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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6728

Chapter 6728 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Matheis, W., 1975:
The occurrence of ciboria acerina on male catkins of salix daphnoides in central europe

Morgan A.V.; Freitag R., 1982:
The occurrence of cicindela limbalis coleoptera cicindelidae in a late glacial site at brampton ontario canada

Lurhuma, A.Z.; Riccomi, H.; Masson, P.L., 1977:
The occurrence of circulating immune complexes and viral antigens in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Boettger, M., 1978:
The occurrence of cis trans xanthoxin and trans trans xanthoxin in pea roots

Van Stalle J., 1987:
The occurrence of cixiidae homoptera in belgium

Gerlach, J., 1982:
The occurrence of clinically unrecognized tuberculosis in autopsy material

Smith, L.D., 1978:
The occurrence of clostridium botulinum and clostridium tetani in the soil of the usa

Notermans S.; Havelaar A.H.; Schellart J., 1980:
The occurrence of clostridium botulinum in raw water storage areas and their elimination in water treatment plants

Peng W K., 1979 :
The occurrence of coleopterous insect pests in stored oryza japonica oryza indica and long grain oryza indica type rice

Svojtkova, E.; Deyl, Z.; Smid, A.; Adam, M., 1977:
The occurrence of collagen type ii in bronchogenic carcinoma

Lenne J.M.; Sonoda R.M., 1979:
The occurrence of colletotrichum spp on stylosanthes spp in florida usa and the pathogenicity of florida usa and australian isolates to stylosanthes spp

Sen B., 1988:
The occurrence of colorless flagellates bicosoeca lacustris codosiga botrytis and salpingoeca spp and a green alga stylosphaeridium stipitatum epiphytic on phytoplankton of shearwater uk

Kellogg R.M.; Warren S.R., 1979:
The occurrence of compression wood streaks in western hemlock

Battiato A.; Cormaci M.; Furnari G.; Lanfranco E., 1979:
The occurrence of compsopogon coeruleus rhodophyta bangiophycideae in malta and of compsopogon chalybeus in an aquarium at catania sicily

Bruce, A.J., 1977:
The occurrence of conchodytes nipponensis new record decapoda natantia pontoniinae in queensland australia

Shuwen L., 1982:
The occurrence of conchostracans in liujiagou formation in shanxi province china

Czeizel, A.; Bodnár, L.; Illei, G.; Molnár, A., 1976:
The occurrence of consanguineous marriages in Hungary

Purvis O.W.; Elix J.A.; Broomhead J.A.; Jones G.C., 1987:
The occurrence of copper norstictic acid in lichens from cupriferous substrata

Purvis O.W., 1984:
The occurrence of copper oxalate in lichens growing on copper sulfide bearing rocks in scandinavia

Goodman, B.A.; Cheshire, M.V., 1976:
The occurrence of copper porphyrin complexes in soil humic acids

Grobbelaar N.; Hattingh W.; Marshall J., 1986:
The occurrence of coralloid roots on the south african species of the cycadales and their ability to fix nitrogen symbiotically

Dubravec, K., 1975:
The occurrence of cork on the fruit of several species of cucurbita

Helle E.; Valtonen E.T., 1980:
The occurrence of corynosoma spp acanthocephala in ringed seals pusa hispida in the bothnian bay finland

Naveri A.; Juokslahti T.; Roos A., 1984:
The occurrence of cotton fur defect and its correlation to other skin properties in finnish mink skin production

Baranec T., 1985:
The occurrence of crataegus rosaeformis in slovakia czechoslovakia

Kaushal P.S.; Jeffrey C., 1987:
The occurrence of crepis capillaris new record compositae in india and its distinction from crepis sancta

Weppe, C.M.; Wagner, M.; Kuehnemund, O.; Schmitz, H.H.; Koehler, W., 1977:
The occurrence of cross reactive antigens in myo cardial tissue and in streptococcus pyogenes part 4 cyto toxic effect of lymphocytes sensitized in vivo to group a streptococci on primary cultures of heart muscle cells

Biersack H.J.; Hartmann A.; Friedrich G.; Froescher M.; Reichmann K.; Reske S.N.; Knopp R., 1984 :
The occurrence of crossed cerebellar diaschisis in cerebrovascular disease

D.G.aaf A.; Arends J.C., 1986:
The occurrence of cryptocoryne and lagenandra araceae in sri lanka

Matskasi, I., 1976:
The occurrence of cryptocotyle jejunum new record trematodes in the dog in hungary

Ragonese A.M., 1987:
The occurrence of crystals in the hairs of several species of nassauvia compositae

Stein W.; Haeseler V., 1987:
The occurrence of curculionid beetles coleoptera curculionidae in the tertiary dunes of east frisian islands north sea evaluation of ground traps

Akimenko, V.K.; Medentsev, A.G., 1976:
The occurrence of cyanide resistant respiration in the yeast candida lipolytica

Welch R.C., 1987:
The occurrence of cynipinae hymenoptera galls on non british quercus fagaceae in the kew herbarium

Seeman J.; Hola V.; Hatala M., 1980:
The occurrence of cytomegalovirus infection in renal allo graft recipients

Kunoh H.; Aist J.R.; Hayashimoto A., 1985:
The occurrence of cytoplasmic aggregates induced by erysiphe pisi in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar kobinkatagi coleoptile cells before the host cell walls are penetrated

Bestetti G.; Rossi G.L., 1980:
The occurrence of cytoplasmic lamellar bodies in normal and pathological conditions

Rao P.R.; Goud J.D.; Swamy B.R., 1979:
The occurrence of d chi and new d and b transferrin variants among caste groups of andhra pradesh south india

Roberts R.H., 1988:
The occurrence of dactylorhiza traunsteineri new record sauter soo in britain uk and ireland

Johnson, J.E.Jr, 1975:
The occurrence of dark neurons in the normal and de afferentated lateral vestibular nucleus in the rat observations by light microscopy and electron microscopy

Saksena D.N.; Srivastava R.; Agrawal O.P.; Sharma S.P., 1981:
The occurrence of dasyatis sephen in the river chambal in madhya pradesh india

Barr, R.; Arntzen, C.J., 1969:
The occurrence of delta tocopheryl quinone in higher plants and its relation to senescence tobacco d maple d ivy d cactus d inst electron microscopy

Alexander S.A., 1981:
The occurrence of dentin glycosamino glycans in intact worn and restored primary teeth a protective role

Foerster, K.; Spranger, J.; Beyer, J.; Regli, F., 1975:
The occurrence of diabetes mellitus diabetes insipidus optic atrophy and neurogenic deafness in 1 patient

Cole C.L.; Adkisson P.L., 1983:
The occurrence of diapause in a high plains and central texas usa strain of the boll weevil anthonomus grandis

Hodges C.S.; Geary T.F.; Cordell C.E., 1979:
The occurrence of diaporthe cubensis new record on eucalyptus in florida hawaii and puerto rico

Jones, D.M., 1977:
The occurrence of dieldrin in sawdust used as a bedding material

Geuenich, H.H.; Müller, H.E.; Schretten-Brunner, A.; Seeliger, H.P., 1985:
The occurrence of different Listeria species in municipal waste water

Sarma S.K.; Terpo A., 1980:
The occurrence of different types of calcium oxalate crystals in allium cepa and allium fistulosum and their importance in taxonomy

Lester, R.L.; Steiner, M.R., 1968:
The occurrence of diphospho inositide and tri phospho inositide in saccharomyces cerevisiae rat brain inst ion exchange chromatography inst paper chromatography

Hall, P.K., 1977:
The occurrence of dis fluencies in language disordered school age children

Nelson, R.R.; Webster, R.K.; Mackenzie, D.R., 1977:
The occurrence of dual compatibility in cochliobolus spicifer

Abbott I.; Parker C.A., 1980:
The occurrence of earthworms in the wheat belt of western australia in relation to land use and rainfall

Temme, M., 1976:
The occurrence of east palearctic limicolae on mindoro philippines

Petkov A.; Tsolov B.; Denev Y.; Kostov R.; Rossev I.; Zourliiski P.; Stoimenov K.; Zapryanov M.; Spassov M., 1987:
The occurrence of echinococcosis in animals

L.W.; Zhang G.; Lin Y.; Hong L., 1985:
The occurrence of echinococcus multilocularis the natural animal host in china and its morphological study

Malloch D.; Thorn R.G., 1985:
The occurrence of ectomycorrhizae in some species of cistaceae in north america

Norton, C.C.; Catchpole, J., 1976:
The occurrence of Eimeria marsica in the domestic sheep in England and Wales

Dixit, A.S.; Dixit, S.S.; Vishnu-Mittre, 1987:
The occurrence of eleusine africana new record kennedy o'byrne in india and its significance in the origin of eleusine coracana

Phillippi M.A., 1983:
The occurrence of ellipes minutus new record orthoptera tridactylidae in kentucky usa

Becker W.F., 1987:
The occurrence of embellisia allii campanile simmons synonym helminthosporium allii campanile in garlic bulbs allium sativum l

Matsuno T.; Maoka T.; Katsuyama M.; Ookubo M.; Katagiri K.; Jimura H., 1984:
The occurrence of enantiomeric and meso astaxanthin in aquatic animals

Schewe, T.; Alt, B.; Mann, P.; Rapoport, S., 1975:
The occurrence of endogenous inhibitors of the respiratory chain in organs and tissues of the rat

Iskandar D.T., 1987:
The occurrence of enhydris alternans new record in java indonesia

Giessel, H.; Simon, H., 1983:
The occurrence of enoate reductase ec and 2 oxo carboxylate reductase in clostridia and some observations on the amino acid fermentation by peptostreptococcus anaerobius

Imre K., 1985:
The occurrence of entyloma linariae new record ustilaginales in hungary

Klepper, L.; Hageman, R.H., 1969:
The occurrence of enz nitrate reductase in apple d leaves nadh fmnh

Raynaud A.; Fretey J.; Clergue Gazeau M., 1981:
The occurrence of ephemeral epithelial appendages in the cervical region of the embryos of the leathery turtle dermochelys coriacea

Dianese J.C.; Kunoh H., 1984:
The occurrence of epiphytic fungi on the leaves of pineapple and its epidemiologic significance

Crites, J.L., 1977:
The occurrence of epistylis niagarae cliophora peritrichida on fishes from the island region of western lake erie

Soderstrom L., 1988:
The occurrence of epixylic bryophyte and lichen species in an old natural and a managed forest stand in northeast sweden

Wright J.L., 1979:
The occurrence of ergosterol and 22e 24r 24 ethyl cholesta 5 7 22 trien 3 beta ol in the uni cellular chlorophyte dunaliella tertiolecta

Loveless A.R., 1985:
The occurrence of ergot fungi clavicipitales on the genus hyparrhenia in southern africa

Van Der Zweep P.; D.K.m M., 1982:
The occurrence of erwinia salicis the cause of watermark disease in the phyllosphere of salix alba

Verdcourt, B.; Synnott, T.J., 1975:
The occurrence of erythrina droogmansiana leguminosae in east africa

Kennedy C.R., 1981:
The occurrence of eubothrium fragile cestoda pseudophyllidae in twaite shad alosa fallax in the river severn uk

Moller W.J.; Lehoczky J., 1980:
The occurrence of eutypa dieback of grapevine in hungary

Mcneal J.M.; Severson R.C.; Gough L.P., 1985:
The occurrence of extractable elements in soils from the northern great plains usa

Kato, Y., 1977:
The occurrence of extranumerary cuticle deposition in transplanted larval integument of the silkworm bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae

Karel S., 1982:
The occurrence of fecal bacteria in a fish pond with a duck farm

Schaefer, K.; von Herrath, D.; Hüfler, M.; Pauls, A., 1986:
The occurrence of fever during hemodialysis and hemofiltration. A comparative study

Minchew, C.D.; Yarbrough, J.D., 1977:
The occurrence of fin rot in mullet mugil cephalus associated with crude oil contamination of an estuarine pond ecosystem

Matsuura Y.; Nakatani K., 1979:
The occurrence of fish larvae and juveniles in anchieta island brazil with some notes on the morphology of the croaker umbrina coroides

Ali Khan J.; Waqar T., 1985:
The occurrence of fish larvae in the manora channel karachi pakistan

Hseu S.H.; Huang C.H.; Chang C.A.; Yang W.Z.; Chang Y.M.; Hsiao C.H., 1987:
The occurrence of five viruses in six cucurbits in taiwan

Motomura T.; Sakai Y., 1988:
The occurrence of flagellate eggs in laminaria angustata phaeophyta laminariales

Vandekerkhove, O., 1978:
The occurrence of flavonoids in the acrocarpous mosses part 1 the flavonoids of mnium undulatum

Vandekerkhove, O., 1978:
The occurrence of flavonoids in the acrocarpous mosses part 2 luteolin from the sporophyte of ceratodon purpureus/

Gaughwin M.D., 1979:
The occurrence of flehmen in a marsupial the hairy nosed wombat lasiorhinus latifrons

Shah V.; Bhat S.V.; Bajwa B.S.; Dornauer H.; D.S.uza N.J., 1980:
The occurrence of forskolin in the labiatae

Chamberlain, Y.M., 1977:
The occurrence of fosliella limitata new record a new british record and fosliella lejolisii rhodophyta corallinaceae on the isle of wight british isles

Dekhuijzen H.M., 1980:
The occurrence of free and bound cyto kinins in club roots and plasmodiophora brassicae infected turnip brassica campestris var rapa cultivar gelria tissue cultures

Osanai M.; Yonezawa Y., 1985:
The occurrence of free methylated amino acid especially n epsilon trimethyllysine in the silkworm bombyx mori

Maas, J.W.; Landis, H.; Dekirmenjian, H., 1976:
The occurrence of free vs conjugated 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenethylene glycol in nonhuman and human primate brain

Farooqi H.U., 1986:
The occurrence of frontal glands in tentacularia coryphaenae cestoda trypanorhyncha

Tichy G., 1979:
The occurrence of fruits of icacinaceae from the eocene of st pankraz near salzburg austria and the kressenburg in upper bavaria west germany

Parma A., 1980:
The occurrence of functionally important chronic nonspecific pulmonary disease in selected shops of vitkovice steel and engineering works czechoslovakia

Siqueira P.A.D.; Fischman O.; Ferraz E.F.; Martins E.C.S.; Forjaz M.H.H.; Yamaguti H.; Gunha P.G.D., 1985:
The occurrence of fungi from skin and hairs of healthy bovine in the state of sao paulo brazil

Sagara, N., 1978:
The occurrence of fungi in association with wood mouse nests

Macura A.; Pawlik B.; Budak A.; Laskownicka Z., 1980:
The occurrence of fungi in the environment and among workers of 2 institutions

Orlita, A., 1977:
The occurrence of fungi on book leather bindings from the baroque period

Motta, J.J., 1978:
The occurrence of fungi on some rooted aquatics from the chesapeake bay usa

Krikun J.; Nachimias A.; Cohn R.; Lahkim Tsror L., 1982:
The occurrence of fusarium crown and root rot of tomato in israel

Kodama, F.; Saito, I.; Takakuwa, M., 1976:
The occurrence of fusarium oxysporum f sp cepae basal rot of onion and its control by benomyl

Stock A.D., 1984:
The occurrence of g bands in the mitotic chromosomes of the amphibian xenopus muelleri

Osborne N.N.; Beaton D.W., 1986:
The occurrence of gamma aminobutyric acid containing cells in cultures of retinas from the human fetus

Barrett D.A.; Davies W.E., 1983:
The occurrence of gamma aminobutyryl choline in mammalian brain fact or artifact?

Van-Buskirk, J.J.; Kirsch, W.M., 1978:
The occurrence of gamma carboxy glutamic acid in mammalian ribosomes

Clark, A.E.; Walsby, A.E., 1978:
The occurrence of gas vacuolate bacteria in lakes

Desrochers, F.; Curtis, M.A., 1987:
The occurrence of gastrointestinal helminths in dogs from Kuujjuaq (Fort Chimo), Quebec, Canada

Peer T., 1983:
The occurrence of genista radiata in trentino alto adige italy

Taylor-Robinson, D.; Furr, P.M.; Liberman, M.M., 1984:
The occurrence of genital mycoplasmas in babies with and without respiratory distress

Stelzer W.; Ziegert E., 1986:
The occurrence of gentamicin resistant coliforms in river water samples

Taylor, I.E.P.; Wilkinson, A.J., 1977:
The occurrence of gibberellins and gibberellin like substances in algae

Drozdowska L.; Rogozinska J., 1982:
The occurrence of glucosinolates during the flowering and maturation of oilseed rape brassica napus

Takvorian P.M.; Cali A., 1981:
The occurrence of glugea stephani in american winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus from the new york new jersey usa lower bay complex

Frederick, S.E.; Gruber, P.J.; Tolbert, N.E., 1973:
The occurrence of glycolate dehydrogenase and glycolate oxidase in green plants: an evolutionary survey

Fogg, G.E.; Burton, M.F.; Coughlan, S.J., 1975:
The occurrence of glycolic acid in antarctic waters

Hart D.T.; Opperdoes F.R., 1984:
The occurrence of glycosomes microbodies in the promastigote stage of 4 major leishmania species

Sugita M.; Nakae H.; Yamamura T.; Takamiya Y.; Itasaka O.; Hori T., 1985:
The occurrence of glycosphingolipids containing mannose in the seawater bivalve meretrix lusoria

Roodt J.E.M.; Kloppers P.J., 1980:
The occurrence of goiter in the masebuko area of kwa zulu south africa

Boni L.; Pompei M.; Reti M., 1983:
The occurrence of gonyaulax tamarensis bloom in the adriatic sea along the coast of emilia romagna italy

Jakobsen B., 1988:
The occurrence of grebes at blavandshuk denmark 1963 1977

Mendonca, C.P.; Sole-Vernin, C.; Zangrando-Nogueira, M., 1983:
The occurrence of groups a and its t types c and g of beta hemolytic streptococci in school children in araraquara sao paulo brazil sept. 1979

Vital D.M., 1984:
The occurrence of gymnostomiella orcuttii new record pottiaceae in brazil

Musser G.G., 1987:
The occurrence of hadromys rodentia muridae in early pleistocene siwalik strata in northern pakistan and its bearing on biogeographic affinities between indian and northeastern african murine faunas

Kuklinska Michalska D.; Wojcik E.; Gutkowska J., 1982:
The occurrence of haemophilus in the throat of healthy children and children with laryngologic diseases

Reis E.M.; Santos H.P.; Rodrigues Neto J.R., 1986:
The occurrence of halo blight of oats avena sativa caused by pseudomonas syringae pathovar coronafaciens

Lam, S.; Hwee, K.K., 1978:
The occurrence of halophilic and nonagglutinable vibrios in shellfish

Vertin, P.G., 1975:
The occurrence of heart and coronary diseases in a rayon factory

Sagara N.; Honda S.; Kuroyanagi E.; Takayama S., 1982:
The occurrence of hebeloma spoliatum and hebeloma radicosum on the dung deposited burrows of urotrichus talpoides shrew mole

Wraber T., 1984:
The occurrence of hedysarum hedysaroides in yugoslavia

Hŏrchner, F.; Schlichting, H.; Merker, M.; Winkler, G.; Müller, I., 1981:
The occurrence of helminths of calves in Burundi

Tills, D.; Muir, V.; Warlow, A.; Hopkinson, D.A.; Lorkin, P.A.; El-Hazmi, M.A.F.; Lehmann, H., 1976:
The occurrence of hemo globin e saskatoon in scotland

Casaril M.; Perini A.; Gabrielli G.B.; Miatto O.; Celebrano R.; Gasparini G.; Corrocher R., 1980:
The occurrence of hepatitis b virus infection in poly transfused patients with hematologic malignancies

Erkamo V., 1983:
The occurrence of heracleum sphondylium ssp sphondylium in helsinki finland

Heap I.; Knight R., 1986:
The occurrence of herbicide cross resistance in a population of annual ryegrass lolium rigidum resistant to diclofop methyl

Hyodo A.; Shimura K., 1980:
The occurrence of hereditary variants of fibroin in the silkworm bombyx mori

Poutanen E L.; Morris R.J., 1983:
The occurrence of high molecular weight humic compounds in the organic rich sediments of the peru continental shelf

Cronin J.R.; Morris R.J., 1982:
The occurrence of high molecular weight humic material in recent organic rich sediment from the namibian shelf

Magyarosy, A.C.; Duffus, J.E., 1977:
The occurrence of highly virulent strains of the beet curly top virus in california

Mcclure H.E., 1984:
The occurrence of hippoboscid flies on some species of birds in southern california usa

Lockhart, N.D., 1987:
The occurrence of homalothecium nitens new record hedw. robins. in ireland

Puskas, E.; Medgyesi, G.A.; Gergely, J., 1978:
The occurrence of homo reactant factors and the examination of their influence on immuno globulin g synthesis

Diaz J.G.; Bodurov N., 1986:
The occurrence of hoof diseases in cows under the conditions of new technology

De-Wit, P.J.G.M.; Buurlage, M.B.; Hammond, K.E., 1986:
The occurrence of host pathogen and interaction specific proteins in the apoplast of cladosporium fulvum synonym fulvia fulva infected tomato leaves

Kyrönseppä, H.; Pettersson, T., 1976:
The occurrence of human intestinal parasites in Finland

Fikenscher, L.H.; Hegnauer, R., 1981:
The occurrence of hydro cyanic acid in cormophytes 18. new observations in leguminosae papilionoideae galegeae genisteae loteae phaseoleae

Stein H.; Bab I.A.; Sela J., 1981:
The occurrence of hydroxylapatite crystals in extracellular matrix vesicles after surgical manipulation of the rabbit knee joint

Knezevic B.; Jovanovic R., 1983:
The occurrence of hypophthalmichthys molitrix valenciennes cyprinidae pisces in the sasko lake near ulcinj yugoslavia

Dieckmann G.; Rohardt G.; Hellmer H.; Kipfstuhl J., 1986:
The occurrence of ice platelets at 250 meters depth near the filchner ice shelf antarctic and its significance for sea ice biology

Kozel, T.R., 1976:
The occurrence of ichthyophthirius multifiliis new record ciliata hymenostomatida in kentucky usa waters

Gough, L.J.; Miles, J.S., 1970:
The occurrence of imbricatolic acid in cupressus g resins

Tait, J.M.; Yoshinaga, N.; Mitchell, B.D., 1978:
The occurrence of imogolite in some scottish soils

Reddy C.V.R.; Rajeshwari R.; IIzuka N.; Lesemann D.E.; Nolt B.L.; Goto T., 1983:
The occurrence of indian peanut clump a soil borne virus disease of groundnuts arachis hypogaea in india

D.F.ria S.M.; Mcinroy S.G.; Sprent J.I., 1987:
The occurrence of infected cells with persistent infection threads in legume root nodules

Artemov V.G.; Zamotin B.A., 1984:
The occurrence of infectious diseases in children during the 1st 7 years of life

Paling R.W.; Jessett D.W.; Heath B.R., 1979:
The occurrence of infectious diseases in mixed farming of domesticated wild herbivores and domestic herbivores including camels in kenya part 1 viral diseases a serologic survey with special reference to foot and mouth disease

Paling, R.W.; Waghela, S.; Macowan, K.J.; Heath, B.R., 1988:
The occurrence of infectious diseases in mixed farming of domesticated wild herbivores and livestock in Kenya. II. Bacterial diseases

Pandey A.C., 1984:
The occurrence of infundibular recess like outpocketing in the urophysis of rita rita and its probable significance

Kowalczyk, S.; Januszewska, B.; Cymerska, E.; Maslowski, P., 1984:
The occurrence of inorganic pyro phosphate d fructose 6 phosphate 1 phospho transferase ec in higher plants 1. initial characterization of partially purified enzyme from sanseviera trifasciata leaves

Blankwaardt, H.F.H., 1977:
The occurrence of insect damage by the heather beetle lochmaea suturalis in the netherlands since 1915

Guerra, M.D.S.; Dos-Santos, S.M., 1977 :
The occurrence of insects on desiccated fruits in pelotas rio grande do sul brazil

Mauchline, J.; Nemoto, T., 1977:
The occurrence of integumental organs in copepodid stages of calanoid copepods

Cooke, G.D.; Mccomas, M.R.; Waller, D.W.; Kennedy, R.H., 1977:
The occurrence of internal phosphorus loading in 2 small eutrophic glacial lakes in northeastern ohio usa

Conic V.; Sibalic D.; Savin Z., 1983:
The occurrence of intestinal helminths in school children in some parts of serbia yugoslavia

Bigazzi M., 1984:
The occurrence of intranuclear inclusions in the labiatae verbenaceae and scrophulariaceae

Fajmonova E., 1987:
The occurrence of inverse vegetation on plesivska planina czechoslovakia

Ortega G.; Canas F.L.; Hunicken M.A., 1985:
The occurrence of isograptus victoriae in the gualcamayo formation guandacol la rioja province argentina

Louis, C.; Poulsen, R.; Marshall, K.G.; Johnston, R.D., B., 1976:
The occurrence of isolated dysplastic carcinoma in situ and invasive type cells in cervical smears from patients with invasive squamous cell carcinoma significance to pre screening using image processing techniques

Brieskorn, C.H.; Poehlmann, R., 1976:
The occurrence of isomeric catalponol and tectol di methyl ether in the root of lippia origanoides

Lid G., 1979:
The occurrence of jellyfish scyphozoa along the norwegian coast

Kursa J.; Kroupova V., 1985:
The occurrence of ketonuria in milk cows

Bretting H.; Jacobs G.; Benecke I.; Konig W.A.; Thiem J., 1985:
The occurrence of l galactose in snail galactans

Grahame, E.S., 1976:
The occurrence of lagenisma coscinodisci in palmeria hardmaniana from kingston harbor jamaica

Mitchell, E.L.; Hill, R.S., 1986:
The occurrence of lampbrush chromosomes in early diplotene oocytes of Xenopus laevis

Shirav, M.; Schwartz, M., 1977:
The occurrence of large scale kink bands in campanian chalk at the gulf of elat aqaba rift zone

Wootten, R., 1978:
The occurrence of larval anisakid nematodes in small gadoids from scottish waters

Elzebroek A.T.G., 1981:
The occurrence of leontodon autumnalis and leontodon hispidus in grasslands

Karyakarte, P.P.; Yadav, B.B., 1976:
The occurrence of lepocreadioides sp trematoda lepocreadidiidae from marine fish cynoglossus oligolepis in india

Braun P.C.; Braun C.A.S., 1979:
The occurrence of leptodactylus geminus new record in the state of rio grande do sul brazil anura leptodactylidae

Sebek, Z.; Bashiribod, H.; Chaffari, M.; Sepasi, F.; Sixl, W., 1987:
The occurrence of leptospirosis in Iran

Iwaki, M.; Nakano, A.; Iemura, H.; Tochihara, H., 1978:
The occurrence of lettuce big vein disease and its soil transmission in japan

Legaz M.E.; Vicente C.; Xavier Filho L., 1985:
The occurrence of lichen phenolics and their catabolites in a free living alga lobophora variegata phaeophyta

Avalos A.; Legaz M.E.; Vicente C., 1986:
The occurrence of lichen phenolics in the xylem sap of quercus pyrenaica their translocation to leaves and biological significance

Green J., 1984:
The occurrence of limnohalacarus acari halacaridae in lake no white nile sudan

D.K.uijff B.; Verkley A.J.; Van Echteld C.J.A.; Gerritsen W.J.; Mombers C.; Noordam P.C.; J., 1979:
The occurrence of lipidic particles in lipid bi layers as seen by phosphorus 31 nmr and freeze fracture electron microscopy

Dijkstra R.G., 1982:
The occurrence of listeria monocytogenes in surface water of canals and lakes in ditches of a big polder and in the effluents and canals of a sewage treatment plant

Ingram G.J., 1979:
The occurrence of lizards of the genus emoia lacertilia scincidae in australia

Nilsson C., 1986:
The occurrence of lost and malformed legs in mayfly nymphs as a result of predator attacks

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The occurrence of low buoyant density proteo glycans in embryonic chick cartilage

Smrz, J., 1977 :
The occurrence of lucerne mosaic virus in lucerne cultivars

Elias, P., 1976:
The occurrence of lycopodium clavatum in the tribec mountains czechoslovakia

Fritsch R.J.; Klostermeyer H., 1981:
The occurrence of lysino alanine in food which contain milk proteins

Sakagami H.; Iketani K.; Makino Y.; Konno K., 1982:
The occurrence of lysozyme activity in nuclei of a differentiated mouse myeloid leukemia cell line

Ayers, J.E.; Boyle, J.S.; Gordon, D.T., 1978:
The occurrence of maize chlorotic dwarf virus and maize dwarf mosaic virus in pennsylvania in 1977

Hill, J.H.; Zeyen, R.J.; Morrison, R.H., 1977:
The occurrence of maize dwarf mosaic virus in minnesota

Handke, S., 1976:
The occurrence of male plants in monoecious spinach varieties spinacia oleracea

Robel, D.; Koenigstedt, D., 1976:
The occurrence of manx shearwaters puffinus puffinus on the west coast of the black sea aves procellariidae

Samanta, B.K., 1977:
The occurrence of marine paleocene outcrop in the surat broach area gujarat

Yatabe M.; Takahashi W.; Higashi O., 1983:
The occurrence of marker cells in fetal hematopoiesis of beige chediak higashi mouse

Yamamoto, S., 1977:
The occurrence of materials cross reacting with anti a and anti b agglutinins in fruit or seed extracts of higher plants

Preil W.; Lorenz A., 1983:
The occurrence of matromorphic patromorphic and intermediate offspring from crosses between begonia spp

Duarte M.J.D.F.; Araujo L.G.; Cassia R.D.; Silva F.; Bonaccorsi R.A.; Waizbort R.F., 1987:
The occurrence of megninia ginglymura in gallus gallus in the rio de janeiro state brazil

Cho, J.J.; Apt, W.J.; Holtzmann, O.V., 1976:
The occurrence of meloidogyne incognita on members of the proteaceae family in hawaii

Van Stalle J., 1987:
The occurrence of membracidae in belgium homoptera

Humphrey C.M.; Walker R.L., 1982:
The occurrence of mercenaria mercenaria f notata in georgia and south carolina usa calculation of phenotypic and genotypic frequencies

Hornung H.; Raviv D.; Krumgalz B.S., 1981:
The occurrence of mercury in marine algae and some gastropod mollusks of the mediterranean shoreline of israel

Pasternak K.; Reczynska Dutka M., 1979:
The occurrence of mercury in surface waters at different regions of southern poland

Brzezinska A., 1984:
The occurrence of mercury in the southern baltic sea

Gough R.E., 1983:
The occurrence of mesocarpic stone cells in the fruit of cultivated highbush blueberry vaccinium corymbosum

Thompson, R.C., 1976 :
The occurrence of Mesocestoides sp. in British wild red foxes (Vulpes vulpes crucigera)

Loupal G., 1982:
The occurrence of mesotheliomas in dogs

Quintana C.; Olmedilla A.; Antoine N.; Ollacarizqueta A., 1987:
The occurrence of metals aluminum iron nickel copper zinc in the nuclei of animal cells an ultrastructural in situ x ray microanalytical study

Waliszewski, K.; Jaszewski, B.; Skupin, J., 1977:
The occurrence of methyl analogs of histidine and lysine in propionibacterium shermanii biomass

Verweij A.; Mensingh G.F.; Boter H.L., 1982:
The occurrence of methyl phospholan containing compounds in surface waters

Makela K.; Maki L., 1980:
The occurrence of micro myco flora in the stem base and roots of cereals in southern finland

Sanders, E.J.; Zalik, S.E., 1971:
The occurrence of micro tubules in the pre streak chick embryo brief report

Tow M., 1979:
The occurrence of microcystis aeruginosa in the bottom sediments of a shallow eutrophic pan

Niewolak, S., 1975:
The occurrence of microorganisms in the water of some lakes in the district of wegorzewo poland

Repova A., 1986:
The occurrence of microscopic fungi in air of the building of the czechoslovak academy of sciences in ceske budejovice

Follett, E.A.C.; Goldman, R.D., 1970:
The occurrence of microvilli during spreading and growth of bhk21 c13 fibroblasts

Mann J.S.; Crowson R.A., 1983:
The occurrence of mid gut ceca and organs of symbiont transmission in leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae

Prop J.; Van Eerden M.R., 1981:
The occurrence of migratory birds in the lauwerszee area the netherlands from the embankment 1969 1978

Ruprecht A.L.; Buchalczyk T.; Wojcik J.M., 1983:
The occurrence of minks mammalia mustelidae in poland

Fijalkowski, D.; Sawa, K., 1985:
The occurrence of mistletoe viscum album l. in the lublin region poland and its curative properties

Hrubik, P.; Skuhravy, V., 1987:
The occurrence of monarthropalpus buxi lab. in different taxons of buxus spp in the mlynany arboretum czechoslovakia

Arts T., 1986:
The occurrence of moniliform tubers in pohlia melanodon the differences between juvenile plants of related species and their distribution in belgium and the luxembourg

Sonin L.; Grammer L.C.; Patterson R., 1985:
The occurrence of multiple physical allergies in the same patient 3 cases

Lennartsson, B., 1980:
The occurrence of muscle spindles in the masticatory muscles: a methodological study of different staining techniques

Stockert I., 1985:
The occurrence of mushrooms in the foerstweiher public park in eibach west germany from 1982 to 1984

Puchta H., 1985:
The occurrence of mushrooms in the public park of nuremberg west germany

Boddingius, J., 1974:
The occurrence of Mycobacterium leprae within axons of peripheral nerves

ter Laak, E.A.; Schreuder, B.E.; Smith-Buys, C.M., 1988:
The occurrence of Mycoplasma conjunctivae in The Netherlands and its association with infectious keratoconjunctivitis in sheep and goats

Atkey P.T.; Brunt A.A., 1982:
The occurrence of mycoplasma like bodies in severely diseased oca oxalis tuberosa plants from bolivia

Bakke, T., 1982:
The occurrence of mycoplasmas and bacteria in lungs from sheep in Southern Norway

Angus, K.W.; Gilmour, N.J., 1970:
The occurrence of mycotic lesions in calves experimentally dosed with Mycobacterium avium

Miyamoto E.; Matsui K.; Fukunaga K.; Nishime S.; Iwasa Y., 1981:
The occurrence of myosin light chain kinase in nonmuscle tissues

Hoogenboezem W., 1982:
The occurrence of myotis brandtii new record in the netherlands

Pal M.; Singh B.; Padhi B.; Jain H.S., 1984:
The occurrence of nasal rhinosporidiosis in domestic ruminants

Raehmel, C.A., 1977:
The occurrence of natrix tessellata new record on the ahr river rheinland pfalz west germany reptilia serpentes colubridae

Wu, J.K., 1979:
The occurrence of necrotic lesions of tobacco vein banding mosaic virus in relation to air pollutants 3. occurrence of necrotic lesions as affected by dew drops on the leaf surface and light intensity

Grandison, A.G.C., 1978:
The occurrence of nectophrynoides anura bufonidae in ethiopia a new concept of the genus with a description of a new species

Neves A.M., 1982:
The occurrence of nematocarcinus gracilipes new record crustacea decapoda nematocarcinidae off the portuguese coast

Hinz, K.H.; Mueller, H.E., 1977:
The occurrence of neuraminidase ec and n acyl neuraminate pyruvate lyase ec in haemophilus paragallinarum and haemophilus paravium new species

Müller, H.E.; Sethi, K.K., 1972:
The occurrence of neuraminidase in Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Kemenes M.; Szentmihalyi S., 1982:
The occurrence of neutral volatile materials in silages

Rakowicz Szulczynska E.M.; Horst A., 1979:
The occurrence of new nonhistone chromatin protein fractions induced by immunization with aggregated human gamma globulin only in 1 sub population of spleen cells

Lebeda A., 1979:
The occurrence of new races of bremia lactucae in czechoslovakia

L.Y.S.; Tsai H.J.; Lin D.F.; Lee Y.L.; Kwang M.J.; Yang S.Y.; Lee S.H.; Lee C.; Huang S.T., 1986:
The occurrence of newcastle disease in taiwan from 1970 to 1985

Williams, M.C.; Barneby, R.C., 1977 :
The occurrence of nitro toxins in north american astragalus fabaceae

Williams, M.C.; Barneby, R.C., 1977:
The occurrence of nitro toxins in old world and south american astragalus fabaceae

Hildebrandt, E.A., 1977:
The occurrence of nitrosamines in foodstuffs and resulting problems in plant nutrition/

Colbeck I., 1988:
The occurrence of nocturnal ozone maxima at a rural site in northwest england uk

Lobanenkov V.V., 1988:
The occurrence of non d dna structures within the sites of high specific interaction with chromatin proteins

Rosenberg, R.S.; Wheat, R.W., 1978:
The occurrence of non n acetylated glucosamine in the cell wall of group a streptococcus pyogenes type 4

Dawood A.A.; Karkalas J.; Roy R.N.; Williams C.S., 1988:
The occurrence of non volatile amines in chilled stored rainbow trout salmo irideus

Szember A.; Krolikowska K.; Kusyk J.; Niedzielska A.; Tyczynska B.; Weilgosz E., 1981:
The occurrence of nonsymbiotically nitrogen fixing bacteria in the soils of the kielce district poland

Seite, R.; Vuillet-Luciani, J.; Vio, M.; Cataldo, C., 1977:
The occurrence of nuclear inclusions in certain neurons in rat caudate nucleus distribution frequency and ultrastructural organization

Wheeler J.W., 1982:
The occurrence of obturacula in micro foraminifera

Matz, M.; Busching, W.D., 1978:
The occurrence of ochrostigma melagona in several places in the northern lowland of east germany lepidoptera notodontidae

Jones D.S., 1988:
The occurrence of ocypode pallidula jacquinot decapoda brachyura in australia and the coral sea

Fabiyi, J.P., 1978:
The occurrence of oesophagostomum multifoliatum in nigerian cattle

Hiltunen J.K.; Scholesser D.W., 1983:
The occurrence of oil and the distribution of hexagenia ephemeroptera ephemeridae nymphs in the st marys river michigan usa and ontario canada

Ebsen-Lenz, M., 1978:
The occurrence of ophyra aenescens diptera muscidae in germany 4. food requirements of the larvae and imagoes

Meijers, A.P.; Van-Der-Leer, R.C., 1976:
The occurrence of organic micro pollutants in the river rhine and the river maas in 1974

Van Steenderen R.A.; Theron S.J.; Hassett A.J., 1987:
The occurrence of organic micro pollutants in the vaal river between grootdraai dam and parys south africa

Sheridan J.J.; White D.S.C.; Mcgarvie Q.D., 1985:
The occurrence of organisms concerned with bovine mycotic abortion in some counties of ireland

Wells, D.E.; Johnstone, S.J., 1978:
The occurrence of organo chlorine residues in rain water

Vrhovsek D.; Zupan M.; Blejec A., 1984:
The occurrence of oscillatoria rubescens in lake bled yugoslavia

Suoheimo J., 1984:
The occurrence of otiorrhynchus nodosus and its significance for the natural regeneration of scotch pine in lapland finland

Schulz J.M.; Herrmann K., 1981:
The occurrence of p hydroxy benzoic acid in mustard seeds 6. phenolics of spices

Davis P.; Wheeler A., 1985:
The occurrence of pampus argenteus osteichthyes perciformes stromateoidei stromateidae in the north sea

Krzysztofowicz A.; Antonik Lema J., 1981:
The occurrence of para crystalline inclusions in oocytes and trophocytes of the ovary of tetrodontophora bielanensis collembola

Habe S., 1985:
The occurrence of paragonimus ohirai in kita gawa nobeoka miyazaki prefecture japan

Bayly, I.A.E., 1978:
The occurrence of paralabidocera antarctica copepoda calanoida acartiidae in an antarctic saline lake

Waluga, D.; Wlasow, T., 1988:
The occurrence of parasites in bream abramis brama l. roach rutilus rutilus l. and pike perch stizostedion lucioperca l. in the wloclawek dam reservoir on the river vistula poland

Sugar, L.; Meszaros, F., 1975:
The occurrence of parasitic filariae in the connective tissue of hungarian deer

Sartor S.M., 1986:
The occurrence of parasitic isopods cymothoidae in fishes from the brazilian continental shelf

Gundy, G.C.; Wurst, G.Z., 1976:
The occurrence of parietal eyes in recent lacertilia reptilia

Reddy, D.V.R.; Iizuka, N.; Ghanekar, A.M.; Murthy, V.K.; Kuhn, C.W.; Gibbons, R.W.; Chohan, J.S., 1978:
The occurrence of peanut mottle virus in india

Behncken, G.M., 1970:
The occurrence of peanut mottle virus in queensland

Rombouts, F.M.; Pilnik, W., 1971:
The occurrence of pectolysis within the genus Arthrobacter

Elprince A.M.; Mashhady A.S.; Aba Husayn M.M., 1979:
The occurrence of pedogenic palygorskite attapulgite in saudi arabia

Frey R.C., 1987:
The occurrence of pelecypods in early paleozoic epeiric sea environments late ordovician of the cincinnati ohio area usa

Melo I., 1985:
The occurrence of peniophora suecica new record in portugal

Melo, I., 1986:
The occurrence of perenniporia ochroleuca berk. ryv. in portugal

Koryak, M., 1978:
The occurrence of peridinium inconspicuum dinophyceae in mineral acid waters of the upper ohio river basin usa

Kearns L.P.; Sigee D.C., 1980:
The occurrence of period iv elements in dinoflagellate chromatin an x ray micro analytical study of nuclei in dried cryo sections and resin sections

Lord, W.D., 1977:
The occurrence of pestiferous vespula spp in northern delaware hymenoptera vespidae

Barrett D.K.; Greig B.J.W., 1985:
The occurrence of phaeolus schweinitzii in the soils of sitka spruce picea sitchensis plantations with broad leaved or non woodland histories

Wikstrom, C., 1976:
The occurrence of phellinus tremulae as a primary parasite in populus tremula

Schmidt H., 1982:
The occurrence of phenol oxidase containing cells in nude mice

Hartung J.; Rokicki E., 1984:
The occurrence of phenolic compounds in the dust of pig and hen houses

Herminghaus S.; Gubatz S.; Arendt S.; Wiermann R., 1988:
The occurrence of phenols as degradation products of natural sporopollenin a comparison with synthetic sporopollenin

Postius, C.; Kindl, H., 1978:
The occurrence of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase and cinnamic acid p hydroxylase on the endoplasmic reticulum of cell suspension cultures of glycine max

Erlandsson, S., 1978:
The occurrence of philanthus triangulum in sweden hymenoptera sphecidae

Froglia, C., 1976:
The occurrence of philocheras monacanthus and brachynotus foresti in the adriatic sea

Veverka K., 1983:
The occurrence of phoma betae on the seeds of sugar beet of czechoslovak origin and the possibilities of suppressing the fungus by disinfection

Rathinam K.; Fernandez A.C.; Vedanarayanan P.V.; Bhujle V.V.; Srinivasan K., 1983:
The occurrence of phthalic acid esters in various samples of commercially available sodium chloride injections indian pharmacopeia

Churchill D.M.; Dodson J.R., 1980:
The occurrence of phyllocladus aspleniifolius in victoria australia prior to 1100 bp

Fallon, M.E.; Wallace, D.C., 1977:
The occurrence of phyllodistomum undulans in the urinary bladder of the mottled sculpin cottus bairdi

Blaschke H., 1982:
The occurrence of phytophthora causing root rot of silver fir abies alba

Kliejunas, J.T.; Sharpf, R.F.; Smith, R.S.Jr, 1977:
The occurrence of phytophthora cinnamomi in hawaii in relation to ohia forest site and edaphic factors

Orlikowski, L., 1978:
The occurrence of phytophthora cryptogea in gerberae gerbera jamesonii growing sites

Harris D.C., 1979:
The occurrence of phytophthora syringae in fallen apple leaves

Ridland P.M.; Morris D.S.; Williams D.G.; Tomkins R.B., 1986:
The occurrence of phytoseiulus persimilis acarina phytoseiidae in an orchard in victoria australia

Liljenberg, C., 1977:
The occurrence of phytyl pyro phosphate and acyl esters of phytol in irradiated dark grown barley seedlings and their possible role in biosynthesis of chlorophyll

Gronvold J.; Jdorgensen R.J., 1987:
The occurrence of pilobolus fungi in danish stables

Zukowski, W.; Latowski, K.; Jackowiak, B., 1986 :
The occurrence of pilularia globulifera l. at lake janiszowice in the lubusz region western poland

Harper D.E.Jr; Shelton C.R.; Williams G.E.IIi; Johnson K.W., 1979:
The occurrence of pisionidens indica new record polychaeta pisionidae in the western gulf of mexico

Burgess, J., 1972:
The occurrence of plasmodesmata like structures in a nondivision wall

Hegewald E.; Kneifel H., 1987:
The occurrence of polyamines in mosses

Poulos, A.; Sharp, P.; Johnson, D.; White, I.; Fellenberg, A., 1986:
The occurrence of polyenoic fatty acids with greater than 22 carbon atoms in mammalian spermatozoa

Borkin L.J.; Pikulik M.M., 1986:
The occurrence of polymely and polydactyly in natural populations of anurans of the ussr

Smith B.J.; Harris M.R.; Sigournay C.M.; Wood J.N., 1984:
The occurrence of polymers of h 1 h 10 and h 5 in extracts of whole tissues artificial production during protein preparation

Hughes J.G., 1979:
The occurrence of polysety in relation to the number of archegonia in the female inflorescences of phascum cuspidatum

Jeng C.R.; Yang P.C.; Chang W.F.; Chen C.M.; Ch'iu Y.T., 1987:
The occurrence of porcine proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy in taiwan

Chen S.; Tsi Z., 1984:
The occurrence of porpax callostylis and acriopsis orchidaceae in china

Feng D.; W.W.; L.D., 1981:
The occurrence of post de nervation hypertrophy in chick slow muscle fibers after complete elimination of stretch and tension

Imoto M.; Iwaki M.; Tochihara H.; Nakamura K.; Hanada K., 1986:
The occurrence of potato mop top virus in japan and some of its properties

Rankovic M.; Vuksanovic S.; Domanovic M., 1986:
The occurrence of potato viruses in some domestic and imported potato cultivars

Karbach G.; Stoye M., 1982:
The occurrence of pre natal and galactogenic infection of mice with toxascaris leonina

Preece R.C., 1980:
The occurrence of proserpina in the british tertiary with the description of proserpina woodwardi new species prosobranchia helicinidae

Hussain S.A.; Rao K.H., 1980:
The occurrence of prosogonotrema carangi in the teleost monacanthus monoceros of waltair coast india with a note on the family prosogonotrematidae

Ogata T.; Kodama M.; Fukuyo Y.; Inoue T.; Kamiya H.; Matsuura F.; Sekiguchi K.; Watanabe S., 1982:
The occurrence of protogonyaulax spp in ofunato bay japan in association with the toxification of the scallop patinopecten yessoensis

Duarte M.J.D.F.; Miranda I.M.D., 1984:
The occurrence of protostrongylus rufescens nematoda protostrongylidae in goats of rio de janeiro brazil

Moedlinger, G., 1975:
The occurrence of psammoma bodies in the thyroid glands of old rats

Steere, W.C., 1975 :
The occurrence of pseudoleskeella papillosa new record in canada and arctic alaska usa

Geuenich H H.; Mueller H.E., 1984:
The occurrence of pseudomonas aeruginosa in waste water and its behavior during biological treatment

Cvjetkovic B.; Kispatic J., 1984:
The occurrence of pseudoperonospora cubensis on cucumbers in croatia yugoslavia

Hatfield, G.M.; Valdes, L.J.; Smith, A.H., 1978:
The occurrence of psilocybin in gymnopilus spp

Darsie R.F.Jr, 1983:
The occurrence of psorophora cingulata and uranotaenia apicalis new record in guatemala diptera culicidae

Nilsson O.; Mansson J E.; Hakansson G.; Svennerholm L., 1982:
The occurrence of psychosine and other glyco lipids in spleen and liver from the 3 major types of gauchers disease

Walker N., 1979:
The occurrence of puberty in gilts reared in the presence or absence of growing boars

Peterson, J.L.; Davis, S.H.J. ; Weber, P.V.V., 1978:
The occurrence of puccinia horiana on chrysanthemum in new jersey usa/

Figueiredo M.B.; Hennen J.F., 1979:
The occurrence of puccinia tanaceti new record on artemisia pontica in sao paulo state brazil

Aris J.P.; Eisemann A.D.; Moulton L., 1982:
The occurrence of pugettia richii crustacea decapoda on cystoseira osmundacea follows a diel pattern

Vesely, D., 1977:
The occurrence of pythium oligandrum on the root surface of sugar beet seedlings in bohemia czechoslovakia and some observations on the biology of the fungus

Axéll, T.; Henricsson, V., 1985:
The occurrence of recurrent aphthous ulcers in an adult Swedish population

Schiemann H., 1983:
The occurrence of red phalarope phalaropus fulicarius in denmark norway sweden and finland

Nguyen J.; Jarlier V.; Dautzenberg B.; Gallinari C.; Axler O.; Moreau A.; Fievet M.H., 1986:
The occurrence of resistance of streptococcus pneumoniae to erythromycin at la pitie salpetriere 1980 1984 paris france

Gaff, D.F.; Latz, P.K., 1978:
The occurrence of resurrection plants in the australian flora

Skarmoutsos G., 1986:
The occurrence of rhabdocline needle cast on douglas fir in greece

Golebiowska, J.; Sawicka, A.; Swiatek, J., 1976:
The occurrence of rhizobio phages in various lucerne plantations

Jager G.; Hekman W.; Deenen A., 1982:
The occurrence of rhizoctonia solani on subterranean parts of wild plants in potato fields

Arts, T., 1987:
The occurrence of rhizoidal tubers in atrichum tenellum rohl b. and s. and atrichum crispum james sull

Parameswaran N.; Liese W., 1984:
The occurrence of rickettsia like bacteria and mycoplasma like structures in beech trees from areas affected by forest dieback

Rehacek J.; Kocianova E.; Brezina R.; Kocian L., 1983:
The occurrence of rickettsiae pathogenic for man in the zapadne tatry mountains ussr

Montz G.R., 1988:
The occurrence of ripistes parasita oligochaeta naididae in minnesota usa and its implications for benthic sampling

Marin, B.; Trouslot, P., 1975:
The occurrence of rna in the lutoid fraction lysosomal compartment from hevea brasiliensis latex

Kaushik N.; Kapoor B.G., 1980:
The occurrence of rodlet cells in the alimentary tract epithelium of heteropneustes fossilis and amphipnous cuchia

Krueger W., 1976:
The occurrence of root and stalk rot of maize in the west germany 1969 1973

Van Wyk R.J., 1985:
The occurrence of root knot nematodes meloidogyne spp in the tobacco producing areas of south africa

Bajrovic T.; Ivetic V.; Dzuvic A.; Nevjestic A., 1986:
The occurrence of rotaviral enteritis in calves in bosnia and herzegovina yugoslavia

Zavortink T.J., 1986:
The occurrence of runchomyia frontosa new record in carnivorous bromeliads in venezuela with notes on the biology of its immatures diptera culicidae sabethini

Müller, H.E., 1979:
The occurrence of salmonellae in drinking water

Joseph P.G.; Yee H.T.; Sivanandan S.P., 1984:
The occurrence of salmonellae in house shrews suncus murinus and rats rattus rattus diardii in ipoh malaysia

Jones, P.W.; Bew, J.; Burrows, M.R.; Matthews, P.R.; Collins, P., 1976:
The occurrence of salmonellas, mycobacteria and pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli in pig slurry

Vodas K.; Elitsina P.; Atanasov C., 1986:
The occurrence of salmonellosis abortions in sheep in bulgaria over the 1970 1984

Forno I.W.; Harley K.L.S., 1979:
The occurrence of salvinia molesta new record in brazil

Riemann H., 1983:
The occurrence of sand wasps hymenoptera sphecidae in the inland dune areas between bremen mahndorf and daverden verden district west germany

Manivel, C.; Wick, M.R.; Abenoza, P.; Rosai, J., 1986:
The occurrence of sarcomatous components in primary mediastinal germ cell tumors

Barendregt, A., 1980:
The occurrence of sargus bipunctatus diptera stratiomyidae in the netherlands

Kofler A.; Schedl W., 1982:
The occurrence of sawflies in eastern tirol austria insecta hymenoptera symphyta 1

Bates, H.A.; Rostriken, R.; Rapoport, H., 1978:
The occurrence of saxi toxin and other toxins in various dinoflagellates

Schmid R.; Baas P., 1984:
The occurrence of scalariform perforation plates and helical vessel wall thickenings in wood of myrtaceae

Battarbee R.W.; Cronberg G.; Lowry S., 1980 :
The occurrence of scales and bristles of mallomonas spp chrysophyceae in the micro laminated sediments of a small lake in finnish north karelia

Pennick, N.C.; Clarke, N.J., 1977:
The occurrence of scales in the peridinian dinoflagellate heterocapsa triquetra

Lewartowski Z.; Stawarczyk T.; Winiecki A., 1986:
The occurrence of scaup aythya marila eider somateria mollissima long tailed duck clangula hyemalis common scoter melanitta nigra velvet scoter melanitta fusca in inland areas in poland

Titatarn, S.; Syamananda, R., 1978:
The occurrence of sclerospora spontanea new record on saccharum spontaneum in thailand

Waehrens, G.T., 1978:
The occurrence of sea ducks in danish fresh waters 1965 1976

Rabalais S.C.; Rabalais N.N., 1980:
The occurrence of sea turtles on the south texas coast usa

Krol A., 1980:
The occurrence of secondary and technical pests of common pine pinus sylvestris in the area of the buda stalowska forest division poland affected by emissions of the tarnobrzeg sulfur basin

Peppard J.V.; Jackson L.E.; Hall J.G., 1983:
The occurrence of secretory immuno globulin m in the bile of rats

Rahko, T.; Koivikko, A.; Silvonniemi, P., 1979:
The occurrence of secretory otitis media in allergic children

Kock U V., 1983:
The occurrence of selaginella helvetica new record in the erzgebirge mountains czechoslovakia

Nieuwhof, M., 1974:
The occurrence of self incompatibility in cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis subvar cauliflora and the possibilities to produce uniform varieties

Rosberger D.F.; Resch J.F.; Meinwald J., 1981:
The occurrence of senecionine in tussilago farfara

Wheeler A., 1986:
The occurrence of seriola rivoliana osteichthyes perciformes carangidae on the british coast

De-Oliveira, E.F.R.; Marques, E.D.A.; Suassuna, I., 1978:
The occurrence of serogroups of escherichia coli in intestinal flora

Rha H.Y., 1981:
The occurrence of serum hepatitis b surface antigen in various renal diseases

Foerster E., 1980:
The occurrence of serum lysozyme in case of pulmonary affections

Kewenter, J.; Hultén, L.; Ahrén, C., 1982:
The occurrence of severe epithelial dysplasia and its bearing on treatment of longstanding ulcerative colitis

Takayama S.; Ichii T.; Nakanichi T.; Sawano M.; Ozaki T., 1981:
The occurrence of shot berries in relation to flower types in muscat bailey a grapes

Postek M.T., 1981:
The occurrence of silica in the leaves of magnolia grandiflora

Lehrer A.Z.; Lehrer M.M., 1987:
The occurrence of silvius algirus new record meigen 1830 in romania diptera tabanidae

Crosskey R.W.; Ashford R.W., 1981:
The occurrence of simulium in libya

Malz H.; Ikeya N., 1982:
The occurrence of sinoleberis in the pacific ostracoda pliocene to recent taiwan and japan

Meltofte H., 1979:
The occurrence of skuas stercorarinae at blavandshuk denmark 1963 1977

Shimura K.; Kikuchi A.; Katagata Y.; Ohotomo K., 1982:
The occurrence of small component proteins in the cocoon fibroin of bombyx mori

Yang C.H.; Leu L.S., 1981:
The occurrence of snapdragon antirrhinum majus wilt disease in taiwan

Leslie, A.C., 1978:
The occurrence of solanum nigrum x solanum sarrachoides sexual hybrid in britain

Macdonald, R.M.; Lewis, M., 1978:
The occurrence of some acid phosphatases and dehydrogenases in the vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus glomus mosseae

Melo I., 1985:
The occurrence of some aphyllophorales rare or new to portugal

Hanssen O.J., 1980:
The occurrence of some breeding birds in the ostfold archipelago norway 1977 1978

Swieboda, M.; Dabrowska, L., 1976:
The occurrence of some chosen plants on sites with differing degrees of soil degradation induced by mans industrial activity

Ehrich S., 1983:
The occurrence of some fish species at the slopes of the rockall trough

Manly, R.; George, W.O., 1977:
The occurrence of some heavy metals in populations of the fresh water mussel anodonta anatina from the river thames

Ang K.P.; Gunasingham H.; Tay B.T.; Lee H.K.; Koh L.L., 1984:
The occurrence of some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air in singapore

Polak J.; Chod J.; Zadina J.; Kristek J., 1986:
The occurrence of some potato viruses in table potato cultivars

Niemela, T., 1978:
The occurrence of some rare pore fungi in finland

Zumkehr P., 1987:
The occurrence of some species of nemophora and adela on the island of terschelling netherlands lepidoptera adelidae

Cvjetkovic B., 1982:
The occurrence of some species of the genus phytophthora in yugoslavia with particular reference to the methods of isolation in pure culture

Nilsson, L., 1976:
The occurrence of some species of waterfowl in southern sweden during the winter

Osborne B.G.; Willis K.H., 1984:
The occurrence of some trichothecene myco toxins in uk home grown wheat and in imported wheat

Decker, H.; Dowe, A., 1974:
The occurrence of species belonging to the genera pratylenchus pratylenchoides and hirschmanniella nematoda pratylenchidae in east germany

Walter S., 1982:
The occurrence of species belonging to the genus trichogramma in forest biocenoses in east germany

Komala Z.; Przybos E., 1985:
The occurrence of species of the paramecium aurelia complex on the dynow plateau poland with some remarks on the method

Mettler, L.; Shirwani, D.; Gradl, T., 1980:
The occurrence of sperm antibodies in human reproduction 1. comparative new and improved test methods for sperm antibody detection

Riehl R., 1980:
The occurrence of spermatozoa in the ovary of nulliparous females of heterandria formosa pisces poeciliidae

Bernard, R.T., 1984:
The occurrence of spermiophagy under natural conditions in the cauda epididymidis of the Cape horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus capensis)

Vacchi M.; Del Vallo M.; Cau A., 1986:
The occurrence of sphaeroides cutaneus pisces tetraodontidae in the middle west mediterranean sea

Perera M.; Cambra J., 1986:
The occurrence of sphaeroplea wilmani new record fritsch and rich in a temporary pool of the littoral of garraf barcelona spain

Pfefferkorn H.W.; Resnik D.A., 1980:
The occurrence of sphenopteris germanica pteridosperm autunian lower permian in north america

Wheeler A.; Van Oijen M.J.P., 1984:
The occurrence of sphoeroides pachygaster osteichthyes tetraodontiformes off northwest ireland

Koper S.; Ziolo T.; Mucha M., 1980 :
The occurrence of spontaneous arterio sclerosis in lowland black and white and simmental cows from selected regions of poland

White, H.B.J. ; Powell, S.S.; Gafford, L.G.; Randall, C.C., 1968:
The occurrence of squalene in lipid of fowl pox virus chick scalp epithelium inst thin layer chromatography inst gas liquid chromatography

Meltofte H., 1987:
The occurrence of staging waders charadrii at the tipperne reserve western denmark 1928 1982

Krueger, W.; Weiler, W., 1977:
The occurrence of stalk rot on maize cultivars following stalk borer infestation ostrinia nubilalis

Anadu P.A., 1979:
The occurrence of steatomys jacksoni new record in southwestern nigeria

Hannam, R.J.; Reuter, D.J., 1977:
The occurrence of steely wool in south australia 1972 1975

Kalinowska, M.; Wojciechowski, Z.A., 1983:
The occurrence of sterol ester hydrolase ec activity in roots of white mustard sinapis alba seedlings

Cho J.T.; Moon B.J., 1980:
The occurrence of strawberry black leaf spot caused by alternaria alternata in korea

Ogawa, Y.; Perlman, D., 1976:
The occurrence of streptomycin phosphorylating enzymes in streptomycin producing streptomycetes

Lipow K.; Horoupian D.S.; Raine C.S., 1980:
The occurrence of striated muscle within the spinal lepto meninges

Monaco P.J.; Rasch E.M.; Balsano J.S., 1983:
The occurrence of super fetation in the amazon molly poecilia formosa and its related sexual species

Holgye Z., 1987:
The occurrence of surface contamination by radioactive compounds at workplaces with open emitters in the research nuclear center in rez czechoslovakia in the years 1979 to 1985

Jeanroy E.; Guillet B., 1981:
The occurrence of suspended ferruginous particles in pyro phosphate extracts of some soil horizons

Hoogmoed M.S., 1983:
The occurrence of sylvilagus brasiliensis leporidae in surinam

Cleland, L.G.; Bell, D.A., 1978:
The occurrence of systemic lupus erythematosus in 2 kindreds in association with selective immuno globulin a deficiency

Tomala-Bednarek, J.W., 1977:
The occurrence of tall oat grass smut ustilago perennans in poland

Schlott, G.; Reiss, F., 1975:
The occurrence of tanytarsus aculeatus insecta diptera chironomidae in piburger lake tirol austria

Rybakowski J.; Jaracz J.; Lis B.; Milewska G.; Lezanska M., 1979:
The occurrence of tardive extrapyramidal symptoms in schizophrenic patients undergoing prolonged neuroleptic treatment

Nilsson, B., 1979:
The occurrence of taste buds in the palate of human adults as evidenced by light microscopy

Potekhina N.V.; Terekhova L.P.; Preobrazhenskaya T.P.; Naumova I.B., 1985:
The occurrence of teichoic acids in actinomadura cultures

Heloe, B.; Heloe, L.A., 1978:
The occurrence of temporo mandibular joint disorders in an elderly population as evaluated by recording of subjective and objective symptoms

Maung, M., 1978:
The occurrence of the 2nd molt of ascaris lumbricoides and ascaris suum

Ulenberg S.A.; Van Frankenhuyzen A., 1986:
The occurrence of the american leafhopper graphocephala fennahi in europe and its relation to the bud blast disease of rhododendron

Osieck, E.R., 1976:
The occurrence of the arctic redpoll carduelis hornemanni in 1972

Rostanski, K.; Ludera, F., 1975:
The occurrence of the asarum europaeum pseudocaucasicum in poland

Warren M.L.Jr, 1980:
The occurrence of the banded pygmy sunfish elassoma zonatum in the green river drainage of kentucky usa

Lina P.H.C., 1987:
The occurrence of the barbastelle barbastella barbastellus schreber 1774 in the netherlands

Hiscock, K.; Hiscock, S.; Baker, J.M., 1978:
The occurrence of the barnacle elminius modestus new record in shetland

Habe S.; Miyazaki I., 1982:
The occurrence of the bi sexual type of paragonimus westermani found in innai machi oita prefecture japan

Rasmussen E.V., 1979:
The occurrence of the black stork ciconia nigra in denmark 1970 1978

Mosansky L., 1986:
The occurrence of the black woodpecker dryocopus martius during the nesting period in the east slovakian czechoslovakia lowland

Siegel, G., 1976:
The occurrence of the brdicka reaction in plant extracts

Fletcher R.L., 1983:
The occurrence of the brown alga streblonema oligosporum in britain uk

Oliveira M.L.; Kitajima E.W.; Ribeiro M.I.C.S.; Ribeiro R.L.D., 1981:
The occurrence of the celery yellow mosaic virus in the federal district and in the state of rio de janeiro brazil

Sten'ko, R.P., 1976:
The occurrence of the cercaria of diplostomum phoxini diplostomatidae in fresh water mollusks of the crimea ussr

Eisentraut M., 1986:
The occurrence of the chacoan peccary catagonus wagneri new record in bolivia

Lenders A., 1985:
The occurrence of the common hamster cricetus cricetus in relation to soil texture and soil type

Lenders A.; Pelzers E., 1982:
The occurrence of the common hamster cricetus cricetus on the northern limits of its distribution area in the netherlands

Bandomir B.; Lehman Kryszak M.; Tokarczyk G., 1980:
The occurrence of the common vole microtus arvalis in poland in the years 1968 1975 questionnaire studies

Christopher R.A., 1982 :
The occurrence of the complexiopollis and atlantopollis zone palynomorphs in the eagle ford group upper cretaceous of texas usa

Polak, J.; Chod, J., 1975:
The occurrence of the cucumber mosaic virus on some vegetables in the czech ssr czechoslovakia

Williams I.C.; Ellis C.; Cross A.S., 1981:
The occurrence of the cysticercoids of acanthocirrus retrirostris cyclophyllidea dilepididae and the metacercariae of maritrema gratiosum digenea microphallidae in the barnacle balanus balanoides on the coast of yorkshire england

Ogle, J., 1976:
The occurrence of the date mussel lithophaga bisulcata mytilidae in living oysters off galveston texas usa

Haensel, J., 1977:
The occurrence of the dipper cinclus cinclus aquaticus in the harz mountains

Keith, K., 1976:
The occurrence of the dusky field rat rattus sordidus rodentia muridae in new south wales australia

Kersters, K.; De-Ley, J., 1968:
The occurrence of the entner doudoroff pathway in bacteria enz gluconate 6 phosphate dehydrase enz 2 keto 3 deoxy gluconate 6 phosphate aldolase

Mccullough J.D.; Jones J.L.; Taylor M.F., 1981:
The occurrence of the fresh water medusa craspedacusta sowerbyi in nacogdoches reservoir texas usa and associated physical chemical conditions

Bowman T.E.; Prins R.; Arenas J., 1987:
The occurrence of the freshwater isopod heterias exul in the lakes region of chile with notes on the genus heterias asellota janiridae

Vesely, D., 1976:
The occurrence of the fungi of the genus fusarium on sugar beet seeds in the rhizosphere and tissues of plants attacked by black leg

Benada J., 1985:
The occurrence of the fungus bipolaris sorokiniana on the seed of spring barley and efficiency of seed treatment

Caca Z.; Sirucek J.; Safarikova R., 1980:
The occurrence of the fungus septoria passerinii on spring barley hordeum sativum in czechoslovakia

Macellari C.E., 1979:
The occurrence of the genus aucellina bivalvia cretaceous in the hito xix formation tierra del fuego argentina

Porto, M.L., 1975:
The occurrence of the genus ceratosanthes in rio grande do sul brazil cucurbitaceae

Studencka B., 1987:
The occurrence of the genus kelliella bivalvia kelliellidae in shallow water middle miocene deposits of poland

Penrith M L., 1984:
The occurrence of the genus leichenum coleoptera tenebrionidae leicheninni in the northern namib desert

Briggs D.E.G.; Mount J.D., 1982:
The occurrence of the giant arthropod anomalocaris in the lower cambrian of southern california usa and the overall distribution of the genus

Heiber W., 1987:
The occurrence of the goldcrest regulus regulus on heligoland west germany

Nijssen H.; D.G.oot S.J.; Doornbos G., 1981:
The occurrence of the golden gray mullet liza aurata in the coastal waters of the netherlands pisces perciformes mugilidae

Saeijs, H.L.F.; Baptist, H.J.M., 1976:
The occurrence of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus on the grevelingen lake the netherlands

Rasmussen E.V., 1981:
The occurrence of the great skua stercorarius skua in southern scandinavia especially denmark during 1970 1978

Eisbrenner, G.; Distler, E.; Floener, L.; Bothe, H., 1978:
The occurrence of the hydrogenase in some blue green algae

Nichols, J.H.; Lawton, P., 1978:
The occurrence of the larval stages of the lobster homarus gammarus off the northeast coast of england uk in 1976

Murray, A.B.; Nance, W.S.; Tarter, D.C., 1977:
The occurrence of the leech piscicolaria reducta new record on etheostoma blennoides from west virginia usa

Vesmanis I.E.; Vesmanis A., 1981:
The occurrence of the lesser white toothed shrew crocidura suaveolens on the mediterranean island of capraja italy

Vesmanis I.E.; Vesmanis A., 1981:
The occurrence of the lesser white toothed shrew crocidura suaveolens on the mediterranean island of gozo malta

Van-Husen, D., 1975:
The occurrence of the lower cretaceous in the eastern karawanken kaernten austria

Ouweneel, G.L., 1978:
The occurrence of the marsh harrier circus aeruginosus in the hollandsch diep haringvliet netherlands area

Khaliulin, G.L., 1976:
The occurrence of the mosquito culiseta longiareolata new record in the central volga region ussr

Mahoney, J.A.; Posamentier, H., 1975:
The occurrence of the native rodent pseudomys gracilicaudatus rodentia muridae in new south wales australia

Hocking G.J., 1980:
The occurrence of the new holland mouse pseudomys novaehollandiae new record in tasmania

O'brien, F.I., 1976:
The occurrence of the oceanic chaetognaths sagitta tasmanica and krohnitta subtilis off the galway coast ireland 1972 1973

Sheehan, P.M.; Lesperance, P.J., 1978:
The occurrence of the ordovician brachiopod foliomena joliensis new species at perce quebec

Harper, D.A.T., 1978:
The occurrence of the ordovician brachiopod heterorthis alternata in the top most onnian of the type caradoc area

Barabas L.; Pastorek B.; Raucinova L., 1985:
The occurrence of the partial second generation of the corn borer ostrinia nubilalis in southern slovakia czechoslovakia

Frank C., 1983:
The occurrence of the pearly fresh water mussel margaritifera margaritifera bivalvia margaritiferidae in the austrian granite highland western lower austria

Marussy, A., 1987:
The occurrence of the peony paeonia officinalis ssp banatica roch. soo in the codru moma mountains romania and its cenological affinity

Mittelstadt A.; Fehrmann H., 1987:
The occurrence of the perfect stage of septoria nodorum in west germany

Schiemann, H., 1977:
The occurrence of the phalaropes phalaropodidae in the brandenburg saxon and thuringian areas as well as in berlin

Naito, Y., 1976:
The occurrence of the phocid seals along the coast of japan and possible dispersal of pups

Robel, D., 1972:
The occurrence of the pied and isabelline wheatear in bulgaria oenanthe leucomela and oenanthe isabellina

Bauer, H.W.; Kraus, H., 1978:
The occurrence of the pregnancy associated alpha 2 glyco protein in gynecological cancer

Nielsen C., 1980:
The occurrence of the prosobranchs littorina neritoides littorina mariae and littorina obtusata in denmark

Hoekstra B., 1983:
The occurrence of the raccoon procyon lotor in the netherlands

Bosch, J.; Laubender, H., 1978:
The occurrence of the river warbler locustella fluviatilis in lower franconia

Haeggstrom C A., 1985:
The occurrence of the roman snail helix pomatia gastropoda pulmonata helicidae in the aland islands southwest finland

Petersen, G.H., 1977:
The occurrence of the sand eel ammodytes dubius in 0.1 square meter van veen grab samples taken during winter in godhavn havn disko bugt

Mazzucco, K., 1974:
The occurrence of the scarlet grosbeak carpodacus erythrinus in austria

Mcdermott J.J.; Zubkoff P.L.; Lin A.L., 1982:
The occurrence of the sea anemone peachia parasitica as a symbiont in the scyphozoan cyanea capillata in the lower chesapeake bay usa

Haupt H., 1981:
The occurrence of the sea divers gaviiformes and podiceps auritus slavonian grebe in the southern part of the district frankfurt an der oder east germany

Sekhon, H.S.; Singh, M., 1976:
The occurrence of the sexual stage of ceratocystis ulmi in the capitol mall area of washington dc

Van Gompel J., 1979:
The occurrence of the short eared owl asio flammeus on the belgian coast

Dathe, H.; Fischer, W., 1977:
The occurrence of the short toed tree creeper certhia brachydactyla in the caucasus area

Hudec, V., 1975:
The occurrence of the snail jaminia ovularis in bulgaria

Boray J.C.; Fraser G.C.; Williams J.D.; Wilson J.M., 1985:
The occurrence of the snail lymnaea columella on grazing areas in new south wales australia and studies on its susceptibility to fasciola hepatica

Rasmussen E.V., 1985:
The occurrence of the sooty shearwater puffinus griseus in denmark

Davis G.; Guiler E.R., 1984:
The occurrence of the southern bottle nosed whale hyperoodon planifrons new record in tasmanian waters australia

Wagner F.S.; Musselman L.J., 1982:
The occurrence of the southern wood fern dryopteris australis

Toth, L., 1976:
The occurrence of the species acrolocha pliginskii new species and acrolocha sulculus new record coleoptera staphylinidae in the carpathian basin

Tomala-Bednarek, J.W., 1977:
The occurrence of the stripe smut of grasses ustilago striiformis on arrhenatherum elatius in poland

Dybbro, T., 1978:
The occurrence of the subspecies of long tailed tit aegithalos caudatus in denmark

Cheng, W.Y.; Hung, T.H.; Hung, J.K.; Wang, Z.T., 1985:
The occurrence of the sugarcane borer larvae in autumn cane fields i. the occurrence of cane tillers and dead hearts

Cheng, W.Y.; Hung, T.H.; Hung, J.K.; Wang, Z.T., 1985:
The occurrence of the sugarcane borer larvae in autumn planted cane fields ii. the causes of dead hearts and their occurrence

Cheng, W.Y.; Chang, C.H.; Jiang, P.H.; Hung, T.H.; Hung, J.K.; Wang, Z.T., 1986:
The occurrence of the sugarcane borer larvae in the autumn planted cane fields iii. the fluctuation of borer larvae collected from dead hearts

Bijlsma, R.G., 1978:
The occurrence of the tawny pipit anthus campestris of the southwestern veluwe the netherlands part 1 breeding season

Bijlsma, R.G., 1978:
The occurrence of the tawny pipit anthus campestris on the southwestern veluwe the netherlands part 2 migration

Siboni, K., 1980:
The occurrence of the trehalose fermenting, tetracycline and polymyxin resistant phenotype among the Enterobacteriaceae

Smith D.G., 1984:
The occurrence of the troglobitic amphipod stygobromus tenuis tenuis crangonyctidae in the taconic mountains of southwestern massachusetts usa a case for the existence of a subterranean refugium in a glaciated region

Moller, A.P., 1976:
The occurrence of the turtledove streptopelia turtur in denmark

Gambashidze, R.A.; Akhvlediani, D.G., 1976:
The occurrence of the upper cretaceous sediments in the source of the agepsta river western abkhazia the bzyb basin ussr

Crame J.A., 1983:
The occurrence of the upper jurassic bivalve malayomaorica malayomaorica on the orville coast antarctica

Chod J.; Polak J.; Pivalova J., 1987:
The occurrence of the watermelon mosaic virus in czechoslovakia its purification and preparation of antiserum

Clason A.T., 1986:
The occurrence of the wild horse equus ferus boddaert 1785 in the netherlands from the late glacial period

Jeney G., 1979:
The occurrence of thelohanellus dogieli new record myxosporidia on carp cyprinus carpio in fish ponds in hungary

Davidonis, G.H., 1976:
The occurrence of thelypterin in ferns

Plane, M., 1976:
The occurrence of thylacinus in tertiary rocks from papua new guinea

Dipeolu, O.O., 1976:
The occurrence of ticks on a baby african elephant in nigeria

Gebhard, G.; Schlatter, R., 1977:
The occurrence of tmaegoceras crassiceps ammonoidea in the lias of europe

Czachor M., 1985:
The occurrence of toxin producing fungi in soil environments of selected field and grass ecosystems

Borkowska Opacka B.; Truszczynski M., 1979:
The occurrence of toxinogenic fungi in industrial feed mixtures

Szarejko I.; Maluszynski M.; Koncewicz E., 1982:
The occurrence of translocation and inversion frequency in barley treated with fast neutrons and with n nitroso n methyl urea

Ahmad Z.I.; Alden J.R.; Montague M.D., 1980:
The occurrence of trehalose in micrococcus spp

Correia, Y.; Martens, G.J.; Van-Mensch, F.H.; Whim, B.P., 1977:
The occurrence of tri chloro ethylene tetra chloro ethylene and 1 1 1 tri chloro ethane in western europe in air and water

Hui, W.H.; Lee, W.K.; Ng, K.K.; Chan, C.K., 1970:
The occurrence of tri terpenoids and steroids in 3 glochidion d species

Jenkins, R.A.; Mold, M.D., 1977:
The occurrence of triaenodes simulans trichoptera leptoceridae in southwest wales

Chemini C., 1984:
The occurrence of trogulus closanicus in austria bavaria west germany and slovenia yugoslavia arachnida opiliones

Joshi B.D., 1979:
The occurrence of trypanosomes in the blood of some fresh water teleosts of lucknow india

Brenneisen R.; Borner S., 1988:
The occurrence of tryptamine derivatives in psilocybe semilanceata

Spak J.; Polak Z., 1985:
The occurrence of turnip mosaic and turnip yellow mosaic viruses on rapes and winter turnip rape

Polak, Z.; Chlumska, J., 1978:
The occurrence of turnip mosaic virus on sisymbrium loeselii in bohemia czechoslovakia

Batt, B.D.J.; Cooper, J.A.; Cornwell, G.W., 1975:
The occurrence of twin waterfowl embryos

Pellegrini M.; Pellegrini L., 1985:
The occurrence of twisted fibrillar structures in the cytoplasm of the red alga alsidium helminthochorton ultrastructural and cytochemical observations

Benada, J., 1976:
The occurrence of typhula ishikariensis on winter wheat in czechoslovakia

Nakanishi Y.; Okuda S.; Tsuji M.; Suzuki S., 1979:
The occurrence of udp n acetyl galactosamine 6 sulfate in quail egg white and characteristic distribution of sulfated sugar nucleotides in different avian eggs

Paczkowski C.; Wojciechowski Z.A., 1988:
The occurrence of udpg dependent glucosyltransferase specific for sarsasapogenin in asparagus officinalis

Trux, F.; Fink, R.; Wutke, K., 1978:
The occurrence of undifferentiated cell leukoses after intensive radiologic and cytostatic therapy of hodgkins lymphoma

Furr, P.M.; Taylor-Robinson, D.; Hetherington, C.M., 1976 :
The occurrence of ureaplasmas in marmosets

A.H.uty F.A.A.; Syrett P.J., 1984:
The occurrence of urease urea amido lyase and glycolate oxidase dehydrogenase in klebsormidium spp and members of the ulotrichales

Brown, M.W., 1977:
The occurrence of variants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa NCTS 6750

Yaghmaie M.; Catling D., 1984:
The occurrence of vascular tracheids in betula and some other betulaceae genera

Lindell, O.I.; Sariola, H.V.; Lehtonen, T.A., 1987:
The occurrence of vasculitis in perianeurysmal fibrosis

Towers, B., 1977:
The occurrence of verticicladiella procera in pennsylvania 1976

Baltruschat, H.; Dehne, H.W., 1988:
The occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in agro ecosystems i. influence of nitrogen fertilization and green manure in continuous monoculture and in crop rotation on the inoculum potential of winter wheat

Farmer A.M., 1985:
The occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in isoetid type submerged aquatic macrophytes under naturally varying conditions

Van Landuyt, H.W.; Van Hulle, B.M.; Fossépré, J.M.; Verschraegen, G., 1985:
The occurrence of Vibrio spp. at the Belgian coast

Turner, A.J.; Spalatin, J.; Hanson, R.P., 1976:
The occurrence of virus in leukocytes of vaccinated chickens following challenge with virulent Newcastle disease virus

Skinner N.J., 1983:
The occurrence of waders at suva point fiji

Clarke K.J.; Mccully M.E., 1985:
The occurrence of wall papillae in root epidermal cells of axenically grown seedlings of zea mays

Haeseler V., 1985:
The occurrence of wasps and bees in a dead birch tree stand in the eastern hilly country of schleswig holstein west germany hymenoptera aculeata

Bachthaler G., 1982:
The occurrence of weed species with low constancy and coverage levels at arable land locations in bavaria west germany during the investigation periods 1950 1960 and 1961 1980

Mikulka, J., 1987:
The occurrence of white goosefoot chenopodium album l. populations resistant to triazine herbicides in czechoslovakia

Keilbach R., 1983:
The occurrence of xantholinus roubali at the southern coast of ruegen island east germany

Thompson J.K.; Hough B.; Holding A.J., 1985:
The occurrence of yeasts and coryneform bacteria in an abattoir chilling room

Niewolak, S., 1976:
The occurrence of yeasts in some of the masurian lakes poland

Raabe U., 1988:
The occurrence of yellow gagea species gagea spp and wild tulips tulipa sylvestris in churchyards and cemeteries in the hamburg lauenberg region west germany

Martin, P.M.; Keen, P., 1978:
The occurrence of zearalanone in raw and fermented products from Swaziland and Lesotho

Janssen G.M., 1979:
The occurrence of zeus faber in the coastal waters of the netherlands pisces zeiformes

Stoeckel, G., 1978:
The occurrence of zilora sericea coleoptera serropalpidae in east germany

Laing, E.A.; Egerton, J.R., 1978:
The occurrence, prevalence and transmission of Bacteroides nodosus infection in cattle

Shoyinka S.A.; Brunt A.A.; Phillips S.; Lesemann D E.; Thottapilly G.; Lastra R., 1987:
The occurrence properties and affinities of telfairia mosaic virus a potyvirus prevalent in telfairia occidentalis cucurbitaceae is southwestern nigeria

Wisniewski, J., 1976:
The occurrence rate of ants from the formica rufa group in various phytosociologic associations

Talent L.G., 1985:
The occurrence seasonal distribution and reproductive condition of elasmobranch fishes in elkhorn slough california usa

Jennings J.B.; Cannon L.R.G., 1987:
The occurrence spectral properties and probable role of hemoglobins in four species of entosymbiotic turbellarians rhabdocoela umagillidae

Long, C.A., 1976:
The occurrence status and importance of bats in wisconsin usa with a key to the species

Fernand, V.S.V.; Hess, A., 1969:
The occurrence structure and innervation of slow and twitch muscle fibers in the tensor tympani and stapedius of the cat inst light microscope inst electron microscope

Genua, J.M.; Hillson, C.J., 1985:
The occurrence type and location of calcium oxalate crystals in the leaves of 14 species of araceae

Betzer, P.R.; Byrne, R.H.; Acker, J.G.; Lewis, C.S.; Jolley, R.R.; Feely, R.A., 1984:
The oceanic carbonate system: a reassessment of biogenic controls

Lal, D., 1977:
The oceanic microcosm of particles

Neves R.J.; Depres L., 1979:
The oceanic migration of american shad alosa sapidissima along the atlantic coast

Rasmussen R.A.; Khalil M.A.K.; Hoyt S.D., 1982:
The oceanic source of carbonyl sulfide

Bas, C.; Cruzado, A., 1976:
The oceanographic expedition of atlor v cape bojador cape blanc april may 1974 characteristics and some preliminary results

Yuwaki Y.; Shimada K.; Higashi M.; Henmi T., 1983:
The oceanographic research in the southern region of the hawaiian islands usa 6

Higashi M.; Shimada K.; Yuwaki Y.; Henmi T., 1984:
The oceanographic research in the southern region of the hawaiian islands usa 7

Brinton, E., 1985:
The oceanographic structure of the eastern scotia sea antarctica iii. distributions of euphausiid species and their developmental stages in 1981 in relation to hydrography

Marin, V., 1987:
The oceanographic structure of the eastern scotia sea antarctica iv. distribution of copepod species in relation to hydrography in 1981

Mitchell, R.M., 1978:
The ochotona lagomorpha ochotonidae of nepal

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The ochre bellied flycatcher pipromorpha oleaginea and the evolution of lek behavior

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