The influence of tolamidine on the multiplication of the tobacco mosaic virus and the formation of protein in nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun

Wetzler, C.; Schuster, G.

Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Karl-Marx-Universitaet Leipzig Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe 31(4): 357-359


Accession: 006701752

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The effects of the serine protease inhibitor tolamidine on the concentration of tobacco mosaic virus was tested in leaf homogenates of inoculated leaves of N. tabacum cv. Samsun. This concentration was reduced by 33.5% 24 h after inoculation and by 40.7% 48 h after inoculation. The comparatively late appearance of the antiviral effect indicated that an influence upon uncoating was not the basic or sole cause of the inhibitory action, for a strong effect on uncoating would particularly impair the 1st replication cycles. The protein content of the same fraction of leaf homogenate was already slightly reduced 8 h after inoculation, considerably at 24 h and 48 h after inoculation. Tolamidine did not inhibit proteases but influenced steps in protein anabolism.