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Chapter 6,693

The in vitro propagation of the causative agent of scrapie modifications of the morphology and growth of mouse neuro blastoma cells nie 115 following inoculation with a cerebral suspension containing the causative agent of scrapie american strain/

Markovits, P.; Dormont, D.; Dianoux, L.; Latarjet, R.

Travaux Scientifiques des Chercheurs du Service de Sante des Armees 4: 201-203


Accession: 006692593

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Mouse neuroblastoma NIE 115 cells were inoculated with a cell-free extract from mice with scrapie or with cells originating from sick mice. The in-vitro morphologic transformation of neuroblastoma cells following infection was described, as were the effectiveness of cloning of infected NIE 115 cells in a liquid medium and the growth of scrapie-infected NIE 115 cells on gelose. All neuroblastoma cells became equally transformed after 15 passages in-vitro whether they were inoculated with the cerebral cell-free extract or with living scrapie-infected cells.

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