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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6725

Chapter 6725 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Young, J.Z., 1976:
The nervous system of loligo part 3 higher motor centers the basal supraesophageal lobes

Young J.Z., 1979:
The nervous system of loligo part 5 the vertical lobe complex

Messenger J.B., 1979:
The nervous system of loligo sp part 4 the peduncle and olfactory lobes

Reuter, M.; Wikgren, M.; Palmberg, I., 1980:
The nervous system of microstomum lineare turbellaria macrostomida 1. a fluorescence and electron microscopic study

Reuter, M., 1981:
The nervous system of microstomum lineare turbellaria macrostomida 2. ultrastructure of synapses and neuro secretory release sites

Bubko, O.V.; Minichev-Yu, S., 1977:
The nervous system of nereilinum murmanicum and taxonomic status of pogonophora

Bubko O.V., 1981:
The nervous system of protodrilus archiannelida

John S.E.; Nair N.B., 1980:
The nervous system of pseudocycnus armatus a parasitic copepod

Kishore, B.; Shyamasundari, K.; Rao, K.H., 1988 :
The nervous system of some hemiurid trematodes of marine teleosts

Ryberg, E., 1977:
The nervous system of the early echinopluteus

Kramer, A.P.; Goldman, J.R., 1981:
The nervous system of the glossiphoniid leech haementeria ghilianii 1. identification of neurons

Kramer, A.P., 1981:
The nervous system of the glossiphoniid leech haementeria ghilianii 2. synaptic pathways controlling body wall shortening

Windoffer, R.; Westheide, W., 1988:
The nervous system of the male dinophilus gyrociliatus annelida polychaeta i. number types and distribution pattern of sensory cells

Windoffer, R.; Westheide, W., 1988:
The nervous system of the male Dinophilus gyrociliatus (Polychaeta, Dinophilidae): II. Electron microscopical reconstruction of nervous anatomy and effector cells

Gelder, S.R.; Palmer, R., 1976:
The nervous system of the marine polychaete ctenodrilus serratus and its importance in the taxonomic position of the ctenodrilidae

Akimov, I.A.; Khenel', G.; Romanovskii, I.A.; Yastrebtsov, A.V., 1986:
The nervous system of the mite varroa jacobsoni parasitiformes varroidae the honey bee parasite 2. neurosecretory centers of the synganglion

Akimov I.A.; Khenel' G.; Yastrebtsov A.V.; Romanovskii I.A., 1985:
The nervous system of the mite varroa jacobsoni parasitiformes varroidae the honeybee parasite general morphology of the synganglion and its development in ontogeny

Martin N.; Anctil M., 1984:
The nervous system of the tubeworm chaetopterus variopedatus polychaeta

Pugovkin, A.P.; Minichev-Yu, S., 1976:
The nervous system of udonella caligorum turbellaria udonellida

Schwanzel Fukuda M.; Silverman A.J., 1980:
The nervus terminalis of the guinea pig a new luteinizing hormone releasing hormone neuronal system

White J.; Meredith M., 1987:
The nervus terminalis of the shark the effect of efferent impulses on ganglion cell activity

Benson R.C.Jr; Patterson D.E., 1983:
The nesbit procedure for peyronie disease

Tohme, G., 1972:
The nest and construction behavior of the ant messor ebeninus hymenoptera formicoidea

Tostain O., 1988:
The nest and eggs of the calfbird perissocephalus tricolor cotingidae in french guiana

Ando M.; Shiraishi S., 1983:
The nest and nest building behavior of the japanese giant flying squirrel petaurista leucogenys

Ackonor J.B., 1983:
The nest and nesting habits of the ant cataulacus guineensis hymenoptera formicidae in a ghanaian cocoa farm

O'toole, C.; Raw, A., 1978:
The nest and prepupa of the solitary wasp crossocerus dimidiatus with biological notes hymenoptera crabronidae

Snow, D.W., 1978:
The nest as a factor determining clutch size in tropical birds

Repa P., 1979:
The nest associations of birds in destroyed green areas in the protected zone of anenske rybniky near marianske lazne marienbad czechoslovakia

Beattie A.J.; Culver D.C., 1983:
The nest chemistry of 2 seed dispersing ant species

Lutz P.L.; Dunbar Cooper A., 1984:
The nest environment of the american crocodile crocodylus acutus

Medway, 1975:
The nest of collocalia vanikorensis vanikorensis and taxonomic implications

Straneck R.; Ridgely R.; Rumboll M.; Herrera J., 1987:
The nest of the chestnut banded nighthawk lurocalis nattereri temminck aves caprimulgidae

Schremmer F., 1979:
The nest of the neo tropical weaver ant camponotus senex hymenoptera formicidae

Schremmer F., 1983:
The nest of the neotropic polistine wasp leipomeles dorsata a contribution to the nest architecture of the social polistine wasps vespidae polistinae polybiini

Earle R.A., 1985:
The nest of the south african cliff swallow hirundo spilodera aves hirundinidae

Moller A.P., 1982:
The nest of the wood pigeon columba palumbus size and composition

Cooper K.W., 1985:
The nest of tracheliodes foveolineatus and normal reversal of cocoon orientation within it hymenoptera sphecidae crabroninae

Calmbacher, C.W., 1977:
The nest of zethus otomitus hymenoptera eumenidae

Potts G.W., 1985:
The nest structure of the corkwing wrasse crenilabrus melops labridae teleostei

Schremmer F., 1979:
The nest structure of the new neotropical sweat bee species neocorynura colombiana hymenoptera halictidae

Alcock, J.; Jones, C.E.; Buchmann, S.L., 1976:
The nesting behavior of 3 species of centris bees hymenoptera anthophoridae

Genise, J.F., 1982:
The nesting behavior of neotropical bembicini 4. bembix citripes hymenoptera sphecidae

Juterbock, J.E., 1986:
The nesting behavior of the dusky salamander desmognathus fuscus i. nesting phenology

Juterbock, J.E., 1987:
The nesting behavior of the dusky salamander desmognathus fuscus ii. nest site tenacity and disturbance

Brooke M.D.L., 1981:
The nesting biology and population dynamics of the seychelles potter wasp eumenes alluaudi

Roberts, R.B., 1978:
The nesting biology behavior and immature stages of lithurge chrysurus an adventitious wood boring bee in new jersey usa hymenoptera megachilidae

Clement, S.L.; Rust, R.W., 1976:
The nesting biology of 3 species of hoplitis hymenoptera megachilidae

Raw A., 1984:
The nesting biology of 9 species of jamaican west indies bees hymenoptera

Neff J.L.; Simpson B.B.; Dorr L.J., 1982:
The nesting biology of diadasia afflicta hymenoptera anthophoridae

Eickwort G.C.; Kukuk P.F.; Wesley F.R., 1986:
The nesting biology of dufourea novaeangliae hymenoptera halictidae and the systematic position of the dufoureinae based on behavior and development

Torchio P.F., 1984:
The nesting biology of hylaeus bisinuatus and development of its immature forms hymenoptera colletidae

Vermeer K.; Devito K., 1986:
The nesting biology of mew gulls larus canus on kennedy lake british columbia canada comparison with mew gulls in northern europe

Kocian L.; Kocian A.; Havranek O., 1982:
The nesting biology of the rock pipit anthus spinoletta in slovakia czechoslovakia

Bohm, M.K.; Stockhammer, K.A., 1977:
The nesting cycle of a paper wasp polistes metricus hymenoptera vespidae

Sick H., 1979:
The nesting habits of the cotingidae iodopleura and xipholena

Beklova M.; Pikula J., 1982:
The nesting niches of game birds in czechoslovakia

Pikula J.; Beklova M., 1980:
The nesting niches of the species of the genus parus nesting in czechoslovakia

Petokas P.J.; Alexander M.M., 1980:
The nesting of chelydra serpentina in northern new york usa

Webb, G.J.W.; Messel, H.; Magnusson, W., 1977:
The nesting of crocodylus porosus in arnhem land northern australia

Chernikin, E.M., 1976:
The nesting of guldenstadts redstart on the northwestern shore of lake baikal

Gregori, J., 1975:
The nesting of species apus melba 1768 in slovenia yugoslavia

Kalyakin V.N.; Vinogradov V.G., 1981:
The nesting of the falcon in the southern part of the yamal peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Kondelka, D., 1977:
The nesting of the goldeneye bucephala clangula in the moravian gateway

Petrik, F., 1976:
The nesting of the grasshopper warbler locustella naevia in silesia

Simochko, M.D., 1976:
The nesting of the great spotted woodpecker dendrocopus major in bird boxes

Hughes, D.A.; Richard, J.D., 1974:
The nesting of the pacific ridley turtle lepidochelys olivacea on playa nancite costa rica

Stipcevic, M.; Kletecki, E., 1986:
The nesting of the red rumped swallow hirundo daurica rufula temm. near zadar yugoslavia

Matousek, B., 1975:
The nesting of the whiskered tern chlidonias hybrida in slovakia

Afzal M., 1982:
The nesting system of a harvester termite anacanthotermes macrocephalus isoptera hodotermitidae and the influence of ecological niche in pakistan

Harrison C.O.J., 1975:
The nestlings eggs and nests of all the birds of europe north africa and the middle east a field guide to reproductive biology

Navara J., 1985:
The net assimilation rate and dry matter distribution in the aboveground part of the apple tree

Just A., 1982:
The net energy value of crude catabolized protein for growth in pigs

Papp L.B., 1979:
The net production of trees of a quercetum petraeae cerris forest on the trial area of sikofut northern hungary

Moore H.D.M., 1979:
The net surface charge of mammalian spermatozoa as determined by iso electric focusing changes following sperm maturation ejaculation incubation in the female tract and after enzyme treatment

Regoeczi, E.; Taylor, P., 1978:
The net weight of the rat liver

Hogue, C., 1978:
The net winged midges of eastern north america with notes of new taxonomic characters in the family blephariceridae diptera

Zwick P., 1980:
The net winged midges of italy and corsica france diptera blephariceridae

Giudicelli J.; Bouzidi A., 1987:
The net winged midges of morocco diptera blephariceridae taxonomy and ecology

Falke, T.H.; Ziedses des Plantes, B.G.; van Voorthuisen, A.E., 1984:
The Netherlands' initial experience with NMR imaging

Aukema, B., 1976:
The netherlands species of the genus aneurus heteroptera aradidae

Huijbregts J., 1982:
The netherlands species of the genus cercyon coleoptera hydrophilidae

Van Berge Henegouwen A.L., 1982:
The netherlands species of the genus laccobius coleoptera hydrophilidae a systematic and faunistic study

Beukema, A.A.; Hekstra, G.P.; Venema, C., 1986:
The Netherlands' environmental policy for the North Sea and Wadden Sea

Haas O.A.; Martins D.C.nha A.; Gadner H.; Stingl G.; Kornmueller R., 1984:
The netherton syndrome clinical picture differential diagnosis and new therapeutic aspects

Martinez-Para, M.C.; Masoud, T.A.; Torija-Isasa, M.E., 1979:
The nettle as a food 1. percent composition and mineral elements

Martinez-Para, M.D.C.; Torija-Isasa, M.E.; Isasa, M.E., 1979:
The nettle as a food 2. calcium and oxalic acid and their loss during boiling process

Chouinard, C.; Vallee, G., 1976:
The network of arboretums of the quebec department of lands and forests canada

Nechaeva, N.T.; Gunn, P.D.; Kurochkina, L.Y., 1976:
The network of stations and institutions of the desert zone of the ussr

Wade R.H.; Terech P.; Hewat E.A.; Ramasseul R.; Volino F., 1986:
The network structure of a steroid cyclohexane physical gel

Abdou N.I.; Wall H.; Clancy J.Jr, 1981:
The network theory in auto immunity in vitro modulation of dna binding cells by anti idotypic antibody present in inactive lupus sera

Schechter A.L.; Stern D.F.; Vaidyanathan L.; Decker S.J.; Drebin J.A.; Greene M.I.; Weinberg R.A., 1984:
The neu oncogene an erb b related gene encoding a 185000 relative molecular mass tumor antigen

Purohit K.M.; Panigrahi G., 1983:
The neuradaceae rosales in india

Nejad M.D., 1986:
The neural activities of the greater superficial petrosal nerve of the rat in response to chemical stimulation of the palate

Maiboroda Y.N.; Monastyrskii Y.G.; Pervushin V.Yu, 1979:
The neural apparatus of the peri renal and para pancreatic fat tissue in human embryogenesis

Hammond, P., 1978:
The neural basis for color discrimination in the domestic cat

Patridge B.L.; Heiligenberg W.; Matsubara J., 1981:
The neural basis of a sensory filter in the jamming avoidance response no grandmother cells in sight

Baessler, U.; Foth, E., 1982:
The neural basis of catalepsy in the stick insect cuniculina impigra 1. catalepsy as a characteristic of the femur tibia control system

Baessler, U.; Storrer, J.; Saxer, K., 1982:
The neural basis of catalepsy in the stick insect cuniculina impigra 2. the role of the extensor motor neurons and the characteristics of the extensor tibiae muscle

Baessler, U., 1983:
The neural basis of catalepsy in the stick insect cuniculina impigra 3. characteristics of the extensor motor neurons

Nelson P.P., 1980:
The neural basis of electro encephalographic waves

Sillar, K.T.; Heitler, W.J., 1985:
The neural basis of escape swimming behavior in the squat lobster galathea strigosa i. absence of cord giant axons and anatomy of motor neurons involved in swimming

Sillar, K.T.; Heitler, W.J., 1985:
The neural basis of escape swimming behavior in the squat lobster galathea strigosa ii. the motor program and sensory feedback interactions

Sillar, K.T.; Heitler, W.J., 1985:
The neural basis of escape swimming behavior in the squat lobster galathea strigosa iii. mechanisms for burst production

Baessler, U.; Storrer, J., 1980:
The neural basis of the femur tibia control system in the stick insect carausius morosus 1. moto neurons of the extensor tibiae muscle

Stetson, M.H.; Watson-Whitmyre, M., 1977:
The neural clock regulating estrous cyclicity in hamsters: gonadotropin release following barbiturate blockade

Withyachumnarnkul, B.; Pongsa-Asawapaiboon, A.; Sobhon, P.; Upatham, E.S., 1987:
The neural commissural rings of the adult male Schistosoma mansoni

Holmberg K., 1986:
The neural connection between the langerhans receptor cells and the central nervous system in oikopleura dioica appendicularia

Calabrese, R.L., 1977:
The neural control of alternate heart beat coordination states in the leech hirudo medicinalis

Gwilliam, G.F.; Frost, A.K., 1977:
The neural control of cirral musculature in sessile cirripedia

Hukuhara T.; Hamano K., 1985:
The neural control of contractile movements in the larval hindgut of the silkworm bombyx mori

Tiscornia, O.M., 1977:
The neural control of exocrine and endocrine pancreas

Vermeij-Keers, C.; Poelmann, R.E., 1980:
The neural crest a study on cell degeneration and the improbability of cell migration in mouse embryos

Bancroft, M.; Bellairs, R., 1976:
The neural crest cells of the trunk region of the chick embryo studied by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Leikola, A., 1976:
The neural crest: migrating cells in embryonic development

Arnesen K., 1985:
The neural crest origin of uveal melanomas

Elidan J.; Langhofer L.; Honrubia V., 1987:
The neural generators of the vestibular evoked response

Oberdorfer, M.D., 1977:
The neural organization of the 1st optic ganglion of the principal eyes of jumping spiders salticidae

Ebner, H.; Lassmann, G., 1977:
The neural periphery in lichen planus lesions a light and electron microscopic study

Guth, L.; Samaha, F.J.; Albers, R.W., 1970:
The neural regulation of some phenotypic differences between the fiber types of mammalian skeletal muscle

Loe, P.R.; Tomko, D.L.; Werner, G., 1973:
The neural signal of angular head position in primary afferent vestibular nerve axons

Gamlin, P.D.; Reiner, A.; Erichsen, J.T.; Karten, H.J.; Cohen, D.H., 1984:
The neural substrate for the pupillary light reflex in the pigeon (Columba livia)

Leitner D.S.; Powers A.S.; Hoffman H.S., 1980:
The neural substrate of the startle response

Stavenga, D.G., 1974:
The neural superposition eye and its optical demands

Lunn, E.R.; Scourfield, J.; Keynes, R.J.; Stern, C.D., 1987:
The neural tube origin of ventral root sheath cells in the chick embryo

Kessler, N.; Bardeletti, G.; Aymard, M., 1977:
The neuraminidase of human parainfluenza 1 virus ha 2 strain

Kadlubowski M.; Hughes R.A.C., 1980:
The neuritogenicity and encephalitogenicity of p 2 basic protein in the rat guinea pig and rabbit

Oksche, A., 1976:
The neuro anatomical basis of comparative neuro endocrinology

Seth, O.N.; Kumar, S.; Rani, S., 1975:
The neuro anatomy and histology of the heart of chiton tuberculatus

Zola-Morgan, S.; Squire, L.R.; Mishkin, M., 1982:
The neuro anatomy of amnesia amygdala hippocampus vs. temporal stem

Hollis P.D., 1979:
The neuro anatomy of porocephalus crotali pentastomida

Watanabe T.; Matsuhashi K.; Takayama S., 1984:
The neuro behavioral development in rats treated neonatally with drugs acting on the autonomic nervous system

Ogawa, M.; Fujimoto, R.; Iwama, T.; Hanemoto, M.; Okubo, H., 1976:
The neuro behcet syndrome 3 cases and a statistical observation on the cases reported in the literature

Liang, J.C.; Gaulden, M.E., 1983:
The neuro blast of the grasshopper chortophaga viridifasciata embryo as a new mutagen test system 3. chromosome breakage induced by cyclo phosphamide is greater with activation by rat hepatocytes than by s 12 mix

Liang, J.C.; Gaulden, M.E., 1982:
The neuro blast of the grasshopper embryo as a new mutagen test system 1. in vitro radio sensitivity

Lloyd, K.G.; Davidson, L.; Hornykiewicz, O., 1975:
The neuro chemistry of parkinsons disease effect of l dopa therapy

Kratochvil J., 1982:
The neuro cranial cavity of arvicolidae

Campbell K.S.; Barwick R.E., 1982:
The neuro cranium of the primitive dipnoan dipnorhynchus sussmilchi

Perniola, T.; Krajewska, G.; Carnevale, F., 1977:
The neuro ectodermoses associated with alopecia or hypo trichosis a survey of the literature

Davies, D.T., 1979:
The neuro endocrine control of gonadotropin release in the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica 3. the role of the tuberal and anterior hypothalamus in the control of ovarian development and ovulation

Yang K.; Ulich T.; Cheng L.; Lewin K.J., 1983:
The neuro endocrine products of intestinal carcinoids an immuno peroxidase study of 35 carcinoid tumors stained for serotonin and 8 poly peptide hormones

Hofler H.; Kasper M.; Heitz P.U., 1983:
The neuro endocrine system of normal human appendix ileum and colon and neurogenic appendicopathy

Bhola R.K.; Srivastava K.P., 1979:
The neuro endocrine system of the mango hopper idiocerus atkinsoni homoptera jassidae

Taketomi Y.; Miyawaki M., 1979:
The neuro hemal organ of the crayfish procambarus clarki observed by electron microscope

Donowitz M.; Fogel R.; Battisti L.; Asarkof N., 1982:
The neuro humoral secretagogues carbachol substance p and neurotensin increase calcium influx and calcium content in rabbit ileum

Loesch A., 1983:
The neuro hypophyseal axons in normal and dehydrated rats an electron microscopic study including zinc iodide osmium staining method

Page, R.B.; Bergland, R.M., 1977:
The neuro hypophyseal capillary bed part 1 anatomy and arterial supply

Page, R.B.; Leure-Dupree, A.E.; Burgland, R.M., 1978:
The neuro hypophyseal capillary bed part 2 specializations within median eminence

Chauvet, M.T.; Chauvet, J.; Acher, R., 1976:
The neuro hypophyseal hormone binding proteins complete amino acid sequence of ovine and bovine methionine 2 serine 3 glutamic acid 6 leucine 7 neurophysins

Rurak, D.W.; Perks, A.M., 1976:
The neuro hypophyseal principles of the western brook lamprey lampetra richardsoni studies in the adult

Rurak, D.W.; Perks, A.M., 1977:
The neuro hypophyseal principles of the western brook lamprey lampetra richardsoni studies in the ammocoete larva

Guzek, J.W.; Kuropatwa, Z.; Lewgowd, T., 1978:
The neuro hypophyseal vasopressin content as influenced by modified cholinergic or adrenergic transmission during long term dehydration in the white rat

Fasolo, A.; Franzoni, M.F., 1976:
The neuro hypophysis of urodela a comparative analysis

Quereshi, M.Y.; Pilbeam, D.J.; Evans, C.S.; Bell, E.A., 1977:
The neuro lathyrogen alpha amino beta oxalylamino propionic acid in legume seeds

Durant Nicholas N.; Marshall I.G.; Savage D.S.; Nelson D.J.; Sleigh T.; Carlyle I.C., 1979:
The neuro muscular and autonomic blocking activities of pancuronium org nc 45 3 alpha 17 beta di acetoxy 2 beta 16 beta dipiperidino 5 alpha androstane 16 beta n mono methobromide and other pancuronium analogs in the cat

Ewing A.W., 1979:
The neuro muscular basis of courtship song in drosophila melanogaster the role of the direct and axillary wing muscles

Ewing, A.W., 1977:
The neuro muscular basis of courtship song in drosophila the role of the indirect flight muscles

Agoston S.; Salt P.; Newton D.; Bencini A.; Boomsma P.; Erdmann W., 1980:
The neuro muscular blocking action of org nc 45 1 2 beta 3 alpha 16 beta 17 beta 3 17 bis acetyloxy 2 1 piperidinylandrostan 16 yl 1 methyl piperidinium bromide a new pancuronium derivative in anesthetized patients a pilot study

Caputy A.J.; Kim Y.I.; Sanders D.B., 1981:
The neuro muscular blocking effects of therapeutic concentrations of various antibiotics on normal rat skeletal muscle a quantitative comparison

Crockett, J.L.; Edgerton, V.R.; Max, S.R.; Barnard, R.J., 1976:
The neuro muscular junction in response to endurance training

Duchen L.W.; Gomez S.; Queiroz L.S., 1981:
The neuro muscular junction of the mouse after black widow spider latrodectus tredecimguttatus venom

Malathi S., 1980:
The neuro muscular junctions of human vastus lateralis based on their acetyl cholin esterase activity

Standaert, F.G.; Detwiler, P.B., 1970:
The neuro muscular pharmacology of germine 3 acetate and germine 3 16 di acetate

Fisher D.M.; Cronnelly R.; Miller R.D.; Sharma M., 1983:
The neuro muscular pharmacology of neostigmine in infants and children

Schultz-Coulon, H.J., 1978:
The neuro muscular phonatory control system and vocal function

Bradley, W.G.; Lassman, L.P.; Pearce, G.W.; Walton, J.N., 1970:
The neuro myopathy of vincristine in man clinical electro physiological and pathological studies

Cabanis E.A.; Iba Zizen M.T.; Pineau H.; Tamraz J.; Coin J.L.; Atiyeh M.; Fenart R.; Saban R., 1982:
The neuro ocular plane with computed tomography a new horizontal cephalic reference determined by the optic pathways

Foetzsch R.; Braeunig K P., 1980:
The neuro ophthalmological findings of meningiomas of the tuberculum sellae

Jedrzejewska A.; Kobuszewska Faryna M., 1979:
The neuro pathological picture of the solar plexus in cases of neuro blastoma in children interim report

Meier, H., 1968:
The neuro pathology of ducky a neurological mutation of the mouse a pathological and preliminary histochemical study human spino cerebellar degeneration dys kinesia

Agamanolis D.P.; Potter J.L.; Herrick M.K.; Sternberger N.H., 1982:
The neuro pathology of glycine encephalopathy a report of 5 cases with immuno histochemical and ultrastructural observations

Lahl R.; Grimm E., 1979:
The neuro pathology of stereotactic brain operations and their fatal complications

Shiraki, H., 1975:
The neuro pathology of subacute myelo optico neuropathy in humans with special reference to quinoform intoxication

Wight, P.A.L., 1975:
The neuro pathology of the fatty liver and kidney syndrome of chicks

Shuman, R.M.; Leech, R.W.; Scott, C.R., 1978:
The neuro pathology of the nonketotic and ketotic hyper glycinemias 3 cases

Benson J.A.; Sullivan R.E.; Watson W.H.IIi; Augustine G.J.Jr, 1981:
The neuro peptide proctolin acts directly on limulus polyphemus cardiac muscle to increase the amplitude of contraction

Barbeau, A.; Inoue, N.; Tsukada, Y.; Butterworth, R.F., 1975:
The neuro pharmacology of taurine

Dutov A.A.; Anokhov S.S., 1983:
The neuro physiological and pharmacological characteristics of covert inter caudate asymmetry in cats

Shkhvatsabaya I.K.; Kotovskaya E.S.; Yurenev A.P., 1982:
The neuro physiological changes in patients with hypertension as determined by analysis of electro encephalogram by the berg fourier method

Christensen T.A.; Carlson A.D., 1982:
The neuro physiology of larval firefly luminescence direct activation through 4 bifurcating dorsal unpaired median neurons

Veroff, A.E., 1980:
The neuro psychology of aging qualitative analysis of visual reproductions

Gray, J.A., 1978:
The neuro psychology of anxiety

Ownby R.L., 1983:
The neuro psychology of attention deficit disorders in children

Knights R.M.; Bakker D.J., 1976:
The neuro psychology of learning disorders theoretical approaches

Vogelsang H., 1981:
The neuro radiological diagnosis of hem angio blastomas of the spinal canal

Rao C.N.; Shakuntala K.; Reddy S.R., 1981:
The neuro secretion of thoracic ganglion in relation to reproduction of female macrobrachium lanchesteri

Loesch A., 1981:
The neuro secretory axons in the neuro hypophysis of the rat an electron microscopic study

Nishimura, M.; Sano, Y., 1981:
The neuro secretory cells in the silkworm bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae 3. ultrastructural differences of neuro secretory cells in brains of male and female pupae

Nishimura, M., 1981:
The neuro secretory cells in the silkworm bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae 4. the distribution of mono amine containing neurons in normal and drug treated brains

Smith, G., 1974:
The neuro secretory cells of the optic lobe in carcinus maenas

Mirajkar M.S.; Sarojini R.; Nagabhushanam R., 1983:
The neuro secretory control of the annual reproductive cycle in the fresh water prawn macrobrachium kistnensis

Desai, K.M.; Senthikumar, N.S., 1975:
The neuro secretory control over spawning in the barnacles of the veraval coast india

Sterba G.; Hoffmann E.; Solecki R.; Naumann W.; Hoheisel G.; Schober F., 1979:
The neuro secretory hypothalamo hind brain pathway and its possible significance for the regulation of blood pressure and the milk ejection reflex

Kulakovskii, E.E., 1977 :
The neuro secretory system of nephthys minuta annelida polychaeta

Pitoni V.L.; Jaeger C.P., 1982:
The neuro secretory system of strophocheilus oblongus gastropoda pulmonata locations of axonal pathways from brain to oral neurohemal organ

Karacali, S.; Geldiay, S., 1980:
The neuro secretory system of the adult melanogryllus desertus orthoptera gryllidae 1. ultrastructural study of the median neuro secretory cells in the brain

Geldiay, S.; Karacali, S., 1980:
The neuro secretory system of the adult melanogryllus desertus orthoptera gryllidae 2. cerebral neurohemal area

Geldiay, S.; Karacali, S., 1982:
The neuro secretory system of the adult melanogryllus desertus orthoptera gryllidae 3. crystalline pattern of neuro secretory material

Juberthie-Jupeau, L., 1976:
The neuro secretory system of the eyestalk of a microphthalmic subterranean decapod typhlatya garciai

Demassieux C., 1979:
The neuro secretory system of the isopod crustacean asellus aquaticus

Ghosh B.; Mandal S.; Choudhuri D.K.; Roy S., 1983:
The neuro secretory system of the protocerebrum corpus cardiacum complex of normal and starved adults of schizodactylus monstrosus orthoptera schizodactylidae

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The new aberration martinae of chrysocarabus auronitens auronitens

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The new african genus apenthecia and its relationships with the genus erima of new guinea diptera drosophilidae

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The new ALR long cystoresectoscope system

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The new aniseikonia test and its clinical application

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The new anti viral agent florenal

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The new asiatic genus vachinius new genus carabidae callistinae with 3 new species

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The new biology and the question of personhood: implications for abortion

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The new black magic activated charcoal and new therapeutic uses

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The new born addict ante natal and post natal care

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The new born infant with intestinal aganglionosis

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The new born larvae of 2 diptera psychodidae

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The new borns platelets early ultrastructural study

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The new broad spectrum fluoropiperazinylquinolones second generation quinolones

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The new broncho dilators will epinephrine and ephedrine soon be passe

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The new caledonian animal claimed to be a rhinoceros is a marsupial zygomaturus diahotensis new species solution of an enigma and paleo geographic consequences

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The new caledonian petrel

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The new caledonian species of canthonines coleoptera scarabaeidae taxonomic and biogeographic study

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The new class chlamydophyceae a natural group of the green algae chlorophyta

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The new classification of rheumatoid arthritis

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The new coccidian isospora rustamovi new species from phrynocephalus reticulatus bannicovi in the turkmen ssr ussr

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The new colonists of lepidopteran fauna of northwest germany under consideration of northern central europe

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The new color test

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The new combination leucothoe walteri new combination

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The new conifer genus kantia new genus from the jurassic of the tadzhik ssr ussr

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The new curriculum at the school and the state of the visual functions in school children

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The new distribution gene for antho cyanin coloration pin 1 found in indica rice genetic studies on rice plant 75

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The new diterpenoid alkaloids from the roots of delphinium taliense

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The new dubautia nagatae new species compositae of kauai hawaiian usa plant studies part 78

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The new dwarf radio mutant with the terminal location of ears 1. the nature of heritability of the mutant character

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The new early ordovician hunneberg stage graptolite genus paradelograptus kinnegraptidae its phylogeny and biostratigraphy

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The new elm species ulmus boissieri new species ulmaceae from iran

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The new energy systems in ruminant nutrition

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The new england usa distribution of opuntia humifusa raf raf

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The new facets of giant cell arteritis

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The new fauna older than the grande coupure from the phosphorites of the quercy area france

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The new fossil genus sciadopityoides pinopsida

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The new genera platyallabes and platyclarias compared with the genus gymnallabes new synopsis of the genera of the clariidae

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The new genetics will it pay its way?

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The new genus austrogautieria new genus basidiomycotina segregate from gautieria

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The new heparins

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The new heroin users prevalence and characteristics in wirral merseyside uk

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The new hla drw 6 associated and drw 8 associated hla dw hag specificity defined by homozygous typing cell 9w 1802 analysis with primed lymphocyte typing clones

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The new holdaway analysis in anatomically correct occlusion

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The new improved silastic band for ligation of fallopian tubes

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The new index for determining the need for periodontal disease treatment

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The new inorganic pharmacotherapy iv. platinum complexes with antitumoral activity

Baran, E.J., 1987:
The new inorganic pharmacotherapy vi. some comments on zinc deficiencies and their treatment

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The new insertion sequence element of halobacterium halobium localized within the bacterio opsin gene

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The new international commission on radiological protection concept of person dose related to the exposure for radiation qualities used in industrial radiography

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The new jersey school of conservation usa over three decades of environmental education

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The new law on narcotic drugs and its influence on the change in the drug scene in the border region aachen west germany

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The new localities of carex scirpoidea in nordland county norway

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The new locality of chamaedaphne calyculata in poland

Lugowoj J., 1987:
The new locality of phymatodes pusillus new record fabricius 1787 coleoptera cerambycidae in poland

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The new locality of schoenus nigricans in poland

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The new low osmolar contrast media a simple guide

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The new lower ordovician proto sponge asthenospongia acantha new genus new species from the phi kappa formation in central idaho usa

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The new maudsley series of temporal lobectomy 1. short term cognitive effects

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The new method for the index of fats deterioration by water extraction and thiobarbituric acid reaction

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The new microscope photometers mtsfu 1 and mtsfv 1

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The new microsporidian species nosema telengae new species nosematidae found in the moth laspeyresia pyrivora

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The new mint cultivar sayakaze

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The new motile purple sulfur bacterium lamprobacter modestohalophilus new genus new species with gas vacuoles

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The new netherlands kidney test i. description of the methods

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The new netherlands kidney test ii. sensitivity of the test system

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The new netherlands kidney test iii. field evaluation

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The new one flask synthesis of carbon 14 labeled 1 bromo alkanes synthesis of carbon 14 labeled 1 bromo heptane

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The new or little known mites acari in the fauna of poland taken from small mammals and insects

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The new paleontologic findings in the environs of tsalka georgian ssr ussr

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The new para spine acupuncture points

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The new phthiracaridae acari oribatida of the caucasus ussr

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The new physiologic scale for assessment of posttraumatic disability in stomatology

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The new place of occurrence of european pond tortoise emys orbicularis in zahorska nizina zahorska lowland in slovakia

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The new place reaction in the wild lesser bandicoot rat bandicota bengalensis

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The new plants of c. huber brothers and company in hyeres france

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The new postrugoglobigerina praedaubjergensis new species zone at the base of the stratotype of the marine paleocene el kef tunisia

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The new potato cultivars vesna nevskii and prigozhii 2 their breeding value and the possibility of introducing them into hybridization

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The new products of milk fat and vegetable oil

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The new products of ordram microbial degradation

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The new psychotropic drug phenazepam

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The new rape cultivars promising raw stuff for protein and oil production

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The new recombinant haplotypes r 19 and r 20 in rt 1 the major histo compatibility complex of the rat

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The new rice cultivar michikogane

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The new rice cultivar tomohikari

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The new rice variety yukihikari

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The new role of the clinical psychologist in a community mental health center

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The new rusts species for the myco flora of turkey

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The new sainfoin from kugitangtau turkmen ssr ussr

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The new salmonella serotypes salmonella palamaner new serotype and salmonella kolar new serotype reported from india

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The new sarcophagid dexagria ushinskyi new genus new species diptera sarcophagidae from soviet central asia

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The new semiotics proposal of a method its future

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The new smilax tongaensis new species liliaceae of tongatapu island usa pacific plant studies part 36

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The new soviet anti epileptic drug pufemide

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The new species of epilachninae from madagascar coleoptera coccinellidae part 2

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The new species of mononchoidea nematoda from the southern hemisphere

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The new species of nocardia

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The new stands of wolffia arrhiza on wysoczyzna siedlecka

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The new subtribe reicheiina of south africa coleoptera carabidae

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The new sweetening resource plant stevia rebaudiana in korea 2. effect of fertilizer application level and planting density on the dry leaf yields and some agronomic characteristics of stevia

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The new tasks of our forestry managers

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The new tongue

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The new trematode species cercaria burulczensis new species trematoda from mollusks of the crimea oblast ussr

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The new use of the name of the genus lophoturus diplopoda penicillata

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The new vallesian deposits at ballestar lerida spain preliminary note

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The new world fern genus marinariopsis polypodiaceae an example of leaf dimorphy and coenosory in generic delimitation

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The new world genus paracrias hymenoptera eulophidae

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The new world genus pluto hymenoptera sphecidae psenini

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The new world species of the telenomus nigricornis new combination group hymenoptera scelionidae

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The new world species of the water beetle genus notomicrus noteridae

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The new york city usa fire epidemic as a toxic phenomenon

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The new zealand and southeast australian species of aora amphipoda gammaridea

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The new zealand early miocene globorotaliids globorotalia incognita and globorotalia zealandica

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The new zealand genus metablax coleoptera elateridae and its relationship to the campsosterninae

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The new zealand genus schedotrigona revision and its place in a new classification of the craspedosomidae myriapoda diplopoda craspedosomida

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The new zealand species of gracilaria greville rhodophyta gigartinales

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The new zealand species of tmesipteris psilotaceae

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The new zealand species of trachurus pisces carangidae

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The newborn's habituation to the cry of others

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The newfoundland canada lobster fishery a review of statistics stock status and current management considerations

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The newman method modified for the estimation of the total thallus length of filamentous algae

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The Newmarket pump: a new suction pump for external negative pressure ventilation

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The newt euproctus asper duges in the eastern pyrenees france geographical distribution and sexual cycle at low altitude

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"The next best thing": a study of problem gambling

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The next in line effect and the recall of structured and unstructured material

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The nexus in serial cross sections of myo cardium from cats subjected to hypo volemic shock a 3 dimensional interpretation

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The neyman type a distribution and competitors in segregation analysis

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The nicaraguan seed finch oryzoborus nuttingi in costa rica

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The niche structure of ecosystems

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The niche variation hypothesis an examination of assumptions and organisms

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The nickel content of the centriole

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The Nicolau syndrome in children

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The nicotine paradox effect of smoking on autonomic discrimination

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The nicotinic acetyl choline receptor a glyco protein

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The nicotinic acid test in constitutional conjugated hyperbilirubinemias and effects of corticosteroid

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The nidobiology of falco tinnunculus

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The nidobiology of feral columba livia domestica 2

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The niesen flysch

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The nif h nif m and nif n genes of azotobacter vinelandii characterization by tn5 mutagenesis and isolation from plafr1 gene banks

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The nif hdk genes are contiguous with a nif a like regulatory gene in rhodobacter capsulatus

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The night eating syndrome and bulimia in the morbidly obese

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The night heron already bred in the netherlands in the 1930s

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The night resting sites of glossina tachinoides diptera glossinidae in northern nigeria

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The night resting sites of the tsetse fly glossina palpalis palpalis diptera glossinidae in northern nigeria

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The night time flight activity and relative abundance of 15 species of louisiana usa mosquitoes

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The nightshades genus solanum occurring in norway with emphasis on the introduced species

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The nigriscapus group of venturia hymenoptera ichneumonidae

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The nigritella orchid project

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The nigrostriatal dopaminergic system and its role in the adaptive conditioned behavior

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The nigrotectal projection in the cat an electron microscope autoradiographic study

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The Nikolsky sign

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The nilgiri langur presbytis johnii mother infant dyad

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The nithsdale schizophrenia survey 4. social adjustment by self report

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The nithsdale schizophrenia survey v. follow up of tardive dyskinesia at 3.5 years

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The Nithsdale Schizophrenia Survey. VI. Relatives' expressed emotion: prevalence, patterns, and clinical assessment

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The Nithsdale Schizophrenia Survey. VII. Does relatives' high expressed emotion predict relapse?

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The nithsdale scotland uk schizophrenia survey 1. psychiatric and social handicaps

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The nitrate assimilation capacity of some irish grown wheat triticum vulgare varieties part 1 levels of nitrate reductase activity and its distribution in the plant

Reilly, M.L., 1976:
The nitrate assimilation capacity of some irish grown wheat triticum vulgare varieties part 2 an in vitro assessment of nitrate reductase activity and its relation to productivity

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The nitrate assimilation capacity of some irish grown wheat triticum vulgare varieties part 3 an in vivo assessment of nitrate reductase activity and its relation to productivity

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The nitric oxide nitrogen dioxide ozone photostationary state and rate of photolysis of nitrogen dioxide in central johannesburg south africa

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The nitric oxide probed detection of the heme linked ionization group of myo globin

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The nitrification capacity of obligate methylotrophs

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The nitrification inhibiting effect of dicyandiamide

Robertson, A.W.; Duff, P., 1988:
The nitrite and leukocyte esterase tests for the evaluation of asymptomatic bacteriuria in obstetric patients

Anderson J.J., 1982:
The nitrite oxygen interface at the top of the oxygen minimum zone in the eastern tropical north pacific

Bernat, J.; Braunova, O., 1976:
The nitrite production of the species of the genus chaetomium

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The nitro blue tetrazolium activity of neutrophil granulocytes in patients with influenza a infection

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The nitro blue tetrazolium p amino benzoic acid test in the diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

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The nitro blue tetrazolium reduction of neutrophil granulocytes from new born infants and their mothers in relation to the occurrence of bacteria in amnion fluid and cord blood

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The nitro blue tetrazolium reduction test in evaluation of phagocytic activity of neutrophilic granulocytes

Niinaka, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Okochi, T.; Hada, T.; Takahashi, Y.; Yamammura, Y., 1978:
The nitro blue tetrazolium reduction test in wegeners granulomatosis

John M., 1980:
The nitro blue tetrazolium test a review

Roe E.A.; Jones R.J., 1979:
The nitro blue tetrazolium test in burned patients

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The nitro blue tetrazolium test in endemic benign epidemic nephropathy

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The nitro blue tetrazolium test in lympho granulomatosis

Anon, 1978:
The nitro imidazole family of drugs

Schulz F.; Laber G.; Rath T., 1985:
The nitroblue tetrazolium test as a potential diagnostic tool for preoperative detection of patients with high risk of infection

Shearer, G.; Kohl, D.H.; Chien, S.H., 1978:
The nitrogen 15 abundance in a wide variety of soils

Boddey R.M.; Chalk P.M.; Victoria R.; Matsui E., 1983:
The nitrogen 15 isotope dilution technique applied to the estimation of biological nitrogen fixation associated with paspalum notatum cultivar batatais in the field

Papastylianou I., 1988:
The nitrogen 15 methodology in estimating nitrogen fixation by vetch and pea grown in pure stand or in mixtures with oat

Heaton T.H.E., 1987:
The nitrogen 15 nitrogen 14 ratios of plants in south africa and namibia relationship to climate and coastal saline environments

Mitchell, R.J.; Grace, N.D.; Fordham, R.A., 1987:
The nitrogen and mineral content of seven native plant species preferred by feral goats capra hircus l. in lowland rimu rata kamahi forest on eastern mount taranaki mount egmont new zealand

Smith V.H., 1982:
The nitrogen and phosphorus dependence of algal biomass in lakes an empirical and theoretical analysis

Johnson, E.W., 1975:
The nitrogen and potassium manuring of chrysanthemums in heated glasshouse borders part 1 crop response

Johnson, E.W., 1975:
The nitrogen and potassium manuring of chrysanthemums in heated glasshouse borders part 2 nutrient content and removal

Schulze, E.D.; Koch, G.; Percival, F.; Mooney, H.A.; Chu, C., 1985:
The nitrogen balance of raphanus sativus x raphanus raphanistrum plants i. daily nitrogen use under high nitrate supply

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The nitrogen budget of an oligotrophic cold water pond

Hemond H.F., 1983:
The nitrogen budget of thoreaus bog massachusetts usa

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The nitrogen concentration requirement of d glucosamine for supporting effective growth of marine micro algae

Daguzan J., 1983:
The nitrogen content and amino acids composition of the tissues of some trochidae of the brittany coast france prosobranch gastropod mollusks

Ruddick J.N.R., 1979:
The nitrogen content of ammoniacal copper arsenate treated wood

Boone L.V.; Vasilas B.L.; Welch L.F., 1984:
The nitrogen content of corn zea mays grain as affected by hybrid population and location

Hardwick R.C., 1987:
The nitrogen content of plants and the self thinning rule of plant ecology a test of the core skin hypothesis

Millard P., 1986:
The nitrogen content of potato solanum tuberosum tubers in relation to nitrogen application the effect on amino acid composition and yields

Jenkinson D.S., 1981:
The nitrogen cycle in long term field experiments

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The nitrogen cycle in north american cold winter semi desert ecosystems

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The nitrogen cycle in shallow water sediment systems of rice fields part 1. the denitrification process

Bonetto, C.; Minzoni, F.; Golterman, H.L., 1988:
The nitrogen cycle in shallow water sediment systems of rice fields part ii. fractionation and bio availability of organic nitrogen compounds

Golterman, H.L.; Bonetto, C.; Minzoni, F., 1988:
The nitrogen cycle in shallow water sediment systems of rice fields part iii. the influence of nitrogen application on the yield of rice

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The nitrogen cycle in the alpine soils of pic du midi de bigorre hautes pyrenees france

Powlson D.S.; Pruden G.; Johnston A.E.; Jenkinson D.S., 1986:
The nitrogen cycle in the broadbalk wheat experiment recovery and losses of nitrogen 15 labelled fertilizer applied in spring and inputs of nitrogen from the atmosphere

Abd-Aziz, S.A.B.; Nedwell, D.B., 1986:
The nitrogen cycle of an east coast uk saltmarsh i. nitrogen assimilation during primary production detrital mineralization

Aziz, S.A.B.A.; Nedwell, D.B., 1986:
The nitrogen cycle of an east coast uk saltmarsh ii. nitrogen fixation nitrification denitrification tidal exchange

Mcelroy, M.B.; Wofsy, S.C.; Yung, Y.L., 1977:
The nitrogen cycle perturbations due to man and their impact on atmospheric nitrous oxide and ozone

Lenner M.; Lindqvist O.; Rosen A., 1983:
The nitrogen di oxide nitrogen oxides ratio in emissions from gasoline powered cars high nitrogen di oxide percentage in idle engine measurements

Rakvin B.; Herak J.N., 1979:
The nitrogen di oxide species in an irradiated single crystal of ump sodium salt an esr study

Witty J.F.; Day J.M.; Dart P.J., 1976:
The nitrogen economy of the broadbalk england experiments part 2 biological nitrogen fixation

Jenkinson D.S., 1976:
The nitrogen economy of the broadbalk experiments part 1 nitrogen balance in the experiments

Feigin, A.; Bielorai, H.; Dag, Y.; Kipnis, T.; Giskin, M., 1978:
The nitrogen factor in the management of effluent irrigated soils

Dilz K., 1981:
The nitrogen fertilization of spring barley evaluation of fertilizer recommendations based on the analysis of mineral nitrogen in soil

Pshenin L.N.; Kameneva T.G.; Mishustina I.E., 1985:
The nitrogen fixing ability of filterable reversible forms of the marine free living spirochete treponema hyponeustonicum

Karpunina L.V.; Nikitina V.E., 1987:
The nitrogen fixing activity of azospirillum brasilense immobilized cells

Sorwli F.K.; Mytton L.R., 1986:
The nitrogen fixing potential of vicia faba rhizobia rhizobium leguminosarum from different agricultural locations

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The nitrogen fixing system of corynebacterium autotrophicum purification and properties of the nitrogenase components and 2 ferredoxins

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The nitrogen metabolism of phosphaticolous plants of south tunisia

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The nitrogen metabolism of sheep consuming flinders grass iseilema spp mitchell grass astrebla spp and mixed native pasture

Boekholt, H.A., 1976:
The nitrogen metabolism of the lactating cow and the role of the gluconeogenesis from amino acids

Taylor, B.K.; Van-Den-Ende, B., 1970:
The nitrogen nutrition of the peach d tree part 6 influence of autumn nitrogen applications on the accumulation of nitrogen carbohydrate and macro elements in 1 year old peach d trees

Makarska E.; Bubicz M., 1979:
The nitrogen phosphorus and potassium afalon and gesagard 50 effect on the content of carotenoids in field pea

Orphanos P.I.; Papadopoulos I., 1980:
The nitrogen phosphorus and potassium requirements of tomatoes grown in pots and in the soil in unheated plastic greenhouses in cyprus

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The nitrogen phosphorus detector in the gas chromatographic assay of unmetabolized methyl phenidate

Dornescu D.; Vintila I.; Nitescu S., 1983:
The nitrogen phosphorus potassium content in winter wheat at the end of tillering in relation to the soil agrochemical characteristics and the fertilization system

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The nitrogen phosphorus potassium ratio in the medium and the selective capacity of plants a theoretical analysis

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The nitrogen relations of the pieniny meadows western carpathians poland

Gosselé, F.; Van den Mooter, M.; Verdonck, L.; Swings, J.; D.L.y, J., 1981:
The nitrogen requirements of Gluconobacter, Acetobacter and Frateuria

Njaa L.R.; Aksnes A., 1982:
The nitrogen sparing effect of methionine sulfoxide and other sulfur containing amino acids

Probert M.E.; Williams J., 1986:
The nitrogen status of red and yellow earths in the semi arid tropics as influenced by caribbean stylo stylosanthes hamata grown at various rates of applied phosphorus

Zink F.; Michael G., 1985:
The nitrogen storage characteristics of kernels of 2 maize zea mays hybrids with different grain nitrogen content

Kawaguchi S.; Kai H.; Aibe T., 1986:
The nitrogen supplying capacities transformation of fixed ammonium and chemical nature of decomposable organic nitrogen through the successively air drying or oven drying rewetting and incubation of residual soils amended with nitrogen 15 labeled rice straw

Higashida S.; Hojito M.; Nishimune A., 1987:
The nitrogen transference from legumes to associated grasses under pasture in the tenpoku district japan

Morris J.T., 1980:
The nitrogen uptake kinetics of spartina alterniflora in culture

Sage, R.F.; Pearcy, R.W.; Seemann, J.R., 1987:
The nitrogen use efficiency of 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway plants iii. leaf nitrogen effects on the activity of carboxylating enzymes in chenopodium album l. and amaranthus retroflexus l

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The nitrogenase system of Spirillum lipoferum

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The nitrophilous vegetation of the river banks calystegion sepium alliance in the moselle valley west germany france luxembourg

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The nitrosation of modified bases in dna and rna as a source of carcinogens

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The nitrosyl compounds of ferrous animal haloperoxidases

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The nitrous oxide method for determining cardiac output in healthy people and in persons with chronic obstructive airways disease

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The nk 1.1 negative mouse a model to study differentiation of murine nk cells

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The nk 3 tachykinin receptor agonist senktide elicits 5 ht mediated behavior following central or peripheral administration in mice and rats

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The nmr appearances of neuroblastoma

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The nmr determination of the conformation of saccharides bound in subsite d of lysozyme

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The nmr spectra of porphyrins 25. meso substituent effects in neutral and protonated porphyrins

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The nmr spectra of porphyrins part 12 carbon 13 and proton nmr spectra of the zinc ii copro porphyrin isomers

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The no reflow phenomenon in the brain cortex in the early postischemic period

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The noa multi circle pupillometer

Taugbol T.; Skurdal J.; Fjeld E.; Hessen D.O., 1987:
The noble crayfish

Drago J.R., 1984:
The noble rat bladder cancer model n 4 5 nitro 2 furyl 2 thiazolyl formamide induced tumors

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The noctuid moths of the antilles 2. lepidoptera arctiidae pericopinae

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The noctuidae of sumatra indonesia 3 more new species from the rain forest lepidoptera noctuidae acronictinae chloephorinae ophiderinae

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The noctuids of the cape verde islands atlantic ocean lepidoptera noctuidae

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The nocturnal and arboreal frugivorous mammals of a french guyana forest interrelations between vegetation and the community of fruit eating mammals

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The nocturnal behavior of caged rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

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The nocturnal behavior of captive brown hyenas hyaena brunnea

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The nocturnal ichneumonoidea of the british isles including a key to genera

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The nocturnal inversion and its effect on the dispersion of carbon mon oxide at ground level in hampton virginia

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The nocturnal migration of the australian plaque locust chortoicetes terminifera orthoptera acrididae quantitative radar observations of a series of northward flights

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The nocturnal pelagic phase and the migratory behaviors of benthic amphipods northwest mediterranean

Tomasi C., 1983:
The nocturnal surface inversion height in the po valley italy

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The nocturnal zoo plankton from a harbor vertical migrations and bentho planktonic fauna in the vieux port of marseille france

Evans I.J.; Downie J.A., 1986:
The nod i gene product of rhizobium leguminosarum is closely related to the atp binding bacterial transport proteins nucleotide sequence analysis of the nod i and nod j genes

Laurie Ahlberg C.C.; Mckinney F., 1979:
The nod swim display of male green winged teal anas crecca

Puff, C., 1978:
The nodal anatomy of myrothamnus flabellifolius myrothamnaceae another example of a split lateral condition

Hoppe D.C.; Mccully M.E.; Wenzel C.L., 1986:
The nodal roots of zea their development in relation to structural features of the stem

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The node of ranvier in early wallerian degradation a freeze fracture study

Allt, G., 1975:
The node of ranvier in experimental allergic neuritis an electron microscope study

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The nodes of Ranvier in the nerves of mice with muscular dystrophy

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The nodular adrenal

Schwesinger, G., 1977:
The nodular mesenteric pseudoxanthomatosis schafer

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The nodular stromatolites of the lacustrine autunian of the abala bechar basin western algerian sahara

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The noemacheiline fishes from guangdong and guangxi china with descriptions of a new genus and three new species cypriniformes cobitidae

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The noemacheiline loaches from israel pisces cobitidae noemacheilinae

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The noesic field and human thought

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The noise attenuation of weak shock waves by ear muffs

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The noise exposure of infants in incubators

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The noise of the chain saw part 3 the calculating method of the protection provided by the hearing protector worn and the noise control criterion

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The noisillures in limousin cattle

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The noisy scrub bird fact and fiction

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The noisy scrubbird an interim report

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The nomadic breeding of the redpoll acanthis flammea in 1979 in north savo finland

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The nomeid genus cubiceps pisces with a description of a new species

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The nomenclatural history and typification of hypoderma and lophodermium

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The nomenclatural history of the crissal thrasher aves mimidae

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The nomenclatural status of the generic names of amphibia anura described by kuhl and van hasselt 1822 megophrys occidozyga and rhacophorus

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The nomenclatural status of the taxa of fossil birds attributed to auguste aymard

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The nomenclature and chorology of the taxonomic group onosma pseudoarenarium sensu lato

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The nomenclature and diagnostic characters of four north eastern atlantic species of the genus munida munida rugosa munida tenuimana munida intermedia and munida sarsi crustacea decapoda galatheidae

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The nomenclature and distribution of some harmful coccids homoptera coccoidea

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The nomenclature and taxonomy of macrocoma lycopodioides

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The nomenclature and the flowering in europe of the bamboo sasaella ramosa arundinaria vagans

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The nomenclature and type collections of the widespread taxa of alternanthera amaranthaceae

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The nomenclature in an important british check list 1972 part 3 correct gender for generic names derived from classical without change of termination

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The nomenclature of 3 pacific bulla spp

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The nomenclature of aegilops biuncialis vis

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The nomenclature of agrostis delicatula and agrostis durieui

Morley B., 1980:
The nomenclature of and a key to some cultivated species of montanoa cervantes compositae

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The nomenclature of eragrostis cilianensis poaceae and the contribution of bellardi to allioni's flora pedemontana

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The nomenclature of ferns and flowering plants of germany part 5

Reynolds D.R., 1985:
The nomenclature of fossils as fungi

Iupac-Iub-Comm-Biochem-Nomencl, 1977:
The nomenclature of lipids recommendations 1976/

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The nomenclature of ophrys fuciflora

Shaw A.J., 1981:
The nomenclature of pohlia annotina and related species

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The nomenclature of properdin factor B allotypes

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The nomenclature of russula species and the sydney rules

Floessner D., 1984:
The nomenclature of scapholeberis erinaceus crustacea cladocera

Kreisel H., 1984:
The nomenclature of several basidiomycetes 2

Rogers R.W., 1982:
The nomenclature of some australian lichens described as lecanora and placodium by mueller argoviensis

Fraser Jenkins C.R.; Khullar S.P., 1985:
The nomenclature of some confused himalayan species of polystichum

Iskova, N.I., 1978:
The nomenclature of some species of genus cyclocoelum parasitizing in rallidae and charadriiformes

Golding, J., 1977:
The nomenclature of the genus begonia

Stearn, W.T., 1975:
The nomenclature of the madeiran orchis orchis maderensis or dactylorhiza foliosa and other orchidaceae of madeira

Groves C.P.; Holthuis L.B., 1985:
The nomenclature of the orangutan

Lopez Gonzalez G., 1979 :
The nomenclature of the spanish species of the genus cheilanthes

Jeffrey C., 1980:
The nomenclature of the strand scaevola species goodeniaceae

Burtt, B.L., 1977:
The nomenclature of turmeric and other ceylon zingiberaceae

Jorgensen P.M.; Coppins B.J., 1983:
The nomenclature of xanthoria lobulata lichens

Wolff, N.L., 1975:
The nomophila spp lepidoptera pyralidae found in the north atlantic area

Vleeming R.G., 1984:
The nomothetical network of a machiavellianism scale

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The non australian species of calolampra dictyoptera blattaria blaberidae

Portelli C., 1986:
The non consideration of parity in the domain of elementary particles and a possible mechanism for the delivery of energy from the atp molecule

Jacome D.E.; Risko M., 1986:
The non epileptiform basilar artery migraine

Kato K.; Fukuda H., 1985:
The non gamma aminobutyric acid ergic nature of tritiated baclofen binding in rat peripheral tissues

Bezrukov, V.F., 1987:
The non genetical variability of grass carp liver proteinase

Staus, D.J.; Filippa, D.A.; Lieberman, P.H.; Koziner, B.; Thaler, H.T.; Clarkson, B.D., 1983:
The non hodgkins lymphomas 1. a retrospective clinical and pathologic analysis of 499 cases diagnosed between 1958 and 1969

Ribas Mundo M.; Rosenberg S.A., 1979:
The non hodgkins lymphomas 2 main clinico pathological subtypes nodular lymphocytic poorly differentiated and diffuse histiocytic

Psathakis N.D.; Psathakis D.N., 1985:
The non invasive substitute valve operation by technique ii in chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limb

Ballmer, P.M.; Jakob, R.P., 1988:
The non operative treatment of isolated complete tears of the medial collateral ligament of the knee. A prospective study

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