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The metabolism of the surfactants dodecyl sulfonate and hexa decyl sulfonate in the rat

The metabolism of the surfactants dodecyl sulfonate and hexa decyl sulfonate in the rat

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 45(1): 105-118

When [1-14C]dodecyl sulfonate and [1-14C]hexadecyl sulfonate were administered orally and i.p. to free-ranging rats and i.v. to anesthetized rats, the major route of excretion of radioactivity was urinary. Small amounts only of parent surfactant appeared in the feces of animals dosed orally with [1-14C]dodecyl sulfonate, but large amounts of [1-14C]hexadecyl sulfonate were found in the feces of animals dosed similarly with this surfactant. Fecal radioactivity represents incomplete absorption of material from the gastrointestinal tract, the permeability of which may depend upon the H2O solubility of the administered surfactant. The pattern of excretion with either compound was essentially unchanged when animals were pretreated with an antibiotic, and the gut flora play no significant part in the metabolism or absorption of these surfactants. No biliary elimination with either surfactant was detected following the i.v. administration, confirming that the fecal radioactivity represented unabsorbed material. The i.p. administration of dodecyl [35S]sulfonate to rats and analysis of the urinary products showed that no desulfonation takes place. Analysis of the urine of rats following the administration of either [1-14C]dodecyl sulfonate or [1-14C]hexadecyl sulfonate revealed the same single metabolite from both surfactants. This metabolite was purified and identified as butyric acid 4-sulfonate by radioactive GLC, mass spectrometry and cochromatography of its dimethyl derivative. Both dodecyl sulfonate and hexadecyl sulfonate apparently are degraded in the rat by .omega.,.beta.-oxidation. The liver apparently is the major site of metabolism regardless of the route of administration.

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Accession: 006717823

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PMID: 211677

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