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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6720

Chapter 6720 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Harmatz, Mg, 1987: The misperception of overweight in normal and underweight women

Steiner, G. M., 1978: The misplaced cecum and the root of the mesentery

Norris D., 1984: The mispriming effect evidence of an orthographic check in the lexical decision task

Konopka, Ak; Brendel, V., 1985: The missense errors in protein can be controlled by selective synonymous codon usage at the level of transcription

Williams R.; Thomas A.M.K., 1987: The missing ballon sign

Baumgarten C.; Koischwitz D., 1982: The missing clavicle a specific scintigraphic feature after breast surgery

Jackson H.J.; Stanley R.O., 1987: The missing factors influences in choice of treatment strategies

Seidah N.G.; Rochemont J.; Hamelin J.; Benjannet S.; Chretien M., 1981: The missing fragment of pro sequence of human pro opio melanocortin sequence and evidence for carboxyl terminal amidation

Sullivan, G. D.; Georgeson, M. A., 1977: The missing fundamental illusion variation of spatio temporal characteristics with dark adaptation

Reed C.A.; Mashiko T.; Bentley S.P.; Kastner M.E.; Scheidt W.R.; Spartalian K.; Lang G., 1979: The missing heme spin state and a model for cytochrome c prime the mixed intermediate spin iron porphyrin per chlorato meso tetra phenyl porphinato iron iii

Baarsma R.; Martijn A.; Okken A., 1987: The missing pericallosal artery on sonography a sign of agenesis of the corpus callosum in the neonatal brain

Henderson, C. R.; Mcallister, A. J., 1978: The missing subclass problem in 2 way fixed models

Chamberlain G., 1982: The missing tail of an intra uterine device

Kornreich F.; Rautaharju P.M., 1981: The missing waveform and diagnostic information in the standard 12 lead electro cardiogram

Macurda, D. B. Jr, 1978: The mississippian blastoid genus cribroblastus

Brenckle, P.; Lane, H. R.; Manger, W. L.; Saunders, W. B., 1977: The mississippian pennsylvanian boundary as an inter continental bio stratigraphic datum

Evenson, R.C., 1986: The Missouri Alcoholism Severity Scale: relationship with type of alcohol consumption

Stoops, J. W.; Graham, J. R., 1976: The missouri childrens picture series correlates of the aggression scale in normal 4th grade males

Kirschner R.H.; Stein R.J., 1985: The mistaken diagnosis of child abuse a form of the medical abuse?

Luria, S.E., 1982: The mistaken identity of colicin A

Brick, S.H.; Hill, M.C.; Lande, I.M., 1987: The mistaken or indeterminate CT diagnosis of hepatic metastases: the value of sonography

Salzer, G.; Havelec, L., 1978: The mistletoe preparation iscador as an anti recurrence prophylactic agent in the treatment of operated carcinoma of the bronchial tree clinical results of a study performed 1969 1971

Gillis, W. T., 1976: The mistletoes of the bahamas

Tannenbaum N., 1984: The misuse of chayanov chayanovs rule and empiricist bias in anthropology

Marks D.F., 1988: The misuse of imagery questionnaires

Wyatt R.; Lane D.M.; Stoneburner A., 1982: The misuse of mixed collections in bryophyte taxonomy

Packard G.C.; Boardman T.J., 1988: The misuse of ratios indices and percentages in ecophysiological research

Duso C.; Liguori M., 1984: The mite fauna of grapevine in veneto italy and the influence of chemical treatments on populations of phytophagous and predatory species

Moss, W. W., 1978: The mite genus dermanyssus a survey with description of dermanyssus trochilinis new species and a revised key to the species acari mesostigmata dermanyssidae

Davila N.M.; Ortiz M.S., 1985: The mite of honey bee varroa jacobsoni new record in peru

Hull, L. A.; Asquith, D.; Mowery, P. D., 1977: The mite searching ability of stethorus punctum within an apple orchard

Ureta-Sandino, E. J.; Navarro-Alzate, R. N., 1978: The mite steneotarsonemus pallidus new pest on strawberries in colombia study on its chemical control and spread to other crops

Strube H.G.R.; Benner A., 1984: The mites acari associated with trypodendron lineatum coleoptera ipidae

Haitlinger R., 1983: The mites acarina of small mammals of the pieniny mountains poland

Haragsim, O.; Samsinak, K.; Vobrazkova, E., 1978: The mites inhabiting the bee hives in czech socialist republic czechoslovakia

Sanches N.F.; Flechtmann C.H.W., 1982: The mites of pineapple in the state of bahia brazil

Fain A.; Van Goethem J.L., 1986: The mites of the genus riccardoella parasitic inside the lung of the terrestrial mollusca gastropoda pulmonata

Lee, W. K.; Choi, W. Y., 1980: The mites order acarina in korea 1. suborder sarcoptiformes

Bessot J.C.; Pauli G., 1986: The mites the principal allergens of house dust

Schultz T.W.; Dumont J.N., 1984: The mitigation of acute toxicity of coal derived liquids by hydro treatment

Kim C K.; Choi H G., 1987: The mitigation of bitterness of zipeprol solution

Luck B.T.; Jordan E.G., 1980: The mitochondria and plastids during micro sporogenesis in hyacinthoides non scripta

Habib Y.A.; Seddik Y.; Ghazal A.M.; Mohamed H.F.; El Sayad H.S.A., 1979: The mitochondria in protein energy deficient rats

Gaffal, K. P.; Kreutzer, D., 1977: The mitochondria of polytoma papillatum at 2 different stages of the vegetative cell cycle

Hadler, H.I.; Cook, G.L., 1979: The mitochondrial activation of silicate and its role in silicosis, black lung disease and lung cancer

Hadler, H.I.; Cook, G.L., 1979: The mitochondrial activation of sulfate and arsenate and their role in carcinogenesis

Vignais, P. V., 1976: The mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator

Schultheiss, H.P.; Berg, P.; Klingenberg, M., 1983: The mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator is an antigen in primary biliary cirrhosis

Suyama, Y.; Hamada, J., 1978: The mitochondrial and cytoplasmic valyl transfer rna synthetases in tetrahymena pyriformis are indistinguishable

Hod, Y.; Utter, M. F.; Hanson, R. W., 1982: The mitochondrial and cytosolic forms of avian phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase gtp ec are encoded by different messenger rna species

Edwards S.W.; Evans J.B.; Lloyd D., 1982: The mitochondrial atp of acanthamoeba castellanii partial characterization and changes in activity during exponential growth

Rouslin W., 1987: The mitochondrial atpase in slow and fast heart rate hearts

Lambowitz, A. M.; Bonner, W. D. Jr, 1974: The mitochondrial b cytochromes of the wild type and poky strains of neurospora crassa

Heasman J.; Quarmby J.; Wylie C.C., 1984: The mitochondrial cloud of xenopus laevis oocytes the source of germinal granule material

Salmon I.; Poole R.K., 1980: The mitochondrial cytochromes of an unusual budding yeast sterigmatomyces halophilus spectral characterization exploiting fourth order finite difference analysis

Clary D.O.; Wolstenholme D.R., 1985: The mitochondrial dna molecule of drosophila yakuba nucleotide sequence gene organization and genetic code

Hintz W.E.; Mohan M.; Anderson J.B.; Horgen P.A., 1985: The mitochondrial dna of agaricus heterogeneity in agaricus bitorquis and homogeneity in agaricus brunnescens

Falcone, C., 1984: The mitochondrial DNA of the yeast Hansenula petersonii: genome organization and mosaic genes

Boveris, A.; Chance, B., 1973: The mitochondrial generation of hydrogen per oxide general properties and effect of hyperbaric oxygen

Kroon A.M.; Dontje B.H.J.; Holtrop M.; Van Den Bogert C., 1984: The mitochondrial genetic system as a target for chemotherapy tetracyclines as cytostatics

Brown T.A.; Davies R.W.; Ray J.A.; Waring R.B.; Scazzocchio C., 1983: The mitochondrial genome of aspergillus nidulans contains reading frames homologous to the human unidentified reading frames 1 and 4

Wiseman, A.; Gillham, N. W.; Boynton, J. E., 1977: The mitochondrial genome of chlamydomonas part 2 genetic analysis of nonmendelian obligate photo autotrophic mutants

Alexander, N. J.; Gillham, N. W.; Boynton, J. E., 1974: The mitochondrial genome of chlamydomonas reinhardtii induction of minute colony mutations by acriflavine and their inheritance

Isaac P.G.; Brennicke A.; Dunbar S.M.; Leaver C.J., 1985: The mitochondrial genome of fertile maize zea mays contains two copies of the gene encoding the alpha subunit of the f 1 atpase

Manna, F.; Del-Giudice, L.; Massardo, D. R.; Schreil, W. H.; Cermola, M.; Devreux, M.; Wolf, K., 1985: The mitochondrial genome of nicotiana plumbaginifolia i. electron microscopy reveals linear molecules falling in different size classes

Hyman, B.C.; Cramer, J.H.; Rownd, R.H., 1983: The mitochondrial genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains numerous, densely spaced autonomously replicating sequences

Borkhardt B.; Brown T.A.; Thim P.; Olson L.W., 1988: The mitochondrial genome of the aquatic phycomycete allomyces macrogynus physical mapping and mitochondrial dna instability

Borkhardt B.; Olson L.W., 1986: The mitochondrial genome of the aquatic phycomycete blastocladiella emersonii restriction enzyme analysis and gene mapping

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Lang B.F.; Cedergren R.; Gray M.W., 1987: The mitochondrial genome of the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe sequence of the large subunit ribosomal rna gene comparison of potential secondary structure in fungal mitochondrial large subunit ribosomal rna and evolutionary considerations

Lang B.F.; Ahne F.; Bonen L., 1985: The mitochondrial genome of the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe the cytochrome b gene has an intron closely related to the first 2 introns in the saccharomyces cerevisiae cos 1 gene

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Prunell, A.; Kopecka, H.; Strauss, F.; Bernardi, G., 1977: The mitochondrial genome of wild type yeast cells part 5 genome evolution

Prunell, A.; Bernardi, G., 1977: The mitochondrial genome of wild type yeast cells part 6 genome organization

Fonty, G.; Goursot, R.; Wilkie, D.; Bernardi, G., 1978: The mitochondrial genome of wild type yeast cells part 7 recombination in crosses

Borst, P.; Grivell, L. A., 1978: The mitochondrial genome of yeast

Faugeron Fonty G.; Mangin M.; Huyard A.; Bernardi G., 1983: The mitochondrial genomes of spontaneous ori r petite mutants of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae have rearranged repeat units organized as inverted tandem dimers

Parikh V.S.; Morgan M.M.; Scott R.; Clements L.S.; Butow R.A., 1987: The mitochondrial genotype can influence nuclear gene expression in yeast

Hiraga K.; Kikuchi G., 1982: The mitochondrial glycine cleavage system differential inhibition by divalent cations of glycine synthesis and glycine decarboxylation in the glycine carbon di oxide exchange

Hiraga, K.; Kikuchi, G., 1980: The mitochondrial glycine cleavage system. Functional association of glycine decarboxylase and aminomethyl carrier protein

Hiraga, K.; Kikuchi, G., 1982: The mitochondrial glycine cleavage system: inactivation of glycine decarboxylase as a side reaction of the glycine decarboxylation in the presence of aminomethyl carrier protein

Hiraga, K.; Kikuchi, G., 1980: The mitochondrial glycine cleavage system. Purification and properties of glycine decarboxylase from chicken liver mitochondria

Kikuchi G.; Hiraga K., 1982: The mitochondrial glycine cleavage system unique features of glycine decarboxylation

Clerot, J. C., 1976: The mitochondrial groups of the germinal cells of the teleostean fishes cyprinidae part 1 ultrastructural study

Goto Y.; Makino Y.; Shimizu J.; Shukuya R., 1980: The mitochondrial heterogeneity in bull frog rana catesbeiana liver

Beavis, A.D.; Garlid, K.D., 1987: The mitochondrial inner membrane anion channel. Regulation by divalent cations and protons

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Dry, I. B.; Nash, D.; Wiskich, J. T., 1983: The mitochondrial localization of hexo kinase ec in pea pisum sativum leaves

Deybach, J. C.; Da-Silva, V.; Grandchamp, B.; Nordmann, Y., 1985: The mitochondrial location of protoporphyrinogen oxidase ec

Mandella, R. D.; Sauer, L. A., 1975: The mitochondrial malic enzymes part 1 sub mitochondrial localization and purification and properties of the nad p dependent enzyme from adrenal cortex

Osíewacz, H.D.; Esser, K., 1984: The mitochondrial plasmid of Podospora anserina: A mobile intron of a mitochondrial gene

Shears, S. B., 1981: The mitochondrial protonic electrochemical potential difference as a point of hormone action 2. new proposals for the activity of glucagon

Halestrap, A.P., 1975: The mitochondrial pyruvate carrier. Kinetics and specificity for substrates and inhibitors

Séraphin, B.; Simon, M.; Faye, G., 1987: The mitochondrial reading frame RF3 is a functional gene in Saccharomyces uvarum

Tune, B.M.; Sibley, R.K.; Hsu, C.Y., 1988: The mitochondrial respiratory toxicity of cephalosporin antibiotics. An inhibitory effect on substrate uptake

Coote, J. L.; Rabbitts, T. H.; Work, T. S., 1971: The mitochondrial ribosome of baby hamster kidney cells

Van-Den-Bogert, C.; De-Vries, H., 1976: The mitochondrial ribosomes of neurospora crassa part 2 comparison of the proteins from neurospora crassa mitochondrial ribosomes with ribosomal proteins from neurospora cytoplasm from rat liver mitochondria and from bacteria

Nohl H.; Jordan W., 1986: The mitochondrial site of superoxide formation

Kozak, L.P.; Britton, J.H.; Kozak, U.C.; Wells, J.M., 1988: The mitochondrial uncoupling protein gene. Correlation of exon structure to transmembrane domains

Burger G.; Werner S., 1985: The mitochondrial urf 1 gene in neurospora crassa has an intron that contains a novel type of unassigned reading frame

Doring C.; Colombini M., 1985: The mitochondrial voltage dependent channel voltage dependent anion selective channel is modified asymmetrically by succinic anhydride

Somlo M.; Krupa M., 1979: The mitochondrially encoded phantom atpase of saccharomyces cerevisiae part 2 a heterogeneous mitochondrial atpase population in situ

Amuro, N., 1982: The mitochondriogenesis and the turnover of cytochrome c oxidase

Maiti, B.R.; Chakraborty, S., 1980: The mitogenic action of prolactin on some endocrine organs of chicks

Savill C.M.; Ayad S.R., 1986: The mitogenic activity of a heparin binding fibronectin fragment molecular weight 35000 produced by cathepsin d digestion

Petrides P.E.; Boehlen P., 1980: The mitogenic activity of insulin an intrinsic property of the molecule

Zehavi Willner T.; Berke G., 1986: The mitogenic activity of staphylococcal enterotoxin b a monovalent t cell mitogen that stimulates cytolytic t lymphocytes but cannot mediate their lytic interaction

Tchorzewski H.; Sulowska Z., 1980: The mitogenic and enzymatic activities of polymorphonuclear leukocyte lysosomal proteins examined in vitro

Horseman, N.D.; Nollin, L.J., 1985: The mitogenic, but not differentiative, response of crop tissue to prolactin is circadian phase dependent

Andersson, J.; Melchers, F.; Galanos, C.; Luederitz, O., 1973: The mitogenic effect of lipo poly saccharide on bone marrow derived mouse lymphocytes lipid a as the mitogenic part of the molecule

Morse, J.H.; Kong, A.S.; Lindenbaum, J.; Morse, S.I., 1977: The mitogenic effect of the lymphocytosis promoting factor from Bordetella pertussis on human lymphocytes

Ivanov V.M.; Nadeev F.I.; Chelyshev Yu A., 1987: The mitogenic effect of the preparation p on lingual epithelial cells

Mcnicol A.M.; Kubba M.A.G.; Mcteague E., 1988: The mitogenic effects of corticotropin releasing factor on the anterior pituitary gland of the rat

Leveille, A.S.; Fischer-Dzoga, K., 1982: The mitogenic effects of methyl sterculate on aortic smooth muscle cells

Mitsuhashi M.; Payan D.G., 1987: The mitogenic effects of vasoactive neuropeptides on cultured smooth muscle cell lines

Moreno, C.; Hale, C.; Ivanyi, L., 1977: The mitogenic, immunogenic and tolerogenic properties of dextrans and levans. Lack of correlation according to differences of molecular structure and size

Bessler W.G.; Cox M.; Wiesmueller K.H.; Jung G., 1984: The mitogenic principle of escherichia coli lipo protein b lymphocyte mitogenicity of the synthetic analog palmitoyl tetra peptide

Cybulla J.; Brueckner H.; Jung G.; Wipperfuerth T.; Bessler W.G., 1980: The mitogenic principle of escherichia coli lipo protein bone marrow derived lymphocyte mitogenicity n palmitoyl cysteine and n palmitoyl glutamic acid alpha methyl esters

Jung G.; Carrera C.; Brueckner H.; Bessler W.G., 1983: The mitogenic principle of escherichia coli lipo protein synthesis spectroscopic characterization and mitogenicity of n palmitoyl s 2 r s 2 3 dipalmitoyloxypropyl r cysteine methyl ester

Handwerger B.S.; Bumol T.; Goodspeed B.; Rand A.; Douglas S.D., 1981: The mitogenic properties of rabbit anti mouse brain serum

Magnaldo, I.; L'Allemain, G.; Chambard, J.C.; Moenner, M.; Barritault, D.; Pouysségur, J., 1986: The mitogenic signaling pathway of fibroblast growth factor is not mediated through polyphosphoinositide hydrolysis and protein kinase C activation in hamster fibroblasts

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Ivanyi, L., 1977: The mitogenicity of dextrans for bone marrow derived lymphocytes in man

Reddemann, H.; Wuerfel, B., 1978: The mitosis index in the bone marrow of children during the course of acute lympho blastic leukosis

Gorbunova, M. P., 1976: The mitosis of thyroid c cells electron microscope data

Rott N.N., 1983: The mitotic activity and de synchronization of cell divisions in the isolated loach blastoderms upon their cultivation in different salines

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Greenwood, B., 1977: The mitotic activity of blood monocytes cultured in autologous wound fluid

Johnell O.; Hulth A., 1979: The mitotic activity of bone marrow and thymus after combined antigenic challenge and trauma

Dzhunidi K.; Belousov L.V., 1983: The mitotic activity of embryonic tissues during gastrulation and neurulation in xenopus laevis

Obukhan E.I., 1984: The mitotic activity of myelokaryocytes during microwave irradiation 2375 megahertz

Nagl, W., 1973: The mitotic and endo mitotic nuclear cycle in allium carinatum part 4 tritiated uridine incorporation

Barlow S.B.; Triemer R.E., 1988: The mitotic apparatus in dinoflagellate amphidinium carterae

Aist, J. R., 1968: The mitotic apparatus in fungi ceratocystis fagacearum and fusarium oxysporum inst phase contrast microscopy

Hutchison, N.; Pardue, M. L., 1975: The mitotic chromosomes of notophthalmus viridescens equals triturus viridescens localization of c banding regions and dna sequences complementary to 18s 28s and 5s ribosomal rna

Robson, G. E.; Williams, K. L., 1977: The mitotic chromosomes of the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum a karyotype based on giemsa banding/

Le-Roux, A., 1978: The mitotic crisis in the proventriculus of the 1st and 2nd zoea of pisidia longicornis its position in relation to the inter molt stages

Ageenko, A. I.; Kogan, I. Ya, 1976: The mitotic cycle of cell cultures infected with oncogenic adenovirus of type 12

Chkholariya, N. D.; Khussar-Yu, P., 1976: The mitotic cycle of the thymo lymphocytes in cba mice before and after staphylococcal intoxication

Kassemeyer H H.; Staudt G., 1982: The mitotic cycle of the zygote nuclei in vitis vinifera

Hirayama M.; Eccleston P.A.; Silberberg D.H., 1984: The mitotic history and radiosensitivity of developing oligodendrocytes in vitro

Gvaladze G.E.; Gachechiladze M.E., 1984: The mitotic hypothesis of double fertilization of angiospermae

Medda, J.N.; Shamsuddin, M.; Sarkar, A., 1977: The mitotic index, cell size and weight of the differentiating liver of the chick

Balog C., 1982: The mitotic index in di ploid and tri ploid allium triquetrum roots

Goldberg L.H.; Cox A.J.; Abel E.A., 1980: The mitotic index in psoriatic plaques and their response to 8 methoxy psoralen uv a radiation therapy

Russell P.; Nurse P., 1987: The mitotic inducer nim1 positive functions in a regulatory network of protein kinase homologs controlling the initiation of mitosis

North, R.J., 1969: The mitotic potential of fixed phagocytes in the liver as revealed during the development of cellular immunity

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Shellard, E. J.; Houghton, P. J.; Resha, M., 1978: The mitragyna sp of asia part 30 oxidation products of mitragynine and speciociliatine

Shellard, E. J.; Lala, P. K., 1977: The mitragyna species of asia part 29 the alkaloidal pattern in the leaves stem bark and root bark of mitragyna parvifolia from kerala state india

Shellard, E. J.; Houghton, P. J.; Resha, M., 1978: The mitragyna spp of asia part 31 the alkaloids of mitragyna speciosa from thailand

Shellard, E. J.; Houghton, P. J.; Resha, M., 1978: The mitragyna spp of asia part 32 the distribution of alkaloids in young plants of mitragyna speciosa grown from seed obtained from thailand

Towne, W.D.; Patel, R.; Cruz, J., 1978: The mitral knock with atrial fibrillation. A possible source of auscultatory confusion

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Lo, S.S.; Fraser, B.A.; Liu, T.Y., 1984: The mixed disulfide in the zymogen of streptococcal proteinase. Characterization and implication for its biosynthesis

Constanti, A., 1978: The mixed effect of picro toxin on the gamma amino butyric acid dose conductance relation recorded from lobster muscle

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Tararam A.S.; Wakabara Y., 1981: The mobile fauna especially gammaridea of sargassum cymosum

Kutarski A.; Dubejko J.; Kudlicki J., 1986: The mobile pacemaker syndrome a rare complication of treatment with continuous pacemaking

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Nakayama M., 1981: The mobilities of granulocytes and the chemo tactic factor production by human mononuclear cells

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Hermann R.; Neumann Mahlkau P., 1985: The mobility of zinc cadmium copper lead iron and arsenic in ground water as a function of redox potential and ph

Rittenhouse-Simmons, S.; Deykin, D., 1977: The mobilization of arachidonic acid in platelets exposed to thrombin or ionophore a 23187 effects of atp deprivation

Burton, R. F.; Jaufeerally, F. R., 1976: The mobilization of calcium and bi carbonate by raised concentrations of potassium in the hemolymph of the snail helix pomatia

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