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The miocene bovidae of the ngorora formation of the baringo basin rift valley kenya 2

Thomas, H.

Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen Series B Physical Sciences 84(3): 357-375


Accession: 006718966

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At Ngorora, Kenya, there is an association of several African antelopes of a size close to Protragocerus labidotus in the Mid-Miocene. The conformation of the cranium is close to that of P. labidotus, but larger; it could be a female cranium of this species. It resembles a female cranium described as Helicoportax tragelaphoides. Another fossil, Sivoreas eremita, probably a Boselaphini, is present in the Chinji and Ngorora formations. A ? Hippotraginae ? Reducini, genus and species undetermined, is also described. Two fragments of ankle bones probably belong to the same species. HOMOIODORCAS tugenium gen. et sp. nov. (Neotragini) is described with details of the ankle bones, the female cranium and dentition. The morphology of the ankle bones does not permit associating this antelope with a gazelle nor to the related gazelle-giraffe, dibatag and impala. Two gazelle species from different locations are compared. The problem of the Cephalophinae is discussed.

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