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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6704

Chapter 6704 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suetsuna K.; Osajima K., 1986:
The inhibitory activities against angiotensin i converting enzyme of basic peptides originating from sardine and hair tail meat

Antonelli D.G.mez M.; Rodriguez D.L.res Arnaiz G., 1988:
The inhibitory activity of a brain extract on synaptosomal sodium potassium atpase is sensitive to carboxypeptidase a and chelating agents

Zimecki M.; Staroscik K.; Janusz M.; Lisowski J.; Wieczorek Z., 1983:
The inhibitory activity of a proline rich poly peptide on the immune response to poly vinyl pyrrolidone

Alberghina, A., 1976:
The inhibitory activity of extracts of chenopodium amaranticolor leaves on the infection by tobacco necrosis virus

Singh, L.; Joshi, R., 1977:
The inhibitory activity of some plant juices and chemicals on the infectivity of potato virus x

Downs, R.W.; Sekura, R.D.; Levine, M.A.; Spiegel, A.M., 1985:
The inhibitory adenylate cyclase coupling protein in pseudohypoparathyroidism

Lebedev O.E.; Sergeenko N.G.; Barskii I.Ya; Papayan G.V., 1984:
The inhibitory analysis of functional peculiarities of oxidation metabolism of malignant cells in culture

Kohama K.; Kendrick Jones J., 1986:
The inhibitory calcium regulation of the actin activated magnesium atpase activity of myosin from physarum polycephalum plasmodia

Franke C.; Hatt H.; Dudel J., 1986:
The inhibitory chloride channel activated by glutamate as well as gamma aminobutyric acid gaba single channel recordings from crayfish muscle

Malinvaud G.; Gaillard S.; Chable H.; Allegros A.; Rigaud M., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of 15 hydro per oxy 5 8 eicosatetra 2 14 enoic acid on granulocyte stem cells

Garcia-Rafanell, J.; Morell, J., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of 2 acetoxy 4 trifluoromethyl benzoic acid triflusal and aspirin on human and rat platelet aggregation in vitro study

Barskii, E.L.; Gubanova, O.N.; Samuilov, V.D., 1988:
The inhibitory effect of 2.6 di tert butyl 4 methylphenol on electron transfer in photosystem ii from isolated membranes of anacystis nidulans and pea chloroplasts

Tone S.; Tanaka S.; Kato Y., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of 5 bromodeoxy uridine on the programmed cell death in the chick limb

Sarma, J.S.M.; Bing, R.J., 1978:
The inhibitory effect of 7 keto cholesterol on the cholesterol uptake by the arterial wall

Ohmi T.; Mue S.; Tamura G.; Ishihara T.; Takishima T., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of a beta adrenergic agonist on immediate skin allergic reaction

Merkli, B.; Richle, R.; Peters, W., 1980:
The inhibitory effect of a drug combination on the development of mefloquine resistance in Plasmodium berghei

Homma I.; Motomiya Y., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of acupuncture on the tonic vibration reflex in man

Hashizume, K.; Akasu, F.; Takazawa, K.; Endo, W.; Onaya, T., 1976:
The inhibitory effect of acute administration of excess iodide on the formation of cyclic amp induced by thyrotropin in mouse thyroid lobes

Jorgensen K.A.; Stoffersen E., 1980:
The inhibitory effect of albumin on platelet aggregation

Goscicka, T.; Dlugonska, H.; Szewczyk, K.; Zelazowski, P.; Zablocki, B., 1976:
The inhibitory effect of anti lymphocyte serum against sub populations of mouse and guinea pig lymphocytes on the formation of spontaneous rosette forming cells

Leach, R.H., 1976:
The inhibitory effect of arginine on growth of some mycoplasmas

Nordoy, A.; Svensson, B.; Schroeder, C.; Hoak, J.C., 1978:
The inhibitory effect of aspirin on human endothelial cells

Allen J.M.; Burke E.P.; Johnson M.G.; Mchale N.G., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of aspirin on lymphatic contractility

Villa S.; Livio M.; D.G.etano G., 1979:
The inhibitory effect of aspirin on platelet and vascular prostaglandins in rats cannot be completely dissociated

Bussolati, E.; Bidoglia, R.; Borgese, N., 1978:
The inhibitory effect of aurintricarboxylic acid on the attachment of ribosomes to microsomal membranes in vitro

Bonser A.M.; Garcia Webb P.; Bhagat C.I., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of bacitracin on iodine 125 labeled insulin internalization in the rat hepatocyte

Wright, G.A.; Mennear, J.H., 1977 :
The inhibitory effect of barbituric acid on glucose and tolbutamide stimulated insulin secretion in the rat

Chambers, P.G.; Lysons, R.J., 1979:
The inhibitory effect of bovine rumen fluid on Salmonella typhimurium

Belz, G.G.; Vollmer, K.O.; Wissler, J.H., 1972:
The inhibitory effect of cardiac glycosides on rubidium 86 uptake of erythrocytes part 1 investigation on the determination of cymarin k strophantin alpha and digitoxin

Vollmer, K.O.; Wissler, J.H.; Belz, G.G., 1972:
The inhibitory effect of cardiac glycosides on rubidium 86 uptake of erythrocytes part 2 specificity of the inhibitory effect with special attention to cymarin k strophantin alpha and its derivatives

Chen C C.; Boskey A.L.; Rosenberg L.C., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of cartilage proteo glycans on hydroxylapatite growth

Ozaka H., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of cdp choline on development of fatty liver induced by prehepatic or central hyperalimentation

Lazar T.C.; Trif I., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of chlorhexidine digluconate on some enzyme activities in vitro

Yoshioka K.; Nishimura H.; Himukai M.; Iwashima A., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of choline and other quaternary ammonium compounds on thiamin transport in isolated rat hepatocytes

Jeon H.M.; Koh Y.B., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of cimetidine on liver regeneration in 70 percent hepatectomized rats

Inoue, M.; Yamada, K.; Ishida, Y.; Shinohara, K.; Kaneko, T.; Matsumoto, N., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of circulating lymphocytes on granulopoiesis in human cyclic neutropenia in vitro

Goyal R.K.; Dave K.C.; Verma S.C., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of clonidine on the estrogen primed rat isolated uterus

Toh, C.C., 1969:
The inhibitory effect of convulsant agents on the enzyme in brain which inactivates nerveside

Nanu, L.; Ionescu, V.; Marcean-Petrescu, R., 1978:
The inhibitory effect of crinofizin pineal peptide extract on adrenaline induced hyper glycemia in rabbits

O'shea J.J.; Suarez Quian C.A.; Swank R.A.; Klausner R.D., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of cyclic amp on phosphatidylinositol kinase is not mediated by the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Rosin, M.P.; Stich, H.F., 1978:
The inhibitory effect of cysteine on the mutagenic activities of several carcinogens

Ishihara, O.; Kinoshita, K.; Satoh, K.; Mizuno, M., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of cytosolic fraction of human decidua on prostaglandin synthesis

Yau, D.T.; Mennear, J.H., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of DDT on insulin secretion in mice

Pence L.A.; Mennear J.H., 1979:
The inhibitory effect of dehydro ascorbic acid on insulin secretion from mouse pancreatic islets

Treit, D., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of diazepam on defensive burying anxiolytic vs. analgesic effects

Lee M.S.; Sung C.J., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of dietary fiber on iron absorption in growing rats

Sumiyoshi, A.; Hayashi, T.; Fujii, M., 1981:
The inhibitory effect of dilazep on in vivo accumulation of platelets onto the damaged aorta in rabbit 1. quantitative radio isotopic analysis

Sumiyoshi, A.; Hayashi, T., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of dilazep on in vivo accumulation of platelets onto the damaged aorta in rabbit 2. morphological analysis

Mordvintsev P.I.; Rudneva V.G.; Vanin A.F.; Shimkevich L.L.; Khodorov B.I., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of dinitrosyl iron complexes with low molecular weight ligands on platelet aggregation

Vaccaro M.; Boehler Kohler B.; Mueller W.; Rasched I., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of dithiothreitol on the assembly of the filamentous phage fd

Lachelin, G.C.L.; Leblanc, H.; Yen, S.S.C., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of dopamine agonists on luteinizing hormone release in women

Kang M.S.; Song W.K.; Song Y.K., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of dopamine on myoblast fusion in vitro

Gyorgy L.; Doda M., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of dopaminomimetics on nerve stimulation induced vaso constriction on the cat carotid artery

Zarkovsky A.M., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of endogenous convulsants quinolinic acid and kynurenine on the pentobarbital stimulation of tritiated flunitrazepam binding

Sreenath, T.L.; Polasa, H., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of enfenamic acid (Tromaril) on hepatic gluconeogenesis in Swiss albino mice

Ujiie A.; Komatsu H.; Kubota T.; Hamano S.; Naito J., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of etafenone hydro chloride on platelet aggregation

Burrill H.; Doelle H.W.; Greenfield P.F., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of ethanol on ethanol production by zymomonas mobilis

Porsius A.J.; Borgdorff P.; Van Rooij H.H.; D.N.ef J.H., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of fentanyl nicomorphine and 6 nicotinoyl morphine on phrenic nerve activity in relation to their cardiovascular effects in the anesthetized cat

Furr, P.M.; Taylor-Robinson, D.; Hetherington, C.M., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of flurofamide on ureaplasmas and their elimination from marmosets by its use

Guardiola J.L.; Monerri C.; Agusti M., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of gibberellic acid on flowering in citrus

Feng B.; X.M., 1988:
The inhibitory effect of gossypol on the sperm flagella axonemal and dynein atpase in sea urchin

Zeman K.; Tchoerzewski H., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of granulocyte factor in mixed lymphocyte reaction

Terzic M.; Stojic D., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of guanabenz on submandibulary salivation induced by chorda tympani stimulation in anesthetized cat

Yeh, A.K.; Carubelli, R., 1976:
The inhibitory effect of halide ions on human polymorphonuclear leukocyte neuraminidase

Tamura M.; Yubisui T.; Takeshita M., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of halides and carboxylates on hepatic nadh cytochrome beta 5 oxidoreductase

Cortijo J.; Esplugues J.; Morales Olivas F.J.; Rubio E., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of histamine on the motility of rat uterus in vivo

Nordoy, A.; Svensson, B.; Hoak, J.C., 1978:
The inhibitory effect of human endothelial cell mono layers on platelet reactions and its inhibition by aspirin

Golenser, J.; Miller, J.; Avraham, H.; Spira, D.T., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of human immune sera upon the in vitro development of Plasmodium falciparum

Von-Bahr, C.; Sjoqvist, F.; Orrenius, S., 1970:
The inhibitory effect of hydro cortisone and testosterone on the plasma disappearance of nortriptyline in the dog and the perfused rat liver

Keret, R.; Schimpff, R.M.; Girard, F., 1976:
The inhibitory effect of hydrocortisone on the chicken embryo cartilage somatomedin assay

Gullberg, R.; Norberg, R., 1976:
The inhibitory effect of immuno globulin m rheumatoid factor on the release of lysosomal substances

Kasei M.; Hiratani M.; Ito S.; Oshida Y.; Ueda S.; Muto K., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of immunoglobulin g antibody on paper disc radioallergosorbent test of immunoglobulin e antibody to dermatophagoides farinae

Sagara, Y., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of interferon on the process of carcinogenesis in the duodenum of mice given n ethyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine

Dobias, J.; Nemec, P.; Brtko, J., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of kojic acid and its 2 derivatives on the development of drosophila melanogaster

Kedryna T.; Guminska M.; Marchut E., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of l cysteine and its derivatives on glycolysis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Kamiya A.; Kowallik W., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of light on proton coupled hexose uptake in chlorella

Kishimoto T.; Urakawa N., 1980:
The inhibitory effect of lithium on high potassium induced contraction in guinea pig tenia coli

Shibata, M.; Kishi, T.; Yasuda, B.; Kuno, T., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of lysozyme on the glomerular basement membrane thickening in spontaneous diabetic mice (NSY mice)

Strocchi, P.; Walsh, M.; Agnati, L.F., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of methergoline on lae 32 dextro lysergic acid ethylamide bi maleate induced head twitches in mice

Kambam, J.R.; Parris, W.C.; Franks, J.J.; Sastry, B.V.; Naukam, R.; Smith, B.E., 1988:
The inhibitory effect of metoclopramide on plasma cholinesterase activity

Yamamoto, T.; Urabe, M.; Okada, H., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of miconazole on aromatase activity for androstenedione in human placental and ovarian preparations

Kishimoto T.; Ozaki H.; Karaki H.; Urakawa N.; Ishida Y., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of monensin on high potassium induced contraction in guinea pig tenia coli

Bhatnagar D.; Mccormick S.P., 1988:
The inhibitory effect of neem azadirachta indica leaf extracts on aflatoxin synthesis in aspergillus parasiticus

Barinskii, I.F.; Kobrinskii, G.D., 1976 :
The inhibitory effect of neuraminidase of vibrio cholerae in mouse rauscher leukemia

Holzer P.; Lippe I.T., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of neurotensin on the motor activity of rabbit ileum dependence of the ionic environment

Van Meel J.C.A.; Wilffert B.; D.Z.eten K.; Timmermans P.B.M.W.M.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of newer calcium antagonists nimodipine and py 108 068 4 2 1 3 benzoxadiazol 4 yl 2 6 dimethyl 1 4 di hydro pyridine 3 5 dicarboxylic acid di ethyl ester on vaso constriction in vivo mediated by postsynaptic alpha 2 adrenoceptors

Zablocki K.; Gemel J.; Bryla J., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of octanoate palmitate and oleate on glucose formation in rabbit kidney tubules

Shyu, K.W.; Meng, C.L., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of oral administration of garlic on experimental carcinogenesis in hamster buccal pouches by DMBA painting

Tsuda, S.; Urakawa, N.; Saito, Y., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of papaverine on respiration dependent contracture of guinea pig tenia coli in high potassium medium part 1 the relationship between contracture and respiration

Tsuda, S.; Urakawa, N.; Fukami, J.I., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of papaverine on respiration dependent contracture of guinea pig tenia coli in high potassium medium part 2 inhibition of mitochondrial respiration

Tsuda, S.; Urakawa, N.; Fukami, J.I., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of papaverine on respiration dependent contracture of guinea pig tenia coli in high potassium medium part 3 the differential effect of papaverine and rotenone on dt diaphorase

Maderazo, E.G.; Woronick, C.L.; Quercia, R.A.; Hickingbotham, N.; Drezner, A.D., 1988:
The inhibitory effect of parenteral nutrition on recovery of neutrophil locomotory function in blunt trauma

Aktipis, S.; Panayotatos, N., 1977:
The inhibitory effect of phenanthridines on the synthesis of rna catalyzed by dna dependent rna polymerase

Vugman, I.; Do-Prado, M.L.M., 1973:
The inhibitory effect of phenothiazine strains on rat and guinea pig mast cell damage induced by anti histamines and compound 48 80 p methoxyphenethyl methylamine formaldehyde product

Mvumbi, L.; Doperé, F.; Stalmans, W., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of phosphorylase a on the activation of glycogen synthase depends on the type of synthase phosphatase

Terry W.S., 1985:
The inhibitory effect of pretrial reinforcement on instrumental conditioning

Pasqualini C.; E.A.ed A.; Kerdelhue B., 1980:
The inhibitory effect of prolactin on pre ovulatory luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone surges in the female rat seems to depend on the strain of animals

Okuwa T.; Horio T., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of psoralen plus uv a on the immunity of experimental dermatophytosis in guinea pigs

Shobukhov V.M.; Galegov G.A., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of remantadine and ribavirin on chronic influenza infection in a tissue culture

Marumo, F.; Mishina, T.; Asano, Y.; Tashima, Y., 1976:
The inhibitory effect of reserpine on the active sodium transport across the frog bladder

Petrou, M.A.; Rogers, T.R., 1988:
The inhibitory effect of serum on the growth of Torulopsis glabrata

Whitehead S.; D.S.ardt G.H., 1980 :
The inhibitory effect of silver ions on certain metabolic processes after uptake and distribution in different floral parts of carnations dianthus caryophyllus cultivar white sim

Bliss R.D.; Platt Aloia K.A.; Thomson W.W., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of sodium chloride on barley germination

Wang Q.; Guo X Q.; L.P., 1988:
The inhibitory effect of somatic inputs on the excitatory responses of vagal cardiomotor neurons to stimulation of the nucleus tractus solitarius in rabbits

Lundholm C.E.; Mathson K., 1983:
The inhibitory effect of some chlorinated hydro carbon pesticides on the atp dependent calcium binding of the particulate fraction of the egg shell gland mucosa cells

Hong C.Y.; Huang J.J.; Chiang B.N.; Wei Y.H., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of some ionophores on human sperm motility

Keller B.; Graefe K H., 1979:
The inhibitory effect of some monovalent cations on the stimulation by sodium ion of the neuronal uptake of noradrenaline

Haas G.G.Jr, 1986:
The inhibitory effect of sperm associated immunoglobulins on cervical mucus penetration

Rachamin G.; Britton R.S.; Macdonald J.A.; Israel Y., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of testosterone on the development of metabolic tolerance to ethanol

Hata, N.; Miura, M., 1974:
The inhibitory effect of the cerebellar fastigial stimulation on anti diuretic hormone secretion

Lampert W., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of the toxic blue green microcystis aeruginosa on the filtering rate of zoo plankton

Metz, M.; Pinsky, A.; Wilkinson, J.H., 1970:
The inhibitory effect of the urea urease system on human tissue alkaline phosphatases ec

Hoshino, R., 1980:
The inhibitory effect of tolbutamide on both secretions of cortisol in the adrenal cortex and of prolactin in the pituitary gland

Kikuchi Y.; Kizawa I.; Oomori K.; Kuki E.; Kato K., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of tranexamic acid on human ovarian carcinoma cell grown in vitro and in vivo

Bloemen R.E.B.; D.V.ieger T.A.; Beenakkers A.M.T., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of trehalose on electrical activity in the glandular lobe of in vitro corpus cardiacum of locusta migratoria

Summerbell R.C., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of trichoderma species and other soil microfungi on formation of mycorrhiza by laccaria bicolor in vitro

Furr, P.M.; Taylor-Robinson, D., 1981:
The inhibitory effect of various antiseptics, analgesics and lubricants on mycoplasmas

Marchut E.; Guminska M.; Kedryna T., 1986:
The inhibitory effect of various fatty acids on aerobic glycolysis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Pletsityi K.D.; Nikushkin E.V.; Askerov M.A.; Ponomareva L.G., 1987:
The inhibitory effect of vitamin e on the development of adjuvant arthritis in rats

Stich H.F.; Rosin M.P.; Bryson L., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of whole and deproteinized saliva on mutagenicity and clastogenicity resulting from a model nitrosation reaction

Murakami K.; Karaki H.; Nakagawa H.; Urakawa N., 1984:
The inhibitory effect of x 537a lasalocid on vascular and intestinal smooth muscle contraction

Sugimura K.; Mizutani A., 1979:
The inhibitory effect of xanthine derivatives on alkaline phosphatase in the rat brain

Larsen A.G.; Ostvold A.C.; Holtlund J.; Kristensen T.; Laland S.G., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of zinc on poly adp ribose polymerase activity and its reversal

Imokawa, G.; Okamoto, K., 1982:
The inhibitory effect of zinc pyrithione on the epidermal proliferation of animal skins

Conroy, P.J.; Nodes, J.T.; Slater, T.F.; White, G.W., 1977:
The inhibitory effects of a 4 hydroxy pentenal cysteine adduct against sarcoma 180 cells in mice

Macfarland, L.A.; Mann, D.R., 1977:
The inhibitory effects of ACTH and adrenalectomy on reproductive maturation in female rats

Christoffersen M.R.; Christoffersen J., 1984:
The inhibitory effects of atp adp and amp on the rate of dissolution of calcium hydroxylapatite

Wissler, J.H.; Belz, G.G.; Vollmer, K.O., 1972:
The inhibitory effects of cardiac glycosides on rubidium 86 uptake of erythrocytes part 3 investigations about the influence of different substances on the inhibitory effect of cymarin on rubidium 86 uptake of erythrocytes

Hamaguchi, S., 1978:
The inhibitory effects of cyproterone acetate on the male secondary sex characteristics of the medaka oryzias latipes

Rose, G.L.; Dowsett, M.; Mudge, J.E.; White, J.O.; Jeffcoate, S.L., 1988:
The inhibitory effects of danazol, danazol metabolites, gestrinone, and testosterone on the growth of human endometrial cells in vitro

Sasame, H.A.; Gillette, J.R., 1970:
The inhibitory effects of endogenous nadph pyro phosphatase on the reduction of cytochrome c and the oxidation of drugs by liver microsomes

Cattaneo, M.; Kinlough-Rathbone, R.L.; Perry, D.W.; Chahil, A.; Vickers, J.D.; Lam, S.C.; Packham, M.A.; Mustard, J.F., 1982:
The inhibitory effects of exogenous arachidonic acid on rabbit platelet aggregation and the release reaction

Saito E., 1979:
The inhibitory effects of gluco corticoid on the proliferation and steroidogenesis of the adrenal cortex at the adrenal level

Walters, M.N.; Wolman, M.; Robertson, T.A.; Papadimitriou, J.M., 1978:
The inhibitory effects of high molecular levan on transport across the vascular wall stimulated by histamine

Ohkawa K.; Tsukada Y.; Hibi N.; Hirai H., 1984:
The inhibitory effects of horse anti rat alpha feto protein anti serum on the uptake of 2 deoxy d glucose by alpha feto protein producing rat hepatoma cells

Karaki H.; Murakami K.; Nakagawa H.; Urakawa N., 1983:
The inhibitory effects of n 2 dansyl l arginine 4 tert butyl piperidinamide ti 233 on contraction of vascular and intestinal smooth muscle

Xiuhua, Z.; Shuzhen, Z.; Wengi, C.; Bo, T., 1976:
The inhibitory effects of oil emulsion on the aphid transmission of nonpersistent plant viruses

Tamura Y.; Ishimaru K.; Mori H.; Hirado M.; Fujii S., 1979:
The inhibitory effects of p carbethoxy phenyl epsilon guanidino caproate and trasylol on the esterolysis by various kallikreins plasmin and plasmin alpha 2 macro globulin complex

Schell S.R.; Nelson D.J.; Fozzard H.A.; Fitch F.W., 1987:
The inhibitory effects of potassium channel blocking agents on t lymphocyte proliferation and lymphokine production are nonspecific

Murata A., 1985:
The inhibitory effects of pyrocarbonic acid diethyl ester on lactobacillus casei and its phage j 1 a novel strategy for phage control in technical fermentation processes

Ene M.D.; Khan Daneshmend T.; Roberts C.J.C., 1982:
The inhibitory effects of sch 28080 2 methyl 8 phenylmethoxy imidazo 1 2 a pyrine 3 acetonitrile on gastric secretion in man

Fontaine J.; Seaman I.; Famaey J P.; Reuse J., 1979:
The inhibitory effects of sex steroid hormones on electrically induced contractions of the guinea pig isolated ileum

Priestley T.; Woodruff G.N., 1988:
The inhibitory effects of somatostatin peptides on the rat anococcygeus muscle in vitro

Singh, Y.N.; Dryden, W.F.; Chen, H., 1986:
The inhibitory effects of some adenosine analogues on transmitter release at the mammalian neuromuscular junction

Cross A.R., 1987:
The inhibitory effects of some iodonium compounds on the superoxide generating system of neutrophils and their failure to inhibit diaphorase activity

Kalbhen D.A., 1982:
The inhibitory effects of steroidal and nonsteroidal anti rheumatic drugs on articular cartilage in osteo arthrosis and its counteraction by a biological glycosamino glycan peptide complex rumalon

Seaman, I.; Fontaine, J.; Famaey, J.P.; Reuse, J., 1977:
The inhibitory effects of steroidal sex hormones on the responses of the guinea pig isolated ileum to nicotine and serotonin

Fountzilas, G.; Lim, L.O.; Yunis, A.A., 1988 :
The inhibitory effects of teniposide and homoharringtonine on the growth of pancreatic carcinoma cells in vitro

Dickenson A., 1983:
The inhibitory effects of thalamic stimulation on the spinal transmission of nociceptive information in the rat

Wedgwood M.A.; Bailey S.E.R., 1988:
The inhibitory effects of the molluscicide metaldehyde on feeding locomotion and fecal elimination of three pest species of terrestrial slug

Hiramitsu T.; Uemura K.; Suwa D., 1986:
The inhibitory effects of topically administered aspirin solution on the disruption of blood aqueous barrier after paracentesis

Ino C., 1981:
The inhibitory effects on the formation of dental plaque in children using a low concentration of chlorhexidine di gluconate for a prolonged period

Porchet, M.; Cardon, C., 1976:
The inhibitory feedback mechanism coming from oocytes and acting on brain endocrine activity in nereis polychaeta annelida

Alstermark B.; Johannisson T.; Lundberg A., 1986:
The inhibitory feedback pathway from the forelimb to c 3 c 4 propriospinal neurons investigated with natural stimulation

Passera L., 1980:
The inhibitory function of queens in the ant plagiolepis pygmaea the act of pheromones

Milligan G.; Klee W.A., 1985:
The inhibitory guanine nucleotide binding protein purified from bovine brain is a high affinity gtpase

Katada T.; Bokoch G.M.; Smigel M.D.; U.M.; Gilman A.G., 1984:
The inhibitory guanine nucleotide binding regulatory component of adenylate cyclase subunit dissociation and the inhibition of adenylate cyclase in s 49 lymphoma cyc minus and wild type membranes

Heisler S., 1985:
The inhibitory guanine nucleotide binding regulatory subunit of adenylate cyclase has an adenylate cyclase independent modulatory effect of acth secretion from mouse pituitary tumor cells

Pines M.; Santora A.; Gierschik P.; Menczel J.; Spiegel A., 1986:
The inhibitory guanine nucleotide regulatory protein modulates agonist stimulated cyclic amp production in rat osteosarcoma cells

Frankshtein, S.I.; Smolin, L.N., 1976:
The inhibitory hering breuer reflex and cerebro cortical excitability

Shipova, N.V., 1978:
The inhibitory hering breuer reflex in cats during hypoxia and after carotid sinus de nervation

Hinsull S.M.; Bellamy D.; Franklin A.; Watson B.W., 1980:
The inhibitory influence of a metal plastic implant on cellular proliferation patterns in an experimental tumor compared with normal tissue

Rapuzzi G.; Balduini A.V.; Vitali G.G., 1981:
The inhibitory influence of crossed lingual mechano receptive innervation in the frog

Nakajyo S.; Shimizu K.; Kometani A.; Suzuki A.; Ozaki H.; Urakawa N., 1983:
The inhibitory mechanism of bassianolide a cyclo depsi peptide in acetyl choline induced contraction in guinea pig tenia coli

Ohtsuki K.; Sato T.; Koike T.; Koyama K.; Ishida N., 1981:
The inhibitory mechanism of in vitro protein phosphorylation by a nonprotein chromophore removed from neocarzinostatin

Sandmann G.; Bramley P.M.; Boeger P., 1980:
The inhibitory mode of action of the pyridazinone herbicide norflurazon on a cell free carotenogenic enzyme system

Oguro M.; Nagano H., 1982:
The inhibitory mode of aphidicolin on dna synthesis in sodium chloride treated hela cell nuclei

Fletcher D.J.C.; Blum M.S., 1983:
The inhibitory pheromone of queen fire ants solenopsis invicta effects of dis inhibition on dealation and oviposition by virgin queens

Ellner, P.D.; Neu, H.C., 1981:
The inhibitory quotient. A method for interpreting minimum inhibitory concentration data

Yamasato T.; Mizutani M.; Nakayama S., 1985:
The inhibitory reflex response in the descending duodenum in dogs caused by caerulein induced gallbladder contraction

Popova N.K.; Nikulina E.M., 1983:
The inhibitory role of serotonin in manifestation of predatory aggression in minks and silver black foxes

French C.R.; Sefton A.J.; Mackay Sim A., 1985:
The inhibitory role of the visually responsive region of the thalamic reticular nucleus in the rat

Nakakita, H., 1976:
The inhibitory site of phosphine

Llinas, R.; Precht, W., 1969:
The inhibitory vestibular efferent system and its relation to the cerebellum in the frog

Watanabe, K., 1984:
The inhomogeneous distribution of the corticostriatal fibers originating from the frontal and parietal cortices: an autoradiographic study in the rat

Kragt G.; Duterloo H.S., 1983:
The initial alterations in the cranio facial complex of macaca mulatta skull resulting from forces with high pull headgear

Ghosh A.K.; Gilkes R.J., 1987:
The initial and residual agronomic effectiveness of some indian usa and australian rock phosphates

Bolland M.D.A.; Bowden J.W., 1984:
The initial and residual value for subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum of phosphorus from crandallite rock phosphates apatite rock phosphates and superphosphate

Nakanishi, T.; Yamamoto, T., 1975:
The initial attack sites of a streptomyces alkalophilic proteinase on oxidized insulin b chain

Legendre J.M.; D.; Guidoin R.; King M.; Lefevre C.; Gosselin C., 1986:
The initial blood retention properties of arterial prostheses

Proske U.; Stuart G.J., 1985:
The initial burst of impulses in responses of toad bufo marinus muscle spindles during stretch

Reed Miller C., 1983:
The initial calcification process in shell regenerating tegula archaeogastropoda

Taubenberger, J.K.; Haar, J.L., 1987:
The initial characterization of a thymus factor chemotactic to bone marrow cells

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The initial development of a marine fouling assemblage on a natural substrate in a subtropical estuary

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The initial development of the human brain

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The initial early distribution of monomeric plutonium 239 and americium 241 in rat liver as determined by triton wr 1339 injection

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The initial effects of the prospective payment system on nursing home patients

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The initial electrocardiogram during admission for myocardial infarction. Use as a predictor of clinical course and facility utilization

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The initial evaluation of masses of the neck by needle aspiration biopsy

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The initial experience with the use of a portable infusion pump in the delivery of human menopausal gonadotropins

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The initial feeding of arctic charr salvelinus alpinus alevins at different temperatures and under different feeding regimes

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The initial growth of 2 range grasses on nonfertilized and fertilized soils collected from creosotebush larrea tridentata communities in the southwestern usa

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The initial inhibition of proto chlorophyll regeneration in dark grown leaves of barley hordeum distichum cultivar weibulls ingrid after a short light pulse and in greening leaves subjected to dark periods followed by a short light pulse

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The initial lag in phagocytic rate by macrophages in monolayer is related to particle encounters and binding

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The initial laying ability a breeding index for new hampshire hens

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The initial lesion in experimental allergic neuritis a inst phase microscope and inst electron microscopic study rat

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The initial lymphatics as sensors of interstitial fluid volume

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The initial management of left lower quadrant peritonitis

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The initial orientation of carrier pigeons in the magnetically disturbed area of mount jorat switzerland

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The initial phases of testicular organogenesis in the rat an electron microscopic study

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The initial pollution of shores in bantry bay ireland by oil from the tanker betelgeuse

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The initial process of adventitious bud differentiation in torenia fournieri stem segments cultured in vitro 1. effects of cyto kinin

Tanimoto, S.; Harada, H., 1982:
The initial process of adventitious bud differentiation in torenia fournieri stem segments cultured in vitro 2. changes in the endogenous level of amino acids

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The initial psoriatic lesion. An experimental investigation with cell kinetic morphometric and immunological techniques

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The initial response of barley to challenge by leaf rust puccinia hordei otth. some factors in rna metabolism related to resistance

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The initial response of Limulus ventral photoreceptors to bright flashes. Released calcium as a synergist to excitation

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The initial stages of adsorption of plasma derived proteins on artificial surfaces in a controlled flow environment

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The initial stages of decay of vegetative litter in spruce forests of the southern taiga ussr

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The initial stages of radular development of chitons mollusca polyplacophora

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The initial step of in vitro synthesis of dna by the t 4 dna polymerase

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The initial stylostome formation by parasitic larvae of the water mite genus arrenurus on zygopteran imagines

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The initial suppression of bacterial growth in a salmonella infection is mediated by a localized rather than a systemic response

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The initial symptoms and social conditions among persons exposed to organic solvents

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The initial symptoms of cerebral atrophy

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The initial synthesis of proteins during development phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase ec in rat liver at birth

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The initial time of the left ventricular ejection mid systole in coronary artery disease

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The initial velocities of calcium uptake by rat liver mitochondria

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The initiating site for spontaneous electrical activity in the oyster ventricle

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The initiation and development of secondary xylem in axillary branches of populus deltoides

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The initiation and growth of bacterial spinae

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The initiation and growth of shoots of microphyllous dwarf shrubs ericaceae in the mountainous tundras of eastern kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

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The initiation and maintenance of callus from tubers of colocasia esculenta and dioscorea rotundata

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The initiation and maintenance of polarity mathematical aspects of a proposed control system

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The initiation and maintenance of walking in the locust schistocerca gregaria an alternative to the command concept

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The initiation and spread of epileptiform bursts in the in vitro hippocampal slice

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The initiation development and structure of root nodules in elaeagnus angustifolia elaeagnaceae

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The initiation of acid catalyzed decomposition of diazodiphenylmethane by cation radical reactions

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The initiation of auxin autonomy in tissue from tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar havana 425 plants carrying the auxin biosynthesizing genes from the t dna of agrobacterium tumefaciens

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The initiation of chromosome replication in a dnaats 46 and a dnaa plus strain at various temperatures

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The initiation of diving apnea in the frog rana pipiens

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The initiation of dna replication in bacillus subtilis

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The initiation of DNA replication in the mitochondrial genome of yeast

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The initiation of epidermal wound healing in cuts and burns

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The initiation of gait

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The initiation of glycogen biosynthesis in rat heart

Blumenfeld, M.L.; Krisman, C.R., 1985:
The initiation of glycogen biosynthesis in rat heart. Studies with a purified preparation

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The initiation of lactation the effect of early vs. delayed contact for suckling on milk intake in the first week post partum a study in chiang mai northern thailand

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The initiation of legumin synthesis in immature embryos of pisum sativum cultivar birte grown in vivo and in vitro

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The initiation of membrane lipid peroxidation during bacteria induced hypersensitive reaction

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The initiation of new gene transcription during Xenopus gastrulation requires immediately preceding protein synthesis

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The initiation of osteodentin formation in the rat incisor after adriamycin administration

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The initiation of platelet thrombi in normal venules and its acceleration by histamine

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The initiation of poly phenyl alanine synthesis with n acetylphenylalanyl transfer rna escherichia coli

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The initiation of pulmonary respiration in a bird puffinus pacificus embryo blood and air cell gas tensions

Pettit T.N.; Whittow G.C., 1982:
The initiation of pulmonary respiration in a bird puffinus pacificus embryo tidal volume and frequency

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The initiation of t 4 dna dependent beta glucosyl transferase synthesis in vitro

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The initiation of the secondary haustorium in alectra vogelii

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The initiation of tobacco mosaic virus infection in isolated protoplasts by poly ethylene glycol

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The initiation of tumors on mouse skin by di hydro diols derived from 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene and 3 methyl cholanthrene

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The initiation of voluntary movements by the supplementary motor area

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The initiation promotion initation protocol in experimental liver carcinogenesis

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The initiation sites for rna transcription in adenovirus 2 dna

Natelson, S.E., 1986:
The injudicious laminectomy

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The injured spleen save it don't remove it

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The injured spleen: should consideration be given to conservative management?

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The injured workmen patients in siriraj hospital thailand

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The injurious effect of eosinophil peroxidase hydrogen peroxide and halides on pneumocytes in vitro

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The injurious effect of granulocytes and mitomycin C added to cultured human vascular endothelium

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The injurious effect of neutrophils on pneumocytes in vitro

Jesiotr, L.J., 1976:
The injurious effects of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae on greenhouse carnations

Jesiotr, L.J., 1978:
The injurious effects of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae on greenhouse roses

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The injury and repair of human articular cartilage: a morphological study of 192 cases of coxarthrosis

X.G.; Bai S.; Chen Z.; Tang P.; L.G., 1985:
The injury effect of hematoporphyrin disodium salt of pig and helium neon laser to human cells in vitro

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The injury of high lysine corn by larvae of soil pests

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The injury of the thoracic duct in the neck dissection

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The injury response of nerve fibers in the anterior medullary velum of the adult rat

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The ink of aplysia dactylomela gastropoda opisthobranchia and its role as a defensive mechanism

Dimatteo T., 1981:
The inking behavior of aplysia dactylomela gastropoda opisthobranchia evidence for distastefulness

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The inland chaetoceros bacillariophyceae species of north america

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The inland distribution of brackish water gammarus spp in the area of the mersey and weaver river authority

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The inlet patch: heterotopic gastric mucosa in the upper esophagus

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The innate capacity of natural increase of dermestes maculatus at different temperatures

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The innate resistance of cba mice to endogenous murine leukemia virus infection

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The inner ear endo cochlear potential and its changes under the effect of di hydro streptomycin and ethacrynic acid

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The inner ear in Bronx waltzer mice

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The inner ear of gorgonops reptilia therapsida gorgonopsida

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The inner ear structures of the echidna an scanning electron microscope study

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The inner laryngeal lymphatics a lymph angioscopic and electron microscopic study

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The inner plexiform layer in the retina of the cat electron microscopic observations

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The inner prosthetic surface structure and re endothelization an experimental study in the rat using two types of microvascular prostheses for aortic implantation

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The inner quaternary ammonium ion receptor in potassium channels of the node of Ranvier

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The inner ring monodeiodination of thyroxine in cerebral cortex during fetal neonatal and adult life

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The inner side of the exine

Ito M., 1986:
The innermost cell layer of the outer root sheath in anagen hair follicle light and electron microscopic study

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The innermost chorionic layer of Drosophila. I. The role of chorin octamers in the formation of a family of interdigitating crystalline plates

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The innermost chorionic layer of drosophila ii. three dimensional structure determination of the 90 degree crystal form by electron microscopy

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The innermost layer of cementum in rat molars: its ultrastructure, development, and calcification

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The innervation and chemical sensitivity of single aesthetasc hairs

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The innervation of dentin the histological approach

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The innervation of glomus cells ganglion cells and blood vessels in the rat carotid body a quantitative ultrastructural analysis

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The innervation of intraocular spinal cord transplants by cografts of locus ceruleus and substantia nigra neurons

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The innervation of muscle spindles in the snake, Elaphe quadrivirgata

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The innervation of purkinje fibers in the atrium of the avian heart

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The innervation of skeletal muscles in chickens curarized during early development

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The innervation of some proboscis structures involved in feeding behavior of the blowfly calliphora vicina

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The innervation of tandem muscle spindles in the cat neck

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The innervation of the adrenal cortex in the sheep, Ovis ovis

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The innervation of the adrenal gland i. the source of preganglionic and postganglionic nerve fibers to the rat adrenal gland

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The innervation of the caudal artery of the rat

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The innervation of the cervical intervertebral discs

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The innervation of the external urethral sphincter an ultrastructural study in male human subjects

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The innervation of the gills of the stingarees urolophus mucosus and urolophus paucimaculatus urolophidae elasmobranchii

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The innervation of the human carotid arteries in the norm and under stenosing

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The innervation of the mesothoracic flexor tibiae muscle of the locust schistocerca gregaria americana

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The innervation of the monkey accessory lateral rectus muscle

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The innervation of the mouse adrenal cortex

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The innervation of the mystacial region of the white mouse: A topographical study

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The innervation of the prothoracic gland of periplaneta americana

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The innervation of the pyloric region of the crab, Cancer borealis: homologous muscles in decapod species are differently innervated

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The innervation of the rabbit ear artery. An ultrastructural study

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The innervation of the rabbit's anterior eye segment a retrograde tracing study

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The innervation of the resorptive structures in the swimbladder of a physoclist fish pollachius virens

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The innervation of the salivary gland of the moth manduca sexta

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The innervation of the salivary gland of the tick, Boophilus microplus

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The innervation of the spinal dura mater anatomy and clinical implications

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The innervation of the stapedius muscle an hrp study in the guinea pig

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The innervation of the trachea and extrapulmonary bronchi of the mouse

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The innervation of the umbilical cord of the rat. A histochemical study

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The innervation of the vocal cord muscle

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The innervation pattern of the hard palate of the wistar albino rat

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The innocuousness of ointments and suppositories

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The innominate line

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The innovative rehabilitation team: an experiment in team building

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The inoculation effect of rhizobium japonicum on the nodulation and nitrogen fixation activity in glycine max with different kinds of soil

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The inoculation experiment of corn seedling blight caused by fusarium moniliforme and fusarium oxysporum

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The inopeplid beetles of japan

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The inoperable bronchial carcinoma first communication relation of histological tumor type to survival after intensive radiotherapy

Oehler W.; Lessel A., 1988 :
The inoperable bronchial carcinoma radioeffect on primary tumor histological findings in autopsy specimens from patients subjected to intensive radiotherapy

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The inorganic carbon requirements of chlamydomonas segnis chlorophyceae for cell development in synchronous cultures

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The inorganic cations content of different tissues of the house cricket acheta domestica in relation to age

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The inorganic components of the testicle epididymis seminal vesicle prostate and ejaculate of young men

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The inorganic content of pleromin in tooth plates of the living holocephalan chimaera phantasma consists of a crystalline calcium phosphate known as whitlockite

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The inorganic content of sphaeroma hookeri isopoda flabellifera comparative growth of ash content in different populations

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The inorganic crystal structure data base

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The inorganic ion composition of the hemolymph of the earwig labia minor dermaptera labiidae from macoupin county illinois usa

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The inorganic nature of marine micro fossils described from the wianamatta group

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The inorganic phase in dentinogenesis imperfecta

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The inorganic photo reduction of nadp to nadph and photo phosphorylation of adp to atp in visible light

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The inositide cycle in bovine photoreceptor membranes

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The inotropic actions of adrenaline on frog rana pipiens ventricular muscle relaxing vs. potentiating effects

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The inotropic and chronotropic effects of catecholamines on the dog heart

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The inotropic effect on the cat papillary muscle of pancuronium bromide with and without preservative and preservative alone

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The inotropic effect on the heart of stimulating the vagus in the dog, duck and toad

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The inotropic effects of a synthetic pyrethroid decamethrin on isolated guinea pig atrial muscle

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The inotropic effects of dopamine and its precursor l dopa on isolated human ventricular myocardium

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The inotropic effects of strophanthidin in Purkinje fibers and the sodium pump

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The input impedance of the peripheral vascular termination in skeletal muscle

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The input of chemical elements into central european forest ecosystems and an ecological investigation of the landscape

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The input of graphic and alpha numeric data into a computer during dosimetric irradiation planning using a semi automatic coding device

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The input of herbicides in agriculture ecological and economical interactions

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The input of nutrients from arable lands on nutrient poor grasslands and their impact on the hydrological aspects of nature management

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The input of terrestrial invertebrates from tree canopies to a stream

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The insect and other invertebrate soil fauna of the saaremaa isle forests estonian ssr ussr and its origin

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The insect brain sodium potassium atpase binding of ouabain in the hawk moth manduca sexta

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The insect collection of carl clerck an untouched collection from the time of linnaeus

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The insect collection of the center for research and agricultural qualification department of agriculture universidad del norte arica chile part 3

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The insect fauna and its diseases in some old mills of the kosova area yugoslavia

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The insect fauna in the herb layer of a danish beech stand

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The insect fauna of an extremely acidic coastal lake in northern sweden

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The insect fauna of cities

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The insect fauna of east germany coleoptera dytiscidae

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The insect fauna of east germany coleoptera elateridae

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The insect fauna of east germany coleoptera haliplidae

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The insect fauna of east germany heteroptera plataspidae and cydnidae

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The insect fauna of east germany hymenoptera evanioidea stephanoidea trigonalyoidea

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The insect fauna of male flowers of typha angustifolia

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The insect fauna of mistletoe phoradendron tomentosum loranthaceae in southern texas usa

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The insect fauna of the alkali flat at kiskundorozsma hungary

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The insect fauna of the bare ash deposits of the kostolac power plant yugoslavia

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The insect fauna of the newly built parkland area at the swan pond center of leipzig east germany

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The insect fauna of the organic deposits at sugworth england uk and its environmental and stratigraphic implications

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The insect fauna of the weed pteridium aquilinum polypodiaceae in papua new guinea a potential source of biological control agents

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The insect growth regulator diflubenzuron and organo phosphorus insecticides against nuisance midges in man made residential recreational lakes

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The insect growth regulator dimilin and its formulations against mosquitoes

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The insect nervous system and insect behavior

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The insect pathogenic fungus culicinomyces in adults of the mosquito anopheles amictus hilli

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The insect pest complex and related problems of lowland rice cultivation in south sulawesi indonesia

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The insect pollinators of sainfoin onobrychis viciifolia scop. in umbria and those of crimson clover trifolium incarnatum l. in latium italy

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The insect thanatocenosis from the middle eocene of the grube messel near darmstadt west germany preliminary results

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The insect toxin from the venom of the scorpion androctonus mauretanicus mauretanicus purification characterization and specificity

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The insect transmission of an isolate of okra mosaic virus occurring in nigeria

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The insectavac a high clearances high volume arthropod vacuuming platform for agricultural ecosystems

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The insecticidal activity of beauvericin and the enniatin complex

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The insecticidal activity of dextro tetramethrin

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The insecticidal activity of mixtures of pyrethroids and organo phosphates or carbamates against the insecticide resistant green rice leafhopper nephotettix cincticeps

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The insecticidal activity of pyrethroids against insecticide resistant strains of planthoppers leafhoppers and the house fly

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The insecticidal activity of some fungal di hydro iso coumarins

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The integration host factor of Escherichia coli binds to multiple sites at plasmid R6K gamma origin and is essential for replication

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The integration of a bacterium and parasites to control the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata and the mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis

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The integration of an adult female gelada baboon theropithecus gelada

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The integration of cytogenetic analysis into the evaluation of cryptic exudative effusions

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The integration of fish culture into general farm irrigation systems in israel

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The integration of growth activity in vegetatively propagated poplar populus euramericana cultivar i 214 during the establishment year

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The integration of learned and genetically programmed behavior hierarchical organization in songs of canaries greenfinches and their hybrids

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The integration of oral mechano reception of the amphibia

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The integration of professional skills in nosocomial infection control some considerations about an outbreak of enterobacter cloacae bacteremia in an intensive care unit

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The integration of the bulbus duodeni into the aboral closure mechanism of the stomach

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The integration of the elderly into the community and the family operative study

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The integration of the patterned output of buccal moto neurons during feeding in tritonia hombergi

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The integrative action of the cerebral hemispheres

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The integrative properties of electrotonic synapses

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The integrity and organization of nuclear dna in cells of the root cap of zea mays probed by terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase and micro densitometry

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The integrity of the blood brain barrier in alzheimers type and multi infarct dementia evaluated by the study of albumin and immunoglobulin g in serum and cerebrospinal fluid

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The integrity of the ether linkage during thyroxine metabolism in man

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The integrity of the histone dna complex in chromatin fibers is not necessary for the maintenance of the shape of mitotic chromosomes

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The integrity of the ozone layer

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The integrity of tubular cell function after preservation in Collins' or Sacks' solution

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The integument and caudal filament of the shovelnose sturgeon scaphirhynchus platorynchus

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The integument of glossobalanus minutus enteropneusta ptycoderidae ultrastructural analysis

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The integumental sensilla and glands of pelagic crustacea

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The integumentary tentacles of the snake erpeton tentaculatum structure function evolution

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The intellectual achievement of only children

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The intelligence of rapists

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The intelligence of the mongoloids a psychometric evolutionary and neurological theory

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The intelligibility of compressed, clipped, and nonlimited speech in quiet and in noise

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The intelligibility of deaf speech to experienced and inexperienced listeners

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The intelligibility of sentences in quiet and in noise in aged listeners

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The intensification of human myocardial contractile activity under the effect of the blood serum

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The intensification of reclamation

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The intensified effect of drought and frost on wheat and barley plants in the presence of aluminum ions in acid soil

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The intensifying effect of lysine plasminogen on fibrin polymerization

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The intensity dependence of the receptor potential of the limulus ventral nerve photo receptor in 2 defined states of light and dark adaptation/

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The intensity of ammonification and nitrification in the soil under legumes in mono culture and in crop rotation with constant application of herbicides part 2 the influence of calcium carbonate on the effectiveness of nitrification in pseudopodzolic soil sprayed with aretit

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The intensity of carbon di oxide evolution by leaves of herbaceous plants through the cuticle during respiration

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The intensity of chronic lung inflammation and fibrosis after bleomycin is directly related to the severity of acute injury

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The intensity of fusion

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The intensity of glossopyrosis depending on the duration of the cervical syndrome

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The intensity of leukocyte migration and desquamation of epithelial cells in the nasal mucosa of oil and petrochemical workers a comparative study

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The intensity of multiplication of bacteria and biomass production in the water of 2 lakes

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The intensity of nitrogen cycle processes in the soil under nitrogen fertilizers

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The intensity of oxidative and nonoxidative shunts of pentose phosphate pathway in rat organs

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The intensity of phospho inositide metabolism in different parts of the brain

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The intensity of photosynthesis and changes in water deficit

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The intensity of photosynthesis and respiration in potato in reduced water supply

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The intensity of predation of the aeschna affinis odonata aeshnidae larvae of different instars with reference to developmental stage of prey and size of experimental space

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The intensity of red mite tetranychidae infestation of some new red raspberry cultivars

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The intensity of respiration and nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism in echinoderms of the south china sea

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The intensity of respiration in newly harvested grain in the 1st days of storage

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The intensity of scattered radiation in mammography

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The intensity of selection for reproductive isolation at the beginning of sympatric speciation

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The intensity of synthesis and decomposition of tissue proteins in hypo kinesia and increased muscular activity

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The intensity of the feeding of juvenile commercial fish species on preimaginal mosquitoes under laboratory conditions

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The intensity of the light reflex on retinal arteries and veins

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The intensity of the transpiration flow in the trunk of quercus cerris

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The intensity of work recovery in low back pain

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The intensive care of acute pancreatitis

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The intensive care unit and the suicide attempt patient

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The intensive raising of japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica in italy

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The intentional paradigm and cognitive psycho physiology

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The inter cellular bridges between germinal cells of mytilicola intestinalis crustacea copepoda

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The inter cellular gaps of the neuropil as possible pathways for virus spread in viral encephalo myelitides

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The inter cellular junctions of the cancer cells from human effusions

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The inter cellular matrix new data on its biology and pathology

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The inter cellular proline cycle

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The inter cellular substance and subprimary relief of cornified cells in replica images

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The inter chromosomal and intra chromosomal effects of the bar stone translocation in drosophila melanogaster

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The inter chromosomal effect of inversions in maize

Taga M., 1982:
The inter compartmental relationship of prolactin secretion during human pregnancy maternal fetal and amniotic fluid prolactin

Borovskii, E.V.; Leus, P.A., 1977:
The inter connection between factors of the oral cavity and dental tissues and their effect upon resistance or susceptibility to caries

Bakanov, V.N.; Ovsishcher, B.R.; Bondareva, N.I., 1977:
The inter connection between the content of separate organic and mineral substances in the cultured pasture grass stand

Perel E.; Killinger D.W., 1979:
The inter conversion and aromatization of androgens by human adipose tissue

Brecknell D.J.; Carman R.M., 1979:
The inter conversion of 2 elemadienolides through 2 consecutive cope rearrangements

Ishida, T.; Snyder, D.; Sueoka, N., 1971:
The inter convertibility of various bacterial transfer rnas between an active and an inactive stable configuration

Brush, L.R.; Goldberg, W.A., 1978:
The inter correlation of measures of sex role identity

Ainsworth, P.A.; Blanshard, J.M.V., 1978:
The inter dependence of molecular structure and strength of carrageenan and carrageenan carob gels part 1

Gary, N.E.; Witherell, P.C.; Lorenzen, K.; Marston, J.M., 1977:
The inter field distribution of honey bees foraging on carrots onions and safflower

Mayer G.; Haase K H., 1980:
The inter fragmental pressure measurement in osteosyntheses with external compressions and distraction apparatuses

Lapina I.A.; Yaichnikov I.K.; Shabanov P.D.; Borodkin Y.S., 1984:
The inter hemispheric relationships of cerebral structures in various functional states of the central nervous system

Suzuki J.; Katakura R.; Kitahara M.; Mori T., 1984:
The inter hemispheric trans lamina terminalis approach to the tumor of anterior part of the 3rd ventricle

Mueller W.; Toepke H.; Gauss J.; Pietscher S., 1982:
The inter individual and intra individual variations of the early receptor potentials

Mikhailova, N.A.; Shurovenkov-Yu, B., 1978:
The inter linking of plant and insect evolution to plant resistance with wheat and its pests as an example

Lapiashvili, G.N.; Lesnik, E.A.; Kochkina, I.M.; Maslova, R.N.; Varshavskii-Ya, M., 1979:
The inter molecular association of poly guanylic acid.poly cytidylic acid and poly deoxy guanylic acid.poly deoxy cytidylic acid complexes in solutions by methods of hydrogen tritium exchange and electron microscopy

Weber, E., 1978:
The inter nodal growth rate in 12 stem length mutants of pisum sativum

Prestrude, A.M., 1976:
The inter ocular light adaptation effect at varying retinal locations

Gary, N.E.; Witherell, P.C.; Marston, J.M., 1976:
The inter orchard and intra orchard distribution of honey bees during almond pollination

Quesada A.; Genis Galvez J.M., 1983:
The inter plexiform cell in the chameleon retina

Bach P.J.; Harowski K.; Kirby K.; Peterson P.; Schulein M., 1981:
The inter rater reliability of the luria nebraska neuro psychological battery

Johnston H.E.; Mann J.R.; Williams J.; Waterhouse J.A.H.; Birch J.M.; Cartwright R.A.; Draper G.J.; Hartley A.L.; Mckinney P.A.; E.A., 1986:
The inter regional epidemiological study of childhood cancer case control study in children with germ cell tumors

Mckinney P.A.; Cartwright R.A.; Saiu J.M.T.; Mann J.R.; Stiller C.A.; Draper G.J.; Hartley A.L.; Hopton P.A.; Birch J.M.; E.A., 1987:
The inter regional epidemiological study of childhood cancer irescc a case control study of etiological factors in leukemia and lymphoma

Birch J.M.; Mann J.R.; Cartwright R.A.; Draper G.J.; Waterhouse J.A.H.; Hartley A.L.; Johnston H.E.; Mckinney P.A.; Stiller C.A.; Hopton P.A., 1985:
The inter regional epidemiological study of childhood cancer study design control selection and data collection

Barannikova, I.A.; Vasil'eva, E.V.; Trenkler, I.V.; Tsepelovan, P.G., 1978:
The inter renal gland in the life cycle of anadromous sturgeon acipenseridae

Kinsky, R.G.; Hilgert, I.; Kristofova, H., 1976:
The inter sex difference in the production of allo antibodies and growth of tumor allo grafts in mice

Mallardi V., 1979:
The inter stimulus interval effect on the amplitude of the evoked acoustic response and habituation phenomenon

Burton, P.J.K., 1978:
The inter tarsal joint of the harrier hawks polyboroides spp and the crane hawk geranospiza caerulescens

Ngan Y.; Price I.R., 1979:
The inter tidal algae of the mainland coast in the vicinity of townsville queensland australia

Boyden, C.R.; Crothers, J.H.; Little, C.; Mettam, C., 1977:
The inter tidal invertebrate fauna of the severn estuary

Shackley S.E., 1981:
The inter tidal soft sediments and their macro fauna in the greater swansea bay area worms head to nash point southern wales uk

Saha N.; Samuel A.P.W.; Omer A.; Hoffbrand A.V., 1983:
The inter tribal and intra tribal distribution of red cell glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase phenotypes in sudan

Kura, K., 1977:
The inter trochanteric varus and valgus osteotomy

Fengdong L.; Xiangyun K.; Yuexian Y.; E.A., 1980:
The inter ventricular septal arteries of the dog

Gordon D.P.; Hastings A.B., 1979:
The inter zoodial communications of hippothoa sensu lato bryozoa and their value in classification

Miller S.M., 1988:
The interacting effects of coping styles and situational variables in gynecologic settings implications for research and treatment

D.F.uw N.J.; Van Hinsbergh V.W.M.; Y.F.; Haverkate F.; Bertina R.M., 1987:
The interaction activated protein c and thrombin with the plasminogen activator inhibitor released from human endothelial cells

Avaliani T.V.; Yakovlev N.M.; Smetankin A.A.; Bogdanov O.V., 1985:
The interaction among motor centers in evoked posture asymmetry

Gardiner, N.S.; Whiteley, C.G., 1985:
The interaction and inhibition of muscle lactate dehydrogenase ec by the alkaloid caffeine

Aasa R.; Bergstrom J.; Vanngard T., 1981:
The interaction and orientation of the iron sulfur centers a and b in chloroplasts of higher plants

Colquhoun, D.; Ritchie, J.M., 1972:
The interaction at equilibrium between tetrodo toxin and mammalian nonmyelinated nerve fibers

Kitada M.; Sakamoto K.; Rikihisa T.; Kanakubo Y., 1984:
The interaction between 2 forms of cytochrome p 450 during drug oxidation in the reconstituted system containing limited amount of nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase

Hargreaves A.J.; D.G.rcini E.M.; Avila J., 1986:
The interaction between a sodium channel toxin and brain microtubule proteins in vitro

Orr A.; Gilbert S.G.; Miltz J., 1981:
The interaction between acrylonitrile and acrylonitrile styrene co polymer by inverse gas chromatography

Dutton M.F.; Westlake K.; Anderson M.S., 1984:
The interaction between additives yeasts and patulin production in grass silage

Siemann D.W.; Sutherland R.M., 1980:
The interaction between adriamycin and radiation in a solid murine tumor

Smith, A.D., 1979:
The interaction between age and list length in free recall

Lipfert F.W.; Moskowitz P.D.; Dungan J.; Tichler J.; Carney T., 1983:
The interaction between air pollution dispersion and residential heating demands

Norde W.; Bosgoed H.M.M.; D.V.ies P., 1985:
The interaction between alkyl derivatives and elastin

Fuchs J.; Zimmer G.; Woelbling R.H.; Milbradt R., 1986:
The interaction between anthralin and mitochondria a revision

Wahlstrom G., 1979:
The interaction between atropine and the steric isomers of hexo barbital in normal rats and rats made tolerant to barbital

Hincke M.T.; Mccubbin W.D.; Kay C.M., 1979:
The interaction between beef cardiac troponin t and troponin i as demonstrated by uv absorption difference spectroscopy circular dichroism and gel filtration

Grant J.; Bathmann U.V.; Mills E.L., 1986:
The interaction between benthic diatom films and sediment transport

Telegdy G.; Vecsei L.; Schally A.V.; Coy D.H., 1982:
The interaction between beta 9 tyrosine melanotropin 9 18 haloperidol and amphetamine in different behavior tests of rats

Nomura Y.; Kawai M.; Segawa T., 1984:
The interaction between beta adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors in cerebral cortical membranes isoproterenol induced increase in tritium labeled clonidine binding in rats

Jones, M.N.; Wilkinson, A., 1976:
The interaction between beta lacto globulin and sodium n dodecyl sulfate

Vermaas W.F.J.; Van Rensen J.J.S.; Govindjee, 1982:
The interaction between bi carbonate and the herbicide ioxynil in the thylakoid membrane and the effects of amino acid modification on bi carbonate action

El'skaya A.; Negrutskii B., 1987:
The interaction between biologically inactive transfer rna conformers and leucyl transfer rna synthetase from rabbit liver

Arora J.P.S.; Singh R.P.; Jain S.S.; Singh S.P.; Kumar A., 1985:
The interaction between bovine serum albumin and molybdate ions

Jones, M.N.; Skinner, H.A.; Tipping, E., 1975:
The interaction between bovine serum albumin and surfactants

Crompton, M.; Barritt, G.J.; Bradbury, J.H.; Bygrave, F.L., 1976:
The interaction between butacaine and rat liver mitochondria as shown by proton nmr

Haag, M.; Gevers, W.; Bohmer, R.G., 1985:
The interaction between calcium and the activation of sodium potassium atpase ec by noradrenaline

Dixon E.; Winslow R.M., 1981:
The interaction between calcium magnesium atpase and the soluble activator calmodulin in erythrocytes containing hemo globin s

Kumagai, H.; Nishida, E.; Sakai, H., 1982:
The interaction between calmodulin and micro tubule proteins 4. quantitative analysis of the binding between calmodulin and tubulin dimer

Coxson D.S.; Brown D.; Kershaw K.A., 1983:
The interaction between carbon di oxide diffusion and the degree of thallus hydration in lichens some further comments

Shchagina L.V.; Grinfel'dt A.E.; Lev A.A., 1980:
The interaction between cation fluxes in bi layer phospho lipid membranes modified with gramicidin a determination of the number of ion binding sites and their location in the gramicidin channel

Kruger G.H.J.; Eloff J.N., 1979:
The interaction between cell density of microcystis aeruginosa batch cultures and light induced stress conditions

Collinge J.; Pycock C.J.; Taberner P.V., 1983:
The interaction between cerebral 5 hydroxy tryptamine and gamma amino butyric acid in the mode of action of diazepam in the rat

Gee H., 1983:
The interaction between cervix and corpus uteri in the generation of intra amniotic pressure in labor

Shiga A.; Matsumoto S.; Ueda H.; Shiga K.; Nishina Y.; Watari H.; Horiike K., 1983:
The interaction between chlorpromazine and riboflavin binding protein

Dubin, A.; Hauck, M., 1981:
The interaction between chymotrypsin ec and horse leukocyte neutral proteinases inhibitor

Van-Zwieten, P.A., 1977:
The interaction between clonidine and various neuroleptic agents and some benzodiazepine tranquilizers

Visser T.; Marcucci M.C., 1984:
The interaction between compatible and self incompatible pollen of apple and pear as influenced by their ratio in the pollen cloud

Köhler, D., 1976:
The interaction between conditioned fish and naive schools of juvenile carp (Cyprinus carpio, pisces)

Banet, M.; Hensel, H., 1976:
The interaction between cutaneous and spinal thermal inputs in the control of oxygen consumption in the rat

Salakhutdinov B.A.; Apipov T.F.; Beknazarov U.M.; Aslanov K.A., 1981:
The interaction between cyto toxin from naja naja oxiana venom and liposomes by the spin label method

Nishino, T., 1980:
The interaction between d amino acid oxidase ec and nitro aromatic compounds

Carlin G.; Saldeen T., 1980:
The interaction between dextran and the primary fibrinolysis inhibitor alpha 2 anti plasmin

Andrew N.L., 1986:
The interaction between diet and density in influencing reproductive output in the echinoid evechinus chloroticus

Janssens, J.P.; Wittevrongel, C.; D.L.ecker, W., 1984:
The interaction between different phorbol derivatives and cortisol

Strocchi E.; Malini P.L.; Graziani A.; Ambrosioni E.; Magnani B., 1984:
The interaction between digoxin and amiodarone

Risler T.; Burk M.; Peters U.; Grabensee B.; Seipel L., 1983:
The interaction between digoxin and disopyramide

Shinar, D.; Mcdonald, S.T.; Treat, J.R., 1977:
The interaction between driver mental and physical conditions and errors causing traffic accidents an analytical approach

Pilcher, J.J.; Schulz, H., 1987:
The interaction between EEG and transient muscle activity during sleep in humans

Wahlstrom, G., 1976:
The interaction between electrically induced convulsions and tolerance in the abstinence period after chronic barbital treatments in the rat

Konings W.N.; Hellingwerf K.J.; Elferink M.G.L., 1984:
The interaction between electron transfer proton motive force and solute transport in bacteria

Vinayak, V.K.; Chopra, A.K., 1978:
The interaction between Entamoeba histolytica and Syphacia obvelata infection in mice

Bunn, H.F.; Ransil, B.J.; Chao, A., 1971:
The interaction between erythrocyte organic phosphates magnesium ion and hemo globin

Muller, K.; Garel, J.R., 1984:
The interaction between escherichia coli asparto kinase ec homo serine dehydrogenase ec and 3 acetyl pyridine adenine di nucleotide phosphate reduced an analog of nadph

Harding K.; Cocking E.C., 1986:
The interaction between escherichia coli spheroplasts and plant protoplasts a proposed procedure to deliver foreign genes into plant cells

Singh S.; Shukla G.S.; Srivastava R.S.; Chandra S.V., 1979:
The interaction between ethanol and manganese in rat brain

Murphy Chutorian D.; Selzer P.M.; Kosek J.; Quay S.C.; Profitt D.; Ginsburg R., 1986:
The interaction between excimer laser energy and vascular tissue

Cowley, R.C.; Palmer, J.M., 1980:
The interaction between exogenous nadh oxidase and succinate oxidase in jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus mitochondria

Bokhov B.B., 1983:
The interaction between external and internal systems of coordinates in the orientation of the hand with respect to various goals

Yoshioka A.; Peake I.R.; Furlong B.L.; Furlong R.A.; Giddings J.C.; Bloom A.L., 1983:
The interaction between factor viii clotting antigen and phospho lipid

Sakuragawa, N.; Itoh, M.; Matsuoka, M., 1976:
The interaction between factor xiii and the serine proteases thrombin factor xa plasmin and trypsin and defibrase

Sokol A.; Gabryel H.; Farbiszewski R., 1987:
The interaction between fibrinogen and tritiated arginine labelled proteins derived from fibrosarcoma in the presence of thrombin

Farbiszewski R.; Sokol A., 1988:
The interaction between fibrinogen and tritiated l arginine cationic peptides derived from fibrosarcoma in the presence of thrombin

Frank, E.; Jansen, J.K.; Lomo, T.; Westgaard, R.H., 1975:
The interaction between foreign and original motor nerves innervating the soleus muscle of rats

Palatini, P., 1983:
The interaction between full and partial inhibitors acting on a single enzyme. A theoretical analysis

Damoglou A.P.; Shannon W.; Downey G.A., 1984:
The interaction between fusaria and their myco toxins in grass silage

Benkov B.; Panaiotov P.; Machev M., 1984:
The interaction between genotype and level of feeding as it affects carcass qualities of hybrid pigs

Damaty S.M.; Hudson B.J.F., 1979:
The interaction between gossypol and cottonseed protein

Huffman, D.H.; Azarnoff, D.L.; Shoeman, D.W.; Dujovne, C.A., 1976:
The interaction between halofenate and propranolol

Selman, A.; Mcdonald, A.; Kitney, R.; Linkens, D., 1982:
The interaction between heart rate and respiration 1. experimental studies in man

Kitney, R.; Linkens, D.; Selman, A.; Mcdonald, A., 1982:
The interaction between heart rate and respiration 2. nonlinear analysis based on computer modeling

Kohn, S.; Sakurama, S.; Morioka, T.; Ito, Y.; Yasukouchi, T.; Nakagawa, S., 1979:
The interaction between heparin and plasmin on amidolysis

Nordmeyer D.; Sikora R.A., 1983:
The interaction between heterodera daverti fusarium avenaceum and fusarium oxysporum on trifolium subterraneum

Abramson, N.; L.B.glio, A.F.; Jandl, J.H.; Cotran, R.S., 1970:
The interaction between human monocytes and red cells. Binding characteristics

Abramson, N.; Gelfand, E.W.; Jandl, J.H.; Rosen, F.S., 1970:
The interaction between human monocytes and red cells specificity for immuno globulin g subclass and immuno globulin g fragments

Erlanson-Albertsson, C.; Sternby, B.; Johannesson, U., 1985:
The interaction between human pancreatic carboxyl ester hydrolase ec bile salt stimulated lipase of human milk and lactoferrin

Nilsson T., 1983:
The interaction between human plasma kallikrein and complement c 1 esterase inhibitor

Iverius, P.H., 1972:
The interaction between human plasma lipo proteins and connective tissue glycosamino glycans

Fowler, C.J.; Ekstedt, B.; Egashira, T.; Kinemuchi, H.; Oreland, L., 1979:
The interaction between human platelet mono amine oxidase ec its mono amine substrates and oxygen

Babanin V.F.; Ermilov S.S.; Morozov V.V.; Orlov D.S.; Fal'kov I.G., 1983:
The interaction between humic acid and metal cations by epr and magnetic measurements

Paci M.; Pon C.; Gualerzi C., 1985:
The interaction between initiation factor 3 and 30s ribosomal subunits studied by high resolution proton nmr spectroscopy

Kandil A.; Mansour N., 1985:
The interaction between insulin and diuretics

Alino S.F.; Garcia D.; Unvas Moberg K., 1983:
The interaction between intra gastric ph and electrical vagal stimulation in causing gastric acid secretion and intra luminal release of gastrin and somatostatin in anesthetized rats

Jackson S.H.D.; Shah K.; Debbas N.M.G.; Johnston A.; Peverel Cooper C.A.; Turner P., 1986:
The interaction between intravenous theophylline and chronic oral dosing with slow release nifedipine in volunteers

Talha M.; Aziz M.; Mishriki G., 1980:
The interaction between irrigation water depth and fertilization of rice on evapo transpiration and efficiency of water use

Adams S.N., 1986:
The interaction between liming and forms of nitrogen fertilizer on established grassland

Shukla, G.S.; Singh, S.; Chandra, S.V., 1978:
The interaction between manganese and ethanol in rats

Ribeiro C.A.G.; Ferraz S., 1983:
The interaction between meloidogyne javanica and fusarium oxysporum f sp phaseoli in beans phaseolus vulgaris

Aroara J.P.S.; Soam D.; Malik S.P.; Kumar A., 1984:
The interaction between metal ions and ovalbumin

Elliott E.J.; Anthony C., 1988:
The interaction between methanol dehydrogenase and cytochrome c in the acidophilic methylotroph acetobacter methanolicus

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