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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6713

Chapter 6713 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Voroshilov N.V., 1983:
The long term instability of inbred lines of phytoseiulus

Milborrow B.V.; Vaughan G., 1979:
The long term metabolism of racemic 2 carbon 14 labeled abscisic acid by apple seeds pyrus malus cultivar jonathan

Hawton K., 1981:
The long term outcome of psychiatric morbidity detected in general medical patients

Barrett A.; Bloom H.J.G.; Graham Pole J.; Lawson D.N.; Mcelwain T.J.; Malpas J.S.; Pritchard J.; Sandland R., 1981:
The long term outlook for children treated for non hodgkins lymphomas

Wieser M., 1980:
The long term period measurement and instrumental method in phoniatry

D.W.js J.J.; Suda Bachmann F., 1979:
The long term preservation of potato virus y and watermelon mosaic virus in liquid nitrogen in comparison to other preservation methods

Anderson, D.C.; Elder, M.; O-Brien, R.; Pearson, J., 1970:
The long term proactive effect of preshock and electro convulsive shock as determinants of subsequent responses to punishment

Fukuchi T.; Iqata K.; Shirakashi M.; Satoh K., 1988:
The long term prognosis of argon laser iridotomy for primary angle closure glaucoma

Arthur J.E.; Lucke V.M.; Newby T.J.; Bourne F.J., 1986:
The long term prognosis of feline idiopathic membranous glomerulonephropathy

Asai Y.; Sugiki K.; Komatsu S., 1985:
The long term prognosis of pacemaker implantation among children

Tubiana M.; Pejovic M.H.; Chavaudra N.; Contesso G.; Malaise E.P., 1984:
The long term prognostic significance of the thymidine labeling index in breast cancer

Wenckert, A.; Kristensen, M.; Eklund, A.E.; Barany, F.; Jarnum, S.; Worning, H.; Folkenborg, O.; Holtz, A.; Bonnevie, O.; Riis, P., 1978:
The long term prophylactic effect of salazosulfapyridine salazopyrin in primarily resected patients with crohns disease a controlled double blind trial

Bertrand J M.; Riley S.P.; Popkin J.; Coates A.L., 1985:
The long term pulmonary sequelae of prematurity the role of familial airway hyperreactivity and respiratory distress syndrome

Yasaka T.; Nakano K.; Nakano M.; Komatsu T., 1979:
The long term quality control and clinical data evaluation of individuals in automated multiphasic health testing system

Scholle, S.; Zwiener, U.; Prange, H.; Schubert, H., 1984:
The long term recording of the electrocorticogram and electroencephalogram in the awake pig 2. results of visual graphic and quantitative computation

Takeuchi Y.; Suma K.; Inoue K.; Shiroma K.; Koyama Y.; Narumi J.; Nishiyama S.; Kaneko H.; Kohri Y.; E.A., 1987:
The long term result of grafted saphenous veins in children with kawasaki disease

Yagi T.; E.A., 1985:
The long term result of middle ear ventilation tube

Trapeznikov N.N.; Aliev B.M.; Yur'eva T.V., 1982:
The long term results of combination therapy of localized sarcomas of soft tissues

Irvine G.B.; Strachan W.E., 1987:
The long term results of localized anterior cervical decompression and fusion in spondylotic myelopathy

Ivarsson, K.; Bjarnason, S., 1988:
The long term soil fertility experiments in southern sweden 1. background site description and experimental design

Bjarnason, S.; Seeger, P., 1988:
The long term soil fertility experiments in southern sweden ii. statistical analysis of crop data

Yuasa T.; Tada R.; Nakagawa Y.; Mimura Y., 1981:
The long term study of di sodium cromoglycate eye drops in the treatment of conjunctival allergy

Humphrey, E.W.; Keehn, R.J.; Higgins, G.A.; Shields, T.W., 1979:
The long term survival of patients with visceral carcinoma

Gould, D.J.; Cunliffe, W.J., 1978:
The long term treatment of acne vulgaris

Arora R.C.; Arora S.; Gupta R.K., 1981:
The long term use of garlic allium sativum in ischemic heart disease an appraisal

Hunger W., 1986:
The long term variation of the nutrient levels in the assimilation organs of an industrial spruce plantation picea abies

Lueders K.K.; Fewell J.W.; Kuff E.L.; Koch T., 1984:
The long terminal repeat of an endogenous intracisternal a particle gene functions as a promoter when introduced into eukaryotic cells by transfection

Luria, S.; Horowitz, M., 1986:
The long terminal repeat of the intracisternal A particle as a target for transactivation by oncogene products

O'Connell, C.D.; Cohen, M., 1984:
The long terminal repeat sequences of a novel human endogenous retrovirus

Urbanowicz Z., 1982:
The long thoracic nerve and its roots in postfetal life in man

Newman W.I., 1983:
The long time behavior of the solution to a nonlinear diffusion problem in population genetics and combustion

Behne D.; Braetter P.; Gatschke W.; Gawlik D.; Klatt S.; Roesick U., 1980:
The long time reactor irradiation of biological material at reduced temperature

Levine, P.A.; Sasaki, C.T.; Kirchner, J.A., 1978:
The long tracheostomy tube. Alternative management of distal tracheal stenosis

Armett Kibel C.; Meinertzhagen I.A., 1985:
The long visual fibers of the dragonfly sympetrum rubicundulum optic lobe their cells of origin and lamina connections

Mackie, G.A.; Bancroft, J.B., 1986:
The longer RNA species in narcissus mosaic virus encodes all viral functions

Baclig J.R.; Antillon F.L., 1981:
The longer term nutritional impact of a maternal and child health program

Galdston, R., 1987 :
The longest pleasure: a psychoanalytic study of hatred

Stoltz, R.L.; Stern, V.M., 1978:
The longevity and fecundity of orius tristicolor when introduced to increasing numbers of the prey frankliniella occidentalis/

Nollen P.M.; Samizadeh Yazd A.; Snyder D.E., 1979:
The longevity and hatchability of philophthalmus megalurus and philophthalmus gralli miracidia in different environmental conditions

Lamont B.B.; Downes S., 1979:
The longevity flowering and fire history of the grasstrees xanthorrhoea preissii and kingia australis

Moraitou Apostolopoulou M.; Verriopoulos G., 1981:
The longevity of 3 generations of normal and pollution impacted acartia clausi copepoda populations in the saronicos gulf greece

Attwood, H.D.; Chou, S.T., 1978:
The longevity of Clonorchis sinensis

Thompson, K.V.A.; Holliday, R., 1978:
The longevity of di ploid and poly ploid human fibroblasts evidence against the somatic mutation theory of cellular aging

Hopkins, C.A.; Goodall, R.I.; Zajac, A., 1977:
The longevity of hymenolepis microstoma in mice and its immunological cross reaction with hymenolepis diminuta

Pratt, M.A., 1976:
The longevity of resting sporangia of synchytrium endobioticum in soil

Bolton, J.; Penny, A., 1978:
The longevity of sodium potassium and magnesium fertilizer residual effects on the yield and composition of rye grass grown on a sandy soil

Siepmann, R., 1977:
The longevity of the decay fungi polyporus schweinitzii and sparassis crispa stumps of scotch pine

Unsworth, B.A.; Cross, T.; Seaward, M.R.D.; Sims, R.E., 1977:
The longevity of thermoactinomycete endo spores in natural substrates

Hill, C.A., 1975:
The longevity record for colobus

Huedepohl K E., 1987:
The longhorn beetles of the philippines

Denisova M.N.; Podarueva V.I.; Davydova A.S., 1984:
The longitude variation of some ecological physiological features in buntings passeriformes emberizidae

Aaro S.; Dahlborn M., 1981:
The longitudinal axis rotation of the apical vertebra the vertebral spinal and rib cage deformity in idiopathic scoliosis studied by computed tomography

Desmond, M.M.; Fisher, E.S.; Vorderman, A.L.; Schaffer, H.G.; Andrew, L.P.; Zion, T.E.; Catlin, F.I., 1978:
The longitudinal course of congenital rubella encephalitis in nonretarded children

McFarlane, A.C., 1988:
The longitudinal course of posttraumatic morbidity. The range of outcomes and their predictors

Roy Byrne P.; Post R.M.; Uhde T.W.; Porcu T.; Davis D., 1985:
The longitudinal course of recurrent affective illness life chart data from research patients at the national institute of mental health

Evans J.W.; Noble R.L., 1979:
The longitudinal distribution of fishes in an east texas usa stream

Ahmad R.A.; James B.L., 1986:
The longitudinal distribution of microphallus pygmaeus in the intestine of the mouse effect of diet and dose

Perry J.A.; Schaeffer D.J., 1987:
The longitudinal distribution of riverine benthos a river dis continuum?

Light, T.R.; Ogden, J.A., 1981:
The longitudinal epiphyseal bracket: implications for surgical correction

Levine, M.D.; Wolman, R.; Oberklaid, F.; Pierson, D.E., 1982:
The longitudinal study of findings in childhood. Analysis of an interdisciplinary process

Yakushiji, M.; Machida, Y.; Namba, T., 1984:
The longitudinal study of interdental space in deciduous dentition 1. the maxillary arch

Yakushiji, M.; Machida, Y.; Namba, T., 1985:
The longitudinal study of interdental space on deciduous dentition 2. the mandibular arch

Walberg F.; Brodal A., 1979:
The longitudinal zonal pattern in the paramedian lobule of the cats cerebellum an analysis based on a correlation of recent horseradish peroxidase data with results of studies with other methods

Tomaselli R., 1981:
The longitudinal zoning of vegetation in the southern sector of the andes

Kalisz P.J.; Stone E.L., 1984:
The longleaf pine pinus palustris islands of the ocala national forest florida usa a soil study

Gassner D.; Komnick H., 1982:
The loop diuretic furosemide as a noncompetitive inhibitor of chloride bi carbonate atpase of vertebrate kidneys and insect rectum

Eiken, O.; Ekerot, L., 1983:
The looping procedure. An alternative method of thumb restoration

Emig, C.C., 1976:
The lophophore significant structures in lophophorata brachiopoda bryozoa phoronida

Aysel V.; Guner H., 1986:
The lophosiphonia felkenberg species of the aegean coast of turkey ceramiales rhodomelacteae

Lopressor Intervention Trial Res Group (Usa), 1987:
The lopressor intervention trial multicenter study of metoprolol in survivors of acute myocardial infarction

Gonzalez J., 1979:
The lorica of the peritrich ciliate thurica folliculata structure chemical nature and formation

Jacobs, H.E., 1988:
The Los Angeles Head Injury Survey: procedures and initial findings

Wyndham, C.H., 1981:
The loss from premature deaths of economically active manpower in the various populations of south africa 1. leading causes of death health strategies for reducing mortality

Wyndham, C.H., 1981:
The loss from premature deaths of economically active manpower in the various populations of south africa 2. man years of economically active life lost from premature death

Kamiya Y.; Takahashi N.; Graebe J.E., 1986:
The loss of carbon 20 in 19 carbon gibberellin biosynthesis in a cell free system from pisum sativum l

D'eramo C.; Stocchetti N.; Follini L.; Taverna A.; Zennaro F., 1987:
The loss of consciousness times of chlordemethyldiazepam a statistical study in man

Svendsen O.; Rasmussen F.; Nielsen P.; Steiness E., 1979:
The loss of creatine phospho kinase from intra muscular injection sites in rabbits a predictive tool for local toxicity

Sargent J.A.; Mandi S.S.; Osborne D.J., 1981:
The loss of desiccation tolerance during germination an ultrastructural and biochemical approach

Boyles, D.T., 1976:
The loss of electrolytes from leaves treated with hydro carbons and their derivatives

Wilps H.; Collatz K G., 1986:
The loss of enzyme activities involved in early steps of energy metabolism being a parameter for the reduction of physical performances during adult life span of phormia terrae novae females

Smirnov, P.M.; Kidin, V.V.; Pedishyus, R.K.; Nazarova, V.N., 1977:
The loss of fertilizer nitrogen and its decrease in soil with the aid of nitrification inhibitors

Das S.M.; Shrivastava A.K., 1984:
The loss of fish in lake nainital india as a result of pollution and parasitic infection

Brimblecombe P.; Clegg S.L.; Davies T.D.; Shooter D.; Tranter M., 1988:
The loss of halide and sulfate ions from melting ice

Suitters, A.J.; Lampert, I.A., 1983:
The loss of ia plus langerhans cells during graft vs. host disease in rats

Afinogenova, A.V.; Konovalova, S.M.; Lambina, V.A., 1986 :
The loss of monospecificity of exoparasitic bacteria of the micavibrio genus

Mackie D.P.; Meneely D.J.; Pollock D.A.; Logan E.F., 1986:
The loss of opsonic activity of bovine milk whey following depletion of immunoglobulin a

Apirion, D.; Schlessinger, D., 1967:
The loss of phenotypic suppression in streptomycin resistant mutants escherichia coli neomycin kanamycin

Chacko, S.; Abbott, J.; Holtzer, S.; Holtzer, H., 1969:
The loss of phenotypic traits by differentiated cells. VI. Behavior of the progeny of a single chondrocyte

Fox, L.R., 1977:
The loss of phytochrome photo reversibility in vitro part 2 properties of killer and its reaction with phytochrome

Jugdutt B.I.; Hutchins G.M.; Bulkley B.H.; Becker L.C., 1979:
The loss of radioactive micro spheres from canine necrotic myo cardium

Watts, J.W., 1969:
The loss of rapidly labelled rna from isolated hela cell nuclei

Silberstein, K.; Chiffings, A.W.; Mccomb, A.J., 1986:
The loss of seagrass in cockburn sound western australia iii. the effect of epiphytes on productivity of posidonia australis

Cambridge, M.L.; Mccomb, A.J., 1984:
The loss of seagrasses in cockburn sound western australia 1. the time course and magnitude of seagrass decline in relation to industrial development

Kubicka, M.; Brzezińska-Błaszczyk, E., 1980:
The loss of sensitization of mouse and rat mast cells by acid pH treatment

Coolidge F.L.; Bracken D.D., 1984:
The loss of teeth in dreams an empirical investigation

Sweeney, B.M., 1986:
The Loss of the Circadian Rhythm in Photosynthesis in an Old Strain of Gonyaulax polyedra

Skoblo, I.I.; Rautian, M.S.; Ossipov, D.V., 1978:
The loss of the generative nuclei in paramecium caudatum during early stages of infection by symbiotic bacteria

Ivashchenko N.I.; Korochkin L.I., 1985:
The loss of tissue specificity by an esterase isozyme in drosophila hydei

Hagerman, L., 1976:
The loss rate of sodium in crangon vulgaris crustacea natantia in the absence of sodium chloride in the medium

Honek, A., 1978:
The losses of coccinella septempunctata population during the 1st cutting of forage leguminosae

Barwin B.N.; Gillieson M., 1984:
The lost intra uterine device

Browne, E.T.Jr ; Athey, R., 1977:
The lost liliaceae of kentucky usa a reevaluation

Guduric B.; Taraczky M.; Laszlo M.; Stefanovic V.; Saravolac S.; Burany B., 1980:
The lost time from the appearance of the 1st signs of disease to the diagnosis of malignant neoplasms of various localizations in vojvodina yugoslavia during 1978

Schlatter, R., 1976:
The lotharingian stratum in the lower liassic of the klettgau canton schaffhausen switzerland

Marchenay, P., 1975:
The lotus of the marshes of dombes lotus uliginosus

Gershlick A.H.; Leech G.; Mills P.G.; Leatham A., 1984:
The loud 1st heart sound in left atrial myxoma

Cazals, Y.; Stephens, S.D.G., 1975:
The loudness function for click stimuli

Cacace A.T.; Margolis R.H., 1985:
The loudness of complex stimuli and its relationship to cochlear excitation

Wilson, R.S., 1983:
The Louisville Twin Study: developmental synchronies in behavior

Andersson K.G., 1986:
The love life of stoneflies a behavioral ecological view

Van Der Zwan J.; Boering G.; Wesseling H.; Sibinga C.T.S.; Van Der Weele L.T., 1982:
The low 3rd molar and anti phlogistics effects of betamethasone ibuprofen indomethacin naproxen niflumic acid oxyphen butazone tranexamic acid and glafenine on the patients condition after surgical removal of a lower 3rd molar

Perl, A.; Looney, R.J.; Ryan, D.H.; Abraham, G.N., 1986:
The low affinity 40,000 Fc gamma receptor and the transferrin receptor can be alternative or simultaneous target structures on cells sensitive for natural killing

Beart P.M.; Krstich M.; Donald D.; Gundlach A.L., 1982:
The low affinity component of tritium labeled spiperone binding reflects association to a nondopaminergic neuroleptic site

Lapraz, G., 1976:
The low altitude grouping of dorycnium suffruticosum and aphyllanthes monspeliensis from the nice region france dorycnio aphyllanthetum

Zimmer F.; Riebeling V.; Benke B.; Schuster J.; Roskamm H., 1980:
The low density lipo protein high density lipo protein ration in patients with coronary arterio sclerosis

Tolleshaug H.; Hobgood K.K.; Brown M.S.; Goldstein J.L., 1983:
The low density lipo protein receptor locus in familial hyper cholesterolemia multiple mutations disrupt transport and processing of a membrane receptor

Davis, C.G.; van Driel, I.R.; Russell, D.W.; Brown, M.S.; Goldstein, J.L., 1987:
The low density lipoprotein receptor. Identification of amino acids in cytoplasmic domain required for rapid endocytosis

Semenkovich, C.F.; Ostlund, R.E., 1986:
The low density lipoprotein receptor on human peripheral blood monocytes and lymphocytes: visualization by ligand blotting and immunoblotting techniques

Takaya T.; Takiguchi M.; Yamasaki Y., 1980:
The low flow circle nitrous oxide anesthesia

Hill R.M.; Dissado L.A.; Pathmanathan K., 1987:
The low frequency dielectric properties of leaves

Beetz, C.P.Jr ; Ascarelli, G., 1976:
The low frequency vibrational modes of an rna poly inosinic acid poly cytidylic acid

Goodall, J.A.; Bryan, C., 1988:
The low incidence of alcoholic cirrhosis in the islands of Lewis and Harris

al-Mefty, O.; al-Rodhan, N.; Fox, J.L., 1988:
The low incidence of cerebral aneurysms in the Middle East: is it a myth?

Rozen P.; Hellerstein S.M.; Horwitz C., 1981:
The low incidence of colo rectal cancer in a high risk population correlation with dietary habits

Sharpe R.J., 1986:
The low incidence of multiple sclerosis in areas near the equator may be due to uv light induced suppressor cells to melanocyte antigens

Casman O., 1981:
The low ionic poly cation test for blood compatibility testing

Hsu T.C.S.; Steinberg J.; Ledoux R.; Sawitsky A., 1979:
The low ionic strength reaction of human blood relationship between the binding of serum immuno globulin and complement to red blood cells and surface charge of the cells

Semetana R., 1981:
The low ionic strength solution technique a more sensitive and faster method for erythrocyte antibody detection

Smetana R., 1981:
The low ionic strength solution technique in comparison with conventional methods for cross matching procedure

Paaver T., 1986:
The low level of genetic variability of the donaldson rainbow trout strain

Muller Haeckel A., 1981:
The low light adapted dinoflagellate gonyaulax catenata

Ghosh S.; Chowdhury M., 1982:
The low lying electronic states of alloxan

Coutard J P.; Lautridou J P.; Lefebvre D.; Clet M., 1979:
The low marine eemian and pre eemian levels of grand camp les bains france

Pellerin J.; Dupeuble P A., 1979:
The low marine eemian level of graye sur mer calvados france

Lawrence, G.L.; Van-Etten, R.L., 1981:
The low molecular weight acid phosphatase ec from bovine liver isolation amino acid composition and chemical modification studies

Szabo S.P.; O'day D.H., 1984:
The low molecular weight autoinhibitor of sexual development in dictyostelium discoideum inhibits cell fusion and zygote differentiation

Capasso O.; Quarto N.; Descalzi Cancedda F.; Cancedda R., 1984:
The low molecular weight collagen synthesized by chick tibial chondrocytes is deposited in the extracellular matrix in culture and in vivo

Di-Stefano, L.; Mezzasalma, V.; Piazzese, S.; Russo, G.C., 1976:
The low molecular weight component in chlorocruorin from spirographis spallanzanii

Mathews, M.B.; Pettersson, U., 1978:
The low molecular weight of rna of adenovirus 2 infected cells

Jarvinen, M.; Rasanen, O.; Rinne, A., 1978:
The low molecular weight sulfhydryl protease inhibitor in rat skin is epidermal

Sewdarsen, M.; Jialal, I.; Naidu, R.K., 1988:
The low plasma testosterone levels of young Indian infarct survivors are not due to a primary testicular defect

Korsunskii O.F.; Smolygina L.D.; Laurinavichene T.V.; Gogotov I.N., 1982:
The low potential c type cytochrome of thiocapsa roseopersicina

Joliot P.; Joliot A., 1988 :
The low potential electron transfer chain in the cytochrome b f complex

Sand, P.K.; Bowen, L.W.; Panganiban, R.; Ostergard, D.R., 1987:
The low pressure urethra as a factor in failed retropubic urethropexy

Smith, G.R.; Moryson, C.J., 1977:
The low prevalence of Clostridium botulinum in the lakes, marshes and waterways of the Camargue

Vasander H., 1983:
The low profitability of draining and fertilizing sparsely tree covered ombrotrophic bogs for forestry purposes a case study

Blundell, T.L.; Lindley, P.F.; Moss, D.S.; Slingsby, C.; Tickle, I.J.; Turnell, W.G., 1978:
The low resolution structure analysis of the lens protein gamma crystallin

Harris, J.R.; Finger, R.F.; Kobayashi, J.M.; Hadler, S.C.; Murphy, B.L.; Berkelman, R.L.; Bussell, K.E., 1984:
The low risk of hepatitis B in rural hospitals. Results of a seroepidemiologic survey

Eastwell H.D., 1988:
The low risk of suicide among the yolngu of the northern territory australia the traditional aboriginal pattern

Budd T.; Marshall M.; Peaple L.H.J.; Douglas J.A., 1979:
The low temperature and high temperature response of lithium fluoride dosimeters to x rays

Rivoal, J.C.; Briat, B.; Cammack, R.; Hall, D.O.; Rao, K.K.; Douglas, I.N.; Thomson, A.J., 1977:
The low temperature magnetic circular dichroism spectra of iron sulfur proteins part 1 oxidized rubredoxin

Thomson, A.J.; Hall, D.O.; Rao, K.K.; Briat, B.; Rivoal, J.C.; Badoz, J., 1977:
The low temperature magnetic circular dichroism spectra of iron sulfur proteins part 2 2 iron ferredoxins

Scandola, M.; Pezzin, G., 1978:
The low temperature mechanical relaxation of elastin part 2 the solvated protein

Wilmut, I.; Polge, C., 1977:
The low temperature preservation of boar spermatozoa part 1 the motility and morphology of boar spermatozoa frozen and thawed in the presence of permeating protective agents

Wilmut, I.; Polge, C., 1977:
The low temperature preservation of boar spermatozoa part 2 the motility and morphology of boar spermatozoa frozen and thawed in diluent which contained only sugar and egg yolk

Wilmut, I.; Polge, C., 1977:
The low temperature preservation of boar spermatozoa part 3 the fertilizing capacity of frozen and thawed boar semen

Graham M.S.; Fletcher G.L., 1985:
The low viscosity blood of 2 cold water marine sculpins a comparison with the winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus

Archer S.L., 1982:
The lower age boundaries of identity development

Neshataev-Yu, N.; Sobakinskikh, V.D., 1976:
The lower alpine and thyme communities in the barkalovka reservation region kursk oblast

Sato M.; Takasaki Y.; Yamasaki K., 1980:
The lower and upper critical temperatures for oxygen intake at rest

Sato, M.; Katsuura, T.; Yasukouchi, A., 1979:
The lower and upper critical temperatures in male Japanese

Duedall I.W.; O'connors H.B.; Wilson R.E.; Parker J.H., 1979 :
The lower bay complex of the new york harbor usa

Hinz I., 1987:
The lower cambrian microfauna of comley and rushton shropshire england

Spassov, C., 1976:
The lower carboniferous in northern bulgaria and the neighboring romanian territory the moesian platform

Kawamura T.; Kawamura M.; Kato M., 1985:
The lower carboniferous odaira and onimaru formations in the setamai yukisawa district southern kitakami mountains northeast japan

Cole K.L., 1986:
The lower colorado river valley usa a pleistocene desert

Vasicek Z.; Michalik J., 1986:
The lower cretaceous ammonites of the manin unit mount butkov west carpathians czechoslovakia

Ivanchenko, V.Y. ; Bratslavs'kyi, P.F.; Koval'ov, O.B.; Hubkina, T.B., 1976:
The lower cretaceous deposits as possible objects of useful mineral concentration on the ukrainian shield western slope ussr

Mayoral E.; Sequeiros L., 1985:
The lower cretaceous in the region of plou cortes of aragon jose teruel spain

Vasicek, Z., 1977:
The lower cretaceous representatives of the species inoceramus in the silesian area outer carpathians czechoslovakia

Longoria J.F., 1979:
The lower cretaceous upper cretaceous boundary in mexico based on planktonic foraminifera

Venzo G.A.; Princivalle F.; Pugliese N. , 1985:
The lower eocene with fishes crustacea and phyllites at solteri of trento italy

Scharschmidt, B.F.; Watts, H.D., 1978:
The lower esophageal ring and esophageal reflux

Fisher, R.S.; Malmud, L.S.; Roberts, G.S.; Lobis, I.F., 1977:
The lower esophageal sphincter as a barrier to gastro esophageal reflux

Pettersson, G.B.; Bombeck, C.T.; Nyhus, L.M., 1980:
The lower esophageal sphincter: mechanisms of opening and closure

Dusar, M., 1976:
The lower famennian at the southeastern border of the dinant basin belgium

Lueling, K.H., 1976:
The lower jaguaripe river near its mouth into the atlantic tidal district and its characteristic fishes salvador bahia east brazil

Marshall L.G., 1984:
The lower jaw of eobrasilia coutoi a unique didelphoid not borhyaenoid marsupial from the paleocene of brazil

Buffetaut E.; Ingavat R., 1984:
The lower jaw of sunosuchus thailandicus a mesosuchian crocodilian from the jurassic of thailand

Warren A., 1981:
The lower jaw of the labyrinthodont family brachyopidae

Gaffney E.S., 1982:
The lower jaws of baenid turtles

Urlichs, M., 1977:
The lower jurassic in southwestern germany

Hodges P., 1986:
The lower lias lower jurassic of the bridgend area south wales uk

Peter V., 1982:
The lower marine member of the tard clay hungary its age on the faunal evidence of allodapic limestone beds

Colombo F.; Caus E., 1984:
The lower marine tertiary ilerdian of the cape of salou tarragona northeastern spain

Knobloch, E., 1978:
The lower miocene flora from safov in southern moravia czechoslovakia

Knobloch E., 1986:
The lower miocene flora from the borehole malesovice hv 102 south of brno czechoslovakia

Stranik Z.; Molikova V., 1980:
The lower miocene northeast of pouzdrany czechoslovakia

Carter J.L., 1985:
The lower mississippian brachiopod genus punctothyris is not endopunctate

Butzer, K.W., 1971:
The lower omo basin geology fauna and hominids of plio pleistocene formations

Broekman, J.A., 1978:
The lower paleogene of northern ile de france approach to paleo geographic and stratigraphic reconstruction part 2

Duru M.; Gokcen N., 1985:
The lower paleogene ostracode fauna of south of polatli southwest ankara turkey including five new species and its stratigraphic evaluation

Ramos, A.; Doubinger, J.; Virgili, C., 1976:
The lower permian at rillo de gallo guadalajara spain

Carpenter, F.M., 1976:
The lower permian insects of kansas usa part 12 protorthoptera continued neuroptera additional palaeodictyoptera and families of uncertain position

Franzen, J.L.; Storch, G., 1975:
The lower pliocene turolian vertebrate fauna of dorn duerkheim rheinhesser southwest germany part 1 discovery geology mammalia carnivora proboscidea rodentia results of digging 1972 1973

Cigala Fulgosi F.; Pilleri G., 1985:
The lower serravallian cetacean fauna of visiano northern apennines parma italy

Zalkow, L.H.; Harris, R.N.; Burke, N.I., 1979:
The Lower Terpenoids of Isocoma wrightii

Guex, J., 1978:
The lower triassic of the salt ranges pakistan bio chronologic problems

Korejwo, K., 1975:
The lowermost dinantian from the babilon 1 column western pomerania

Campbell H.D., 1983:
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The main directions of the evolution of the organs and taxa of the family johnstonianidae trombidia tetraclada

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The main ecological features of blood sucking biting midges in siberia ussr

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The main features of amoebiasis epidemiology a new approach

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The main features of bacillus thuringiensis delta endo toxin molecular structure

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The main features of intrasoil heat exchange in frozen ground regions

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The main features of the skull formation in dolphins cetacea during the pre natal period

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The main groups of surface soil arthropods of cotton fields in the murgab oasis turkmen ssr ussr

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The main inconsequences in the present radiological protection concept for the general population

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The main intrinsic membrane poly peptide of vertebrate lens fiber cells

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The main lines of classification of agaricales asterosporales and boletales a historical and critical overview the main lines of classification of the boletales

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The main lines of classification of agaricales pluteales tricholomatales

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The main lines of classification of agaricales sensu stricto continuation

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The main lines of classification of boletales

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The main lines of classification of the agaricales pluteales tricholomatales

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The main morphological features of notodontid moth imagoes lepidoptera notodontidae and their taxonomic significance

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The main natural regions of the congo zaire

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The main neutral protease of rat skin is a mast cell enzyme immuno histochemical localization of the enzyme in rat skin with the peroxidase anti peroxidase complex method

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The main organization principles of the human greater omentum hemomicrocirculatory bed in early ontogenesis

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The main positions of v i vernadskiis doctrine about the biosphere and their present status

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The main principles of planning and construction of orthogonal schemes of main factor effects

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The main principles of the improvement of pacific salmon culture

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The main principles of therapy of surgical patients with concomitant diabetes mellitus

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The main problems in studying the aquatic vegetation of the ussr

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The main regular features of formation of biological productivity of the spawning rearing farms in the volga river delta russian sfsr ussr

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The main regularities of the reproduction of sacred baboons in the sukhumi monkey nursery georgian ssr ussr

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The main results in the field of insect and rat control

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The main special sensory nerves olfactory nerve optic nerve and 8th nerve in lizards

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The main stages of the combined treatment of children with lymphogranulomatosis hodgkin's disease

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The main subdivisions of leguminosae

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The main trends and prospects of development of soviet pathological anatomy of childhood diseases

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The main trends and stages of evolution of trophic links of the leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae of the ussr

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The main trophic relationships of the redfish sebastes mentella and sebastes fasciatus scorpaenidae from the northwestern atlantic

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The main types and forms of agamic cell fusion in protozoa

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The main types of placental trophism

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The main types of woodland in north scotland uk

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The main weeds of the essential oil bearing plants of the western georgian ssr ussr

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The maintenance and breakdown of distyly

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The maintenance and regulation of serum antibody levels: evidence indicating a role for antigen retained in lymphoid follicles

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The maintenance and survival of Theileria annulata in colonies of Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum

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The maintenance energy requirement of sows

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The maintenance mechanism of high blood pressure in essential hypertension with special reference to the modes of response to diuretics

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The maintenance of abo polymorphism

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The maintenance of adenine nucleotide levels during kidney storage in intra cellular solutions

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The maintenance of aversive control of behavior in the cat dog and rat by the administration of unreinforced exposure to a punishment

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The maintenance of b cell and t cell function in frozen and stored lymphocytes

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The maintenance of community structure in a central california usa giant kelp forest

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The maintenance of cytochrome p 450 in liver cell culture recent studies on cytochrome p 450 mediated mechanisms of toxicity

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The maintenance of different enzyme activity levels in congeneric fishes living at different depths

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The maintenance of drive and affect in normal and psycho pathological cases and their effects in the flux of consciousness

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The maintenance of females among hermaphrodites the importance of nuclear cytoplasmic interactions

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The maintenance of fluency after intensive in patient therapy long term follow up

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The maintenance of grassland on smelter wastes in the lower swansea valley england part 1 blast furnace slag

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The maintenance of grassland on smelter wastes in the lower swansea valley uk part 2 copper smelter waste

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The maintenance of grassland on smelter wastes in the lower swansea valley wales uk 3. zinc smelter waste

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The maintenance of motility and the surface properties of epididymal spermatozoa from bull, rabbit and ram in homologous seminal and epididymal plasma

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The maintenance of nonmimetic forms in a dimorphic batesian mimic species

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