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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6722

Chapter 6722 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Subbotin, V.M.; Subbotin, M.Y. ; Kolesnikov, S.I.; Paraskun, V.G., 1976:
The morphology of the human placenta as an index of the characteristics of mother fetus relationships

Harvey R.G., 1982:
The morphology of the hypothenar radial arch a study of hypothenar patterns in the faroe islands denmark population

Asayama, T., 1976:
The morphology of the inclusion body of plutella xylostella granulosis virus

Fernandez Leborans G., 1984:
The morphology of the infraciliature and fibrillar systems of the marine ciliate pleurotricha planensis new species

Kucera, L.J., 1985:
The morphology of the intercellular spaces in the wood rays 2. studies with the scanning electron microscope

de Geest, J.P.; Simoens, P.; Lauwers, H.; de Schaepdrijver, L., 1987:
The morphology of the iridocorneal angle of the pig eye. A light microscopic study

Youson, J.H., 1982:
The morphology of the kidney in young adult anadromous sea lampreys petromyzon marinus adapted to sea water 1. general morphology and find structure of the renal corpuscle and the proximal segments

Youson, J.H., 1982:
The morphology of the kidney in young adult anadromous sea lampreys petromyzon marinus adapted to sea water 2. distal and collecting segments the archinephric duct and the inter tubular tissue and blood vessels

Solomon S.E., 1985:
The morphology of the kidney of the green turtle chelonia mydas

Schramm, U.; Kühnel, W., 1979:
The morphology of the lacrimal gland of Herpestes edwardsi (Viverridae)

Michel K.; Amon T.; Cokl A., 1983:
The morphology of the leg scolopidial organs in nezara viridula heteroptera pentatomidae

Katz, S.M., 1978:
The morphology of the Legionnaires' disease organism

Jorgensen J.M., 1980:
The morphology of the lorenzinian ampullae of the sturgeon acipenser ruthenus pisces chondrostei

Janis C.M.; Lister A., 1985:
The morphology of the lower 4th premolar as a taxonomic character in the ruminantia mammalia artiodactyla and the systematic position of triceromeryx

Macintosh J.E.; Bogduk N., 1987:
The morphology of the lumbar erector spinae

Rehák, P.; Kostová, D.; Boda, K., 1985:
The morphology of the medial hypothalamic region in the goose

Anisimov, V.D., 1976:
The morphology of the middle ear in penguins

Andries L.; Vakaet L., 1985:
The morphology of the migrating epiblast edge in gastrulating quail coturnix coturnix japonica embryos an scanning electron microscopic study of the effects of tissue handling before fixation on the attachment side

Marani, E.; Voogd, J., 1979:
The morphology of the mouse cerebellum

Kaemper, R.; Schmidt, U., 1977:
The morphology of the nasal cavity in some neotropical chiroptera

Boguta K.K., 1979:
The morphology of the nervous system in aeolosoma variegatum annelida oligochaeta

Lambert, A.; Combes, C.; Ktari, M.H., 1978:
The morphology of the oncomiracidium in polystomoides monogenea and the place of the genus among polystomatidae

Bjerring H.C., 1988:
The morphology of the organum olfactus of a 32 mm embryo of the brachiopterygian fish polypterus senegalus

Fagade S.O., 1980:
The morphology of the otoliths of the bagrid catfish chrysichthys nigrodigitatus and their use in age determination

Kolpovskii, V.M., 1978:
The morphology of the ovaries of the pregnant mink mustela vison

Langdon H.L.; Klueber K.M.; Barnwell Y.M., 1979:
The morphology of the palatoglossus muscle in the 15 week human fetus

Slavikova, Z., 1976:
The morphology of the perianth of hepatica nobilis

Klyuchko Z.F.; Skvortsov V.S., 1987:
The morphology of the preimaginal stages and the biology of the moth autographa mandarina lepidoptera noctuidae

Gattone A.P.; Mong S.A.; Connors B.A.; Aronoff G.R.; Luft F.C., 1983:
The morphology of the renal micro vasculature in glycerol induced and gentamicin induced acute renal failure

Maina J.N.; Maloiy G.M.O., 1986:
The morphology of the respiratory organs of the african air breathing catfish clarias mossambicus a light electron and scanning microscopic study with morphometric observations

Robertson, M.; Benson, L.N.; Smallhorn, J.S.; Musewe, N.; Freedom, R.M.; Moes, C.A.; Burrows, P.; Johnston, A.E.; Burrows, F.A.; Rowe, R.D., 1987:
The morphology of the right ventricular outflow tract after percutaneous pulmonary valvotomy: long term follow up

Crouau Y., 1987:
The morphology of the setae of the mouth parts and thoracic appendages of a cavernicolous mysidacea

Hodosh R.J.; Keough E.M.; Ringo J.M., 1979:
The morphology of the sex pheromone gland in drosophila grimshawi

Midttun, B., 1976:
The morphology of the spermatheca bursa copulatrix and vagina of somatochlora arctica odonata corduliidae

Light, A.R.; Metz, C.B., 1978:
The morphology of the spinal cord efferent and afferent neurons contributing to the ventral roots of the cat

Glick B.; Olah I., 1982:
The morphology of the starling sturnus vulgaris bursa of fabricius a scanning electron microscope and light microscope study

Muszynski, S.; Kocon, J.; Guzewski, W.; Biegunski, L., 1976:
The morphology of the stigma surface of petunia hybrida superbissima as seen in scanning electron microscopy

Rahm, U., 1976:
The morphology of the stomach of tachyoryctes splendens rodentia rhizomyidae

Lyons D.B., 1982:
The morphology of the stridulatory structure of hylurgopinus rufipes coleoptera scolytidae and the use of stridulation to sex live adults

Bignardi, L., 1977:
The morphology of the supraglottic submucosa and its relation to the growth of cancer

Bloebaum R.D.; Wilson A.S., 1980:
The morphology of the surface of articular cartilage in adult rats

Nozhevnikova A.N.; Chudina V.I., 1984:
The morphology of the thermophilic acetate methanogenic bacterium methanothrix thermoacetophila new species

Bader, G.; Bader, N.G., 1975:
The morphology of the tissue forms of the pathogens of visceral mycoses studies on poly saccharide and protein histochemistry part 7 cryptococcus neoformans

Slepyan, E.I.; Gabaraeva, N.I., 1976:
The morphology of the tracheal system of larvae of the sawfly pontania proxima hymenoptera tenthredinidae in connection with their mode of life

Tatner M.F.; Manning M.J., 1982:
The morphology of the trout salmo gairdneri thymus some practical and theoretical considerations

Lize, I.; Osemlak, J.; Stelmasiak, M., 1975:
The morphology of the ulna in Macacus rhesus and Macacus cynomolgus

Herman P.P.J.; Robbertse P.J.; Grobbelaar N., 1986:
The morphology of the vegetative shoot apex and stem of some southern african pavetta species

Eisenbeis, G., 1976:
The morphology of the ventral tube of tomocerus spp collembola tomoceridae with special reference to the musculature the cuticular structures and the ventral channel

Ylikoski, J.; Palva, T.; Virtanen, I., 1977:
The morphology of the vestibular nerve in a patient with normal vestibular function and in patients with menieres disease

Yew, D.T.; Wong, S.L.L., 1980:
The morphology of the visual cells of young 2.5 months and old 17 months albino mice

Soleim O.; Berland B., 1981:
The morphology of thynnascaris adunca nematoda ascaridoidea

Dolidze M.G.; Zaalishvili M.M., 1985:
The morphology of transcriptional complexes of nonribosomal genes of archaebacteria

Nishikawa N.; Yokota T., 1985:
The morphology of trigeminal nociceptive neurons in the caudal bulbar lateral reticular formation of the cat

Arroyo S.C., 1987:
The morphology of two zephyranthes spp amaryllidaceae in relation to their biology

Mueller-Doblies, D.; Mueller-Doblies, U., 1978:
The morphology of ungernia the only endemic genus of amaryllidaceae of central asia

Rennie, I.G.; Durrant, T.E.; Cawood, L.S., 1982:
The morphology of uveal malignant melanomas. An in vitro study using the scanning electron microscope

Pan S M.; Chen S.S.C., 1979:
The morphology of wolffia arrhiza a scanning electron microscopic study

Zurzycka A., 1982:
The morphology of young mycelia of aspergillus giganteus mutant alba

Foighil D.O.; Gibson A., 1984:
The morphology reproduction and ecology of the commensal bivalve scintillona bellerophon new species galeommatacea

Yanchev Y., 1987:
The morphology taxonomy and distribution of euryhelmis squamula rudolphi 1819 trematoda heterophiidae in some mustelidae in bulgaria

Chesunov A.V.; Krasnova E.D., 1985:
The morphology variability and synonymy of a free living nematode chromadoropsis vivipara chromadoria desmodorida spiriniidae from the white sea ussr

Vorontsov N.N.; Yakimenko L.V., 1984:
The morphometric analysis of the skull in mole voles rodentia ellobius

Pogorelov V.M.; Berger I.I.; Kozinets G.I., 1988:
The morphometric study of nuclei and of nucleolus argentophil structures of rat granulopoietic cells after prolonged cyclophosphamide treatment

Hrabe V.; Weber P.; Koubek P., 1986:
The morphometrical characteristics and the dynamics of horn growth in rupicapra rupicapra carpatica mammalia bovidae

Eckblad, J.W.; Peterson, N.L.; Ostlie, K.; Temte, A., 1977:
The morphometry benthos and sedimentation rates of a floodplain lake in pool 9 of the upper mississippi river

Nordborg, C.; Fredriksson, K.; Johansson, B.B., 1985:
The morphometry of consecutive segments in cerebral arteries of normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Lichnovski, V.; Sopuchova, I., 1977:
The morphometry of coronary vessels of the human embryonal and fetal heart

Kunde, D.; Wassilew, G.; David, H.; Behrisch, D., 1976:
The morphometry of mitochondria of rat myo cardial cells after chronic intermittent deprivation of oxygen supply due to different causes

Yoshimura S.; Nishimura T.; Yoshida Y., 1980:
The morphometry of sudan iii positive granules in the cytoplasm of human amniotic epithelium

Chumachenko, P.A., 1977:
The morphometry of the adrenal glands

Brewer, D.B.; Filip, O., 1976:
The morphometry of the glomerular epithelial cell and its foot processes after the injection of bovine serum albumin or egg albumin

Maina J.N.; Maloiy G.M.O., 1985:
The morphometry of the lung of the african lungfish protopterus aethiopicus its structural functional correlations

Sturdza V.R.; Sturdza M., 1986:
The morquio syndrome

Magro M.; Bortoletto L.; Bertaso L.; Furlan G., 1985:
The mortal hemorrhage in tracheostomized patient

Olsen J.; Sabroe S., 1981:
The mortalities from anemia and other blood diseases among individuals exposed to organic solvents

Leeson G.W., 1981:
The mortality among elderly persons in denmark 1960 1980

Voronin, R.N., 1976:
The mortality coefficient in populations of the willow grouse of the bolshezemelskaya tundra

Ringelberg J.; Keyser A.L.; Flik B.J.G., 1984:
The mortality effect of uv radiation in a translucent and in a red morph of acanthodiaptomus denticornis crustacea copepoda and its possible ecological relevance

Stille W.T.; Tabershaw I.R., 1982:
The mortality experience of upstate new york usa talc workers

Mead C.J.; North P.M.; Watmough B.R., 1979:
The mortality of british uk gray herons

Armstrong B.G.; Kazantzis G., 1983:
The mortality of cadmium workers

Barrett J.C., 1985:
The mortality of centenarians in england and wales uk

Nguyen, L.; Guttman, F.M.; D.C.adarévian, J.P.; Beardmore, H.E.; Karn, G.M.; Owen, H.F.; Murphy, D.R., 1983:
The mortality of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Is total pulmonary mass inadequate, no matter what?

Robertson G., 1986:
The mortality of kangaroos in drought

Cochrane A.L.; Haley T.J.L.; Moore F.; Hole D., 1979:
The mortality of men in the rhondda fach wales uk 1950 1970

Panov, E.N.; Zykova, L.Y. ; Kostina, G.N.; Andrusenko, N.N., 1980:
The mortality of nestlings caused by social causes and cannibalism in colonies of the great black headed gull larus ichthyaetus 1. scale and causes of juvenile mortality

Jackes M., 1986:
The mortality of ontario canada archaeological populations

Levine R.J.; Andjelkovich D.A.; Shaw L.K., 1984:
The mortality of ontario canada undertakers and a review of a formaldehyde related mortality studies

Zhukovskii G.S., 1982:
The mortality of patients with ischemic heart disease males aged 40 59 and certain main risk factors

Gmuer M.; Tschopp A., 1986:
The mortality of schizophrenic patients an investigation of 170 cases

Jacob Ramacle A., 1986:
The mortality of several aculeate hymenoptera nesting in trap nests

Seely S., 1979:
The mortality or immortality of cell lines

Siltanen P.; Pohjola Sintonen S.; Haapakoski J.; Makijarvi M.; Pajari R., 1985:
The mortality predictive power of discharge electrocardiogram after 1st acute myocardial infarction

Zlatkov N.; Pekhlivanov G., 1986:
The mortality problem in dermatology an analysis of 200 deceased patients at the research institute of dermatology and venerology for the period 1952 1982

Gold C.H., 1980:
The mortality rate and causes of death in black patients on chronic hemo dialysis

Richters A.; Richters V.; Alley W.P., 1985:
The mortality rate from lung metastases in animals inhaling nitrogen dioxide

Multicent Post Infarct Res Group Digitalis Subcomm (Usa), 1987:
The mortality risk associated with digitalis treatment after myocardial infarction

Wingo P.A.; Huezo C.M.; Rubin G.L.; Ory H.W.; Peterson H.B., 1985:
The mortality risk associated with hysterectomy

Waessle, H.; Riemann, H.J., 1978:
The mosaic of nerve cells in the mammalian retina

Waring R.B.; Davies R.W.; Lee S.; Grisi E.; Berks M.M.; Scazzocchio C., 1981:
The mosaic organization of the apo cytochrome b gene to aspergillus nidulans revealed by dna sequencing

Kratin Y.G.; Chukova S.V.; Panteleev S.S.; Rybakov M.V., 1987:
The mosaic pattern of excitatory and inhibitory processes in cortical neuronal populations during brain activation

Masutani-Noda, T.; Yamada, E., 1983:
The mosaic pattern of the inner surface of vertebrate retina

Racz, P.; Tenner-Racz, K.; Myrvik, Q.N.; Ockers, J.R., 1978:
The mosaic structure of the sinuses in the hilar lymph node complex of the lungs in rabbits undergoing a pulmonary cell mediated reaction an electron microscopic study

Swaine M.D.; Hall J.B., 1988:
The mosaic theory of forest regeneration and the determination of forest composition in ghana

Palka G.; Lombardo M.; D.M.rzio A.; D.N.tale F.; Pandoli G.; Felaco M., 1985:
The mosaicism of the philadelphia chromosome report of six cases

Piérard, G.E., 1988:
The Mosan Study Group of pigmented neoplasms

Yeates, R.A., 1980:
The mosquito aedes aegypti evidence for 3 new proteinases

Khaliulin G.L., 1979:
The mosquito aedes nigrinus from the middle volga region russian sfsr ussr

Mcdonald G.; Buchanan G.A., 1981:
The mosquito and predatory insect fauna inhabiting fresh water ponds with particular reference to culex annulirostris diptera culicidae

Russell, R.C., 1986:
The mosquito fauna of conjola state forest on the south coast of new south wales australia part 1. species composition and monthly prevalence

Nowell, W.R.; Sutton, D.R., 1977:
The mosquito fauna of Rota Island, Mariana Islands (Diptera: Culicidae)

Kitron U.; Nudelman S., 1985:
The mosquito fauna of the huleh reserve in northern israel species composition seasonal patterns and habitat preferences

Toma T.; Miyagi I., 1986:
The mosquito fauna of the ryukyu archipelago japan with identification keys pupal descriptions and notes on biology medical importance and distribution

Nimard Macfarlane E.; Romano Mechulan M., 1979:
The mosquito the most frequent cause of prurigo in children correlation to intra dermal tests in the allergologic diagnosis

Jankowski, T.J.; Bickley, W.E., 1976:
The mosquitoes aedes canadensis and aedes vexans as potential vectors of dirofilaria immitis in maryland usa

Miyagi, I.; Toma, T., 1981:
The mosquitoes in the yaeyama islands japan 7. observations on the mating behavior of aedes iriomotensis

Grjebine A., 1979:
The mosquitoes living in the malagasy pitcher plants new species of the genus uranotaenia diptera culicidae

Mbongu Sodi N., 1985:
The mosquitoes of kisangani zaire

Huang, Y.M., 1977:
The mosquitoes of polynesia with a pictorial key to some species associated with filariasis and or dengue fever

Maire A.; Aubin A., 1980:
The mosquitoes of quebec canada diptera culicidae ecologic review

Maffi, M.; Taylor, B., 1977:
The mosquitoes of the banks and torres island groups of the south pacific diptera culicidae

Mbongu Sodi N., 1983:
The mosquitos of kisangani zaire abundance frequency and biomass

Geissler, P., 1977:
The moss and lichen flora of northern greece

Bicker, A., 1977:
The moss and liverwort flora in the district of ravensburg southern west germany contribution to the distribution of southwest german mosses in ravensburg district bearing in mind the nature of the area

Bicker, A., 1975:
The moss and liverwort flora of the district of ravensburg west germany contribution to the knowledge of the distribution of southwest german mosses in the district of ravensburg with respect to the area studied

Theakstone W.H.; Knighton A.D., 1979:
The moss aongstroemia longipes an environmentally sensitive colonizer of sediments at austerdalisen norway

Marstaller, R., 1978:
The moss associations of the order ctenidietalia mollusci part 1 contribution to the moss vegetation of thuringia east germany

Marstaller, R., 1982:
The moss associations of the order rhacomitrietalia heterostichi 8. the moss vegetation of thuringia east germany

Hallingback T.; Johansson T.; Schmitt A., 1985:
The moss campylopus introflexus in sweden

Kubinska A., 1982:
The moss coenosis tortello ctenidietum mollusci in the velka fatra mountains czechoslovakia

Marstaller R., 1986:
The moss communities of the totenstein near elgersburg district of ilmenau 24th contribution to the moss flora of thuringia east germany

Van Melick H., 1987:
The moss flora from ditches in the eindhoven netherlands area

Spence J.R., 1986:
The moss flora of alpine high subalpine chowder ridge area western north cascades range washington state usa

Piippo S., 1981:
The moss flora of nato island southwest finland

Vitt D.H., 1979:
The moss flora of the auckland islands new zealand with a consideration of habitats origins and adaptations

Belland, R.J., 1987:
The moss flora of the gulf of st. lawrence region canada ecology and phytogeography

Schoenmakers P.L.J., 1985:
The moss flora of the japanese garden in wassenaar the netherlands

Mohamed H.; Mohamad A.D., 1987:
The moss flora of ulu endau johore malaysia

Martincic A., 1980:
The moss flora of yugoslavia

Brassard, G.R., 1979:
The moss genus timmia 1. introduction and revision of timmia norvegica and allied taxa

Brassard, G.R., 1984:
The moss genus timmia 3. section timmia

Lightowlers P.J., 1986:
The moss genus tortula from the antarctic botanical zone

Lyubarskaya L.V.; Novruzov V.S., 1981:
The moss lichen covering of beech forests of pirkuli reserve azerbaijan ssr ussr

Hartnigk Kuemmel C., 1982:
The moss mites acari oribatei of an oak pine forest soil in west berlin west germany comparison of 3 sampling plots differently influenced by road construction and traffic

Seyd E.L., 1988:
The moss mites of the cheviot acari oribatei

Wells, D.R., 1975 :
The moss nest swiftlet collocalia vanikorensis in sumatra

Karczmarz K.; Szczepanek K., 1982:
The moss successions in peat depressions of karst lakes of the staszow region central poland

Philippi G., 1986:
The moss vegetation on mottled sandstone blocks in eastern odenwald and southern spessart west germany

Kujala V.; Fagerstrom L.; Ulvinen A., 1979:
The mosses in kymenlaakso southern finland

Soyrinki N., 1983:
The mosses in the ruovesi virrat district western finland

Schultze Motel W., 1979:
The mosses of africa a survey

Bowers, F.D.; Delgadillo, M.C.; Sharp, A.J., 1976:
The mosses of baja california

Juarez G.G., 1983:
The mosses of coatepec veracruz mexico

Boeken M.; Van Zanten B.O., 1979:
The mosses of de kleibos drente netherlands

Brassard, G.R.; Weber, D.P., 1978:
The mosses of labrador canada

Tosco U., 1981:
The mosses of morainic amphitheater of rivoli turin italy

Scott G.A.M.; Stone I.G., 1976:
The mosses of southern australia

Delgadillo M.C.; Zander R.H., 1984:
The mosses of the tehuacan valley mexico and notes on their distribution

Schultze Motel W., 1979:
The mosses of togo west africa

Touw, A., 1978:
The mosses reported from borneo

Gerrits N.M.; Epema A.H.; Voogd J., 1984:
The mossy fiber projection of the nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis to the flocculus and adjacent ventral paraflocculus in the cat

Krauze, J., 1975:
The most advantageous forms of long term prophylaxis of rheumatic fever in larger groups of population

Bondarenko N.M., 1986:
The most ancient pollen of the supergroup kryshtofoviacites from the upper cretaceous of new siberian island russian sfsr ussr and its correlational importance

Kovalev V.G., 1981:
The most ancient representatives of brachycera from the jurassic in siberia russian sfsr ussr

Topachevskii, V.A.; Skorik, A.F.; Rekovets, L.I., 1978:
The most ancient voles of the microtini tribe rodentia microtidae from the south of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Nowell P.C.; Vonderheid E.C.; Besa E.; Hoxie J.A.; Moreau L.; Finan J.B., 1986:
The most common chromosome changes in 86 chronic b cell or t cell tumors a 14q32 translocation

Smeets D.F.C.M.; Scheres J.M.J.C.; Hustinx T.W.J., 1986:
The most common fragile site in man is 3p14

Sladka, A.; Ottova, V., 1968:
The most common fungi in biological treatment plants oospora lactis rhodotorula

Vrins A.; Niquette D.; Breton L., 1984:
The most common obstructive diseases of the upper respiratory tract in horses radiographic examination

Wunderlich J., 1982:
The most common spiders araneae in dominican republic amber

Demontoy A.; Demontoy Bomsel M C., 1980:
The most commonly used acupunctural point zusanli the three side streets

Ichinohe, S.; Tonogi, N.; Hasegawa, K.; Machida, Y.; Kazama, M., 1987:
The most effective toothbrushing force for permanent dentition with Bass method

Matsumoto, S.; Tonogi, N.; Hasegawa, K.; Machida, Y.; Isaka, T., 1985:
The most effective toothbrushing force for permanent dentition with scrub method

Skinner, M.; Marbrook, J., 1987:
The most efficient cytotoxic T lymphocytes are the least susceptible to lysis

Bacot Campos M.; Fernandez Guerra R.; Silveira Garcia F., 1986:
The most frequent laryngeal diseases in voice utilizing professionals

Hulina, N., 1975:
The most frequent types of meadow vegetation in the region of turopolje yugoslavia

Skarapanaw S.H.; Kulakowskaya T.N.; Shcharbakow U.A., 1981:
The most important agricultural problems for the republic in view of the 26th congress of the ussr communist party resolutions

Maier Stocker P.; Barczok M.; Siemon G., 1986:
The most important bacteria in bronchopulmonal diseases findings in a special hospital during five years

Lysenko, A.Ya, 1976:
The most important directions in the study of parasitic tropical diseases

Sidor, C.; Dusanic, L.; Vujin, M., 1975:
The most important diseases of european gold tail euproctis chrysorrhoea provoked by microorganisms over the period 1971 1974 macedonia yugoslavia

Kalinichenko, R.I., 1978:
The most important fungal diseases of leaves and fruit in stone fruits of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Puipene I.K., 1981:
The most important pathogens of bacterial diseases of onion in the lithuanian ssr ussr

Cota J.; Numic R., 1981:
The most important pathogens of snap beans in the territory of lijevac polje yugoslavia

Mustapic Z.; Gotlin J., 1981:
The most important properties of new cultivars of field beets used in feeding farm animals

Kodym M., 1987:
The most important results of the scientific and research works of czechoslovakian psychologists in the 7th five year plan

Gauwerky, F., 1978:
The most important terms and definitions in radio therapy planning comments to the logics of decision with or without computer assistance

Martinek, V., 1976:
The most interesting species of diptera mainly of the group acalyptrata on the territory of slovakia czechoslovakia

Nikiforov A.; Jirovetz L.; Buchbauer G., 1986:
The most odor intensive constituents of east indian sandalwood oil

Day M.C.; Else G.R.; Morgan D., 1981:
The most primitive scoliidae hymenoptera

Fukui K.; Asai H., 1980:
The most probable mechanism of the negative geo taxis of paramecium caudatum

Porter W.M., 1979:
The most probable number method for enumerating infective propagules of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in soil

Shakhov V.Yu; Kochenov V.I.; Ovsyanikov V.Ya; Rylkin A.I.; Konev V.E.; Aranzhereev Y.A., 1983:
The most rational cryo destruction procedures in the management of neoplasms

Janowski H., 1987:
The most recent views on the etiology pathogenesis and control of infectious porcine atrophic rhinitis

Krylov I.N.; Volynkina G.Yu; Suvorov N.F., 1987:
The most simple form of emotional motor human reactions

Simachev V.I., 1987:
The most valuable species of vascular plants in leningrad district ussr to be under special protection now

Furnham A.; Henderson M., 1983 :
The mote in thy brothers eye and the beam in thine own predicting ones own and others personality test scores

Mehl, R., 1977:
The moth caradrina clavipalpis lepidoptera noctuidae

Takeda, S.; Tanabe, T.; Sakurai, H., 1979:
The moth fauna of hikagedaira takayama of gifu prefecture japan 1. noctuidae notodontidae thyatiridae and drepanidae

Schlueter, T., 1978:
The moth fly genus nemopalpus diptera psychodidae from the oligocene fossiliferous resin of the dominican republic

Steenekamp R., 1980:
The mother and child relationship in children with hare lip and or cleft palate and minimal brain dys function

Clarke, D.J.; Morris, J.G., 1980:
The mother cell membrane atpase ec of sporulating clostridium pasteurianum

Leodolter, I., 1978:
The mother child health passport austrias successful weapon against infant mortality

Mcgowan R.J.; Johnson D.L., 1984:
The mother child relationship and other antecedents of childhood intelligence a causal analysis

Echavarria M.; Restrepo M.E.; Meza M., 1986:
The mother child relationship in the etiology of severe undernutrition comparative study in medellin colombia

Serova L.V., 1987:
The mother fetus system as an object for studying mechanisms of the physiological effect of microgravity

Lozoff, B.; Brittenham, G.M.; Trause, M.A.; Kennell, J.H.; Klaus, M.H., 1977:
The mother new born relationship limits of adaptability

Wiesenfeld, A.R.; Klorman, R., 1978:
The mothers psycho physiological reactions to contrasting affective expressions by her own and an unfamiliar infant

Corter, C.; Bow, J., 1976:
The mothers response to separation as a function of her infants sex and vocal distress

Ferguson D.C., 1978:
The moths of america north of mexico fascicle 22.2. noctuoidea lymantriidae in part

Munroe E., 1976:
The moths of america north of mexico including greenland canada fascicle 13.2a pyraloidea pyralidae in part

Holloway J.D., 1985:
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The motor nuclei and primary projections of the facial nerve in the monitor lizard Varanus exanthematicus

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The mottling gene the basis of 6 plumage color patterns in the domestic fowl

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The mouflon populations in northrhine westphalia west germany

Hoefs M., 1982:
The mouflon populations in the state of north rhine westphalia west germany 2

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The moults and plumages of the maned duck chenonetta jubata on the southern tablelands of new south wales australia

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The mound of the termite odontotermes parvidens with associated nest of euhamitermes lighti and microtermes unicolor isoptera termitidae in the doon valley uttar pradesh india

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The Mount Vernon stroke service: a feasibility study to determine whether it is possible to apply the principles of stroke unit management to patients and their families on general medical wards

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The mountain hawk eagle

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The mountainous acidophilic pastures chamaespartio agrostidenion new suballiance of humid areas of catalonia spain

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The mouse spot test results with a new cross

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The mouse taste cell response to 5 sugar stimuli

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The mouth parts in some north atlantic species of the genus orchomene crustacea amphipoda

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The mouth parts of ladybirds structure and function

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The movement aftereffect and eye movements

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The movement of 2 4 d in root segments of pisum sativum

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The movement of carbon 14 labeled products from source leaves during the growth and development of broad bean vicia faba cultivar express longpod

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The movement of cell clusters in vitro: morphology and directionality

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The movement of hatchery reared rainbow and brown trout in a polluted river in the south wales uk coalfield

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The movement of ion pairs across bi layer lipid membranes

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The movement of nutrients through fungal mycelium

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The movement of plutonium, americium, and curium through the food chain

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The movement of potassium ions during electrical activity and the kinetics of the recovery process in the nonmyelinated fibers of the garfish olfactory nerve

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The movement of pyruvate lactate and lactate dehydrogenase ec into rabbit oviductal fluid

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The movement of s triazine herbicides in soils of the pilot farm jezevo

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The movement of septic tank effluent through sandy soils near perth australia 1. movement of nitrogen

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The movement of sewage effluent through soil columns the major ions sodium calcium magnesium chloride and sulfate

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The movement of soil materials during a rainy season in western nigeria

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The movement of soil water across the isolated amphibian skin

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The movement of the cat hyoid during feeding

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The movement of water from peatland into surrounding ground water

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The movement of water into submerged prey during feeding by the aquatic bug ranatra dispar heteroptera nepidae the water stick insect

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The movements and mortality of the dipper as shown by ringing recoveries

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The movements of capnia atra plecoptera

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The moving fluid field in ophthalmic surgery

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The moving staircase a discussion on taxonomic rank and affinity

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The mox fg region encodes four polypeptides in the methanol oxidizing bacterium methylobacterium sp stain am1

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The mr 2 a device which simplifies handling of microalgae cultures

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The MR appearance of gray and white matter in the cervical spinal cord

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The MR appearance of syringomyelia: new observations

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The mr contribution after ct demonstration of supratentorial mass effect without additional localizing features

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The mr p type transposable elements and the genetic activities of mutagens and carcinogens in drosophila melanogaster i. n n dimethylnitrosamine

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The mrd 1 gene responsible for multidrug resistance codes for p glycoprotein

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The mt w9a mammary carcinoma a promising new model for studying the anorexia cachexia syndrome

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The mu chain constant region 3 domain of immuno globulin m isolation and identification of the intact fragment

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The mu, kappa and delta properties of various opioid agonists

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The mu rhythm of the vertex and its reactivity: an infrequent observation

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The Mu transposable elements of maize: evidence for transposition and copy number regulation during development

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The muc plus gene of plasmid pkm 101 prevents respiration shutoff in far uv irradiated salmonella typhimurium

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The mucilage cells of opuntia ficus indica development ultrastructure and mucilage secretion

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The mucilage cells of schizandra grandiflora

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The mucilage gland of undaria pinnatifida findings with the serial sectioning method

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The mucilage of opuntia aurantiaca

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The mucilage of opuntia ficus indica 2. the degraded poly saccharide

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The mucilage of opuntia ficus indica d

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The muco ciliary activity of the respiratory tract 2. experiments on the effect of changing oxygen partial pressure and carbon di oxide partial pressure in ambient atmosphere and arterial blood

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The muco ciliary activity of the upper respiratory tract part 1 a method for use in experimental studies on human material

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The muco ciliary activity of the upper respiratory tract part 2 a method for in vivo studies on maxillary sinus mucosa of animals and human beings

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The muco ciliary activity of the upper respiratory tract part 3 a functional and morphological study on human and animal material with special reference to maxillary sinus diseases

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The muco gingival complex in relation to alveolar process height and lower anterior face height

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The muco poly saccharidoses a review

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The mucociliary system in patients with dust induced bronchitis evaluation of its status and possible correction

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The mucopolysaccharidoses

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The mucorales in the soils of spruce forests

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The mucosa associated micro flora of the rat intestine a study of normal distribution and magnesium sulfate induced diarrhea

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The mucosa of the nasal cavity proper of the rustic lizard podarcis sicula campestris

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The mucosal area of the alimentary canal in the post embryonic development of the sand lizard lacerta agilis

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The mucosal blood flow in pelvic pouches in man. A methodologic study of fluorescein flowmetry

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The mucosal changes and pathogenesis of pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis

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The mucosal collar in hypospadias surgery

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The mucosal defense capacity against proteolytic leukocyte enzymes

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The mucous epithelial cell transport of igg and the stimulation of mucous secretion

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The mucous layer of the trachea and major bronchi in the rat

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The mucous lining of major bronchi in the rabbit lung

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The multi state atmospheric power product pollution study regional acidity of industrial emissions precipitation chemistry network statistical overview for the period 1976 1980

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The multidimensionality of peer pressure in adolescence

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The muscle scar in cavellinids and its importance for the phylogeny of platycope ostracodes

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The muscle sheath and blood supply to skin flaps

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The muscle slice a new preparation for the characterization of beta adrenergic binding in fast twitch and slow twitch skeletal muscle

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The muscle specificity and structure of 2 closely related fast twitch white muscle myosin heavy chain isozymes

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The muscle spindle- an anatomical and physiological appraisal

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The muscle spindles in slow and twitch skeletal muscle of the lizard

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The muscle twitch monitor a rapid unequivocal method of monitoring free muscle transfers

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The muscular basis of aquatic and aerial ventilation in the air breathing teleost fish channa

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The muscular constitution of bladder neck contracture in consideration of its etiology

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The muscular dystrophies and related disorders part 1 the muscular dystrophies

Furukawa, T.; Peter, J.B., 1978:
The muscular dystrophies and related disorders part 2 diseases simulating muscular dystrophies

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The muscular fatigue after a swimming training

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The muscular membrane and calcium activation of the contractile system of a lamellibranch smooth muscle anterior byssus retractor muscle

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The muscular system of the oribatid mites hermannia gibba and hermaniella grandis oribatida acariformes

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The "muscular variant" of Pompe disease: clinical, biochemical and histologic characteristics

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The musculature and pupillary response of the great horned owl bubo virginianus iris

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The musculature and vascular systems of two species of cambrian paterinid brachiopoda

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The musculature of peripatus dominicae and its innervation

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The musculature of squid arms and tentacles ultrastructural evidence for functional differences

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The musculature of the anterior feeding apparatus of xiphinema species nematoda dorylaimoidea

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The musculature of the common indian rat snake ptyas mucosus

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The musculature of the electric fish eigenmannia virescens south american green knife fish characterized with cytochrome oxidase staining

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The musculature of the human renal calices, pelvis and upper ureter

Dörfl, J., 1982:
The musculature of the mystacial vibrissae of the white mouse

Burton T.C., 1983:
The musculature of the papuan frog phrynomantis stictogaster anura microhylidae

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The musculature of the prothoracic legs and its innervation in hierodula membranacea mantidea

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The musculature of the proximal pelvic limb of the eastern gray kangaroo macropus major macropus giganteus

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The musculi contrahentes and their development in the brown bat (Myotis myotis)

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The musculi levatores costarum longi in some catarrhine monkeys

Martini A.K., 1983:
The musculo cutaneous flap to improve above elbow stump

Allen, E.R., 1984:
The musculus complexus of normal and dystrophic chicken embryos

Donat K., 1981:
The musculus cucullaris in the american tapir tapirus terrestris

Fritsch E.; Schuchmann K L., 1988:
The musculus splenius capitus of hummingbirds trochilidae

Halffter G., 1980:
The museums of natural history alternatives in our time

Emboden W.A., 1982:
The mushroom and the water lily literary and pictorial evidence for nymphaea ampla as a ritual psychotogen in meso america

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The mushroom flora of dry pasture grounds and sandy dunes of the danube lowland in czechoslovakia

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The mushroom flora of the aletsch forest preserve canton of wallis switzerland list of lower mushrooms ascomycetes deuteromycetes and parasitic basidiomycetes found in the preserve

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The mushroom poisons

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The mushrooms in primary and secondary plant associations of the upper bavarian moorlands part 2

Einhellinger, A., 1976:
The mushrooms in primary and secondary plant societies of upper bavarian moors part 1

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The mushrooms of pretoria south africa and surroundings

Den Held Jager C.M., 1979:
The mushrooms of timber wharves in the vicinity of gouda netherlands

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The musk glands of the badgers and their uses

Lundh N.G., 1979:
The musk ox in the harjedal valley sweden

Alendal, E., 1976:
The musk ox population ovibos moschatus in svalbard norway

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The muskrat of the ili river delta kazakh ssr ussr and its habitat conditions with respect to regulation of stream flow

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The muskrat ondatra zibethicus in the netherlands its ecological aspects and their consequences for man

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The muspiceidae nematoda dorylaimina

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The mussel culture mytilus edulis in the ria de arosa northwestern sapin

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The mussel fauna of the clinch river tennessee and virginia

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The mussel mytilus edulis as a bioassay organism for mercury in sea water

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The mussel watch intercomparison of trace level constituent determinations

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The mussels mytilus galloprovincialis and mytilus trossulus on the pacific coast of north america

Branson, B.A., 1982:
The mussels unionacea bivalvia of oklahoma usa 1. ambleminae

Branson B.A., 1983:
The mussels unionacea bivalvia of oklahoma usa 2 the unioninae pleurobemini and anodontini

Matile P., 1980 :
The mustard oil bomb compartmentation of the myrosinase system

Luthy B.; Matile P., 1984:
The mustard oil bomb rectified analysis of the sub cellular organization of the myrosinase system

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The mutability divergence of the ade 2 locus in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Savov P., 1981:
The mutability of some wheat cultivars and the variability of their hybrids

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The mutability of stem bromelain evidence for perturbation by structural transitions of the parameters that characterize the reaction of the essential thiol group of bromelain with 2 2 di pyridyl di sulfide

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The mutability of time and space on the skin

Zheng G B., 1987:
The mutagenesis of attenuated strain of tmv dn60 3 and the protective effect on tomato mosaic disease

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The mutagenic action of 5 nitro 2 furaldehyde on mycobacterium phlei

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The mutagenic action of aliphatic epoxides

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The mutagenic action of nitro imidazoles part 3 tinidazole ipronidazole panidazole and ornidazole

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The mutagenic action of o methyl hydroxylamine on transforming dna

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The mutagenic action of urethane

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The mutagenic activity in a section of the sheep river alberta canada receiving a chlorinated sewage effluent

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The mutagenic activity of 5 bromo 2' deoxy uridine in vivo in rats

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The mutagenic activity of 61 agents as determined by the micro nucleus salmonella typhimurium and serum abnormality assays

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The mutagenic activity of acridine mustard in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The mutagenic activity of ascorbic acid in vitro and in vivo

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The mutagenic activity of chlorpromazine

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The mutagenic activity of gastric juice

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The mutagenic activity of irradiated ethylene nitrogen oxides mixtures in the presence of diethylhydroxylamine

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The mutagenic activity of irradiated toluene nitrogen oxide water air mixtures

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The mutagenic activity of particulate organic matter collected with a dilution sampler at coal fired power plants

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The mutagenic activity of the photooxidation products of aniline ethylene nitrogen oxides mixtures

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The mutagenic activity of the products of ozone reaction with propylene in the presence and absence of nitrogen dioxide

Kleindienst T.E.; Shepson P.B.; Edney E.O.; Cupitt L.T.; Claxton L.D., 1985:
The mutagenic activity of the products of propylene photooxidation

Pak K.; Miyakawa M.; Yoshida O., 1981:
The mutagenic activity of urine from the patients receiving anti cancer drugs

Jones R.S.; Ali M.; Ioannides C.; Styles J.A.; Ashby J.; Sulej J.; Parke D.V., 1983:
The mutagenic and cell transforming properties of shikimic acid and some of its bacterial and mammalian metabolites

Balansky R.M.; Blagoeva P.M.; Mircheva Z.I., 1988:
The mutagenic and clastogenic activity of tobacco smoke

Pshenichnov R.A.; Eremina A.A., 1987:
The mutagenic antimutagenic and bactericidal potential of medicinal plants in the western urals ussr

Kvelland I., 1983:
The mutagenic effect in bacterio phage t 4d of a hair dye 1 4 di amino anthra quinone and 2 solvents di methyl sulfoxide and ethanol

Rannug, U.; Sundvall, A.; Ramel, C., 1978:
The mutagenic effect of 1 2 di chloro ethane on salmonella typhimurium part 1 activation through conjugation with glutathione in vitro

Rannug U.; Beije B., 1979:
The mutagenic effect of 1 2 di chloro ethane on salmonella typhimurium part 2 activation by the isolated perfused rat liver

Guo B.; W.Y.; Ruan J., 1982:
The mutagenic effect of 5 mev electron irradiation on rice

Al-Mossawi, M.A., 1983:
The mutagenic effect of amaranth fd and c red no. 2 in bacteria and yeast

Tolcheev Y.D.; Khitrova I.A.; Koblyakov V.A., 1980:
The mutagenic effect of benz a pyrene and its metabolites in the test system salmonella typhimurium microsome in vitro

Gerner-Smidt, P.; Friedrich, U., 1978:
The mutagenic effect of benzene toluene and xylene studied by the sister chromatid exchange technique

Ioan D., 1980:
The mutagenic effect of carbimazole and methyl thio uracil detected by the trans placental micro nucleus test

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The mutagenic effect of diethylamine in candida intermedia and candida pelliculosa

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The mutagenic effect of different types of radiation on spermatogonia in mice part 4 the genetic effect of neutrons

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The mutagenic effect of extracts derived from airborne particulates within 1 year in differently burdened areas using the ames test

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The mutagenic effect of gamma irradiation in mice during embryogenesis part 3 the frequency of coat color mosaics in mice hetero zygous for recessive mutations and gamma irradiated at different stages of embryonic development

Nielsen, E.; Selva, E.; Sghirinzetti, C.; Devreux, M., 1985:
The mutagenic effect of gamma rays on leaf protoplasts of haploid and dihaploid Nicotiana plumbaginifolia, estimated by valine resistance mutation frequencies

Ioan, D.; Petrescu, M.; Maximilian, C., 1977:
The mutagenic effect of iodine 131 and of 2 cytostatics revealed by the micro nucleus test

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The mutagenic effect of methyl methanesulfonate in vitro and in the host mediated assay

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The mutagenic effect of n methyl n nitro n nitrosoguanidine on three different candida species

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The mutagenic effect of n nitroso n methylbiuret on aureobasidium pullulans

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The mutagenic effect of near uv light on the uvs strains of aspergillus nidulans in the presence of 8 methoxy psoralen or angelicin

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The mutagenic effect of parathion i. utilization of the cy l pm test on drosophila melanogaster

Dimitrova K.; Ivanov V.; Bogoeva M.; Golovinsky E.; Markov K., 1983:
The mutagenic effect of some bulgarian drugs using the salmonella microsome test

Tsukamura M., 1979:
The mutagenic effect of streptomycin and kanamycin on mycobacterium tuberculosis h 37rv

Marshak, M.I.; Varshaver, N.B.; Surkov, V.V.; Raevskaya, G.B.; Shapiro, N.I., 1986:
The mutagenic effect of sv 40 oncogene induction of resistance to 6 mercaptopurine and serum independence

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The mutagenic effect of thaliblastine delivered alone or in a combination with gamma radiation on bone marrow cells of rats

Vargova M.; Polakova H.; Podstavkova S.; Siskova A.; Dolan L.; Vlcek D.; Miadokova E., 1980:
The mutagenic effect of the new insecticide and acaricide pyridathion

Balonov M.I.; Pomerantseva M.D.; Ramaiya L.K., 1984:
The mutagenic effect of tritium on germ cells of male mice consequences of tritiated glucose incorporation

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The mutagenic effect on phage ms 2 and its infectious rna part 1 kinetics of the inactivating and mutagenic effect of nitrous acid and uv irradiation on extracellular phage

Saleh, M.N.; Bergman, R., 1982:
The mutagenic effectiveness of 8.5 and 24.5 kev neutrons in barley

Ebringer L.; Chreno O.; Seman M., 1982:
The mutagenic effects of nitrovin

Dean, B.J., 1972 :
The mutagenic effects of organo phosphorus pesticides on microorganisms

Connor, T.H.; Meyne, J.; Legator, M.S., 1980:
The mutagenic evaluation of tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate using a combined testing protocol approach

Bulsiewicz, H.; Wesolowski, H., 1977:
The mutagenic influence of sulfur on meiotic chromosomes in guinea pigs

Sole, G.M.; Chipman, J.K., 1986:
The mutagenic potency of chrysoidines and bismark brown dyes

Sauers L.J.; Fruin J.T., 1982:
The mutagenic potential of 26 organo phosphinate compounds

Embree, J.W.; Lyon, J.P.; Hine, C.H., 1977:
The mutagenic potential of ethylene oxide using the dominant lethal assay in rats

Turner, J.V.; Ward, A.D.; Freeman, C.G., 1978:
The mutagenic screening of 14 imidazo compounds using a modified ames test

Song D B.; Cha C W.; Kim Y W., 1985:
The mutagenicity in the urine of printing workers

Wallace M.E.; Badr F.M.; Badr R.S., 1979:
The mutagenicity of 2 contraceptive drugs in mice

Sheppard E.P.; Wells R.A.; Georghiou P.E., 1983:
The mutagenicity of a prudhoe bay alaska usa crude oil and its residues from an experimental in situ burn

Barnes W.S.; Parry J.M., 1983:
The mutagenicity of acid digests from several common marine macro algae fucus serratus porphyra umbilicalis enteromorpha spp

Dehnen, W.; Pitz, N.; Tomingas, R., 1978:
The mutagenicity of airborne particulate pollutants

Thacker J.; Stretch A.; Goodhead D.T., 1982:
The mutagenicity of alpha particles from plutonium 238 W.K.; D.M.ijere F.A., 1988:
The mutagenicity of ambient air particles from local traffic and distant sources during episodes with moderate photochemical air pollution

Seiler, J.P., 1976:
The mutagenicity of benzimidazole and benzimidazole derivatives part 5 gas chromatographic mass spectrometric analysis of benzimidazole nucleoside in escherichia coli rna

Seiler, J.P., 1976:
The mutagenicity of benzimidazole and benzimidazole derivatives part 6 cyto genetic effects of benzimidazole derivatives in the bone marrow of the mouse and the chinese hamster

Watabe J.; Bernstein H., 1985:
The mutagenicity of bile acids using a fluctuation test

Kriebel, D.; Henry, J.; Gold, J.C.; Bronsdon, A.; Commoner, B., 1985:
The mutagenicity of cigarette smokers' urine

Cattanach, B.M., 1976:
The mutagenicity of cyclamates and their metabolites

Dedek, W.; Scheufler, H.; Fischer, G.W., 1975:
The mutagenicity of demethyl trichlorfon in dominant lethal test on mice

Prival M.J.; King V.D.; Sheldon A.T.Jr, 1979:
The mutagenicity of di alkyl nitrosamines in the salmonella typhimurium plate assay

Fischer, G.W.; Schneider, P.; Scheufler, H., 1977:
The mutagenicity of di chloro acetaldehyde and 2 2 di chloro 1 1 dihydroxy ethanephosphonic acid methyl ester possible metabolites of the organo phosphorus pesticide trichlorfon

Braun, R.; Schoeneich, J., 1975:
The mutagenicity of di methyl nitrosamine di ethyl nitrosamine and nitroso morpholine in the host mediated assay with salmonella typhimurium strain g 46 and salmonella typhimurium strain ta 1950

Black, H.S.; Castrow, F.F.; Gerguis, J., 1985:
The mutagenicity of dinitrochlorobenzene

Kaiser-Farrell, C.; Sheldrake, C.; McCalla, D.R.; Gibson, E.S.; Kerr, A.A.; Lockington, J.N., 1986:
The mutagenicity of emissions from eight binder systems used in steel foundries

Kimball, R.F., 1977:
The mutagenicity of hydrazine and some of its derivatives

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