The inhibition by retinoic acid of the biosynthesis of proteoglycans in corneal cell cultures

Dahl, I.M.; Axelsson, I.

Experimental Eye Research 31(4): 443-450


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-4835
PMID: 7449879
Accession: 006702672

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The inhibition by retinoic acid (vitamin A acid) of the proteoglycan biosynthesis in human and rabbit corneal fibroblast cultures was studied. A stepwise increase in the concentration of retinoic acid in the medium from 10-9-10-6 M led to a gradual decrease in the incorporation of [3H]glucosamine. At a concentration of 10-7 M retinoic acid the synthesis of each of the individual glycosaminoglycans was inhibited to about the same extent. In rabbit corneal organ cultures no clearcut effect of short time (2 h) incubation with 10-7 M retinoic acid was observed.