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The meat efficiency of the most common production types of cows

Golda, J.; Vrchlabsky, J.; Ponizil, A.

Zivocisna Vyroba 32(1): 77-85


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-4847
Accession: 006714791

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In the first-lactation cows, the purchase weight was 482.7 kg and the weight of warm half-carcasses was 251.7 kg; in the cows in the second to sixth lactations the respective values were 548.2 kg and 285.6 kg. No significant differences in the weight of warm half-carcasses and in the weight of kidney and pelvic fat were found between the group of cows of the Bohemian Pied breed and the group of crossbreds of the Bohemian Pied breed with blood shares of the Ayrshire, Red Holstein and Red-Pied Lowland breeds. Crossing with the dairy breeds significantly (P < 0.01) reduces the weight and dressing percentage of treated hide; this mainly applies to animals where the blood proportion of dairy breeds from crossing reaches or exceeds 50%. The weight categories and carcass classes were found to have a significant influence on the parameters of the meat efficiency of cows.

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