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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6711

Chapter 6711 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Das Virgens N.C.; Machado M.A.; Ferreira Neto J.M.; Marques Junior A.D., 1981:
The level of copper iron manganese and zinc in the liver and pancreas of confined and semi confined goats

Goncharov N.P.; Taranov A.G., 1983:
The level of cortico steroids measured within a year in blood plasma of male sacred baboons

Sikorska, M., 1980:
The level of cyclic amp and the activity of adenylate cyclase cyclic 3'5 nucleotide phopho di esterase and protein kinases in rat brains under experimental carbon mon oxide intoxication

Bedford P.; Berger M.R.; Eisenbrand G.; Schmaehl D., 1984:
The level of dna interstrand crosslinking in bone marrow parallels the extent of myelosuppression in mice treated with 4 chloroethylnitrosoureas

Saul'skaya N.B., 1985:
The level of dopamine in the structures of nigro striate and mesolimbic brain systems in experimental pathology of higher nervous activity in rats

Kartavova N.S.; Burlaka D.P.; Vasnetsova S.S.; Gutnik N.S., 1983:
The level of estradiol receptors in mammary gland tumors developed in mice in varying endocrine state

Fytizas-Danielidou, R., 1977:
The level of ethylenethio urea in zineb preparations and consequences of a chronic administration on the thyroid gland of white rats

Akagi K.; Patch C.T.; Cook J.L.; Kato T.; Lewis A.M.Jr; Levine A.S., 1985:
The level of expression of adenovirus type 2 transforming genes governs sensitivity to nonspecific immune cytolysis and other phenotypic properties of adenovirus 2 sv 40 transformed cell hybrids

Ivarie R.D.; Schacter B.S.; O'farrell P.H., 1983:
The level of expression of the rat growth hormone gene in liver tumor cells is at least 8 orders of magnitude less than that in anterior pituitary cells

Brommer E.J.P., 1984:
The level of extrinsic plasminogen activator during clotting as a determinant of the rate of fibrinolysis inefficiency of activators added afterwards

Jaskiewicz J., 1986:
The level of fatty acids in blood serum free fatty acids and triglyceride fractions in mothers at delivery umbilical blood and in neonatal blood samples the first days of life

Burlacu G.; Rus V.; Baia G.; Stavri J., 1980:
The level of feed energy utilized by calves during the weaning period

Suntsov Y.N.; Khaltaev N.G.; Kudryakova S.V., 1988:
The level of glycemia and nutritional factors in a population of males age 20 to 59

Cotteel M.; Goeusse P.; May J.P.; Rousseaux J.; Leroy J.L.; Puech F.; Delecour M., 1981:
The level of glyco hemo globin a 1c in connection with diabetes and pregnancy

Chailurkit, L.O.; Rojanasakul, A.; Himathongkam, T., 1988:
The level of glycosylated hemoglobin during pregnancy and early postpartum

Ormian M.; Ormian W.; Szarek J.; Felenczak A., 1985:
The level of hemoglobin and some elements in the blood sera of cows from an industrial region

Masala B.; Manca L.; Formato M.; Matera A., 1986:
The level of hemoglobin f sardinia in the fetal hemoglobin of sardinian beta thalassemic homozygotes determined by isoelectric focusing

Kudryakova S.V.; Suntsov Y.I.; Slavina L.S.; Mazovetskii A.G., 1984:
The level of high density lipoprotein cholesterol and the coefficient of atherogenicity in males with diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease

Fafrowicz, B.; Mysakowska, H.; Kus, L.; Sidor-Smaga, M.; Tomaszewski, J.; Wojciechowska, E., 1975:
The level of immuno globulin g immuno globulin a immuno globulin m and immuno globulin d in the serum of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Kapec E.; Sikorski R., 1983:
The level of immunoglobulins in the cervical mucus of patients with infertility of unknown etiology

Kiskaroly M.; Tafro A., 1986:
The level of infestation of carp fry with diplostomum spathaceum in the main carp fisheries in bosnia and herzegovina yugoslavia

Suntsov Y.I.; Zhukovskii G.S.; Mazovetskii A.G.; Konstantinova O.S.; Zinenko G.M.; Konstantinov V.V.; Polesskii V.A.; Chakhava M.V.; Shal'nose S.A., 1984:
The level of insulinemia and the incidence of dyslipoproteinemias and coronary heart disease in 20 69 year old males

L.M.; Wang Y.; Chen W F.; Zhao J.; M.S.J., 1986:
The level of interleukin 2 activity secreted by human tonsillar lymphocytes

Kosla T., 1987:
The level of iron manganese and cobalt in the soil grass and in young bulls in the areas irrigated with waste water

Aptekar' S.G.; Vikhert A.M.; Matova E.E.; Galakhov I.E.; Kovalevskaya A.L.; Bychkova M.A., 1980:
The level of lipids in the blood plasma and arterial wall and the degree of athero sclerosis of the aorta and coronary arteries in sudden cardiac death biochemical and morphometric studies

Vinogradov A.G.; Shcherbakova I.A., 1982:
The level of low density lipo protein cholesterol in the blood of men aged 40 59 under normal conditions and in hyper lipidemias

Malinowska A., 1986:
The level of manganese chromium and lead in chosen internal organs of sows and their fetuses during pregnancy

Ivleva V.V.; Malikova L.A.; Khaisman E.B., 1986:
The level of metabolism and the state of peripheral catecholaminergic systems during immobilization hypothermia in rats

Bazdyrev G.I.; Smirnov B.A.; Zotov L.I., 1981:
The level of moisture supply in barley stands as a factor of 2 4 d efficiency

Witz I.P.; Yaakubowicz M.; Gelernter I.; Hochberg Y.; Anavi R.; Ran M., 1984:
The level of natural antibodies reactive with various tumor cells during urethane carcinogenesis in balb c mice

Ebendal T.; Olson L.; Seiger A., 1983:
The level of nerve growth factor as a function of innervation a correlative radio immunoassay and bioassay study of the rat iris

Leus I.F., 1986:
The level of nicotinamide coenzymes and enzymic activity of their biosynthesis and decay in animal tissues under extremal and pathogenic factors

van Rossum, J.H., 1980:
The level of organization of the motor schema

Shevchenko G.V.; Soldatkin I.S.; Mastyukov M.L.; Ageev V.S.; Popov N.V.; Efimov S.V.; Andreeva T.A., 1984:
The level of parasitic contact in settlements of little suslik in semideserts of the western kazakh ssr ussr

Vrochinskii, K.K.; Chmil, V.D.; Senchenko, V.I.; Shevchenko, V.F.; Korop, A.I., 1977:
The level of pesticides in rural water sources

Saddour M., 1987:
The level of pi 3 antibodies in sheep sera

Ermolin G.A.; Azova E.A.; Shilenok I.G.; Efremov E.E.; Filimonova E.V., 1986:
The level of plasma fibronectin in newborns with pyo inflammatory diseases

Ciraru Vigneron N.; Elhaik S.; Bellenot F.; Villette J.M.; Fiet J.; Barrier J., 1983:
The level of plasma human chorionic gonadotropin experience in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancies 45 case histories

Yurkova G.N.; Levenko B.A.; Novozhilov O.V., 1985:
The level of ploidy of callus tissue cells in triticum monococcum

Grzywacz J.; Korycka A., 1979:
The level of pollution in lake trlag poland

Janowski T.; Chmiel J.; Kucharski J., 1985:
The level of progesterone in milk of cows as an index of proper time to insemination

Liu J.; Cheng L.; Ying S., 1981:
The level of prostaglandin f and its physiological action in uterine tissue during the estrous cycle of mice

Komissarenko, V.P.; Slavnov, V.N.; Epshtein, E.V.; Malinkovich, V.D., 1977:
The level of prostaglandins and cyclic amp in rat tissues

Fernandes E.Kh, 1981:
The level of protein and lysine in the rations of weaned pigs as it affects the growth rate and forage utilization

Cheshmedzhiev B.V.; Dzharova M., 1980:
The level of protein as it affects the fattening of landrace pigs

Bucur G.E.; Sragar M.; Kelemen A., 1980:
The level of pulmonary vital capacity in girls before and after menarche

Nagao T.; Watanabe K.; Komatsuda M.; Arimori S.; Sawamura S.; Ozawa A.; Sasaki S.; Shotsu A., 1979:
The level of purification and sterilization methods in the bio clean room

Schoen, L., 1976:
The level of quality of pork veal and beef production in west germany

Jones, P.J.; Ward, P., 1976:
The level of reserve protein as the proximate factor controlling the timing of breeding and clutch size in the red billed quelea quelea quelea

Luft, S.; Strauss, M.M.; Glinska-Urban, D., 1976:
The level of secretory immuno globulin a in parotid saliva and serum concentrations of immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and healthy subjects

Karapet'yan, A.B.; Mamigonova, R.I.; Babayants, G.A., 1977:
The level of sensitivity to organo chlorine insecticides in larvae of anopheles superpictus and anopheles maculipennis sacharovi from some raions in the turkmen ssr ussr

Kazaryan A.A.; Saakyan S.S., 1985:
The level of serum immunoglobulins in the residents of yerevan armenian ssr ussr

Kosla T., 1984:
The level of sodium and potassium in soil meadow vegetation and in blood serum of bulls on irrigation of soil with drain water

Karczewski J.; Januszko T., 1987:
The level of some chemical elements in hair as a test for evaluation of changes in natural environment

Perelygina A.A.; Golikova A.A.; Zin'ko N.V., 1984:
The level of some pituitary and pancreatic hormones in blood of patients with insulin independent diabetes mellitus

Lipecka C.; Domanski A.; Efner T., 1981:
The level of some production features in lowland sheep depending on their fertility

Guzdek, A.; Noworytko, J., 1984:
The level of some tissue peptides and their neutral sugar composition in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Bresler S.E.; Davidenkova E.F.; Filatov M.V.; Shvarts E.I.; Noskin L.A.; Noskin A.N.; Tret'yakov A.N.; Geksadze K.A., 1984:
The level of spontaneous lesions in dna of human and mammalian cells

Bezverkhaya T.P.; Komissarenko I.V.; Verkhoglyadova L.M.; Erofeeva E.N.; Savitskaya V.V.; Yugrinov O.G., 1985:
The level of steroid hormones in patients with itsenko cushing disease

Uygun H.; Alacam R., 1987:
The level of streptococcus mutans and lactobacilli in the dental plaque of caries prone and caries free persons

Glinski Z.; Rzedzicki J.; Woznica J., 1979:
The level of sulfonamides potentiated with trimethoprim in worker honey bees apis mellifera larvae and honey

Merger C.; Blanc B.; Ruf H.; Cohen G., 1981:
The level of testosterone delta 4 androstenedione and dehydroepi androsterone sulfate in liquor and fetal sex

Pushkina N.V.; Tsybul'skii I.E.; Lukash A.I., 1987:
The level of the amidation of blood proteins in hyperglycemia caused by alloxan diabetes

Konenkov V.I.; Naumov Y.N.; Prokof'ev V.F., 1987:
The level of the expression of hla antigen class i and ii on the surface membrane of lymphocyte subpopulations in the peripheral blood of normal subjects

Barbu R.; Nita V., 1980:
The level of the functional activity of mitochondria in conserved kidneys

Fafrowicz, B.; Mysakowska, H.; Kus, L.; Sidor-Smaga, M.; Tomaszewski, J.; Wojciechowska, E., 1976:
The level of the immuno globulin a immuno globulin g immuno globulin m and immuno globulin d in the blood serum of tuberculosis patients

Ono, H.; Deguchi, T.; Ino, T.; Okamoto, K.; Takyu, H., 1986:
The level of the musical loud sound and noise induced hearing impairment

Avvedimento V.E.; Tramontano D.; Ursini M.V.; Monticelli A.; D.L.uro R., 1984:
The level of thyro globulin messenger rna is regulated by tsh both in vitro and in vivo

Jawad I.M.; A.K.afaji S.H.; Ali A.A., 1986:
The level of trace metals and other contaminants in some spices and medicinal plants used in iraq

Khechinashvili, G.G.; Teryukova, N.P.; Tryufanov, V.F.; Shatirishvili, E.G.; Kurashvili, R.B.; Kipshidze, N.N.; Klimov, A.N., 1978:
The level of tri glycerides total cholesterol and cholesterol of lipo protein fractions in blood plasma of elderly and very old patients in the abkhazian assr ussr

Ciocîrdia, C.; Cristoveanu, A.; Tache, A.; Bunea, M.; Popa, M., 1979:
The level of urinary and plasma steroids after oral administration of cyclofenil to hirsute women with menstrual disorders and obesity

Pavlichenko V.P.; Kosyakova G.P.; Bykovchenko Y.G.; Milovanov O.V., 1985:
The level of vigor and immunity of cattle raised under different conditions

D.M.rco L.; Mashiter K.; Peters T.J., 1984:
The levels and subcellular distribution of hormones and marker enzymes in pituitaries from control subjects and patients with prolactinomas acromegaly or functionless pituitary tumors

Peinado J.; Lopez Soriano F.J.; Argiles J.M., 1986:
The levels of 2 3 butanediol in acetone injected rats effects of pregnancy and fasting

Nakajima T.; Kato K.; Tsumuraya M.; Kodama T.; Shimosato Y.; Kameya T., 1985:
The levels of 3 enolase subunits in human tumors a low alpha to gamma subunit ratio as indicator of tumors of neuronal and neuroendocrine nature

Chetina E.V.; Trotsenko Y.A., 1987:
The levels of adenine nucleotides and pyridine nucleotides in methanotrophic bacteria

Schmidt, J.B.; Spona, J., 1985:
The levels of androgen in serum in female acne patients

Ruelland A.; Mention J.E.; Perrot Y.; Cloarec L., 1982:
The levels of apo lipo protein a in amniotic fluid in normal and pathological pregnancies

Kosla T., 1984:
The levels of calcium phosphorus and magnesium in soil grass and organism of bulls on irrigation of soil with waste water

Doronina N.V.; Trotsenko Y.A., 1984:
The levels of carbon dioxide assimilation in bacteria with different pathways of 1 carbon metabolism

Seethambaram Y.; Rao A.N.; Das V.S.R., 1985:
The levels of carbonic anhydrase and of photorespiratory enzymes under zinc deficiency in oryza sativa and pennisetum americanum

Beitner, R.; Haberman, S.; Nordenberg, J.; Cohen, T.J., 1978:
The levels of cyclic gmp and glucose 1 6 di phosphate and the activity of phospho fructo kinase ec in muscle from normal and dystrophic mice

Roberts B.; Wentworth S.L.; Kotzman M., 1983:
The levels of ecdysteroids in uninjured and leg autotomized nymphs of blattella germanica

Van-Staden, J., 1978:
The levels of endogenous cyto kinins in daffodil bulbs stored under different environmental conditions

Orr, H.T.; Cohen, A.I.; Carter, J.A., 1976:
The levels of free taurine glutamate glycine and gamma amino butyric acid during the post natal development of the normal and dystrophic retina of the mouse

Knieriem, K.M.; Medina, M.A.; Stavinoha, W.B., 1977:
The levels of gamma amino butyric acid in mouse brain following tissue inactivation by microwave irradiation

Charuchaimontri C.; Kietduriyakul V.; N.P.talung B., 1986:
The levels of gamma globulin and immunoglobulins g m and a in hbsag anti hbs and anti hbc positive personnel

Ueda, K., 1978:
The levels of human erythrocyte super oxide dis mutase activity classified by age and in vitro inhibition by some polluting agents part 1 estimation of red cell super oxide dis mutase activity

Ueda, K., 1978:
The levels of human erythrocyte super oxide dis mutase activity classified by age and in vitro inhibition by some polluting agents part 2 the levels of human erythrocyte super oxide dis mutase activity classified by age

Ueda, K., 1978:
The levels of human erythrocyte super oxide dis mutase activity classified by age and in vitro inhibition by some polluting agents part 3 in vitro inhibition of cytoplasmic super oxide dis mutase by some polluting agents

Wagner, V.; Andrlikova, J.; Palek, V.; Wagnerova, M.; Burian, I., 1978:
The levels of immuno globulin immuno globulin g immuno globulin a immuno globulin m under the effect of age and exposure to the mining environment in uranium industry

Overnell, J.; Mcintosh, R.; Fletcher, T.C., 1987:
The levels of liver metallothionein and zinc in plaice pleuronectes platessa l. during the breeding season and the effect of estradiol injection

Ohki, S.; Nishigaki, Y.; Imaki, K.; Kurono, M.; Hirata, F.; Hanyu, T.; Nakazawa, N., 1976:
The levels of main urinary metabolite of prostaglandin f 1 alpha and prostaglandin f 2 alpha in human subjects measured by radio immunoassay

Kai N.; Ueda T.; Takeda M.; Kataoka A., 1986:
The levels of mercury and selenium in gonad of marlins from the pacific ocean

Kai N.; Ueda T.; Takeda M.; Takeda Y.; Kataoka A., 1986:
The levels of mercury and selenium in gonad of yellow fin thunnus albacares and albacore thunnus alalunga

Bellinger, E.G.; Benham, B.R., 1978:
The levels of metals in dockyard sediments with particular reference to the contributions from ship bottom paints

Comes, R.; Mustea, I., 1976:
The levels of NAD and NADH in blood of patients with cancer

Richardson R.K.; Gray I.K., 1981:
The levels of natural benzoic acid in casein and whey byproducts

Bublitz, C.; Lawler, C.A., 1987:
The levels of nicotinamide nucleotides in liver microsomes and their possible significance to the function of hexose phosphate dehydrogenase

Martincic T.; Svetina A.; Fulgosi E., 1984:
The levels of nonesterified fatty acids total lipids and cholesterol in the serum of swine the influence of age diet and body weight

Romanova I.N.; Golikov V.Ya; Korenkov I.P.; Kolonii I.N.; Grinberg S.M.; Kruglikov I.L.; Stadnik L.O.; Goncharov A.I., 1984:
The levels of occupational irradiation of medical radiologists in the ukrainian ssr ussr using the 1981 centralized individual dosimetric control data

Foong T.W.; Barnes M.F., 1981:
The levels of reserve metabolites and oxidative enzymes in the cuttings of easy to root and difficult to root rhododendrons

Lancaster J.E.; Mccallion B.J.; Shaw M.L., 1984:
The levels of s alkenyl l cysteine sulfoxides during growth of the onion allium cepa

Thompson, R.H.; Mcmurray, C.H.; Blanchflower, W.J., 1976:
The levels of selenium and glutathione peroxidase ec activity in blood of sheep cows and pigs

Landaas, S.; Skrede, S.; Steen, J.A., 1981:
The levels of serum enzymes, plasma proteins and lipids in normal infants and small children

Sane A.S.; Choksi S.A.; Parikh S.R., 1983:
The levels of serum lipids during abortion induced by a hypertonic saline solution

Serban M.; Lozinschi A.; Suteanu M.; Dexamir A., 1980:
The levels of some biochemical components from the blood serum of chickens which received synthetic amino acids in their diet

Rickard D.G.; Dulley M.E.R., 1983:
The levels of some heavy metals and chlorinated hydro carbons in fish from the tidal thames uk

Frelich J.; Kral M., 1987:
The levels of some pedigree parameters of first calvers included in the breeding program

Basterra J.; Matoses S.; Aparisi M.; Palop M.; Marco J., 1987:
The levels of the circulating immune complexes cic and carcinoembryonic antigen cea in serum of patients with laryngeal and pharyngolaryngeal cancer

Sidorenko B.A.; Beglyarov M.I.; Titov V.N.; Parkhimovich R.M.; Masenko V.P., 1981:
The levels of the thyroid hormones in the blood of patients with ischemic heart disease correlation with coronary angiographic data degree of angina pectoris and blood lipid concentrations

Klimov A.N.; Gerasimova E.N.; Shestov D.B.; Glazunov I.S.; Deev A.D.; Zadoya A.A.; Moiseeva N.I.; Katrushenko A.G.; Tryufanov V.F.; E.A., 1979:
The levels of total cholesterol tri glycerides and alpha lipo protein cholesterol in the blood of males 40 59 years of age living in moscow and leningrad ussr

Wagnerova M.; Wagner V.; Wokounova D.; Kriz J., 1979:
The levels of transferrin in children from 3 localities with different air pollution under the influence of summer and winter seasons

Little I.P.; Ross D.R., 1985:
The levenshtein metric a new means for soil classification tested by data from a sand podzol chronosequence and evaluated by discriminant function analysis

Rietveld, A.B.; Daanen, H.A.; Rozing, P.M.; Obermann, W.R., 1988:
The lever arm in glenohumeral abduction after hemiarthroplasty

Lynch, D.H.; Dewitt, C.W., 1980:
The lew bn 2r strain a recombinant in the rat major histo compatibility complex

Anderson, D.C.; Finnegan, M.; Hotopp, J.; Fisher, A.K., 1978:
The lewis central school site 13pw 5 a resolution of ideological conflicts at an archaic ossuary in western iowa usa

Oriol, R.; Opelz, G.; Chun, C.; Terasaki, P.I., 1980:
The Lewis system and kidney transplantation

Krimbas, C.B., 1976:
The Lewontin and Krakauer test on quantitative characters

Del-Conte, E., 1978:
The leydig cells of a tropical lizard in periods of different activity ultrastructure and apparent secretion toward inter cellular canaliculi

Oguri M., 1983:
The leydig organ in the esophagus of some elasmobranchs

Shrivastava P.K.; Sehajpal P.K.; Kaur H., 1979:
The lh system a new red blood cell membrane specificity in man

Roman S.H.; Goldstein M.; Kourides I.A.; Comite F.; Bardin C.W.; Krieger D.T., 1984:
The lhrh agonist g d tryptophan 9 proline n ethylamide lhrh increased rather than lowered luteinizing hormone and alpha subunit levels in a patient with an luteinizing hormone secreting pituitary tumor

Badger T.M.; Loughlin J.S.; Naddaff P.G., 1983:
The lhrh de sensitized rat pituitary luteinizing hormone responsiveness to lhrh in vitro

Ibata Y.; Okamura H.; Fukui K.; Obatatsuto H.L.; Tanaka M.; Kimura H.; Hashimura E.; Sin S.; Imagawa K., 1983:
The lhrh neuron system in the rat central nervous system an immuno histochemical study

Terasawa, E.; Davis, G.A., 1983:
The LHRH neuronal system in female rats: relation to the medial preoptic nucleus

Silverman A.J.; Antunes J.L.; Abrams G.M.; Nilaver G.; Thau R.; Robinson J.A.; Ferin M.; Krey L.C., 1982:
The lhrh pathways in rhesus macaca mulatta and pig tailed macaca nemestrina monkeys new observations on thick unembedded sections

Elkind Hirsch K.; King J.C.; Gerall A.A.; Arimura A.A., 1981:
The lhrh system in normal and estrogenized neo natal rats

Diaz Siles J.; Florido J.; Salvatierra V.; Dolz M.; Ruiz Requena E., 1985:
The lhrh trh double stimulation test in normogonadotropic hypogonadism

Smith E.M.; Hattingh J., 1979:
The liability of some hematological parameters in chickens gallus domesticus and ducks anas platyrhynchos domesticus

Eccles, J.C., 1982:
The liaison brain for voluntary movement: the supplementary motor area

Caballe, G., 1977:
The liana entada scelerata mimosoideae vegetative multiplication in gabon rain forest

Preda I.; Culda V.; Badaluta A.; Streanga V., 1985:
The lias flora of pregheda banat romania

Boney, A.D., 1978:
The liberation and dispersal of carpo spores of the red alga rhodymenia pertusa

Pakalapati G.; Debuch H., 1982:
The liberation of fatty acids from 2 lyso phosphatidyl choline by a liver lysosomal enzyme activity from chloroquine treated rats

Pulpeiro E.F., 1983:
The liberian marine bryozoans cheilostomata

Halliday, T.R., 1976:
The libidinous newt an analysis of variations in the sexual behavior of the male smooth newt triturus vulgaris

Okeke, M.O., 1985:
The library in medical education

Van-Den-Broek, E., 1977:
The lice anoplura and mallophaga of mammals in the netherlands

Ahmadjian V., 1988:
The lichen alga trebouxia does it occur free living

Turian, G., 1975:
The lichen association fulgensietum fulgentis from steppegarides in the geneva region switzerland

Riedl, H., 1976:
The lichen bacidia chlorococca and its relationship to form genera of the fungi imperfecti

Oiseth K.B.; Aarvik S., 1982:
The lichen bryoria implexa new record for norway

Brodo I.M.; Alstrup V., 1981:
The lichen bryoria subdivergens in greenland and north america

Poelt J.; Kalb K., 1985:
The lichen caloplaca congrediens and related species taxonomy biology and distribution

Llimona X.; Egea J.M., 1984:
The lichen communities of the rain tracks of siliceous mediterranean rocks

Hoiland K., 1983:
The lichen cork ochrolechia tartarea as dyestuff producer with a special mention of the use on lista and in farsund southwest norway

Poelt, J., 1974:
The lichen family candelariaceae a contribution with special reference to some south american species

Jorgensen, M., 1978:
The lichen family pannariaceae in europe

Joshi M.; Awasthi D.D., 1982:
The lichen family stictaceae in india and nepal

Lisicka E., 1980:
The lichen family umbilicariaceae in czechoslovakia

Follmann, G., 1982:
The lichen flora and lichen vegetation of the canary islands spain 6. some new finds of alpine lichens

Navarro Rosines P.; Hladun N.L., 1986:
The lichen flora and vegetation on calcareous sandstone from sanauja la segarra catalonia spain

Gilbert O.L.; Fox B.W.; Purvis O.W., 1982:
The lichen flora of a high level limestone epidiorite outcrop in the ben alder range scotland uk

Muhr L E., 1987:
The lichen flora of gravbacksravinen varmland sweden

Pentecost A., 1987:
The lichen flora of gwynedd wales uk

Nebeker G.T.; S.C.air L.L., 1984:
The lichen flora of navaho national monument arizona usa

Arvidsson L.; Lindstrom M.; Muhr L E.; Stahl B.; Wall S., 1988:
The lichen flora of naverkarr bohuslan southwestern sweden

Badhe, P.D., 1976:
The lichen flora of pachmarhi madhya pradesh india 1

Wiedman, J.E.; Whiteside, W., 1975:
The lichen flora of rocky branch nature preserve clark county illinois usa

Earland-Bennett, P.M., 1976:
The lichen flora of the basildon area

Werner R.G., 1979:
The lichen flora of the betic rifa cordillera spain phyto geographic and ecologic study

Weber W.A., 1986:
The lichen flora of the galapagos islands ecuador

Kristinsson, H., 1985:
The lichen flora of the outer hvalfjordur area in west iceland

Ricciardi, M.; Garofalo, R., 1977:
The lichen flora of the valley of fortore river province of benevento italy

Osorio, H.S., 1980:
The lichen flora of uruguay 14. new or additional records from central uruguay

Tolpysheva, T.Y. ; Andriyanova, L.A., 1982 :
The lichen flora on wood architecture 2. kirillo belozersky monastery russian sfsr ussr

Sedel'nikova N.V.; Bubnova S.V., 1983:
The lichen flora outline of academician obruchev mountain range tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Galloway D.J., 1980:
The lichen genera argopsis and stereocaulon in new zealand

Breuss O.; Hansen E.S., 1988:
The lichen genera catapyrenium and placidiopsis in greenland

Ahti T.; Lai M J., 1979:
The lichen genera cladonia cladina and cladia in taiwan

Hansen E.S.; Poelt J.; Vezda A., 1987:
The lichen genera gyalecta gyalidea and sagiolechia in greenland

Awasthi D.D.; Joshi M., 1979:
The lichen genera helminthocarpon cyclographa and cyclographina new genus

Filson R.B., 1988:
The lichen genera heppia and peltula in australia

Swinscow T.D.V.; Krog H., 1979:
The lichen genera heppia and peltula in east africa

Awasthi D.D., 1984:
The lichen genera hypogymnia and menegazzia from india and nepal

Galloway D.J.; Elix J.A., 1983:
The lichen genera parmelia and punctelia in australasia

Brodo I.M.; Hertel H., 1987:
The lichen genus amygdalaria porpidiaceae in north america

Singh A., 1984:
The lichen genus anthracothecium from manipur india

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The life history of glyphopsyche irrorata trichoptera limnephilidae a caddis fly that over winters as an adult

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The life history of haementeria costata glossiphoniidae hirudinea

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The life history of halosaccion ramentaceum

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The life history of herring clupea pallasii in the brackish lake notoro hokkaido japan 3. reproductive characteristics and feeding habits

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The life history of hypochrysops theon medocus lepidoptera lycaenidae

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The life history of Labiostrongylus eugenii, a nematode parasite of the Kangaroo Island wallaby (Macropus eugenii): the parasitic stages

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The life history of lithospermum caroliniense a long lived herbaceous sand dune species

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The life history of mesorchis denticulatus trematoda echinostomatidae

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The life history of neochanna apoda pisces galaxiidae

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The life history of philophthalmus lucknowensis 3. rediae and cercariae

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The life history of psylla mali homoptera psyllidae and its relationship to the development of the apple blossom

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The life history of reliquia santamarta a neotropical alpine pierine butterfly lepidoptera pieridae

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The life history of rhodochorton membranaceum an endozoic red alga

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The life history of sarcocystis singaporensis in the definitive and intermediate host

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The life history of the crayfish orconectes kentuckiensis in big creek illinois usa

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The life history of the eye maggot lernaeenicus sprattae copepoda lernaeoceridae of the sprat

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The life history of the gastropod thyonicola americana endoparasitic in a seasonally eviscerating holothurian host

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The life history of the gobiid fish luciogobius platycephalus

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The life history of the leaf curling plum aphid brachycaudus helichrysi in northern ireland and its ability to transmit potato virus y c a b

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The life history of the nematode philometra abdominalis in the rokytka brook czechoslovakia

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The life history of the smoky brown cockroach periplaneta fuliginosa

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The life history of thysanoessa inermis in the bay of fundy

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The life history of tubularia indivisa hydrozoa tubulariidae with observations on the status of tubularia ceratogyne

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The life history of turnerella mertensiana rhodophyta gigartinales

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The life history of ulva fasciata delile chlorophyceae ulvales in culture

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The life history of zapada columbiana plecoptera nemouridae in a rocky mountain canada stream

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The life history parameters of moina micrura grown in different culturing media

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The life history parameters of physa acuta gastropoda mollusca in experimental conditions

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The life history profile of tillandsia circinnata bromeliaceae and the rarity of extreme epiphytism among the angiosperms

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The life history social organization and parental behavior of hyla rosenbergi a nest building gladiator frog

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The life history study on a sporophytic form of spongomorpha acrosiphonia complex acrosiphoniales chlorophyta codiolum petrocelidis from northern japan

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The life inherent in authority 1

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The life of achatinidae in london

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The life of the smooth newt triturus vulgaris after metamorphosis

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The life processes of nycteola asiatica lepidoptera noctuidae and the damage they cause in poplar populations

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The life span of chloroplasts in mesophyll cells of deciduous and evergreen plants

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The life span of drosophila melanogaster of the r 1 2 yv y+y strain intact and under the influence of 2 ethyl 6 methyl 3 hydroxy pyridine

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The life span of parents of diabetic subjects

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The lifting of the dorsalis major flap with the patient in the dorsal decubital position

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The light dark difference in meal size in the laboratory rat on a standard diet is abolished during rapid eye movement sleep deprivation

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The light dependent accumulation of the p 700 chlorophyll a protein of the photosystem i reaction center in barley hordeum vulgare evidence for translational control

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The light environment and growth of 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway tree species in the understory of hawaiian usa forest

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The light harvesting poly peptides of rhodospirillum rubrum 2. localization of the amino terminal regions of the light harvesting poly peptides b 870 alpha and b 870 beta and the reaction center subunit l at the cytoplasmic side of the photosynthetic membrane of rhodospirillum rubrum g 9 positive

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The light induced increase in the activity of nadp dependent enz glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase viii the dependence of the enzyme activity in lemna m on the intensity and the length of illumination

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The light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the fusion of facial prominences

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The light response rhythm and seasonal entrainment of the endogenous circadian loco motor rhythm of talitrus saltator crustacea amphipoda

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The light trap a means of approaching the entomological fauna ephemeroptera in particular of a large river

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The lignans of polygala polygama polygalaceae deoxy podophyllo toxin and 3 new lignan lactones

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The ligninolytic activities of lentinus edodes and phanerochaete chrysosporium

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The ligule of isoetes lacustris ultrastructure mucilage composition and a possible pathway of secretion

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The ligules of green leaves of cock's foot grass dactylis glomerata l. are a micro habitat for bacteria and fungi

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The liguro provencal ichthyological fauna melanostigma altanticum new record zoarcidae a new fish in the french fauna

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The likelihood of a request for reversal of sterilization a prospective study of 50 cases

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The likelihood of injuries when children fall out of bed

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The likelihood quotient line, a tool for the assessment of diagnostic validity of clinical chemical tests

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The limit between the genera boletinus and suillus

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The limitation of screening effect. A review of cervical disorders in previously screened women

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The limitation of the ratio of fecal coliforms to total coli phage as a water pollution index

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The limitations of atmospheric dispersion data and their contribution to uncertainties in dose assessment

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The limitations of immunoenzyme approaches to distinguish between specific and non specific antibody forming cells with particular respect to immunocytochemical studies on the in situ immune response

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The limitations of model systems in prostatic cancer

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The limited diversity of the mouse gamma chains anti l glutamic acid 60 l alanine 30 l tyrosine 10 repertoire does not seem to be noticeably amplified upon class switch

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The limited role of splenectomy in patients with leukemia

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The limits and relationships of the acanthomorph teleosts

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The limits and relationships of the lutjanidae and associated families

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The limits attained in the training of carassius auratus

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The limits of attention and its expansion

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The limulus lysate endo toxin assay as a test of microbial quality of ground beef

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The linaria species with wingless seeds of the west mediterranean basin part 2 linaria sections elegantes new section bipunctatae new section diffusae speciosae repentes

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The linaria spp with wingless seeds of the west mediterranean basin part 1 linaria section versicolores

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The line from st malo france to geneva switzerland its anthropological and sociological importance

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The line in object superiority effect in perception it depends on where you fix your eyes and what is located at the point of fixation

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The line intercept method for studying plant cuticles from rumen and fecal samples

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The line transect sampling method and inverse line transect method of wildlife population survey

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The linear hydrodynamic stability of an interfacially perturbed transversely isotropic thin planar visco elastic film 2. extension of the theory to the study of the onset of small scale cell membrane motions

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The linear oxidation of formaldehyde to carbon dioxide as the proper energy generating sequence for the assimilation of methanol in acetobacter methanolicus mb58

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The linear regression line as a judgmental aid in visual analysis of serially dependent a b time series data

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The linear relationship between iodine staining and average chain length of the unbranched amylo glucans

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The linear track olfactometer an assay device for taxes of the german cockroach blattella germanica dictyoptera blattellidae toward their aggregation pheromone

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The linearity of heritability and genetic correlation for juvenile body weight and weight gain in meat type chickens

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The linearity of reference standard values in the radial immuno diffusion assay of human complement c 4 beta 1e globulin/

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The lines of evolution of the bacillariophyta 1. origin

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The lines of study of rhizobia x pesticides interactions

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The lingual angle of incisors

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The lingual artery of the rat

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The lingual bone of the human mandibular symphysis

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The lingual dorsal epithelium of the guinea pig studied by scanning electron microscopy

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The lining film of the air breathing chambers of some fresh water fishes

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