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The immature stages of linogeraeus urbanus coleoptera curculionidae baridinae and its biology in auckland new zealand

May, B.M.

New Zealand Entomologist 8: 29-35


ISSN/ISBN: 0077-9962
DOI: 10.1080/00779962.1984.9722458
Accession: 006689960

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The weevil L. urbanus was discovered in New Zealand in 1975. It is associated only with Paspalum paspaloides (mercer grass) where larvae tunnel in the stolons. Oviposition and hatching occur throughout summer. Larval development continues during winter, leading to adult emergence in spring and early summer. There is only 1 generation/yr. Fully fed larvae rest within the stolons for up to 6 mo. before pupating in the soil. The larva and pupa are described and figured.

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