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Chapter 6,713

The macro molecular structure of the collagen fibril

Lazarev, V.A.

Izvestiya Sibirskogo Otdeleniya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk 1977(1): 121-124


ISSN/ISBN: 0568-6547
Accession: 006712730

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The new model of the macromolecular structure of collagen fibril, proposed on the basis of data obtained during the study of fibril formation in the tropocollagen solution, is discussed. The fibril is an assembly of folded tropocollagen macromolecules, their length being about 1000 .ANG. The central part of the macromolecule is thickened. The thinner end segments (tails) take part in the linear aggregation of macromolecules. The formation of native type fibrils is considered a sol-gel transition in the tropocollagen solution. The appearance of a cross-striation pattern is explained without the macromolecular staggering concept. This principle of cross-striated fibril formation supposedly also holds for other biological fibers.

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