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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6727

Chapter 6727 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Murin, A.; Vachova, M., 1978:
The number of nucleoli as a supplementary characteristic of karyotypes

Terekhov S.M.; Sozanskii O.A.; Getsadze K.A., 1984:
The number of nucleoli as index of proliferative activity of cells in vitro

Mori A.; Oda T.; Fujita K.; Ueda M.; Kurokawa K., 1982:
The number of ommatidia of females in culex pipiens pallens and culex pipiens molestus under various temperatures

Kugler, J.; Orion, T.; Ishay, J., 1976:
The number of ovarioles in the vespinae hymenoptera

Kawauchi S E., 1981:
The number of oviposition hatchability and the term of oviposition of propylea japonica coleoptera coccinellidae under different food conditions

Gaffney P.M., 1980:
The number of patella spp in southwest england uk

Jurvelius J.; Lindem T.; Louhimo J., 1984:
The number of pelagic fish in lake paasivesi finland monitored by hydroacoustic methods

Towey, P.; Jinks, J.L., 1976:
The number of phenotypes among the conditioned lines of nicotiana rustica

Monakhova O.F.; Chetverikov A.G.; Kislyakova T.E., 1987:
The number of photosystem reaction centers and the size of photosynthetic units in phylogenetically old species

Surdacki Z.; Stasiak A.; Piechowska M., 1984:
The number of piglets born and reared in the first litter and the later fertility of pulawski sows

Namai H.; Kato H., 1987:
The number of pollen grains deposited upon a pistil assuring seed setting of male sterile seed parent in rice oryza sativa l

Duncan K.W., 1987:
The number of possible color band combinations for use in bird banding or marking

Tateno K.; Kikuchi K., 1981:
The number of puddling and growth of transplanted rice seedlings

Holldobler, B.; Wilson, E.O., 1977:
The number of queens an important trait in ant evolution

Dipasquale, A.; Mcguire, J.; Varga, J.M., 1977:
The number of receptors for beta melanocyte stimulating hormone in cloudman melanoma cells is increased by di butyryl cyclic amp or cholera toxin

Rodgers, G.M.; Broze, G.J.; Shuman, M.A., 1984:
The number of receptors for factor VII correlates with the ability of cultured cells to initiate coagulation

D.Wachter R., 1981:
The number of repeats expected in random nucleic acid sequences and found in genes

Remizova, I.V., 1987:
The number of reticulocytes and reticulocytograms of rat peripheral blood at early times following nonuniform partial x irradiation

Fedorenko G.M.; Gusatinskii V.N.; Fel'dman G.L., 1983:
The number of ribosomes in the satellite glia and neuro glial relations in the cat cortex in the wakefulness sleep cycle

Holewijn M.; Plantinga P.; Woittiez R.D.; Huijing P.A., 1984:
The number of sarcomeres and architecture of the gastrocnemius muscle of the rat

Schmalbruch, H.; Hellhammer, U., 1976:
The number of satellite cells in normal human muscle

Emel'yanov A.F.; Kuznetsova V.G., 1983:
The number of seminal follicles as a phylogenetic and taxonomic feature in the dictyopharidae homoptera and other leafhoppers

Das B.C.; Rani R.; Mitra A.B.; Luthra U.K., 1986:
The number of silver staining nucleolar organizer regions ribosomal dna in lymphocytes of newborns and its relationship to human development

Lapidus, I.L.; Nasonova, E.A., 1988:
The number of sister chromatid exchanges and the survival rate of chinese hamster v79 4 cells after irradiation with 0.7 mev neutrons

Crossland J., 1980:
The number of snapper chrysophrys auratus in the hauraki gulf new zealand based on egg surveys in 1974 1975 and 1975 1976

Erlij, D.; Grinstein, S., 1976:
The number of sodium ion pumping sites in skeletal muscle and its modification by insulin

Bock W.J.; Farrand J.Jr, 1980:
The number of species and genera of recent birds a contribution to comparative systematics

Daget, P., 1975 :
The number of species in a sampling unit and its model

Daget, P., 1978:
The number of species in sampling units of increasing size

Hirao K.; Shimano M., 1981:
The number of spermatozoa in different sites of the epididymis of boars

Feldman M.W.; Libermann U., 1979:
The number of stable equilibria and the simultaneous stability of fixation and polymorphism in 2 locus models

Penning, T.M.; Westbrook, E.M.; Talalay, P., 1980:
The number of steroid binding sites of delta 5 3 oxo steroid isomerase ec

Teipel, J.W.; Hill, R.L., 1968:
The number of substrate binding and inhibitor binding sites of enz fumarase swine heart muscle inst spectrophotometry

Sargent P.B., 1983:
The number of synaptic boutons terminating on xenopus laevis cardiac ganglion cells is directly correlated with cell size

Lourenco W.R.; Bastos E.K., 1983:
The number of teeth of the pectines as a variable character in centruroides margaritatus scorpiones buthidae

Cierny G.; Ruttkayova Nedecka E.; Osvaldova M., 1980:
The number of tigrolytically altered moto neurons following neurotomies of some nerves

Rodnina M.V.; Semenkov Y.G., 1987:
The number of transfer rna binding sites on 80s ribosomes and their subunits

Baker, C.A.; Hendrickx, A.G., 1977 :
The number of umbilical vessels in the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)

de Beer Kaufman, P., 1977:
The number of vertebrae in the Southern African Negro, the American Negro and the Bushman (San)

Pavlov, D.S.; Sbikin-Yu, N., 1978:
The number of visual orienting points and their effect on the manifestation of rheo reaction in fish

Rusanov G.M., 1985:
The number of waterfowl during flights in natural grasslands of the lower reaches of the delta and offshore near the mouth of the volga river 1968 1980 russian sfsr ussr

Tikhonov V.I., 1984:
The number of yellowfin sole limanda aspera pleuronectidae

Gemmell R.T.; Walker M.T.; Johnston G.; Cepon G., 1984:
The number of young present in sequential litters of the marsupial bandicoot isoodon macrourus in captivity

W.J.; L.J.; Xiao Y., 1980:
The number size and distribution of ganglion cells in the retina of the pond frog rana nigromaculata

Yoshida, H.; Kuriyama, K., 1986:
The numbers 1 to 5 in the development of children's number concepts

W.Q.; L.J.; Xiao Y., 1981:
The numbers and diameter spectra of fibers in the optic nerve of bats pipistrellus abramus

Salmon D.G., 1988:
The numbers and distribution of scaup aythya marila in britain and ireland

Chapman, R.F.; Thomas, J.G., 1978:
The numbers and distribution of sensilla on the mouth parts of acridoidea

Pontin, A.J., 1978:
The numbers and distribution of subterranean aphids and their exploitation by the ant lasius flavus

Samigullin G.M., 1987:
The numbers and distribution of the gallinaceae in orenburg oblast russian sfsr ussr

Barnes R.F.W.; Douglas Hamilton I., 1982:
The numbers and distribution patterns of large mammals in the ruaha rungwa area of southern tanzania

Shuntov V.P., 1986:
The numbers and the regularities of the quantitative distribution of sea birds in the sea of okhotsk russian sfsr ussr in autumn

Adeyemi, O.; Dipeolu, O.O., 1984:
The numbers and varieties of bacteria carried by filth flies in sanitary and unsanitary city area

Williams M., 1986:
The numbers of auckland island teal

Lee D H.; Kim S M., 1984:
The numbers of mast cells in cancer of the stomach

Umeche N., 1983:
The numbers of naegleria spp in michigan usa soils and litters

Sephton D.H.; Hynes H.B.N., 1982:
The numbers of nymphal instars of several australian plecoptera

Sagardoy M.A., 1981:
The numbers of rhizobium meliloti and other soil bacteria as influenced by soil aggregate sizes

Sagardoy M.A., 1981:
The numbers of rhizobium meliloti and other soil microorganisms as influenced by soil depth

Berndtson, W.E.; Igboeli, G.; Parker, W.G., 1987:
The numbers of Sertoli cells in mature Holstein bulls and their relationship to quantitative aspects of spermatogenesis

Carter D.A.; Lisney S.J.W., 1987:
The numbers of unmyelinated and myelinated axons in normal and regenerated rat saphenous nerves

Kawata S I.; Morita S.; Yamazaki K., 1979:
The numbers of vessels and sieve tubes in crown roots of rice plants

Murray P.M.; Feest A.; Madelin M.F., 1985:
The numbers of viable myxomycete cells in the alimentary tracts of earthworms and in earthworm casts

Stark M.A., 1986:
The numbers seasonal distribution patterns densities and biomass of the large herbivores benoue national park cameroon

Wastell D.G.; Gray R., 1987:
The numerical approach to classification a medical application to develop a typology for facial pain

Marvan P., 1982:
The numerical approach to the taxonomy of chlorococcal algae

Bibbo, M.; Bartels, P.H.; Chen, M.; Harris, M.J.; Truttmann, B.; Wied, G.L., 1976:
The numerical composition of cellular samples from the female reproductive tract part 2 cases with invasive squamous carcinoma of uterine cervix

Bibbo, M.; Bartels, P.H.; Chen, M.; Harris, M.J.; Truttmann, B.; Wied, G.L., 1976:
The numerical composition of cellular samples from the female reproductive tract part 3 cases with mild and moderate dysplasia of uterine cervix

Bibbo, M.; Bartels, P.H.; Chen, M.; Harris, M.J.; Truttmann, B.; Weid, G.L., 1978:
The numerical composition of cellular samples from the female reproductive tract part 5 cell cluster patterns in cases of invasive squamous carcinoma of uterine cervix

M.Y.; Jin L., 1987:
The numerical distribution of the red crowned crane in sanjiang plain area of heilongjiang province china

Voss, K., 1978:
The numerical evaluation of distributions of sectional areas part 3

Sidjabat, M.M., 1978:
The numerical modeling of tides in a shallow semi enclosed basin by a modified elliptic model

Bramley J.S.; Dennis S.C.R., 1984:
The numerical solution of 2 dimensional flow in a branching channel

Yom Tov Y.; Ilani G., 1987:
The numerical status of gazella dorcas and gazella gazella in the southern negev desert israel

Takano, K., 1976:
The numerical study on the effect of a thermal pollution on the general circulation in an ocean

Kertesz A.; Phipps J., 1980:
The numerical taxonomy of acute and chronic aphasic syndromes

H.C.C.; Crovello T.J.; Sokal R.R., 1985:
The numerical taxonomy of some species of populus based only on vegetative characters

Blanc F.; Calmet D.; Andrade F., 1979:
The numerical treatment of time related variables in marine ecology

Barber, C.; Eylan, E., 1979:
The numerous common antigens of enterobacteriaceae

Altenkirch W., 1986:
The nun moth lymantria monacha in northwestern germany in 1977 to 1980

Holzschuh C., 1986:
The nupserha spp of nepal cerambycidae coleoptera

Grichanov I.Ya, 1983:
The nuptial behavior of the cotton bollworm heliothis armigera

Heck K.L.Jr; Thoman T.A., 1984:
The nursery role of seagrass meadows in the upper and lower reaches of the chesapeake bay usa

Overall J.E.; Rhoades H.M.; Moreschi E., 1986:
The nurses evaluation rating scale

Pegel'man, S.G.; Milyutin, A.I., 1976:
The nursing of the young of other species by murids

Fraser, D., 1976:
The nursing posture of domestic sows and related behavior

Kay R.F., 1981:
The nutcrackers a new theory of the adaptations of the ramapithecinae

Jordan C.F., 1982:
The nutrient balance of an amazonian rain forest

Dennington, V.N.; Chadwick, M.J., 1978:
The nutrient budget of colliery spoil tip sites part 1 nutrient input in rainfall and nutrient losses in surface runoff

Liddle M.J.; Chitty L.D., 1981:
The nutrient budget of horse tracks on an english lowland heath

Zaiss U., 1984:
The nutrient budget of lake bostalsee saarland with particular reference to phosphorus and nitrogen

Lawal R.O.; Bassir O., 1987:
The nutrient composition of the afon diet nigerian cooked testa free seeds prepared from the fruit of treculia africana

Wenlock R.W., 1982:
The nutrient content of uk wheat flours 1957 1980

Manokaran N., 1980:
The nutrient contents of precipitation throughfall and stem flow in a lowland tropical rain forest in peninsular malaysia

Work Group Short Rotation For, 1979:
The nutrient contents of young acacia plantations research note

Escudero A.; Garcia B.; Gomez J.M.; Luis E., 1985:
The nutrient cycling in quercus rotundifolia and quercus pyrenaica ecosystems dehesas of spain

Cheng B.; Ding G.; X.G.; Zhang Y., 1987:
The nutrient cycling in the korean pine broadleaved forest of the changbai mountains china

Hayward T.L., 1987:
The nutrient distribution and primary production in the central north pacific

Emmans, G.C., 1977:
The nutrient intake of laying hens given a choice of diets in relation to their production requirements

Thakur R.S.; Samra J.S.; Chadha K.L., 1981:
The nutrient levels in fruiting and nonfruiting terminals of 3 mango mangifera indica cultivars

Gibbs C.F.; Tomczak M.Jr; Longmore A.R., 1986:
The nutrient regime of bass strait australia

Dufour P.; Lemasson L., 1985:
The nutrient regime of the ebrie coastal tropical lagoon ivory coast

Viell B., 1983:
The nutrient requirements of the liverwort riella helicophylla

Trivedi B.K.; Mishra G.P., 1985:
The nutrient status of grassland ecosystem of jhansi india

Shi, W.; Hsu, M.; Liu, Z., 1987:
The nutrient status of soil root interface iv. study on sample preparation procedure for electron microprobe and its applications

Ekanade O., 1988:
The nutrient status of soils under peasant cocoa farms of varying ages in southwestern nigeria

Emmerson W.D.; Erasmus T., 1987:
The nutrient status of the kromme river estuary south africa

Emmerson W.D., 1985:
The nutrient status of the swartkops river estuary eastern cape south africa

Werdel J.M.; Bondy S.C., 1984:
The nutrient supply of the chick visual system responses to form and light deprivation

Barnes K.E., 1986:
The nutrient value of pureed foods relevance to the elderly in institutions

Congdon, R.A.; Mccomb, A.J., 1976:
The nutrients and plants of lake joondalup australia a mildly eutrophic lake experiencing large seasonal changes in volume

Adamic F., 1980:
The nutrition and deficiency of micro nutrients in olive orchards along the beach of slovenia istria yugoslavia

Herzig-Straschil, B., 1976:
The nutrition and feeding habits of the european ground squirrel

Cho, Y.S.; Lim, H.S., 1986:
The nutrition and health survey of aged people in a rural area i. relationship between the food habit and the health responses to the todai health index

Cho, Y.S.; Lim, H.S., 1986:
The nutrition and health survey of aged people in a rural area ii. anthropometry blood pressure blood constituents diseases and obesity rate

E.S.rafy A.M.; Amin S.O.; Kotby S.A.; Metwally H.M., 1980:
The nutrition and management of indigenous rabbits effect of dietary crude fiber on growth performance and carcass measurements

Amin S.O.; Kotby S.A.; E.S.rafy A.M.; Metwally H.M., 1980:
The nutrition and management of indigenous rabbits effect of thyroxine and cortisone injection on pregnant mammary and pituitary glands and growth of the young

Reszczyk, W.; Klossowski, W., 1973:
The nutrition level of iron boron manganese and copper in the apple trees of 3 fruit growing regions of poland

Klossowski, W., 1973:
The nutrition level of raspberry plantings in poland

Khripounoff, A.; Sibuet, M., 1980:
The nutrition of abyssal echinoderms 1. feeding of holothuroids

Cates, M.B.; Schroeder, J.P., 1986:
The nutrition of acclimated vs. newly captured tursiops truncatus

Auclair J.L., 1986:
The nutrition of aphids and in particular of acyrthosiphon pisum harris in relation to their host plants

Yaacob O.; Kamal A.J.M., 1983:
The nutrition of cashew anacardium occidentale on the sandy soils of malaysia

Champ, P.; Pourriot, R., 1977:
The nutrition of fresh water planktonic cladocera

Hocking P.J., 1982:
The nutrition of fruits of 2 proteaceous shrubs grevillea wilsonii and hakea undulata from southwestern australia

Levieux, J., 1979:
The nutrition of granivorous ants 3. cycle of activity and diet of brachyponera senaarensis hymenoptera formicidae ponerinae in the rainy season seasonal variations

Levieux, J., 1979:
The nutrition of granivorous ants 4. cycle of activity and diet of messor galla and messor regalis in the rainy season seasonal varieties

Levieux, J.; Diomande, T., 1978:
The nutrition of granivorous ants part 1 cycle of activity and diet of messor galla and messor regalis hymenoptera formicidae

Levieux, J.; Diomande, T., 1978:
The nutrition of granivorous ants part 2 cycle of activity and diet of brachyponera senaarensis hymenoptera formicidae

Bogdanova, G.O., 1976:
The nutrition of lizards lacerta derjugini in the krasnodar krai russian sfsr ussr

Dellown, D.W., 1982:
The nutrition of macropodine marsupials 3. the flow of digesta through the stomach and intestine of macropodines and sheep

Dellow, D.W.; Hume, I.D., 1982:
The nutrition of macropodine marsupials 4. digestion in the stomach and the intestine of macropus giganteus thylogale thetis and macropus eugenii

Siregar, A.P.; Cumming, R.B.; Farrell, D.J., 1982:
The nutrition of meat type ducks 1. the effects of dietary protein in iso energetic diets on biological performance

Siregar, A.P.; Cumming, R.B.; Farrell, D.J., 1982:
The nutrition of meat type ducks 2. the effects of variation in the energy and protein contents of diets on biological performance and carcass characteristics

Siregar, A.P.; Cumming, R.B.; Farrell, D.J., 1982:
The nutrition of meat type ducks 3. the effects of fiber on biological performance and carcass characteristics

Richter G., 1981:
The nutrition of messelobunodon schaeferi mammalia artiodactyla

Van Erp Baart A.M.J.; Saris W.H.M.; Vos J.A.; Brinkhorst R.A., 1982:
The nutrition of middle and long distance runners

Soldo, A.T.; Merlin, E.J., 1977:
The nutrition of parauronema acutum

Laurence R.C.N., 1982:
The nutrition of peanuts arachis hypogaea on cockatoo sands of the ord river valley australia

Bonilla, J., 1976:
The nutrition of promising forest species for northeastern argentina and the applicable statistical designs and analyses

Swanberg N.R.; Anderson O.R., 1985:
The nutrition of radiolarians trophic activity of some solitary spumellaria

Popovska-Stankovic, O., 1977:
The nutrition of roach rutilus rutilus dojranensis from dojran lake

Langlands, J.P.; Holmes, C.R., 1978:
The nutrition of ruminants grazing native and improved pastures part 1 seasonal variation in the diet selected by grazing sheep and cattle

Langlands, J.P.; Donald, G.E., 1978:
The nutrition of ruminants grazing native and improved pastures part 2 responses of grazing cattle to molasses and urea supplementation

Langlands, J.P.; Cohen, R.D.H., 1978:
The nutrition of ruminants grazing native and improved pastures part 3 mineral composition of bones and selected organs from grazing cattle

Langlands J.P.; Bowles J.E.; Donald G.E., 1979:
The nutrition of ruminants grazing native and improved pastures part 4 long term effects of the quantity of super phosphate applied on the nutritive value of the diet

Henning W.P.; Barnard H.H., 1982:
The nutrition of sheep on dohne sour veld south africa

Mikuska, J.; Pancic, S.; Pivar, G., 1984:
The nutrition of the barn owl tyto alba scop. 1969 of eastern slavonia yugoslavia with special respect to the distribution of small animals

Pilyavskii, B.R., 1976:
The nutrition of the european ground vole in the highlands of the soviet carpathians ukrainian ssr ussr

Bruno, S.F.; Mclaughlin, J.J.A., 1977:
The nutrition of the fresh water dinoflagellate ceratium hirundinella

Bienfait, J.M.; Nicks, B., 1976:
The nutrition of the new born calf

Naylor, J.M., 1977:
The nutrition of the sick horse

Roy, J.H.B.; Stobo, I.J.F.; Gaston, H.J.; Greatorex, J.C., 1970:
The nutrition of the veal calf part 2 the effect of different levels of protein and fat in milk substitute diets

Roy, J.H.B.; Stobo, I.J.F.; Gaston, H.J., 1970:
The nutrition of the veal calf part 3 a comparison of liquid skim milk with a diet of reconstituted spray dried skim milk powder containing 20 percent margarine fat

Levieux, J., 1977:
The nutrition of tropical ants part 5 modes of exploitation of the resources of the community

Riess, W., 1976:
The nutrition spectrum of young birds of 2 hedge areas in the nature park hoher vogelsberg with analysis of the weight of arthropods fed

Mbugua S.K., 1987:
The nutritional and fermentation characteristics of uji produced from dry milled maize flour unga baridi and whole wet milled maize

Stagg, G.V.; Millin, D.J., 1975:
The nutritional and therapeutic value of tea a review

Hanley T.A., 1982:
The nutritional basis for food selection by ungulates

Thiesmeier B., 1982:
The nutritional biology of larvae of the fire salamander salamandra salamandra amphibia caudata salamandridae

Fachbach, G.; Kolossa, I.; Ortner, A., 1975:
The nutritional biology of salamandra salamandra salamandra and salamandra atra caudata salamandridae

Schroeder P., 1980:
The nutritional biology of the larvae of odagmia ornata diptera simuliidae

Schroeder, P., 1980:
The nutritional biology of the larvae of odagmia ornata diptera simuliidae 1. the filtering activity as influenced by current velocity water temperature and food concentration

Kinnear J.E.; Cockson A.; Christensen P.; Main A.R., 1979:
The nutritional biology of the ruminants and ruminant like mammals a new approach

Navarro M.P.; Jimenez P.; Varela G., 1984:
The nutritional characteristics of the hansenula anomala yeast as a protein source for adult animals

Landau M., 1985:
The nutritional chemistry of large and small shrimp penaeus stylirostris reared in an aquaculture waste water system

Landau M.; Riehm J.P., 1985:
The nutritional chemistry of the decapsulated cysts of 4 geographical strains of the brine shrimp artemia salina

Cherikoff, V.; Brand, J.C.; Truswell, A.S., 1985:
The nutritional composition of australian aboriginal bushfoods 2. animal foods

Brand, J.C.; Cherikoff, V.; Truswell, A.S., 1985:
The nutritional composition of australian aboriginal bushfoods 3. seeds and nuts

Liaw, K.Y.; Lei, H.S.; Wei, T.C., 1984:
The nutritional consequence of gastric and pancreatic surgery

Gilinsky N.H.; Elliot M.S.; Price S.K.; Wright J.P., 1986:
The nutritional consequences and neoplastic potential of juvenile polyposis coli

Mbagwu, I.G.; Adeniji, H.A., 1988:
The nutritional content of duckweed lemna paucicostata hegelm. in the kainji lake area nigeria

Duggan, M.B.; Alwar, J.; Milner, R.D., 1986:
The nutritional cost of measles in Africa

Benzing D.H.; Renfrow A., 1980:
The nutritional dynamics of tillandsia circinnata in southern florida usa and the origin of the air plant strategy

Price, M.R.S., 1978:
The nutritional ecology of cokes hartebeest alcelaphus buselaphus cokei in kenya

Barko J.W.; Smart R.M., 1979:
The nutritional ecology of cyperus esculentus an emergent aquatic plant grown on different sediments

Lawson D.L.; Merritt R.W.; Martin M.M.; Martin J.S.; Kukor J.J., 1984:
The nutritional ecology of larvae of alsophila pometaria and anisota senatoria feeding on early season and late season oak foliage

Burgstaller G.; Koch G., 1985:
The nutritional effects of triticale

Boisselot-Lefebvres, J.; Ballue-Gerbaud, D.; Adrian, J., 1978:
The nutritional efficiency of niacin in presence of leucine

Ohshima M.; Ueda H., 1983:
The nutritional evaluation of bakers yeast grown on oats leaf brown juice left after the separation of leaf protein concentrate in rats chicks and pigs

Coon C.N.; Shepler R.; Mcfarland D.; Nordheim J., 1979:
The nutritional evaluation of barley selections and cultivars from washington state usa

Stafford E.A.; Tacon A.G.J., 1985:
The nutritional evaluation of dried earthworm meal eisenia foetida included at low levels in production diets for rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Shariff G.; Vohra P.; Qualset C.O., 1981:
The nutritional evaluation of wheat triticum aestivum triticale and rice grains using the red flour beetle tribolium castaneum

Avellone S.; Caico V.; Marrone A.; Torre R., 1980:
The nutritional habits of young school boys in the trapani area italy

Hijazi S.S.; Abdulatiff D., 1986 :
The nutritional impact of school feeding program in mafraq area jordan

Hijazi S.S.; Abdul Latif D.I., 1981:
The nutritional impact of the school feeding program in the mafraq area jordan

Kakulas B., 1983:
The nutritional myopathy of the quokka setonix brachyurus as a model for research in muscular dystrophy

Kubota, S.S.; Endo, M.; Miyazaki, T.; Ohbayashi, T., 1981:
The nutritional myopathy syndrome in cultured fishes 3. a prophylaxis effect of vitamin e on nutritional myopathy in cultured puffers fugu rubripes

Tepteev, A.P.; Smagin, A.M., 1977:
The nutritional patterns of students

Thompson S.N., 1983:
The nutritional physiology of trichoplusia ni parasitized by the insect parasite hyposoter exiguae and the effects of parallel feeding

Caldarone G.; Berlutti G.; Ferrantelli D., 1985:
The nutritional profile of basketball players

Hardy R.W.; Shearer K.D.; Spinelli J., 1984:
The nutritional properties of co dried fish silage in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri dry diets A.; Sotelo A., 1986:
The nutritional quality and toxin content of wild and cultivated lima beans phaseolus lunatus

Pant K.C., 1983:
The nutritional quality of grain amaranths

Gross R.; Schoneberger H.; Gross U.; Lorenzen H., 1982 :
The nutritional quality of scenedesmus acutus produced in a semi industrial plant in peru

Egum B.; Gullord M., 1983:
The nutritional quality of some oat varieties cultivated in norway

Khan, M.A.; Eggum, B.O., 1979:
The nutritional quality of some Pakistani wheat varieties

Fowden, A.L.; Harding, R.; Ralph, M.M.; Thorburn, G.D., 1987:
The nutritional regulation of plasma prostaglandin E concentrations in the fetus and pregnant ewe during late gestation

Horrobin D.F.; Manku M.S.; Oka M.; Morgan H.O.; Cunnane S.C.; Ally A.L.; Ghayur T.; Schweitzer M.; Karmali R.A., 1979:
The nutritional regulation of thymus derived lymphocyte function

Hollingsworth, M.J.; Burcombe, J.V., 1970:
The nutritional requirements for longevity in drosophila

Rama Pandu S.; Appa Rao A., 1982:
The nutritional requirements of cercospora arachidicola

Gadgil, R.L., 1971:
The nutritional role of lupinus arboreus d in coastal sand dune forestry part 1 the potential influence of undamaged lupin d plants on nitrogen uptake by pinus radiata g

Gadgil, R.L., 1971:
The nutritional role of lupinus arboreus d in coastal sand dune forestry part 2 the potential influence of damaged lupine d plants on nitrogen uptake by pinus radiata g

Gadgil, R.L., 1971:
The nutritional role of lupinus arboreus d in coastal sand dune forestry part 3 nitrogen distribution in the ecosystem before tree planting

Gadgil, R.L., 1979:
The nutritional role of lupinus arboreus in coastal sand dune forestry 4. nitrogen distribution in the ecosystem for the 1st 5 years after tree planting

Labarca, C.; Loewus, F., 1972:
The nutritional role of pistil exudate in pollen tube wall formation in lilium longiflorum part 1 utilization of injected stigmatic exudate

Labarca, C.; Loewus, F., 1973:
The nutritional role of pistil exudate in pollen tube wall formation in lilium longiflorum part 2 production and utilization of exudate from stigma and stylar canal

Shrimpton R.; Franca T.S.; Rocha Y.R.; Golden M.H.N., 1983:
The nutritional state in amazonia in relation to the low ingestion of zinc

Benzing, D.H., 1978:
The nutritional status of 3 encyclia tampensis orchidaceae populations in southern florida usa as compared with that of tillandsia circinnata bromeliaceae

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The observation of the inner ear of the rat feeding hyperlipid food

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The observation on the epithelium in the olfactory sac of teleosts

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The obtaining of auto di ploid barley lines using ha ploids from the cross hordeum vulgare x hordeum bulbosum sexual hybrid

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The obtention of vegetable culture mutations with floral male sterility

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The occasional need for myomectomy

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The occlusal topographic contact method for the assessment of occlusal contacts

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The occlusion of longitudinal wounds on the stem of larix decidua and picea abies

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The occult and clinically suspected testicular tumor

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The occult tethered conus syndrome in the adult

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The occupation of artificial burrows by helice tridens de haan and the length of its stay

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The occupation of blockman in the surface mine rail transport

Vojacek M., 1987:
The occupation of driver of an electric locomotive in the surface mine transport

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The occupation of small islands by passerine birds

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The occupational aptitude in mental disorders

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The occupational environment and pregnancy occupational medical advice to pregnant women in occupational environments with potentially high risk

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The occupational hazards of formulating oral contraceptives a survey of plant employees

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The occupational meaning of smell

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The occupational success of visually handicapped adolescents in the 1st year after leaving school for the partially seeing

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The occupational treatment in colles fractures

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The occurrence and abundance of the green alga pithophora oedogonia in paddy fields subjected to different fertilizer treatments

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The occurrence and activity of epithiospecifier protein in some cruciferae seeds

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The occurrence and behavior of b chromosomes in astranthium integrifolium compositae

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The occurrence and distribution of noteworthy vascular plants in the truper blaenken near lilienthal west germany

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The occurrence and distribution of the long tailed field mouse apodemus agrarius in east germany

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The occurrence and duration of molting in tengmalms owl aegolius funereus and the short eared owl asio flammeus

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The occurrence and duration of weak near surface winds at melbourne australia

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The occurrence and effects of armillaria luteobubalina in the karri eucalyptus diversicolor f. muell. forests of western australia

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The occurrence and geological significance of charophyte gyrogonites from the slippery rock formation maastrichtian central inlier jamaica west indies

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The occurrence and immunology of peptidylarginine deiminase and its preparation from bovine epidermis by an improved method

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Lou-Chun-Tang-Brigade ; Res-Group-Bur-Agric-For ; Rev-Comm-Yung-Ching-Cty-Hopei-Inst-Plant-Protect-Soil-Fert ; Lou-Chun-Tang-Exp-Stn, 1976:
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The occurrence and photosynthetic activity of epiphytes on the tips of nitella opaca ag. charophyceae

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The occurrence and significance of myelin with unusually large periodicity

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The occurrence and significance to animal health of Leptospira, Mycobacterium, Escherichia coli, Brucella abortus and Bacillus anthracis in sewage and sewage sludges

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The occurrence and some ecological parameters of the moose in poland

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The occurrence and some properties of a spawning inducing substance in the testis of the hydromedusan spirocodon saltatrix

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The occurrence and the course of the marginal artery as the anastomosis of arteries vascularizing the cecum and the colon in man

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The occurrence and the drug prophylaxis of anemia in pigs in industrial pig farming

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The occurrence and toxicity of herbicides in reef building corals

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The occurrence and treatment of bothriocephalosis in the common carp cyprinus carpio in fish ponds with notes on its presence in the largemouth yellowfish barbus kimberleyensis from the vaal dam transvaal south africa

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The occurrence and variation of orodemnias quenseli in sweden lepidoptera arctiidae

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The occurrence and yield reduction of winter wheat affected by cephalosporium stripe disease in hokkaido japan

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The occurrence context and functional significance of aggressive begging behaviors in young american white pelicans

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The occurrence distribution and seasonal periodicity of aquatic fungi as affected by the hydrogen ion concentration in alkaline ponds

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The occurrence importance and characteristics of enteroviruses in poland in the period 1973 1982 1. nonpoliomyelitic enteroviruses

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The occurrence importance and control of longidorus elongatus nematoda dorylaimida in scottish uk strawberry plantations

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The occurrence in a canal of thorea ramosissima sigma for eastern spain

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The occurrence in and actions of amino acids on isolated supra oral sphincter preparations of the sea anemone Actinia equina

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The occurrence in australia of diniella new record hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae rhyparochrominae with re descriptions of 2 species

Woodward, T.E., 1977:
The occurrence in australia of lachnophoroides heteroptera lygaeidae with descriptions of 2 new species

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The occurrence in australia of lamproceps new record hemiptera lygaeidae rhyparochrominae with the description of lamproceps australis new species

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The occurrence in australia of ribautiana ulmi new record l. homoptera cicadellidae typhlocybinae

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The occurrence in australia of the bovine coccidia eimeria bukidnonensis new record and eimeria wyomingensis new record

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The occurrence in denmark of the lichens cladonia sulphurina new record and cladonia deformis

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The occurrence in florida usa of the west indian land snail bulimulus guadalupensis

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The occurrence in mexico of curvularia lunata on sorghum kernels

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The occurrence in poland of helminthosporium pedicellatum new record the imperfect stage of trichometasphaeria pedicellata

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The occurrence in the netherlands of denisia albimaculea denisia augustella and denisia luctuosella lepidoptera oecophoridae

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The occurrence in the U.K. of Listeria species in raw chickens and soft cheeses

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The occurrence in winter of birds of prey in western schleswig holstein

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The occurrence in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae of cytoplasmic granules which resemble microbodies organelles mitochondria inst cyto chemical methods inst electron microscopy

Varndell I.M., 1980:
The occurrence life history and effects of haplosporidium malacobdellae in a new host the monostiliferous hoplonemertean amphiporus lactifloreus

Arthur, A.P., 1978:
The occurrence life history courtship and mating behavior of the sunflower moth homoeosoma electellum lepidoptera phycitidae in the canadian prairie provinces

Pegg, G.F., 1976:
The occurrence of 1 3 beta glucanase ec in healthy and verticillium albo atrum infected resistant and susceptible tomato plants

Schneider, W.P.; Morge, R.A.; Henson, B.E., 1977:
The occurrence of 13 14 di hydro unsaturated prostaglandins in the coral plexaura homomalla synthesis of 13 14 cis prostaglandin e 2 15 acetate methyl ester and the 13 14 cis analogs of prostaglandin f 2 alpha and prostaglandin f 2 beta

Body, D.R.; Hansen, R.P., 1978:
The occurrence of 13 31 carbon branched chain fatty acids in the feces of sheep fed rye grass and of 12 34 carbon normal acids in both the feces and the rye grass

Camburn K.E., 1982:
The occurrence of 13 algal genera previously unreported from kentucky usa

Bailey, C.J.; Averill, I., 1978:
The occurrence of 2 amino ethanol in food hydrolysates

Wujek D.E.; Welling M.L., 1981:
The occurrence of 2 centric diatoms new to the great lakes usa

Jacob J., 1982:
The occurrence of 2 di ester wax types in the uropygial gland secretion of the common kiwi apteryx australis

Suetfeld, R.; Wiermann, R., 1978:
The occurrence of 2 distinct s adenosyl l methionine 3 4 di hydric phenol 3 o methyl transferases in tulip anthers

Giles, N.H.; Partridge, C.W.H.; Ahmed, S.I.; Case, M.E., 1967:
The occurrence of 2 enz dehydro quinases in neurospora crassa 1 constitutive and 1 inducible inst sucrose density gradient centrifugation

Erdelska, O., 1976:
The occurrence of 2 functioning mega spores in the ovules of galanthus nivalis

Reilly P.A.; Tang B.K.; Stewart D.J.; Kalow W., 1983:
The occurrence of 2 hepatic microsomal sites for amo barbital hydroxylation

Aerts J.M.F.G.; Donker Koopman W.E.; Van Der Vliet M.K.; Jonsson L.M.V.; Ginnis E.I.; Murray G.J.; Barranger J.A.; Tager J.M.; Schram A.W., 1985:
The occurrence of 2 immunologically distinguishable beta glucocerebrosidases in human spleen

Gander, J.E.; Marum, P.; Marten, G.C.; Hovin, A.W., 1976:
The occurrence of 2 methyl 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro beta carboline and variation in alkaloids in phalaris arundinacea

Vidler, J.A.G., 1976:
The occurrence of 2 polymorphs of d penicillamine

W.B.; Sun R., 1979:
The occurrence of 2 sabellariid worms in the yellow sea with notes on their larval development

Bryan H., 1979:
The occurrence of 2 species of shrews in central kentucky usa

Stambolova, M.A.; Cox, D.; Mathias, A.P., 1974:
The occurrence of 2 types of dna polymerase activity in the main classes of nuclei obtained from the brains of infant and adult rats

Harris, W.J., 1973:
The occurrence of 2 types of synthesis of dna during normal growth in bacillus subtilis

Sucrow, W.; Slopianka, M.; Kircher, H.W., 1976:
The occurrence of 29 carbon sterols with different configurations at carbon 29 in cucurbita pepo as shown by 270 megahertz nmr

Murray, K.E.; Whitfield, F.B., 1975:
The occurrence of 3 alkyl 2 methoxy pyrazines in raw vegetables

Cowling R.M., 1983:
The occurrence of 3 carbon and 4 carbon pathway grasses in fynbos and allied shrublands in the southeastern cape south africa

Saxena A.K.; Jain S.K.; Saksena S.B., 1982:
The occurrence of 3 new fungal diseases of cultivated plants in india

Takeda T.; Ueno O.; Agata W., 1980:
The occurrence of 4 carbon pathway species in the genus rhynchospora and its significance in kranz anatomy of the cyperaceae

Raghavendra, A.S.; Das, V.S.R., 1978:
The occurrence of 4 carbon photosynthesis a supplementary list of 4 carbon plants reported during late 1974 mid 1977

Gregson R.P.; Marwood J.F.; Quinn R.J., 1981:
The occurrence of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the holothurian pentacters crassa

Brun L.O.; Edge V.E.; Gutierrez J., 1983:
The occurrence of 5 tetranychus spp acari tetranychidae in new caledonia and their responses to acaricides

Muchez P.; Peeters C., 1986:
The occurrence of a cryptalgal reef structure in the upper visean of the vise area the richelle quarries belgium

Pretorius J.; Engelbrecht A.H.P., 1980:
The occurrence of a fungal parasite on a tetraselmis sp prasinophyceae

Canter H.M.; Jaworski G.H.M., 1979:
The occurrence of a hyper sensitive reaction in the planktonic diatom asterionella formosa parasitized by the chytrid rhizophydium planktonicum in culture

Hartmann R.; Jendrsczok C.; Peter M.G., 1987:
The occurrence of a juvenile hormone binding protein and in vitro synthesis of juvenile hormone by the serosa of locusta migratoria embryos

Ahmed, M.; Khan, R.A., 1976:
The occurrence of a larval trematode in populations of the fiddler crab uca lactea decapoda ocypodidae on the coast of karachi pakistan

Kroschwald, P.; Kroschwald, A.; Wiesner, R.; Schewe, T.; Kühn, H., 1986:
The occurrence of a lipoxygenase pathway in reticulocytes of various species

Suzuki, Y.; Murachi, T., 1977:
The occurrence of a neutral protease and its inhibitor in rat peritoneal macrophages

Schmidt K., 1979:
The occurrence of a new type of coryneform bacteria in the b horizon of a brown forest soil

Buczek J., 1984:
The occurrence of a nitrate reductase inactivating factor in extracts of spirodela polyrrhiza

Boda A.; Kallay M.; Czeizel E.; Vizkelety T., 1980:
The occurrence of a pathological femoral fracture in females of the same family

Farnham, W.F.; Fletcher, R.L., 1976:
The occurrence of a porphyrodiscus simulans phase in the life history of ahnfeltia plicata

Indrasith L.S.; Sasaki T.; Yaginuma T.; Yamashita O., 1988:
The occurrence of a premature form of egg specific protein in vitellogenic follicles of bombyx mori

Kuehn J.P.; Klioua R.; Mesbah M.A., 1985:
The occurrence of a proteinuria in diabetic adults is a multifactorial process

Villet M.; Peeters C.P.; Crewe R.M., 1984:
The occurrence of a pygidial gland in 4 genera of ponerine ants hymenoptera formicidae

Jahrmann H.J.; Prillinger H., 1983:
The occurrence of a random yeast stage in the homobasidiomycete asterophora lycoperdoides and its significance for the phylogeny of basidiomycetes

Popkhadze, L.I., 1975:
The occurrence of a representative of the genus kovalevskiella in the maeotian sediments of the abkhazian assr ussr

Grace, E.; Sills, J., 1978:
The occurrence of a ring 18 an accessory bi satellited fragment and trisomy 21 within 1 sibship

Sargent, C., 1976:
The occurrence of a secondary cuticle in libertia elegans iridaceae

Kaleta M., 1984:
The occurrence of a smyrnium perfoliatum on the kamzik hill in the little carpathians czechoslovakia/

Dobberstein, B.; Kiermayer, O., 1972:
The occurrence of a special type of golgi vesicles during secondary wall formation in micrasterias denticulata

Diapoulis A.; Verlaque M.; Huve P.; Boudouresque C.F., 1985:
The occurrence of a species of sarconema solieriaceae rhodophyta in greece

Choate, P.M.; Rogers, T., 1976:
The occurrence of a troglophilic ground beetle in florida usa coleoptera carabidae

Reis E.M.; Santos H.P.D.; Martinelli J.A., 1986:
The occurrence of a white leaf spot caused by pseudocercosporella capselae on rapeseed brassica napus in rio grande do sul brazil

Habuchi, H.; Yamagata, T.; Iwata, H.; Suzuki, S., 1973:
The occurrence of a wide variety of dermatan sulfate chondroitin sulfate co polymers in fibrous cartilage

Benard R.T.F., 1985:
The occurrence of abnormal sperm in the cauda epididymis of rhinolophus capensis mammalia chiroptera

Harris M.J.; Dugger W.M., 1986:
The occurrence of abscisic acid and abscisyl beta d glucopyranoside in developing and mature citrus citrus sinensis fruit as determined by enzyme immunoassay

Buercky, K., 1977:
The occurrence of abscisic acid in anemia phyllitidis schizaeaceae during ripening of spores

Sirgel W.F., 1979:
The occurrence of acanthinula aculeata new record in southern africa mollusca pulmonata valloniidae

Mishra, T.N., 1978 :
The occurrence of acanthocephalus lucii in the fishes of the shropshire union canal cheshire england uk

Hoshino, T.; Oota, Y., 1978:
The occurrence of acetyl choline in lemna gibba

Powers C.F.; Rambo D.L., 1981:
The occurrence of acid precipitation on the west coast of the usa

Addison W.A.; Hammond C.B.; Parker R.T., 1979:
The occurrence of adeno carcinoma in endometriosis of the recto vaginal septum during progestational therapy

Hibbert, J., 1981:
The occurrence of adenoidal signs and symptoms in normal children

Garcia R.; Hagen K.S., 1985:
The occurrence of adult dytiscids in dry waterfowl refuge ponds in california usa coleoptera dytiscidae

Pavelka K.; Vojtisek O.; Kankova D., 1980:
The occurrence of adverse side effects during controlled clinical trials of nonsteroidal anti rheumatic agents

Neilson, A.H., 1978:
The occurrence of aeromonads in activated sludge isolation of aeromonas sobria and its possible confusion with escherichia coli

Olsen M.; Pettersson H.; Sandholm K.; Holmberg T.; Rutqvist L.; Kiessling K H., 1986:
The occurrence of aflatoxin zearalenone and deoxynivalenol in maize imported into sweden

Fukal, L.; Prosek, J.; Sova, Z., 1987:
The occurrence of aflatoxins in peanuts imported into Czechoslovakia for human consumption

Fiumi G., 1983:
The occurrence of aglia tau in romagna italy lepidoptera saturniidae

Goodman R.N.; Butrov D.; Tarbah F., 1987:
The occurrence of agrobacterium tumefaciens in grapevine propagating material and a simplified indexing system

Hasanen E.; Soininen V.; Pyysalo H.; Leppamaki E., 1979:
The occurrence of aliphatic chlorine and bromine compounds in automobile exhaust

Sharan, R.K.; Sinha, A., 1975:
The occurrence of alkaline phosphatase in the mesenteron of the gryllus testaceus

Hladik, A.; Hladik, C.M., 1977:
The occurrence of alkaloids in rain forest plants and its ecological significance preliminary results of a screening survey in gabon

Mester, I., 1977:
The occurrence of alkaloids in rutaceae/

Liefkens W.; Boon J.J.; D.L.euw J.W., 1979:
The occurrence of alkyldiacyl glyceride and alk 1 enyldiacyl glycerides in the lugworm arenicola marina

Mbahinzireki G.B., 1987:
The occurrence of allocreadium mazoensis new record trematoda in haplochromines of lake victoria east central africa

Woodward, T.E., 1977:
The occurrence of almeidini new record hemiptera heteroptera anthocoridae in australia with the description of a new genus

Bieri J.G.; Tolliver T.J., 1981:
The occurrence of alpha tocopherol quinone in rat tissue

Humpherson Jones F.M., 1983:
The occurrence of alternaria brassicicola alternaria brassicae and leptosphaeria maculans in brassica seed crops in southeast england uk 1976 1980

Ohr, H.D.; Pollack, F.G.; Ingber, B.F., 1977:
The occurrence of alternaria macrospora on anoda cristata in mississippi

Zemanek J.; Mikulka J., 1985:
The occurrence of amaranth amaranthus spp populations resistant to atrazine in czechoslovakia

Kemp D.H.; Wilson N., 1979:
The occurrence of amblyomma cyprium cyprium new record acari ixodidae in australia with additional records from the southwest pacific

Pande, H.R.; Harkiss, K.J., 1976:
The occurrence of amino acids in the aerial parts of Antirrhinum majus

Manso, C.L.D.C., 1988:
The occurrence of amphilepis sanmatiensis bernasconi and d'agostino 1975 in the south coast of brazil echinodermata ophiuroidea

Khan, R.S.; Cain, R.F., 1977:
The occurrence of amyloid plugs in the asci of ascotricha erinacea

Bale J.S., 1979:
The occurrence of an adult reproductive diapause in the univoltine life cycle of the beech leaf mining weevil rhynchaenus fagi

Gale R.M.O.; Owens S.J., 1983:
The occurrence of an epicuticular layer on the abaxial surface of petals in tradescantia spp commelinaceae

Kevekordes, K.G.; Mccully, M.E.; Canny, M.J., 1988:
The occurrence of an extended bundle sheath system paraveinal mesophyll in the legumes

Miyawaki, M.; Taketomi, Y., 1978:
The occurrence of an extended peri nuclear space in androgenic gland cells of the crayfish procambarus clarki

Ables, J.R., 1977:
The occurrence of an imported fly parasite tachinaephagus zealandicus in south carolina usa

Nishiura, I.; Tanaka, K.; Yamato, S.; Murachi, T., 1978:
The occurrence of an inhibitor of calcium dependent neutral protease in rat liver

Swegman, B.G., 1978:
The occurrence of an inter sex individual of psychomyia flavida trichoptera

Kinoshita, T.; Saitoh, T.; Shibata, S., 1976:
The occurrence of an iso flavene and the corresponding iso flavone in licorice root

Binder A.; Amtsberg G.; Stock V.; Bisping W., 1984:
The occurrence of anaerobes and clostridia in the fecal flora of clinically healthy pigs and piglets with swine dysentery and nutritive diarrhea

Wendel O.T.; Bennett B., 1981:
The occurrence of analgesia in an animal model of hypertension

Zack P.M.; Ischinger T.; Aker U.T.; Dincer B.; Kennedy H.L., 1984:
The occurrence of angiographically detected intracoronary thrombus in patients with unstable angina pectoris

Asato, R.; Sato, Y.; Otsuru, M., 1978:
The occurrence of angiostrongylus cantonensis in toads and frogs in okinawa prefecture japan

Vargova V., 1985:
The occurrence of anguina agrostis on trisetum flavescens at the levocske luky plant breeding station czechoslovakia

Watling R., 1987:
The occurrence of annulate armillaria species in northern britain uk

Djajasasmita M., 1982:
The occurrence of anodonta woodiana new record pelecypoda unionidae

Crame J.A., 1981:
The occurrence of anopaea bivalvia inoceramidae in the antarctic peninsula

Smith M.J.; Williams W.D., 1981:
The occurrence of antecaridina lauensis crustacea decapoda atyidae in the solomon islands an intriguing bio geographical problem

Myjak P.; Mrozinska W.; Kudrewicz L.; Zwierz C., 1979:
The occurrence of anti entamoeba histolytica antibodies in persons returning from the tropics and in those who did not leave poland

Takimoto T.; Morishita K.; Ishibashi Y.; Kamide F.; Furukawa M.; Umeda R.; Kinoshita K., 1982:
The occurrence of anti nuclear antibodies in patients with head and neck cancer

Rood, J.I.; Buddle, J.R.; Wales, A.J.; Sidhu, R., 1985:
The occurrence of antibiotic resistance in Clostridium perfringens from pigs

Yaziz M.I., 1981:
The occurrence of antibiotic resistant salmonellas in sewage and the effect of primary sedimentation on their numbers

Izui, S.; Lambert, P.H.; Carpentier, N.; Miescher, P.A., 1976:
The occurrence of antibodies against single stranded dna in the sera of patients with acute and chronic leukemia

Ortega-Pierres, G.; Chayen, A.; Clark, N.W.; Parkhouse, R.M., 1984:
The occurrence of antibodies to hidden and exposed determinants of surface antigens of Trichinella spiralis

Hofirek B., 1980:
The occurrence of antibodies to the glyco protein antigen of the virus of enzootic bovine leukosis in a herd affected by the disease

Katchaki J.N.; Van Der Waart M.; Siem T.H.; Brouwer R.; Schuurs A.H.W.M., 1979:
The occurrence of antibody markers of hepatitis b virus infection in a hepatitis b surface antigen negative blood donor population

Vanco B., 1980:
The occurrence of apion virens coleoptera curculionidae in some cultivars of red clover

Wiech K.; Wnuk A., 1987:
The occurrence of apion virens herbst on different white clover cultivars

Brenner, R.R.; Bernasconi, A.M., 1987:
The occurrence of arachidonic acid in Triatoma infestans

Kennedy, J.H., 1977:
The occurrence of archilestes grandis zygoptera lestidae in virginia usa

Meijering M.D.P., 1983:
The occurrence of arctic cladocera with special reference to those along the strait of belle isle quebec labrador newfoundland canada

Readey M.A.; Mcardle E.W.; Koo J.O., 1983:
The occurrence of argentophilic bands virgulenes on the cortical surface of tetrahymena

Fritsch, H.A.R., 1976:
The occurrence of argyrophilic and argentaffin cells in the gut of ciona intestinalis

Grossman, J., 1976:
The occurrence of arrhythmias in hospitalized asthmatic patients

Maher W.A.; Clarke S.M., 1984:
The occurrence of arsenic in selected marine macro algae from 2 coastal areas of south australia

Hysek J.; Tempirova Z., 1986:
The occurrence of ascochyta and didymella on the leaves of cereals in czechoslovakia

Klich, M.A.; Lee, L.S.; Huizar, H.E., 1986:
The occurrence of Aspergillus flavus in vegetative tissue of cotton plants and its relation to seed infection

Zverina J.; Lachman M.; Pondelickova J.; Vanek J., 1987:
The occurrence of atypical sexual experience among various female patient groups

Wollenweber E.; Rehse C.; Dietz V.H., 1981:
The occurrence of aurentiacin and flavokawin b on pityrogramma triangularis var pallida and didymocarpus species

Runco, M.A.; Charlop, M.H.; Schreibman, L., 1986:
The occurrence of autistic children's self stimulation as a function of familiar vs. unfamiliar stimulus conditions

Sulkowski, E.; Laskowski, M.S., 1968:
The occurrence of auto acceleration during hydrolysis of nucleic acids by micrococcal enz nuclease

Bulgakov, R.; Chvojka, L., 1976:
The occurrence of auxins in the old leaves of apple trees

Linden, G.; Raddatz, E., 1977:
The occurrence of avena fatua and avena sterilis ssp ludoviciana in the savanna of bogota colombia

Topper S.M.C.; Koek Noorman J., 1980:
The occurrence of axial latex tubes in the secondary xylem of some species of artocarpus moraceae

Zimmerman W.J., 1982:
The occurrence of azolla in colombia

Ahrens E., 1980:
The occurrence of azotobacter chroococcum in turkish soils

Onder, A.; Jong, K., 1977:
The occurrence of b chromosomes in festuca ovina sensu lato from scotland

Patterson R., 1980:
The occurrence of b chromosomes in linanthus pachyphyllus

Nowacki W., 1981:
The occurrence of b lymphocytes in peripheral blood of healthy cattle and some gynecological obstetric cases

Seenappa M.; Kempton A.G., 1981:
The occurrence of bacillus cereus and other spices of bacillus in indian species of export quality

Milko K.; Knaut T., 1980:
The occurrence of bacillus stearothermophilus inhibiting substances in milk of the gdansk district poland

Badura, L.; Gawlowska, H.; Gorska, B.; Mrozowska, J.; Smylla, A.; Zwolinski, J., 1976:
The occurrence of bacteria actinomycetes and microscopic fungi in forest soil contaminated by industrial emission a comparative study

Kudela V.; Trynerova E., 1987:
The occurrence of bacterial blight in coriander

Greaves, H., 1968:
The occurrence of bacterial decay in copper chrome arsenic disinfect treated wood pinus radiata g

Egerton, J.R.; Merritt, G.C., 1970:
The occurrence of bactericidal antibodies against fusiformis nodosus in sheep serum

Barabasz W., 1981:
The occurrence of bacterio phages in soil bacteria of genera arthrobacter azotobacter and bacillus in selected agrocenoses and grass ecosystems

Macdonald R.M.; Chandler M.R.; Mosse B., 1982:
The occurrence of bacterium like organelles in vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Weik, K.L., 1977:
The occurrence of bangia atropurpurea new record rhodophyceae in illinois waters of lake michigan usa

Kojima M.; Matsubara A.; Yanase S.; Toriyama S., 1983:
The occurrence of barley yellow dwarf disease in japan

Ross G.J.; Ivarson K.C., 1981:
The occurrence of basic iron iii sulfates in some canadian soils

Ireland C.R.; Schwabe W.W.; Coursey D.G., 1981:
The occurrence of batatasins in the dioscoreaceae

Lyon, G.D., 1978:
The occurrence of benomyl tolerance in penicillium spp botrytis cinerea and a gliocladium sp on virus tested narcissus twin scales

Bertrand, P.F.; Saulie-Carter, J.L., 1978:
The occurrence of benomyl tolerant strains of penicillium expansum and botrytis cinerea in the mid columbia region of oregon and washington usa

Werries, E.; Nebinger, P., 1984:
The occurrence of beta amylase ec in entamoeba histolytica

Schliemann W., 1980:
The occurrence of beta glycosidases in phaseolus coccineus

Reznik, H., 1978:
The occurrence of betalamic acid in the order centrospermae

Matsuura T., 1981:
The occurrence of bethylid wasp cephalonomia gallicola with reference to its injuries to man in nagoya japan

Haskins, E.F., 1978:
The occurrence of binary plasmotomy in the proto plasmodium of the white spored echinostelium minutum

Weidlich, W.H.; Teeri, J.A., 1976:
The occurrence of bisporangiate strobili in subalpine black spruce

Braae, L., 1977:
The occurrence of black kites milvus migrans in denmark 1970 1974

Van Banning P., 1980:
The occurrence of black spots in the tongue sole cynoglossus browni due to nematode eggs capillaria spinosa previously described in the shark carcharhinus milberti

Haahtela I.; Lehto J., 1982:
The occurrence of bladder wrack fucus vesiculosus in 1975 1980 in the seili area archipelago sea finland

Svanback G., 1985:
The occurrence of bladder wrack fucus vesiculosus in the quark gulf of bothnia finland according to the observations of fishermen

Rosa Z.M.; Buselato T.C., 1981:
The occurrence of blooming of gyrodinium aureolum dinophyceae on the southern coast of the state of rio grande do sul brazil

Oliveira M.S.B.; Oliveira N.A.; Dainesi M.B.; Cardoso E.J.B.N., 1980:
The occurrence of blue green algae in 2 soil series of piracicaba sao paulo brazil

Zimmerman W.; Metting B.; Rayburn W., 1980:
The occurrence of blue green algae in silt loams of whitman county washington usa

Clarke, K.J.; Pennick, N.C., 1976:
The occurrence of body scales in oxyrrhis marina

Rasheed D.A.; Ravindran C.N., 1980:
The occurrence of bolivinoides decoratus from the ariyalur stage of the trichinopoly cretaceous tamil nadu india

Crespo H.M.; Frean M.; Cresswell C.F.; Tew J., 1979:
The occurrence of both 3 carbon and 4 carbon photosynthetic characteristics in a single zea mays plant

Maia, E.M., 1976:
The occurrence of bothrops bilineatus bilineatus in the city of rio de janeiro brazil

Adam K.D., 1985:
The occurrence of boxtree buxus sempervirens in the travertines of cannstatt a contribution to the knowledge of the middle pleistocene flora of south west germany

Nijssen, H.; De-Groot, S.J., 1976:
The occurrence of brama brama along the coast of the netherlands in 1974 and 1975 pisces perciformes bramidae

Lambeck, R.H.D., 1977:
The occurrence of brent goose branta bernicla subspecies in the dutch wadden sea area during spring 1976

Musil, M.; Leskova, O.; Kleja, S., 1978:
The occurrence of broad bean stain virus in the stands of vetch in slovakia

Chod J.; Jokes M., 1986:
The occurrence of broad bean wilt virus on carrot daucus carota in czechoslovakia

Parusel J.B., 1985:
The occurrence of brown bear ursus arctos in babia gora jalowiec and polica ranges high beskid mountains poland

Diehl J.A.; Luzzardi G.C.; Pierobom C.R., 1982:
The occurrence of brown spot of lupines incited by pleiochaeta setosa in rio grande do sul brazil

Adams, P., 1976:
The occurrence of bryophytes on british salt marshes

Gertsson C A., 1980:
The occurrence of bugs hemiptera heteroptera in strawberry fields in southern sweden

Mitchell-Tapping, H.J., 1978:
The occurrence of caecidae in the miocene of florida usa

Dong, M.; Hoffmann, D.; Locke, D.C.; Ferrand, E., 1977:
The occurrence of caffeine in the air of new york city

Volger, C.; Hesse, C.; Vogt, A., 1972:
The occurrence of calcium oxalate crystals in heterobasidion annosum

Gouvea E.P.D., 1987:
The occurrence of callinectes arcuatus new record ordway 1863 crustacea decapoda portunidae in bahia brazil

Miller I.M.; Scott A.; Gardner I.C., 1984:
The occurrence of calyx nodules in psychotria spp rubiaceae

Rosef O., 1981:
The occurrence of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni and salmonella bacteria in some wild birds

Svedhem A.; Kaijser B.; Sjogren E., 1981:
The occurrence of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni in fresh food and survival under different conditions

Baetza H J.; Ruebsamen S.; Schliesser T., 1983:
The occurrence of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni in mice and guinea pigs in experimental animal establishments

Arumugaswamy R.K.; Proudford R.W., 1987:
The occurrence of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in sydney rock oyster crassostrea commercialis

Piantieri G.; Mamolo G.; Caffarelli A.; Bossi G.; Bignamini M.L.; B.G., 1985:
The occurrence of campylobacter jejuni in chickens

Lavin M., 1986:
The occurrence of canavanine in seeds of the tribe robinieae

Sherry J.P.; Kuchma S.R.; Dutka B.J., 1979:
The occurrence of candida albicans in lake ontario canada bathing beaches

Chin C.S.; Jegathesan M.; Ismail S., 1985:
The occurrence of candida albicans in stools

Ho, Y.M.; Huang, C.T.; Ng, M.H., 1977:
The occurrence of Candida in hospital patients and normal subjects

Thorn L., 1988:
The occurrence of capillary endothelial mitoses in the mesenchyme of the scala tympani during fetal development of the guinea pig

Grimm, R., 1975:
The occurrence of carabus catenatus coleoptera carabidae in wuerttemberg west germany

Michalik S., 1984:
The occurrence of carpathian beechwood and the relative insolation in southern poland

Hoenig J.M.; Walsh A.H., 1982:
The occurrence of cartilage canals in shark vertebrae

Kawai K.; Takahashi H.; Ikuta F.; Tanimura K.; Honda Y.; Yamazaki H., 1987:
The occurrence of catecholamine neurons in a parietal lobe ganglioglioma

Caputa, A., 1978:
The occurrence of catoptria fulgidella new record lepidoptera crambidae in slovakia

Reme C.; Urner U.; Aeberhard B., 1983:
The occurrence of cell death during the remodeling of the chamber angle recess in the developing rat eye

Basile D.V.; Basile M.R., 1987:
The occurrence of cell wall associated arabinogalactan proteins in the hepaticae

Sannia, A.; James, B.L., 1978:
The occurrence of cercaria cerastodermae digenea monorchiidae in populations of cerastoderma edule from the commercial beds of the lower thames estuary england

Kudela, V., 1978:
The occurrence of cercospora zebrina on lucerne medicago sativa

Jesenska Z.; Prandlova N., 1983:
The occurrence of certain species of the family saprolegniaceae in the surface waters of bratislava czechoslovakia

Stepien J.C., 1980:
The occurrence of chaetognaths pteropods and euphausiids in relation to deep flow reversals in the straits of florida usa

Yarwood C.E., 1981:
The occurrence of chalara elegans

Jones, A.T.; Wood, G.A., 1978:
The occurrence of cherry leaf roll virus in red raspberry in new zealand

Powell P.C.; Hartley K.J.; Mustill B.M.; Rennie M., 1983:
The occurrence of chicken fetal antigen after infection with mareks disease virus in 3 strains of chicken

Grabe, S.A.; Alber, J., 1977:
The occurrence of chiridotea almyra isopoda valvifera in the limnetic sector of the lower hudson river usa/

Kouwets F.A.C.; Davids C., 1984:
The occurrence of chironomid imagines in an area near utrecht the netherlands and their relations to water mite larvae

Orpin, C.G., 1977:
The occurrence of chitin in the cell walls of the rumen organisms Neocallimastix frontalis, Piromonas communis and Sphaeromonas communis

Kimura S., 1981:
The occurrence of chitinase in the alimentary canal of the silkworm bombyx mori

Sweet, R.L.; Blankfort-Doyle, M.; Robbie, M.O.; Schacter, J., 1986:
The occurrence of chlamydial and gonococcal salpingitis during the menstrual cycle

Entwistle N.; Owen P.; Patterson D.A.; Jones L.V.; Smith J.A., 1986:
The occurrence of chlordiazepoxide degradation products in sudden deaths associated with chlordiazepoxide overdosage

Jeffrey, S.W., 1976:
The occurrence of chlorophyll c 1 and c 2 in algae

Andersen R.A.; Mulkey T.J., 1983:
The occurrence of chlorophylls c 1 and c 2 in the chrysophyceae

Audisio, R.A.; Bozzetti, F.; Severini, A.; Bellegotti, L.; Bellomi, M.; Cozzi, G.; Pisani, P.; Callegari, L.; Doci, R.; Gennari, L., 1988:
The occurrence of cholangitis after percutaneous biliary drainage: evaluation of some risk factors

Mellor R.B.; Thierfelder H.; Pausch G.; Werner D., 1987:
The occurrence of choline kinase ii in the cytoplasm of soybean root nodules infected with various strains of bradyrhizobium japonicum

Hjerpe A.; Reinholt F.P.; Engfeldt B., 1979:
The occurrence of chondroitin 6 sulfate in adult human compact bone tissue

Fortak W.; Kmiec B.; Wrutniak Zolnowska T., 1979:
The occurrence of chromaffin cells in the ovaries of the female white rat

Farre R.; Gimeno M.J.; Lagarda M.J., 1987:
The occurrence of chromium in raw materials and its fate in the brewing process

Miksic S., 1976:
The occurrence of chrysomela spp in the yugoslavian fauna coleoptera chrysomelidae

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