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The influence of seedling density on 0 1 eucalyptus regnans seedling characteristics and their subsequent growth forest research institute nursery at rangiora new zealand

Balneaves, J.M.; Fredric, B.J.; Hills, D.M.; Bryant, M.A.

New Zealand Journal of Forestry 30(2): 209-217


ISSN/ISBN: 1174-7986
Accession: 006700190

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Eucalyptus regnans seedlings were raised at five spacings in the Forest Research Institute nursery at Rangiora to determine the influence of spacing on seedlings characteristics and their subsequent growth after planting out. Growing space available to each seedling in the nursery production phase had a highly significant (P < 0.001) effect on seedling size and root mass. Seedling size increased when spacings increased from 10 .times. 10 cm to 15 .times. 20 cm/tree but decreased when growing space was further increased to 20 .times. 20 cm. The initial growing space not only influenced seedling dimensions but larger seedlings maintained their advantage after planting out. The best results, combining both size and survival, were from seedlings raised at 15 .times. 15 cm in the nursery.

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