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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6694

Chapter 6694 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Osiyemi, T.I., 1976:
The incidence and location of Cysticercus bovis in Nigerian cattle

Hutter, J.A.; Pasaoglu, I.; Williams, B.T., 1985:
The incidence and management of coronary ostial stenosis

Quyyumi A.A.; Crake T.; Wright C.; Mockus L.; Levy R.D.; Fox K.M., 1986:
The incidence and morphology of ischemic ventricular tachycardia

Iwasaki H., 1984:
The incidence and occurrence of mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia in nagasaki city japan 1968 1982

Scher, J.; Bottone, E.; Desmond, E.; Simons, W., 1982:
The incidence and outcome of asymptomatic herpes simplex genitalis in an obstetric population

Gordon L.G.; Lowry W.S., 1986:
The incidence and pathogenesis of invasive cutaneous malignant melanoma in northern ireland uk

Ofoegbu R.O.; Guirguis M.N., 1985:
The incidence and pattern of atherosclerosis in africans

Allan J.L.; Robbie M.; Phelan P.D.; Danks D.M., 1980:
The incidence and presentation of cystic fibrosis in victoria australia 1955 1978

Bülow, S.; Holm, N.V.; Hauge, M., 1986 :
The incidence and prevalence of familial polyposis coli in Denmark

Pryse Phillips W.E.M., 1986:
The incidence and prevalence of multiple sclerosis in newfoundland and labrador canada 1960 1984

Uccheddu P.; Locci M.; Scarpa B., 1987:
The incidence and prevalence of tuberculosis in usl 18 sardinia italy

Dickson, A.P.; Imrie, C.W., 1984:
The incidence and prognosis of body wall ecchymosis in acute pancreatitis

Nishikawa H.; Sawa H.; Kodera T.; Kanamaru M.; Kosaka Y.; Takezawa H., 1981:
The incidence and prognostic evaluation of hypo natremia in hospitalized patients

Attfield, M.; Reger, R.; Glenn, R., 1984:
The incidence and progression of pneumoconiosis over 9 years in usa coal miners 1. principal findings

Attfield, M.; Reger, R.; Glenn, R., 1984:
The incidence and progression of pneumoconiosis over 9 years in usa coal miners 2. relationship with dust exposure and other potential causative factors

Murray G.M.; Brown J.F., 1987:
The incidence and relative importance of wheat diseases in australia

Smart, J.L.; Roberts, T.A.; Stringer, M.F.; Shah, N., 1979:
The incidence and serotypes of Clostridium perfringens on beef, pork and lamb carcasses

Love G.J.; Lan S P.; Shy C.M.; Struba R.J., 1981:
The incidence and severity of acute respiratory illness in families exposed to different levels of air pollution new york usa metropolitan area 1971 1972

MacKay, A.M.; Rothman, K.J., 1982:
The incidence and severity of burn injuries following Project Burn Prevention

Adomian, G.E.; Laks, M.M.; Billingham, M.E., 1978:
The incidence and significance of contraction bands in endo myo cardial biopsies from normal human hearts

Llombart, A.J. ; Martinez-Escudero, J., 1970:
The incidence and significance of epithelioid and sarcoid like cellular reaction in the stromata of malignant tumors a morphological and experimental study

Mudge G.P., 1983:
The incidence and significance of ingested lead pellet poisoning in british uk wildfowl

Yip, W.C.; Tay, J.S., 1984:
The incidence and significance of superior QRS axis in children with cyanotic congenital heart disease

Erlich, M.A.; Lawson, W., 1980:
The incidence and significance of the Tullio phenomenon in man

Cook, R.C.; Katz, K.W.; Meara, P.J., 1976:
The incidence and sources of penicillin in milk supplied to the city of Johannesburg

Elliott, H.J.; Kile, G.A.; Candy, S.G.; Ratkowsky, D.A., 1987:
The incidence and spatial pattern of nothofagus cunninghamii hook. oerst. attacked by platypus subgranosus schedl in tasmania's cool temperate rainforest

Mergui J.L.; D.B.ux J.; Salat Baroux J., 1984:
The incidence and the development of cervical condylomata in pregnancy

Koleshko O.I.; Potaenko Y.S.; Sharangovich L.N., 1982:
The incidence and the species of heterotrophic bacteria in lake naroch belorussian ssr ussr

Chahal, B.S.; Sekhon, S.S.; Bindra, O.S., 1975:
The incidence and the time of appearance of myzus persicae on the autumn potato crop under different agronomic climatic conditions in the punjab india

Fischer, H., 1978:
The incidence and treatment of fractures and their complications

Feery B.J.; Finger W.K.; Kortus Z.; Jones G.A., 1985:
The incidence and type of reactions to plain and adsorbed diphtheria tetanus pertussis vaccines

Cole, M.C.; Didio, L.J.A.; Yeasting, R.A., 1978:
The incidence and variation of atrial veins in the heart of dogs

Mason J.; Copeland J., 1988:
The incidence and variety of lehmannia valentiana conjoined twins related breeding experiments gastropoda pulmonata

Templeton, A.A.; Penney, G.C., 1982:
The incidence, characteristics, and prognosis of patients whose infertility is unexplained

Sinclair D.; Dagg J.H.; Dwar A.E.; Mowat A.M.; Parrott D.M.V.; Stockdill G.; Stott D.I., 1986:
The incidence clonal origin and secretory nature of serum paraproteins in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Mills, S.R.; Jackson, D.C.; Older, R.A.; Heaston, D.K.; Moore, A.V., 1980:
The incidence, etiologies, and avoidance of complications of pulmonary angiography in a large series

Pithie A.D.; Pennington C.R., 1987:
The incidence etiology and management of central vein thrombosis during parenteral nutrition

Streian C.; Rab I.; Arjoca I., 1980:
The incidence of a fall in systolic pressure in the course of graded exercise tests in coronary patients

King, T.M.; Atienza, M.F.; Burkman, R.T., 1980:
The incidence of abdominal surgical procedures in a population undergoing abortion

Baranga J., 1984:
The incidence of accessory adrenocortical bodies in rousettus aegyptiacus megachiroptera mammalia

Kraus, J.F.; Black, M.A.; Hessol, N.; Ley, P.; Rokaw, W.; Sullivan, C.; Bowers, S.; Knowlton, S.; Marshall, L., 1984:
The incidence of acute brain injury and serious impairment in a defined population

Menard J.; Myrand B., 1987:
The incidence of aerococcus viridans var homari in the natural lobster homarus americanus populations of the magdalen islands quebec canada following a gaffkemia epidemic in an in situ culture facility

Budd R.D., 1982:
The incidence of alcohol use in los angeles county california usa homicide victims

Lowdell, C.P.; Shousha, S.; Parkins, R.A., 1986:
The incidence of amyloidosis complicating inflammatory bowel disease. A prospective survey of 177 patients

Hudson, A.J.; Davenport, A.; Hader, W.J., 1986:
The incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in southwestern Ontario, Canada

Bound J.P.; Harvey P.W.; Brookes D.M.; Sayers B.M., 1981:
The incidence of anencephalus in the fylde lancashire england uk peninsula 1956 1976 and changes in water hardness

Bergquist, P.R.; Bedford, J.J., 1978:
The incidence of anti bacterial activity in marine demospongiae systematic and geographic considerations

Onesciuc C.; Szantay I.; Gorgan V.; Serban I.; Onesciuc I.; Gidaly M.; Cirstina D., 1981:
The incidence of antibodies to hepatitis a virus in an unselected urban population

Contreras M.; Barbolla L.; Lubenko A.; Armitage S.E., 1979:
The incidence of antibodies to low frequency antigens in plasmapheresis donors with hyper immune blood group rh anti sera

Gould, H.J.; Graham, C.W., 1977:
The incidence of aphis fabae on spring sown field beans in southeast england and the efficiency of control measures

Policicchio D.; Piermatteo E.; Femina G.; Cucciniello A.; Graziano G., 1987:
The incidence of arterial hypertension and its correlation to risks of coronary artery disease in a group of subjects recovered in a day hospital program

Shishova A.M.; Baubinene A.V.; Chazova I.V.; Klumbene Y.; Domarkene S.; Prokhorskas R.; Grabauskas V.I.; Glazunov I.S., 1982:
The incidence of arterial hypertension in the male population aged 40 59 years in moscow and kaunas ussr

Chakraverty R.; Sinha S., 1985:
The incidence of aspergillus parasiticus in the indoor and outdoor environments of calcutta india

Monfardini A., 1988:
The incidence of astigmatism in preventive ophthalmometry in the third year of life in 2000 children

Ashton, D.; Amin, H.K.; Richart, R.M.; Neuwirth, R.S., 1988:
The incidence of asymptomatic uterine anomalies in women undergoing transcervical tubal sterilization

Roberts, D.M., 1987:
The incidence of atopy in a working population

Casado A.; Casado C.; Hors P.; Lopez Fernandez M.E., 1982:
The incidence of atypical cholin esterase in blood donors

Veijalainen, P.; Schulman, A.; Ek-Kommonen, C.; Neuvonen, E., 1982:
The incidence of Aujeszky's disease in Finland

Zielinska E.; Michalak T.; Dymowska Z., 1979:
The incidence of auto antibodies in sera of persons with serologically diagnosed toxoplasma gondii invasion

Mcvean, A., 1976:
The incidence of autotomy in carcinus maenas

Cader Abdul P.R.; Walsh L.; Ling N.R.; Maclennan I.C.M.; Jones E.L.; Leyland M., 1983:
The incidence of b cell leukemia and lymphopenia in b cell neoplasia in adults a study using the kiel classification of non hodgkins lymphoma

Chakrabarti R.N.; Dasgupta P.S., 1986:
The incidence of b lymphocytes in mice bearing solid sarcoma 180 and pre treated with cyclophosphamide

Suksuwan, M., 1983:
The incidence of Bacillus cereus in foods in Central Thailand

Sabetta, J.B.; Zitelli, J.A., 1987:
The incidence of bacteremia during skin surgery

Petersen, S.R.; Umphred, E.; Warden, G.D., 1982:
The incidence of bacteremia following burn wound excision

Peterson, L.J.; Peacock, R., 1976:
The incidence of bacteremia in pediatric patients following tooth extraction

Takagi, K.; Ando, F.; Nakamura, H.; Ozeki, M., 1977:
The incidence of bacteremias after root canal treatment of dog teeth

Wimalajeewa, D.L.S.; Nancarrow, R.J., 1978:
The incidence of bacterial blights of french bean phaseolus vulgaris in east gippsland victoria australia

Channon A.G.; Hissett R., 1984:
The incidence of bacterial wilt caused by xanthomonas campestris pathovar graminis in pasture grasses in the west of scotland uk

Sward R.J.; Lister R.M., 1987:
The incidence of barley yellow dwarf viruses in wheat in victoria australia

Fletcher, J.T.; Yarham, D.J., 1976:
The incidence of benomyl tolerance in verticillium fungicola mycogone perniciosa and hypomyces rosellus in mushroom crops

Hallstrom C.; Lader M., 1982:
The incidence of benzodiazepine dependence in long term users

Mcconaghy N.; Armstrong M.S.; Birrell P.C.; Buhrich N., 1979:
The incidence of bi sexual feelings and opposite sex behavior in medical students

Prior, P.; Waterhouse, J.A.H., 1981:
The incidence of bilateral breast cancer 2. a proposed model for the analysis of coincidental tumors

Roland, D.A.Sr, 1978:
The incidence of body checked and misshapen eggs in relation to the number of hens per cage and time of oviposition

Hamir, A.N.; Gehring, W.; Muhammed, S.I., 1978:
The incidence of bovine mastitis in Kenya

Dix, D.; Cohen, P., 1982:
The incidence of breast cancer: analysis of the age dependence

Gray J.J.; Ford K., 1985:
The incidence of bulimia in a college sample

Sandler, M.A.; Biunno, E.M.; Gross, M.L.; Madrazo, B.L., 1985:
The incidence of calculi in focal nonshadowing echogenicity in the gallbladder

Mutlu, G.; Kumdali, A.; Sağdiç, K.; Kivran, M., 1986:
The incidence of Campylobacter jejuni and other pathogenic bacteria in childhood summer diarrhea

Rusu V.C.N.; Kovacs M., 1986:
The incidence of campylobacter jejuni campylobacter coli in porcines and fowls possible relationships with human disease on the basis of species and serotype characteristics

Costello H.D.; Snider D.E.Jr, 1980:
The incidence of cancer among participants in a controlled randomized isoniazid preventive therapy trial

Gillespie, W.J.; Frampton, C.M.; Henderson, R.J.; Ryan, P.M., 1988:
The incidence of cancer following total hip replacement

de Mascarel, I.; Trojani, M.; Coindre, J.M.; Faucher, A., 1986:
The incidence of cancer in contralateral reduction mammaplasty after mastectomy and reconstruction of the removed breast

Heap A.; Isacsson S O.; Janzon L.; Svanstrom L., 1980:
The incidence of cancer in skaraborg county sweden 1964 1972

Alteras I.; Aryeli J., 1980:
The incidence of candida albicans in the last day of pregnancy and the 1st days of the new born

Pereira-Filho, M.; Da-Silva, J.A.H.; Da-Rocha, J.V.N.; Peixoto, R.S., 1976:
The incidence of canine brucellosis in the metropolitan zone of salvador brazil

Cacciapuoti F.; D'avino M.; Gentile S.; Scoti G.G.; Verza M.; Sacchettino A.; Varricchio M., 1987:
The incidence of cardiac disease in the genesis of cerebral ischemia in geriatric patients the usefulness of the echocardiograph

Shinkai T.; Tominaga K.; Saijo N.; Eguchi K.; Mizu E.; Shibuya M.; Shimabukuro Z.; Saito Y.; Tsuchiya R.; Niitani H., 1982:
The incidence of cardiac metastasis in primary lung cancer and the management of malignant peri cardial effusion

Csiszer E.; Boszormenyi K.; Kanitz E.; Lengyel M., 1987:
The incidence of cardiac tamponade in oncological patients

Fossarello M.; Sorcinelli R.; Schlich U.; Guiso G.; Bergamini F.; Autelitano A., 1985:
The incidence of cardiovascular disease in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Kokkonen J.; Simila S.; Vuolukka P., 1982:
The incidence of celiac disease and pyloric stenosis in children in northern finland

Reifenstein H.; Luck H.; Paetzold M.; Harms U., 1986:
The incidence of cement eczema in the processing of low chromate cements

Stampalija J.; Ledic P.; Weiner M.; Pancic B., 1983:
The incidence of central nervous system tumors in several members of a family

Demiroz N.; Gunalp A., 1981:
The incidence of certain escherichia coli serotypes in urinary tract infections in childhood and their source

Peritz, E.; Ramcharan, S.; Frank, J.; Brown, W.L.; Huang, S.; Ray, R., 1977:
The incidence of cervical cancer and duration of oral contraceptive use

Jawdat S.Z.; Mahmoud S.N., 1981:
The incidence of cestode and acanthocephalan parasites of some rodents in iraq

Stenhammar, L.; Ansved, P.; Jansson, G.; Jansson, U., 1987:
The incidence of childhood celiac disease in Sweden

Barclay R.P.C.; Craig J.O.; Galloway C.A.S.; Richardson J.E.; Shepherd R.C.; Smail P.J., 1988:
The incidence of childhood diabetes in certain parts of scotland uk

Scuttelari P.N.; Bighi S.; Orzincolo C.; Cervi P.M., 1982:
The incidence of chole lithiasis in beta thalassemias

Pimenta L.G.; Oliveira L.R.D.; Silva A.L.D., 1986:
The incidence of cholelithiasis in subjects from minas gerais brazil

Cremers, H.J., 1985:
The incidence of Chorioptes bovis (Acarina: Psoroptidae) on the feet of horses, sheep, and goats in the Netherlands

Kaufman, M.H., 1976:
The incidence of chromosomally unbalanced gametes in translocation 14 15 6 ca hetero zygote mice

Ritland, S., 1985:
The incidence of chronic active hepatitis in Norway. A retrospective study

Georgescu S.; Dimitriu A.V.; Ionescu N.; Podoleanu L.; Itcus A., 1984:
The incidence of chronic suppurated otomastoid complications in the coltea otorhinolaryngeal clinic during the 1976 1980 period

Saywell, B.A.; Mcgee, M.A.; Veitch, C.M., 1977:
The incidence of clostridium tyrobutyricum in a factory milk supply

Beaman L.; Holmberg C.; Henrickson R.; Osburn B., 1980:
The incidence of coccidioido mycosis among nonhuman primates housed outdoors at the california usa primate research center

Saha N.; Tan P.Y.; Tan B.H., 1980:
The incidence of color blindness among different dialect groups of chinese malay and indian school boys in singapore

Moragon M.; Ibanez M.D.; Juan L.S.; Castells A., 1987:
The incidence of common warts in chicken slaughter houses workers in valencia province spain

Tripathi V.N.; Singh R.P.; Tomer S.S., 1983:
The incidence of congenital abnormalities in murrah buffaloes

Werder E.A.; Siebenmann R.E.; Knorr Muerset G.; Zimermann A.; Sizonenko P.C.; Theintz P.; Girard J.; Zachmann M.; Prader A., 1980:
The incidence of congenital adrenal hyperplasia switzerland a survey of patients born in 1960 1974

Baltaxe, H.A.; Wixson, D., 1977:
The incidence of congenital anomalies of the coronary arteries in the adult population

Kozic S.; Juretic M.; Strnad M., 1985:
The incidence of congenital dislocation of the hip in the republic health protection department of croatia yugoslavia in the period between 1980 1983

Roux C.; Migne G.; Mulliez N.; Youssef S., 1982:
The incidence of congenital malformations a 5 year study in a paris france maternity unit

Anlar B.; Tonyali A., 1986:
The incidence of congenital malformations in the samsun area of turkey

Ericson, A.; Eriksson, M.; Zetterström, R., 1984:
The incidence of congenital malformations in various socioeconomic groups in Sweden

Gregorio P.; Nocerino P.; Agozzino E.; Converti F., 1980:
The incidence of congenital malformations results of a 5 year statistical study in a childrens hospital

Duvie, S.O., 1984:
The incidence of contralateral patent processus vaginalis in unilateral inguinal hernia in Nigerian children

Volozh O.I.; Mutso Y.K.; Solodkaya E.S.; Kal'yuste T.I.; Patus V.M.; Zhukovskii G.S.; Varlamova T.A.; Olfer'ev A.M.; Deev A.D.; Molchanov V.A., 1984:
The incidence of coronary heart disease and the main risk factors among males aged 35 39 years living in tallinn estonian ssr ussr

Wellemans, G.; Antoine, H.; Botton, Y.; Van-Opdenbosch, E., 1977:
The incidence of coronavirus in digestive disease of young calves in belgium

Lee, C.P.; Bishop, L.J., 1988:
The incidence of cutaneous larva migrans in Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies

Ito, H.; Murakami, M.; Miyauchi, T.; Mori, I.; Yamaguchi, K.; Usui, T.; Shimazaki, J., 1983:
The incidence of cystinuria in Japan

Ullah K., 1979 :
The incidence of damage by cotton bollworms earias insulana and pectinophora gossypiella in peshawar pakistan

Macnab, I.; Cuthbert, H.; Godfrey, C.M., 1977:
The incidence of de nervation of the sacrospinales muscles following spinal surgery

Kosovskii M.I.; Gulyamov T.D.; Khusainova F.A.; Abdurakhmanova A.M.; Kostenko L.N., 1984:
The incidence of decreased sensitivity to insulin among patients with obesity

Peters S.H.A.; Jonker J.J.C.; A.C.; Den Ottolander G.J.H., 1982:
The incidence of deep venous thrombosis in patients with acute myo cardial infarction treated with acenocoumarol or indobufen

Fukamachi, A.; Kohno, K.; Nagaseki, Y.; Misumi, S.; Kunimine, H.; Wakao, T., 1985:
The incidence of delayed traumatic intracerebral hematoma with extradural hemorrhages

Cortis I.M.; Melis M.T.; Pinna M.L., 1986:
The incidence of dental abnormalities observed on a sample of 755 patients in cagliari province italy in ten years from 1975 to 1983

Ruprecht, A.; Batniji, S.; Sastry, K.A.; el-Neweihi, E., 1986:
The incidence of dental invagination

Holland G.R., 1981:
The incidence of dentinal tubules containing more than 1 process in the cuspal dentin of cat canine teeth

Chauhan K.P.S., 1985:
The incidence of deterioration and its localization in aged seeds of soybean and barley

Phuvichit B.; Kotrajaras R., 1981:
The incidence of diabetes mellitus in superficial dermato mycosis

Cox P.D.; Allen L.P.; Pearson J.; Beirne M.A., 1984:
The incidence of diapause in 17 populations of the flour moth ephestia kuehniella lepidoptera pyralidae

el Alamy, M.A.; Thacker, S.B.; Arafat, R.R.; Wright, C.E.; Zaki, A.M., 1986:
The incidence of diarrheal disease in a defined population of rural Egypt

Sotolongo-Guerra, F., 1977:
The incidence of dirofilaria immitis in dogs of the havana cuba city

Damlund M.; Goth S.; Hasle P.; Jeune B.; Munk K., 1982:
The incidence of disability pensions and mortality among semi skilled construction workers in copenhagen denmark a retrospective cohort study with 2 control groups

Adeyokunnu, A.A., 1982:
The incidence of Down's syndrome in Nigeria

Leisti J.; Vahtola L.; Linna S L.; Herva R.; Koskela S L.; Vitali M., 1985:
The incidence of downs syndrome in northern finland with special reference to maternal age

Robinson T.A., 1979:
The incidence of drugs in impaired driving specimens in northern ireland uk

Kurata, J.H.; Honda, G.D.; Frankl, H., 1985:
The incidence of duodenal and gastric ulcers in a large health maintenance organization

Dreyer L., 1980:
The incidence of dysplasia and associated epithelial lesions in the esophageal mucosa of south african blacks

Constantinou, C.E.; Hrynczuk, J.R., 1976:
The incidence of ectopic peristaltic contractions

Giray, E.F.; Altkin, W.M.; Vaught, G.M.; Roodin, P.A., 1976:
The incidence of eidetic imagery as a function of age

Kaul C.L.; David J.; Grewal R.S., 1980:
The incidence of electro shock and pentylene tetrazole metrazole induced convulsions in hypo glycemic and acute and chronic hyper glycemic states in mice

Molnar S.; Molnar I.M., 1985:
The incidence of enamel hypoplasia among the krapina neanderthals

Kinn D.N.; Stephen F.M., 1981:
The incidence of endo parasitism of dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae by contortylenchus brevicomi nematoda sphaerulariidae

Cechová, L.; Leifertová, I.; Lisá, M., 1987:
The incidence of Entamoeba gingivalis in the oral cavity

Georgescu C.; Gaicu N.; Negut M.; Braila M.G.; Calin C.; Florescu D.P.; Ciocirlie I., 1985:
The incidence of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli in enteritis cases in children 0 to 2 years old

Cotor F.; Avram G.; Tiron S.; Zavate O., 1981:
The incidence of enteroviruses in some categories of water

Andreeva, A.P.; Mille, E.R.; Babueva, A.D.; Sarycheva, O.F., 1975:
The incidence of epidemic mumps and the rate of antibody detection in different age groups of the moscow russian sfsr ussr population

Issel E.P.; Eggers H.; Hofmann G.; Krueger U.; Scheinpflug G., 1981:
The incidence of errors in large epidemiology studies with comments on evaluation interpretation and future surveys

Takano, K.; Sakai, K., 1987:
The incidence of erythrocyte P1 antigen retention in children with urinary tract infection

Lindemann H., 1987:
The incidence of exercise induced asthma

Rhoads J.M.; Borjes E.P., 1981:
The incidence of exhibitionism in guatemala and the usa

Bolick T.; Nowicki S.Jr, 1984:
The incidence of external locus of control in televised cartoon characters

Kirkman H.; Kirkman Liff B., 1985:
The incidence of extracellular thymic cysts in intact and gonadectomized syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus untreated and treated with diethylstilbestrol and steroid hormones

Glynn, R.J.; Seddon, J.M.; Berlin, B.M., 1988:
The incidence of eye injuries in New England adults

Pritchett, J.W., 1984:
The incidence of fabellae in osteoarthrosis of the knee

Asadov S.A.; Berdyshev G.D., 1985:
The incidence of familial longevity in various regions of the ussr

Masaba, S.; Kanyambo, F.N.; Moyo, M., 1977:
The incidence of fascioliasis and hydatidosis in cattle slaughtered at the mwanza abattoir tanzania

Mustadjab I.; Indrawati R.; Soegianto S.; Isa S.; Makmuri M.S.; Zulkarnaen I., 1979:
The incidence of fat mal absorption in severe protein energy mal nutrition

Dittrich Prolss I., 1987:
The incidence of feather pecking behavior in hens during rearing in a floor keeping system

Dix D.; Cohen P.; Barzegar S., 1983:
The incidence of female breast and genital cancer analysis of age dependence

Dix, D.; Cohen, P., 1984:
The incidence of female cancers: correlations with etiologic implications

Hedlund, R.; Lindgren, U., 1986:
The incidence of femoral shaft fractures in children and adolescents

Spencer, F.; Sage, R.; Graner, J., 1985:
The incidence of foot pathology in a diabetic population

Rybicka J.; Gibinski K.; Nowak A.; Czarnecka K., 1979:
The incidence of gastric cancer and groups of high risk

Min, Y.I.; Lee, B.W.; Chang, Y.W.; Chi, H.S.; Lee, J.K., 1987:
The incidence of gastric metaplasia in patients with duodenal ulcer

Ostensen, H.; Gudmundsen, T.E.; Bolz, K.D.; Burhol, P.G.; Bonnevie, O., 1985:
The incidence of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in north Norway. A prospective epidemiological study

Yasukochi, H., 1987:
The incidence of gastroesophageal reflux: aging and circumstances factor

Trimble, B.K.; Smith, M.E., 1977:
The incidence of genetic disease and the impact on man of an altered mutation rate

Petersen J., 1986:
The incidence of genotype rearing treatment interactions in laying hens and its importance for random sample poultry tests

Bergman M.; Seaton T.B.; Auerhahn C.C.; Aaron Young C.; Glasser M.; Shapiro L.R., 1986:
The incidence of gestational hypoglycemia in insulin dependent and non insulin dependent diabetic women

Tezic T.; Gedik Y.; Baki A.; Uzum K.; Kumandas S.; Arslanoglu M.; Demirci Y.; Nuhoglu A., 1985:
The incidence of goiter among students living a group of mountain villages in the black sea region and their thyrotropin and thyroid hormone values

Shanmuganathan N.; Fletcher G., 1980:
The incidence of grapevine yellow speckle disease in australian grapevines and the influence of inoculum source on symptom expression

Nubert I.I.; Munteanu I.; Anastasiu D.; Hrubaru N., 1980:
The incidence of gynecological diseases in elderly women and the surgical attitude adopted

Webb A.J., 1980:
The incidence of halothane sensitivity in british uk pigs

King A.W.; Bohning A.M., 1984:
The incidence of heartworm dirofilaria immitis filarioidea in the wild canids of northeast arkansas usa

Wardhaugh, K.G.; Room, P.N.; Greenup, L.R., 1980:
The incidence of heliothis armigera and heliothis punctigera lepidoptera noctuidae on cotton and other host plants in the namoi valley of new south wales australia

Bonaduce D.; Arpenti C.; Vaccaro G.; Martone F., 1982:
The incidence of hem agglutination inhibition antibodies against human and animal equine swine avian strains orthomyxovirus in the sera of persons in the province of naples italy collected during 1979 1980

Cohen P.; Connetta B.; Dix D., 1981:
The incidence of hematologic tumors a cellular model for the age dependence

Burrell C.J.; Cossart Y.E.; Hill I.D.; Kerr D.N.S.; Maycock W.; Ogg C.S.; Polakoff S.; Smith M.; Williams R.S.; E.A., 1980:
The incidence of hepatitis b infection after accidental exposure and anti hepatitis b surface antigen immuno globulin prophylaxis

Panyathanya, R.; Thakerngpol, K.; Chinda, K.; Stitnimankarn, T., 1982:
The incidence of hepatitis B surface antigen in liver tissues of liver diseases in Thailand

Ribarić, V., 1976:
The incidence of herpetic keratitis among population

Riggs, W., 1976:
The incidence of hiatal hernia in infants and children. Results of a survey of members of the Society for Pediatric Radiology

Gillard J.; Bugat R.; Obrenovitch J., 1984:
The incidence of high pressures on the nigrostriatal dopaminergic passage in the rat in a helium oxygen mixture

Paula F.J.D.; Ianhez L.E.; Persoli L.B.L.; Lima M.G.D.; Sabbaga E., 1985:
The incidence of highly sensitized patients in a cadaver kidney waiting list

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The incidence of juvenile diabetes mellitus in New Zealand

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The incidence of liver specific antigens in liver disease

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The incidence of metastasis of lung cancer to the small bowel

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The incidence of metastatic carcinomas in meningiomas 4 cases

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The incidence of microorganisms producing methane in the mud of the rybinsk water reservoir russian sfsr ussr

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The incidence of minor non metric cranial variants in the protohistoric human remains from eastern japan

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The incidence of mites of the family bdellidae in mosses from a spruce wood in southwest bohemia

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The incidence of mitral valve prolapse in a moscow ussr population

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The incidence of moenckeberg calcifications in patients with endemic fluorosis

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The incidence of Mycoplasma dispar, Ureaplasma and conventional Mycoplasma in the pneumonic calf lung

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The incidence of mycotoxins in litter feed and livers of chickens in natal south africa

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The incidence of new 2nd lesions after surgery and irradiation

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The incidence of occult bleeding per rectum in a general practice in scotland uk a study using hemoccult

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The incidence of oligophrenia with fragile chromosome frax q27

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The incidence of oral diseases requiring surgical treatment at an outpatient dental department

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The incidence of ossification of the sacrococcygeal joint

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The incidence of otitis externa after swimming a case study in 6 indoor pools

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The incidence of otoneurologic diseases among the industrial workers in sofia bulgaria

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The incidence of palmar erythema in patients with alcoholic fatty liver a comparative study with fatty liver of other origin

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The incidence of pancreatic cancer

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The incidence of parasitoses in children aged 0 5 years

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The incidence of parvovirus at farms in serbia yugoslavia

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The incidence of pathogenic strains of bacteria in diarrheal cases

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The incidence of pediculus humanus capitis in school children of bari italy

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The incidence of peptic ulcer disease related to occupation in the northern part of Norway. A prospective epidemiological and radiological study

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The incidence of pigmented lambs among the progeny of pigmented rams and merino ewes which have a high frequency of individuals with spots of pigmented fibers

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The incidence of pine pollen reactivity in an allergic atopic population

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The incidence of postoperative hernia as related to the site of insertion of permanent peritoneal catheter

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The incidence of powdery mildew in cereal cultivar trials in england and wales uk 1957 1976

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The incidence of predation on lake dwelling leeches

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The incidence of primary carcinoma of the liver and its relation to hepatic cirrhosis

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The incidence of primary cardiac arrest during vigorous exercise

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The incidence of propionibacteria in south african dairy products

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The incidence of pseudotumor cerebri population studies in iowa and louisiana usa

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The incidence of pulmonary hemorrhage produced by explosive decompression from 8 atmospheres to 1 atmosphere and from 1 atmosphere to one eighth atmosphere

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The incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in a population of pregnant women at risk

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The incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in siriraj hospital personnel thailand 1976 1980

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The incidence of rabies in animals in the Sudan

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The incidence of radiologically demonstrable aneurysm and arterio venous malformation in spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage

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The incidence of rasajeyna nannyla in tipula paludosa and tipula vittata at 2 sites in northumberland england

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The incidence of rat ileo cecal malignant immuno cytoma vertical transmission of the high tumor incidence

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The incidence of rebleeding in traumatic hyphema

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The incidence of repeat induced abortion in a randomly selected group of women. A retrospective study

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The incidence of retinopathy of prematurity - birth weight and gestational age

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The incidence of risk factors in children with clinical signs of central nervous system impairment

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The incidence of runt eggs in woodpeckers

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The incidence of scarlet fever

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The incidence of schizophrenia in New South Wales, Australia. A psychiatric register study

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The incidence of selected vaginal infections among pregnant urban blacks

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The incidence of septoria nodorum in wheat seed

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The incidence of severe duodenal anomalies in patients submitted to barium meal examination, in normals, and in different clinical subgroups

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The incidence of severe pre eclampsia among mothers and mothers in law of pre eclamptics and controls

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The incidence of sickle trait in Blacks requiring filtering surgery

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The incidence of silico tuberculosis among foundry workers

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The incidence of sjogren's syndrome in systemic scleroderma

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The incidence of sjogrens sicca complex in a population of patients with kerato conjunctivitis sicca

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The incidence of skin diseases in hong kong a comparison with the 5 year survey from sendai japan

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The incidence of solitary pulmonary metastasis from carcinoma of the large intestine

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The incidence of spina bifida occulta in a historic and a modern london england uk population

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The incidence of spontaneous cytogenetic aberrations in lymphocytes cultured from normal humans for 48 and 72 hours

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The incidence of stalk rot fusarium spp on maize hybrids and its effect on yield of maize in britain

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The incidence of stomach cancer and other malignant neoplasms in persons who had undergone gastric resection for ulcers

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The incidence of stroke among pregnant women in rochester minnesota 1955 through 1979

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The incidence of stroke in the Kuopio area of East Finland

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The incidence of subclinical mastitis and related pathogens in 2 lines of dairy cattle

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The incidence of subclinical mastitis its etiology and in vitro sensitivity of isolates

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The incidence of sugarcane top shoot borer tryporyza nivella pyralidae lepidoptera in the field

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The incidence of supplementary and supernumerary spermatozoa in mouse ova

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The incidence of suspected of rabies in east central state of nigeria

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The incidence of suspected rheumatic fever in denmark 1980 1983 reasons for disagreement between the number of hospital discharges with a diagnosis coded as active rheumatic fever and the number of notified cases and the official hospital record summaries

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The incidence of tachinid parasites and pathogens in adult populations of the bean leaf beetle cerotoma trifurcata coleoptera chrysomelidae in north carolina usa

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The incidence of teat injuries in different cow sheds

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The incidence of the clinico anatomical particularities of severe vascular accidents involving the brain stem

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The incidence of the eye diseases at the national defense medical college hospital japan

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The incidence of the fusion of the roots in permanent molars

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The incidence of the non metastatic neurological syndromes of obscure origin in the reticuloses

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The incidence of the saccharomyces killer phenotype in different vinicultural regions and the thermostability of the killer factor

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The incidence of thoracic traumatisms with visceral involvement in patients with multiple traumata

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The incidence of tibial dys chondroplasia in 2 broiler strains and their performance of different diets

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The incidence of ticks ixodoidea ixodidae infesting sheep and goats in sind province pakistan

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The incidence of toxic shock syndrome in northern california usa 1972 through 1983

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The incidence of transposition of teeth in dental patients

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The incidence of treated end stage renal disease in the eastern usa 1973 1979

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The incidence of tricuspid valvular regurgitation in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as determined by 2 dimensional echocardiography

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The incidence of tubal abnormality in she buffaloes

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The incidence of tuberculous pleurisy

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The incidence of tumor like formations in mycelial fungi as a function of the ph of the cultivation medium

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The incidence of Turner's syndrome in Ibadan, Nigeria

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The incidence of two serologically distinct strains of turnip yellow mosaic virus on cultivated cruciferous plants in czechoslovakia

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The incidence of ultrastructural abnormalities in the cortex of 2 retarded human brains downs syndrome

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The incidence of under bite occlusion in leaf eating monkeys

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The incidence of underfoot accidents during 1985 in a working population of 10000 merseyside england uk people

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The incidence of unsuspected peripheral arterial disease among surgical patients in siriraj hospital thailand

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The incidence of upper gastro-intestinal disease in a Malaysian community

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The incidence of urinary tract infections and urinary lactic dehydrogenase levels in 50 pregnant women

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The incidence of uro genital tuberculosis in sweden

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The incidence of various diseases and causes of mortality in broiler flocks around faisalabad pakistan

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The incidence of veld fire in the etosha national park south africa 1970 1979

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The incidence of ventilator induced pulmonary baro trauma in critically ill patients

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The incidence of vibrio cholerae in water animals and birds in kent england uk

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The incidence of virus infections in mouse and rat colonies of west germany short communication

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The incidence of virus like symptoms and ryegrass mosaic virus in perennial rye grass pastures in the west of scotland

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The incidence of vulvovaginal infections found in independently practiced medicine

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The incidence of water related diseases in the brak area libya from 1977 1979 before and after installation of water treatment plants

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The incidence of wound infection after stapled or sutured bowel anastomosis and stapled or sutured skin closure in humans and guinea pigs

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The incidence of yeast organisms in the water of southern baikal lake ussr in the course of 1 year

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The incidence, pathogenesis and treatment of helminth infections in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

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The incidence rate of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in selected populations

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The incidence relationships of lymantria dispar in hungary 1962 1975

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The incidence reproducibility and mechanism of gastroesophageal reflux demonstrated by radiology in normals dyspeptics and patients with esophagitis

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The incidence type and subsequent evolution of 14 variant philadelphia chromosome translocations in 180 south african patients with philadelphia chromosome positive chronic myeloid leukemia

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The incidences of the abnormal centrencephalic electroencephalogram paroxysms the pathological features and the choice of therapeutic methods on the psychosomatic patients in a wide sense

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The incidental capture of the sea turtles in fishing gear in terengganu malaysia

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The incidental catch of halibut by foreign trawlers

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The incipient stages of development of bumble bee colonies

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The incise drape boon or hazard? an experimental study

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The included canine review of 212 cases general principles of treatment

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The inclusion of carbon 14 labeled leucine in the soluble proteins of wheat sprouts due to infection with stem rust

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The inclusion of diflunisal by alpha and beta cyclodextrins a fluorine 19 nmr and spectrophotometric study

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The inclusion of haloperidol and trifluperidol by alpha and gamma cyclodextrins a fluorine 19 nmr study

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The inclusion of magnesium in the ration of chicks as it affects absorption of thiamin and the content of cyclic amp in the small intestine and the liver

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The inclusion of tropaeolin 000 no. 2 by permethylated beta cyclodextrin a kinetic and equilibrium study

Astrachan, B.; Sharfstein, S.S., 1986:
The income of psychiatrists: adaptation during difficult economic times

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The incompatibility loci as indicators of conserved linkage groups in the poaceae

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The incompatibility of ice core carbon dioxide data with reconstructions of biotic carbon dioxide sources

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The incompatibility relationships between geographical races of podospora anserina part 4 biochemical aspects of the heterogenic incompatibility

Blaich, R.; Esser, K., 1971:
The incompatibility relationships between geographical races of podospora anserina part 5 biochemical characterization of heterogenic incompatibility on cellular level

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The incompatibility relationships of tristylous species of oxalis section ionoxalis of southern mexico

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The incompatibility system and relative ectomycorrhizal performance of monokaryons and reconstituted dikaryons of laccaria bicolor

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The incompetent cervix and accelerated fetal lung maturation

Vaalamo, P.; Kivikoski, A., 1983:
The incompetent cervix during pregnancy diagnosed by ultrasound

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The incomplete anti rh agglutination mechanism of trypsinized type o rh positive red cells

Das, V.S.R.; Santakumari, M., 1978:
The incomplete evolution of 4 carbon photosynthesis within the pan tropical taxon boerhaavia nyctaginaceae

Savage, M.O.; Grant, D.B., 1978:
The incomplete male

Gabersek V., 1984:
The incongruity of provoked nystagmus in electronystagmography

Afoke, N.Y.; Byers, P.D.; Hutton, W.C., 1984:
The incongruous hip joint: a loading study

Tercafs, R., 1976:
The inconsolable lamb

Zeller F.J.; Heun M., 1985:
The incorporation and characterization of powdery mildew resistance from aegilops longissima in common wheat triticum aestivum

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The incorporation and distribution of nitrogen 15 from uracil in some organs of lambs

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The incorporation and distribution of tritium labeled oleic acid in the isolated perfused guinea pig heart a biochemical and electron microscopic auto radiographic study

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The incorporation and fate of sulfur 35 sulfate in the jelly coat of xenopus laevis eggs

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The incorporation and in vitro release profiles of liquid deliquescent or unstable drugs with fusible excipients in hard gelatin capsules

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The incorporation in vitro of phosphorus 33 labeled ortho phosphate into individual phospho lipids of the erythrocyte membrane of new born and adult pigs

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The incorporation of 1 carbon 14 acetate into unesterified fatty acids in rat cerebral cortex in vivo

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The incorporation of 1 carbon 14 linoleate into lipids of developing rat brain during essential fatty acid deprivation

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The incorporation of 2 carbon 13 1 2 acetate into pisatin to establish the biosynthesis of its poly ketide moiety

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The incorporation of 2 carbon 13 carbon 14 nitrogen 15 1 methyl delta 1 pyrrolinium chloride into cuscohygrine in erythroxylum coca

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The incorporation of 2 carbon 14 glycine into porcine lens protein

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The incorporation of 4 carbon 14 aspartic acid into nicotinic acid n glucoside in nicotiana tabacum d

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The incorporation of 5 6 carbon 13 nicotinic acid into the tobacco alkaloids examined by the use of carbon 13 nmr

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The incorporation of 5 iodo 5' amino 2' 5' dideoxy uridine and 5 iodo 2' deoxy uridine into herpes simplex virus dna relationship between anti viral activity and effect on dna structure

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The incorporation of a hydrogen atom at 15 carbon of cholesterol biosynthesized from squalene

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The incorporation of acetyl cholin esterase ec from the electric organ discopyge tschudi into liposomes

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The incorporation of alkali treated straw in fattening rations for male cattle

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The incorporation of amino acids into brain mitochondrial proteins in vitro

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The incorporation of analogues of choline into the phospho lipids of the larva of the house fly musca domestica

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The incorporation of carbon 13 labeled ornithine into nicotine and nornicotine established by nmr

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The incorporation of carbon 14 acetate into the constituent fatty acids of mono galactosyl di glyceride by isolated spinach chloroplasts

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The incorporation of carbon 14 dioxide in the organic substances of the holoparasitic scrophulariaceae lathraea clandestina separated from its host

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The incorporation of carbon 14 glucosamine into dolichol di phosphate n acetyl carbon 14 glucosamine by unbroken liver cells in culture

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The incorporation of carbon 14 labeled acetate into lipids during embryogenesis in oil palm elaeis guineensis tissue cultures/

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The incorporation of cholesterol into inner mitochondrial membranes and its effect on lipid transition

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The incorporation of choline analogues into the phospho lipids of phormia regina

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The incorporation of complement c 3 nephritic factor into a stabilized complement c 3 convertase and its release after decay of convertase function

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The incorporation of d glucosamine carbon 14 into root tissues of higher plants

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The incorporation of ddt and related compounds into lecithin bi layers

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The incorporation of deoxy ump into dna increases the sister chromatid exchange yield

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The incorporation of dietary astacene into artemia

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The incorporation of double labeled acetate into glutamate and related amino acids from adult mouse brain compartmentation of amino acid metabolism in brain

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The incorporation of gallium 67 into the ferritin fraction of rabbit hepatocytes in vivo

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The incorporation of glucose into alpha 1 4 glucan proteins of bovine retina membranes

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The incorporation of glucose into liver lipids during the chronic inflammatory bronchopulmonary process

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The incorporation of glyco lipids with defined carbohydrate sequence into liposomes and the effects on partition in aqueous 2 phase systems

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The incorporation of glycolytic intermediates into lipids by plastids isolated from the developing endosperm of castor oilseeds ricinus communis

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The incorporation of intra striatally injected tritium labeled fucose into electrophoretically separated synaptosomal glyco proteins 2. the influence of passive avoidance training

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The incorporation of iron into chicken apoferritin in the presence of ceruloplasmin

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The incorporation of labeled amino acids into the sub cellular fractions of the rabbit brain

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The incorporation of lipid and sodium potassium atpase into the membranes of semi permeable micro capsules

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The incorporation of lipid soluble antineoplastic agents into microemulsions protein free analogs of low density lipoprotein

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The incorporation of myo 2 tritiated inositol into phosphatidyl inositol of stimulated rat pancreas

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The incorporation of o 6 methyldeoxy gmp and o 4 methyldeoxy tmp into polynucleotide templates leads to errors during subsequent in vitro dna synthesis

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The incorporation of oleic acid and linoleic acid and their desaturation products into the glycero lipids of maize zea mays cultivar golden cross bantam yellow hybrid leaves

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The incorporation of organically bound tritium of food into some organs of the rat

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The incorporation of phosphorus 32 labeled phosphate into low molecular weight rna of drosophila melanogaster cell lines

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The incorporation of phosphorus 32 labeled phosphate into spectrin aggregates following incubation of erythrocytes in phosphorus 32 labeled inorganic phosphate

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The incorporation of phosphorus 32 labeled phosphate ion into organic compounds in sieve tube sap

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The incorporation of precursors into drosophila melanogaster larval cuticle

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The incorporation of radio carbon beta carotene into the marine isopod idotea resecata and the biosynthesis of canthaxanthin

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The incorporation of radioactive amino acids into tissue and brush border membrane proteins of mouse jejunum in organ culture

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The incorporation of radioactive lysine into ribosomic proteins from ehrlich ascites tumor cells

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The incorporation of radioactive proline into cultured cells interpretations based on inst radio autography and inst electron microscopy carrot d amino acid

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The incorporation of reaction centers into membranes from a bacterio chlorophyll less mutant of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

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The incorporation of red blood cell index mean data into quality control programs

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The incorporation of rna and protein precursors in the epithelium of imaginal wing discs of drosophila melanogaster

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The incorporation of sangivamycin 5 triphosphate into poly ribo nucleotide by rna polymerase from micrococcus lysodeikticus

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The incorporation of selenium and ytterbium into some organs of mice determined by neutron activity analysis

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The incorporation of sulfur 35 labeled sulfate into carrageenan in chondrus crispus

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The incorporation of tritiated precursors into receptors for immuno globulin e of rat basophilic leukemia cells

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The incorporation of tritiated proline into the collagen of the periodontium of a rat

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The incorporation of tritiated uridine in hair germ and dermal papilla during dormancy (telogen) and activation (early anagen)

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The incorporation of tritium from tritium enriched water into udp n acetyl glucosamine and udp n acetyl mannosamine catalyzed by udp n acetyl glucosamine 2 epimerase from escherichia coli

Mahadevappa V.G.; Holub B.J., 1984:
The incorporation of tritium labeled glycerol and carbon 14 labeled 1 acyl sn glycero 3 phosphocholine into different molecular species of phosphatidylcholine in human platelets

Jarosova J.; Rocek Z., 1982:
The incrassatio frontoparietalis in frogs its origin and phylogenetic significance

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The increase and spread of viscum album l. in the upper weser mountains west germany

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The increase in activities of acid phosphatase and rnase during ripening of banana musa cultivar giant cavendish fruit

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The increase in activity of acid hydrolases in muscles of rats after sub cutaneous administration of di methyl p phenylenediamine a combined histochemical and biochemical investigation 1. the histochemical investigation

Meijer, A.E.F.H.; Israel, D.E., 1979:
The increase in activity of acid hydrolases in muscles of rats after sub cutaneous administration of di methyl p phenylenediamine a combined histochemical and biochemical investigation 2. the biochemical investigation and comparison with the histochemical observations

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The increase in alcohol dehydrogenase ec activity and ethanol content during ripening of banana fruit

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The increase in bi layer fluidity of rat liver plasma membranes achieved by the local anesthetic benzyl alcohol affects the activity of intrinsic membrane enzymes

Sultatos L.G.; Liu D.K.; Vesell E.S., 1981:
The increase in drug metabolizing capacity adjacent to intra hepatic morris hepatomas

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The increase in egg size in tetra ploid silkworms induced from a normal and a giant egg strains

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The increase in enz nitrate reductase activity and protein content of plants treated with simazine herbic rye m pea d inst acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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The increase in hormone stimulated adenylate cyclase ec activity following rous sarcoma virus transformation

Chioma V.; Gardi I.; Evangelisti G.; Mastroianni M.; Cani E.; Bertuzzi D.; Marzara G., 1987:
The increase in infections due to gram negative aerobic microorganisms in hospitals

Young J.D E.; K.S.S.; Cohn Z.A., 1984:
The increase in intracellular free calcium associated with immunoglobulin g gamma 2b gamma 1 fc receptor ligand interactions role in phagocytosis

Kotani, M.; Matsuno, K.; Ezaki, T.; Ueda, M., 1980:
The increase in permeability of postcapillary venules in lymph nodes subjected to the regional graft vs. host reaction

De-Lores-Arnaiz, G.R.; Girardi, E.S., 1977:
The increase in respiratory capacity of brain sub cellular fractions after the administration of the convulsant 3 mercapto propionic acid

Azuma M.; Azuma K., 1979:
The increase in sensitivity following light illumination in frog rana catesbeiana photo receptors

Muto K.; Takai H.; Hiratani M.; Oshida Y.; Ito S.; Kasei M.; Ueda S., 1985:
The increase in serum immunoglobulin e and anti dermatophagoides pteronyssinus specific immunoglobulin e levels during stay at home in institutionalized asthmatic children the role of house dust mite in the dwelling as a trigger of asthma attack in mite sensitive patients

Sowerbutts S.F.; Jarvis L.G.; Setchell B.P., 1986:
The increase in testicular vascular permeability induced by human chorionic gonadotropin involves 5 hydroxytryptamine and possibly estrogens but not testosterone prostaglandins histamine or bradykinin

Tyurin E.A., 1982:
The increase in the effectiveness of body weight estimations in radiobiological experiments

Fiedler K.; Ludwig W., 1986:
The increase in the efficiency of the control of food transportation

Traut, H.; Schroeder, F.J., 1978:
The increase in the frequency of x chromosomal aneu ploidy in drosophila melanogaster as a consequence of suppressed oviposition

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The increase in the number of liver sinusoidal pit cells in four patients with primary or metastatic cancer of the liver

Kumari, E., 1976:
The increase in the numbers of the common gull larus canus and its colonization of estonian peat bogs in recent decades

Svachula V.; Svachulova J., 1977:
The increase in the peroxidase ec activity chlorophyll content and sugar production in irrigated sugar beet

Yamada, K., 1970:
The increase in the rate of heat production of frog's skeletal muscle caused by hypertonic solutions

Gorban' I.S., 1983:
The increase in thermostability and stimulation of reparatory ability of plant cells after reversible heat injury determined by the changes in protoplasmic viscosity

Motuz, D.J.; Watson, W.A.; Barlow, J.C.; Velasquez, N.V.; Schentag, J.J., 1988:
The increase in urinary alanine aminopeptidase excretion associated with enflurane anesthesia is increased further by aminoglycosides

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The increase in viscosity and peroxidation of sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane lipids in isadrine myocarditis

Finkelson M.D.; Eymontt M.; Shanfeld J.L.; Montgomery P.C.; Korostoff E.; Davidovitch Z., 1983:
The increase in vivo by electric currents of the technetium 99m labeled methylene di phosphonate uptake and cyclic amp content of the bone of the cat mandible

Gadol N.; Saluk P.H., 1982:
The increase of a normally occurring killer cell population during progressive tumor growth in mice

Schulze, R., 1974:
The increase of biologically effective uv solar radiation due to a decrease of the ozone concentration in the free atmosphere

Parkin D.T.; Mcmeeking J.M., 1985:
The increase of canada geese branta canadensis in nottinghamshire uk from 1980

Krzeminski T.; Piatkowska D.; Pawlicka H.; Sakowska D., 1987:
The increase of caries in the permanent teeth in dependence on the numbers of germs of streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus sp

Szabo G.; Endroczi E., 1981:
The increase of cerebellar cyclic amp level after decapitation the effect of propranolol

Daniel P., 1983:
The increase of crude protein content of maize silage by production of maize silage mixed with forage legumes

Keber, D., 1983:
The increase of leg fibrinolytic potential after reduction of hydrostatic stimulus

Bauer, L., 1977:
The increase of photo toxic activities of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons produced by dish detergents

Den'ko, E.I., 1976:
The increase of plant cell resistance after the action of high hydrostatic pressure

Melekhov E.I.; Anev V.N.; Muromtsev S.G., 1985:
The increase of potentially lethal injuries in the plant cell caused by fusicoccin

Tokumasu, S., 1976:
The increase of seed fertility of brassicoraphanus through cytological irregularity

Fedotov A.I., 1981:
The increase of strength of bonds between peat boggy soil particles for the control of wind erosion

Sato N., 1986:
The increase of sugar content in the forcing of strawberry cultivar houkouwase

Nemeth, S., 1977:
The increase of the active form of hepatic glycogen phosphorylase ec in stressed rats

Ouweneel, G.L., 1977:
The increase of the cormorant phalacrocorax carbo on the hollandsch diep haringvliet netherlands

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The increase of the elderly population in brazil transformation of and consequences for society

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The increase of the electrophoretic mobility of platelets after laparotomy

Bianciardi G.; Toti P.; Weber G., 1987:
The increase of the openings of the surface connected canalicular system in weakly stimulated platelets is prevented by a carbocromen derivative a computerized morphometric analysis of freeze etched human platelet plasma membrane

Goraj Moszora I.E.; Drozdowski B., 1980:
The increase of the rate of fat catalytic hydrogenation due to the interaction of bleaching earth in the reaction system

Stratil H.U.; Stratil H.H.; Knulle W., 1980:
The increase of the stored product mite glycyphagus destructor at different temperatures and humidities

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The increase of thio barbituric acid reacting substances in rats with experimental chronic hypoxia

Yoshikawa T.; Furukawa Y.; Wakamatsu Y.; Tanaka H.; Takemura S.; Kondo M., 1982:
The increase of thio barbituric acid reactive substances in rat with experimental hypoxia

Korn G., 1979:
The increase of weight of lymphatic glands of lymph and peritoneal fluid and their chymotrypsin content and virus content in pigs suffering hog cholera

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The increased antral gastrin content and its release in response to test meal in patients with duodenal ulcer

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The increased efficacy of high energy de fibrillation

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The increased levels of angiotensin and prostaglandin f 2 alpha in toxemia of pregnancy

Felding P.; Fex G., 1984:
The increased negative charge of prealbumin in cerebro spinal fluid is acquired in vitro by oxidation of the cysteinyl residues without formation of di sulfides

Okuoka Y.; Ishihara A.; Takeuchi M.; Monma Y.; Tanabe T., 1981:
The increased potassium concentration of plasma produced by a hypertonic solution of low potent substances intra peritoneally administered to rats

Hnik, P., 1970:
The increased response of chronically de efferented rat muscle spindles to stretch

Dix, C.J.; Hassall, D.G.; Bruckdorfer, K.R., 1984:
The increased sensitivity of platelets to prostacyclin in marathon runners

Reis E.M.; Santos H.P.D., 1987:
The increased sporulation of cochliobolus sativus on above ground tissues of small grains and its relationship to the origin of inoculum in the soil

Koyama, S.; Kobayashi, T.; Kubo, K.; Fukushima, M.; Yoshimura, K.; Shibamoto, T.; Kusama, S., 1988:
The increased sympathoadrenal activity in patients with high altitude pulmonary edema is centrally mediated

Rossavik I.K., 1980:
The increased ultrasound head to abdomen ratio and outcome of labor

Sutton, R.; Pollak, J.K., 1978:
The increasing adenine nucleotide concentration and the maturation of rat liver mitochondria during neo natal development

Rosenberg, N.J., 1982:
The increasing carbon di oxide concentration in the atmosphere and its implication on agricultural productivity 2. effects through carbon di oxide induced climatic change

Wallace W.A., 1983:
The increasing incidence of fractures of the proximal femur an orthopedic epidemic

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The increasing incidence of hypo thyroidism within 1 year after radio iodine therapy for toxic diffuse goiter

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The increasing incidence of testicular cancer in east anglia uk

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The increasing isolation of serratia spp from clinical specimens

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The increasing number of children using psychiatric services: analysis of a cumulative psychiatric case register

Boyd, J.H., 1983:
The increasing rate of suicide by firearms

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The increasing role of Microsporum canis in the variety of dermatophytic manifestations reported from Israel

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The incremental stimulus intensity effect and habituation of evoked electro dermal responses

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The incubation gradient its relationship to electro convulsive shock and to memory

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The incubation mixtures for the in vitro mutagenesis test with metabolic activation microsomal assay 2. behavior of cytochromes p 450 p 420 b 5 of nadph cytochrome c reductase and p nitro anisole demethylase

Morley, S., 1977:
The incubation of avoidance behavior strain differences in susceptibility

Marquet J., 1981:
The incudo malleal joint

Buvat, R., 1977:
The incurvariidae paraclemensia cyanella

Carman R.M.; Van Dongen J.M.A.M., 1986:
The indans formed by dimerization of some aromatic terpenoids

Hillerton J.E.; Reynolds S.E.; Vincent J.F.V., 1982:
The indentation hardness of insect cuticle

Hornung D.E.; Enns M.P., 1984:
The independence and integration of olfaction and taste

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The independence of closely spaced discrete experimental spike foci

Marmor, M.F., 1971:
The independence of electrogenic sodium transport and membrane potential in a molluscan neurone

Porritt D.; Bartrop R.W., 1985:
The independence of pleasant and unpleasant affect the effects of bereavement

Wallace, S.A.; McGhee, R.C., 1979:
The independence of recall and recognition in motor learning

Krauskopf, J.; Mollon, J.D., 1971:
The independence of the temporal integration properties of individual chromatic mechanisms in the human eye

Branson T.F.; Sutter G.R.; Fisher J.R., 1981:
The independence of western corn rootworm diabrotica virgifera virgifera damage ratings and the size of maize root systems

Pearce, R.S.; Mcdonald, I., 1978:
The independent assessment of frost hardiness of excised laminae excised roots and trimmed tillers of tall fescue festuca arundinacea

Klapper, M.H., 1977:
The independent distribution of amino acid near neighbor pairs into poly peptides

Farrell, S.W.; Kohl, H.W.; Rogers, T., 1987:
The independent effect of ethnicity on cardiovascular fitness

Adalsteinsson S., 1979:
The independent effects of live weight and body condition on fecundity and productivity of icelandic ewes

Werns, S.W.; Shea, M.J.; Driscoll, E.M.; Cohen, C.; Abrams, G.D.; Pitt, B.; Lucchesi, B.R., 1985:
The independent effects of oxygen radical scavengers on canine infarct size reduction by superoxide dismutase ec but not catalase ec

Tillinghast E.K.; Townley M.A., 1986:
The independent regulation of protein synthesis in the major ampullate glands of araneus cavaticus

Hlatky, M.; Botvinick, E.; Brundage, B., 1982:
The independent value of exercise thallium scintigraphy to physicians

Yodzis P., 1988:
The indeterminacy of ecological interactions as perceived through perturbation experiments

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The indeterminate cell proliferative disorder: report of a case manifesting as an unusual cutaneous histiocytosis

Komarov S.A., 1987:
The index kinetics of tritiated thymidine labeled nuclei in developing muscle fibers of the silkworm bombyx mori l

Loukas S.; Kemp C.D., 1986:
The index of dispersion test for the bivariate poisson distribution

Solomon, K.A.; Abraham, S.C., 1980:
The index of harm: a useful measure for comparing occupational risk across industries

Malfanti, P.L.; Fantini, F.; Frosini, F.; Barletta, G.A., 1978:
The index of ventricular kinetics

Tristaino B.; Bisacci R.; Dei Santi V.; Caprarola G.; Giordano G., 1984:
The index of winsor and prognosis of femoropopliteal bypass

Petronio F., 1985:
The index of work accidents in a shipyard

Singh L.A.K., 1986:
The indian chameleon chamaeleon zeylanicus laurenti in satkoshia gorge sanctuary orissa india notes on availability growth and biometrics

Singh, L.A.K., 1975:
The indian gharial gavialis gangeticus reptilia crocodilia 9. observations on the development and fate of egg tooth

Singh L.A.K., 1983:
The indian mugger crocodylus palustris reptilia crocodilia observations on the behavior of a female from nature

Kainady, P.V.G., 1976:
The indian pygmy goose nettapus coromandelianus new record in basrah iraq

Slagle A.L.; Wiebel Orlando J., 1986:
The indian shaker church and alcoholics anonymous revitalistic curing cults

Klammt J., 1986:
The indication and carrying out of stomatologic local anesthesia

Saigenji K.; Yokoyama Y.; Mitsuhashi T.; Ohida M.; Okabe H., 1984:
The indication and efficacy of h 2 receptor antagonist

Foggi E.; Zola C.; Dell'abate P.; Bobbio P., 1982:
The indication for anti reflux procedures combined with cardio myotomy for achalasia

Baschek, V.; Steinert, W., 1980:
The indication for brain stem evoked response and the effect of click rate and stimulus intensity on the latencies of the auditory evoked potentials

Takekoshi T.; E.A., 1988:
The indication for endoscopic double snare polypectomy of gastric lesions

Butz P.C., 1985:
The indication for free groin flap transplantation in severe injury of the forearm case report

Bruhat, M.A.; Mage, G.; Manhes, H.; Pouly, J.L.; Jacquetin, B., 1980:
The indication for laparoscopy in female infertility

Ding J.; E.A., 1983:
The indication for thoraco plasty after pneumonectomy for pulmonary tuberculosis

Kurinnyi A.I., 1983:
The indication of environmental pollution caused by mutagenic pesticides based on their gametocidal effect on plants

Kleinsasser O.; Nolte E., 1981:
The indication technique and functional results of endo laryngeal arytenoidectomy and submucous partial chordectomy in bilateral paralysis of vocal cord

Iliescu, O., 1987:
The indications and limits of surgery in fractures of the facial mass

Colita A.; Butoianu E.; Gociu M.; Colita D.; Munteanu N.; Colt E.; Nicoara S.; Grigoriu G.; Berceanu S., 1980:
The indications and results of splenectomy in chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura study of 110 cases

Ajjan N.; Poirot P.; Eygonnet J P., 1981:
The indications for gamma globulins in pediatrics

Laxenaire M.C.; Boileau S., 1980:
The indications for normo volemic hemo dilution

Minn, W.; Voth, D., 1981:
The indications for palliative laminectomy in spinal metastases

Hirizescu D.; Mosoiu S.; Simion L.; Ionescu A.; Lupu I.V., 1984:
The indications of surgery and choice of the operative procedure in chronic sphenoethmoidomaxillary sinusitis point of view

Nishihara, T.; Watabe, K.; Ichikawa, T.; Kondo, M.; Fujii, M., 1985:
The indicator for heavy metal contamination in environments 1. heavy metal contents of hair nail and moustache

Komaki H.; Suzuki T.; Morimoto H., 1981:
The indicator method to determine digestibility in swine by acid insoluble ash as an inner index

Tyutyunnyk-Yu, H., 1987:
The indicator role of lichens in lead pollution of the environment

Viktorov S.V.; Dzhuraeva Z.D., 1979:
The indicator value of lichen communities in deserts

Kopecky O.; Vitek M., 1987:
The indicators of pork quality in hybrid pigs

Govallo, V.I.; Grigor'eva, M.P.; Kosmiadi, G.A.; Zatsepin, S.T.; Makhson, N.E., 1976:
The indices of cellular and humoral immunity after surgery for malignant bone tumors

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