.; Coleman, G.C.; DeGarmo, T.E., 1979:
The identification and elimination of a potential lead hazard in an urban park

Hill, P.E.; Knox, K.W.; Schamschula, R.G.; Tabua, J., 1977:
The identification and enumeration of actinomyces from plaque of New Guinea indigenes

Obidairo T.K., 1988:
The identification and estimation of the mustard oil glycosides sinalbin and sinigrin

Houston M.; Lowthion D.; Soulsby P.G., 1983:
The identification and evaluation of benthic macro invertebrate assemblages in an industrialized estuary southampton water uk using a long term low level sampling strategy

Dobson M.J.; Mellor J.; Fulton A.M.; Roberts N.A.; Bowen B.A.; Kingsman S.M.; Kingsman A.J., 1984:
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The identification and host range of aphid parasitoids naturally occurring under greenhouse conditions in hungary

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The identification and localization of a catecholamine in the motor neurons of the lobster homarus americanus cardiac ganglion

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The identification and management of patients with a high risk for cardiac arrhythmias during modified electro convulsive therapy

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The identification and mapping of a 2nd class i locus in the major histo compatibility complex of the rat

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The identification and measurement of components in gasoline kerosine and no. 2 fuel oil that partition into the aqueous phase after mixing

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The identification and morphological variation of diplostomum baeri bucculentum from two gull species using metacercarial infections from least cisco from northwest territories canada

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The identification and occurrence of the chromogen in the blue green blood of japanese eel anguilla japonica

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The identification and origin of nitrogen hydrogen group overtone and combination bands in the near ir spectra of 2 thiopyrrole 1 2 dicarboximides

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The identification and significance of hypo xanthine in dialyzable transfer factor

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The identification and some functions of gamma amino butyric acid ergic neurons in the distal catfish ictalurus punctatus retina

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The identification and some functions of gamma aminobutyric acid ergic neurons in the proximal retina of the catfish ictalurus punctatus

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The identification by lectins of 2 strain groups of trypanosoma cruzi

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The identification, characterization, and mapping of a gene for flocculation in Saccharomyces sp

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The identification in adult bone marrow of pluripotent and restricted stem cells of the myeloid and lymphoid systems

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The identification mapping and characterization of messenger rna for p 66 a cauliflower mosaic virus coded protein

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The identification of 2 inhibitory cells in each segmental ganglion of the leech and studies on the ionic mechanism of the inhibitory junctional potentials produced by these cells

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The identification of 2 intra axonally transported poly peptides resembling myosin in some respects in the rabbit visual system

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The identification of 2 n acyl dopamine glucosides in the left colleterial gland of the praying mantid tenodera aridifolia sinensis and their role in the oothecal sclerotization

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The identification of 3 species hybrids in the ponderosa pine complex

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The identification of 5 hemo globin variants in blood stains

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The identification of 8 hydroxylated metabolites of etidocaine by chemical ionization mass spectrometry

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The identification of 8 woody genera of the caprifoliaceae by selected features of their root anatomy

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The identification of a cell culture inhibitor in a tumour extract

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The identification of a heavy chain variable region subgroup allotypic specificity y 30 which differentiates the y 33 allele into 2 variants implications for rabbit heavy chain variable region gene organization and evolution

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The identification of a major product of the degradation of insulin by 'insulin proteinase' (EC

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The identification of a peptide in human parotid saliva particularly active in enhancing the glycolytic activity of the salivary micro-organisms

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The identification of a repeated DNA sequence involved in the karyotype polymorphism of the human Y chromosome

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The identification of a tryptophan residue essential to the catalytic activity of bovine pancreatic dnase

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The identification of actin as a major lymphocyte component

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The identification of adolescent substance abuse by health care professionals

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The identification of Aedes albopictus in the Nearctic region

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The identification of alcohol related problems by general practitioners

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The identification of alpha a collagen and alpha b collagen chains in hypertrophic scar

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The identification of alpha galactosidase b ec from human liver as an alpha n acetyl galactosaminidase

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The identification of amino acids interacting with dna in viral nucleo protein

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The identification of aminoalkylphosphonyl cerebrosides in the marine gastropod, Monodonta labio

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The identification of an aphid juvenile hormone and its titer in relation to photoperiod

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The identification of an argentinian narcotic

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The identification of antho cyanins by pyrolysis mass spectrometry and pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectroscopy

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The identification of anthranilic acid in proteolytic digests of cataractous lens proteins

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The identification of antibiotic y 4132 producing actinomycete

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The identification of antigenic determinants on Mycobacterium bovis using monoclonal antibodies

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The identification of asbestos

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The identification of aster yellows in illinois usa and ineffectiveness of benomyl foliar sprays as a disease control measure

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The identification of bombykol linolenate in the hemolymph of the female silkworm pupa bombyx mori

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The identification of brainstem neurons projecting to thoracic respiratory motoneurons in the cat as demonstrated by retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase

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The identification of british limnephilid larvae trichoptera

Wallace I.D., 1980:
The identification of british uk limnephilid larvae trichoptera limnephilidae which have single filament gills

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The identification of 'casein' in human breast cancer

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The identification of certain widely studied strains of entomophthora pathogenic for aphids

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The identification of clustering in parasuicide

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The identification of coagulase negative staphylococcus strains isolated from bovine milk

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The identification of combretum gum exudates which are not permitted food additives

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The identification of complex genotypes in bacterio phage t 4 part 1 methods

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The identification of cultivated plants part 1 a general commentary on botanical identification

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The identification of cultivated plants part 2 the genus triticum

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The identification of cultivated plants part 3 confirmatory keys to some wheat varieties

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The identification of desulfoglucosinolates using thermospray liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

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The identification of di methylphenyl arsine as a microbial metabolite using a simple method of chemo focusing

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The identification of diatoms isolated as endo symbionts from larger foraminifera and the gulf of eilat red sea and the description of fragilaria shiloi new species and navicula reissii new species

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The identification of different vascular cells on the corneal endothelium by specular microscopy i. red blood cells and corneal endothelial changes in hyphema secondary to contusion injury

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The identification of distinct populations of acetylated histone

Donner J., 1983:
The identification of eemian interglacial and weichselian interstadial deposits in finland

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The identification of environmental factors in various disease processes by analyzing the variation in disease specific mortality rates

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The identification of epimeric 5 androstene 3 16 17 triols in plasma from the umbilical cord and in meconium feces and urine from infants

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The identification of epsilon rhodomycinone and 7 deoxy daunorubicinol aglycone in daunorubicin beers

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The identification of experimentally induced appendicitis using in vitro nmr

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The identification of extracellular matrix binding sites on the basal surface of embryonic corneal epithelium and the effect of extracellular matrix binding on epithelial collagen production

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The identification of extrahepatic gluco kinase ec as n acetyl glucosamine kinase ec

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The identification of factors determining race specific resistance to bremia lactucae in some czechoslovakian lettuce lactuca sativa cultivars

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The identification of factors in seminal plasma responsible for suppression of natural killer cell activity

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The identification of fanconi anemia genotypes by clastogenic stress

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The identification of faunal gradients and associations of meio benthic copepods by multi variate analyses

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The identification of female selfs in hybrid maize a comparison using electrophoresis and morphology

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The identification of gamma aminobutyric acid receptor binding sites in insect ganglia

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The identification of Gardnerella vaginalis

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The identification of gibbsite and bayerite by laser raman spectroscopy

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The identification of globin messenger rna in newt triturus cristatus erythropoietic cells

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The identification of glycolate 2 phosphate as a constituent of normal red blood cells

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The identification of gonadotropin releasing hormone in hypothalamic and extrahypothalamic loci of the human nervous system

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The identification of gravid females of 2 subspecies of trichoniscus pusillus crustacea isopoda

Tottman, D.R., 1977:
The identification of growth stages in winter wheat with reference to the application of growth regulator herbicides

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The identification of heterotrophic bacteria in an activated sludge plant with particular reference to polyphosphate accumulation

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The identification of hexa glutamates hepta glutamates and octo glutamates as the poly glutamyl forms of folate found throughout the growth cycle of yeast

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The identification of high molecular weight poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbons in a biologically active fraction of cigarette smoke condensate

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The identification of histidine ligands to cytochrome a in cytochrome c oxidase

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The identification of hl a antigens in thrombocytes under different conditions

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The identification of holland categories and occupational classifications by the vocational preference inventory and the strong campbell interest inventory

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The identification of human and animal isolates of leishmania from kenya

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The identification of human thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes by electron microscopy

Powell W., 1982:
The identification of hymenopterous parasitoids attacking cereal aphids in britain uk

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The identification of intermediates in the reaction of pig heart lactate dehydrogenase with its substrates

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The identification of isicakathi and its medicinal use in transkei south africa

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The identification of larval parasudis teleostei chlorophthalmidae with notes on the anatomy and relationships of aulopiform fishes

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The identification of linda agostini the significance of dental evidence in the albury new south wales australia pajama girl case

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The identification of lymphoid cell sub populations in sections of human lymphoid tissue and gingivitis in children using mono clonal antibodies

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The identification of major developmental stages relevant for population studies of anuran amphibians

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The identification of malnourished children

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The identification of matrix Gla protein in cartilage

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The identification of membrane glyco components in poly acrylamide gels a rapid method using iodine 125 labeled lectins

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The identification of mono conjugates of bilirubin in bile as amide derivatives

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The identification of monoclonal class switch variants by sib selection and an elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

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The identification of monomethyl dimethyl and trimethyl 2 methyl 2 4 8 12 trimethyltridecylchromans and their occurrence in the geosphere

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The identification of Moraxella bovis and Neisseria ovis from the eyes of cattle and sheep

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The identification of mossy fibers and their cells of origin in the normal and lurcher mutant mouse

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The identification of motor neurons innervating and abdominal ventilatory muscle in the locust schistocerca americana gregaria

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The identification of multiple molecular forms of human red cell phospho glycerate mutase ec and 2 3 bis phospho glycerate synthase ec by iso electric focusing changes in enzyme coulombic properties during blood storage

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The identification of myogenic cells in regenerating skeletal muscle part 1 early anuran regenerates

Trupin G.L.; Hsu L., 1979:
The identification of myogenic cells in regenerating skeletal muscle part 2 early mammalian regenerates

Yago M.; Sato H.; Kawasaki H., 1983:
The identification of n acyl dopamine glucosides in the left colleterial gland of the praying mantids mantis religiosa statilia maculata and tenodera angustipennis

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The identification of n linked oligosaccharides on the human complement receptor type 2 epstein barr virus receptor and their function in receptor metabolism plasma membrane expression and ligand binding

Parnell A., 1983:
The identification of new wheat cultivars using a standard electrophoresis method

Clark C.C., 1988:
The identification of nitromethaqualone and its differentiation from some positional isomers

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The identification of nonlinear biological systems dynamic linear nonlinear dynamic linear cascade models

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The identification of outer membrane proteins and flagella of Campylobacter jejuni

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The identification of paragonimus westermani in bronchial washings case report

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The identification of pear juice in apple juice

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The identification of phosphorus as a growth limiting nutrient in lough neagh using bioassays

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The identification of phosphorylated neo-lnositol as an anionic component of the Amoeba cell surface

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The identification of phosphoseryl residues during the determination of amino acid sequence in phospho proteins

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The identification of placenta praevia

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The identification of plasmodiophora brassicae races in poland

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The identification of poly chlorinated ter phenyls at trace levels in human adipose tissue by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

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The identification of pomatoschistus pictus pomatoschistus microps and pomatoschistus minutus gobiidae pisces

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The identification of post larvae of 4 species of penaeus crustacea decapoda from the pacific coast of mexico

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The identification of pre replicative bacterio phage t 4 proteins

Yialouris P.P.; Evangelatos G.P.; Soteriadis Vlahos C.; Heimer E.P.; Felix A.M.; Tsitsiloni O.E.; Haritos A.A., 1988:
The identification of prothymosin alpha like material in vertebrate lymphoid organs by a radioimmunoassay for the amino terminal decapeptide

King, A.; Phillips, I., 1978:
The identification of pseudomonads and related bacteria in a clinical laboratory

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The identification of rat intestinal membrane enzymes after electrophoresis on poly acrylamide gels containing sodium dodecyl sulfate

Shimizu, K.; Hosoi, J.; Miyazawa, Y., 1977:
The identification of rear profile of monomer ribosomes from Geotrichum candidum with electron microscopy

Radics, F., 1977:
The identification of rorippa species and hybrids cruciferae based on external morphological features of their seeds

Merker H., 1984:
The identification of rosa suionum

Duysings J.J.H.M.; Verstraten J.M.; Bruynzeel L., 1983:
The identification of runoff sources of a forested lowland catchment a chemical and statistical approach

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The identification of rye trisomics by translocations and giemsa staining

Wetzel, M.C., 1970:
The identification of self stimulation elements for adjacent electrodes in the cat

Nicholls K.H., 1988:
The identification of some mallomonas species of the mallomonas doignonii group chrysophyceae

Simionescu C.I.; Denes F.; Totolin M., 1985:
The identification of some pi electron acceptors in the lipid like raw reaction products obtained through simulative experiments

Spicher G., 1980:
The identification of sources and routes of mold contamination of bread in large bakeries

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The identification of sources of red oak resistant to oak wilt

Cunningham Rundles C., 1981:
The identification of specific antigens in circulating immune complexes by an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay detection of bovine kappa casein immuno globulin g complexes in human sera

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The identification of specific chemical compounds in size fractionated atmospheric particulates collected at roadside sites

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The identification of spectral receptor types in the retina and lamina of the dragonfly sympetrum rubicundulum

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The identification of steppe vegetation ordinones on the basis of the factor of moisture

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The identification of structures and conditions responsible for right side tympanitic resonance (ping) in adult cattle

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The identification of structures in connection matrices of palmar dermatoglyphic variables

Hansson, C.G.; Karlsson, K.A.; Samuelsson, B.E., 1978:
The identification of sulfatides in human erythrocyte membrane and their relation to sodium potassium dependent atpase ec

Dorland L.; Van Halbeek H.; Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1984:
The identification of terminal alpha 1 3 linked galactose in n acetyllactosamine type of glycopeptides by 500 megahertz proton nmr spectroscopy

D.Kam M., 1981:
The identification of the 2 subspecies of xanthomonas populi in vitro

Moshkov K.A.; Vagin A.A.; Zaitsev V.N., 1987:
The identification of the active sites in human ceruloplasmin from the computer analysis of intermolecular and intramolecular homology

Anderson M., 1982:
The identification of the british uk gray mullets

Eicher, E.M., 1971:
The identification of the chromosome bearing linkage group XII in the mouse

Grobbelaar N.; Scott W.E.; Hattingh W.; Marshall J., 1987:
The identification of the coralloid root endophytes of the southern african cycads and the ability of the isolates to fix dinitrogen

Povel G.D.E., 1984:
The identification of the european small ermine moths with special reference to the yponomeuta padellus complex lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Barendregt A., 1980:
The identification of the females in the genus parhelophilus diptera syrphidae

Connor M.J.; Blair J.A., 1980:
The identification of the folate conjugates found in rat liver 48 hours after the administration of radioactively labeled folate tracers

Mason, R.W.; Gal, S.; Gottesman, M.M., 1987:
The identification of the major excreted protein (MEP) from a transformed mouse fibroblast cell line as a catalytically active precursor form of cathepsin L

Gardiner, R., 1975:
The identification of the medical and social needs of the elderly in the community: a pilot survey

Vignoles M.; Faure J.; Legros R.; Bonel G.; Guichard M., 1980:
The identification of the mineral constituent of some salivary calculi through the study of its thermal behavior

Silverman, M.; Matsumura, P.; Simon, M., 1976:
The identification of the mot gene product with escherichia coli phage lambda hybrids

Davies B.R., 1980:
The identification of the mytilids musculus virgiliae arcuatula capensis and brachidontes variabilis with corrections to the literature and a note on their distribution

Belanger, P.M.; Grech-Belanger, O., 1977:
The identification of the n oxidized metabolic products of amantadine in the rabbit

Iandolo C., 1984:
The identification of the needs and deficiencies of the physician as an indispensable prerequisite for permanent education

Miller T.E.; Hutchinson J.; Reader S.M., 1983:
The identification of the nucleolus organizer chromosomes of di ploid wheat triticum aestivum chinese spring G.; Serio G., 1984:
The identification of the periodic behavior in an epidemic model

Fleming C.C.; Marks R.J., 1983:
The identification of the potato cyst nematodes globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida by iso electric focusing of proteins on poly acrylamide gels

Murphy, M.; Boyle, P.H.; Weir, D.G.; Scott, J.M., 1978:
The identification of the products of folate catabolism in the rat

Sower S.A.; Iwamoto R.N., 1985:
The identification of the sex steroid testosterone in various commercial salmon diets

Hedlund K.W.; Wistar R.Jr; Nichelson D., 1979:
The identification of the subclasses of human immuno globulin g by analytical isotachophoresis

Grandison R., 1980:
The identification of the type locality and collector of acacia peuce

Voronchikhin V.V., 1981:
The identification of the vicia species by fruits and seeds

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The identification of thyro globulin within a rat thyroid sub cellular fraction

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The identification of urogastrone in serum, saliva, and gastric juice

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The identification of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi using immuno fluorescence

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The identification of weak shelled eggs at the packing station

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The identification of wheat cultivars by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis of gliadin

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The identification of wild oat species by electrophoresis

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The identities of pandalus gracilis and pandalus prensor decapoda pandalidae

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The identities of pelargonium ramosissimum and pelargonium tragacanthoides

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The identities of some dipsadine snakes dipsas elegans dipsas ellipsifera and leptognathus andrei

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The identities of termes australis and termes fumipennis isoptera

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The identity and aut ecology of zannichellia peltata in western europe

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The identity and distribution of the genus maconellicoccus hemiptera homoptera pseudococcidae in africa

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The identity and immature stages of patagoniodes farinaria new combination turner lepidoptera pyralidae phycitinae in australia and new zealand

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The identity and nomenclature of lindsaea heterophylla dryander and lindsaea heterophylla beddome

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The identity and status of cambala washingtonensis diplopoda spirostreptida cambalidae

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The identity and synonymy of acacia guilandinae mimosa obovata mimosa pseudo obovata and mimosa laticifera mimosaceae

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The identity and systematic position of the genus dirphys hymenoptera aphelinidae

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The identity and taxonomic affinity of calathea rotundifolia and calathea fasciata marantaceae

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The identity and taxonomic status of the man biting black fly of fiji diptera simuliidae

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The identity and typification of aspergillus parasiticus

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The identity distribution and synonymy of lembeja papuensis homoptera tibicinidae

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The identity effort connection

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The identity of 2 monotypic geometrid genera wrongly attributed to the nearctic fauna geometridae

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The identity of 2 new guinea plant names leguminosae caesalpinioideae and sapindaceae

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The identity of 2 species of rhyparochrominae from argentina hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

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The identity of 2 species of stegomyia belonging to the aedes albolineatus group diptera culicidae

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The identity of 5 type specimens of new guinean birds

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The identity of a new copper ii epr signal in cytochrome c oxidase ec

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The identity of a phytophthora species from black pepper in thailand

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The identity of acacia oerfota leguminosae mimosoideae

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The identity of acantholyda populi hymenoptera pamphiliidae

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The identity of acid phosphatase ec and alkaline phosphatase ec of human seminal plasma

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The identity of acrocylindrium oryzae and a similar fungus causing sheath rot of rice

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The identity of ahuautlea mexicana heteroptera corixidae

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The identity of alcohol sulfotransferases with hydroxysteroid sulfotransferases

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The identity of alpha galactosidase b ec from human liver

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The identity of alucita parvella lepidoptera gelechiidae

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The identity of anchusa zeylanica vahl ex hornemann boraginaceae

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The identity of antizoma harveyana and antizoma capensis

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The identity of ardisia brandneriana

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The identity of arthrophyllum and eremopanax araliaceae

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The identity of aulacophora pannonica coleoptera chrysomelidae

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The identity of baeocera falsata coleoptera scaphidiidae

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The identity of barley yellow dwarf virus isolates in cereals and grasses from mainland australia

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The identity of batania menispermaceae the menispermaceae of malesia and adjacent areas 10

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The identity of bembix westermanni hymenoptera sphecidae nyssoninae

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The identity of betulaphis brevipilosa homoptera aphidoidea

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The identity of bonatia schltr. and krause rubiaceae

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The identity of calenduladiol and thurberin a lupenediol found in marigold d flowers and organ pipe cactus d

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The identity of calotelea ocularis hymenoptera proctotrupoidea scelionidae

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The identity of calpurnia uarandensis leguminosae

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The identity of captain cook's quoll mustela quoll marsupialia dasyuridae

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The identity of centrolenella grandisonae anura centrolenidae

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The identity of chilo kanra lepidoptera pyralidae a stem borer of wild and semi cultivated saccharum in northern india

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The identity of cnemidophorus vittatus reptilia lacertilia teiidae with a re description of the holotype

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The identity of coffea angustifolia rubiaceae

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The identity of ctenophrynium marantaceae

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The identity of cyclopides paola plotz hesperiidae

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The identity of diplodoma marginepunctella f sapporensis lepidoptera acrolepiidae

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The identity of diplospora africana rubiaceae

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The identity of donacia caerulea olivier 1795 coleoptera chrysomelidae donaciinae

Askevold I.S., 1987:
The identity of donacia cuprea kirby 1837 and donacia quadricollis say 1827 with a taxonomic revision of members of the donacia subtilis kunze group coleoptera chrysomelidae donaciinae

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The identity of drepanocladus fontinaliopsis c. muell. broth. ex par. bryopsida amblystegiaceae

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The identity of dubardella boerlagellaceae and pyrenaria theaceae

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The identity of e. chiovendas somalian sapotaceae

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The identity of eleutherodactylus vertebralis with the description of eleutherodactylus supernatis new species from colombia and ecuador amphibia leptodactylidae

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The identity of elodes elongata coleoptera helodidae

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The identity of empoasca dolichi hemiptera homoptera cicadellidae and descriptions of new species of empoasca from light traps near crops in malawi and nigeria

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The identity of entomophaga species entomophthorales entomophthoraceae attacking lepidoptera

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The identity of epuraea bickhardti coleoptera nitidulidae

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The identity of erica flavisepala

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The identity of erica vinacea and notes on hybridization in erica

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The identity of eriosema nanum

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The identity of eupatorium fuertesii asteraceae of hispaniola

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The identity of ferula assa foetida

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The identity of gigartina prolifera rhodophyta

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The identity of h. g. scotts collembola in the academy of natural sciences philadelphia pennsylvania usa

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The identity of helicarion freycineti mollusca pulmonata

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The identity of heptagenia sulphurea and heptagenia dalecarlica ephemeroptera

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The identity of heterodera longicaudata and a redescription of heterodera bifenestra nematoda heteroderidae

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The identity of heterodera trifolii and the description of heterodera daverti new species nematoda tylenchida

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The identity of hibiscus platycalyx malvaceae and the description of hibiscus faulknerae new species

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The identity of human granulocyte kininogenase and plasminogen activator

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The identity of hydrophilus picipes coleoptera cholevidae and hydrophilidae

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The identity of hylopsis platycephala a centrolenid frog from northern colombia

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The identity of hymenophyllum marlothii

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The identity of incurvaria vetulella and incurvaria circulella 2 distinct species lepidoptera incurvariidae

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The identity of jatropha pungens euphorbiaceae and its consequences

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The identity of kouali neyrat from french guiana

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The identity of lasianthus graciliflorus bailey rubiaceae

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The identity of lecanium krugeri hemiptera coccidae and its distribution on sugarcane in southern asia

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The identity of leucaspis gigas homoptera diaspididae with descriptions of 4 similar species in new zealand

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The identity of leucopogon violaceospicatus epacridaceae and its transfer to the genus styphelia

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The identity of lewis marmot arctomys lewisii

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The identity of limnocharis mattogrossensis limnocharitaceae and its allies

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The identity of lytta coerulea coleoptera meloidae

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The identity of macrobrachium lanchesteri de man 1911 decapoda palaemonidae from peninsular malaysia and singapore and a description of its first zoea

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The identity of macrocentrus uniformis description of a sibling species and a possible grooming organ hymenoptera braconidae

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The identity of mamestra passa and morrisonia peracuta of morrison lepidoptera noctuidae hadeninae

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The identity of mango mildew oidium mangiferae

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The identity of meligethes syriacus c. brisout de barneville and the problem of its specific status coleoptera nitidulidae

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The identity of merops persicus erythraeus moltoni 1928 and some considerations about this case

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The identity of metopia staegerii diptera sarcophagidae

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The identity of morellia asetosa diptera muscidae

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The identity of musca albomaculata and musca dorsomaculata diptera muscidae

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The identity of mystacocarcinus crenidens and perigrapsus excelsus crustacea decapoda gecarcinidae

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The identity of nannaria conservata with notes on an abnormal male and descriptions of 2 new species of nannaria from north carolina usa diplopoda polydesmida xystodesmidae

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The identity of navicula cincta

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The identity of nearctic cerocephala hymenoptera pteromalidae

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The identity of neoascia unifasciata with a key to the species of the genus neoascia found in west germany diptera syrphidae

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The identity of neyraplectana schneideri and neoraillietnema praeputiale emendation of the genus neoraillietnema nematoda cosmocercidae

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The identity of odontanthera asclepiadaceae with notes on glossonema and conomitra

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The identity of omias coleoptera curculionidae

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The identity of osmia mea strand hymenoptera apoidea megachilidae

Verdcourt, B., 1977:
The identity of papilionopsis stylidioides leguminosae

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The identity of petrolisthes marginatus and the description of petrolisthes dissimulatus new species crustacea decapoda porcellanidae

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The identity of polypodium poeppigianum filices

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The identity of portlandia guatemalensis rubiaceae

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The identity of protea magnifica

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The identity of psalliota brunneola

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The identity of pseudothelphusa complanata with observations on pseudothelphusa crustacea decapoda pseudothelphusidae

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The identity of puntius melanampyx singhala pisces cyprinidae

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The identity of quadraceps crassipedalis and new species of quadraceps mallophaga philopteridae

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The identity of quiducia

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The identity of Rana esculenta bilmaensis from the southern Sahara

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The identity of reaumur's ver de l'agaric and taxonomical notes on the european keroplatus diptera mycetophiloidea keroplatidae

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The identity of rumicicarpus ramosissimus tiliaceae

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The identity of ryxabis anthicoides and descriptions of 2 new batrictenistes coleoptera pselaphidae

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The identity of s 15 1 a and b with racemomycin a and racemomycin c

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The identity of salix conifera salicaceae

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The identity of sarcophaga alpina and the interpretation of acrophaga diptera calliphoridae

Rognes K., 1983:
The identity of sarcophaga magnicornis diptera calliphoridae

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The identity of schizolachnus pineti and schizolachnus obscurus homoptera lachnidae

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The identity of sciurus duida j. a. allen rodentia sciuridae

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The identity of sika in palawan philippines

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The identity of some afrixalus amphibia salientia hyperoliidae

Verdcourt B., 1986:
The identity of some species of cecilioides from a river drift in kenya mollusca ferussaciidae

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The identity of sphagnum longistolo

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The identity of splachnum turbinatum and tayloria henryae musci splachnaceae

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The identity of stipa columbiana and stipa viridula var minor gramineae stipeae a rebuttal

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The identity of synanthedon mimus lepidoptera sesiidae

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The identity of syndiamesa alpina goetghebuer 1941 diptera chironomidae

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The identity of tarsius pumilus a pygmy species endemic to the montane mossy forests of central sulawesi indonesia

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The identity of testudo gigantea another interpretation

Bour R., 1984:
The identity of testudo gigantea reptilia chelonei

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The identity of the blind snake stenostoma signatum serpentes leptotyphlopidae

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The identity of the chilean batrachian heminectes rufus

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The identity of the common keyhole limpet of southeastern australia fissurellidae

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The identity of the dingo canis familiaris dingo 2. hybridization with domestic dogs in captivity and in the wild

Newsome, A.E.; Corbett, L.K., 1985:
The identity of the dingo canis familiaris dingo 3. the incidence of dingoes dogs and hybrids and their coat colors in remote and settled regions of australia

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The identity of the dragonfly macromia viridescens odonata corduliidae

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The identity of the ethiopian monotypic genus tzellemtinia

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The identity of the european and mediterranean species of lithobiidae chilopoda described by k. w. verhoeff and now represented by material preserved in the british museum natural history uk

Olson, S.L., 1977:
The identity of the fossil ducks described from australia by c w de vis

Formas J.R., 1980:
The identity of the frog eupsophus vanzolinii from ramadillas nahuelbuta range southern chile

Sattler, K., 1978:
The identity of the genus athrips lepidoptera gelechiidae

Hayden W.J., 1987:
The identity of the genus neowawraea euphorbiaceae

Mound, L.A., 1976:
The identity of the greenhouse thrips heliothrips haemorrhoidalis thysanoptera and the taxonomic significance of spanandric males

Miskelly C.M., 1987:
The identity of the hakawai

Vanska H., 1984:
The identity of the lichens lecanora frustulosa and lecanora argopholis

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The identity of the major metabolite of benzylamino purine in soybean cultures and the inhibition of its formation by aminophylline

Boehlke J.E.; Boehlke E.B., 1980:
The identity of the moray gymnothorax conspersus and description of gymnothorax kolpos new species from the western atlantic ocean

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The identity of the oomycete causing kikuyu yellows with a reclassification of the downy mildews

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The identity of the serotonin sensitive aryl acylamidase ec with acetyl cholin esterase ec from human erythrocytes sheep basal ganglia and electric eel

Gupta A.P., 1985:
The identity of the so called crescent cell in the hemolymph of the cockroach gromphadorhina portentosa dictyoptera blaberidae

Woodward T.E., 1982:
The identity of the species commonly known in australia as nabis capsiformis hemiptera heteroptera nabidae

Patzak, H., 1976:
The identity of the species near coleophora silenella lepidoptera coleophoridae

Eason, E.H.; Minelli, A., 1976:
The identity of the species of lithobiidae described by f fanzago and g fedrizzi from 1874 to 1881 chilopoda lithobiomorpha

Chvala M.; Kovalev V.G., 1987:
The identity of therinopsis richardsi vimmer 1939 diptera sphaeroceridae

Kimsey L.S., 1987:
The identity of three fabrician chrysidid species hymenoptera

Francke, O.F.; Wagner, F.W., 1978:
The identity of tityus macrurus arachnida scorpionida buthidae

Friis I., 1982:
The identity of urera longifolia and urera oligoloba a supplement of chews monograph of laportea urticaceae

Rifai M.A., 1980:
The identity of ustilago amadelpha var glabriuscula

Davies, F.G., 1978:
The identity of vernonia atriplicifolia compositae

Dennis R.W.G., 1979:
The identity of xylobotryum caespitosum

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The identity of ynesa colenda palmae

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The idiogram of the domestic horse equus caballus

Jaster D., 1981:
The idiopathic lumbar spinal stenosis

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The idiotypic characteristics of human antibodies to factor VIII

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The idiotypic network the murine mopc 315 anti di nitro phenol system

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The idiotypy of the mopc 173 immuno globulin g 2a mouse myeloma protein characterization of syngeneic allogeneic and xenogeneic anti idiotypic antibodies contribution of the heavy chains and light chains to the idiotypic determinants

Dean M.F., 1983:
The iduronate sulfatase activities of cells and tissue fluids from patients with hunter syndrome and normal controls

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The ig class distribution of anti phosphorylcholine responses in mice infected by parasitic nematodes

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The ig kappa chain allelic groups among the ig kappa haplotypes and ig kappa crossover populations suggest a gene order

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The iga binding lectin jacalin induces complement activation by inhibition of activated c1 inactivator function

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The iga myeloma w3129 contains a deletion in ch 3 which prevents the formation of the membrane form of heavy chain messenger rna

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The igh v locus of mrl mice restriction fragment length polymorphism in 11 strains of mice as determined with v h and d gene probes

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The IgM receptor in mouse peritoneal macrophages

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The ileal reservoir and ileoanal anastomosis procedure. Factors affecting technical and functional outcome

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The ileoanal J pouch: radiographic evaluation

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The ileocecal vaginoplasty

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The iliac crest as the donor site for bone transplantation

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The iliac crest flap with microvascular anastomoses in lower jaw reconstruction

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The iliac crest spacer

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The ilio lumbar syndrome myth or reality

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The ilio sacral articulation in frogs form and function

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The ilizarov technique a new method for corrections of skeletal axis or length preliminary results in children

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The illegal administration of pheno barbitone to the racing greyhound

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The illusion of incompetence among academically competent children

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The illusion of knowing failure in the self assessment of comprehension

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The illustrated flora of illinois sedges cyperus to scleria

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The illustrated flora of illinois usa vol 6 flowering plants hollies to loasas

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The ilveda operon of escherichia coli k 12 encodes only 1 valine alpha keto glutarate trans aminase activity

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The image and anatomical study of echinococcosis the typical computed tomographic image of the experimental echinococcal lesions

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The image arousing potential of proverbs as a function of source and mode

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The image of the round atel ectasis in the transverse plane a computed tomography study

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The imaginal ecdysis of the cricket teleogryllus oceanicus part 1 organization of motor programs and roles of central and sensory control

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The imaginal ecdysis of the cricket teleogryllus oceanicus part 2 the roles of identified motor units

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The imaginal ecdysis of the desert locust schistocerca gregaria 1. description of the behavior

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The imaginal ecdysis of the desert locust schistocerca gregaria 2. motor activity underlying the preemergence and emergence behavior

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The imaginal ecdysis of the desert locust schistocerca gregaria 3. motor activity underlying the expansional and post expansion behavior

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The imaging revolution and radiation oncology use of computed tomography ultrasound and nmr for localization treatment planning and treatment delivery

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The imagoes of antocha from the south of lebanon diptera limoniidae

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The imbibed storage of cocoa theobroma cacao cultivar amelonado seeds

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The imcc international medical corporation committee tuberculosis program in peru

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The imidazo 4 5 d pyridazine ring system course of alkylation of imidazo 4 5 d pyridazine 4 thione

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The iminodipropionitrile model of hyperkinesia

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The imitation of enzymic catalysis

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The immature and the mature myocardium. Responses to multidose crystalloid cardioplegia

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The immature chironomids of the eastern usa 5. pentaneurin thienemannimyia group

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The immature chironomids of the eastern usa ix. pentaneurini genus labrundinia with the description of some neotropical material

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The immature chironomids of the eastern usa part 2 tanypodinae tanypodini

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The immature chironomids of the eastern usa part 3 tanypodinae anatopyniini macropelopiini and natarsiini

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The immature chironomids of the eastern usa vi. pentaneurini genus ablabesmyia

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The immature chironomids of the eastern usa vii. pentaneurini genus monopelopia new record with redescription of the male adults and description of some neotropical material

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The immature chironomids of the eastern usa viii. pentaneurini genus nilotanypus with the description of a new species from kansas usa

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The immature instars of algophagus pennsylvanicus astigmata algophagidae

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The immature lung: radiographic appearance, course, and complications

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The immature of stages of inca clathrata sommeri coleoptera melolonthidae trichiinae observations on the allometric growth of the imago

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The immature rat ovary is innervated by vasoactive intestinal peptide containing fibers and responds to vasoactive intestinal peptide with steroid secretion

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The immature stages and biology of the lace bug tanybyrsa cumberi heteroptera tingidae

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The immature stages and female adult of alotanypus aris roback with a redescription of the male adult diptera chironomidae macropelopiini

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The immature stages of 6 california catocala lepidoptera noctuidae

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The immature stages of alophora lepidofera diptera tachinidae a native parasite of lygaeidae hemiptera in australia

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The immature stages of austroasca viridigrisea homoptera cicadellidae typhlocybinae

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The immature stages of catocala erichi lepidoptera noctuidae

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The immature stages of culicoides henryi diptera ceratopogonidae

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The immature stages of dialysis fasciventris diptera coenomyiidae

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The immature stages of djalmabatista pulcher new combination equals procladius pulcher

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The immature stages of dolicheremaeus dorni oribates

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The immature stages of dynastes hyllus chevrolat coleoptera melolonthidae dynastinae with observations on its biology and the allometric growth of the imago

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The immature stages of elachiptereicus abessynicus and pachylophus lugens diptera chloropidae

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The immature stages of exema canadensis coleoptera chrysomelidae

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The immature stages of gryon gnidus hymenoptera a scelionid egg parasite of acanthomia tomentosicollis hemiptera heteroptera coreidae in nigeria

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The immature stages of linogeraeus urbanus coleoptera curculionidae baridinae and its biology in auckland new zealand

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The immature stages of lygaeidae hemiptera heteroptera of southwest australia

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The immature stages of more australian culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae

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The immature stages of oxycarenus gossypinus hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

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The immature stages of Phlebotomus langeroni (Diptera: Psychodidae)

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The immature stages of some australian alluaudomyia diptera ceratopogonidae

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The immature stages of some australian culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae

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The immature stages of some australian sarcophaginae diptera sarcophagidae

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The immature stages of some phlebotomine sand flies from brazil diptera psychodidae

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The immature stages of the harlequin bug dindymus versicolor hemiptera pyrrhocoridae

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The immature stages of the old world screwworm fly chrysomya bezziana with comparative notes on other australasian species of chrysomya diptera calliphoridae

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The immature stages of thienemannimyia barberi diptera chironomidae tanypodinae

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The immature stages of two ceutorhynchus species found on echium spp boraginaceae coleoptera curculionidae

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The immatures of antillocladius diptera chironomidae

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The immaturity interval in tetrahymena hegewischi genetic and environmental sources of variation

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The immaturity of interactions between gamma amino butyric acid binding site and benzodiazepine binding site in the frog rana catesbeiana spinal cord

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The immediate and delayed effects of marathon running on renal function

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The immediate and residual effect of high soil concentrations of copper and nickel on plants

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The immediate and subsequent outcomes of nursing home care

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The immediate asthmatic response to allergen challenge

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The immediate coverage of long standing pressure sores by myofasciocutaneous flaps and gentamicin pma beads

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The immediate early messenger rna that encodes the regulatory poly peptide vmw 175 of herpes simplex virus type 1 is unspliced

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The immediate effect of a beta adrenergic agonist salbutamol on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

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The immediate effect of burn wound excision on pulmonary function in sheep: the role of prostanoids, oxygen radicals, and chemoattractants

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The immediate effect of burning and ash fertilization

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The immediate effect of human chorionic gonadotropin upon plasma testosterone levels in the bull

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The immediate effect of intra venous specific nutrients on electro encephalographic sleep

Tsauo, J.Y.; Hwang, L.L.; Lien, I.N., 1986:
The immediate effect of physical therapy on range of motion of contracted knee

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