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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6724

Chapter 6724 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Troitskaya V.B.; Kuznetsov V.L.; Panin A.I., 1985:
The nature of correlations between the biochemical ingredients of pancreatic juice in the digestive process in dogs

Svyatogor I.A.; Vereshchagina A.A.; Butorina G.V.; Nikiforova T.E.; Samarina K.E.; Semenova Tyan Shanskaya M.V.; Timofeeva L.L.; Chernigovskaya N.V., 1987:
The nature of cortico subcortical interrelations in neurotic patients based on electroencephalographic data

Zhuklis K.L.; Drygin Y.F.; Bogdanov A.A., 1984:
The nature of covalent linkage between relaxation protein and col e 1 dna in the relaxation complex

Vijayaraghavan, M.R.; Shukla, A.K., 1976:
The nature of covering around the aggregate of micro spores in pergularia daemia

Shpichenetskii B.Ya; Unksov M.E.; Ivanov A.G.; Kirpatovskii V.I.; Onishchenko N.A., 1986:
The nature of crystallization in frozen organs

Yamane, S.; Masuda, K.; Naitoh, T.; Mimura, Y., 1987:
The nature of cyclic esotropia

Van-Staden, J., 1976:
The nature of cyto kinin in potato tubers

Getmanova T.N., 1983:
The nature of cyto vesicles of the collecting tubule epithelium in the water vole arvicola terrestris kidney

Belyakova T.A.; Podgurskaya R.A.; Ushakova E.A.; Lyubetskii V.B.; Kharchenko M.F.; Moiseeva V.P.; Panurina R.L.; Shlyapochnikova G.P.; Teodorovich V.P., 1980:
The nature of cytoplasmic inclusions in patients with multiple myeloma

Shestakov S.V.; Karbysheva E.A.; Elanskaya I.V., 1982:
The nature of damage in mutants of anacystis nidulans deficient in genetic transformation

Ivnyts'ka, I.N.; Yakovenko, H.M.; Manuyil's'ka, S.V.; Dylunh, I.I., 1977:
The nature of dark interaction between chlorophyll and phospho lipids

Neufeld, R.W.J., 1978:
The nature of deficit among paranoid and nonparanoid schizophrenics in the interpretation of sentences an information processing approach/

Shukla, R.C., 1977:
The nature of dendritic cells of the epidermis of the white guinea pig

Clark D.A.; D.S.lva P., 1985:
The nature of depressive and anxious intrusive thoughts distinct or uniform phenomena?

Levin V.L., 1982:
The nature of determinants involved in drosophila somatogenesis

Bickhard, M.H., 1978:
The nature of developmental stages

Renshaw P.F.; Janoff A.S.; Miller K.W., 1983:
The nature of dilute aqueous cholesterol suspensions

Sobel, B.E.; Markham, J.; Karlsberg, R.P.; Roberts, R., 1977:
The nature of disappearance of creatine kinase from the circulation and its influence on enzymatic estimation of infarct size

Hum T.P.; Augusteyn R.C., 1987:
The nature of disulfide bonds in rat lens proteins

Shul'ga V.V., 1979:
The nature of dwarfed trees and witches broom shoots of pinus sylvestris

Grosberg, A.Y. ; Liberol, B.D., 1976:
The nature of elasticity of a polymeric globule

Gurkovskaya A.V.; Shuba M.F.; Buryi V.A., 1983:
The nature of electro mechanical coupling in the smooth muscle cells of the rabbit pulmonary artery

Hutchison J.L.; Whittaker E.J.W., 1979:
The nature of electron diffraction patterns of amphibole asbestos and their use in identification

Andreeva, N.E.; Barashkov, B.I.; Zakharova, G.V.; Shubin, V.V.; Chibisov, A.K., 1978:
The nature of electron excited states in oxidation reduction reactions of pigments part 2 scheme analysis of primary processes in photo oxidation reactions in chlorophylls a and b and pheophytin a

Shim B S.; Kim I K.; Ryan J.L., 1979:
The nature of endo toxin resistance in endo toxin unresponsive c 3h hej mice

Zinov'eva M.V.; Leikin Y.N.; Petushkova N.A., 1981:
The nature of endogenous proton conductance of the inner mitochondrial membrane the role of calcium transport system in proton transfer

Lobyreva L.B.; Plakunov V.K., 1986:
The nature of energy coupled phenylalanine transport into halobacterium salinarium cells

Griffith, C.D.; Rees, R.C.; Platts, A.; Jermy, A.; Peel, J.; Rogers, K., 1984:
The nature of enhanced natural killer lymphocyte cytotoxicity during anesthesia and surgery in patients with benign disease and cancer

Poulos P.W.; Smith M.F., 1988:
The nature of enlarged vascular channels in the navicular bone of the horse

Lorrain Smith R., 1982:
The nature of environmental management

Weiner S.J.; Seibel G.L.; Kollman P.A., 1986:
The nature of enzyme catalysis in trypsin

Lau S M.; Thorpe C., 1988:
The nature of enzyme substrate complexes in acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase

Gill L.S.; Olabanji G.O.; Husaini S.W.H., 1984:
The nature of ergastic substances in the seeds of some nigerian leguminosae 2

Butcher P.D.; Hawkey C.M., 1979:
The nature of erythrocyte sickling in sheep

Tsapin, A.I.; Khangulov, S.V.; Burbaev, D.S. ; Blyumenfel'd, L.A., 1984:
The nature of esr signal at g factor near 3.0 which appeared during cooling of biological preparations in a magnetic field

Gillman, G.P., 1976:
The nature of extractable phosphorus from 2 red basaltic soils in north queensland

Shteinberg B.I.; Datsyuk N.M., 1985:
The nature of factors stimulating cobalaminogenesis in achromobacter cobalamini

Fernando C.H.; Holcik J., 1982 :
The nature of fish communities a factor influencing the fishery potential and yields of tropical lakes and reservoirs

Wang C.M., 1984:
The nature of flagella like structure of bacteria

Dragan A.I.; Sivolob A.V.; Khrapunov S.N., 1987:
The nature of forces stabilizing the nucleosomal structure investigation of histone octamer dissociation from dna

Gifford D.J.; Cossins E.A., 1982:
The nature of formate metabolism in greening barley hordeum vulgare leaves

Bennett R.D.; Albach R.F., 1981:
The nature of freeze induced white spots on orange segment walls

Golub N.B.; Mevkh A.T.; Varfolomeev S.D., 1984:
The nature of functional groups controlling the prostaglandin endo per oxide synthetase activity

Stashkevich I.S.; Veber N.V., 1979:
The nature of functional neuronal connections in the sensori motor cortex following isolated and combined stimulations of thalamic nuclei

Thiebot M H.; Jobert A.; Soubrie P., 1979:
The nature of gamma amino butyric acid ergic mechanisms involved in the protective effects of benzodiazepines against picro toxin induced seizures in rats

Kuz'minskaya, U.A.; Bersan, D.V.; Girenko, D.B., 1976:
The nature of gamma bhc distribution in sub cellular liver and brain fractions/

Wenham, P.R.; Horn, D.B.; Smith, A.F., 1982:
The nature of gamma glutamyl transferase ec and other hepatocyte plasma membrane enzymes in human bile

Sukhodolets, V.V., 1985:
The nature of genetic recombination

Denell R.E.; Keppy D.O., 1979:
The nature of genetic recombination near the 3rd chromosome centromere of drosophila melanogaster

Dingle, H.; Brown, C.K.; Hegmann, J.P., 1977:
The nature of genetic variance influencing photoperiodic diapause in a migrant insect oncopeltus fasciatus

Marais G.F., 1986:
The nature of genotype and environment interactions for yield in wheat extension trials in the winter rainfall region south africa

Ito H.; Tanaka T.; Watanabe H.; Yakushiji K.; Sato H.; Ito K., 1985:
The nature of gestational choriocarcinoma latent over 2 years

Alekseev-Yu, P.; Mirkhodzhaev, A.K., 1978:
The nature of glucagon secretion changes in diabetes mellitus patients

Bobrova L.N., 1986:
The nature of glycogen iodine complexes formed in the presence of calcium chloride

Koide R., 1985:
The nature of growth depressions in sunflower caused by vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal infection

Valiela, I.; Teal, J.M.; Deuser, W.G., 1978:
The nature of growth forms in the salt marsh grass spartina alterniflora

Vas'kov, E.L., 1978:
The nature of haloxylon aphyllum trunk infestation by xylophages

Thomson, A.J.; Englinton, D.G.; Hill, B.C.; Greenwood, C., 1982:
The nature of heme a 3 in the oxidized state of cytochrome c oxidase ec evidence from low temperature magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy in the near ir region

Arutyunyan A.M.; Surkov S.A.; Luchkov V.A.; Lysko A.I.; Mironov A.F.; Rumyantseva V.D.; Evstigneeva R.P., 1986:
The nature of heme nonapeptide aggregation in water solution

Spain A.V.; Mcivor J.G., 1988:
The nature of herbaceous vegetation associated with termitaria in northeastern australia

Pokhmel'nykh, G.A.; Shumnyi, V.K., 1984:
The nature of heterochromatic knob regions in maize chromosomes 2. the nature of knob changes during plant inbreeding

Peshin, N.N.; Kirillov, S.V., 1979:
The nature of heterogeneity of 30s ribosomal subunits in vitro 2. 2 types of inactivation of the 30s subunits of escherichia coli ribosomes

Drabkina, T.M., 1977:
The nature of high frequency pessimal block in crayfish excitatory neuro muscular synapses

Sethi K.K.; Wolff M.H., 1980:
The nature of host cell herpes simplex virus interactions that render cells susceptible to virus specific cyto toxic t cells

Gabbert, H.; Gerharz, C.D.; Ramp, U.; Bohl, J., 1987:
The nature of host tissue destruction in tumor invasion. An experimental investigation on carcinoma and sarcoma xenotransplants

Herczeg, E.; Wolman, M., 1986:
The nature of hyaline globules in adenocarcinoma of the lung

Wilson P.D.; Lavker R.M.; Kligman A.M., 1982:
The nature of idiopathic guttate hypo melanosis

Theofilopoulos, A.N.; Andrews, B.S.; Urist, M.M.; Morton, D.L.; Dixon, F.J., 1977:
The nature of immune complexes in human cancer sera

Hussein, H.S., 1977:
The nature of immunity against babesia hylomysci and babesia microti infections in mice

Scott, M.T., 1981:
The nature of immunity against Trypanosoma cruzi in mice recovered from acute infection

Stoltenberg P.H.; Soltis R.D., 1984:
The nature of immuno globulin g complexes in alcoholic liver disease

Joshua R.A., 1987:
The nature of immunodepression in trypanosoma brucei infected domestic chickens

Shimokawa, I.; Maeda, H.; Tokunaga, S.; Mashimoto, H.; Matsuo, T.; Ikeda, T., 1987:
The nature of immunohistochemically defined astrocytic cells in rat gliomas

Navasardyan A.A., 1987:
The nature of immunoreactivity changes under the effect of oxytetracycline and ampicillin

Ruzhinskaya, N.N.; Byzov, A.A., 1978:
The nature of impulse activity on the surface of anterior portions of the fish olfactory bulb

Raggi, A.; Bergamini, C.; Ronca, G., 1975:
The nature of inactivation of rat muscle 5 adenylate amino hydrolase ec by fluorodinitro benzene

Shulkes, A.A.; Gibson, R.R.; Skinner, S.L., 1978:
The nature of inactive renin in human plasma and amniotic fluid

Ritland, K.; El-Kassaby, Y.A., 1985:
The nature of inbreeding in a seed orchard of Douglas fir as shown by an efficient multilocus model

Glebova I.N.; Babanin V.F.; Karpachevskii L.O.; Kutkin I.A.; Shoba S.A., 1984:
The nature of increased magnetism in organic accumulative soil horizons

Petin V.G., 1984:
The nature of increased radioresistance of budding haploid yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells exposed to ionizing radiation

Goodenough D.R.; Oltman P.K.; Cox P.W., 1987:
The nature of individual differences in field dependence

Aslanyan M.M.; Smirnova V.A.; Prokof'eva L.P., 1987:
The nature of induced recombination in males of drosophila melanogaster mei 9l i line under the influence of space flight factors

Prazdny K., 1985:
The nature of inducing forms generating perceptions of illusory contours

Catherwood D.; Crassini B.; Freiberg K., 1987:
The nature of infant memory for hue

Herrler G.; Schauer R.; Rott R.; Klenk G D., 1987:
The nature of influenza c virus receptor and specificity of the receptor destroying enzyme

Tanryverdiev K.A., 1985:
The nature of inheritance of quantitative characters by diallel winter wheat hybrids

Nad, A.; Bokani, A.; Illik, M.; Bach, B.; Doman, N.G., 1975:
The nature of inheritance of some properties of the photosynthetic capacity of plants

Chaudhuri, S.; Maiti, S., 1975:
The nature of inhibitory activity of penta chloronitro benzene to sclerotia of sclerotium rolfsii

Mes Hartree M.; Saddler J.N., 1983:
The nature of inhibitory materials present in pre treated ligno cellulosic substrates which inhibit the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose

Ishihama, A.; Murakami, S.; Fukuda, R.; Matsukage, A.; Kameyama, T., 1971:
The nature of initiation sites on dna for the core rna polymerase

Tsutsaeva, A.A.; Lobasenko, N.P.; Kalmykov, K.K.; Martsenyuk, V.F., 1978:
The nature of inter cellular interactions at various stages of post transplantation immunity

Gielen S.C.A.M.; Schmidt R.A.; Van Den Heuvel P.J.M., 1983:
The nature of inter sensory facilitation of reaction time

Bhalla V.K.; Sutherland J.G.; Gnanaprakasam M.S., 1980:
The nature of interaction between follicle stimulating hormone and the testicular receptors

Kovaleva G.G.; Karmanskii I.M., 1987:
The nature of interaction between macrophages and blood serum low density lipoproteins partially hydrolyzed by pepsin

Beail N., 1985:
The nature of interactions between nursing staff and profoundly multiply handicapped children

Martin, M.P.L.D.; Field, R.J., 1987 :
The nature of interference between fathen chenopodium album l. and lucerne medicago sativa l

Ershov F.I.; Belonogova T.S.; Ol'shanskii Y.O.; Ol'shanskaya N.V., 1984:
The nature of interferon circulating in the blood of patients with bronchial asthma

Morris C.J.; Wainwright A.C.; Steven M.M.; Blake D.R., 1984:
The nature of iron deposits in hemophilic synovitis an immunohistochemical ultrastructural and x ray microanalytical study

Brittain T.; Greenwood C.; Springall J.P.; Thomson A.J., 1982:
The nature of iron ii heme protein complexes prepared by photolysis

Brock J.H.; Esparza I.; Logie A.C., 1984:
The nature of iron released by resident and stimulated mouse peritoneal macrophages

Stepanov A.I.; Urlapova S.V.; Zimina M.S., 1979:
The nature of joint inheritance of hybrid plasmid pas 8 and its deletion mutants with col e 1 replicon

E.Labban N.G., 1982:
The nature of langerhans cell granules an ultrastructural study

Narayanan, A.; Chand, L.K., 1986:
The nature of leaf senescence in groundnut arachis hypogaea l. genotypes

Kumar N.S.; Rao D.R., 1986:
The nature of lectins from dolichos lablab

Bershitskaya O.N.; Izakov V.Ya, 1983:
The nature of length force relationship in mammalian heart muscle

Babanin, V.F.; Il'in, N.P.; Orlov, D.S.; Fedotova, T.V.; Yablonskii, O.P., 1977:
The nature of lines in epr spectra of humic acids

Hui, S.W.; Stewart, T.P.; Boni, L.T., 1983:
The nature of lipidic particles and their roles in polymorphic transitions

Miller, J.G., 1976:
The nature of living systems

Zimovets B.A.; Kauricheva Z.N., 1979:
The nature of long term retention of solonetzic properties in irrigated soils

Poltorak, V.A.; Tsvirova, I.M., 1976:
The nature of luminescence produced by actinomyces enissus synthesizing heliomycin

Soldatenkov V.A.; Sorokina N.I.; Filippovich I.V.; Romantsev E.F., 1983:
The nature of lymphocyte super helical dna weighting during cell incubation in vitro

Herath P.R.J.; Davidson G., 1981:
The nature of malathion resistance in a population of anopheles culicifacies

Nazarenko I.A.; Bobko L.E.; Romashchenko A.G.; Khripin Y.L.; Salganik R.I., 1979:
The nature of matrix free synthesis of double stranded poly deoxy adenylyl 3 5 thymidylic acid catalyzed by a preparation of escherichia coli dna polymerase i

Makeeva, A.P., 1976:
The nature of matroclinous individuals in remote hybridization of fishes

Tsuboi, K.K.; Kwong, L.K.; D'harlingue, A.E.; Stevenson, D.K.; Kerner, J.A.J. ; Sunshine, P., 1985:
The nature of maturational decline of intestinal lactase ec activity

Dudas, M.J.; Pawluk, S., 1976:
The nature of mercury in chernozemic and luvisolic soils in alberta

Baev, V.I.; Bertash, V.I.; Bulakh, E.I.; Zozulyakova, S.V., 1977:
The nature of metabolism and the regulatory role of the tissue cholino reactive systems under influence of hypercapnia hypoxia and cooling

Sulimova, G.E.; Dokhiem, M.; Vanyushin, B.F., 1978:
The nature of methylation and reassociations of wheat dna fractions differing in nucleotide composition

Winzor D.J.; Ioannoni B.; Reilly P.E.B., 1986:
The nature of microsomal monooxygenase inhibition by cimetidine

Jardetzky O., 1980:
The nature of molecular conformations inferred from high resolution nmr

Jaques, L.B., 1978:
The nature of muco poly saccharides

Gruenewald D., 1984:
The nature of multiple personality comparisons with hypnosis

Babayan R.S.; Gasparyan A.M.; Barsegyan A.G., 1988:
The nature of mutagenic action of sodium azide on different barley genotypes

Brown, R.; Thacker, J., 1984:
The nature of mutants induced by ionizing radiation in cultured hamster cells 1. isolation and initial characterization of spontaneous ionizing radiation induced and ethyl methanesulfonate induced mutants resistant to 6 thioguanine

Brown, R.; Stretch, A.; Thacker, J., 1986:
The nature of mutants induced by ionizing radiation in cultured hamster cells ii. antigenic response and reverse mutation of hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase deficient mutants induced by gamma rays or ethyl methanesulfonate

Thacker, J., 1986:
The nature of mutants induced by ionizing radiation in cultured hamster cells iii. molecular characterization of hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase deficient mutants induced by gamma rays or alpha particles showing that the majority have deletions of all or part of the hprt gene

Ben-Yoseph, Y.; Hungerford, M.; Nadler, H.L., 1978:
The nature of mutation in krabbes disease

Dobrzhanskaya, E.O.; Erokhina, L.I.; Bol'shakova, T.N., 1978:
The nature of mutations determining the ability of bacillus subtilis a 50 to sporulate at high concentrations of glucose in the medium

King H.W.S.; Brookes P., 1984:
The nature of mutations induced by the diol epoxide of benzo a pyrene in mammalian cells

Yates M.D.; Grange J.M.; Collins C.H., 1986:
The nature of mycobacterial disease in southeast england uk 1977 1984

Lawrence, C.M.; Marks, J.M.; Burridge, A.; Moss, C.; Ive, F.A.; McGibbon, D.; Parker, S.; Coburn, P.; Shuster, S., 1986:
The nature of mycosis fungoides

Rosai, J., 1978:
The nature of myospherulosis of the upper respiratory tract

Poltorak, V.A., 1977:
The nature of natural fluorescence of actinomyces albilanatus a producer of flavofungin

Hulsmann W.C.; Stam H.; Breeman W.A.P., 1982:
The nature of neutral lipase in rat heart

Lister, B.C., 1976:
The nature of niche expansion in west indian anolis lizard part 1 ecological consequences of reduced competition

Lister, B.C., 1976:
The nature of niche expansion in west indian anolis lizards part 2 evolutionary components

Das B.K.; Sen S.P., 1980:
The nature of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium deficiency effects in rice oryza sativa

Lorr, N.A.; Tu, Y.Y.; Yang, C.S., 1982:
The nature of nitrosamine denitrosation by rat liver microsomes

Carney L.G.; Hill R.M., 1982:
The nature of normal blinking patterns

Clawson G.A.; Smuckler E.A., 1980:
The nature of nuclear envelope associated rna

Zurawski G.; Clegg M.T.; Brown A.H.D., 1984:
The nature of nucleotide sequence divergence between barley and maize zea mays chloroplast dna

Chapin F.S.IIi; Vitousek P.M.; Van Cleve K., 1986:
The nature of nutrient limitation in plant communities

Edwards J.J.; Anderson N.G., 1981:
The nature of observed schlieren patterns in iso electric focusing gels and their use for position location of banded proteins

Sakai, K.; Tuerkay, M., 1977:
The nature of ocypode cordimanus with the establishment of a neotype crustacea decapoda

Staessen, J.; Fiocchi, R.; Bouillon, R.; Fagard, R.; Lijnen, P.; Moerman, E.; D.S.haepdryver, A.; Amery, A., 1985:
The nature of opioid involvement in the hemodynamic respiratory and humoral responses to exercise

Korochkin, L.I.; Belyaeva, E.S.; Matveeva, N.M.; Kuzin, B.A.; Serov, O.L., 1976:
The nature of organ specific s esterase slow esterase in drosophila virilis group

Orlov S.D.; Orlova N.G., 1987:
The nature of organic soil alkalinity

Semmens M.J.; Staples A.B., 1986:
The nature of organics removed during treatment of mississippi river usa water

Cutting, J.; David, A.; Murphy, D., 1987:
The nature of overinclusive thinking in schizophrenia

Zaba B.N., 1983:
The nature of oxygen uptake in 2 tissues of mytilus edulis

Turnbull F., 1979:
The nature of pain that may accompany cancer of the lung

H.H.H., 1983:
The nature of paragyny in phytophthora

Richardson, I.W.; Licko, V.; Bartoli, E., 1973:
The nature of passive flows through tightly folded membranes. The influence of microstructure

Glebov O.K.; Abramyan D.S., 1984:
The nature of phenotypical variation of somatic cells in culture the stable phenotypic variations and those arising with high frequency

Kay, J.; Lesser, R., 1985:
The nature of phonological processing in oral reading: evidence from surface dyslexia

Artyukhov, V.G.; Shmelev, V.P., 1977:
The nature of photochemical changes in cytochrome c

Nedbal L.; Setlikova E.; Masojidek J.; Setlik I., 1986:
The nature of photoinhibition in isolated thylakoids

Malhotra R.; Bhawan J., 1985:
The nature of pigment in pigmented apocrine hidrocystoma

Hlustik, A., 1974:
The nature of podozamites obtusus

Jackson, M.; Ingle, J., 1973:
The nature of poly disperse rna in plants

Gonzalez Aguilera J.J.; Fernandez Peralta A.M., 1983:
The nature of poly ploidy in reseda section leucoreseda resedaceae

Hinrichsen C.F.L.; Buttery R., 1988:
The nature of posterior hypothalamic projections to cardiorespiratory centers in the brainstem

Sugi, H.; Suzuki, S., 1978:
The nature of potassium induced and acetyl choline induced contractures in the anterior byssal retractor muscle of mytilus edulis

Schönherr, J.; Bukovac, M.J., 1970:
The nature of precipitates formed in the outer cell wall following fixation of leaf tissue with Gilson solution

Metzger R.L.; Antes J.R., 1983:
The nature of processing early in picture perception

Crutchley, D.J.; Piper, P.J.; Seale, J.P., 1977:
The nature of prostaglandin like substances released from guinea pig lungs in anaphylaxis

Boni, L.T.; Rando, R.R., 1985:
The nature of protein kinase C activation by physically defined phospholipid vesicles and diacylglycerols

Veremeenko, K.N.; Kizim, A.I.; Lositskaya, V.M., 1977:
The nature of proteinase activated by the contact factor in human blood plasma

Guseva L.N.; Pushkarev I.A.; Yavorkovskii L.I., 1984:
The nature of proteinuria in multiple myeloma

Frankham, R., 1977:
The nature of quantitative genetic variation in drosophila part 3 mechanism of dosage compensation for sex linked abdominal bristle poly genes

W.Z.; Jiang X.; Shen S.; Tan S.; Xue H., 1981:
The nature of radiation damage of hemopoietic stem cells under continuous irradiation at low dose rate

Starodub M.F.; Artyukh V.P.; Gritsak A.N.; Radavskii Y.A., 1979:
The nature of rat hemo globin heterogeneity

Miller J.L.; Aibel I.L.; Green K., 1984:
The nature of rate dependent processing during phonetic perception

Gogi R.; Rahi A.H.S.; Garner A., 1979:
The nature of re test reaction in delayed hyper sensitivity part 1 light microscopic changes in the skin of the eyelid

Naumova, O.B., 1976:
The nature of rec plus revertants isolated from escherichia coli k 12 cultures mutated at the reca minus gene

Zeitz M.; Lange K.; Noske W.; Keller K.; Herken H., 1980:
The nature of red fluorescent structures in neuro blastoma mono layer cells vitally stained with acridine orange

Poltorak V.A., 1981:
The nature of red intrinsic luminescence of actinomycetes producing carbonyl conjugated pentaenes

Powles R.L.; Palu G.; Mcelwain T.J.; Alexander P.; Selby P.J.; Morgenstern G.; Clink H.M., 1979:
The nature of remission in acute myelo blastic leukemia

Bradley E.L.; Terman C.R., 1981:
The nature of reproductive inhibition in animals from laboratory populations of prairie deer mice peromyscus maniculatus bairdi serum luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone concentrations

Groisman S.D.; Gubkin V.A.; Beregovaya T.V., 1983:
The nature of residual insulin secretory reaction under the selective proximal vagotomy

Sergeeva S.A.; Ptitsyna S.N.; Semov A.B.; Khurmatov K.K.; Shevchenko V.A., 1984:
The nature of resistance to mutagenic physical and chemical factors in the populations of unicellular alga chlorella

Rao, C.V.; Carman, F.R., 1986:
The nature of reversible and not readily reversible bovine corpus luteum plasma membranes bound human chorionic gonadotropin

Lisin, V.V.; Sergeeva, L.N.; Frankshtein, S.I., 1975:
The nature of rhythmic discharges in the ventral spinal roots

Wittekind, D.H.; Gehring, T., 1985:
The nature of romanowsky giemsa staining and the romanowsky giemsa effect 1. model experiments on the specificity of azure b eosin y stain as compared with other thiazine dye eosin y combinations

Van-Volkinburg, J.W.; Green, E.; Armitage, G.C., 1976:
The nature of root surfaces after curette cavitron and alpha sonic instrumentation

Popkova K.V.; Shneider Y.I.; Ilyukhina M.K., 1979:
The nature of roseate coloration of rye and wheat kernels

Eggert, F.M., 1980:
The nature of secretory agglutinins and aggregating factors 1. secretory conglutinin like factor secretory bacterial aggregating factors and secretory immuno globulin a antibody in human saliva and amniotic fluid

Eggert, F.M., 1980:
The nature of secretory agglutinins and aggregating factors 2. biochemical and immunochemical properties of factors in human saliva and amniotic fluid

Eggert, F.M., 1980:
The nature of secretory agglutinins and aggregating factors 3. secretory conglutinin like factor skf detects a cross reaction between bacteria and complement c 3

Eggert, F.M., 1980:
The nature of secretory agglutinins and aggregating factors 4. complexing between nonmucin glyco proteins immuno globulins and mucins in human saliva and amniotic fluid

Oscarson D.W.; Rogers J.S.; Huang P.M.; Liaw W.K., 1981:
The nature of selected prairie lake and stream sediments

Kertesz A.E.; Lee H.J., 1988:
The nature of sensory compensation during fusional response

Mozie O., 1984:
The nature of shoot dominance in white yam tubers dioscorea rotundata

Gudjonsson G.H., 1982:
The nature of shoplifting in iceland

Kamerling J.P.; Makovitzky J.; Schauer R.; Vliegenthart J.F.G.; Wember M., 1982:
The nature of sialic acids in human lymphocytes

Schvartzman J.B.; Cortes F.; Gonzalez Fernandez A.; Gutierrez C.; Lopez Saez J.F., 1979:
The nature of sister chromatid exchanges in 5 bromodeoxy uridine substituted chromosomes

Novitskaya N.A.; Aksentsev S.L.; Lyskova T.I.; Okun' I.M.; Konev S.V., 1981:
The nature of sites responsible for stimulation of brain sodium potassium atpase by serotonin

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The nature of some molecular diseases in humans

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The nature of striation in collagen fibrils

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The nature of structural defects associated with velamentous and marginal insertion of the umbilical cord

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The nature of structure activity relationships and their relation to molecular connectivity

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The nature of substances controlling animal cell division

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The nature of substances in the red haw fruits that determines their cardiotropic activity

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The nature of substrate attached materials in human fibroblast cultures localization of cell and fetal calf serum components

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The nature of substrate specificity of trypsin role of side chain positive charge and hydrophobicity in reactivity of specific substrates

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The nature of suxamethonium neuro muscular block in the dog assessed by train of 4 stimulation

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The nature of systemic invasion of stem and leaves of sunflowers by plasmopara helianthi var helianthi novot. with mechanism of sporulation and zoospore release

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The nature of temperature changes in the uv absorption spectra of aromatic amino acids and proteins

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The nature of the 2 component contraction in mammalian myo cardium under the action of noradrenaline

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The nature of the 2 proteins of brain specific antigen 14 3 2

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The nature of the 455 nanometer absorbing complex formed during the cytochrome p 450 dependent oxidative metabolism of amphetamine

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The nature of the 5 lipoxygenase reaction in human leukocytes characterization of a membrane associated stimulatory factor

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The nature of the 5 prime linked 5 prime nucleotide sequence at the 5 prime end of rabbit globin messenger rna

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The nature of the abnormal perceptual experiences at the onset of schizophrenia

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The nature of the accessible and buried surfaces in proteins

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The nature of the acid reaction of a salt extract after soil treatment with a hydrolytic neutral salt solution

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The nature of the acid transition of rnase a

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The nature of the alkaline reaction of soil aqueous extract

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The nature of the allergenic activity of certain kinds of plant pollen

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The nature of the allo steric interactions of rnase and its ligands

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The nature of the altered allo steric behavior of 2 thio uracil aspartate trans carbamylase ec

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The nature of the amino acid pool used for protein synthesis in cultured androgen responsive tumor cells

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The nature of the amino acid pool used for protein synthesis in rat brain slices

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The nature of the anterior elements of the plastron in turtles

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The nature of the antigen antibody complexes initiating the specific wheal and flare reaction in sensitized man benzyl penicilloyl haptens

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The nature of the antigenic determinant in a genetic control of the antibody response

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The nature of the artifactual syn albumin insulin antagonist

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The nature of the assimilation of the gastric nutrition mixture ensure osmolite

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The nature of the association between the murine leukemia virus envelope proteins

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The nature of the atrial receptors responsible for a reflex increase in heart rate in the dog

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The nature of the axial ligands of spinach spinacia oleracea cytochrome f

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The nature of the barrier separating the lake malawi and lower zambezi fish faunas

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The nature of the beta adrenoceptor involved in the inhibition of antigen induced histamine release

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The nature of the biochemical lesion in avian renal riboflavinuria part 4 comparison of the riboflavin binding protein from homozygous rdrd and heterozygous rdrd white leghorn albumen

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The nature of the biochemical lesion in avian renal riboflavinuria part 5 elucidation of riboflavin transport in the laying hen

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The nature of the biological effect of low concentrations of a mixture of nitroso di methylamine di methylamine and nitrogen di oxide in experiments

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The nature of the black zones in hair after ingestion of thallium

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The nature of the bond between the coenzyme and protein in pig liver transketolase ec

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The nature of the brown pigment and the composition of phenol oxidases in streptomyces galbus

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The nature of the calcium ion efflux induced in rat liver mitochondria by the oxidation of endogenous nicotinamide nucleotides

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The nature of the calcium pump defect in the red blood cells of patients with cystic fibrosis

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The nature of the cells generating bone marrow derived lymphocyte colonies in vitro

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The nature of the circular dichroic spectra of complexes between rnase a and nucleotides

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The nature of the colicin k receptor of escherichia coli

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The nature of the collagenolytic cathepsin of rat liver and its distribution in other rat tissues

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The nature of the cortical function underlying right hemisphere auditory perception

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The nature of the cross linking of proteins by glutaraldehyde 2. the formation of quaternary pyridinium compounds by the action of glutaraldehyde on proteins and the identification of a 3 2 piperidyl pyridinium derivative anabilysine as a cross linking entity

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The nature of the cross linking of proteins by glutaraldehyde part 1 interaction of glutaraldehyde with the amino groups of 6 amino hexanoic acid and of alpha n acetyl lysine

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The nature of the cytoplasmic 3 hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase from sheep kidney

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The nature of the decreased activity of glycogen synthase phosphatase ec in the liver of the adrenalectomized starved rat

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The nature of the defect in a salt wasting disorder of jews or iran

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The nature of the defect in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis resistant lewis le r rats

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The nature of the distribution of chloroplast dna of higher plants in the cesium chloride density gradient

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The nature of the distribution of the mycelium of the causal agent of stem rust in rye leaves and its effect on total rna content

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The nature of the DNA associated with incomplete particles of adenovirus type 2

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The nature of the dual effect of auxin on root formation in azukia angularis cuttings

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The nature of the ecological cycle of lake janauari brazil a central amazonian ria varzea lake

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The nature of the effect of locus coeruleus on the neuronal activity of the lateral geniculate body

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The nature of the effector cells mediating mitogen induced cellular cyto toxicity and antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity

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The nature of the endothelial lining in the expanded polytetrafluoroethylene vascular graft an experimental immunofluorescent study

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The nature of the epidermal growth produced by the 1st application of 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate on the skin of mice initiated with di methyl benz anthracene

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The nature of the ESR signal in lyophilized tissue and its relevance to malignancy

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The nature of the exudates of grape berries and their effect on germination of conidia of botrytis cinerea

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The nature of the fast light induced charge displacement in vertebrate photoreceptors

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The nature of the floral appendages in 4 species of dichelostemma liliaceae

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The nature of the flowering young axillary shoots in aranda deborah

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The nature of the fluorescence decrease due to phosphorylation of chloroplast membrane proteins

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The nature of the fossil record

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The nature of the gillyflower mutant with variegated leaves

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The nature of the hydroxylapatite binding site in salivary acidic proline rich proteins

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The nature of the in vivo sodium and chloride uptake mechanisms through the epithelium of the chilean frog calyptocephalella gayi exchanges of hydrogen against sodium and of bi carbonate against chloride

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The nature of the inactivation of calcium inward current in a single isolated smooth muscle cell

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The nature of the increased sensitivity to injected gtp of the sodium efflux in barnacle balanus nubilus muscle fibers pre exposed to aldo sterone

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The nature of the influence of adrenaline on the excitability of giant neurons as a function of its concentration

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The nature of the inhibition of aminopropyl transferases by adenine and its derivatives in vitro

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The nature of the inhibition of rat liver mono amine oxidase ec type a and type b by the acetylenic inhibitors clorgyline levo deprenyl and pargyline

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The nature of the initial coping response and the learned helplessness effect

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The nature of the initial positive inotropic effect of potassium depletion in bull frog atrial muscle

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The nature of the interaction between ristocetin willebrand factor and the factor viii coagulant activity molecule

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The nature of the interaction between suppressor and helper t cells in the response to lactate dehydrogenase b

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The nature of the interaction between vasopressin and corticotropin releasing factor on acth release in the rat

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The nature of the interaction of amines with the pancreatic beta cell to influence insulin secretion

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The nature of the interaction of the drug ethidium bromide with dna

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The nature of the intermediate compound during pepsin catalysis

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The nature of the intermediate electron acceptor a 1 in the photosystem i reaction center

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The nature of the intraperitoneal exudate associated with infertility: peritoneal fluid and serum lysozyme activity

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The nature of the iodinophilous vacuole in myxosporidia

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The nature of the leukocyte contamination in platelet concentrates

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The nature of the light harvesting complex as defined by sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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The nature of the link between potassium transport and phosphate transport in Escherichia coli

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The nature of the linkage between the terminal protein and the adenovirus dna

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The nature of the local immune system of the bovine small intestine

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The nature of the macro amylase complex dissociation of macro amylase by substrates

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The nature of the membrane sites controlling anion permeability of human red blood cells as determined by studies with di sulfonic stilbene derivatives

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The nature of the mimetic patterns of the brassolid genera caligo and eryphanis

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The nature of the mis coding caused by growth in the presence of 2 thio uracil

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The nature of the modulation of calcium transport as studied by reconstitution of cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum

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The nature of the molar premolar boundary in marsupials and a reinterpretation of the homology of marsupial cheek teeth

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The nature of the mothers absence and infants response to brief separations

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The nature of the multi terminal neuronal innervation of muscles and their associated tissues in the locust locusta migratoria orthoptera acrididae

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The nature of the multiple forms of cytoplasmic aspartate amino transferase ec from pig and sheep heart

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The nature of the nadp complex with manganese ii ions as studied by proton nmr and phosphorus 31 nmr

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The nature of the natural killer cell of human intestinal mucosa and mesenteric lymph node

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The nature of the natural luminescence of streptomyces albocyaneus ssp niger new subspecies

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The nature of the neutral sodium chloride coupled entry at the apical membrane of rabbit gallbladder epithelium i. sodium hydrogen chloride bicarbonate double exchange and sodium chloride symport

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The nature of the neutral sodium chloride coupled entry at the apical membrane of rabbit gallbladder epithelium ii. sodium chloride symport is independent of potassium

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The nature of the onset of rheumatoid arthritis a reassessment

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The nature of the opaque and translucent enamel regions of some macropodinae macropus giganteus wallabia bicolor and peradorcas concinna

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The nature of the organic nitrogen of soils

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The nature of the oto toxic action of ethacrynic acid on the mammalian endolymph system 1. functional aspects

Bosher, S.K., 1980:
The nature of the oto toxic actions of ethacrynic acid on the mammalian endo lymph system 2. structural functional correlated in the stria vascularis

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The nature of the oxygenated fatty acids present in malva parviflora seed oil

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The nature of the para magnetic centers in gamma irradiated ll tumor cell culture

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The nature of the pentose pathway in liver

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The nature of the perception of effort at sea level and high altitude

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The nature of the perianth in elaeagnus on the basis of floral anatomy with some comments on the systematic position of elaeagnaceae

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The nature of the periapical lesion a review of 1108 cases

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The nature of the phosphate inhibitor complex of sulfite oxidase from epr studies using oxygen 17

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The nature of the phosphorus linkage in component i a phospho protein isolated from the blood serum of di ethyl stilbestrol treated cockerels

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The nature of the photosynthate in natural phyto plankton populations in relation to light quality

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The nature of the pi 1 color mechanism of ws stiles

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The nature of the polymeric serum immuno globulin a in man

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The nature of the prealbumin 'esterases' of horse serum

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The nature of the presynaptic effects of dextro tubocurarine at the mouse neuromuscular junction

Eilam Y., 1982 :
The nature of the primary lesion induced by nystatin in the cell membranes of saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The nature of the primary photochemical act of the mechanism of vision part 1 chromophore rhod opsin center spectral luminescent properties

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The nature of the primary photochemical events in rhodopsin and isorhodopsin

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The nature of the primate grasping foot

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The nature of the product of the cys b gene of escherichia coli

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The nature of the proglottids of cestodes a light microscopic and electron microscopic study on taenia hymenolepis and echinococcus

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The nature of the prostaglandin blocking activity of poly phloretin phosphate

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The nature of the protease inhibitor of ligula intestinalis

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The nature of the protein constituent of commercial lemon juice cloud

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The nature of the proteins in chloramphenicol particles from escherichia coli strain a 19 hfr rel met rns

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The nature of the proteins of fat emboli released during total hip prosthesis

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The nature of the proteins present in the relaxed particles from methionine starved escherichia coli strain a 19 hfr rel met rns

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The nature of the pyrimidine substrate of 6 7 dimethyl 8 ribityllumazine synthase an enzyme participating in riboflavin biosynthesis in yeasts

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The nature of the radioprotective effect

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The nature of the random experimental error encountered when acetyl choline hydrolase ec and alcohol dehydrogenase ec are assayed

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The nature of the receptor mediating stimulant effects of histamine on rapidly adapting vagal afferents in the lungs

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The nature of the release of ions into xylem vessels of the root

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The nature of the renal adaptation to chronic hypocapnia

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The nature of the residual alpha mannosidase ec in plasma in bovine mannosidosis

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The nature of the resistance of oat leaves to infection by pyrenophora teres

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The nature of the rna products synthesized in vitro with a cell free extract from tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco leaves

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The nature of the scheduled reinforcer and adjunctive drinking in nondeprived rhesus monkeys

Adams D.H., 1986:
The nature of the scrapie agent

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The nature of the seasonal color dimorphism in the scorpion fly panorpa japonica

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The nature of the sex difference in right hemisphere superiority for face recognition

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The nature of the silver staining of nucleolus organizer regions electron and light microscopic studies on human cells in interphase mitosis and meiosis

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The nature of the sodium dependence of amino acid transport by system a of the s 37 cell

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The nature of the steric effect in the general acid catalyzed hydrolyses of benzaldehyde acetals

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The nature of the stimulatory cell in human allogeneic and autologous mixed leukocyte culture reactions role of isolated immuno globulin bearing bone marrow derived cells

Robins, R.J., 1976 :
The nature of the stimuli causing digestive juice secretion in dionaea muscipula venus flytrap

Nagy J.I.; Goedert M.; Hunt S.P.; Bond A., 1982:
The nature of the substance p containing nerve fibers in taste papillae of the rat tongue

Rojas Beltran R., 1983:
The nature of the substrate and fauna associated with the shrimp species penaeus duorarum notialis and penaeus schmitti in the colombian caribbean

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The nature of the substrate inhibition in lactate dehydrogenases ec as studied by a spin labeled derivative of nad

De-Arriaga, D.; Teixido, F.; Soler, J.; Busto, F., 1984:
The nature of the substrate inhibition of cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase ec from phycomyces blakesleeanus

Embery, G.; Ward, C., 1976:
The nature of the sulfate grouping in a rat salivary sulfated glyco protein

Malthouse J.P.G.; Bray R.C., 1980:
The nature of the sulfur atom liberated from xanthine oxidase by cyanide evidence from epr spectroscopy after sulfur 33 substitution

Johnson, H.M.; Baron, S., 1976:
The nature of the suppressive effect of interferon and interferon inducers on the in vitro immune response

Mariscal, R.N., 1970:
The nature of the symbiosis between indo pacific anemone fishes and sea anemones

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The nature of the synthesis of respiratory nitrate reductase in escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium

Azimova S.S.; Gulyamova T.G.; Abdukarimov A., 1982:
The nature of the thyroid hormone intra cellular receptor

Reid I.; Parkinson R.J., 1984:
The nature of the tile drain outfall hydrograph in heavy clay soils

Koryakina, I.K.; Margolina, A.N., 1974:
The nature of the toxic properties of serum and of organ extract after a burn

Cosloy, S.D.; Oishi, M., 1973:
The nature of the transformation process in escherichia coli strain k 12

Wallick, E.T.; Dowd, F.; Allen, J.C.; Schwartz, A., 1974:
The nature of the transport atpase digitalis complex part 7 characteristics of ouabagenin sodium potassium atpase interaction

Allen, J.C.; Entman, M.L.; Schwartz, A., 1975:
The nature of the transport atpase digitalis complex part 8 the relationship between in vivo formed tritiated ouabain sodium potassium atpase complex and ouabain induced positive inotropism

Maisel, H., 1977:
The nature of the urea insoluble material of the human lens

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The nature of the variability of disease pathogens its possible causes and significance in pathogen multiplication in vectors

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The nature of the voltage dependent conductance induced by alamethicin in black lipid membranes

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The nature of the yeast lytic activity in the cultural broth of bacillus brevis

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The nature of thiol compounds which trap cuprous ion reductively liberated from bleomycin copper ii in cells

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The nature of threadlike structures and other morphological characters in jacqueshuberia pollen leguminosae caesalpinioideae

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The nature of thyroid hormone in the blood of carp cyprinus carpio

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The nature of thyroid hormone receptors the role of blood serum thyroxine binding prealbumin in realization of hormonal response

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The nature of toxins produced by bacillus cereus bis 59

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The nature of trans tubular sodium and potassium transport in isolated rabbit renal collecting tubules

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The nature of transcallosal responses in the kitten parietal cortex

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The nature of transformation of coastal flora a case study around veli lake south west coast of india between 1962 and 1986

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The nature of transition metal ion mediated binding of triazine dyes to enzymes the interaction of procion red mx 8b with carboxypeptidase g 2 ec

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The nature of transmitter participating in reflex inhibition of activity of the frog lymphatic center

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The nature of transmitters mediating postsynaptic potentials in giant dopamine containing neuron of planorbarius corneus

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The nature of trophallaxis in honey bees apis mellifera mellifera

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The nature of tropho blastic disease initiated by transplantation into immuno suppressed animals

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The nature of tumor presentation in the animal changes the effects of levamisole treatment on metastasis

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The nature of unattached radium a polonium 218 particles

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The nature of unconformities in the upper devonian lower carboniferous condensed sequence in the holy cross mountains poland

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The nature of under water organs in representatives of the genus trapa trapaceae

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The nature of unilateral neglect in the olfactory sensory system

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The nature of urea transport across the luminal membrane of Bufo bufo urinary bladder

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The nature of urea transport across the skin of rana esculenta

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The nature of urinary bile acid conjugates in patients with extrahepatic cholestasis

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The nature of usa rheumatology practice 1977

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The nature of variation in life history characters of dysdercus bimaculatus heteroptera pyrrhocoridae a colonizing species

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The nature of venation of the patagium in chiroptera

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The nature of verbal impairment after closed head injury

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The nature of vertebral arches of lampreys petromyzonidae

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The nature of yield responses of peanuts arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner to lime

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The nature of zinc and copper complexes in the oyster ostrea edulis

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The nature of zooplankton spatial heterogeneity in a nonriverine impoundment

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The nature preserve at oorderen antwerp belgium as a breeding area and resting place for waterfowl

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The nature properties and regulation of adenylate cyclase and phospho di esterase of cyclic amp

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The nature reserve of the larch larix polonica rac. at kluszkowce poland

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The naude species of south african cicadellidae hemiptera homoptera part 5 species assigned to the genera dorydium penthimia equeefa petalocephala and idiocerus

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The naude species of south african cicadellidae hemiptera part 6 some species assigned to the genera erythroneura and empoasca

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The naupliar development of 6 species of fresh water harpacticoid copepoda

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The naupliar development of bryocamptus zschokkei copepoda harpacticoida

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The naupliar development of oithona oligohalina

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The naupliar instars of diaptomus kenai copepoda calanoida and their distinction from those of 4 other diaptomids

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The nauplii of balanus balanoides cirripedia thoracica taken in january and february in northumberland uk waters

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The nauplii of balanus kondakovi

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The nauplius appendages of the cirriped tetraclitella karandei

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The nauplius eye and the frontal organs in larvae of stomatopoda development

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The nauplius stages of parastenocaris vicesima copepoda parastenocarididae

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The nauplius stages of the cirriped tetraclita squamosa rufotincta

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The nautiloid brachycycloceras in the upper carboniferous of britain uk

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The nautiloid cephalopods a strange success

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The nautilus siphuncle as ion pump

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The navigation system of the fly a contribution to brain research

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The nb rat prostatic adeno carcinoma dose response to methotrexate and adriamycin

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The neanderthals from krapina northern yugoslavia an inventory of the hand bones

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The near bottom shrimp faunas decapoda natantia at two abyssal sites in the northeast atlantic ocean

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The near surface sediments of the scott plateau and java trench australia nanno fossil assessment and implications

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The nearctic species of the bezzia bivittata group diptera ceratopogonidae

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The necessary and sufficient conditions for polymorphism and the theorem of domination

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The necessity for a more detailed classification of correlations in plants

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The necessity for bilateral biopsy in oligo spermia and azo spermia

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The necessity for determining the centric relation and maximal inter cuspidation in prosthesis for total edentation

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The necessity for thymus derived cell help for human tonsil bone marrow derived cell responses to pokeweed mitogen induction of dna synthesis immuno globulin and specific antibody production with a thymus derived cell helper factor produced with pokeweed mitogen

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The necessity of convex groups in biological classification

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The necessity of correcting peripheral target luminance for pupillary area

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The necessity of cross pollination for fruit set of manzanillo olives

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The necessity of increased doses of amikacin in burn patients

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The necessity of independent testing of soil site equations

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The necessity of investigating mycotic allergy in various cutaneous and noncutaneous diseases

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The necessity of lowering the water table in rice cultivation areas of the southern ukrainian ssr ussr

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The necessity of magnesium cation for acid assistance of aglycone departure in catalysis by escherichia coli lacz beta galactosidase

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The necessity of postoperative x rays a case study

Zelder O.; Werner H.H.; Jerusalem C.R., 1984:
The necessity of randomization of microvascular surgical experiments for testing a new prosthesis material by considering surgical faults from the morphologic aspect

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The necessity of research of instruction of students before their practical studies in schools and a trial of simulated instructions for school science teaching

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The necessity of using two parameters to describe isotonic shortening velocity of muscle tissues the effect of various interventions upon initial shortening velocity and curvature

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The neck gland of pikas lagomorpha ochotonidae and the scent marking of ochotona alpina related to its functioning

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The neck motor system of the fly calliphora erythrocephala i. muscles and motor neurons

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The neck motor system of the fly calliphora erythrocephala ii. sensory organization

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The neck, the labyrinth, the cerebellum and posture

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The nectar of justicia aurea and columnea glabra composition and concentration in a humid tropical climate

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The nectar producing apparatus of the tribe brassiceae cruciferae

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The nectar secretion of maple acer platanoides and sycamore acer pseudoplatanus

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The nectaries in the agavaceae

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The nectaries of aptenia cordifolia ultrastructure translocation of carbon 14 labeled sugars and a possible pathway of secretion

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The nectaries of cynanchum vincetoxicum asclepiadaceae

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The nectaries of the dipsacales and their systematic significance

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The nectariferous value of echinacea purpurea l. moench introduced in the ukrainian ssr ussr

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The nectary exudate of lycium cestroides solanaceae

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The need and consumption of drugs 2. the units of measurement of drug consumption/

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The need for a chlamydial culture service

Neville A.C., 1988:
The need for a constraining layer in the formation of monodomain helicoids in a wide range of biological structures

Stich, H.F.; Wei, L.; Lam, P., 1978:
The need for a mammalian test system for mutagens action of some reducing agents

Gibbs L.E., 1981:
The need for a new design for evaluating alcoholism treatment programs

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The need for accuracy in modeling an example

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The need for an alternative energy strategy in the agricultural economies of the third world

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The need for an animal model of chronic pain

Scheufler, H., 1977:
The need for and evaluation of testing for embryo toxicity teratogenicity and mutagenicity using an experimental animal as a model

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The need for and potential application of germ plasm preservation in cattle

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The need for applying stability tests in biodegradability assessments

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The need for asparagus asparagus officinalis breeding in new zealand

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The need for care among applicants for admission to old age and nursing homes

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The need for chemicals to alleviate environmental stress in crop plants a new technology

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The need for chemo therapy after prolonged complete remission in acute leukemia of childhood

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The need for chest roentgenograms in adults with acute respiratory illness. Clinical predictors

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The need for clear thinking about cancer immuno therapy

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The need for co-ordination of research in nutrition

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The need for distance data in transect counts

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The need for early rehabilitation among Finnish municipal employees

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The need for epidemiologists

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The need for germ plasm conservation in wild cassava manihot spp

Reinikainen A., 1988:
The need for improving the site classification of mires drained for forestry

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The need for intensive forest management to reduce southern pine beetle activity in east texas usa

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The need for invasive cardiological assessment and operation: viewpoint of a district general hospital

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The need for joining illawarra wilderness areas

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The need for power brain norepinephrine turnover and learning

Mcclelland D.C.; Maddocks J.A.; Mcadams D.P., 1985:
The need for power brain norepinephrine turnover and memory

Mcclelland D.C., 1982:
The need for power sympathetic activation and illness

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The need for quantifying risk from exposures to chemical carcinogens

Boothe, G.F., 1977:
The need for radiation controls in the phosphate and related industries

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The need for repeated computed tomography examinations in hypothalamic pituitary pathology

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The need for representative ambient air carbon mon oxide sampling

Krasovskii G.N.; Butenko P.G.; Vasyukovich L.Ya, 1981:
The need for revision of existing hygienic standards for mercury in water

Waaler H.M., 1988:
The need for short term places in sanitaria evaluation of the need for sanitarium services in stjordal norway

Tress B.M., 1983:
The need for skull radiography in patients presenting for computed tomography

Walizer, D.G., 1975:
The need for standardized scientific criteria for describing drug using behavior

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The need for teaching skills in physician patient and health team communication in undergraduate medical education

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The need for theory development in psychology some case studies

Rizzo F., 1984:
The need for treatment with psychotropic drugs during acute hepatitis in addicts

Milne C.P.Jr, 1985:
The need for using laboratory tests in breeding honeybees apis mellifera for improved honey production

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The need for victimization screening in a poor outpatient medical population

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The need for wide pores in the reversed phase liquid chromatographic separation of proteins

Johansson R.T.; Joensuu H., 1983:
The need of adequate staging and aggressive therapy in non hodgkins lymphomas 66 cases

Kindt E.; Halvorsen S., 1980:
The need of essential amino acids in children an evaluation based on the intake of phenyl alanine tyrosine leucine iso leucine and valine in children with phenyl ketonuria tyrosine amino transferase defect and maple syrup urine disease

B"chvarov P.; Nikolova A.; Kirilov D., 1981:
The need of multi factorial evaluation of seed viability in decorative lupine

Voboril Z., 1985:
The need of new anatomical terms in spleen anatomy

Herrfurth R.; Herrfurth D.; Kniess U., 1985:
The need of physiotherapeutic treatment in the rehabilitation of oligophrenic youngsters and adults

Harris, R.J.; Linn, M.W., 1979:
The need to be held: state or trait variable

Grobler D.C.; Toerien D.F., 1986:
The need to consider water quality in the planning of new urban development a simulation study

Duggan, A.W.; Griersmith, B.T.; Headley, P.M.; Maher, J.B., 1978:
The need to control skin temperature when using radiant heat in tests of analgesia

Toon P.D., 1986:
The need to respond and cardiac cycle effects an alternative hypothesis

Cowell, J.K.; Thompson, E.; Rutland, P., 1987:
The need to screen all retinoblastoma patients for esterase D activity: detection of submicroscopic chromosome deletions

Lesoin F.; Hermant J.F.; Pruvo J.P.; Jomin M., 1986:
The needle and marker wire preoperative localization technique

Miller J.M.; Hamburger J.I.; Kini S.R., 1981:
The needle biopsy diagnosis of papillary thyroid carcinoma

O'Brien, T., 1984:
The needle test for complete rupture of the Achilles tendon

Dingfelder, J.R.; Brenner, W.E., 1976:
The needlescope and other small diameter laparoscopes for sterilization and diagnostic procedures

Morris C.D.W., 1987:
The needs and wants of the aged in east london south africa a preliminary survey

Lezhava, I., 1977:
The needs of the city of the future

Sai, F.T., 1976:
The needs of the developing world

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The negative binomial as a dynamic ecological model for aggregation and the density dependence of k

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The negative charge of articular cartilage surfaces. An electron microscopic study using cationized ferritin

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The "negative chest radiograph" in acute pancreatitis

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The negative chronotropic effect of tyramine cardio vasc on isolated guinea pig atria reserpine atropine scopolamine phentolamine propranolol physostigmine hexamethonium cardio vasc

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The negative control mechanism for escherichia coli dna replication

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The negative cooperativity in cytochrome c oxidase redox reactions the electrostatic effect

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The negative correlation between action potential duration and force of contraction during restitution in rat myocardium

Berger J., 1981:
The negative correlation between erythrocyte concentration and mean corpuscular hemo globin or mean corpuscular volume in normal dogs

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The negative correlation between prolactin and ionic calcium in cord blood of full term infants

Segerstrale, S.G., 1978 :
The negative correlation between the abundances of the amphipod pontoporeia and the bivalve macoma in baltic waters and the factors involved

Shutko, A.N.; Shatinina, N.N., 1976:
The negative effect of high polymeric heterologous dna on the survival of irradiated animals

Hulec, P., 1975:
The negative effect of the frit fly oscinella frit on oat crops in mountainous and nonmountainous regions

Pohle H.; Machan F.G., 1987:
The negative effect of the pneumatic splint in the occurrence of a compartment syndrome T.J.; Klinkhamer P.G.L., 1985:
The negative effects of litter of parent plants of cirsium vulgare on their offspring autotoxicity or immobilization

van der Merwe, J.; Wagenfeld, D.J., 1987:
The negative effects of mucolytics in otitis media with effusion

Rom Bugoslavskaya E.S.; Goncharko O.Yu, 1983:
The negative feedback in the epiphyseal thyroid system

Weiss, P.; Halkin, H.; Almog, S., 1986:
The negative impact of biological variation in the effect and clearance of warfarin on methods for prediction of dose requirements

Boyett, M.R.; Kirby, M.S.; Orchard, C.H.; Roberts, A., 1988:
The negative inotropic effect of acetylcholine on ferret ventricular myocardium

Chapman R.A.; Rodrigo G.C., 1987:
The negative inotropic effect of raised extracellular potassium and cesium ions on isolated frog atrial trabeculae

Siegl, P.K.; McNeill, J.H., 1980:
The negative inotropic potency of compound D 600 in rat, guinea pig, and rabbit cardiac preparations

Polishchuk L.V., 1982:
The negative mortality of planktonic animals and sampling schedule

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The negative potential wave evoked in cuneate nucleus by stimulation of afferent pathways: its origins and susceptibility to inhibition

Tipper S.P., 1985:
The negative priming effect inhibitory priming by ignored objects

Williams, V.L.; Higgins, W.L.; Epstein, D.H., 1988:
The negative radionuclide venogram: an indication for conservative therapy?

Bucci L., 1987:
The negative symptoms of schizophrenia and the monoamine oxidase inhibitors

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The neglect of asian psychology in the usa

Dahlgren, G., 1976:
The neglected genus tomogenius coleoptera histeridae

Bochantseva, V.V., 1976:
The neglected species crambe caspica cruciferae

Jacques Felix H., 1982:
The neglected views of henri baillon on the structure of the monocotyledon embryo

Pastner C.M., 1981:
The negotiation of bilateral endogamy in the middle eastern context the zikri baluch example

Omoto, K., 1984:
The Negritos: genetic origins and microevolution

Charache, S.; Clegg, J.B.; Weatherall, D.J., 1976:
The negro variety of hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin is a mild form of thalassemia

Chapman, L.S., 1973:
The neighborhood health center foundation for health care: a portend for the future or a necessity for survival?

Bryant, B.K., 1985:
The neighborhood walk: sources of support in middle childhood

Mccandless E.L.; Vollmer C.M., 1984:
The nemathecium of gymnogongrus chiton rhodophyceae gigartinales immunochemical evidence of meiosis

Hellen, W., 1976:
The nematinae hymenoptera tenthredinidae of finland part 5 the genus nematus

Hellen, W., 1975:
The nematinae of finland part 4 hymenoptera tenthredinidae the genus prisitphora

Hellen, W., 1977:
The nematinae of finland part 6 hymenoptera tenthredinidae the genus pontania

Kustor, V., 1977:
The nematocysts of the fresh water cave hydroid velkovrhia enigmatica and their taxonomic value

Yudin V.G., 1981:
The nematode dioctophyme renale in wild carnivorous animals from the soviet far east

Bagaturiya N.L.; Eliava I.Ya; Eliashvili T.S., 1979:
The nematode enchodelus montanus new species nematoda dorylaimida from southern georgian ssr ussr

Kaya H.K.; Hotchkin P.G., 1981:
The nematode neoaplectana carpocapsae and its effect on selected ichneumonid and braconid parasites

Gurando E.V., 1979:
The nematode neoditylenchus eremus new record nematoda tylenchidae for the fauna of the ussr

Jueco, N.L., 1977:
The nematode paradujardinia halicoris in the sea cow in the philippines

Loof P.A.A.; Heungens A.; Pelerents C., 1981:
The nematode population and succession in freshly decomposing paper sludge

Kiknadze G.A.; Eliava I.Ya, 1984:
The nematode population of leaf bearing forests of the eastern georgian ssr ussr

Toida, Y.; Ohshima, Y.; Hirata, A., 1978:
The nematode species associated with mulberry trees and their morphological and ecological characteristics

Hansen L P.; Brabrand A., 1979:
The nematode thwaitia rischta found on cyprinid fishes in lake oyeren norway

Choleva B.M.; Katalan Gateva S.; Tsenkova M.K., 1980:
The nematodes of family criconematidae nematoda and family longidoridae on rosa damascena in bulgaria

Scotto-La-Massese, C.; Du-Merle, P., 1978:
The nematodes of selected forest ecosystems on mount ventoux france

Prejs, K., 1977:
The nematodes of the root region of aquatic macrophytes with special consideration of nematode groupings penetrating the tissues of roots and rhizomes

Sinha, B.K.; Nath, R.P.; Haider, M.G., 1977:
The nematodes of vegetable in bihar india 3. effect of interaction of meloidogyne incognita and ozonium texanum var parasiticum on brinjal

Samsoen, L.; Geraert, E., 1975:
The nematological fauna of rice fields in cameroon part 1 order tylenchida

Mitchell C.E.; Carle K.J., 1986:
The nematularium of pseudoclimacograptus scharenbergi and its secretion

Jones D.S., 1979:
The nemertean malacobdella grossa in the ocean quahog arctica islandica bivalvia

Nagatomi, A., 1978:
The nemestrinidae of japan diptera

Kawanishi K.; Uhara Y.; Hashimoto Y., 1983:
The neo lignans carinatidin di hydro carinatidin carinatidiol and dehydro di eugenol b from virola carinata

Kawanishi K.; Uhara Y.; Hashimoto Y., 1982:
The neo lignans levo carinatone and carinatin from virola carinata

Gaton E.; Czernobilsky B.; Kraus L.; Motovic A.; Glass I.; Taub Y.; Man B., 1980:
The neo mucosa and its surroundings after jejuno serosal patching in dogs

Lancioni, G.E.; Horowitz, F.D.; Sullivan, J.W., 1980:
The neo natal behavioral assessment scale with kansas supplements 1. a study of its stability and structure over the 1st month of life

Lancioni, G.E.; Horowitz, F.D.; Sullivan, J.W., 1980:
The neo natal behavioral assessment scale with kansas supplements 2. reinforcement value of the infants behavior

Manroe, B.L.; Weinberg, A.G.; Rosenfeld, C.R.; Browne, R., 1979:
The neo natal blood count in health and disease 1. reference values for neutrophilic cells

Stuart, M.J., 1978:
The neo natal platelet evaluation of platelet malonyl di aldehyde formation as an indicator of prostaglandin synthesis

Perkins, R.P., 1982:
The neo natal significance of selected peri natal events among infants of low birth weight 2. the influence of ruptured membranes

Ebersole J.L.; Taubman M.A.; Smith D.J., 1979:
The neo natally thymectomized rat a model for compensatory immuno globulin m antibody formation in exocrine secretions

Dixon J.R., 1980:
The neo tropical colubrid snake genus liophis the generic concept

Cardoso H.; Dutra A., 1979:
The neo x neo y sex pair in acrididae its structure and association

Salazar, I.; Ruiz Pesini, P.; Fernandez Troconiz, P.; Gonzalez Soriano, J.; Fernandez Alvarez, P., 1988:
The neocortex of the dog. 1. A classical cytoarchitectonic map

Faye Lund H., 1985 :
The neocortical projection to the inferior colliculus in the albino rat

Peyman, G.A.; Katoh, N.; Desai, A., 1987:
The neodymium yag laser 1.3u wavelength in vitro effects on ocular structures

Hofstetter A.; Frank F., 1986:
The neodymium yag laser in urology application and results in the treatment of tumors

Takeuchi J.; Handa H.; Taki W.; Yamagami T., 1982:
The neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser in neurological surgery

Schellhas H.F.; Weppelmann B., 1983:
The neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser in the treatment of gynecologic malignancies

Petter G.; Thomas H., 1986:
The neogene agriotheriinae mammalia carnivora of the old world presence of the genus indarctos in the menacer ex marceau fauna algeria

Dyjor, S.; Dendewicz, A.; Grodzicki, A.; Sadowska, A., 1978:
The neogene and old pleistocene sedimentation in paczkow and kedzieryn graben zones southern poland

Rzebik-Kowalska, B., 1976:
The neogene and pleistocene insectivores mammalia of poland part 3 soricidae beremendia and blarinoides

Palamarev E., 1982:
The neogene carpo flora from melnik basin bulgaria

Bhatia, S.B.; Mathur, A.K., 1978:
The neogene charophyte flora of the siwalik group india and its bio stratigraphic significance

Carriol R.P.; D.M.izon C.; Secretan S., 1987:
The neogene crustaceans cirripedia and decapoda from the peruvian coast

Goll R.M., 1979:
The neogene evolution of zygocircus neosemantis and callimitra their bearing on nassellarian classification a revision of the plagiacanthoidea

Tobien H., 1986:
The neogene fossil excavation site hoewenegg in hegau southwestern germany a status report

Willmann R., 1981:
The neogene fresh water gastropods of the islands of rhodes and kos greece evolution systematics and stratigraphical significance

D'alessandro A.; Laviano A.; Ricchetti G.; Sardella A., 1979:
The neogene in mount gargano southern italy

Montenat, C.; De-Reneville, P.; Bizon, G., 1978:
The neogene in the region of aguilas murcia and almeria provinces cordillera betica spain

Storch, G.; Qiu, Z., 1983:
The neogene mammalian faunas of ertemte and harr obo in inner mongolia nei mongol china 2. moles insectivora talpidae

Qiu, Z., 1985:
The neogene mammalian faunas of ertemte and harr obo in inner mongolia nei mongol china 3. jumping mice rodentia lophocricetinae

Wu, W., 1985:
The neogene mammalian faunas of ertemte and harr obo in inner mongolia nei mongol china 4. dormice rodentia gliridae

Katsikatsos G.; D.B.uijn H.; Van Der Meulen A.J., 1981:
The neogene of the island of euboea evia a review

Besems R.E.; Van D.W.erd A., 1983:
The neogene rodent bio stratigraphy of the teruel ademuz basin spain

Zagar-Sakac, A., 1980:
The neogene unionid species of s. brusina

Oszast, J.; Stuchlik, L., 1977:
The neogene vegetation of the podhale west carpathians poland

Vozenin Serra C., 1981:
The neogene wood structures of the di linh plateau vietnam

Aumassip G., 1987:
The neolithic period in algeria present state of the question

Watanabe, Y.; Hyde, L.; Khatami, S.; Salafsky, B.; Shibuya, T., 1985:
The neonatal development of benzodiazepine receptor subtypes in the rat cerebral cortex and cerebellum

Winkler, G.C.; Cheville, N.F., 1984:
The neonatal porcine lung: ultrastructural morphology and postnatal development of the terminal airways and alveolar region

Perkins, R.P., 1984:
The neonatal significance of selected perinatal events among infants of low birthweight 3. follow up studies

Lorinczy D.D.; Bauer A.; Kosa M., 1986:
The neonatal variant of autosomal recessive renal polycystic disease

Zwick P., 1983:
The neoperla plecoptera perlidae of sumatra and java indonesia

Mitchell D.; Becnel J.R.; Blue T., 1981:
The neophobia optimality explanation of contrafreeloading rats a reassessment

Price, R.D.; Emerson, K.C., 1978:
The neopsittaconirmus mallophaga philopteridae from cacatua aves psittaciformes

Kolasiewicz W.; Cools A.; Ossowska K.; Wolfarth S., 1987:
The neostriatal inhibition of catalepsy but not of muscle rigidity evoked from the substantia nigra pars reticulata

Shapovalova K.B., 1988:
The neostriatum cholinergic mechanisms of the regulation of conditioned readjustment of the posture in dogs

Gabrion, J.; Sentein, P.; Gabrion, C., 1977:
The neotenic population of triturus helveticus of the causses and the lower languedoc france part 1 geographical distribution and biological characteristics

Gabrion, J.; Sentein, P.; Gabrion, C., 1978:
The neotenic populations of triturus helveticus of les causses and le bas languedoc france part 2 ecology

Dolmen, D., 1978:
The neotenous newts from stensels sweden

Stidd B.M., 1980:
The neotenous origin of the pollen organ of the gymnosperm cycadeoidea and implications for the origin of higher taxa

Amedegnato, C.; Poulain, S., 1987:
The neotropical acridids i. amazonian proctolabinae orthoptera acridoidea

Ehrendorfer F.; Morawetz W.; Dawe J., 1984:
The neotropical angiosperm families brunelliaceae and caryocaraceae 1st karyo systematical data and affinities

Martinez, A., 1978:
The neotropical antichirina coleoptera scarabaeidae rutelinae rutelini

Spinelli G.R.; Wirth W.W., 1984:
The neotropical biting midges of the dasyhelea cincta group diptera ceratopogonidae

Wittmer W., 1980:
The neotropical cantharidae coleoptera 36

Cadle J.E., 1985:
The neotropical colubrid snake fauna serpentes colubridae lineage components and biogeography

Dixon J.R., 1981:
The neotropical colubrid snake genus liophis the eastern caribbean complex

Descamps, M., 1979:
The neotropical dendrophilous fauna 4. the oulenotacrae group orthoptera ommatolampinae 1

Descamps, M., 1983:
The neotropical dendrophilous fauna 8. 2nd review of the ophthalmolampini the nautiae group orthoptera romaleidae

Descamps, M., 1983:
The neotropical dendrophilous fauna 8. 2nd review of the ophthalmolampini the ophthalmolampae group orthoptera romaleidae

Descamps, M., 1976:
The neotropical dendrophilous fauna part 1 review of the proctolabinae orthoptera acrididae

Becker, V.O., 1984:
The neotropical gelechioidea lepidoptera described by felder and alois f. rogenhofer

Calder, A.A., 1978:
The neotropical genus anaissus elateridae and its relationship to the pyrophorinae

Brennan, J.M.; Goff, M.L., 1977:
The neotropical genus hoffmannina 4 new species and other records from mexico panama and venezuela acarina trombiculidae

Ball G.E., 1986:
The neotropical genus trichopselaphus chaudior coleoptera carabidae harpalini new species and a review of taxonomic and evolutionary aspects

Isbrucker, I.J.H.; Nijssen, H., 1978:
The neotropical mailed catfishes of the genera lamontichthys and pterosturisoma microps new genus new combination including the description of lamontichthys stibaros new species from ecuador pisces siluriformes loricariidae

De-Remes-Lenicov, A.M.M., 1978:
The neotropical membracidae 3. insecta homoptera

Levi H.W., 1986:
The neotropical orb weaver genera chrysometa and homalometa araneae tetragnathidae

Paulian R., 1984:
The neotropical orphnidae coleoptera scarabaeoidae

Spinelli G.R.; Wirth W.W., 1984:
The neotropical predaceous midges of the genus alluaudomyia diptera ceratopogonidae

Rogers E., 1983:
The neotropical species of drapetis diptera empididae

Holzenthal R.W., 1986:
The neotropical species of notalina a southern group of long horned caddisflies trichoptera leptoceridae

Kritsky, G., 1978:
The neotropical species of oncylocotis hemiptera heteroptera enicocephalidae

Carico J.E., 1981:
The neotropical spider genera architis and staberius pisauridae

Woelkerling W.J.; Irvine L.M., 1986:
The neotypification and status of mesophyllum corallinaceae rhodophyta

Smith, R.E.; Lott, P.F., 1975:
The nephelometric determination of selenium with 2 3 di amino naphthalene

Schmidt G.E.W.; Jocque R., 1986:
The nephilinae of the comoro islands araneae araneidae mozambique channel

Westheide W., 1986:
The nephridia of the interstitial polychaete hesionides arenaria and their phylogenetic significance polychaeta hesionidae

Takeda, T.; Sugiura, Y.; Hamada, C.; Fujii, R.; Suzuki, K.; Ogihara, Y.; Shibata, S., 1981:
The nephritogenic glyco peptide from rat glomerular basement membrane 2. synthesis of o alpha d gluco pyranosyl 1 6 o beta d glucopyranosyl 1 6 n l beta aspartyl alpha d gluco pyranosylamine

Takeda T.; Sugiura Y.; Ogihara Y.; Shibata S., 1980:
The nephritogenic glyco peptide from rat glomerular basement membrane synthesis of alpha d gluco pyranosylamine derivatives

Sairio, E.; Kasanen, A.; Kangas, L.; Nieminen, A.L.; Nieminen, L., 1978:
The nephro toxicity and renal accumulation of amikacin tobramycin and gentamicin in rats rabbits and guinea pigs

Appel, G.B.; Neu, H.C., 1977:
The nephro toxicity of anti microbial agents part 1

Appel, G.B.; Neu, H.C., 1977:
The nephro toxicity of anti microbial agents part 2

Hook J.B.; Rose M.S.; Lock E.A., 1982:
The nephro toxicity of hexa chloro 1 3 butadiene in the rat organic anion and cation transport in renal slices and the effect on mono oxygenase inducers

Strickland, R.C.; Schenker, S., 1977:
The nephrogenic hepatic dys function syndrome a review

Kaplan, B.S.; Chesney, R.W.; Drummond, K.N., 1978:
The nephrotic syndrome and renal vein thrombosis

Vaamonde, C.A.; Hunt, F.R., 1970:
The nephrotic syndrome as a complication of gold therapy

Braunstein, G.D.; Lewis, E.J.; Galvanek, E.G.; Hamilton, A.; Bell, W.R., 1970:
The nephrotic syndrome associated with secondary syphilis an immune deposit disease

Adu, D.; Anim-Addo, Y.; Foli, A.K.; Blankson, J.M.; Annobil, S.H.; Reindorf, C.A.; Christian, E.C., 1981:
The nephrotic syndrome in Ghana: clinical and pathological aspects

Mustonen J.; Pasternack A.; Rantala I., 1983:
The nephrotic syndrome in immuno globulin a glomerulo nephritis response to cortico steroid therapy

Warnke, R.A.; Kempson, R.L., 1978:
The nephrotic syndrome in massive obesity a study by light microscopy immuno fluorescence and electron microscopy

Veress, B.; Musa, A.R.; Osman, H.; Asha, A.; Saddig, E.W.; E.H.ssan, A.M., 1978:
The nephrotic syndrome in the Sudan with special reference to schistosomal nephropathy. A preliminary morphological study

Saldanha, R.V.; Pastor, E.M.H.; Do-Serro-Azul, L.G., 1975:
The nephrotic syndrome with acute tubular necrosis a case report

Hardy, M.L.; Hsu, R.C.; Short, C.R., 1985:
The nephrotoxic potential of gentamicin in the cat: enzymuria and alterations in urine concentrating capability

Lee J.S.; Seawright A.A.; Hrdlicka J., 1985:
The nephrotoxicity for mice of deisopropylngaione a minor furanoid component of toxic myoporaceous essential oils

Kojima, R.; Suzuki, Y., 1984:
The nephrotoxicity of aminoglycoside antibiotics and protection from these effects 1. nephrotoxicity of gentamicin and mercuric chloride

Kojima, R.; Suzuki, Y., 1984:
The nephrotoxicity of aminoglycoside antibiotics and protection from these effects 2. protective effect of latamoxef against gentamicin nephrotoxicity

Cooper, T.B.; Huxtable, C.R.; Vogel, P., 1986:
The nephrotoxicity of Isotropis forrestii in sheep

Klimesch, J., 1980:
The nepticulidae lepidoptera monotrysia 1. forage plants of the nutritional strains of stigmella aurella in upper austria 2. stigmella tormentillella and related species in the eastern alps

Usher M.B., 1979:
The neptis butterflies nymphalidae of ghana

Hutchings P.A.; Turvey S.P., 1982 :
The nereididae of south australia

Blaney R.M.; Blaney P.K., 1979:
The nerodia sipedon complex of water snakes in mississippi and southeastern louisiana usa

Punin M.Yu, 1981:
The nerve cells in the intestinal epithelium of the polychaete nereis virens and the bivalve arctica islandica

Oda Y., 1981:
The nerve center of the rat extrinsic ocular muscles as studies using horseradish peroxidase

Miyakoshi S., 1987:
The nerve conduction velocity and the histological changes on the connective tissue sheaths of sciatic nerve in experimental streptozotocin diabetic rats effects of sorbinil and insulin treatment

Uehara T., 1986:
The nerve conduction velocity and the histological studies on sciatic nerve in experimental streptozotocin diabetic rats as effected by insulin and sorbinil treatment

Suwa, K., 1976:
The nerve distribution in the arterial wall of elastic type artery and muscle type artery especially in the tunica media

Pessacq Asenjo T.P., 1984:
The nerve endings of the glycogen body of embryonic and adult avian spinal cord on the existence of 2 different varieties of nerve fibers

Sommer, A.; Miller, N.R.; Pollack, I.; Maumenee, A.E.; George, T., 1977:
The nerve fiber layer in the diagnosis of glaucoma

Block T.; Bothwell M., 1983:
The nerve growth factor receptor on pc 12 cells inter conversion between 2 forms with different binding properties

Seeman, P.; Staiman, A.; Chau-Wong, M., 1974:
The nerve impulse blocking actions of tranquilizers and the binding of neuroleptics to synaptosome membranes

Dempsher J., 1981:
The nerve impulse in the axon a new theory

Kurkina, E.A., 1976:
The nerve muscle spindle in some amphibians and reptiles

L.F.och Prigent P.; Khouri N., 1982:
The nerve of the tibialis posterior muscle

Narita T., 1986:
The nerve regeneration with pulsing electromagnetic fields stimulation with special reference to nerve conduction velocity

Feigin, I., 1971:
The nerve sheath tumor solitary and in von recklinghausens disease a unitary mesenchymal concept

Gardner, E.; O'Rahilly, R., 1976:
The nerve supply and conducting system of the human heart at the end of the embryonic period proper

Miyauchi R.; Tagawa T., 1983:
The nerve supply of the anterior supracostal muscle in man and its true nature

Saito, H.; Yokoi, Y.; Namihisa, T., 1987:
The nerves in the splenic pulp of the guinea pig

McAllister, R.M.; Kendall, M.D., 1984:
The nerves of the accessory pancreatic ducts of the common starling (Sturnus vulgaris): an ultrastructural and light microscopic study

Denoix, J.M., 1982:
The nerves of the bovine manus and pes 1. the nerves of manus

Ballesta J.; Polak J.M.; Allen J.M.; Bloom S.R., 1984:
The nerves of the juxtaglomerular apparatus of man and other mammals contain the potent peptide neuro peptide tyrosine

Nikiton, N.N.; Belokurenko, S.P., 1976:
The nervous apparatus of the wall of the celiac trunk and its branches in humans

Luque A.J., 1981:
The nervous autonomic system of the gallbladder

Budetta, G.; Finelli, L., 1978:
The nervous contingent of the interosseous muscles of the big toe of the pig

Findlay, I.; Mcvean, A., 1977:
The nervous control of limb autotomy in the hermit crab pagurus bernhardus and the role of the cuticular stress detector

Marre, M.; Bobbioni, E.; Sheppard, M.; Kronheim, S.; Miller, J.; Assan, R., 1982:
The nervous control of rat somatostatin, glucagon and insulin secretions

Kuligina, L.D.; Sukhova, G.S.; Udel'nov, M.G., 1978:
The nervous mechanism of tachy cardia provoked by atropine injection

Vega Alvarez J.A.; Lopez Muniz A.; Prado J.; Bengoechea M.E.; Perez Casas A., 1985:
The nervous receptors in pulmonary vessels

Vega Alvarez J.A.; Bengoechea M.E.; Lopez Muniz A.; Lopez Cordovilla L.; Perez Casas A., 1988:
The nervous receptors in the inferior human vocal cord

Metcalfe J.D.; Butler P.J., 1984:
The nervous regulation of gill blood flow in the dogfish scyliorhinus canicula

Lacalli T.C., 1982:
The nervous system and ciliary band of muellers larva

Genes, V.S., 1978:
The nervous system and insulin secretion

Majdecki T.; Miszczak J., 1985:
The nervous system condition of those employed at bituminous lacquer painting

Martin, J.R.; Stoner, G.L., 1984:
The nervous system in genital herpes simplex virus type 2 infections in mice. Lethal panmyelitis or nonlethal demyelinative myelitis or meningitis

Baguna, J.; Ballester, R., 1978:
The nervous system in planarians peripheral and gastrodermal plexuses pharynx innervation and the relationship between central nervous system structure and the acoelomate organization

Matsuno T.; Kageyama T., 1984:
The nervous system in the hypostome of pelmatohydra robusta the presence of a circumhypostomal nerve ring in the epidermis

Boguta, K.K., 1977:
The nervous system morphology at various stages of the life cycle of the planarian dugesia tigrina

Lacalli T.C.; West J.E., 1985:
The nervous system of a pilidium larva evidence from electron microscope reconstructions

Kotikova E.A., 1983:
The nervous system of acerotisa sp polycladida cotylea turbellaria

Dei-Cas, E.; Dhainaut-Courtois, N.; Vernes, A., 1980:
The nervous system of adult and larval schistosoma mansoni trematoda digenea 1. morphological aspects anatomy histology and ultrastructure in the adult worms

Hernandez-Nicaise, M.L., 1973:
The nervous system of ctenophores part 3 ultrastructure of synapses

Niewiadomska, K.; Moczon, T., 1982:
The nervous system of diplostomum pseudospathaceum digenea diplostomatidae 1. nervous system and chaetotaxy in the cercaria

Niewiadomska, K.; Moczon, T., 1987:
The nervous system of diplostomum pseudospathaceum niewiasomska 1984 trematoda diplostomatidae iii. structure of the nervous system in the adult stage

Niewiadomska, K.; Moczon, T., 1984:
The nervous system of diplostomum pseudospathaceum trematoda diplostomatidae 2. structure and development of the nervous system in metacercaria

Wikgren M.C., 1986:
The nervous system of early larval stages of the cestode diphyllobothrium dendriticum

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