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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6710

Chapter 6710 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stark, W., 1976: The large mediterranean dragonfly aeshna affinis new record discovered in styria austria insecta odonata aeshnidae

Coombe P.E., 1986: The large monopolar cells l1 and l2 are responsible for erg transients in drosophila

Bernaldo De Quiros I.F., 1988: The large mucous cells of the clitellar epithelium in lumbricus friendi cognetti 1904 annelida oligochaeta an ultrastructural study

Jolles P., 1988: The large neurofilament subunit nf h of the rat complementary dna cloning and in situ detection

Horisberger M.A., 1980: The large p proteins of influenza a viruses are composed of 1 acidic and 2 basic poly peptides

Churcher C.S., 1979: The large palaeotragine giraffid palaeotragus germaini from late miocene deposits of lothagam hill kenya

Chi, C.; Carlson, S. D., 1976: The large pigment cell of the compound eye of the house fly musca domestica

Hauck W.W., 1986: The large sample relative efficiency of the mantel haenszel estimator in the fixed strata case

Kotia K., 1985: The large scale control of glossina palpalis sensu lato glossina fusca glossina medicorum and glossina longipalpis in the southern guinean zone of the ivory coast by deltamethrin impregnated biconical traps

Lusis, A. J.; Paigen, K., 1978: The large scale isolation of mouse beta glucuronidase and comparison of allozymes

Moravek, L.; Anfinsen, C. B.; Cone, J. L.; Taniuchi, H., 1969: The large scale preparation of an extracellular enz nuclease of staphylococcus aureus

Hargrave, P. A., 1976: The large scale preparation of rhod opsin

Wilkinson K.D., 1985: The large scale purification of ubiquitin from human erythrocytes

Saffhill R., 1987: The large scale synthesis and chromatographic and spectral properties of a series of alkylated thymine and uracil containing nucleosides o 2 3 and o 4 alkylpyrimidine derivatives

Axelsson, B.; Hammarstrom, S.; Robertsson, E. S.; Aman, P.; Perlmann, P.; Mellstedt, H., 1985: The large sialoglycoprotein of human lymphocytes 1. distribution on t and b lineage cells as revealed by a monospecific chicken antibody

Axelsson, B.; Hammarstrom, S.; Finne, J.; Perlmann, P., 1985: The large sialoglycoprotein of human lymphocytes 2. biochemical features

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709017

Michener C.D., 1980: The large species of homalictus and related halictinae from the new guinea area hymenoptera apoidea

Harrison, W. H. Jr, 1975: The large spontaneous aorta inferior vena caval fistula

Lee R.W., 1985: The large subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase is encoded in the inverted repeat sequence of the chlamydomonas eugametos chloroplast genome

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709021

Schulz H., 1983: The large subunit of the fatty acid oxidation complex from escherichia coli is a multi functional poly peptide evidence for the existence of a fatty acid oxidation operon fad ab in escherichia coli

Rethelyi, M.; Szentagothai, J., 1969: The large synaptic complexes of the substantia gelatinosa cat

Dmitriev A.I., 1981: The large toothed suslik citellus fulvus rodentia sciuridae in the volga ural ussr interfluve in the holocene

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709025

Junnikkala E., 1985: The large white pieris brassicae in the laboratory

Tubbs, F. R., 1976: The largely additive relationships of the contributions by scion and by rootstock to the growth of de blossomed compound trees

O'brien, C. W., 1981: The larger 4.5 or larger millimeter listronotus of america north of mexico cylindrorhininae curculionidae coleoptera

White, E. I., 1978: The larger arthrodiran fishes from the area of the burrinjuck dam new south wales australia

Rooke G., 1984: The larger bronchi in byssinosis a morphometric study

Carlile A., 1982: The larger bronchi in cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis a morphometric study

Balakrishnan M., 1984: The larger mammals and their endangered habitats in the silent valley forests of south india

Briggs D.E.G., 1985: The largest cambrian animal anomalocaris burgess shale british columbia canada

Gillette D.D., 1979: The largest dire wolf late pleistocene of northern florida usa

Economos A.C., 1981: The largest land mammal

Marzuki S., 1981: The largest mitochondrial translation product co purifying with the mitochondrial atpase of saccharomyces cerevisiae is not a subunit of the enzyme complex

Watanabe, T.; Habe, T., 1978: The largest specimen of kurodina smithi and its radula

Faton J M., 1984: The laridae of the drome department france

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709039

Howden H.F., 1981: The larva and adult biology of rhinosimus viridiaeneus coleoptera salpingidae

Wolfe G.W., 1980: The larva and pupa of acilius fraternus fraternus coleoptera dytiscidae from the great smoky mountains tennessee usa

Hamilton S.W., 1985: The larva and pupa of beraea gorteba trichoptera beraeidae

Ahlstrand G.G., 1988: The larva and pupa of cochliopsyche vazquezae trichoptera helicopsychidae

Lesage L., 1983: The larva and pupa of cytilus alternatus with a key to the known genera of nearctic byrrhid larvae coleoptera byrrhidae

Elger, M.; Elger, B.; Hentschel, H., 1978: The larva and pupa of hybomitra distinguenda diptera tabanidae

Wetherbee D.K., 1986: The larva and pupa of lycorea pieteri danaidae

Goddeeris B.R., 1985: The larva and pupa of tanytarsus sylvaticus chironomidae diptera

Kula E., 1983: The larva and puparium of eriozona syrphoides diptera syrphidae

Doyen J.T., 1979: The larva and relationships of cononotus coleoptera heteromera

Schweitzer D.F., 1982: The larva and status of catocala pretiosa noctuidae with designation of a lectotype

Longley, G.; Spangler, P. J., 1977: The larva of a new subterranean water beetle haideoporus texanus coleoptera dytiscidae hydroporinae

Neunzig, H. H., 1977: The larva of acrobasis blanchardorum lepidoptera pyralidae phycitinae

Mccabe T.L., 1981: The larva of agrotis volubilis lepidoptera noctuidae

Lesage L., 1984: The larva of anaquedius vernix coleoptera staphylinidae

Theischinger G., 1980: The larva of antipodophlebia asthenes a terrestrial dragonfly anisoptera aeshnidae

Dulmaa A., 1986: The larva of asynarchus iteratus trichoptera limnephilidae

Neil K., 1984: The larva of autographa flagellum noctuidae plusiinae

Waselius P., 1986: The larva of autographa macrogamma lepidoptera noctuidae

Soluk D.A., 1981: The larva of baetis dardanus ephemeroptera baetidae

Thayer M.K., 1985: The larva of brathinus nitidus and the systematic position of the genus coleoptera staphylinidae

Ruiz Garcia F.N., 1980: The larva of bufo longinasus amphibia bufonidae in the laboratory

Knoben R., 1987: The larva of calamoceras marsupus brauer 1865

Cannings R.A., 1980: The larva of coenagrion interrogatum odonata coenagrionidae with notes on the species in the yukon canada

Waitzbauer, W., 1976: The larva of coenosia dubiosa new record diptera muscidae

Mccabe T.L., 1979: The larva of cryptocala acadiensis noctuidae

Mason P.G., 1985: The larva of cyphomella gibbera diptera chironomidae

Geijskes D.C., 1986: The larva of dicterias cothurnata zygoptera dicteriastidae

Waringer J., 1987: The larva of drusus chrysotus rambur 1842 trichoptera limnephilidae drusinae from an austrian mountain brook

Giachino P.M., 1981: The larva of duvalius carantii coleoptera carabidae

Schneider W., 1983: The larva of gomphus davidi

Costa J.M., 1988: The larva of heliocharis amazona selys 1853 zygoptera heliocharitidae

Pirisinu Q., 1979: The larva of laccobius neapolitanus

De-Jalon, D. G., 1977: The larva of larcasia partita trichoptera

Mansell, M. W., 1976: The larva of laurhervasia setacea new record neuroptera nemopteridae crocinae from southern africa

Tuzovskii P.V., 1979: The larva of momonia falcipalpis new record acariformes mideopsidae

Hawkeswood T.J., 1987: The larva of neocuris gracilis macleay coleoptera buprestidae

Erwin, T. L., 1978: The larva of neotropical enceladus gigas coleoptera carabidae siagoninae enceladini with notes on the phylogeny and classification of some of the more primitive tribes of ground beetles

Williams, C. E.; Dunkle, S. W., 1976: The larva of neurocordulia xanthosoma odonata corduliidae

Wheeler J., 1988: The larva of notostigma hymenoptera formicidae formicinae

Hamilton S.W., 1986: The larva of ochrotrichia arizonica trichoptera hydroptilidae with notes on distribution and geographic variation

Legrand J., 1985: The larva of phaon camerunensis with notes on the biology of the imago in the eastern gabon forests zygoptera calopterygidae

Moore, I., 1977: The larva of philonthus nudus a sea shore species from washington usa coleoptera staphylinidae

Legner, E. F.; Moore, I., 1977: The larva of platystethus spiculus coleoptera staphylinidae and its occurrence in bovine feces in irrigated pastures

Marshall J.E., 1982: The larva of polposipus herculeanus with observations on its biology and phylogeny coleoptera tenebrionidae tenebrioninae

Epler J.H., 1986: The larva of radotanypus submarginella sublette

Dilly, P. N., 1973: The larva of rhabdopleura compacta hemichordata

Nilsson A.N., 1987: The larva of rhantus fennicus coleoptera dytiscidae with a key to the fennoscandian species of rhantus

Garcia De Jalon D., 1982: The larva of rhyacophila adjuncta trichoptera rhyacophilidae

Cannings R.A., 1985: The larva of somatochlora sahlbergi with notes on the species in the yukon territory canada anisoptera corduliidae

Leiby M.M., 1980: The larva of the congrid eel acromycter alcocki pisces anguilliformes and the distinction between congrid and ophichthid larvae

Green, J.; Young, J. O., 1976: The larva of the lake fly chaoborus pallidipes diptera chaoboridae from kenya

Winstanley W.J., 1984: The larva of the new caledonian endemic dragonfly synthemis ariadne anisoptera synthemistidae

Cuppen J.G.M., 1983: The larva of the predaceous water beetle agabus striolatus coleoptera dytiscidae

Nilsson A.N., 1983: The larva of the predaceous water beetle coelambus novemlineatus coleoptera dytiscidae

Wise E.J., 1980: The larva of tinodes maculicornis trichoptera psychomyiidae with notes on the species distribution and habitat in ireland

Mason P.G., 1985: The larva of tvetenia vitracies diptera chironomidae

Yatsuzuka, K.; Sakai, K., 1982: The larvae and juvenile crabs of japanese portunidae crustacea brachyura 2. portunus trituberculatus

Yatsuzuka, K.; Sakai, K.; Del-Rio-Roman, N., 1984: The larvae and juvenile crabs of japanese portunidae crustacea brachyura 3. charybdis japonica

Greathead, D. J., 1978: The larvae and notes on the life history of corynis similis hymenoptera cimbicidae

Roper D.S., 1981: The larvae and prejuveniles of tewara cranwellae perciformes creediidae

Neunzig H.H., 1984: The larvae and pupae of 3 phycitine species lepidoptera pyralidae that occur in florida usa

Ulrich G.W., 1986: The larvae and pupae of helichus suturalis leconte and helichus productus leconte coleoptera dryopidae

Common I.F.B., 1979: The larvae and pupae of imma acosma and imma vaticina lepidoptera immidae and the taxonomic relationships of the family

Mason P.G., 1985: The larvae and pupae of stictochironomus marmoreus and stictochironomus quagga diptera chironomidae

Ohara K., 1985: The larvae and puparia of 4 japanese species of the genus volucella diptera syrphidae 1

Ohara K., 1985: The larvae and puparia of three japanese species of the genus volucella diptera syrphidae ii

Sasaki, T., 1976: The larvae of 2 scorpaenid fishes sebastes wakiyai and sebastes iracundus

Allyson, S., 1977: The larvae of 2 species of macrothecinae lepidoptera pyralidae

Lehmkuhl D.M., 1980: The larvae of 4 hydropsyche species with the checkerboard head pattern trichoptera hydropsychidae

Efremenko V.N., 1979: The larvae of 6 fish species of the family nototheniidae from the scotia sea southern atlantic ocean

Hammond L.S., 1980: The larvae of a discinid brachiopoda inarticulata from inshore waters near townsville australia with revised identifications of previous records

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709112

Patil, S. P.; Veeresh, G. K., 1988: The larvae of anomala communis burm. and anomala gemmula arrow coleoptera scarabaeidae

Smrz J., 1979: The larvae of bembidion spp coleoptera carabidae bembidiinae

Nesis K.N., 1979: The larvae of cephalopods

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709116

Danilevskii M.L., 1980: The larvae of coleoptera bostrychidae

Vats, L. K., 1976: The larvae of conicobruchus bruchidae coleoptera

Willmann R., 1980: The larvae of greek ascalaphid species insecta planipennia

Spence, J. R.; Bell, R. T.; Bell, J. R., 1976: The larvae of nebria lacustris and nebria pallipes coleoptera carabidae

Cuppen J.G.M., 1988: The larvae of northern european colymbetes clairville coleoptera dytiscidae

Roussel M.E., 1982: The larvae of pagastia diptera chironomidae with descriptions of 3 nearctic species

Panne V., 1983: The larvae of pterostichus strenuus and pterostichus vernalis coleoptera carabidae

White, I. M., 1977: The larvae of some british species of gyrophaena coleoptera staphylinidae with notes on the taxonomy and biology of the genus

Vats L.K., 1983: The larvae of specularius bruchidae coleoptera

Wheeler J., 1984: The larvae of the army ants hymenoptera formicidae a revision

Luff, M. L., 1976: The larvae of the british carabidae coleoptera part 4 notiophilini and elaphrini

Karande, A. A.; Thomas, M. K., 1976: The larvae of the inter tidal barnacle chthamalus malayensis

Mccafferty, W. P.; Edmunds, G. F. Jr, 1976: The larvae of the madagascar genus cheirogenesia ephemeroptera palingeniidae

Nilsson A.N., 1985: The larvae of the predaceous diving beetles bidessus grossepunctatus graptodytes granularis and graptodytes pictus coleoptera dytiscidae

Dettner K., 1987: The larvae of the predaceous water beetle laccornis oblongus stephens coleoptera dytiscidae with notes on ecology and distribution

Davids C., 1985: The larvae of three water mite species of the genus hygrobates and their development acari hydrachnellae

Hofsvang T., 1979: The larvae of tipula salicetorum diptera tipulidae

Peterson D.E., 1987: The larvae of two north american diving beetles of the genus acilius coleoptera dytiscidae

Taylor R.W., 1980: The larval and egg stages of the primitive ant nothomyrmecia macrops clark hymenoptera formicidae

Sebens, K. P., 1983: The larval and juvenile ecology of the temperate octocoral alcyonium siderium 1. substratum selection by benthic larvae

Sebens, K. P., 1983: The larval and juvenile ecology of the temperate octocoral alcyonium siderium 2. fecundity survival and juvenile growth

Clark P.F., 1980: The larval and post larval development of gibbs spider crab pisa armata family majidae subfamily pisinae reared in the laboratory

Le Pennec M., 1980: The larval and post larval hinge of some families of bivalve mollusks

Scott, K. M. F., 1976: The larval and pupal stages of ugandatrichia trichoptera hydroptilidae from rhodesia with the description of a new species

Kyrki J., 1981: The larval case and food plant of coleophora thulea lepidoptera coleophoridae

Williamson D.I., 1982: The larval characters of dorhynchus thomsoni crustacea brachyura majoidea and their evolution

Dybas, H. S., 1976: The larval characters of featherwing and limulodid beetles and their family relationships in the staphylinoidea coleoptera ptiliidae and limulodidae

Sokol O.M., 1981: The larval chondro cranium of pelodytes punctatus with a review of tadpole chondro crania

Pieronek B., 1979: The larval cimbex connata hymenoptera cimbicidae feeding on alder alnus

Erber W., 1985: The larval coelom as a significant feature of bipinnaria and brachiolaria in asteroid ontogeny a critical approach

Elofsson R., 1983: The larval compound eye of barnacles

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709151

Anderson, D. T.; White, B. M.; Egan, E. A., 1976: The larval development and metamorphosis of the ascidians pyura praeputialis and pyura pachydermatina pleurogona family pyuridae

Scelzo, M. A.; Lichtschein-De-Bastida, V., 1978: The larval development and metamorphosis of the crab cyrtograpsus altimanus brachyura grapsidae in the laboratory with observations on the ecology of the species

Lang, W. H., 1976: The larval development and metamorphosis of the pedunculate barnacle octolasmis muelleri reared in the laboratory

Mclachlan, A., 1977: The larval development and population dynamics of derocheilocaris algoensis crustacea mystacocarida

Kazmi Q.B., 1981: The larval development and spawning of metapenaeus affinis under laboratory conditions

Wilson D.P., 1982: The larval development of 3 species of magelona polychaeta from localities near plymouth england uk

Vasarhelyi T., 1982: The larval development of aradus krueperi heteroptera aradidae

Shimura S., 1981: The larval development of argulus coregoni crustacea branchiura

Takashio T., 1981: The larval development of canthocamptus mirabilis copepoda harpacticoida with reference to the bionomics

Achituv Y., 1986: The larval development of chthamalus dentatus cirripedia from south africa

Hebling N.J., 1983: The larval development of clibanarius antillensis crustacea diogenidae in the laboratory

Siddiqui F.A., 1979: The larval development of clibanarius signatus and clibanarius virescens decapoda diogenidae under laboratory conditions

Lang, W. H.; Young, A. L., 1977: The larval development of clibanarius vittatus crustacea decapoda diogenidae reared in the laboratory

Winkhardt, H. J., 1979: The larval development of dipetalonema rugosicauda synonym wehrdikmansia rugosicauda in the tick ixodes ricinus 1. infection of tick with microfilariae using artificial feeding techniques

Telford M., 1983: The larval development of dissodactylus primitivus brachyura pinnotheridae reared in the laboratory

Moubayed Z., 1983: The larval development of grouvellinus coyei coleoptera elmidae collected from the bekaa plain lebanon

Ermolina N.O., 1982: The larval development of halisarca dujardini demospongiae

Tan W.H., 1984: The larval development of heteropanope glabra decapoda xanthidae in the laboratory

Dudgeon D., 1987: The larval development of neocaridina serrata stimpson crustacea decapoda caridea atyidae from hong kong

Konishi K., 1987: The larval development of pachycheles stevensii stimpson 1858 crustacea anomura porcellanidae under laboratory conditions

Magalhaes, C., 1988: The larval development of palaemonid shrimps from the amazon region reared in the laboratory ii. extremely abbreviated larval development in euryrhynchus miers 1877 decapoda euryrhynchinae

Magalhaes, C., 1986: The larval development of palaemonid shrimps from the amazon region reared in the laboratory iv. abbreviated development of palaemonetes ivonicus holthuis 1950 crustacea decapoda

Magalhaes, C., 1986: The larval development of palaemonid shrimps from the amazon region south america reared in the laboratory v. the abbreviated development of pseudopalaemon chryseus kensley and walker 1982 crustacea decapoda palaemonidae

Magalhaes, C., 1985: The larval development of palaemonids from amazon region reared in the laboratory i. macrobrachium amazonicum crustacea decapoda

Hossucu B., 1988: The larval development of penaeus kerathurus forskal decapoda penaeidae

Ul Hassan H., 1982: The larval development of penaeus semisulcatus decapoda penaeidae reared in the laboratory

Williamson D.I., 1986: The larval development of petalomera japonica decapoda dromiidae reared in the laboratory

Keegan B.F., 1988: The larval development of pholoe minuta polychaeta sigalionidae in galway bay ireland

Bousquette G.D., 1980: The larval development of pinnixa longipes brachyura pinnotheridae reared in the laboratory

Iwasaki N., 1979: The larval development of pinnotheres sp compare pinnotheres sinensis

Blake, J. A., 1980: The larval development of polychaeta from the northern california usa coast 4. leitoscoloplos pugettensis and scoloplos acmeceps family orbiniidae

Griffiths, R. J., 1976: The larval development of pyura stolonifera tunicata

Omori M., 1982: The larval development of sergestes similis crustacea decapoda sergestidae reared in the laboratory

Ovsyannikova I.I., 1979: The larval development of the barnacle chthamalus dalli

Sastry, A. N., 1977: The larval development of the jonah crab cancer borealis under laboratory conditions decapoda brachyura

Schlotterbeck, R. E., 1976: The larval development of the lined shore crab pachygrapsus crassipes decapoda brachyura grapsidae reared in the laboratory

Fromunda V., 1986: The larval development of the myiasigenic dipterid wohlfahrtia magnifica diptera sarcophagidae

Radashevskii V.I., 1985: The larval development of the polychaete pseudopolydora kempi japonica in peter the great bay of the sea of japan ussr

Ngoc-Ho, N., 1976: The larval development of the prawns macrobrachium equidens and macrobrachium sp decapoda palaemonidae reared in the laboratory

Sastry, A. N., 1977: The larval development of the rock crab cancer irroratus under laboratory conditions decapoda brachyura

Hunte W., 1980: The larval development of the shrimp

Boyle, P. J.; Turner, R. D., 1976: The larval development of the wood boring piddock martesia striata mollusca bivalvia pholadidae

Manly, R., 1976: The larval development of tricolia pullus

Ngoc-Ho, N., 1977: The larval development of upogebia darwini crustacea thalassinidea reared in the laboratory with a re description of the adult

Blois C., 1985: The larval diet of 3 anisopteran odonata species

Kato F., 1982: The larval distribution of red sea bream pagrus major in the waters around the noto peninsula japan

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709199

Chandler, P. J., 1977: The larval food plants of the tipulid genus ula diptera

Rowe R.J., 1980: The larval habitat of uropetala carovei carovei odonata petaluridae in the north island of new zealand and the geographical limits of the subspecies

Nishitani H., 1980: The larval habitats of mosquitoes in oshima prefecture japan

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709204

Neves, R., 1977: The larval identity of rhyacophila acutiloba and rhyacophila carolina trichoptera rhyacophilidae

Ross, D. H.; Merritt, R. W., 1978: The larval instars and population dynamics of 5 species of black flies diptera simuliidae and their responses to selected environmental factors

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Nicolai P., 1981: The larval instars of liponeura bezzii diptera blephariceridae

Nilsson A.N., 1984: The larval instars of the holarctic agabus zetterstedti coleoptera dytiscidae

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709213

Greenwood, J. G.; Fielder, D. R.; Thorne, M. J., 1976: The larval life history of macrobrachium novaehollandiae decapoda palaemonidae reared in the laboratory

Kindschi G.A., 1980: The larval life history of the crappies pomoxis spp

Hintze-Podufal, C., 1977: The larval melanin pattern in the moth eudia pavonia and its initiating factors

Section 7 , Chapter 6710, Accession 006709217

Clark F., 1986: The larval morphology and ecology of a new species of ecnomus from lake naivasha kenya trichoptera ecnomidae

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709220

Cloney R.A., 1982: The larval morphology of the marine bryozoan bowerbankia gracilis ctenostomata vesicularioidea

Anderson D.T., 1987: The larval musculature of the barnacle ibla quadrivalvis cuvier cirripedia lepadomorpha

Smith R.L., 1984: The larval nephridia of the brackish water polychaete nereis diversicolor

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Zheng R L., 1979: The larval parasites of the tea geometrid ectropis obliqua hypulina

Bhaud M., 1984: The larval phase of meroplankton and its use in biogeography and paleogeography

Thalji R.A., 1985: The larval population density of elateridae coleoptera on different crops in the region of vojvodina yugoslavia

Lacalli T.C., 1988: The larval reticulum in phyllodoce polychaeta phyllodocida

Bryan J.H., 1987: The larval salivary gland polytene chromosomes of anopheles annulipes sensu lato walker diptera culicidae

Barnes, J. R.; Gonor, J. J., 1973: The larval settling response of the lined chiton tonicella lineata

Section 7, Chapter 6710, Accession 006709233

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Ferreras M., 1981: The larval stage of ischnura graellsi zygoptera coenagrionidae

Roback S.S., 1987: The larval stage of monopelopia tillandsia beck and beck diptera chironomidae tanypodinae

Nilsson A.N., 1983: The larval stages of agabus approximatus and agabus congener coleoptera dytiscidae

Nilsson A.N., 1982: The larval stages of agabus elongatus and agabus wasastjernae coleoptera dytiscidae

Motoh, H., 1976: The larval stages of benizuwai gani chionoecetes japonicus reared in the laboratory

Pajersky A., 1985: The larval stages of elaphostrongylus cervi panticola

Arenas J.N., 1982: The larval stages of elminius kingii barnacle from southern chile

Regner S., 1982: The larval stages of fish in the kastela bay yugoslavia

Muraoka, K., 1977: The larval stages of halicarcinus orientalis and rhynchoplax messor reared in the laboratory crustacea brachyura hymenosomatidae

Nilsson A., 1981: The larval stages of ilybius angustior coleoptera dytiscidae

Dineen J.F.Jr, 1987: The larval stages of lithotrya dorsalis ellis and solander 1786 a burrowing thoracican barnacle

Clark P.F., 1986: The larval stages of maja squinado crustacea brachyura majidae reared in the laboratory

Bartoli P., 1983: The larval stages of meiogymnophallus strigatus new combination trematoda gymnophallidae

Quintana R., 1987: The larval stages of pagurus brachiomastus thallwitz 1892 crustacea anomura reared in the laboratory

Salami-Cadoux, M. L., 1978: The larval stages of polystoma africanum monogenea polystomatidae parasite of bufo regularis

Ritz, D. A., 1977: The larval stages of scyllarus demani with notes on the larvae of scyllarus sordidus and scyllarus timidus decapoda palinuridea

Dalley R., 1984: The larval stages of the oceanic pedunculate barnacle conchoderma auritum cirripedia thoracica

Bull, R. M., 1976: The larval stages of the pasture and yellow soldier flies inopus rubriceps and inopus flavus diptera stratiomyidae

Quintana R., 1988: The larval stages of three pagurid crabs crustacea anomura paguridae from hokkaido japan

Hassan, A. T., 1977: The larval stages of urothemis assignata anisoptera libellulidae

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