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The lygaeinae heteroptera lygaeidae of pakistan

Hamid, A.; Meher, K.

Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 19(5-6): 217-232


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9885
Accession: 006712498

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Twenty species of Lygaeinae from Pakistan are reported. Ten [Aspilocoryphus fasciativentris (Stal), A. mendicus (Fabricius), Caenocoris marginatus (Thunberg), Cosmopleurus fulvipes (Dallas), Graptostethus servus (Fabr.), Lygaeus creticus (Lucas), Melanocoryphus albomaculatus (Goeze), Melanotelus bipunctata (Dallas), Tropidothorax concisus Walker and T. sternalis (Dallas)] are new records. Five species likely to be found in Pakistan are mentioned. Brief descriptions for newly recorded species are included. Locality data are given for 4 spp. of Spilostethus and Karachicoris seidenstueckeri Stys. Dorsal views and male and female genitalia of the newly recorded species and K. seidenstueckeri Stys are illustrated. Host plants are reported for a number of species. Geographic distribution of the 25 spp. is briefly discussed.

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