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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6721

Chapter 6721 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nakagawa Y.; Sugiura T.; Waku K., 1985:
The molecular species composition of diacyl alkylacyl and alkenylacylglycerophospholipids in rabbit alveolar macrophages high amount of 1 o hexadecyl 2 arachidonyl molecular species in alkylacylglycerophosphocholine

Kuypers, F.A.; Chiu, D.; Mohandas, N.; Roelofsen, B.; Op den Kamp, J.A.; Lubin, B., 1987:
The molecular species composition of phosphatidylcholine affects cellular properties in normal and sickle erythrocytes

Karr R.W., 1985:
The molecular specificities of ds specific reagents an mb 3 like monoclonal antibody isolates 2 ds molecules

Matsuda K.; Kabasawa I.; Takagi M.; Kanehisa T., 1985:
The molecular state of human cataractous lens beta s crystallins and gamma crystallins

Ahmad V.U.; Alvi K.A.; Khan M.A., 1986:
The molecular structure and absolute configuration of brachycarpone a new trinortriterpenoid dilactone from cleome brachycarpa

Swann, D.A.; Silver, F.H.; Slayter, H.S.; Stafford, W.; Shore, E., 1985:
The molecular structure and lubricating activity of lubricin isolated from bovine and human synovial fluids

Koll P.; Saak W.; Pohl S., 1988:
The molecular structure of 1 6 anhydrohexofuranoses

Kopf J.; Koell P., 1987:
The molecular structure of 4 acetylated 2 6 anhydroaldononitriles glycopyranosylcyanides

Agarwal S.K.; Rastogi R.P.; Van Koningsveld H.; Goubitz K.; Olthof G.J., 1980:
The molecular structure of 4a 5 8 8a tetra hydro 11 14 di methoxy 7 methyl 4a 3 methyl 2 butenyl 5 8a o benzeno 1 4 naphtho quinone

Fronczek F.R.; Lee I Y.; Fisher N.H., 1983:
The molecular structure of 9 alpha acetoxy zexbrevin

Przybylska, M., 1976:
The molecular structure of a compound with the lycoctonine skeleton

Hutchinson, W.L.; Morris, P.G.; Mowbray, J., 1986:
The molecular structure of a rapidly formed oligomeric adenosine tetraphosphate derivative from rat heart

Kim Y.B.; Kim J.J.; Kim B.K., 1984:
The molecular structure of alclofenac determined by x ray method

Weeks, C.M.; Rohrer, D.C.; Duax, W.L., 1976:
The molecular structure of an aldo sterone 18 gluco pyranosiduronate

Conner B.N.; Takano T.; Tanaka S.; Itakura K.; Dickerson R.E., 1982:
The molecular structure of deoxy iodo ccgg a fragment of right handed double helical a dna

Kay P.H.; Dawkins R.L.; Penhale J.W., 1985:
The molecular structure of different polymorphic forms of canine complements c 3 and c 4

Kim Y.B.; Park H.K., 1979:
The molecular structure of gamma hydroxy beta amino butyric acid determined by x ray method

Moonen J.H.E.; Graveland A.; Muts G.C.J., 1987:
The molecular structure of gel protein from barley its behavior in wort filtration and analysis

Puchta, H.; Ramm, K.; Sänger, H.L., 1988:
The molecular structure of hop latent viroid (HLV), a new viroid occurring worldwide in hops

Green, M.A.; Huffman, J.C., 1988:
The molecular structure of indium oxine

Holden, H.M.; Rypniewski, W.R.; Law, J.H.; Rayment, I., 1987:
The molecular structure of insecticyanin from the tobacco hornworm Manduca sexta L. at 2.6 A resolution

Fronczek F.R.; Malcolm A.; Fischer N.H., 1983:
The molecular structure of melampodinin a

Akimoto T.; Maeda M.; Tsuji A.; IItaka Y., 1979:
The molecular structure of n salicylidene ethanolaminato zinc ii

Neidle S.; Subbiah A.; Osborne M.R., 1981:
The molecular structure of racemic 7 alpha 8 beta di hydroxy 7 8 di hydro benzo a pyrene an early metabolite of benzo a pyrene

Neidle S.; Cooper C.S.; Ribiero O., 1981:
The molecular structure of racemic 8 alpha 9 beta 10 beta 11 alpha tetra hydroxy 8 9 10 11 tetra hydro benz a anthracene an x ray crystallographic analysis

Druyan, M.E.; Sparagana, M.; Peterson, S.W., 1976:
The molecular structure of the free acid of cyclic gmp

Smythies J.R., 1981:
The molecular structure of the ion channel associated with the acetyl choline receptor a beta barrel?

Kratky C.; Falk H.; Grubmayr K.; Zrunek U., 1985:
The molecular structure of the phytochrome chromophore x ray analysis of 2 2 3 dihydrobilatriene abc derivatives

Schmieger, H., 1968:
The molecular structure of the transducing particles of salmonella phage p 22 part 1 density gradient analysis of intact phages

Schmieger, H., 1970:
The molecular structure of the transducing particles of salmonella phage p 22 part 2 density gradient analysis of dna

Hossain M.B.; Van Der Helm D.; Matson J.A.; Weinheimer A.J., 1979:
The molecular structures and absolute configurations of 2 new marine cembranolides sinularin and di hydro sinularin

Pelletier S.W.; Varughese K.I., 1984:
The molecular structures of browniine perchlorate and dictyocarpine acetone complex

Takayanagi H.; Munemura S.; Goto M.; Ogura H.; Onda M., 1986:
The molecular structures of p nitro and p chlorobenzyl derivatives of barbital

DeSalle, R.; Slightom, J.; Zimmer, E., 1986:
The molecular through ecological genetics of abnormal abdomen. II. Ribosomal DNA polymorphism is associated with the abnormal abdomen syndrome in Drosophila mercatorum

Templeton, A.R.; Crease, T.J.; Shah, F., 1985:
The molecular through ecological genetics of abnormal abdomen in Drosophila mercatorum. I. Basic genetics

Duchesne, J., 1977:
The molecular universe and the physicochemical origin of life

Lauber M.; Nicolas P.; Boussetta H.; Fahy C.; Beguin P.; Camier M.; Vaudry H.; Cohen P., 1981:
The molecular weight 80000 common forms of neurophysin and vasopressin from bovine neuro hypophysis have acth like and beta endorphin like sequences and liberate by proteolysis biologically active acth

Bozarth R.F.; Koltin Y.; Weissman M.B.; Parker R.L.; Dalton R.E.; Steinlauf R., 1981:
The molecular weight and packaging of double stranded rna species in the mycovirus from ustilago maydis killer strains

Tong H K.; Lee K H.; Wong H A., 1980:
The molecular weight and viscosity of the water soluble poly saccharides from eucheuma spinosum

Foldager L.; Jorgensen K.G., 1984:
The molecular weight distribution of beta glucan in wort from malts of different barley varieties at different stages of malting

Miklautz H.; Riemann J.; Vidic H.J., 1986:
The molecular weight distribution of heparin determined with a high performance liquid chromatography low angle laser light scattering coupling technique

Klement'ev, B.I., 1977:
The molecular weight fractionation of proteins within the range of 100 nanograms to 10 nanograms by micro gel chromatography

Ogawa K.; Matsunaga M.; Hamada H.; Oohashi H.; Pak C.H.; Morimoto K.; Hara A.; Kawai C., 1983:
The molecular weight of active and inactive renins in essential hypertension

Swisher, R.H.; Landt, M.L.; Reithel, F.J., 1977:
The molecular weight of and evidence for 2 types of subunits in the molybdenum iron protein of azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase

Nieuwenhuysen P.; D.V.eght F.; Clauwaert J., 1981:
The molecular weight of artemia salina ribosomes as determined from their refractive index increment and light scattering intensity

Day L.A.; Mindich L., 1980 :
The molecular weight of bacterio phage phi 6 and its nucleo capsid

Muzzarelli R.A.A.; Lough C.; Emanuelli M., 1987:
The molecular weight of chitosans studied by laser light scattering

Leger, D.; Verbert, A.; Loucheux, M.H.; Spik, G., 1977:
The molecular weight of human lacto transferrin and sero transferrin

Laurent U.B.G.; Granath K.A., 1983:
The molecular weight of hyaluronate in the aqueous humor and vitreous body of rabbit and cattle eyes

Pokrovskii, A.A.; Korovnikov, K.A.; Ottesen, B.V., 1977:
The molecular weight of multiple forms of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase from the rat liver and adrenal glands

Collier J.R., 1983:
The molecular weight of ribosomal rna among the protostomia

Seitz U.; Seitz U., 1979:
The molecular weight of ribosomal rna precursor molecules and their processing in higher plant cells

Goldwasser, E.; Kung, C.K., 1972:
The molecular weight of sheep plasma erythropoietin

Sandell L.; Veis A., 1980:
The molecular weight of the cell free translation product of alpha 1 i pro collagen messenger rna

Kisary J.; Zsak L., 1980:
The molecular weight of the egg drop syndrome avian adenovirus strain b 8 78 dna estimated by digestion with restriction endo nuclease enzyme r eco r i

Leon, A.E.; De-Groot, K.; Bloemendal, H., 1970:
The molecular weight of the subunits of alpha crystallin

Swincer A.G.; Ward A.D.; Howlett G.J., 1985:
The molecular weight on hematoporphyrin derivative its gel column fractions and some of its components in aqueous solution

Virden, R., 1972:
The molecular weights of 2 forms of carbamoyl phosphate synthase from rat liver

Dohnal J.C.; Potempa L.A.; Garvin J.E., 1980:
The molecular weights of 3 forms of glycophorin a in sodium dodecyl sulfate solution

Jeffrey P.D.; Treacy G.B., 1982:
The molecular weights of arthropod hemo cyanin subunits a brief survey with special reference to cherax destructor hemo cyanin

Rochu D.; Fine J.M., 1984:
The molecular weights of arthropod hemocyanin subunits influence of tris buffer in sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis estimations

Lin, A.; Wool, I.G., 1974:
The molecular weights of rat liver ribosomal proteins determined by 3 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Peters, W.H.M.; Jansen, P.L.M.; Nauta, H., 1984:
The molecular weights of udp glucuronyltransferase ec determined with radiation inactivation analysis a molecular model of bilirubin udp glucuronyltransferase

Panyim, S.; Chalkley, R., 1971:
The molecular weights of vertebrate histones exploiting a modified sodium dodecyl sulfate electrophoretic method

Durette Desset M.C.; Chabaud A.G., 1981:
The molineinae parasites of mammals

Rose M.M., 1985:
The mollin technique

Janssen, R., 1978:
The mollusca of the upper oligocene chattium in the north sea basin part 1 scaphopoda archaeogastropoda mesogastropoda

Mouthon J., 1986:
The mollusca of tignes lake savoie their usefulness in characterizing water quality in high altitude lakes

Nagle G.T., 1981:
The molluscan cardioactive neuro peptide phenylalanylmethionylargininylphenyl alanine amide sub cellular localization in bivalve ganglia

Koyumdzhieva E.I.; Popov N.G., 1987:
The molluscan communities from the sarmatian in northeastern bulgaria

Reed J.K.; Mikkelsen P.M., 1987:
The molluscan community associated with the scleractinian coral oculina varicosa

Taner G., 1982:
The molluscan fauna and pliocene stratigraphy of the gallipoli peninsula turkey

Hopkins, T.S.; Blizzard, D.R.; Gilbert, D.K., 1977:
The molluscan fauna of the florida middle grounds with comments of its zoo geographical affinities

Schlickum, W.R.; Puissegur, J.J., 1976:
The molluscan fauna of the old pleistocene of st bernard department of cote d'or france

Schlickum, W.R.; Puissegur, J.J., 1978:
The molluscan fauna of the strata with viviparus burgundinus and pyrgula nodotiana of montagny les beaune department cote d'or france

Nagle G.T., 1982:
The molluscan neuro peptide phenylalanylmethionylarginyl phenyl alaninamide calcium dependent release and blood levels in macrocallista nimbosa bivalvia

Shoeb, H.A.; El-Emam, M.A.; El-Amin, S.M.; El-Nahas, H.A., 1982:
The molluscicidal activity of euphorbiaceae 2. euphorbia pseudocactus

Shoeb H.A.; M.A.; Osman N.S., 1982:
The molluscicidal activity of euphorbiaceae euphorbia peplus 3

Ayoub S.M.H.; Yankov L.K., 1986:
The molluscicidal factor of tannin bearing plants

Shoeb H.A.; Hassan A.A.; E.N.has H.A., 1986:
The molluscicidal properties of agavaceae agave attenuata and furcraea gigantea var mediopicata

Shoeb H.A.; E.S.yed M.M.; Refahy L.A., 1986:
The molluscicidal properties of agavaceae agave decepiens and agave americana var marginata

Shoeb H.A.; M.A.; E.S.yed M.M., 1985:
The molluscicidal properties of agave filifera agavaceae

Shoeb H.A.; Refahy L.A., 1986:
The molluscicidal properties of compositae calendula micrantha

Shoeb H.A.; M.A.; S.M.; Osman N.S., 1982:
The molluscicidal properties of euphorbia helioscopia euphorbiaceae

Shoeb H.A.; E.S.yed M.M.; Kahlifa A.M., 1984:
The molluscicidal properties of leguminosae sesbania aegyptiaca

Shoeb H.A.; Refahy L.; Khalifa A.M., 1982:
The molluscicidal properties of the crude saponins in agave angustifolia marginata agave celsii and yucca filamentosa variegata

Shoeb H.; Hassan A.A.; Saad A.M., 1986:
The molluscicidal properties of the crude steroidal saponins in agave heteracantha and agave utahensis

Diaz J.M.; Goetting K J., 1988:
The molluscs of the bahia de nenguange caribbean sea colombia and their zoogeographical relationships

Coyer J.A., 1986:
The mollusk assemblage associated with fronds of giant kelp macrocystis pyrifera off santa catalina island california usa

Mueller C.Y., 1988:
The mollusk fauna of seewinkel region east of neusiedler lake austria

Wildi, W., 1976:
The mollusk fauna of the dolomites of gansing triassic carnian middle keuper in the jura plateau of aargau northern switzerland

Paget, O.E., 1976:
The mollusk fauna of the island of rhodes part 1 no 17 mollusca

Oszkar, A., 1977:
The mollusk fauna of the upper pannonian strata in the claypit of the tile factory in balatonszentgyorgy hungary

Moyroud J.; Breuil J.; Dulat C.; Coulanges P., 1982:
The mollusks intermediate hosts of human bilharziasis in madagascar present state of knowledge

Poulicek, M., 1985:
The mollusks of photophilic algal communities 2. community analysis

Frank C., 1979:
The mollusks of styria austria survey of investigations during the years 1965 1977

Bonetto A.A.; Bechara J.A.; Tassara M.P., 1982:
The mollusks of the family planorbidae in the middle parana river argentina area

Abe N.; Kurosawa O., 1984:
The molt and age determination of parus palustris and parus montanus ringed in hokkaido japan

Spaziani E.; Ostedgaard L.S.; Vensel W.H.; Hegmann J.P., 1981:
The molt cycle of the crab cancer antennarius computer aided staging

Williams M., 1979:
The molt gatherings of the paradise shelduck tadorna variegata in the gisborne east coast district new zealand

Schoenrock G U., 1981:
The molt of antennal sensilla in the millipede species polydesmus coriaceus diplopoda polydesmoidea

Gaston, A.J., 1976:
The molt of blyths reed warbler acrocephalus dumetorum with notes on the molt of other palearctic warblers in india

Stresemann, E.; Stresemann, V., 1969:
The molt of ptyonoprogne rupestris and delichon nipalensis part 1 the crag martin ptyonoprogne rupestris

Stresemann, E.; Stresemann, V., 1969:
The molt of ptyonoprogne rupestris and delichon nipalensis part 2 delichon nipalensis

Middleton, A.L.A., 1977:
The molt of the american goldfinch

Neufeldt I.A., 1981:
The molt of the brown shrike lanius cristatus

Erwin, S.; Stresemann, V., 1969:
The molt of the crest cuckoos clamator

Galbraith H.; Mitchell A.B.; Shaw G., 1981:
The molt of the dipper cinclus cinclus in central scotland uk

Gauci C.; Sultana J., 1981:
The molt of the fan tailed warbler cisticola juncidis

Pearson D.J., 1984:
The molt of the little stint calidris minuta in the kenyan rift valley

Leisler, B., 1972:
The molt of the moustached warbler acrocephalus melanopogon as an ecological problem

Harris, M.P.; Yule, R.F., 1977:
The molt of the puffin fratercula arctica

Lopez Fuster M.J.; Gosalbez J.; Fons R.; Sans Coma V., 1986:
The molt of the white toothed shrew crocidura russula hermann 1780 insectivora soricidae from the ebro delta catalonia spain

Baxter R.M.; Dippenaar N.J.; Meester J., 1981:
The molt pattern of some southern african soricidae

Din N.A., 1981:
The molt patterns of the brown lemming lemmus trimucronatus at baker lake northwest territories canada with a note on its hair morphology

Sheiman, I.M.; Ignatovich, G.S., 1977:
The molting hormone effect on training of yellow mealworm beetle larvae

Kaplanis, J.N.; Robbins, W.E.; Thompson, M.J.; Dutky, S.R., 1976:
The molting hormones from the embryonated egg of the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta

Stresemann, E.; Stresemann, V., 1969:
The molting of some emberiza species part 2

Minch, E.W., 1977:
The molting sequence in aphonopelma chalcodes araneae therapsidae

D.Laubenfels D.J., 1979:
The moluccan dammars agathis araucariaceae

Housley P.R.; Sanchez E.R.; Westphal H.M.; Beato M.; Pratt W.B., 1985:
The molybdate stabilized l cell glucocorticoid receptor isolated by affinity chromatography or with a monoclonal antibody is associated with a 90 92 kilodalton nonsteroid binding phosphoprotein

Denis M.; Wikstrom A C.; Gustafsson J A., 1987:
The molybdate stabilized nonactivated glucocorticoid receptor contains a dimer of molecular weight 90000 non hormone binding protein

Blum H.; Poole R.K., 1982:
The molybdenum and iron sulfur centers of escherichia coli nitrate reductase are nonrandomly oriented in the membrane

Gutteridge, S.; Tanner, S.J.; Bray, R.C., 1978:
The molybdenum center of native xanthine oxidase evidence for proton transfer from substrates to the center and for existence of an anion binding site

Turner N.; Barata B.; Bray R.C.; Deistung J.; L.G.ll J.; Moura J.J.G., 1987 :
The molybdenum iron sulfur protein from desulfovibrio gigas as a form of aldehyde oxidase

Cramer, S.P.; Gillum, W.O.; Hodgson, K.O.; Mortenson, L.E.; Stiefel, E.I.; Chisnell, J.R.; Brill, W.J.; Shah, V.K., 1978:
The molybdenum site of nitrogenase part 2 a comparative study of molybdenum iron proteins and the iron molybdenum cofactor by x ray absorption spectroscopy

Cramer, S.P.; Hodgson, K.O.; Gillum, W.O.; Mortenson, L.E., 1978:
The molybdenum site of nitrogenase preliminary structural evidence from x ray absorption spectroscopy

Fridman, M.; Fridman-Manduzio, A., 1976:
The moment method for counting cell nuclei

Theves B.; Hundhausen E., 1982:
The momentary disturbance of the heat balance a possible objective measure instead of the thermal sensation

Toft S., 1980:
The monarch butterfly danaus plexippus new record for denmark lepidoptera danaidae

Cohen, J.A.; Moronne, M.M., 1978:
The monazomycin probe as detector of the interaction of charged lipid vesicles poly peptides proteins and divalent cations with planar bi layer lipid membranes

Windle-Taylor, P.C.; Buchanan, G.; Michaels, L., 1982:
The Mondini defect in Turner's syndrome. A temporal bone report

Mangabeira-Albernaz, P.L.; Fukuka, Y.; Chammas, F.; Ganança, M.M., 1981:
The Mondini dysplasia - a clinical study

Riddell F.G.; Hayer M.K., 1985:
The monensin mediated transport of sodium ions through phospholipid bilayers studied by sodium 23 nmr spectroscopy

Boin C.; Leme P.R.; Nardon R.F.; Figueiredo G.D., 1984:
The monensin on liveweight gain and feed conversion of zebu bullocks fed on feedlot

Thompson, R.C., 1976:
The mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) as a laboratory host for the cystic stage of Echinococcus granulosus of British horse origin

Vincent A.L.; Rodrick G.E.; Sodeman W.A., 1980:
The mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus in aging research

Rosa R.A.; Glomski C.A., 1981:
The mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus its histological and hematological response to methyl cellulose

Szilvassy, J., 1976:
The mongolian racial imprint on the burial grounds of zwoelfaxing lower austria

Kusunoki M.; Zinno Y.; Kobayashi T.; Minai J.; Hayashi H.; Midorikawa T.; Iwata Z., 1984:
The monilia blight of flowering cherries life cycle epidemiology and disease control

Loizeau P A.; Spichiger R., 1987:
The monimiaceae of the arboretum jenaro herrara province of requena department of loreto peru contribution to the study of the flora and vegetation of the peruvian amazonia xii

Harcus, A.W.; Ward, A.E.; Smith, D.W., 1980:
The monitored release of buprenorphine: results in the young

Kulkarni S.; Matadial L., 1985:
The monitoring of high risk pregnancy by non stressed antepartum cardiotocography

Haukkamaa, M.; Purhonen, M.; Teramo, K., 1982:
The monitoring of labor by telemetry

Massimini, F.; Csikszentmihalyi, M.; Carli, M., 1987:
The monitoring of optimal experience. A tool for psychiatric rehabilitation

Rautenstrauch H.; Frank F.; Saal G., 1985:
The monitoring of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus shows no correlation between suppressor cell function and disease activity

Ekblad, H.; Ruuskanen, O.; Lindberg, R.; Iisalo, E., 1985:
The monitoring of serum chloramphenicol levels in children with severe infections

Sakai, T.; Nomura, N.; Hara, M.; Anayama, T., 1981:
The monitoring of the influence of air pollution by fluoride on plants 1. discussion on monitoring based on the relation of fluoride amount in slightly polluted air alkaline tripped paper method and in exposed leaves

Grand E.; Viale J.P.; Annat G.; Foussat C.; Bertrix L.; Lefebvre A.; Motin J., 1986:
The monitoring of ventilation in children during anesthesia assessment of capnometry

Villa R.B.; Gallo R.J.P.; Leboeuf B., 1985:
The monje seal monachus tropicalis mammalia pinnipedia definitively extinguished in mexico

Marchessaux, D.; Duguy, R., 1977:
The monk seal monachus monachus in greece

Maigret, J.; Trotignon, J.; Duguy, R., 1976:
The monk seal monachus monachus on the southern coast of the sahara

Iansek, R.; Porter, R., 1980:
The monkey globus pallidus: neuronal discharge properties in relation to movement

Correia M.J.; Perachio A.A.; Eden A.R., 1985:
The monkey macaca fascicularis vertical vestibuloocular response a frequency domain study

Scotter, C.N.G.; Wade, P.M.; Marshall, E.J.P.; Edwards, R.W., 1977:
The monmouthshire wales levels drainage system its ecology and relation to agriculture

Dube, L.; Parent, A., 1981:
The mono amine containing neurons in avian brain 1. a study of the brain stem of the chicken gallus domesticus by means of fluorescence and acetyl cholin esterase ec histochemistry

Grantyn, V.A., 1976:
The mono amine content and the activity of some enzymes in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus in young and aging rats during the estrous cycle

Beaudet, A.; Descarries, L., 1978:
The mono amine innervation of rat cerebral cortex synaptic and nonsynaptic axon terminals

Lycke, E.; Modigh, K.; Roos, B.E., 1970:
The mono amine metabolism in viral encephalitides of the mouse part 1 virological and biochemical results

Lai, J.C.K.; Leung, T.K.C.; Guest, J.F.; Lim, L.; Davison, A.N., 1980:
The mono amine oxidase ec inhibitors clorgyline and l deprenyl also affect the uptake of dopamine noradrenaline and serotonin by rat brain synaptosomal preparations

Waldmeier P.C.; Felner A.E.; Tipton K.F., 1983:
The mono amine oxidase inhibiting properties of cgp 11305 a 4 5 methoxy 7 bromobenzofuranyl 2 piperidine hydro chloride

Yang, H.Y.T.; Neff, N.H., 1974:
The mono amine oxidases of brain selective inhibition with drugs and the consequences for the metabolism of the biogenic amines

Ekstrom P.; Van Veen T., 1982:
The mono aminergic paraventricular organ in the teleost ictalurus nebulosus with special reference to its vascularization

Leins P.; Erbar C., 1982:
The mono carpellate gynoecium of monodora crispata annonaceae

Kim B.R.; Snoeyink V.L., 1980:
The mono chloramine granular activated carbon reaction in adsorption systems

Gearhart, P.J.; Sigal, N.H.; Klinman, N.R., 1977:
The mono clonal anti phosphoryl choline antibody response in several murine strains genetic implication of a diverse repertoire

Abe K.; Mckibbin J.M.; Hakomori S I., 1983:
The mono clonal antibody directed to di fucosylated type 2 chain fucosyl alpha 1 2 galactosyl beta 1 4 fucosyl alpha 1 3 n acetyl glucosamine y determinant

Levy, R.; Warnke, R.; Dorfman, R.F.; Haimovich, J., 1977:
The mono clonality of human bone marrow derived cell lymphomas

Stirn J., 1981:
The mono culture collection of uni cellular algae at maretrac piran yugoslavia

Suzuki, M.; Yoshida, K.; Sakurada, T.; Kitaoka, H.; Kaise, K.; Kaise, N.; Fukazawa, H.; Yamamoto, M.; Saito, S.; Yoshinaga, K., 1982:
The mono deiodination of thyroxine to 3 3' 5' tri iodo thyronine in the human placenta

Boyd, T.A.S.; Budd, G.E., 1976:
The mono fixation syndrome heterophoria and asthenopia

Malhotra, H.C.; Britton, G.; Goodwin, T.W., 1970:
The mono methoxy carotenoids and di methoxy carotenoids of di phenylamine inhibited cultures of rhodospirillum rubrum

Nakamura, M.; Okabayashi, H.; Kawato, K.; Shibata, O., 1977:
The mono molecular films of n palmitoyl l proline oligomers

Kajiwara S.; Maeda H., 1983:
The mono saccharide composition of cell wall material in cassava tuber manihot utilissima

Murayama S., 1980:
The mono saccharide composition of poly saccharides in ando soils

Mopper K.; Dawson R.; Liebezeit G.; Ittekkot V., 1980:
The mono saccharide spectra of natural waters

Gorga F.R.; Baldwin S.A.; Lienhard G.E., 1979:
The mono saccharide transporter from human erythrocytes is heterogeneously glycosylated

Barnhart J.E.; Pizzi W.J., 1982:
The mono sodium l glutamate syndrome in mice develops independently of housing condition

Muchmore D.C.; Dahlquist F.W., 1979:
The mono thio acetal group a new cleavable center for cross linking reagents

Haley C.S.; Jinks J.L.; Last K., 1981:
The mono zygotic twin half sib method for analyzing maternal effects and sex linkage in humans

Długońska, H.; Rüde, E., 1985:
The monoclonal antibodies against mouse macrophages

Pigott R.; Davies A.M., 1987:
The monoclonal antibody 69a1 recognizes an epitope found on neurons with axons that fasciculate but not on those with non fasciculating processes

Zheng, Y.; Shang, F.; Ning, Y.; Song, H.; Yu, C.; Yao, S.; Suang, H.; Zhuang, H., 1984:
The monoclonal antibody against bacillus anthracis protective antigen 2. characterization of the antibody

Shang, F.; Zheng, Y.; Ning, Y.; Song, H.; Yu, C.; Huang, H.; Zhuang, H., 1984:
The monoclonal antibody against protective antigen from bacillus anthracis 1. establishment of hybridoma cell lines

Ostertag C.B.; Volk B.; Shibata T.; Burger P.; Kleihues P., 1987:
The monoclonal antibody ki 67 as a marker for proliferating cells in stereotactic biopsies of brain tumors

Terry L.A.; Brown M.H.; Beverley P.C.L., 1988:
The monoclonal antibody uchl1 recognizes a 180000 mw component of the human leukocyte common antigen cd45

Haziot, A.; Chen, S.; Ferrero, E.; Low, M.G.; Silber, R.; Goyert, S.M., 1988:
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The morphological anatomy of the nutritive organs of three orchids in wuyi china

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The morphological and cytological properties of astragalus compactus lam. fabaceae

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The morphological and histochemical evaluation of the stroma of epithelial mucinous neoplasms of the ovary in women

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The morphological and histological effects of cobalt 60 gamma rays part 3 the developmental structure of buds of potato tuber

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The morphological and histological effects of cobalt 60 gamma rays part 4 the deformed buds on the irradiated potato tuber

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The morphological and phenological development of timothy as affected by weather and its relation to nutritional value

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The morphological and physiological characteristics of the oligotrophic prosthecobacterium prosthecomicrobium hirschii grown under the conditions of batch and continuous cultivation

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The morphological and physiological properties of a regenerating synapse in the central nervous system of the leech

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The morphological and physiological response of slender oat avena barbata to the herbicides barban and difenzoquat

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The morphological and ultrastructural profile of rabbit aortic atherogenesis induced by a hypercaloric diet rich in saturated lipid and sucrose

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The morphological basis of age related memory changes

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