The marine algae of the coast between cape may new jersey and cape hatteras north carolina usa part 3 the phaeophycophyta

Zaneveld, J.S.; Wills, W.M.

Botanica Marina 19(1): 33-46


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-8055
Accession: 006713833

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In the area under consideration [USA], the occurrence and distribution of brown algae is primarily affected by the almost complete absence of a firm substrate. Nevertheless, 40 different taxa reportedly occur in this area. Among these are 16 taxa of the northern algal flora element which show a southern extension of their known USA east coast range. With regard to the southern element among the taxa collected, Dictyota dichotoma can now definitely be considered a part of the Virginia algal flora, whereas another southern species, Turbinaria turbinata (though washed ashore) is reported for the 1st time for NE North Carolina. The total number of new taxa reported in this paper to occur in the various coastal states of this part of the USA east coast are as follows: 4 taxa for the Cape May area of New Jersey; 3 taxa for Maryland, including 1 taxon washed ashore; 15 taxa for Virginia, including 6 taxa washed ashore; and 6 taxa for NE North Carolina including 3 taxa washed ashore. Brown algae are relatively well represented along this "inhospitable" section of the Atlantic west coast.