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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6707

Chapter 6707 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rodgers, J.H.J. ; Cherry, D.S.; Clark, J.R.; Dickson, K.L.; Cairns, J.J., 1977:
The invasion of asiatic clam corbicula manilensis in the new river virginia usa

Ryrholm N.; Kallander C.F.R., 1987:
The invasion of autographa mandarina lepidoptera noctuidae in eastern sweden in 1985

Gao J.; E.A., 1983:
The invasion of cancer cells of a human liver cancer cell line bel 7402 in organ culture

Swan, A.P.; Heasman, J.; Wylie, C.C., 1981:
The invasion of cultured cell layers and intact epithelia

Jones G.W.; Richardson L.A.; Uhlman D., 1981:
The invasion of human cervical carcinoma hela cells by salmonella typhimurium reversible and irreversible bacterial attachment and the role of bacterial motility

Kloot P.M., 1987:
The invasion of kangaroo island australia by alien plants

Mytinger L.; Williamson G.B., 1987:
The invasion of schinus into saline communities of everglades national park florida usa

Gardner, J.A.J. ; Woodall, W.R.J. ; Staats, A.A.Jr ; Napoli, J.F., 1976:
The invasion of the asiatic clam corbicula manilensis in the altamaha river georgia usa

Hummel, D.; Berndt, R., 1971:
The invasion of the great bustard otis tarda in western europe in the winter of 1969 1970

Hummel D., 1983:
The invasion of western europe by the great bustard otis tarda in the winter season 1978 1979

Hastings A., 1986:
The invasion question

Mirzabekov, K.D., 1977:
The invasion rate and developmental forms of 3 babesia and piroplasmid species piroplasmida in eggs in ixodid ticks

Cone D.K.; Burt M.D.B., 1981:
The invasion route of the gill parasite urocleidus adspectus monogenea ancyrocephalinae

Torossian C.; Roques L.; Colombel P., 1985:
The invasions of the lepidopteran paidia murina in the greater toulouse area france and their biological control

Farfel, Z.; Friedman, E.; Hanski, E., 1987:
The invasive adenylate cyclase of Bordetella pertussis. Intracellular localization and kinetics of penetration into various cells

Friedman, E.; Farfel, Z.; Hanski, E., 1987:
The invasive adenylate cyclase of Bordetella pertussis. Properties and penetration kinetics

Carr I.; Levy M.; Watson P., 1986:
The invasive edge invasion in colorectal cancer

McIndoe, W.A.; McLean, M.R.; Jones, R.W.; Mullins, P.R., 1984:
The invasive potential of carcinoma in situ of the cervix

Coleman, K.G.; Poole, S.J.; Weir, M.P.; Soeller, W.C.; Kornberg, T., 1987:
The invected gene of Drosophila: sequence analysis and expression studies reveal a close kinship to the engrailed gene

Barton, D.H.R.; Lacher, B.; Zard, S.Z., 1986:
The invention of new radical chain reactions part xiii. generation and reactivity of perfluoroalkyl radicals from thiohydroxamic esters

Barton, D.H.R.; Bridon, D.; Zard, S.Z., 1987:
The invention of radical chain reactions part xiv. a decarboxylative radical addition to quinones

Barton, D.H.R.; Lacher, B.; Misterkiewicz, B.; Zard, S.Z., 1988:
The invention of radical reactions part xvii. a decarboxylative sulfonylation of carboxylic acids

Barton, D.H.R.; Ozbalik, N.; Vacher, B., 1988:
The invention of radical reactions part xviii. a convenient solution to the 1 carbon problem carboxylic acid carbon 13 labeling

Rush A.J.; Giles D.E.; Schlesser M.A.; Fulton C.L.; Weissenburger J.; Burns C., 1986:
The inventory for depressive symptomatology preliminary findings

Klein, A., 1977:
The inventory of dry locations in the canton of zurich switzerland

Zimmerman, M.; Coryell, W., 1987:
The inventory to diagnose depression, lifetime version

Hietala, O.A.; Laitinen, S.I.; Laitinen, P.H.; Pajunen, E.I.; Lapinjoki, S.P., 1983:
The inverse changes of mouse brain ornithine decarboxylase ec and s adenosyl methionine decarboxylase ec activities by chlorpromazine and imipramine dependence of ornithine decarboxylase induction on beta adrenoceptors

Ekstrand, K.E.; Ferree, C.R.; Dixon, R.L.; Raben, M., 1979:
The inverse compensating filter

Hayes P.K.; Walsby A.E., 1986:
The inverse correlation between width and strength of gas vesicles in cyanobacteria

Serban E., 1985:
The inverse gradient of the mandibular length in the framework of the cephalon and the masticatory teeth in the suborder of parabathynellidea malacostraca podophallocarida bathynellacea

Grum-Heller, S., 1977:
The inverse low intensity movement of the chloroplast in mougeotia inhibitory effect of time dependent dark reactions of phytochrome

Lubkin, V., 1978:
The inverse marcus gunn phenomenon an electro myographic contribution

Sondhi, M.M.; Resnick, J.R., 1983:
The inverse problem for the vocal tract: numerical methods, acoustical experiments, and speech synthesis

Levin, J.; Bessman, J.D., 1983:
The inverse relation between platelet volume and platelet number. Abnormalities in hematologic disease and evidence that platelet size does not correlate with platelet age

Bessman J.D.; Williams L.J.; Gilmer P.R.Jr, 1981:
The inverse relation of platelet size and count in normal subjects and an artifact of other particles

O'brien D.R., 1987:
The inverse relationship between drug affinity and effectiveness prediction under rate theory paradox under occupancy theory

Baumann, F.G.; Isenberg, H.D.; Gennaro, J.J., 1978 :
The inverse relationship between nutrient nitrogen concentration and coccolith calcification in cultures of the coccolithophorid hymenomonas sp

Kolarsky A.; Madlafousek J., 1983:
The inverse role of preparatory erotic stimulation in exhibitionists phallometric studies

Harth E.; Unnikrishnan K.P.; Pandya A.S., 1987:
The inversion of sensory processing by feedback pathways a model of visual cognitive functions

Wondrak, G., 1977:
The inversion of the chemo receptor area of the tentacles of helix pomatia and arion rufus gastropoda pulmonata

Colgan D.J.; Cheney J., 1980:
The inversion polymorphism of keyacris scurra and the adaptive topography

Chermenskaya I.E.; Romanov V.I.; Shvedova T.A.; Kretovich V.L., 1984:
The invertase of yellow lupine lupinus luteus nodules

Coyer J.A., 1985:
The invertebrate assemblage associated with the giant kelp macrocystis pyrifera at santa catalina island california usa a general description with emphasis on amphipods copepods mysids and shrimps

Holsinger J.R.; Culver D.C., 1988:
The invertebrate cave fauna of virginia usa and a part of eastern tennessee zoogeography and ecology usa

Coulson J.C.; Butterfield J.E.L., 1985:
The invertebrate communities of peat and upland grasslands in the north of england uk and some conservation implications

Tullis K.J.; Calver M.C.; Wooller R.D., 1982:
The invertebrate diets of small birds in banksia woodland near perth western australia australia during winter

Metz, J.P., 1974:
The invertebrate drift on the surface of a prealpine stream and its selective exploitation by rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Jacobi, C.M., 1987:
The invertebrate fauna associated with intertidal beds of the brown mussel perna perna l. from santos brazil

Rooke J.B., 1984:
The invertebrate fauna of 4 macrophytes in a lotic system

Winterbourn M.J., 1982:
The invertebrate fauna of a forest stream and its association with fine particulate matter

Wright J.F.; Hiley P.D.; Cooling D.A.; Cameron A.C.; Wigham M.E.; Berrie A.D., 1984:
The invertebrate fauna of a small chalk stream in berkshire england uk and the effect of intermittent flow

Lindegaard C., 1979:
The invertebrate fauna of lake myvatn iceland

Roeser, B., 1976:
The invertebrate fauna of the broel and its tributary brooks west germany

Peck S.B., 1981:
The invertebrate fauna of the caves of the uinta mountains northeastern utah usa

Junk, W.J., 1977:
The invertebrate fauna of the floating vegetation of bung borapet a reservoir in central thailand

Jussila, R., 1976:
The invertebrate fauna of the kilpisjarvi area finnish lapland part 19 hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Edwards C.A.; Butler C.G.; Lofty J.R., 1975:
The invertebrate fauna of the park grass plots england part 2 surface fauna

Peck, S.B., 1975:
The invertebrate fauna of tropical american caves part 3 jamaica an introduction

Peck, S.B., 1984:
The invertebrate faunas of tropical american caves part 6. jumandi cave ecuador

Alexander R.M., 1979:
The invertebrates

Cubit J.; Williams S., 1983:
The invertebrates of galeta reef caribbean panama a species list and bibliography

Soszka, G.J., 1975:
The invertebrates on submerged macrophytes in 3 masurian lakes poland

Sim-Davis, D.; Marks, R.; Wilson-Jones, E., 1976:
The inverted follicular keratosis. A surprising variant of seborrheic wart

Donhujsen, K.; Leistenschneider, W., 1976:
The inverted papilloma of the urinary bladder

Hemami, H.; Golliday, C.L.Jr, 1977:
The inverted pendulum and biped stability

Rothstein S.J.; Jorgensen R.A.; Postle K.; Reznikoff W.S., 1980:
The inverted repeats of transposon tn 5 are functionally different

Berkhoff, W.B.; Jöbsis, A.C.; Bruijnes, E.; Dabhoiwala, N.F., 1985:
The inverted urothelial papilloma

Chow, L.T.; Bukhari, A.I., 1976:
The invertible dna segments of coli phages mu and coli phage p 1 are identical

Stammberger, H., 1981:
The inverting papilloma of the nose

Derogatis, L.R.; Meyer, J.K., 1979:
The invested partner in sexual disorders: a profile

Nishimata M.; Maeda N.; Wada J.; Azuma Y., 1981:
The investigation according to disease development of tobacco necrosis virus on tulip in toyama prefecture japan

Park C S.; Cho Y.S., 1979:
The investigation and application of microbial pathogens of major forest insect pests of forest in korea

Dembo A.G.; Zemtsovskii E.V., 1981:
The investigation and assessment of cardiac rhythm disorders in healthy young men

J.S.; E.A., 1987:
The investigation and evaluation of a new kind of paper disc for rapid identification of escherichia coli groups

Tamaska J.; Toth K.; Hollan Z.; Sugar J., 1987:
The investigation and importance of undecalcified plastic embedded bone marrow biopsies in hematology

Burns D.A., 1987:
The investigation and management of arthropod bite reactions acquired in the home

Flood, L.M.; Kemink, J.L.; Graham, M.D., 1985 :
The investigation and management of petrous apex erosion

Brown, P.M.; Bunyan, P.J.; Stanley, P.I., 1977:
The investigation and pattern of occurrence of animal poisoning resulting from the misuse of agricultural chemicals

Spargo D.J.; Laurence E.B., 1982:
The investigation in vivo of the tissue specificity of pig skin fractions

Maksyutina N.P.; Kolla V.E.; Zhuravl'ova H.H.; Palamarchuk K.P.; Ivanova R.R., 1981:
The investigation of a lyophilizate from linden flowers

Greig J., 1981:
The investigation of a medieval barrel latrine from worcester uk

Mathur, A.; Sharma, B.; Chaturvedi, U.C., 1977:
The investigation of a recurrence of an acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus epidemic at lucknow a sero survey for acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus antibodies before and after the epidemic

Li, J.; Et-Al, 1987:
The investigation of an outbreak of legionnaires' disease in a county of beijing china

Teramoto T.; E.A., 1987:
The investigation of anal incontinence

Nakagawa Y., 1987:
The investigation of biofeedback in the treatment of chronic headache effectiveness and application evaluated by a follow up study

Romics I.; Feher J.; Horvath J.; Kisbenedek L.; Balogh F., 1982:
The investigation of cellular and humoral immune reactivity in patients with tumors of the bladder

Tenjin H., 1988:
The investigation of cerebral circulation in patients with contusion determination by positron emission tomography pet

Deanfield, J.E.; Chrispin, A.R., 1981:
The investigation of chest disease in children by high kilovoltage filtered beam radiography

Chater, B.V.; Sanderson, J.H., 1977:
The investigation of collagen induced platelet aggregation by the screen filtration pressure technique

Kohen, E.; Bengtsson, G.; Salmon, J.M.; Kohen, C., 1976:
The investigation of critical parameters in the glycolytic response of single living cells by rapid micro spectro fluorometric analysis

Grzycka K.; Milkowska J., 1983:
The investigation of cytostatic activity of pectolinarin

Lyadova I.V.; Chernyakhovskaya I.Yu; Golan' V., 1986:
The investigation of delayed type hypersensitivity reaction to transplantation antigens in mice with induced tolerance to allotransplants and xenotransplants

Smith J.S.; Kiloh L.G., 1981:
The investigation of dementia results in 200 consecutive admissions

Lushchekina E.A.; Podachin V.P., 1987:
The investigation of embryonic amygdalar grafts survival in different parts of adult rat brain

Solic F., 1979:
The investigation of free radicals in stimulated muscles at different temperatures

Koyanagi, T.; Suyama, H.; Tamura, S., 1976:
The investigation of ground water by geophysical measurements near depressed hole at senjyu makubetsu japan

Coskun M.; Celik N., 1987:
The investigation of hinzir dagi turkey plants with regards to some main active principles

Hansen H.; Rasmussen B., 1986:
The investigation of honey from bee colonies for bacillus larvae

Van-Vark, G.N., 1975:
The investigation of human cremated skeletal material by multi variate statistical methods part 2 measures

Trounson, A.O.; Leeton, J.F.; Wood, C.; Webb, J.; Kovacs, G., 1980:
The investigation of idiopathic infertility by in vitro fertilization

Opalic P.; Stefanovic M., 1985:
The investigation of influences of some institutional therapeutic and general group dynamic factors on the treatment effects in a small group of psychotic inpatients

Mauersberger G.; Goerner M., 1980:
The investigation of inner habitat structures and their relevance for the protection of species and communities

Bobowicz, M.A.; Szweykowski, J.; Waligora, D., 1981:
The investigation of intra populational variability of chromosomes in tragopogon heterospermus on dune habitats of torun valley poland 1. cytological analysis

Bobowicz, M.A.; Szweykowski, J., 1981:
The investigation of intra populational variability of chromosomes in tragopogon heterospermus on dune habitats of torun valley poland 2. statistical analysis

Zhenshan J.; E.A., 1987:
The investigation of kashin bek disease epidemiology in a recently discovered region

Woods K.L.; Cove D.H.; Morrison J.M.; Heath D.A., 1979:
The investigation of lact albumin as a possible marker for human breast cancer

Schuler D.; Szollar J.; Koos R.; Szakmary E.; Bogathy B., 1981:
The investigation of late cyto genetic effects in children with acute leukemia in long remission and off all chemo therapy

Ulrich, L., 1978:
The investigation of lead levels in vertebra and rib samples

Turkan I., 1986:
The investigation of lead zinc and cadmium pollution in the plants growing along the motor roads of izmir and environment turkey

Han G Q.; Chang M.N.; Hwang S B., 1986:
The investigation of lignans from sargentodoxa cuneata

Pilyashenko Novokhatnyi A.I.; Monosov E.Z.; Grigoryan A.N.; Gvozdev R.I., 1983:
The investigation of methane mono oxygenase from methylococcus capsulatus

Cetrangolo, A.; Isola, N.C.; De-Marchesini, L.S.; Di-Lonardo, M.; Ambroggi, M., 1976:
The investigation of mycobacterium tuberculosis in pleural fluids and biopsies

Minford J.E.; Hardy J.G.; Johnston D.I.; Wastie M.L., 1984:
The investigation of neo natal obstructive jaundice using iodine 123 rose bengal

Smith, J.M., 1976:
The investigation of opportunistic mycoses: a review

Kallweit, P., 1977:
The investigation of organochlor in pesticide residues in feeds

Pugachev K.K.; Yakubovskaya R.I.; Shimbireva I.B.; Avdeev G.I., 1986:
The investigation of organospecific human intestinal antigens revealed in tumors

Mirosevic N., 1981:
The investigation of pollen germination of grapevine cultivar moslavac bijeli

Kalinovic I.; Pivar G.A.; Guenther K.K., 1980:
The investigation of psocoptera in the special zoological reservation kopacki rit in baranya yugoslavia

Costello, C.E.; Brodack, J.W.; Jones, A.G.; Davison, A.; Johnson, D.L.; Kasina, S.; Fritzberg, A.R., 1983:
The investigation of radio pharmaceutical components by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry the identification of bis n 2 6 di methylphenylcarbamoylmethyliminodiaceto technetate iii and the epimers of oxo n n' 1 carboxyethylenebis 2 mercaptoacetimido technetate v

Koopman, J.S., 1979:
The investigation of related cases for the control of diarrhea in cities in developing countries

Buirski G., 1987:
The investigation of sciatica and low back pain syndromes current trends

Fisher L.J.; Mackay V.G., 1983:
The investigation of sodium bi carbonate or bentonite as supplements in silages fed to lactating cows

Sarsunova M.; Perina Z.; Kisonova K., 1985:
The investigation of stability of injections with local anesthetics

Clint, G.M., 1985:
The investigation of stomatal ionic relations using guard cell protoplasts i. methodology

Clint, G.M., 1985 :
The investigation of stomatal ionic relations using guard cell protoplasts ii. osmotic relations of guard cell protoplasts in short term and long term incubation

Osborne, H.H.; Hollaway, M.R., 1975:
The investigation of substrate induced changes in subunit interactions in glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenases ec by measurement of the kinetics and thermodynamics of subunit exchange

Aksut G.; Aksut S.V.; Sarikaya Y., 1986:
The investigation of technetium 99m tin n acetyl dl norleucine and technetium 99m tin n acetyl l tyrosine complexes using electrophoresis and gel filtration techniques

Igrc, J., 1987:
The investigation of the beetle zygogramma suturalis f. as a potential agent for the biological control of common ragweed

Ahn C.N.; Cha Y.H.; Lee S.C.; Kang T.H., 1987:
The investigation of the content heavy metals and microelements of feed in korea

Cha, Y.H.; Kang, T.H., 1986:
The investigation of the content of structural carbohydrates in roughages produced in korea i. the content of structural carbohydrates in forage

Mashko, S.V.; Mironov, A.A.; Sorokin, A.V.; Bratus', A.S.; Kozlov-Yu, I.; Debabov, V.G., 1981:
The investigation of the dna ligase catalyzed dna fragments joining kinetics 2. heterogeneous mixture of fragments optimization of the reaction conditions

Ferris J.P.; Yanagawa H.; Dudgeon P.A.; Hagan W.J.Jr; Mallare T.E., 1984:
The investigation of the hydrogen cyanide derivative diiminosuccinonitrile as a prebiotic condensing agent the formation of phosphate esters

Kwella M.; Weissbach F., 1984:
The investigation of the internal mycoflora of cereal grains for the estimation of quality

Tsutsaeva A.A.; Lobasenko N.P., 1988:
The investigation of the morphofunctional properties of monocyte and macrophage elements of the peritoneal exudate of irradiated mice after the transplantation of the native and cryopreserved bone marrow

Mattheus A.; Heise H., 1984:
The investigation of the motility of spermatozoa

Vladzimirs'ka O.V.; Soronovych I.I.; Rudyi R.V.; Khveshchuk L.H., 1984:
The investigation of the new anti leukemic drug hydroxy urea and its transformation products/

Tazuya K.; Morisaki M.; Yamada K.; Katagi T.; Kumaoka H., 1985:
The investigation of the origin of the methyl groups attached to the pyrimidine and thiazole moieties of thiamin

Cerikcioglu N.; Gunalp A., 1984:
The investigation of the penicillinase enzyme and the penicillinase plasmid in staphylococcus aureus strains

Gulevskii A.K.; Nardid O.A., 1987:
The investigation of the permeability of erythrocyte membranes frozen thawed in media containing nonpermeable and permeable cryoprotectants

Koeckeritz C., 1987:
The investigation of the psycho social situation of arthrosis patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients in old age

Guchok V.M., 1986:
The investigation of the toxicity of 1 2 propanediol and glycerol for young rats

Nivinskas, R.G.; Klausa, V.I.; Shalnene, V.Y. ; Shakalene, O.M., 1983:
The investigation of the transmission of bacterio phage t 4 amber mutants 2. the temperature sensitivity of multiplication of gene 26 amber mutants in escherichia coli b cells and the lack of such sensitivity in the case of gene 33

Shalnene, V.Y. ; Nivinskas, R.G., 1987:
The investigation of the transmission of bacteriophage t4 amber mutants iii. the temperature sensitivity of the multiplication of amber mutants in nonpermissive host is typical for the majority of phage tail genes

Shalnene, V.Y. ; Nivinskas, R.G., 1987:
The investigation of the transmission of bacteriophage t4 amber mutants iv. the spread of the phenomenon of temperature sensitivity of multiplication in non permissive cells of amber mutants in headgenes

Otieno, L.H.; Darji, N., 1987:
The investigation of Trypanosoma brucei isolates obtained from Glossina pallidipes in South Nyanza, Kenya

Gueth V.; Steinhausen D.; Abbink F., 1984:
The investigation of walking in patients with cerebral palsy by the electromyogram using surface electrodes

Chang C P., 1988:
The investigation on insect and other animal pests on grapevine and their seasonal occurrences in taiwan

Gorski W.; Jakuczun B.; Nitecki C.; Petryna A., 1979:
The investigation on the oil pollution caused mortality of waterfowl on polish baltic coast 1975 1976

Djokic A.; Ciraj F., 1981:
The investigations during 3 years of physiological and productive properties of new wheat varieties

Danilovicj V.; Azanjats R.; Petrovicj M.; Jurovicj M.; Nogicj S.; Mijovicj M.; Stojanovicj Z., 1979:
The investigations of allergic condition in inhabitants of the village of kusici and ivanjica yugoslavia

Bozhovicj B.; Devecherski M.; Petrovicj M.; Trbojevicj B.; Nogicj S., 1979:
The investigations of endocrine system in inhabitants of the village of kusici and ivanjica yugoslavia

Janas J.; Mikolajczak J.; Podkowka W., 1985:
The investigations of the feeding value of one gram varieties of sugar fodder beets in swine feeding

Cvjetkovic B., 1981:
The investigations of the possibilities for control of uncinula necator the powdery mildew on the grapevine

Jiang, C.; Xu, L.; Xie, G., 1986:
The investigations on actinomycete populations and sources in some area in yunnan china ii. the cell wall compositions of micromonospora and streptomyces strains from various ecological environments

Mert H.H.; Arik Y., 1983:
The investigations on the totipotency and regeneration capabilities of the saintpaulia ionantha explants

Zelig, M.; Beidleman, W.B., 1981:
The investigative use of hypnosis: a word of caution

Preston F.W., 1979:
The invisible birds

Sanberg, P.R.; Glass, L.D., 1976:
The invisible leash a practical application of the self stimulation phenomenon

Humber J.M., 1981:
The involuntary commitment and treatment of mentally ill persons

Berman, A.; Herszenson, S.; Winkelmann, R.K., 1982:
The involuting lichenoid plaque

Steinmann G.G.; Klaus B.; Muller Hermelink H K., 1985:
The involution of the aging human thymic epithelium is independent of puberty a morphometric study

Serban M.; Neagu L.; Racovita G.; Alb M., 1986:
The involution of the exopodite of the second antenna of the harpacticoids analysis using the methods of numerical taxonomy

Geyer H.; Oettli Rahm S.; Augsburger H., 1986:
The involution of the mammary glands in goats histological and histochemical investigation at different times of drying off

Wille K H., 1988:
The involution of the villi in the fetal large intestine and the occurrence of intraepithelial meconium corpuscles

Kaye, N.M.C.; Jolles, P., 1978:
The involvement of 1 of the 3 histidine residues of cow kappa casein in the chymosin ec initiated milk clotting process

Sugimura K.; Nakanishi K.; Maeda K.; Kashiwamura S I.; Suemura M.; Shiho O.; Yamamura Y.; Kishimoto T., 1982:
The involvement of 2 distinct subsets of t cells for the expression of the immuno globulin e class specific suppression establishment and characterization of phosphoryl choline specific t 15 idiotype positive t hybridomas and immuno globulin e class specific antigen nonspecific t hybridomas

D.C.erck F.; Xhonneux B.; Leysen J.; Janssen P.A.J., 1984:
The involvement of 5 hydroxy tryptamine receptor sites in the activation of cat platelets

Van-Der-Hofstad, G.A.J.M.; Foekens, J.A.; Bosch, L.; Voorma, H.O., 1977:
The involvement of a complex between formylmethionyl transfer rna and initiation factor 2 in prokaryotic initiation

Katiyar S.S.; Porter J.W., 1982:
The involvement of a lysine residue at the active site of the enoyl reductase of pigeon liver fatty acid synthetase

Padilla M., 1984:
The involvement of a neurohormone in the in vitro germinal vesicle breakdown of the oocyte of the clam venus antiqua antiqua

Marshall C.J.; Vousden K.; Ozanne B., 1985:
The involvement of activated ras genes in determining the transformed phenotype

Perkins M.N.; Forster P.L.; Dray A., 1988:
The involvement of afferent nerve terminals in the stimulation of ion transport by bradykinin in rat isolated colon

Slavik M.F.; Skeeles J.K.; Meinecke C.F.; Holloway L., 1981:
The involvement of alcaligenes faecalis in turkeys submitted for diagnosis as detected by bacterial isolation and micro agglutination test

Groeneveld H.W.; Elings J., 1984:
The involvement of amino acids in latex lipid synthesis in euphorbia lathyris seedlings

Richter M.L.; Homann P.H., 1984:
The involvement of amino groups in electron transfer between plastocyanin and p 700 in photosystem i subchloroplast particles

Van Den Tweel W.J.J.; Smits J.P.; Ogg R.L.H.P.; D.B.nt J.A.M., 1988:
The involvement of an enantioselective transaminase in the metabolism of d 3 and d 4 hydroxyphenylglycine in pseudomonas putida lw 4

Hafez M.; Abdel Rahman H., 1982:
The involvement of an endogenous circadian rhythm in photoperiodic timing in acrochaetium asparagopsis rhodophyta acrochaetiales

Julicher, R.H.; van der Laarse, A.; Sterrenberg, L.; Bloys van Treslong, C.H.; Bast, A.; Noordhoek, J., 1985:
The involvement of an oxidative mechanism in the adriamycin induced toxicity in neonatal rat heart cell cultures

Haimovici, M.; Blaquier, J.A., 1975:
The involvement of androgens in the control of epididymal protein synthesis and amino acid transport in the rat

Jensen P.J., 1983:
The involvement of antigen presenting cells and suppressor cells in the uv radiation induced inhibition of secondary cyto toxic t cell sensitization

Goldstein R., 1984:
The involvement of arginine vasotocin in the maturation of the kitten brain

Boag, S.; Jenkins, C.L., 1986:
The Involvement of Aspartate and Glutamate in the Decarboxylation of Malate by Isolated Bundle Sheath Chloroplasts from Zea mays

Hardcastle, J.; Hardcastle, P.T., 1986:
The involvement of basolateral potassium channels in the intestinal response to secretagogues in the rat

Nohl H.; Jordan W., 1987:
The involvement of biological quinones in the formation of hydroxyl radicals via the haber weiss reaction

Philo, R.; Reiter, R.J., 1981:
The involvement of brain amines in pinealectomy induced convulsions in the gerbil meriones unguiculatus 1. serotonin

Masek K.; Kadlecova O.; Petrovicky P., 1985:
The involvement of brain structures in the adjuvant effect of muramyl dipeptide

Melloni, E.; Pontremoli, S.; Michetti, M.; Sacco, O.; Sparatore, B.; Horecker, B.L., 1986:
The involvement of calpain in the activation of protein kinase C in neutrophils stimulated by phorbol myristic acid

Paseshnichenko V.A.; Guseva A.R.; Vasil'eva I.S., 1983:
The involvement of carbon 14 di oxide and carbon 14 labeled sucrose in biosynthesis of deltofolin in the leaves of dioscorea deltoidea

Geren, L.; Tuls, J.; O'Brien, P.; Millett, F.; Peterson, J.A., 1986:
The involvement of carboxylate groups of putidaredoxin in the reaction with putidaredoxin reductase

Kamisaki Y.; Waldman S.A.; Murad F., 1986:
The involvement of catalytic site thiol groups in the activation of soluble guanylate cyclase by sodium nitroprusside

Watanabe, H.; Watanabe, K.; Hagino, K., 1978:
The involvement of catecholamine in scopolamine induced loco motor activation and rotational behavior in mice

Turski, W.; Czuczwar, S.J.; Turski, L.; Kleinrok, Z., 1982:
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The involvement of stromal atp in maintaining the ph gradient across the chloroplast envelope in the light

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The involvement of sugars and magnesium ion in the attachment of phagocytic cells to ascaris suum juveniles

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The involvement of thalamic nuclei in the formation of conditional avoidance reflexes in rats part 2 lesions of the midline nuclei

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Salcedo G.; Sanchez Monge R.; Aragoncillo C., 1982:
The isolation and characterization of low molecular weight hydrophobic salt soluble proteins from barley

Barling P.M.; John M.J.; Walsh J.R.; Niall H.D., 1985:
The isolation and characterization of lysozyme from human fetal membranes a comparison with the enzyme from other sources

Johnson, J.P.; Contag, I.; Wank, R., 1987:
The isolation and characterization of murine monoclonal antibodies directed to polymorphic epitopes on HLA antigens

Tomsett, A.B.; Garrett, R.H., 1980:
The isolation and characterization of mutants defective in nitrate assimilation in Neurospora crassa

Bond, V.C.; Person, S.; Warner, S.C., 1982:
The isolation and characterization of mutants of herpes simplex virus type 1 that induce cell fusion

Chapman C.A.; Banks B.E.C.; Vernon C.A.; Walker J.M., 1981:
The isolation and characterization of nerve growth factor from the prostate gland of the guinea pig

Nisson P.E.; Lawrence C.W., 1986:
The isolation and characterization of ngm 2 a mutation that affects nitrosoguanidine mutagenesis in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Joho M.; Imada Y.; Murayama T., 1987:
The isolation and characterization of nickel resistant mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Parish, R.W., 1975:
The isolation and characterization of peroxisomes microbodies from bakers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kabir, S., 1978:
The isolation and characterization of plasma membranes from calf thymocytes

Perdue, J.F., 1971:
The isolation and characterization of plasma membranes from cultured cells part 3 the atp dependent accumulation of calcium ion by chick embryo fibroblasts

Castle, A.G.; Crawford, N., 1977:
The isolation and characterization of platelet micro tubule proteins

Hoeksema, H.; Lewis, C.; Mizsak, S.A.; Shiley, J.A.; Wait, D.R.; Whaley, H.A.; Zurenko, G.E., 1978:
The isolation and characterization of rubradirin B

Chiţu, M.; Ciufecu, C.; Năcescu, N., 1977:
The isolation and characterization of some vibrio parahaemolyticus strains isolated from salted herring and roe

Pentchev, P.G.; Brady, R.O.; Gal, A.E.; Hibbert, S.R., 1977:
The isolation and characterization of sphingomyelinase from human placental tissue

Aly, M.M., 1978:
The isolation and characterization of square planar square pyramidal and octahedral copper ii complexes with mixed ligands

D.Beighton, R.R.B.Russell, H.Hayday, 1981:
The isolation and characterization of streptococcus mutans serotype h from dental plaque of monkeys macaca fascicularis

Rhodes, R.K.; Miller, E.J., 1979:
The isolation and characterization of the cyanogen bromide peptides from the B chain of human collagen

Morimoto, C.; Letvin, N.L.; Boyd, A.W.; Hagan, M.; Brown, H.M.; Kornacki, M.M.; Schlossman, S.F., 1985:
The isolation and characterization of the human helper inducer T cell subset

Morimoto, C.; Letvin, N.L.; Distaso, J.A.; Aldrich, W.R.; Schlossman, S.F., 1985:
The isolation and characterization of the human suppressor inducer T cell subset

Carasco, J.F.; Croy, R.; Derbyshire, E.; Boulter, D., 1978:
The isolation and characterization of the major poly peptides of the seed globulin of cowpea vigna unguiculata and their sequential synthesis in developing seeds/

Borchardt, R.T.; Oslen, J.; Eiden, L.; Schowen, R.L.; Rutledge, C.O., 1978:
The isolation and characterization of the methyl acceptor protein from adrenal chromaffin granules

Fraser, M.J.; Hink, W.F., 1982:
The isolation and characterization of the MP and FP plaque variants of Galleria mellonella nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Brown, R.H.; Bellingham, F.; Stevenson, J., 1972:
The isolation and characterization of the plasma membrane from halobacterium salinarium

Burtnick, L.D.; Mccubbin, W.D.; Kay, C.M., 1976:
The isolation and characterization of the tropo myosin binding component of bovine cardiac troponin

Wang X F.; P.Q.L.; Chen J Y.; Wei R F.; Jiang D Q., 1985:
The isolation and characterization of triterpenoid constituents from maytenus confertiflora

Bisset, K.A.; Bartlett, R., 1978:
The isolation and characters of l forms and reversions of bacillus licheniformis var endoparasiticus associated with the erythrocytes of clinically normal persons

Catt J.W., 1979:
The isolation and chemical composition of the zygo spore cell wall of chlamydomonas reinhardii

Clark, R.C., 1970:
The isolation and composition of 2 phospho proteins from hens egg

Graham E.R.B.; Malcolm G.N.; Mckenzie H.A., 1984:
The isolation and conformation of bovine beta casein a 1

Shanghai-Acad-Agric-Inst-Anim-Husb-Vet-Med-Group, 1975:
The isolation and cultivation of a mycoplasma the causative agent of enzootic pneumonia of swine

Theodoridis A.; Prozesky L.; Els H.J., 1979:
The isolation and cultivation of calf rotavirus in south africa

Mii M.; Seeni S.; Fowke L.C.; King J., 1985:
The isolation and cultivation of protoplasts from cell suspensions of a pantothenate requiring auxotroph of datura

Hauser, P.; Vaes, G., 1978:
The isolation and cultivation of rabbit bone marrow mononuclear phagocytes

Feldman, L.J.; Torrey, J.G., 1976:
The isolation and culture in vitro of the quiescent center of zea mays

Schor A.M.; Schor S.L., 1986:
The isolation and culture of endothelial cells and pericytes from the bovine retinal microvasculature a comparative study with large vessel vascular cells

Crepy L.; Chupeau M C.; Chupeau Y., 1982:
The isolation and culture of leaf protoplasts of cichorium intybus and their regeneration into plants

Bekkaoui, F.; Saxena, P.K.; Attree, S.M.; Fowke, L.C.; Dunstan, D.I., 1987:
The isolation and culture of protoplasts from an embryogenic cell suspension culture of Picea glauca (moench) voss

Depta H.; Robinson D.G., 1986:
The isolation and enrichment of coated vesicles from suspension cultured carrot daucus carota cells

Coates J.B.; Davies D.D., 1983:
The isolation and examination of protein samples of known age for the study of selectivity of protein degradation in lemna minor

Manning A.M.; Ting G.S.; Mansfield B.C.; Trotman C.N.A.; Tate W.P., 1986:
The isolation and faithful translation of artemia naupliar hemoglobin messenger dna

Harbeck R.J.; Hoffman A.A.; Redecker S.; Biundo T.; Kurnick J., 1982:
The isolation and functional activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and lymphocytes separated from whole blood on a single percoll density gradient

Cronin, P.S.; Sing, A.P.; Glimcher, L.H.; Kelley, V.E.; Reinisch, C.L., 1984:
The isolation and functional characterization of autoimmune clones expressing inappropriate Ia

Tanner, M.J.; Gray, W.R., 1971:
The isolation and functional identification of a protein from the human erythrocyte 'ghost'

Auerbach J.; Howard Flanders P., 1979:
The isolation and genetic characteristics of lambda transducing phages of the uvra and uvrc genes of escherichia coli k 12

Carlton, B.C.; Whitt, D.D., 1969:
The isolation and genetic characterization of mutants of the tryptophan system of Bacillus subtilis

Falk D.R.; Deboer E.A.IIi, 1980:
The isolation and genetic characterization of x linked mutations that affect pyrimidine metabolism in drosophila melanogaster

Fitzsimons A.G.; Smith R.V., 1984:
The isolation and growth of axenic cultures of planktonic blue green algae

Hanson, R.F.; Williams, G., 1971:
The isolation and identification of 3 alpha 7 alpha di hydroxy 5 beta cholestan 26 oic acid from human bile

Felton J.S.; Knize M.G.; Shen N.H.; Lewis P.R.; Andresen B.D.; Happe J.; Hatch F.T., 1986:
The isolation and identification of a new mutagen from fried ground beef 2 amino 1 methyl 6 phenylimidazo 4 5 b pyridine

Arayne, M.S.; Saify, Z.S.; Naim, Z., 1976:
The isolation and identification of active principles from fagonia cretica identification of fatty acids by thin layer chromatography

Zhang H.; Guo S., 1983:
The isolation and identification of alfalfa mosaic virus strain causing potato calico

Chen M J.; Hou L L.; Zhu H., 1980:
The isolation and identification of alkaloids from alangium salviifolium

Adesina M.K.; Ette E.I., 1982:
The isolation and identification of anti convulsant agents from clausena anisata and afraegle paniculata

Duerden, B.I., 1980:
The isolation and identification of Bacteroides spp. from the normal human gingival flora

Couture, M.L.; Freund, M.; Katubig, C.P., 1980:
The isolation and identification of exfoliated prostate cells from human semen

Casey P.S., 1982:
The isolation and identification of fungi on ethnographic artifacts

Hasegawa, M.; Fukuda, N.; Higuchi, H.; Noguchi, S.; Matsubara, I., 1977:
The isolation and identification of gamma glutamyl peptides from l glutamic acid fermentation broths and their actions to the crystallization of the amino acid

Park J.M.; Kim J.Y.; Byeon J.O.; Kim B.H., 1985:
The isolation and identification of haemophilus pleuropneumoniae in the pig

Jackson A.H.; Jenkins R.T.; Grinstein M.; Ferramola D.S.ncovich A M.; Sancovich H.A., 1988:
The isolation and identification of indigoid pigments from urine

Hazrati, A.; Amjadi, A.R., 1975:
The isolation and identification of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus in iran

Hou S S.; L.X.M.; W.Y.L.; Shong T L.; Chen L.; L.H.L., 1988:
The isolation and identification of jatrorrhizine from cell cultures of berberis julianae schneid

Nagano H.; Omori M.; Shouji Z., 1987:
The isolation and identification of leavening bacteria enterobacter cloacae of wheat flour dough from soaking water of sliced apple

Burns, B.G.; Gilgan, M.W., 1977:
The isolation and identification of makisterone a from the yew taxus cuspidata

Wilton, J.M.A.; Renggli, H.H.; Lehner, T., 1976:
The isolation and identification of mononuclear cells from the gingival crevice in man

M.Q.Z.; L.Q.X., 1982:
The isolation and identification of morin and morin calcium chelate compound from artocarpus pithecogallus and artocarpus heterophyllus

Banks, B.E.; Hanson, J.M.; Sinclair, N.M., 1976:
The isolation and identification of noradrenaline and dopamine from the venom of the honey bee, Apis mellifica

Hou S S.; Wang G L.; Xia K M., 1982:
The isolation and identification of phyto ecdysones from dacrydium pierrei

Rusan, M.; Grunberg, N.; Vitalariu, C., 1983:
The isolation and identification of some myco toxins from trichothecium roseum 1. the separation and identification of some furocoumarins from trichothecium roseum cultures

Grunberg, N.; Rusan, M.; Vitalariu, C., 1983:
The isolation and identification of some myco toxins from trichothecium roseum 2. the isolation and the identification of t 2 toxin from trichothecium roseum

Meyer, A.S.; Hanzmann, E.; Schneiderman, H.A.; Gilbert, L.I.; Boyette, M., 1970:
The isolation and identification of the 2 juvenile hormones from the cecropia silk moth

Mcdowell P.G.; Whitehead D.L.; Chaudhury M.F.B.; Snow W.F., 1981:
The isolation and identification of the cuticular sex stimulant pheromone of the tsetse glossina pallidipes diptera glossinidae

Cumming C.G.; Hay A.J.; Ross P.W.; Poxton I.R., 1983:
The isolation and immunochemical characterization of a cell wall carbohydrate and a membrane lipo carbohydrate antigen of group b streptococci type ii

Kedra Luboinska M.; Zamecka E.; Porembska Z., 1988:
The isolation and immunological properties of two arginase forms from human erythrocytes

Morrison M.R.; Griffin W.S.T., 1981:
The isolation and in vitro translation of undegraded messenger rna from human post mortem brain

Busch Petersen E.; Wood R.J., 1986:
The isolation and inheritance of dieldrin resistance in the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata wiedemann diptera tephritidae

De-Vries, G.H.; Hadfield, M.G.; Cornbrooks, C., 1976:
The isolation and lipid composition of myelin free axons from rat central nervous system

Hedger M.P.; Robertson D.M.; Browne C.A.; D.K.etser D.M., 1985:
The isolation and measurement of lhrh from the rat testis

Pazur, J.H.; Okada, S., 1968:
The isolation and mode of action of a bacterial enz glucanosyl transferase bacillus

Caballero P.; Fronczek F.R.; Fischer N.H.; Fernandez S.; Hernandez E., 1984:
The isolation and molecular structure of lupeol beta phenylpropionate from cnidosculos elasticus

Maddon P.J.; Littman D.R.; Godfrey M.; Maddon D.E.; Chess L.; Axel R., 1985:
The isolation and nucleotide sequence of a complementary dna encoding the t cell surface protein t 4 a new member of the immunoglobulin gene family

Lester, R.L.; Smith, S.W.; Wells, G.B.; Rees, D.C.; Angus, W.W., 1974:
The isolation and partial characterization of 2 novel sphingo lipids from neurospora crassa di inositol phosphoryl ceramide and tri galacto gluco ceramide

Grankowski N.; Lehmusvirta D.; Stearns G.B.; Kramer G.; Hardesty B., 1980:
The isolation and partial characterization of 2 substrate specific protein activators of the reticulocyte phospho protein phosphatase

Osterhaus, A.D.; Yang, H.; Spijkers, H.E.; Groen, J.; Teppema, J.S.; van Steenis, G., 1985:
The isolation and partial characterization of a highly pathogenic herpesvirus from the harbor seal (Phoca vitulina)

Hogg S.D.; Embery G., 1979:
The isolation and partial characterization of a sulfated glyco protein from human whole saliva which aggregates strains of streptococcus sanguis but not streptococcus mutans

Niessing J.; Erbil C.; Neubauer V., 1982:
The isolation and partial characterization of linked alpha a globin and alpha d globin genes from a duck dna recombinant library

Robbins, J.; Rosteck, P.; Haynes, J.R.; Freyer, G.; Cleary, M.L.; Kalter, H.D.; Smith, K.; Lingrel, J.B., 1979:
The isolation and partial characterization of recombinant DNA containing genomic globin sequences from the goat

Stewart, G.R.; Stevenson, K.J., 1973:
The isolation and partial characterization of rnase a from bison bison

Tate, K., 1982:
The isolation and partial characterization of the cyanogen bromide peptides from human transferrin

Cogdell R.J.; Durant I.; Valentine J.; Lindsay J.G.; Schmidt K., 1983:
The isolation and partial characterization of the light harvesting pigment protein complement of rhodopseudomonas acidophila

Carlson, R.W.; Shatters, R.; Duh, J.L.; Turnbull, E.; Hanley, B.; Rolfe, B.G.; Djordjevic, M.A., 1987:
The Isolation and Partial Characterization of the Lipopolysaccharides from Several Rhizobium trifolii Mutants Affected in Root Hair Infection

Light, N.D., 1977:
The isolation and partial characterization of transferrin binding components of the rabbit reticulocyte plasma membrane

Lanham P.G.; Houghton J.A., 1988:
The isolation and partial characterization of uv sensitive mutants of synechococcus pcc7943 anacystis nidulans 602

Walker J.M.; Gooderham K.; Johns E.W., 1979:
The isolation and partial sequence of peptides produced by cyanogen bromide cleavage of calf thymus nonhistone chromosomal high mobility group protein 2 sequence homology with nonhistone chromosomal high mobility group protein 1

Cox, R.; Masson, W.K., 1976:
The isolation and preliminary characterization of 6 thio guanine resistant mutants of human di ploid fibroblasts

Cybinski, D.H.; Zakrzewski, H., 1983:
The isolation and preliminary characterization of a rhabdovirus in Australia related to bovine ephemeral fever virus

Ashton, N.W.; Cove, D.J., 1977:
The isolation and preliminary characterization of auxotrophic and analog resistant mutants of the moss physcomitrella patens

Skerrow, D., 1977:
The isolation and preliminary characterization of human pre keratin

Allen, M.B.; Walker, D.G., 1980:
The isolation and preliminary characterization of n acetyl d glucosamine kinase ec from rat kidney and liver

Chu, L.K.; Sisken, J.E., 1977:
The isolation and preliminary electrophoretic analyses of the mitotic spindle from cultured mammalian cells

Swann D.A.; Mintz G., 1979:
The isolation and properties of a 2nd glyco protein from the articular lubricating fraction from bovine synovial fluid

Pichinoty, F.; Bigliardi-Rouvier, J.; Mandel, M.; Greenway, B.; Méténier, G.; Garcia, J.L., 1976:
The isolation and properties of a denitrifying bacterium of the genus Flavobacterium

Kawakita K.; Kojima M., 1983:
The isolation and properties of a factor in taro colocasia esculenta cultivar shiro tuber that agglutinates spores of ceratocystis fimbriata black rot fungus

Downs, F.; Harris, R.; Herp, A., 1976:
The isolation and properties of a glyco protein from hamster submaxillary gland

Roberts, N.B.; Taylor, W.H., 1978:
The isolation and properties of a non-pepsin proteinase from human gastric mucosa

Hudgin, R.L.; Pricer, W.E.J. ; Ashwell, G.; Stockert, R.J.; Morell, A.G., 1974:
The isolation and properties of a rabbit liver binding protein specific for asialo glyco proteins

Arora D.J.S.; Vincent L.; Hill Schubert J., 1980:
The isolation and properties of a rnase associated with influenza virus

Levi C.; Durbin R.D., 1986 :
The isolation and properties of a tabtoxin hydrolyzing aminopeptidase from the periplasm of pseudomonas syringae pathovar tabaci

Palmer, F.B.; Dawson, R.M., 1969:
The isolation and properties of experimental allergic encephalitogenic protein

Wilson J.S.; Korsten M.A.; Lieber C.S., 1984:
The isolation and properties of mitochondria from rat pancreas

Woo, S.L.C.; Gillam, S.S.; Woolf, L.I., 1974:
The isolation and properties of phenyl alanine hydroxylase ec from human liver

Gillam, S.S.; Woo, S.L.C.; Woolf, L.I., 1974:
The isolation and properties of phenyl alanine hydroxylase ec from rat liver

May, M.E.; Fish, W.W., 1977:
The isolation and properties of porcine ferritin and apo ferritin

Tamaki S I.; Matsuda Y.; Tsubo Y., 1981:
The isolation and properties of the lytic enzyme of the cell wall released by mating gametes of chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Conn G.; Hatcher V.B., 1984:
The isolation and purification of 2 anionic endothelial cell growth factors from human brain

Kim K.; Kim I.H.; Lee K Y.; Rhee S.G.; Stadtman E.R., 1988:
The isolation and purification of a specific protector protein which inhibits enzyme inactivation by a thiol iron iii oxygen mixed function oxidation system

Treves A.J.; Yagoda D.; Haimovitz A.; Ramu N.; Rachmilewitz D.; Fuks Z., 1980:
The isolation and purification of human peripheral blood monocytes in cell suspension

Wortman M.J.; Segal A., 1981:
The isolation and purification of mouse epidermal nuclei

Nakazato, H.; Edmonds, M., 1972:
The isolation and purification of rapidly labeled polysome bound rna on poly thymidylate cellulose

Eropkin M.Yu, 1986:
The isolation and purification of the low molecular weight protein trypsin inhibitor from chicken egg whites

Dickson, S.J.; Cairns, E.R.; Blazey, N.D., 1977:
The isolation and quantitation of insulin in post mortem specimens a case report

Browne H.M.; Dowsett A.B.; Gibson R.K.; Peberdy J.F., 1987:
The isolation and regeneration of protoplast from lipomyces starkeyi an oleaginous yeast

Bunnett, N.W.; Reeve, J.R.; Dimaline, R.; Shively, J.E.; Hawke, D.; Walsh, J.H., 1984:
The isolation and sequence analysis of vasoactive intestinal peptide from a ganglioneuroblastoma

Jongstra, J.; Schall, T.J.; Dyer, B.J.; Clayberger, C.; Jorgensen, J.; Davis, M.M.; Krensky, A.M., 1987:
The isolation and sequence of a novel gene from a human functional T cell line

Herbert, R.A.; Tanner, A.C., 1977:
The isolation and some characteristics of photosynthetic bacteria chromatiaceae and chlorobiaceae from antarctic marine sediments

Sabnis, D.D.; Hart, J.W., 1978:
The isolation and some properties of a lectin hem agglutinin from cucurbita maxima phloem exudate

Smigán, P.; Greksák, M.; Cerná, S.; Boda, K., 1984 :
The isolation and some properties of dairy cow liver mitochondria

Bollinger, P.; Zardin-Tartaglia, T., 1976:
The isolation and structural elucidation of microline

Porter, T.H.; Mabry, T.J.; Yoshioka, H.; Fischer, N.H., 1970:
The isolation and structure determination of artemisiifolin a new germacranolide from ambrosia artemisiifolia d compositae d

Caprasse, M.; Angenot, L.; Tavernier, D.; Anteunis, M.J., 1984:
The isolation and structure elucidation of Afrocurarine

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