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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6726

Chapter 6726 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Franchi F.; Seminara P.; Teodori L.; Adone G.; Bianco P., 1986: The non producer plasma cell myeloma report of a case and review of the literature

Tawn E.J., 1988: The non random occurrence of exchanges involving chromosomes 7 and 14 in human lymphocytes a prospective study of control individuals

Szymanski Z., 1987: The non residue diet in the preparation for coloscopy

Dengate H.N., 1984: The non reversibility of pregelatinization swelling of wheat starch a granules in saline conditions

Jones S.P.; Ridge R.M.A.P.; Rowlerson A., 1987: The non selective innervation of muscle fibers and mixed composition of motor units in a muscle of neonatal rat

Hill B.G.; Lein M.R., 1985: The non song vocal repertoire of the white crowned sparrow zonotrichia leucophrys

Sakai D.K., 1984: The non specific activation of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri complement by aeromonas salmonicida extracellular products and the correlation of complement activity with the inactivation of lethal toxicity products

Van Amerongen A.; Teerlink T.; Van Heusden G.P.H.; Wirtz K.W.A., 1985: The non specific lipid transfer protein sterol carrier protein 2 from rat and bovine liver

Russell P.H., 1988: The non specific stimulation of avian peripheral blood lymphocytes from uninfected chickens by paramyxoviruses and influenza viruses

Royston D.; Fleming J.S.; Krausz T., 1986: The non steroidal anti inflammatory agent indoprofen does not protect against hydrochloric acid induced lung injury in the rat

Garrino M G.; Meissner H P.; Henquin J C., 1986: The non sulfonylurea moiety of gliquidone mimics the effects of the parent molecule on pancreatic beta cells

Ballantyne D.; Richter D.W., 1986: The non uniform character of expiratory synaptic activity in expiratory bulbospinal neurons of the cat

De-Corte-Baeten, K.; Debackere, M., 1978: The nonabsorption of chloramphenicol after oral administration in adult ruminants a tentative explanation from in vitro studies

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Dejoy D.M., 1984: The nonauditory effects of noise review and perspectives for research

Kozlov I.A.; Milgrom Y.M., 1980: The noncatalytic nucleotide binding site of mitochondrial atpase is localized on the alpha subunits of factor f 1

Ong S.H.; Lee P.A., 1979: The noncentral negative binomial distribution

Fey E.G.; Krochmalnic G.; Penman S., 1986: The nonchromatin substructures of the nucleus the ribonucleoprotein containing and ribonucleoprotein depleted matrices analyzed by sequential fractionation and resinless section electron microscopy

Deger A.; Kraemer H.; Rapp R.; Koch R.; Weber U., 1986: The nonclassical insulin binding of insulin receptors from rat liver is due to the presence of two interacting alpha subunits in the receptor complex

Gatfield I.L.; Stute R., 1980: The noncoagulable nitrogenous material present in potato juice presence of peptides and glyco peptides

Rando R.F.; Lancaster W.D.; Han P.; Lopez C., 1986: The noncoding region of hpv 6vc contains two distinct transcriptional enhancing elements

Kaplan, R. H.; Crump, M. L., 1978: The noncost of brooding in ambystoma opacum

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Tipping, E.; Ketterer, B.; Christodoulides, L.; Enderby, G., 1976: The noncovalent binding of small molecules by ligandin interactions with steroids and their conjugates fatty acids bromsulfophthalein carcinogens glutathione and related compounds

Harvey R.A.; Greco R.S., 1981: The noncovalent bonding of antibiotics to a poly tetra fluoro ethylene benzalkonium graft

Kern E.B., 1981: The noncycle nose

Pittman, C. S.; Shimizu, T.; Burger, A.; Chambers, J. B. Jr, 1980: The nondeiodinative pathways of thyroxine metabolism 3 5 3' 5' tetra iodo thyro acetic acid turnover in normal and fasting human subjects

Ferguson J.C., 1980: The nondependency of a starfish echinaster modestus on epidermal uptake of dissolved organic matter

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Lee A.T., 1987: The nonenzymatic glycosylation of dna of reducing sugars in vivo may contribute to dna damage associated with aging

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Busse D.; Pohl B.; Helbig I., 1987: The nonenzymatic oxidation of glutathione in the presence of plasma like concentrations of disulfides and copper ions

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Wiedner, H.; Wetzel, R.; Eckstein, F., 1978: The nonessential nature of sulfhydryl groups for atpase activity in myosin a cyanylation study

Lowry R.P.; Forbes R.D.C., 1984: The nonessential role of a humoral antibody response in acute rat cardiac allo graft rejection an ultrastructural tracer study in an adoptive transfer model

Ristic V.; Ristic M., 1980: The nonessential to essential amino acid ratio in persons with two thirds gastric resection

Toth G.; Szabolcs J., 1980: The nonexistence of elo xanthin

Thron, C. D., 1980: The nonexistence of hermaphroditic tracer systems

Peters M.A.; Abrams G.W.; Hamilton L.H.; Burke J.M.; Schrieber T.M., 1985: The nonexpansile equilibrated concentration of perfluoropropane gas in the eye

Rickard W.H.; Hanson W.C.; Fitzner R.E., 1982: The nonfisheries biological resources of the hanford reach of the columbia river washington usa

Myers T.E.; Singleton V.L., 1979: The nonflavonoid phenolic fraction of wine and its analysis

Tabakov, I.; Totsev, N.; Chervenakov, A., 1976: The nonfunctioning kidney in renal tuberculosis

Ul'chenko N.T.; Gigienova E.I.; Abdullaev U.A.; Umarov A.U., 1979: The nonglyceride complex of onopordum acanthium seed oil

Peers, K. E., 1977: The nonglyceride saponifiables of shea butter

Gibson R.; Schlesinger S.; Kornfeld S., 1979: The nonglycosylated glyco protein of vesicular stomatitis virus is temperature sensitive and undergoes intra cellular aggregation at elevated temperatures

Oski, Frank, A., 1979: The nonhematologic manifestations of iron deficiency

Jacobs, A., 1977: The nonhematological effects of iron deficiency

Davie J.R.; Numerow L.; Delcuve G.P., 1986: The nonhistone chromosomal protein h 2a specific protease is selectively associated with nucleosomes containing histone h 1

Jones, M. A.; Williams, G., 1980: The nonhormone chemo therapy of prostatic cancer

Sahai O.P.; Shuler M.L., 1982: The nonideality of chemostat operation using plant cell suspension cultures

Fitch, W. M., 1971: The nonidentity of invariable positions in the cytochromes c of different species

Oppenheimer C.L.; Eckhardt A.E.; Hill R.L., 1981: The nonidentity of porcine n acetyl glucosaminyl transferases i and ii

Blight A.R.; Llinas R., 1980: The nonimpulsive stretch receptor complex of the crab callinectes sapidus a study of de polarization release coupling at a tonic sensori motor synapse

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Winsor T.; Winsor D., 1985: The noninvasive laboratory history and future of thermography

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Vinichuk S.M.; Putseva N.M., 1986: The noninvasive method of studying hemodynamics in cerebrovascular insufficiency

Andelman S.J.; Else J.G.; Hearn J.P.; Hodges J.K., 1985: The noninvasive monitoring of reproductive events in wild vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops using urinary pregnanediol 3 alpha glucuronide and its correlation with behavioral observations

Phelan J.P.; Boucher M.; Mueller E.; Mccart D.; Horenstein J.; Clark S.L., 1986: The nonlaboring transverse lie a management dilemma

Mow, V. C.; Mansour, J. M., 1977: The nonlinear interaction between cartilage deformation and interstitial fluid flow

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Victor J.D.; Shapley R.M., 1979: The nonlinear pathway of y ganglion cells in the cat retina

Ferry, J. J.; Wagner, J. G., 1987: The nonlinear pharmacokinetics of prednisone and prednisolone ii. plasma protein binding of prednisone and prednisolone in rabbit and human plasma

Farrell K.W.; Himes R.H.; Jordan M.A.; Wilson L., 1983: The nonlinear relationship between the initial rates of dilution induced micro tubule dis assembly and the initial free subunit concentration

Wintersgill, M. C.; Townsend, P. D., 1978: The nonlinear response of thermo luminescence in lithium fluoride dosimeter material to sequential irradiations at different dose rates

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Abrams P.A., 1987: The nonlinearity of competitive effects in models of competition for essential resources

Hinz, B.; Seidel, H., 1987: The nonlinearity of the human body's dynamic response during sinusoidal whole body vibration

Makris A.; Ryan K.J.; Yasumizu T.; Hill C.L.; Zetter B.R., 1984: The nonluteal porcine ovary as a source of angiogenic activity

Saumande J.; Chupin D., 1981: The nonluteolytic effect of prostaglandin f 2 alpha at the beginning of the bovine estrous cycle the role of estrogen

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Soueif M.I.; Darweesh Z.A.; Hannourah M.A.; El Sayed A.M., 1982: The nonmedical use of psychoactive substances by male technical school students in greater cairo egypt an epidemiological study

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Macko J.K.; Birova V.; Breza M., 1982: The nonmorphological variability of adolescariae of fasciola hepatica

Shahin, M. M., 1976: The nonmutagenicity and nonrecombinogenicity of vinyl chloride in the absence of metabolic activation

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Bauer, S. B.; Retik, A. B., 1978: The nonobstructive ectopic ureterocele

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Wagget, J.; Johnson, D. G.; Borns, P.; Bishop, H. C., 1970: The nonoperative treatment of meconium ileus by gastrografin enema

Fedorenko B.S.; Smirnova O.A., 1987: The nonparametric method used to determine relative biological effectiveness coefficients of accelerated charged particles by the incidence of neoplasms in rats

Hu K., 1985: The nonparametric tests for paired data signed test and signed rank sum test

Doble, A.; Fox, A.; Glynn, L. E.; Kingston, D., 1975: The nonpassage of mycobacteria from freunds complete adjuvant granuloma depots to arthritis joints

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Rutledge, J. T., 1980: The nonphotic induction of spermatogenic development in european starlings sturnus vulgaris

Bodaness, R. S., 1984: The nonphotosensitized potentiation by the photo sensitizer hemato porphyrin of the horseradish per oxidase catalyzed ec hydrogen per oxide mediated oxidation of nadph to nadp

Kolaskar, A. S.; Sarathy, K. P., 1980: The nonplanar peptide unit 4. geometry and nonplanar distortions of the cis peptide unit

Fleming, P. J.; Strittmatter, P., 1978: The nonpolar peptide segment of cytochrome b 5 binding to phospho lipid vesicles and identification of the fluorescent tryptophanyl residue

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Olds Clarke P., 1983: The nonprogressive motility of sperm populations from mice with a t w 32 haplotype

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Winer J.A., 1984: The nonpyramidal cells in layer iii of cat primary auditory cortex

Lichina M.V.; Shugalii A.V.; Fonarev A.B.; Zhivotovskii B.D.; Khanson K.P.; Todorov I.N., 1982: The nonrandom character of the fraction distribution of di bromoethyl acetate modified zajdela hepatoma dna regions with varying guanine cytosine content

Camenzind, R.; Nicklas, R. B., 1968: The nonrandom chromosome segregation in spermatocytes of gryllotalpa hexadactyla a micro manipulation analysis

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Brogger, A.; Ardito, G.; Chiarelli, B., 1977: The nonrandom distribution of the human chromosomes at metaphase part 1 possible interrelation among the homologous chromosomes 1 2 3 21 and 22 and other chromosomes in normal human metaphase plates

Chock D.P., 1982: The nonrandomness of high pollution days

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Dahlback, M.; Bergstrand, H.; Pauwels, R.; Bazin, H., 1983: The nonspecific enhancement of allergy 3. precipitation of bronchial anaphylactic reactivity in primed rats by injection of alum or bordetella pertussis vaccine relation of response capacity to immuno globulin e and immuno globulin g 2a antibody levels

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