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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6719

Chapter 6719 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yang K., 1985:
The method of some particular positional examination of the digestive tract the single barium double contrast radiography of lower esophageal tumor

Andreeva E.A.; Kandel' E.I.; Ivanova Smolenskaya I.A.; Smirnova S.N.; Khutorskaya O.E., 1986:
The method of spectral analysis of circumscribing electromyography and its role in studying physiological tremor

Skryabina, A.A., 1978:
The method of studying fruit reserves of wild growing berry stands

Leconte D.; Hiebel G., 1986:
The method of taylor in the treatment of perforated gastro duodenal ulcers is it really obsolete

Vanco, B., 1974:
The method of testing of sainfoin varieties on resistance to anthracnose in artificial conditions

Melekhov E.I.; Ramazanova L.Kh; Vasil'eva A.V.; Smirnova G.M.; Anev V.N.; Es'kin A.B., 1983:
The method of the quantitative estimation of damage and its modifications caused by herbicides

Ito Y.; Kuroda Y.; Enomoto H., 1980:
The method of thyroxine radio immunoassay using filter paper blood samples and its application for the early detection of neo natal hypo thyroidism

Hope-Simpson, R.E., 1986:
The method of transmission of epidemic influenza: further evidence from archival mortality data

Perez Eiriz M.; Romanenko V.I.; Pubillones M.A., 1986:
The method of wright and hobbie in the utilization of substrates of low molecular weight in cuban reservoirs

Hayashi Y.; Noboru Y.; Wada Y.; Tanaka H., 1979:
The method to prevent habu trimeresurus flavoviridis invasion by an electric fence

Lefebvre Y.A.; Caskey J.J.; Kline L.D., 1984:
The method used in purification of nuclei from 3 variant cell lines of the shionogi mouse mammary carcinoma alters their uptake of di hydro testosterone

Janicki, A.G.; Orzechowska-Juzwenko, K.; Swiderska-Błońska, T., 1988:
The methodological and clinical aspects of the placebo effect in angina pectoris

Sugiyama H.; Watanabe S.; Oguchi T.; Miura S., 1988:
The methodological difference of the split brain operation technique and significance of the histological attestation

Kuhnen, K., 1978:
The methodology of countings and martin riparia riparia populations

Hesemann, C.U., 1982:
The methodology of cytochemical analyses of plant material 4. the effect of method associated factors on the cyto photometric determinations of nuclear dna of vicia faba root tip cells

Bergenthal Menzel Severing U., 1983:
The methodology of ethological observations on sows suckling piglets

Grafenstein K.; Duchna W.; Bruns W., 1980:
The methodology of hemo globin a 1c estimation

Matsnev A.A., 1983:
The methodology of integral rheography/

Viglierchio D.R.; Schmitt R.V., 1983:
The methodology of nematode extraction from field samples baermann funnel modifications

Viglierchio D.R.; Schmitt R.V., 1983:
The methodology of nematode extraction from field samples comparison of methods for soil extraction

Viglierchio D.R.; Yamashita T.T., 1983:
The methodology of nematode extraction from field samples density flotation techniques

Konovalov G.A.; Vedernikov A.V.; Sitina V.K.; Kurdanov K.A.; Kukharchuk V.V., 1986:
The methodology of plasmapheresis used in the treatment of patients with inherited hypercholesterolemia

Holldack K.; Gerss W., 1985:
The methodology of quantitative studies of predation level in prey populations

Belogurov O.I., 1981:
The methodology of systematics

Schulze W.; Wachtel E.; Hesse G., 1981:
The methodology of the determination of alkylating activities of nitrogen mustards with nitrobenzyl pyridine in biological material

Koehler, K.H.; Schnebel, G., 1975:
The methods and problems of winter bird population census taking

Vidotto V.; Caramello S., 1981:
The methods for identifying yeasts

Garibyan L.Kh, 1986:
The methods for rapid evaluation of the combined effect of atmospheric pollutants

Blinowska, K.J., 1986:
The methods of automatic analysis of epileptic EEG

Kito Y.; Fujita T.; Naito Y.; Koyanagi H.; Nakajima N.; Takano H.; Tomino T.; Kou Y.; Obara K.; E.A., 1980:
The methods of clinical evaluation on the effects of myo cardial protection during anoxic arrest enzymatic evaluation

Radzivil, G.G.; Evdokimov, N.I., 1977:
The methods of early activation of patients after heart surgery/

Matsuda Y., 1983:
The methods of preparation and preservation of fish meat powder having kamaboko forming ability

Nikolaeva I.N., 1984:
The methods of soil adhesion determination

Kazakov V.N.; Evtushenko S.Ya; Kazennova L.M., 1984:
The methods of studying mechanisms of integrative processes in associative brain systems

Sandner, H.K.; Goos, A., 1976:
The methods used in experiments concerning the effect of chemical treatments against colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata coleoptera chrysomelidae on potato agrocenosis

Ferrier, R.J.; Prasit, P., 1980:
The methoxy mercuration of a 6 deoxy hex 5 eno pyranoside derivative and reactions of the products

Anderson R.R.; Maki A.H., 1980:
The methyl mercury heavy atom effect phosphorescence polarization and triplet spin sublevel radiative activities of the methyl mercury ii benzimidazole and methyl mercury ii tryptophan complexes

Dockerill, B.; Hanson, J.R., 1978:
The methyl migration in rosenono lactone biosynthesis

Fukumori, Y.; Yamanaka, T., 1987:
The methylamine oxidizing system of Pseudomonas AM1 reconstituted with purified components

Keegan F.P.; Berech J., 1979:
The methylated purines of tetrahymena pyriformis transfer rna

Wilson A.C.; Barran L.R., 1980:
The methylating system for 3 sn phosphatidyl choline biosynthesis in fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici

Nau, F., 1976:
The methylation of transfer rna

Tidwell, T., 1970:
The methylation of transfer rna during regeneration of the liver

Scott, A.I.; Kajiwara, M.; Takahashi, T.; Armitage, I.M.; Demou, P.; Petrocine, D., 1976:
The methylation process in corrin biosynthesis application of proton carbon 13 nmr difference spectroscopy of a biochemical problem

Balduzzi A.; Gigliano G.S., 1983:
The methylbenzoylecgonine in specimens of erythroxylum coca cultivated in italy

Schubert, R.H.W.; Esanu, J.G., 1977:
The methylene blue reduction disc test a simplified method for the identification of pseudomonas species

Zybina E.V.; Zybina T.B.; Dalmane A.R., 1987:
The metrial gland cells relationship with trophoblast cells and reproduction peculiarities

Kuperman, A.M.; Podvigin, N.F.; Novikov, G.I., 1978 :
The metrics of the space of image description at the level of the lateral geniculate body

Carton, B.; Kauffer, E., 1980:
The metrology of asbestos

Ardell, D.B., 1972:
The metropolitan council comprehensive health planning experience a search for balance between control and delegation

Tanabe, I.; Ikeda, K., 1980:
The metsubure symptoms of taro corms 2. the effects of potassium application on the metsubure corm formation of taro

Tanabe, I.; Kitayama, T.; Ikeda, K., 1980:
The metsubure symptoms of taro corms colocasia antiquorum var esculenta 1. verification of the induction of metsubure symptoms by calcium deficiency in water culture

Morphy, M.A.; Fava, G.A.; Carson, S.W.; Perini, G.I.; Molnar, G.; Jusko, W.J., 1985:
The metyrapone test in schizophrenic patients and healthy subjects

Almeda F.Jr, 1981:
The mexican and central american species of adelobotrys melastomataceae

Breedlove D.E.; Berry P.E.; Raven P.H., 1982:
The mexican and central american species of fuchsia onagraceae except for section encliandra

Malacinski, G.M.; Chung, H.M., 1977:
The mexican axolotl ambystoma mexicanum as an experimental material for studies in embryology part 2 developmental genetics

Chung, H.M.; Malacinski, G.M., 1977:
The mexican axolotl ambystoma mexicanum as experimental material for studies in embryology part 1 general introduction

Burks, B.D., 1977:
The mexican species of chalcis hymenoptera chalcididae

Gould F.W., 1980:
The mexican species of dichanthelium poaceae

Garcia Aldrete A.N., 1987:
The mexican species of rhyopsocus psocoptera psoquillidae

Post R.D.; Petersen J.L.; Jackson A.M.; House R.M.; Franks R.D.; Baker N.J.; Alford C., 1985:
The mezzich minnesota multiphasic personality inventory regression formula revisited

Konyukhov B.V.; Sazhina M.V., 1987:
The mi locus controls properties of ectomesenchymal cells in mice

Garcia A.M.; Martorell M.A.; Bosch J.M.; Covisa A.; Garcia E.; Rius J.; Vilar F., 1985:
The mi mark technique in the diagnosis of endometrial pathology

Attwood D.; Collett J.H.; Tait C.J., 1985:
The micellar properties of the polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene copolymer pluronic f 127 in water and electrolyte solution

Quereshi M.Y., 1981:
The michill adjective rating scale scoring procedures and normative data

Fouray M.; Pomerol B., 1985:
The micraster echinoidea spatangoida of the turonian senonian boundary in the stratotypical region of senonian sens yonne france stratigraphical comments

Cover W.H.; Norris S.J.; Miller J.N., 1982:
The micro aerophilic nature of treponema pallidum enhanced survival and incorporation of tritium labeled adenine under micro aerobic conditions in the presence or absence of reducing compounds

Pienaar, R.N., 1976:
The micro anatomy of hymenomonas lacuna new species haptophyceae

Pienaar, R.N., 1976:
The micro anatomy of sphaleromantis marina new species chrysophyceae

Bursey, C.R., 1976:
The micro anatomy of the optic ganglia of munida irrasa decapoda galatheidae

Preisner T.R.; Bursey C.R., 1980:
The micro anatomy of the terminal abdominal ganglion of the crayfish procambarus blandingi decapoda

Peters, T.J.; Batt, R.M.; Heath, J.R.; Tilleray, J., 1976:
The micro assay of intestinal di saccharidases

Elliott, R.J.; Gardner, D.L., 1977:
The micro assay of the di saccharide isomers of chondroitin sulfate

Gromyko, K.V., 1976:
The micro benthos and meso benthos of some bodies of water in the syr darya basin

Babik I.; Martincova R., 1982:
The micro biological quality of distilled water during its use

Rak J.; Chalabala M.; Heinrich J.; Antoninova K., 1984:
The micro capsules with chloramphenicol prepared by precipitation with sodium alginate

Persico, S.; Chieffo, C.; Correale, G.; Tritto, C., 1976:
The micro catheterization in the diagnosis of certain complications during the acute phase of myo cardial infarction

Warren, B.A., 1978:
The micro circulation in 2 transplantable melanomas of the hamster part 1 in vivo observations in transparent chambers

Warren, B.A.; Shubik, P.; Wilson, R.; Garcia, H.; Feldman, R., 1978:
The micro circulation in 2 transplantable melanomas of the hamster part 2 scanning electron microscopy

Rappaport, A.M., 1976:
The micro circulatory acinar concept of normal and pathological hepatic structure

Antonenko L.A., 1979:
The micro circulatory bed of the antebrachium muscles of some vertebrates

Khudaiberdyev, R.I.; Bakhadyrov, F.N., 1977:
The micro circulatory bed of the normal dog liver and in extensive resection

Kupriyanova N.V., 1982:
The micro circulatory bed of the parietal pleura in pneumonia complications ischemic heart disease

Aleksina, L.A., 1975:
The micro circulatory bed of the peri cardium under conditions of hypo kinesia

Volkov, V.S.; Anikin, V.V.; Trotsyuk, V.V., 1977:
The micro circulatory state in angina pectoris patients from conjunctival bio microscopy data

Kaufman T.; Alexander J.W.; Nathan P.; Brackett K.A.; Macmillan B.G., 1983:
The micro climate chamber the effect of continuous topical administration of 96 percent oxygen and 75 percent relative humidity on the healing rate of experimental deep burns

Gyllin, R.; Kallander, H.; Sylven, M., 1977:
The micro climate explanation of town center roosts of jackdaws corvus monedula

Shleifman F.M., 1981:
The micro climate in drivers cabs of farm machines

Levieux, J., 1972:
The micro climate of the nests and territories of camponotus acvapimensis

Howey P.; Board R.G.; Davis D.H.; Kear J., 1984:
The micro climate of the nests of waterfowl

Yom-Tov, Y.; Imber, A.; Otterman, J.J., 1977:
The micro climate of winter roosts of the starling sturnus vulgaris

Soltes L.; Novak I.; Trnovec T.; Berek D., 1983:
The micro column preparation of drugs from a biological sample

Pantin C.F.A.; Merrett T.G., 1982:
The micro computer as an aid to allergy investigation

Plattner R.D.; Butterfield R.O.; Simpson T.D., 1980:
The micro computer as an intelligent interface between laboratory instruments and data systems automatic data collection from a grain analyzer

Krausman, D.T., 1976:
The micro computer kit an excellent small system development tool

L.G.ange P.D.P.; Couper D.J., 1982:
The micro computer or home computer as a teaching aid in postgraduate medical study

Urbasch I., 1983:
The micro conidiogenesis of botrytis cinerea

Wegman, R.C.C.; Greve, P.A., 1977:
The micro coulometric determination of extractable organic halogen in surface water application to surface waters of the netherlands

Raub T.J., 1984:
The micro cyst wall of didymium iridis chemical analyses

Hara, N., 1978:
The micro determination of lead with 3 3' di methyl naphthidine

Barakat, M.Z.; Fayzalla, A.S.; El-Aassar, S.T., 1970:
The micro determination of salicyclic acid and certain derivatives

Pitts W.D.; Barbour M.G., 1979:
The micro distribution and feeding preferences of peromyscus maniculatus in the strand at point reyes national sea shore california

Shiozawa, D.K.; Barnes, J.R., 1977:
The micro distribution and population trends of larval tanypus stellatus and chironomus frommeri diptera chironomidae in utah lake utah usa

Wronski T.J.; Smith J.M.; Jee W.S.S., 1980:
The micro distribution and retention of injected plutonium 239 on trabecular bone surfaces of the beagle implications for the induction of osteo sarcoma

Tasker, A.; Chadwick, M.J., 1978:
The micro distribution of agrostis tenuis on colliery spoil in relation to spoil chemical variability

Finni G.R.; Chandler L., 1979:
The micro distribution of allocapnia naiads plecoptera capniidae

Mckenzie J.D.; Moore P.G., 1981:
The micro distribution of animals associated with the bulbous holdfasts of saccorhiza polyschides phaeophyta

Cattaneo, A., 1978:
The micro distribution of epiphytes on the leaves of natural and artificial macrophytes

Magdych W.P., 1979:
The micro distribution of mayflies ephemeroptera in myriophyllum beds in pennington creek johnston county oklahoma usa

Zhu G L.; Wang X C.; Lou C H., 1986:
The micro drop recorder a high resolution monitor of the bleeding rate of plant root systems

Foissner W., 1987:
The micro edaphon in ecofarmed and conventionally farmed dryland cornfields near vienna austria

Repin, V.S.; Akimova, I.M., 1976:
The micro electrophoretic analysis on poly acrylamide gel of protein patterns of the mammalian oocyte and zygote zona pellucida

Mabood, S.F., 1981:
The micro environment and kinetics of human erythrocyte acetyl cholin esterase ec

Noel, P.; Faucon, M.; Fontaniere, B., 1974:
The micro environment and the inter cellular space in human tumors of the breast ultrastructural histochemical and morphological study

Taylor S.M.; Kenny J.; Mallon T.; Davidson W.B., 1980:
The micro enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for antibodies to trichinella spiralis elimination of false positive reactions by antigen fractionation and technical improvements

Hommel, M.; Peters, W.; Ranque, J.; Quilici, M.; Lanotte, G., 1978:
The micro enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay in the sero diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis

Rassam M.B.; A.M.dhaffar S.A., 1980:
The micro enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay sandwich technique for the quantitation of leishmania donovani soluble antigen

Napitupulu A.; Sembiring R.; Lubis C.P.; Manoeroeng S.M.; Siregar H., 1979:
The micro erythrocyte sedimentation rate among children of the tobacco plantation laborers in north sumatra

Moodley, G.P., 1981:
The micro erythrocyte sedimentation rate in black neo nates and children 1. its value in suspected neo natal infection

Moodley, G.P., 1981:
The micro erythrocyte sedimentation rate in black neo nates and children 2. a comparative study of the micro erythrocyte sedimentation rate c reactive protein test and total white cell count

Drakides C., 1980:
The micro fauna of activated sludges study of a method of observation and subsequent application to a pilot plant at start up

Cathey D.D.; Parker B.C.; Simmons G.M.Jr; Yongue W.H.Jr; Van Brunt M.R., 1981:
The micro fauna of algal mats and artificial substrates in southern victoria land lakes of antarctica

Kristan-Tollmann, E.; Krystyn, L., 1975:
The micro fauna of the ladinian karnian hallstaetter limestones of saklibeli taurus mountains turkey part 1

Johnson, A., 1975:
The micro fauna of the university of singapore pond

Cherchi A., 1979:
The micro faunas from the barremian in urgonian facies of orosei northeastern sardinia italy

Feughelman, M., 1978:
The micro fibril matrix relationships in the mechanical properties of keratin fibers part 1 the torsional properties of melted and permanently set keratin fibers

Heslop Harrison Y.; Heslop Harrison J., 1982:
The micro fibrillar component of the pollen intine some structural features

Saralov A.I.; Babanazarov T.R., 1982:
The micro flora and molecular nitrogen fixation in takyr like soils of rice fields in karakalpak assr uzbek ssr ussr

Carantino, S.; Poisson, J.; Cahagnier, B., 1976:
The micro flora of bean seeds its development during the course of storage experiments based on moisture conditions

Fermor T.R.; Smith J.F.; Spencer D.M., 1979:
The micro flora of experimental mushroom composts

Gamundi, I.J.; Arambarri, A.M.; Giaiotti, A., 1977:
The micro flora of litter of nothofagus dombeyi

Kaferstein, F.K., 1976:
The micro flora of parsley

Hill R.A.; Lacey J., 1983:
The micro flora of ripening barley grain and the effects of pre harvest fungicide application

Spicher G.; Schroeder R.; Stephan H., 1980:
The micro flora of sour dough 10. the baking performance of the lactic acid bacteria occurring in starter cultures

Spicher G.; Rabe E.; Sommer R.; Stephan H., 1981:
The micro flora of sour dough 14 the behavior of homo fermentative sour dough bacteria and yeasts in mixed culture

Spicher G.; Schroeder R., 1980:
The micro flora of sour dough 8. growth factors of yeasts in sour dough starters

Spicher G.; Schroeder R., 1980:
The micro flora of sour dough 9. comparative investigations over the performance of lactic acid bacteria lactobacillus occurring in starter cultures reinzuchtsauer

Spicher G.; Rabe E., 1980:
The micro flora of sourdough 11. the influence of temperature on the production of lactate and acetate in sourdoughs started with hetero fermentative sour dough bacteria

Spicher G.; Rabe E., 1981:
The micro flora of sourdough 12. influence of temperature on the production of lactate and acetate in sourdough started with homo fermentative lactic acid bacteria

Spicher G.; Rabe E.; Sommer R.; Stephan H., 1981:
The micro flora of sourdough 13. the behavior of lactobacillus brevis var linderi in the acidification test and baking test in presence of homo fermentative lactic acid bacteria

Spicher G.; Rabe E.; Sommer R.; Stephan H., 1982:
The micro flora of sourdough 15. the behavior of hetero fermentative sourdough bacteria and yeasts in mixed culture

Spicher G., 1984:
The micro flora of sourdough 17. bacterial composition of commercial sourdough starters

Spicher G.; Nierle W., 1984:
The micro flora of sourdough 18. protein degrading capabilities of lactic acid bacteria of sourdough

Stankiewicz, D.; Bilinska, M., 1978:
The micro flora of syrian hamsters alimentary tract in development

Stefaniak, O.; Seniczak, S., 1976:
The micro flora of the alimentary canal of achipteria coleoptrata acarina oribatei

Seniczak, S.; Stefaniak, O., 1978:
The micro flora of the alimentary canal of oppia nitens acarina oribatei

Grochowski J.; Stankiewicz D.; Bilinska M.; Pajdak E., 1979:
The micro flora of the alimentary tract in syrian hamsters bred in cages constructed of various materials and bacteriologic analysis of the micro environment of the cages

Pristavko, V.P.; Rozhkova, L.A.; Yanishevskaya, L.V., 1975:
The micro flora of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae part 2 fungi

Ward, D.R.; Pierson, M.D.; Van-Tassell, K.R., 1977:
The micro flora of unpasteurized and pasteurized crab meat

Malajczuk, N.; Mccomb, A.J., 1979:
The micro flora of unsuberized roots of eucalyptus calophylla and eucalyptus marginata seedlings grown in soil suppressive and conducive to phytophthora cinnamomi 1. rhizosphere bacteria actinomycetes and fungi

Malajczuk, N., 1979:
The micro flora of unsuberized roots of eucalyptus calophylla and eucalyptus marginata seedlings grown in soils suppressive and conducive to phytophthora cinnamomi 2. mycorrhizal roots and associated micro flora

Kostov V.; Kehlibarova L., 1980:
The micro flora of yeast production from wood hydrolysate

Ueki, A.; Fukushima, Y.; Kimoto, T.; Ishihara, K.; Katsumura, T., 1977:
The micro fluorometric and fluorescence microscopic estimation of the antigenicity of cell membranes in 2 human lympho blastoid cell lines

Luperto Sinni E., 1979:
The micro fossils at the level containing palorbitolina lenticularis of the murge of bari apulia southeastern italy

Martinez A.T.; Ramirez C., 1979:
The micro fungal community of an andosol

Reynolds, R.I., 1978:
The micro genetic development of the ponzo and zollner illusions

Fivia A., 1981:
The micro hardness of secondary osteons in relationship to the arrangement of collagen fibers

Rudolph, A.H., 1976:
The micro hem agglutination assay for treponema pallidum antibodies a new treponemal test for syphilis where does it fit

Azhitskii, G.Y. ; Troitskii, G.V.; Malyi, K.D., 1976:
The micro heterogeneity of human serum albumin and the hemin binding ability of its individual fractions

Gomy Y., 1981:
The micro histeridae of east africa insecta coleoptera

Pustovarov V.V., 1980:
The micro lepidoptera of forests in the southeastern regions of the armenian ssr ussr

Burmann, K., 1983:
The micro lepidoptera of tirol austria 5. tineidae lepidoptera

Wilkinson C.; Newton P.J., 1981:
The micro lepidopteran genus ectoedemia nepticulidae in north america

Avery D.M., 1982:
The micro mammalian fauna from border cave kwazulu south africa

Fayard, A.; Erome, G., 1977:
The micro mammals of eastern border of massif central france

Renaud-Mornant, J.; Helleouet, M.N., 1977:
The micro meio benthos relationship and halodeima atra holothurioidea in a polynesian lagoon tiahura moorea society island

Taitt, E.G.; Spence, J.A., 1976:
The micro meteorology of a pigeon pea stand

Eswaran, H.; Stoops, G.; Sys, C., 1977:
The micro morphology of gibbsite forms in soils

Ryuntyu Y.M.; Solov'yova G.I., 1980:
The micro morphology of the hypodermis and its interconnection with the cuticle and coelom in the phyto nematode aporcelaimellus obtusicaudatus dorylaimidae

Karadzhyan, B.P., 1976:
The micro nuclear ultrastructure of the holotrichous infusorian didinium nasutum during mitosis

Stoian V.; Raicu P.; Olteanu V.; Dumitrescu E.; Negoiescu I., 1981:
The micro nucleus test a rapid method for determining chromosomal abnormalities in mammals

Morgan M.A.; Hennerty M.J., 1979:
The micro nutrient status of golden delicious orchards in ireland

Konzalova M., 1980:
The micro paleontological research of graphitic rocks in the southern part of the bohemian massif czechoslovakia

Yund E.W.; Morgan H.; Efron R., 1983:
The micro pattern effect and visible persistence

Makino T., 1982:
The micro pipette method a new technique for detecting ice nucleation of bacteria and its application

Travers, M., 1974:
The micro plankton of the gulf of marseille france outline of the annual cycle horizontal and vertical distributions

Travers, M., 1974:
The micro plankton of the gulf of marseille france volume surface and cytoplasmic volume of the organisms

Travers, M., 1975:
The micro plankton of the gulf of marseilles phyto plankton pigments production estimations

Messe C.O., 1983:
The micro preparation of ring deuterated prostaglandins

Van Hoof P.; Messeguer J.; Mele E., 1980:
The micro propagation of aechmea fasciata

Brezeanu, A.; Iordan, M.; Rosu, A., 1980:
The micro propagation of vitis vinifera 1. the induction and characterization of callus from tissues of somatic origin

Iordan, M.; Brezeanu, A.; Rosu, A., 1981:
The micro propagation of vitis vinifera 2. aspects of morphogenesis in callus culture

Pilz M.E.W., 1987:
The micro relief of enamel as an element in the retention of the adhesive bridge prosthesis

Vadas, E.B.; Goldsmith, H.L.; Mason, S.G., 1976:
The micro rheology of colloidal dispersions part 3 concentrated emulsions

Frojmovic, M.M.; Newton, M.; Goldsmith, H.L., 1976:
The micro rheology of mammalian platelets studies of rheo optical transients and flow in tubes

Waseem, T.; Farooq, M., 1975:
The micro sporangium and the male gametophyte of some malpighiaceae

Liang H X., 1981:
The micro sporogenesis and mega sporogenesis and the formation of male and female gametophytes in gastrodia elata

Matter, P.I.i ; Davidson, F.D.; Wyckoff, R.W.G., 1970:
The micro structure and composition of some pliocene fossils

Gajdusek J.; Rubcov V., 1983:
The micro structure of egg membranes in carp cyprinus carpio

Dokov V., 1980:
The micro structure of liver from sheep fed on rations containing nonprotein nitrogen substances

Stanley, D.W.; Swatland, H.J., 1976:
The micro structure of muscle tissue a basis for meat texture measurement

Jewell G.G., 1981:
The micro structure of orange juice

Ismail S.I.; Tawashi R., 1982:
The micro structure of renal stones uric acid and calcium oxalate

Horn V.; Bozdech Z.; Sklensky M.; Eliasova J.; Hnilicka P., 1981:
The micro structure of the bone cement surfaces under different conditions of polymerization

Smith, M.M., 1977:
The micro structure of the dentition and dermal ornament of 3 dipnoans from the devonian of western australia a contribution towards dipnoan interrelations and morphogenesis growth and adaptation of the skeletal tissues

Popham E.J., 1979:
The micro structure of the maxillary and labial papillae of forficula auricularia dermaptera

Gerloff, J.; Helmcke, J.G., 1975:
The micro structure of the shells of diploneis papula diploneis smithii and diploneis parca

Khananashvili, M.M.; Silakov, V.L.; Zarkeshev, E.G.; Usova, I.P., 1976:
The micro system of learning neurons as a structural functional basis for the formation of a temporary connection

Sizova, N.A.; Kamenskaya, V.V.; Fedenkov, V.I., 1977:
The micro thermal method of separating red blood cells into age groups

Cachon J.; Cachon M., 1982:
The micro tubule organizing centers of sticholonche zanclea axopods micro tubule nucleating template or linker nucleation hypothesis?

Myrhage, R.; Hudlicka, O., 1976:
The micro vascular bed and capillary surface area in rat extensor hallucis proprius muscle

Rogers P.A.W.; Gannon B.J., 1983:
The micro vascular cast as a 3 dimensional tissue skeleton visualization of rapid morphological changes in tissues of the rat uterus

Gannon B.J.; Randall D.J.; Browning J.; Lester R.J.G.; Rogers L.J., 1983:
The micro vascular organization of the gas exchange organs of the australian lungfish neoceratodus forsteri

Dermietzel, R.; Leibstein, A.G., 1978:
The micro vascular pattern and peri vascular linings of the area postrema combined freeze etching and ultra thin section study

Jensen U.; Evertz K.; Kroner M., 1979:
The micro vegetation of the moors in the upper harz mountain area between east germany and west germany

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The microenvironment of human breast with clinical cancer

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The micropropagation of gooseberry ribes uva crispa ii. in vitro proliferation and in vivo establishment

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The microradiologic anatomical study of architecture for the intracerebral arteries of dogs

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The microscopic double immunofluorescence technique a method for quantitative differentiation between extracellularly and intracellularly located bacteria in isolated polymorphonuclear granulocytes

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The microscopic effects of ventricular dilatation without increase in head size

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The microscopic identification of powdered leaves from amaranthus retroflexus

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The microscopic innervation of the vibrissae of the anterior nares

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The microscopic organization of endocrine cells i. endocrine epithelium cells of the stomach mucosa of rana temporaria

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The microscopic organization of endocrine cells ii. endocrine epithelium cells of the duodenum mucosa of rana temporaria

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The microscopic pattern of growth of mycobacterium lepraemurium in micro colonies

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The microscopic patterns of the endometrium in cases of epithelial ovarian neoplasms

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The microscopic picture of wheat and rye starch granules and its changes resulting from the action of gluco amylase

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The microscopic structure and chemistry of rapeseed brassica campestris and its products

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The microscopic structures of marginal area of inner layer in eutaxodont shell

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The "microscopic" type of meconium peritonitis

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The microscopical criteria of primary and secondary brain stem lesions

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The microscopical structure of some papilionaceous starches part 3

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The microsecond rotational motions of eosin labeled fatty acids in multilamellar vesicles

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The microsomal 11 alpha hydroxylation of progesterone in aspergillus ochraceus isolation characterization and solubilization of the hydroxylase system

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The microsomal antibody in hepatic pathology its association with other auto antibodies

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The microsomal dicarboxylyl coenzyme a synthetase

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The microsomal mixed function oxidase system of heliothis punctigera and heliothis armigera lepidoptera noctuidae

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The microsomal n oxidation of n substituted benzamidines in vitro

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The microsphere surface technique for evaluation of cochlear vessels and circulation. A preliminary report

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The microspheric form of lamarmorella sarda foraminifera

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The microsporidia of the protozoa

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The microsporidian spore invasion tube 4. discharge activation begins with ph triggered calcium influx

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The microsporidian spore invasion tube. The ultrastructure, isolation, and characterization of the protein comprising the tube

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The microsporidium nosema tabani new species from horse fly larvae of the ukrainian ssr ussr

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The microsporogenesis and the formation of male gametophyte of 2 species in paris

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The microstructure and evolution of scale surfaces in xantusiid lizards Tat B.; Jelen P., 1987:
The microstructure and rehydration properties of the phoenix oyster mushroom pleurotus sajor caju dried by three alternative processes

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The microstructure of attentional deployment on a dual task in loud noise

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The microstructure of cordaitalean leaves of the lower permian of the ural region ussr

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The microstructure of corroded amalgams

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The microstructure of michelinia meekana girty 1910

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The microstructure of scale surfaces in the xantusiid lizard genus lepidophyma

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The microstructure of spray dried microcapsules

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The microstructure of the scale surface in iguanid lizards

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The microstructure of tooth enamel in multituberculate mammals

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The microstructure of wheat its development and conversion into bread

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The microsurgical treatment of tubo peritoneal lesions i. the results of distal tuboplasties 135 cases

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The microsurgical treatment of tubo peritoneal lesions ii. the results of dividing adhesions 46 cases

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The microtiter agglutination test for detection of pertussis antibody by using stained bacterial suspension

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The microtubule cytoskeleton in hyphae of uromyces phaseoli germlings its relationship to the region of nucleation and to the f actin cytoskeleton

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The microvascular anastomosis effects of protein free extract of calves blood solcoseryl assessed by scanning electron microscopy

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The microvascular architecture of human malignant glioma. A scanning electron microscopic study of a vascular cast

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The microvascular architecture of rat proximal duodenum with particular reference to brunners glands

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The microvascular architecture of term fetal and neonatal rabbit lungs a scanning electron microscopic comparison

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The microvascular architecture of the rabbit stomach corpus in vascular corrosion casts

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The microvascular architecture of the vestibule and the endolymphatic duct and sac of the rat in vascular corrosion casts

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The microvascular construction of the forearm dorsal flap

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