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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6708

Chapter 6708 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Michel, K. H.; Demarco, P. V.; Nagarajan, R., 1977: The isolation and structure elucidation of macrocyclic lactone antibiotic a 26771b

Hoshino, O.; Zehavi, U.; Sinay, P.; Jeanloz, R. W., 1972: The isolation and structure identification of a di saccharide containing manno muramic acid from micrococcus lysodeikticus cell wall

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707002

Joshi, B. S.; Kamat, V. N.; Viswanathan, N., 1970: The isolation and structure of 2 bi flavones from garvinia talboti d

Holzapfel, C. W.; Hutchison, R. D.; Wilkins, D. C., 1970: The isolation and structure of 2 new indole derivatives from penicillium cyclopium

Okigawa, M.; Maeda, T.; Kawano, N., 1970: The isolation and structure of 3 new lignans from justicia procumbens var leucantha d

Gigli, I.; Von-Zabern, I.; Porter, R. R., 1977: The isolation and structure of human complement c 4

Clardy J., 1982: The isolation and structure of nahagenin

Liang G Y., 1987: The isolation and structure of roxburic acid

Atta Ur Rahman K.Z., 1984: The isolation and structure of strictimine a new piperidine alkaloid from the roots of rhazya stricta

Zheng Q T., 1987: The isolation and structure of the argutone a new bacteriostatic constituent of incarvillea arguta

Zhu Y L., 1985: The isolation and structure of three new diterpenes from tripterygium wilfordii

Jiang S H., 1987: The isolation and structure of triptonoterpenol

Turner, W. B., 1978: The isolation and structures of the fungal metabolites lapidosin and diversonol

Green, A. A.; Newell, P. C., 1974: The isolation and subfractionation of plasma membrane from the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

Jayanthi V.K., 1987: The isolation and synthesis of the lichen depside 4 o demethylmicrophyllinic acid

Jonard R., 1983: The isolation and the development in vitro of cassava mesophyll protoplasts manihot esculenta

Ida Y., 1984: The isolation and the physiology of methanococcus mazei c 44

Lafferty K.J., 1982: The isolation and transplantation of fetal mouse pro islets

Daniel, T. M.; Anderson, P. A., 1978: The isolation by immuno absorbent affinity chromatography and physicochemical characterization of mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen 5

Pollak, J. K.; Munn, E. A., 1970: The isolation by isopycnic density gradient centrifugation of 2 mitochondrial populations from livers of embryonic and fed and starved adult rats

Maraini G., 1984: The isolation by self forming gradients of percoll of plasma membrane enriched fractions from bovine retinal pigment epithelium

Williamson R., 1985: The isolation characterization and chromosomal assignment of the gene for human 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase

Kolhouse J.F., 1986: The isolation characterization and comparison of the membrane associated and soluble folate binding proteins from humans kb cells

Bannister J.V., 1985: The isolation characterization and kinetics of glutathione s transferase from human platelets

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707025

Johns E.W., 1980: The isolation characterization and partial sequences of the chicken erythrocyte nonhistone chromosomal proteins hmg 14 and hmg 17

Fosket D.E., 1987: The isolation characterization and sequence of two divergent beta tubulin genes from soybean glycine max l

Aksoz N., 1987: The isolation classification and some physiological properties of a protease producing bacterium

Outka D.E., 1980: The isolation culture and callus formation of soybean glycine max pod protoplasts

Hackett W.P., 1982: The isolation culture and division of protoplasts from citrus citrus sinensis cultivar valencia cotyledons

Reimer C.W., 1980: The isolation culture and identification of endo symbiotic diatoms from heterostegina depressa and amphistegina lessonii larger foraminifera from hawaii usa

Roth G., 1980: The isolation culture and morphology of the bacteria associated with ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane saccharum officinarum

Power, J. B.; Frearson, E. M.; George, D.; Evans, P. K.; Berry, S. F.; Hayward, C.; Cocking, E. C., 1976: The isolation culture and regeneration of leaf protoplasts in the genus petunia

Sink, K. C.; Power, J. B., 1977: The isolation culture and regeneration of leaf protoplasts of petunia parviflora

Littleton G.K., 1985: The isolation enrichment and comparative electron microscopic characterization of cellular components of the aged rat ventral prostate

Uzawa J., 1980: The isolation from myrothecium sp and long range selective proton de coupling carbon 13 nmr of rhizonic acid

Schneider D.L., 1979: The isolation from rat peritoneal leukocytes of plasma membrane enriched in alkaline phosphatase and a b type cytochrome

Hiratsuka Y., 1980: The isolation identification and bioassay of the anti fungal metabolites produced by monocillium nordinii

Wasserman S.I., 1982: The isolation identification and characterization of sulfated glycosamino glycans synthesized in vitro by human eosinophils

Landolt P.J., 1988: The isolation identification and synthesis of the alarm pheromone of vespula squamosa drury hymenoptera vespidae and associated behavior

Yoshida D., 1981: The isolation identification of mutation enhancing principles from cellulose pyrolysate

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707042

Canter, H. M.; Jaworski, G. H. M., 1978: The isolation maintenance and host range studies of a chytrid rhizophydium planktonicum parasitic on asterionella formosa

Williamson R., 1981: The isolation mapping and transcription in vitro of a beta 0 thalassemia globin gene

Matthews, P. R. J.; Sargent, A., 1977: The isolation mycobacteria from the brown hare lepus europaeus

Srivastava, H. C.; Ramalingam, K. V.; Doshi, N. M.; Chaudhari, A. S., 1970: The isolation of 1 2 o ethylene derivatives of d glucose from o 2 hydroxy ethyl starch

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707047

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707048

Neidle A., 1979: The isolation of 2 di peptide hydrolases from mouse brain cytosol

Arlinghaus, R. B.; Polatnick, J., 1969: The isolation of 2 enzyme rna complexes involved in the synthesis of foot and mouth disease virus rna

Malinovskaya L.P., 1983: The isolation of 2 forms of dna dependent rna polymerases from the mycoplasma that causes wheat dwarf/

Walker, J. M.; Shooter, K. V.; Goodwin, G. H.; Johns, E. W., 1976: The isolation of 2 peptides from a nonhistone chromosomal protein showing irregular charge distribution within the molecule

Frieden, E. H.; Rawitch, A. B.; Wu, L. H. C.; Chen, S. W. C., 1980: The isolation of 2 proline containing relaxin species from a porcine relaxin concentrate

Uttenthal, L. O.; Hope, D. B., 1970: The isolation of 3 neurophysins from porcine posterior pituitary lobes

Johns E.W., 1980: The isolation of 3 new high mobility group nuclear proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707056

Schumacher, J. N., 1970: The isolation of 6 o acetyl 2 3 4 tri o plus 3 methylvaleryl beta d glucopyranose from tobacco d

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707058

Balakrishnan, C. V.; Langerman, N., 1977: The isolation of a bacterial glyco protein with luciferase activity

Wilfong, R. F.; Neville, D. M-Jr, 1970: The isolation of a brush border membrane fraction from rat kidney

Johnson, B. K.; Chanas, A. C.; Squires, E. J.; Shockley, P.; Simpson, D. I. H.; Smith, D. H., 1978: The isolation of a bwamba virus variant from man in western kenya

Carritt B., 1980: The isolation of a canavanine resistant mouse embryonal carcinoma cell line which has reduced arginine transport

Humphries S.E., 1983: The isolation of a clone for human alpha 1 anti trypsin and the detection of alpha 1 anti trypsin in messenger rna from liver and leukocytes

Davey, M. G.; Esnouf, M. P., 1969: The isolation of a component of the venom of trimeresurus okinavensis that causes the aggregation of blood platelets

Ellison S.A., 1982: The isolation of a family of cysteine containing phospho proteins from human submandibular sublingual saliva

Kirsch R.E., 1987: The isolation of a fetal rat liver glutathione s transferase isoenzyme with high glutathione peroxidase activity

Humphries S.E., 1984: The isolation of a genomic clone containing the apolipoprotein c ii gene and the detection of linkage disequilibrium between 2 common dna polymorphisms around the gene

Snoeren, T. H. M.; Van-Der-Spek, C. A., 1977: The isolation of a heat induced complex from ultra high temperature sterilized milk

Johnson, D.; Morgan, A. R., 1976: The isolation of a high molecular weight terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase from calf thymus

Chin, J. C.; Scott, K. J., 1977: The isolation of a high rooting cereal callus line by recurrent selection with 2 4 d

Sekas, G.; Cook, R. T., 1976: The isolation of a low molecular weight inhibitor of tritiated thymidine incorporation into hepatic dna

Young, D. V.; Nakano, E. T.; Wiggins, D. S.; Mcelaney, M. A., 1978: The isolation of a low molecular weight serum factor which enhances the viability of sv 3t3 cells

Bryan, J., 1970: The isolation of a major structural element of the sea urchin fertilization membrane

Williams J.W., 1984: The isolation of a mercuric ion reducing flavo protein from thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Hasan, M.; Uppal, M. Z.; Ali, K., 1978: The isolation of a minor alkaloid from solanum xanthocarpum fruits

Sankawa U., 1986: The isolation of a new class of isoflavonoid metabolites from sophora tomentosa

Grinstein, M.; Ferramola-De-Sancovich, A. M.; Sancovich, H. A., 1977: The isolation of a new compound from urine of humans with porphyria cutanea tarda

Carraway, R.; Leeman, S. E., 1973: The isolation of a new hypotensive peptide neurotensin from bovine hypothalami

Bush, R. S.; Sauer, F. D., 1976: The isolation of a new low potential iron containing electron transfer protein from rumen bacteria

Heckels, J. E.; Everson, J. S., 1978: The isolation of a new outer membrane protein from the parent strain of neisseria gonorrhoeae p 9

Cilliers J.A., 1987: The isolation of a paramyxovirus from pigeons in south africa

Atkinson T., 1987: The isolation of a peptide from the catalytic domain of bacillus stearothermophilus tryptophyll transfer rna synthetase the interaction of brown mx 5br with tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase

Kelly J.A., 1984: The isolation of a peptidyl di peptidase from mouse brain cytosol that cleaves acth 7 10 and destyrosine enkephalins

Fodor, I.; Kopylova-Sviridova, T. N.; Baev, A. A., 1975: The isolation of a protein factor increasing the infectiousness of lambda bacterio phage dna

Hill R.L., 1986: The isolation of a rat alveolar macrophage lectin

Lockett, M. F.; Retallack, R. W., 1972: The isolation of a renally active substance from arterial blood

Ellis, W. A.; O'brien, J. J.; Neill, S.; Hanna, J.; Bryson, D. G., 1977: The isolation of a strain of leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae from an aborted bovine fetus

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707088

Capecchi, M. R.; Vonder-Haar, R. A.; Capecchi, N. E.; Sveda, M. M., 1977: The isolation of a suppressible nonsense mutant in mammalian cells

Vickneshwara K., 1986: The isolation of a toxin from the dahlia sea anemone tealia felina

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707091

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707093

Sprecher H., 1979: The isolation of acyl coenzyme a derivatives as products of partial reactions in the microsomal chain elongation of fatty acids

Gibbs, E. P. J.; Taylor, W. P.; Lawman, M. J. P., 1977: The isolation of adenoviruses from goats affected with peste des petits ruminants in nigeria

Dorfman, B. Z., 1969: The isolation of adenylo succinate synthetase mutants in yeast by selection for constitutive behavior in pigmented strains

Calderon M., 1982: The isolation of alpha 1 protease inhibitor by a unique procedure designed for industrial application

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707099

Turner K.J., 1980: The isolation of an allergen from extracts of dermatophagoides pteronyssinus using a murine immuno globulin a myeloma with a specificity for phosphoryl choline

Buruiana L.M., 1980: The isolation of an anti tryptic factor from the seminal plasma of boar

Maurer P.H., 1982: The isolation of an antigen binding factor from cultured murine t lymphocytes

Craig I.W., 1983: The isolation of an antimycin a resistant human cell line

Jahans, K. L., 1978: The isolation of an atypical mycobacterium from 3 wood pigeons with tuberculosis like lesions

Gordon, E. R.; Dadoun, M.; Goresky, C. A.; Chan, T. H.; Perlin, A. S., 1974: The isolation of an azo bilirubin beta d mono glucoside from dog gallbladder bile

Maeda, N.; Takagi, K.; Tamiya, N.; Chen, Y. M.; Lee, C. Y., 1974: The isolation of an easily reversible post synaptic toxin from the venom of a sea snake laticauda semifasciata

Todaro G.J., 1979: The isolation of an endogenous retrovirus from the new world rodent dasyprocta punctata agouti

Reynolds, S.; Paranchych, W., 1976: The isolation of an infectious a protein rna complex from coli phage r 17

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707109

Vogt A., 1979: The isolation of an optimal small size immuno ferritin conjugate fraction

Stricker G., 1988: The isolation of angiotensin converting enzyme complementary dna

Grinstein, M.; Ferramola-De-Sancovich, A. M.; Sancovich, H. A., 1978: The isolation of another new compound from the urine of humans with porphyria cutanea tarda

Docherty J.J., 1986: The isolation of anti gum arabic antibodies by affinity chromatography

Brothers N., 1985: The isolation of arboviruses including a new flavivirus and a new bunyavirus from ixodes uriae ixodoidea ixodidae collected at macquarie island australia 1975 1979

King J., 1984: The isolation of auxotrophs from datura inoxia cell cultures following recovery of arsenate treated cells on feeder plates

Whiting D.A., 1986: The isolation of avenacins a 1 a 2 b 1 and b 2 chemical defenses against cereal take all disease structure of their aglycones the avenestergenins and their anhydro dimers

Watson K.F., 1979: The isolation of avian viral rna and poly peptides

Khogali, A. R., 1975: The isolation of bacteria and fungus from respiratory system of the fowl in sudan

Taiz, L.; Jones, R. L., 1971: The isolation of barley m aleurone protoplasts

Jackson F.R., 1983: The isolation of biological rhythm mutations on the autosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Loncarevic A., 1979: The isolation of bordetella bronchiseptica from pigs with acute rhinitis

Restrepo, A.; Arango, M.; Velez, H.; Uribe, L., 1976: The isolation of botryodiplodia theobromae from a nail lesion

Tzipori, S., 1975: The isolation of bovine ephemeral fever virus in cell cultures and evidence for auto interference

Chiu S.Y., 1986: The isolation of bovine ephemeral fever virus in taiwan in 1984

Verheul, F. E. A. M.; Boonman, J. C. P.; Draijer, J. W.; Muijsers, A. O.; Borden, D.; Tarr, G. E.; Margoliash, E., 1979: The isolation of bovine heart cytochrome c oxidase ec subunits dependence on phospho lipid and cholate content

Gradwell, D. V.; Schutte, A. P.; Van-Niekerk, C. A. W. J.; Roux, D. J., 1977: The isolation of brucella abortus biotype i from african buffalo in the kruger national park

Roux D., 1980: The isolation of brucella abortus biotype i from serologically positive reactors following on s 19 adult inoculation of dairy cows

Robertson, L.; Farrell, I. D.; Hinchliffe, P. M., 1977: The isolation of brucellae from contaminated sources a review

Sebesteny, A., 1978: The isolation of carbon di oxide requiring carboxyphilic type 1 pneumococcus streptococcus pneumoniae from diseased guinea pigs

Gutnick D., 1981: The isolation of cell surface mutants of acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain rag 1

Rehse-Kuepper, B.; Danielova, V.; Klenk, W.; Abar, B.; Ackermann, R., 1978: The isolation of central european encephalitis tick borne encephalitis virus from ixodes ricinus ticks in southern germany

Farooq, M.; Ferszt, R.; Moore, C. L.; Norton, W. T., 1977: The isolation of cerebral neurons with partial retention of processes

Smith, A. G.; Gilbert, J. D.; Harland, W. A.; Brooks, C. J. W., 1974: The isolation of cholest 5 ene 3 beta 26 diol from human brain

Donnellan, J. F.; Alexander, K.; Chendlik, R., 1976: The isolation of cholinergic nerve terminals from flesh fly heads

Zhang X., 1985: The isolation of clostridium difficile and the detection of its cytotoxin from the hamster colitis model

Fowke L.C., 1985: The isolation of coated vesicles from protoplasts of soybean glycine max

Kozarov A., 1985: The isolation of colicins from escherichia coli strains of lambs

Lee-Own, V.; Anderson, J. C., 1975: The isolation of collagen associated proteo glycan from bovine nasal cartilage and its preferential interaction with alpha 2 chains of type i collagen

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707141

Humphries S., 1983: The isolation of complementary dna clones for human apo lipo protein e and the detection of apo lipo protein complementary e rna in hepatic and extrahepatic tissues

Beringer, J. E.; Johnston, A. W. B.; Wells, B., 1977: The isolation of conditional ineffective mutants of rhizobium leguminosarum

Stewart P.R., 1979: The isolation of coupled mitochondria from physarum polycephalum and their response to calcium ions

Lange C.F., 1987: The isolation of cross reactive monoclonal antibodies hybridomas to streptococcal antigens cross reactive with mammalian basement membrane

Wetzel R.G., 1982: The isolation of cyclic amp from lakes of differing trophic status correlation with planktonic metabolic variables

Casnocha E., 1980: The isolation of cyto pathogenic strains of the infectious bursal disease virus of chickens on cell cultures

Richtmyer, N. K., 1970: The isolation of d manno heptulose perseitol d glycero d manno octulose and other compounds from pichi d tops fabiana imbricata d

Sambrook, J., 1978: The isolation of defective variants of sv 40 whose genomes contain sequences derived from adenovirus 2 dna

Kawano N., 1982: The isolation of dextro samidin from the roots of peucedanum japonicum

Whiteley, J. M.; Henderson, G. B.; Russell, A.; Singh, P.; Zevely, E. M., 1977: The isolation of di hydro folate reductases by affinity chromatography on folate sepharose

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707152

Koller, B.; Delius, H.; Buenemann, H.; Mueller, W., 1978: The isolation of dna from agarose gels by electrophoretic elution onto malachite green poly acrylamide columns

Wang Y X., 1979: The isolation of dna from plant materials

Williams P.M., 1981: The isolation of effective and ineffective mutants of cowpea rhizobium

Hollunger, E. G.; Niklasson, B. H., 1981: The isolation of endogenous modulators of the affinity of acetyl cholin esterase ec to cholinergic ligands

Jones R.L., 1980: The isolation of endoplasmic reticulum from barley hordeum vulgare cultivar himalaya aleurone layers

Stanley K.K., 1983: The isolation of endosome derived vesicles from rat hepatocytes

Menegus M.A., 1984: The isolation of enteroviruses from blood a comparison of 4 processing methods

Quigley, J. W.; Cohen, S. S., 1969: The isolation of envelopes of escherichia coli spheroplasts in the inst zonal ultra centrifuge enz dnase treatment inst electron micrograph bacterio phage

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707161

Collatz, E.; Wool, I. G.; Lin, A.; Stoeffler, G., 1976: The isolation of eukaryotic ribosomal proteins the purification and characterization of the 40s ribosomal subunit proteins s 2 s 3 s 4 s 5 s 6 s 7 s 8 s 9 s 13 s 23 s 24 s 27 and s 28

Marek L.E., 1987: The isolation of fum b mutants of escherichia coli

Bernhard H.P., 1980: The isolation of functional pole cells from the drosophila melanogaster maternal effect mutant mat 31

Massey V., 1986: The isolation of functionally heterogeneous hepatocytes of the proximal and distal half of the liver acinus in the rat

Drasar B.S., 1987: The isolation of fusobacteria from tropical ulcers

Heckmann K., 1987: The isolation of gamones 3 and 4 of euplotes octocarinatus

Et Al, 1986: The isolation of genomic recombinants for the human apolipoprotein b gene and the mapping of three common dna polymorphisms of the gene a useful marker for human chromosome 2

Sherriff J.L., 1985: The isolation of glucose tolerance factors from brewers yeast and their relationship to chromium

Anderson, J. C.; Jackson, D. S., 1972: The isolation of glyco proteins from bovine achilles tendon and their interaction with collagen

Nikolajczuk M., 1988: The isolation of haemophilus somnus from the genital tract of cows

Kalter, S. S.; Weiss, S. A.; Heberling, R. L.; Guajardo, J. E.; Smith, G. C. Iii, 1978: The isolation of herpesvirus from trigeminal ganglia of normal baboons papio cynocephalus

Wright, W. E., 1978: The isolation of heterokaryons and hybrids by a selective system using irreversible biochemical inhibitors

Stojkov D., 1985: The isolation of hexamita meleagridis new record in bulgaria

Johnson D.A., 1987: The isolation of high molecular weight dna from plants

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707176

Hsiang, M. W.; Cole, R. D., 1973: The isolation of histone from neurospora crassa

Shires A., 1985: The isolation of htc variant cells which can replicate in butyrate changes in histone acetylation and tyrosine aminotransferase induction

Tan Y.H., 1986: The isolation of human beta interferon receptor by wheat germ lectin affinity and immunosorbent column chromatographies

Wells, E.; Findlay, J. B. C., 1980: The isolation of human erythrocyte band 3 poly peptide labeled with a photo sensitive hydrophobic probe

Kreukniet J., 1988: The isolation of human lung mast cells by affinity chromatography

Mann K.G., 1987: The isolation of human platelet factor v

Coaker T., 1986: The isolation of human sebaceous glands and apocrine sweat glands by shearing

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707184

Burnette W.N., 1979: The isolation of hybrid cell lines producing mono clonal antibodies against the p 15 e protein of ecotropic murine leukemia viruses

Eloff, J. N.; Fowden, L., 1970: The isolation of hypoglycin a and related compounds from billia hippocastanum d

Hamilton J.W., 1984: The isolation of identical thyroxine containing amino acids sequences from bovine ovine and porcine thyro globulins/

Elson C.J., 1980: The isolation of immune complexes containing immuno globulin m rheumatoid factor and recovery of immuno globulin g rheumatoid factor from the complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707189

Terpstra G.K., 1987: The isolation of inflammatory cells from normal human lung tissue

Shihmanter E., 1987: The isolation of influenza virus from chickens in israel and studies on its antigenic relationships with other native isolates of the same antigenicity by means of monoclonal antibodies

Schmidt, F.; Besemer, J.; Starlinger, P., 1976: The isolation of insertion sequence 1 and insertion sequence 2 dna

Scarpa A., 1980: The isolation of intact adrenal chromaffin granules using isotonic percoll density gradients

Stanners C.P., 1987: The isolation of interferon inducing mutants of vesicular stomatitis virus with altered viral p function for the inhibition of total protein synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707196

Bhathal P.S., 1985: The isolation of intrahepatic biliary epithelial cells from normal rat livers

Von Holt C., 1983: The isolation of iso histones by preparative gel electrophoresis from embryos of the sea urchin parechinus angulosus

Arene, E. O.; Pettit, G. R.; Ode, R. H., 1978: The isolation of iso sakuranetin methyl ether from eupatorium odoratum

Hsu, S. H.; Huang, W. C.; Cross, J. H., 1978: The isolation of japanese encephalitis virus from taiwan mosquitoes by mosquito cell cultures and mouse inoculation

Nuttall P.A., 1985: The isolation of kemerovo group orbiviruses and uukuniemi group viruses of the family bunyaviridae from ixodes uriae ticks from the isle of may scotland uk

Arutyunyan M.M., 1985: The isolation of klebsiella from humans animals and from the environment

Smith D.A., 1984: The isolation of lambda phage carrying dna from the histidine and iso leucine valine regions of the bacillus subtilis chromosome

Moir A., 1983: The isolation of lambda transducing phages carrying the cit g and ger a genes of bacillus subtilis

Duck-Chong, C. G., 1978: The isolation of lamellar bodies and their membranous content from rat lung lamb tracheal fluid and human amniotic fluid

Allen I.V., 1981: The isolation of large and small plaque canine distemper viruses which differ in their neuro virulence for hamsters

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707209

Redman A.R., 1987: The isolation of leptospira interrogans serovar pomona and related serological findings associated with a mixed farming unit in the transvaal republic of south africa

Mynderse, J. S.; Moore, R. E., 1978: The isolation of levo e 1 chloro tri dec 1 ene 6 8 diol from a marine cyanophyte

Baker, J. R.; Caterson, B., 1978: The isolation of link proteins from bovine nasal cartilage

Wilcox, H. G.; Davis, D. C.; Heimberg, M., 1971: The isolation of lipo proteins from human plasma by ultra centrifugation in zonal rotors

Brand M.D., 1982: The isolation of lymphocyte mitochondria and their regulation of extramitochondrial free calcium concentration

Horvat, A.; Baxandall, J.; Touster, O., 1969: The isolation of lysosomes from neopl ehrlich ascites tumor cells following pre treatment of mice with triton wr 1339

Uhlenbruck G., 1984: The isolation of lysosomes from normal rat liver by affinity chromatography

Dunnill P., 1981: The isolation of lytic enzymes from cytophaga and their application to the rupture of yeast cells

Beaucournu J.C., 1985: The isolation of meaban virus a new flavivirus from the sea bird tick ornithodoros maritimus in france

Swartz M.J., 1982: The isolation of men and the happiness of women sources and use of power in swahili marital relationships

Scraba D.G., 1979: The isolation of mengo virus stable noncapsid poly peptides from infected l cells and preliminary characterization of an rna polymerase activity associated with poly peptide e

Landefeld, T. D.; Mcwilliams, D. R.; Boime, I., 1976: The isolation of messenger rna encoding the alpha subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin

Broda P., 1985: The isolation of messenger rna from the basidiomycete fungi phanerochaete chrysosporium and coprinus cinereus and its in vitro translation

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707223

Al Hazimi H.M.G., 1986: The isolation of methyl carnosoate from salvia lanigera

Condeelis, J. S., 1977: The isolation of micro quantities of myosin from amoeba proteus and chaos carolinensis

Braun U., 1980: The isolation of microfilariae of litomosoides carinii on a ficoll density gradient

Svardal, A. M.; Pryme, I. F., 1978: The isolation of microsomal subfractions of mouse plasma cytoma cells the effect of salt concentration during nitrogen cavitation

Mathieson, J. M.; Pearce, R. H., 1977: The isolation of minimally degraded hyaluronate from rat skin

Rimpler, H.; Gmelin, R., 1970: The isolation of monotropein from galium glaucum d

Fujimoto, J. M.; Haarstad, V. B., 1969: The isolation of morphine ethereal sulfate metab from urine of the chicken and cat inst ir spectroscopy

Joss J.M.P., 1988: The isolation of multiple forms of beta endorphin from the intermediate pituitary of the australian lungfish neoceratodus forsteri

Servos D., 1980: The isolation of multiple forms of dna dependent rna polymerases from nuclei of quiescent wheat embryos by affinity chromatography

Mcmahon, D., 1971: The isolation of mutants conditionally defective in protein synthesis in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Tsukamura M., 1988: The isolation of mycobacterium avium complex from soil water and dusts

Ball, H. J.; Neill, S. D.; Ellis, W. A.; O'brien, J. J.; Ferguson, H. W., 1978: The isolation of mycoplasma from bovine fetuses and their dams

Buys, S. B., 1976: The isolation of mycoplasma synoviae from chickens with infectious synovitis and air sacculitis in south africa

Gierschner K., 1986: The isolation of natural flavor from byproducts of the food industry by high pressure carbon dioxide extraction

Burns G.F., 1985: The isolation of natural killer resistant variants of the k 562 cell line by mutagenesis and selection with antibodies which inhibit natural killer cell mediated lysis

Mindich L., 1979: The isolation of new mutants of bacterio phage phi 6

Daniels, E., 1978: The isolation of newly formed bone associated cells in vitro preliminary observations on origin and morphology

Angenot L., 1984: The isolation of niobium methyl antirhine malindine and iso malindine from strychnos usambarensis

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707243

Carter B.L.A., 1981: The isolation of nonsense mutations in cell division cycle genes of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707245

Agutter P.S., 1985: The isolation of nuclear envelopes effects of thiol group oxidation and of calcium ions

Gull K., 1984: The isolation of nuclei containing mitotic spindles from the plasmodium of the slime mold physarum polycephalum

Gealt, M. A.; Sheir-Neiss, G.; Morris, N. R., 1976: The isolation of nuclei from the filamentous fungus aspergillus nidulans

Wagner K.G., 1981: The isolation of nuclei from tissue cultured plant cells

Emken E.A., 1985: The isolation of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and methyl esters of fish oils by silver resin chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707253

Beeley, J. G., 1971: The isolation of ovo mucoid variants differing in carbohydrate composition

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707255

Zaki M.M., 1981: The isolation of pathogenic fungi and actinomycetes from soil in egypt

Qi H., 1988: The isolation of penicillin acylase comparisons of kinetic parameters for free and immobilized enzymes

Abegunde A., 1979: The isolation of peste des petits ruminants virus from nigerian sheep and goats

Rostas A., 1981: The isolation of phoma eupyrena from a human lesion

Dudkin, M. S.; Kozarez, E. I., 1976: The isolation of phyllophora nervosa galactan and characteristics of its structure

Mccracken A.R., 1985: The isolation of phytophthora species from apple orchard soils

Meffert, M. E.; Chiang, T. Pi, 1978: The isolation of planktonic blue green algae oscillatoria spp

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707263

Galbraith, D. W.; Northcote, D. H., 1977: The isolation of plasma membrane from protoplasts of soybean suspension cultures

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Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707891

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707892

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707893

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707894

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Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707987

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Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707998

Section 7, Chapter 6708, Accession 006707999

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