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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6731

Chapter 6731 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Uddstromer, L., 1978:
The osteogenic capacity of tubular and membranous bone periosteum a qualitative experimental study in growing rabbits

Delloye C.; Hebrant A.; Munting E.; Piret L.; Coutelier L., 1985:
The osteoinductive capacity of differently hydrochloride decalcified bone alloimplants

Hemmer, H.; Richarts, M.; Schuler, G., 1977:
The osteological separation of the european toad species of the genus bufo amphibia anura

Currie P.J., 1982:
The osteology and relationships of tangasaurus mennelli reptilia eosuchia

Pietsch T.W., 1981:
The osteology and relationships of the anglerfish genus tetrabrachium with comments on lophiiform classification

Zholl K.; Quan W.; L.Y., 1979:
The osteology and the systematic position of the baiji lipotes vexillifer

Van Gennip E.M.S.J., 1986:
The osteology arthrology and myology of the jaw apparatus of the pigeon columba livia l

Mccosker, J.E., 1977:
The osteology classification and relationships of the eel family ophichthidae

Al-Jaferye, A.R.; Saleh, M.S.; Al-Rawi, A.H., 1976:
The osteology of 2 iraqi fishes barbus luteus and silurus triostegus/

Qasim, H.H.; Niazi, A.D., 1975:
The osteology of barbus xanthopterus and barbus sharpeyi with special reference to their lateral line system cyprinidae

Ostrom, J.H., 1978:
The osteology of compsognathus longipes

Chondar, S.L., 1979:
The osteology of gudusia chapra pisces clupeidae 1. the skull

Cope E.D., 1974:
The osteology of the lacertilia

Rauchfuss A., 1979:
The osteons of the endo chondral layer of labyrinthine bone a comparative anatomical study

Gvozdev, E.V.; Maksimova, A.P., 1978:
The ostracod eucypris inflata an intermediate host of avian cestodes in the biocenosis of lake tengiz ussr

Kornicker L.S., 1983:
The ostracod family cypridinidae and the genus pterocypridina

Martens K.; Dumont H.J., 1984:
The ostracod fauna crustacea ostracoda of lake donk flanders belgium a comparison between 2 surveys 20 years apart

Horne D.J., 1982:
The ostracod fauna of an inter tidal sabellaria reef at blue anchor somerset england uk

Petkovski, T.K., 1977:
The ostracod fauna of the mindelsee southwestern west germany

Rybecky M., 1981:
The ostracod fauna of the springs and peat moors of orava northern slovakia czechoslovakia

A.Furaih A.A.F., 1985:
The ostracod genus brachycythere from the upper cretaceous of saudi arabia

Tsukagoshi, A.; Ikeya, N., 1987:
The ostracod genus cythere o. f. mueller 1785 and its species

Whatley R.C.; Masson D.G., 1979:
The ostracod genus cytheropteron from the quaternary and recent of great britain

Maybury C.; Whatley R., 1980:
The ostracod genus leptocythere from the pliocene deposits of st erth and northwestern france

Whatley R.C.; Downing S.E.; Kesler K.; Harlow C.J., 1986:
The ostracod genus poseidonamicus from the cenozoic of dsdp sites in the southwestern pacific

Lord A.; Malz H., 1981:
The ostracod suborders platycopina and metacopina a question of priority and stability in nomenclature

Malz, H., 1975:
The ostracodal deluge a research report

Janz H., 1983:
The ostracods crustacea of the schoenbuch forest area near tuebingen baden wuerttemberg west germany

H.C H., 1986:
The ostracods from the tungshiao formation pleistocene west coast of miaoli district taiwan

Carbonnel G., 1986:
The ostracods of the recent tropical estuaries senegal and gambia an application for the neogene franco helvetian molasse

Casier J G., 1985:
The ostracods of the upper part of the teferguenite formation givetian and the marhouma formation givetian famennian of the k 30 section saoura algerian sahara

Sherwood, M.A., 1977:
The ostropalean fungi

Sherwood-Pike, M.A., 1987:
The ostropalean fungi iii. the odontotremataceae

Sherwood, M.A., 1977:
The ostropalean fungi part 2 schizoxylon with notes on stictis acarosporina coccopeziza and carestiella

Lapraz G., 1983:
The ostrya carpinifolia forests of quercetalia pubescentis order in the hitherland of nice and menton france

Ferrarini, E.; Rolla, G., 1977:
The ostrya carpinifolia woods in the surroundings of massa and carrara tuscany italy

Antonietti A., 1983:
The ostrya of the southern calcareous prealps italy

Marincek L.; Zupancic M.; Puncer I., 1980:
The ostryo fagetum association in slovenia yugoslavia

Chandler M., 1987:
The othello effect essay on the emergence and eclipse of skeptical doubt

Petrányi, G., 1983:
The other side of immunology: immunoplasia. Trophic (plastic) function of the immune system

Hall, J.C., 1982:
The other side of statistical significance: a review of type II errors in the Australian medical literature

Prager T.C.; Holladay J.T.; Ruiz R.S., 1986:
The other side of visual acuity testing contract sensitivity

Al-Hadithi, B.A.; Mitchell, J., 1987:
The otic ganglion and its neural connections in the rat

Meregalli M., 1985:
The otiorhynchus of the andarensis reitter group of the cantabric region northwestern spain

Meregalli M., 1986:
The otiorhynchus of the groups dentipes graells getschmanni stierlin ehlersi stierlin and pajarensis reitter of the iberian peninsula coleoptera curculionidae

Sapp G.L.; Marshall J.Jr, 1984:
The otis lennon school ability test a study of validity

Hiernaux, J.; Vincke, E.; Commelin, D., 1976:
The oto and twa of the konda equatorial zone zaire

Kosoy, J., 1977:
The oto neurologic examination

Rosenbaum S.; Carakushazky G.; Gleiser S., 1986:
The oto palatal digital syndrome

Morizono T.; Sikora M.A., 1982:
The oto toxicity of topically applied povidone iodine preparations

Adamson, P.A.; Rubin, A.M., 1986:
The otolaryngologist's attitude to facial plastic surgery

Rojo, A.L., 1977:
The otolith discriminatory factor of codfish gadus morhua stocks in the northwest atlantic

Petrone G.; D.B.nedittis G.; Fiorella R., 1984:
The otolith organ influence on the nystagmus by angular acceleration in man

Lychakov D.V.; Boyadzhieva Mikhailova A.; Khristov I.; Evdokimov I.I., 1985:
The otolithic apparatus in elasmobranch fishes from the black sea

Barmack, N.H.; Pettorossi, V.E., 1988:
The otolithic origin of the vertical vestibuloocular reflex following bilateral blockage of the vertical semicircular canals in the rabbit

Nolf, D., 1976:
The otoliths of teleosts of the belgian oligo miocene

Schwarzhans W., 1986:
The otoliths of the lower pliocene of le puget south france

Wirtz, P., 1976:
The otoliths of the mediterranean tripterygion

Palva T.; Johnsson L.G.; Jauhiainen T.; Pyykko I.; Saarnivaara L., 1988:
The otorhinolaryngology department in helsinki finland organization and otologic research

Collins, P.W.; Twine, J.M., 1985:
The ototoxic effects of different doses of gentamicin on the cochlea of pigmented guinea pigs

Twine, J.M., 1985:
The ototoxic effects of gentamicin on the vestibular maculae in pigmented guinea pigs

Voisey, P.W.; Paton, D.; Timbers, G.E., 1977:
The ottawa starch viscometer a new instrument for research and quality control applications

Macdonald, S.M.; Mason, C.F.; Coghill, I.S., 1978:
The otter and its conservation in the river teme uk catchment

Borth M., 1986:
The otter as an aid to humans in fishing

Patterson R.N.; Watts K.C., 1986:
The otter board as a low aspect ratio wing at high angles of attack an experimental study

Bray R.P., 1980:
The otter in wales uk and its conservation

Schwenk S., 1986:
The otter lutra lutra as seen in german and austrian hunting statistics between 1830 and 1936

Stubbe, M., 1977:
The otter lutra lutra in east germany

Macdonald S.M.; Mason C.F.; K., 1985:
The otter lutra lutra in north central algeria

Kucherenko, S.P., 1976 :
The otter lutra lutra in the amur ussuri krai ussr

Green J.; Green R., 1981:
The otter lutra lutra in western france

Beseghi, A.; Donati, M., 1987:
The otter lutra lutra l. in the parma and reggio emilia provinces italy

Heggberget T.M.; Myrberget S., 1979:
The otter lutra lutra population in norway 1970 1977

Baker, P.F.; Blaustein, M.P.; Keynes, R.D.; Manil, J.; Shaw, T.I.; Steinhardt, R.A., 1969:
The ouabain sensitive fluxes of sodium and potassium in squid giant axons loligo forbesi activating cations choline dextrose tetrodo toxin iso butanol cyanide di nitro phenol

Medvedev L.N., 1983:
The ouabain sensitive respiration and sodium potassium atpase of the rat skeletal muscle and brown adipose tissue in cold adaptation

Watrous L.E.; Wheeler Q.D., 1981:
The out group comparison method of character analysis

De-Lena, M.; Tancini, G.; Brambilla, C.; Rossi, A.; Musumeci, R.; Marchesi, M.; Cipriani, S.; Monfardini, S.; Petrillo, R.; Et-Al, 1976:
The out patient clinic for medical oncology treatment experience at the instituto nazionale tumori national tumor institute of milan

Donnelly J.P., 1985:
The out patient use of the fiberbronchoscope for examining the larynx

Sung J.M.; Park J.H.; Lee S.C.; Chung B.K., 1980:
The outbreak and propagule formation of black root rot caused by calonectria crotalariae in korea

Wintrebert, D., 1976:
The outbreak area of the african migratory locust locusta migratoria migratorioides in madagascar malagasy republic

Turnock, W.J.; Philip, H.G., 1977:
The outbreak of bertha armyworm mamestra configurata noctuidae lepidoptera in alberta canada 1971 to 1975

Vukovic V.; Marjanov M., 1987:
The outbreak of epidemic trichinellosis within a company

Paul M.D.; Parfrey P.; Marshall D.; Aldrete V.; Purchase L.; Gault H., 1986:
The outcome and complications of the diatap biocarbon button graft vascular access device in hemodialysis patients a two year experience

Howat J.G.M.; Kontny E.L., 1982:
The outcome for discharged nottingham england uk long stay in patients

Chernyshev V.N.; Kalimullin K.A., 1983:
The outcome for patients with reno vascular hypertension following surgical and pharmacologic treatment

Becker, D.P.; Miller, J.D.; Ward, J.D.; Greenberg, R.P.; Young, H.F.; Sakalas, R., 1977:
The outcome from severe head injury with early diagnosis and intensive management

Jan M.; Bazeze V.; Saudeau D.; Autret A.; Bertrand P.; Gouaze A., 1986:
The outcome in cases of intracranial meningioma in the adult retrospective study of 161 meningiomas

Saigal S.; Lunyk O.; Larke R.P.B.; Chernesky M.A., 1982:
The outcome in children with congenital cytomegalovirus infections a longitudinal follow up study

Barrat, J.; Léger, D., 1979 :
The outcome in pregnancies resulting after the induction of ovulation 519 pregnancies

Camous J.P.; Baudouy M.; Guarino L.; Patouraux G.; Somerego J.J.; Varenne A.; Guiran J.B., 1980:
The outcome of 2 cases of paradoxical atrio ventricular block with narrow qrs complexes

Voyer M.; Valleur D.; Belloy C.; Salbreux R.; Hyon Jomier M.; Terrier F.; Charlas J., 1984:
The outcome of 404 prematures born before 32 weeks gestation between 1978 and 1980

Schnittger A.; Kjessler B., 1984:
The outcome of a uniform program of alpha feto protein screening in early pregnancy in 7 regions in sweden

Popkin, M.K.; Callies, A.L.; Mackenzie, T.B., 1985:
The outcome of antidepressant use in the medically ill

Shoenfeld Y.; Ben Tal O.; Berliner S.; Pinkhas J., 1985:
The outcome of bacterial infection in subjects with benign familial leukopenia

Prout, G.R.; Griffin, P.P.; Daly, J.J., 1987:
The outcome of conservative treatment of carcinoma in situ of the bladder

Holman D.; Butler A.; Berg I., 1982:
The outcome of encopresis following in patient treatment

Goligher, J.C., 1979:
The outcome of excisional operations for primary and recurrent Crohn's disease of the large intestine

Galvagni R.; Africa A.; Manfredi R.; Ferrari L., 1986:
The outcome of fractures in the elderly quality of recuperation after rehabilitative treatment of patients with proximal fracture of the femur

Pinney, E.L.Jr ; Weidenbacher, R., 1970:
The outcome of group psycho therapy in a group used for teaching

Kanoh, T.; Ohnaka, T.; Uchino, H.; Fujii, H., 1987:
The outcome of idiopathic Bence Jones proteinuria

Wright, D.M.; Moelis, I.; Pollack, L.J., 1976:
The outcome of individual child psycho therapy increments at follow up

Berton D.; Virot P.; Blanc P.; Doumeix J.J.; Delhoume B.; Tardieu A.; Chabanier A.; Bensaid J., 1985:
The outcome of inoperable cases of multi vessel coronary artery disease

Onuba O., 1986:
The outcome of limb fractures in poliomyelitis

Searle J.F., 1985:
The outcome of mechanical ventilation report of a 5 year study

Ryan, C.J.; Rodgers, R.F.; Unni, K.K.; Hepper, N.G., 1981:
The outcome of patients with pleural effusion of indeterminate cause at thoracotomy

Johnson, W.R.; Hughes, E.S.; McDermott, F.T.; Pihl, E.A.; Katrivessis, H., 1986:
The outcome of patients with ulcerative colitis managed by subtotal colectomy

Knorre P.; Schuessling G., 1986:
The outcome of pregnancies after treatment of sterility

Pons J.C.; Goujard J.; Derbanne C.; Tournaire M., 1988:
The outcome of pregnancies during which patients which were exposed in utero to diethylstilbestrol an inquiry conducted by the national college of french gynecologists and obstetricians

Hsieh, F.J.; Chen, T.C.; Cheng, Y.T.; Huang, S.C.; Hsieh, C.Y.; Ouyang, P.C., 1985:
The outcome of pregnancy after chemotherapy for gestational trophoblastic disease

Hertz, J.B.; Heisterberg, L., 1985:
The outcome of pregnancy after threatened abortion

Yaginuma T.; Okamura T.; Kobayashi T.; Osada H.; Uemura T.; Minaguchi K.; Matsuyama A.; Sato K.; Koizumi K.; E.A., 1987:
The outcome of pregnancy and newborns after lisuride therapy of patients with argonz del castillo syndrome chiari frommel syndrome prolactinoma and corpus luteum insufficiency

Zakut, H.; Blankstein, J.; Kramer, J.; Mashiah, S., 1981:
The outcome of pregnancy following abdominal surgery during pregnancy

Margolis, L.H.; Shaywitz, B.A., 1980:
The outcome of prolonged coma in childhood

Onyeama, W.P., 1987:
The outcome of psychiatric hospitalization at a Nigerian state hospital

Juday G.P., 1986:
The outcome of research natural areas in national forest planning 1986

Jenum P.A.; Flugsrud L.B., 1987:
The outcome of rubella in pregnancy a four year follow up study

Ching, N.; Grossi, C.E.; Angers, J.; Zurawinsky, H.S.; Jham, G.; Mills, C.B.; Nealon, T.F., 1980:
The outcome of surgical treatment as related to the response of the serum albumin level to nutritional support

Hayashi T.; Yoshida Y.; Uno T.; Kobayashi H.; Shibata N.; Ueki S.; Suzuki H.; Takahashi A., 1984:
The outcome of the acute subdural hematoma

Draber, P.; Viklicky, V.; Lengerova, A., 1977:
The outcome of the effect of poly vinyl pyrrolidone and chondroitin sulfate in the presence or absence of serum on concanavalin a induced activation in vitro and agglutination of mouse lymphocytes/

Vilcoq J.R.; Calle R.; Stacey P.; Ghossein N.A., 1981:
The outcome of treatment by tumorectomy and radio therapy of patients with operable breast cancer

Ulstein M.; Haram K.; Kim H.C., 1984:
The outcome of twin pregnancy

Pastore G.; Cordero D.M.ntezemolo L.; Brach Del Prever A.; Bartolozzi G.; Carli M.; Castello M.; Ceci A.; Fossati Bellani F.; Guazzelli C.; E.A., 1982:
The outcome of wilms tumor in infants italy 1970 1979

Huang M H.; King K L.; Hsu W H.; Huang B S.; Hsu H K.; Wang L S.; Chien K Y., 1988:
The outcome thymectomy in nonthymomatous myasthenia gravis

Kozlova V.M., 1986:
The outcomes of infectious endocarditis

Bermudez Polonio R.; Solano Romero J., 1985:
The outer approach to the alar cartilages combining the anterior vestibular and the transverse columellar route the rethi converse techniques

Gerna, G.; Sarasini, A.; di Matteo, A.; Passarani, N.; Gagliardi, V.; Milanesi, G.; Astaldi Ricotti, G.C.; Battaglia, M., 1988:
The outer capsid glycoprotein VP7 of simian rotavirus SA11 contains two distinct neutralization epitopes

Stakkestad, J.A.; Bremer, J., 1983:
The outer carnitine palmitoyl transferase ec and regulation of fatty acid metabolism in rat liver in different thyroid states

Tudor J.J.; Bende S.M., 1986:
The outer cyst wall of bdellovibrio bdellocysts is made de novo and not from preformed units from the prey wall

Bao, X.H.; Li, Y.J.; Luo, H.B.; Yan, Z.H.; Zhang, J.L.; Chen, R.G., 1980:
The outer envelope vaccines of leptospira 1. preparation properties and immunogenicity

Sievers, A., 1968:
The outer epidermal wall of the sensitive hairs of dionaea muscipula d inst electron microscope

Ogden, T.E.; Mascetti, G.G.; Pierantoni, R., 1985:
The outer horizontal cell of the frog retina: morphology, receptor input, and function

Gonzalez Ortin M.; Ramon J.L.; Sprekelsen C., 1985:
The outer laryngeal microphone in the glottic exploration with application of the acoustic method of the mean spectral amplitude

Coulton, J.W.; Wan, D.T., 1983:
The outer membrane of haemophilus influenzae type b: cell envelope associations of major proteins

Hancock I.C.; Williams K.M., 1986:
The outer membrane of methylobacterium organophilum

Penn, C.W.; Cockayne, A.; Bailey, M.J., 1985:
The outer membrane of Treponema pallidum: biological significance and biochemical properties

Eckelbarger, K.J.; Scalan, R.; Nicol, J.A., 1980:
The outer retina and tapetum lucidum of the snook Centropomus undecimalis (Teleostei)

Ueck, M.; Ohnishi, R.; Wake, K., 1978:
The outer segments of photo receptive pinealocytes in the pineal organ of the funa carassius gibelio langsdorfi scanning electron microscopy

Castenholz, A., 1983:
The outer surface morphology of blood vessels as revealed in scanning electron microscopy in resin cast, non-corroded tissue specimens

Richardson, T.M.; Hutchinson, T.; Grant, W.M., 1977:
The outflow tract in pigmentary glaucoma a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Chaline, J.; Mein, P.; Petter, F., 1977:
The outline of an evolutionary classification of muroidea

Senez, P.; Gillet, J.Y., 1978:
The outlook and the quality of pregnancies resulting from treatment with clomiphene citrate and chorionic gonadotropin 53 consecutive cases

Madelenat, P.; Palmer, R., 1977:
The outlook for large hydro salpinges

Niewold F.J.J.; Nijland H., 1987:
The outlook for the west european moorland and heathland blackcock

Tasker M.; Langley F.A., 1985:
The outlook for women with borderline epithelial tumors of the ovary

Kostov L.; Vasilev G.; Uzunov S., 1985:
The outlooks of programmed insemination of sheep during an anestral season

Amano N.; Matsuishi T.; Akagi M.; Yokoi S., 1986:
The outpatient clinic for the aged in the department of psychiatry of yokohama city university hospital japan

Kiran K.U.; Stanley J.N.A.; Pearson J.M.H., 1985:
The outpatient treatment of nerve damage in patients with borderline leprosy using a semi standardized steroid regimen

Pindak J.; Duda P.; Krejci P., 1987:
The output and use of nonmarketable milk in the system of the early weaning of calves

Gross, S.R.; Aronow, L.; Pratt, W.B., 1970:
The outward transport of cortisol by mammalian cells in vitro

Walker B.L., 1981:
The ov 275 packed stainless steel column in trans fatty acid research a note of caution

Mcreynolds, L.A.; Catterall, J.F.; O'malley, B.W., 1977:
The ov albumin gene cloning of complete double stranded complementary dna in a bacterial plasmid

Lemeur M.; Glanville N.; Mandel J.L.; Gerlinger P.; Palmiter R.; Chambon P., 1981:
The ov albumin gene family hormonal control of x and y gene transcription and messenger rna accumulation

Royal A.; Garapin A.; Cami B.; Perrin F.; Mandel J.L.; Lemeur M.; Bregegegre F.; Gannon F.; Lepennec J.P.; E.A., 1979:
The ov albumin gene region common features in the organization of 3 genes expressed in chicken oviduct under hormonal control

Chen J C.; Cheng S N.; Yan L M.; Yin H T., 1979:
The ovarial development of the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens and its relation to migration

Knight, T.W.; Peterson, A.J.; Payne, E., 1978:
The ovarian and hormonal response of the ewe to stimulation by the ram early in the breeding season

Musgrove, C.; Gosling, J.A.; Dixon, J.S., 1978:
The ovarian and uterine ligaments a light and electron microscopic study in the rat and guinea pig

Concannon, P.W.; Hansel, W.; Visek, W.J., 1975:
The ovarian cycle of the bitch plasma estrogen luteinizing hormone and progesterone

Du-Buit, M.H., 1976:
The ovarian cycle of the cuckoo ray raja naevus in the celtic sea

Miles S.J.; Carnevale P.; Green C.A., 1984:
The ovarian polytene chromosomes of the taxon anopheles nili

Terribile Wiel Marin, V.; Onnis, G.L.; Gobbo, F.; Salmaso, R., 1988:
The ovarian teratomas. A histopathological review of 77 cases

Dohm, G.L.; Beecher, G.R., 1981:
The ovariectomized female rat as a model animal for the study of adaptation to endurance training

Adams, T.S., 1976:
The ovaries ring gland and neuro secretion during the 2nd gonotrophic cycle in the house fly musca domestica

Brun, G.; Ducarme, A.M., 1976:
The ovary after ovariotexy

L.R.lec A.; Barbier R.; Nenon J.P.; Rabasse J.M., 1986:
The ovary and ovipositor of aphidius uzbekistanicus hymenoptera aphidiidae a parasitoid of cereal aphids anatomy and functioning

Persis B.; Sarojini R., 1985:
The ovary inhibiting hormone activity in the eyestalks of fresh water prawn caridina rajadhari

Buening J., 1980:
The ovary of raphidia flavipes is telotrophic and of the sialis type insecta raphidioptera

Talbot, P., 1981:
The ovary of the lobster homarus americanus 1. architecture of the mature ovary

Talbot, P., 1981:
The ovary of the lobster homarus americanus 2. structure of the mature follicle and origin of the chorion

Masake, R.A., 1977:
The ovary of the thomsons gazelle

Eriksson M., 1980:
The ovary of the wood mouse apodemus sylvaticus during inhibition and regression

Eriksson, M., 1984:
The ovary of the wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus, during late pregnancy and lactation

Couzin D.; Papworth D.G., 1979:
The over dispersion between cells of chromosomal aberrations

Murphy C.P.; Kemp R.A., 1984:
The over estimation of clay and the under estimation of pores in soil thin sections

Garland H.; Staff P.E., 1979:
The over justification effect reward contrast or reattribution in rats

Dodge D.L., 1985:
The over negativized conceptualization of deviance a programmatic exploration

Szabo, T.I.; Pengelly, D.H., 1973:
The over wintering and emergence of bombus impatiens subgenus pyrobombus hymenoptera apidae in southern ontario canada

Risch, P., 1971:
The over wintering as an adaptive capacity tested on various karyotypes of the inverse polymorphous species drosophila subobscura

Story R.N.; Keaster A.J., 1982:
The over wintering biology of the black cutworm agrotis ipsilon in field cages lepidoptera noctuidae

Basu, A.N.; Mishra, M.D.; Ghosh, A.; Niazi, F.R.; Raychaudhuri, S.P., 1976:
The over wintering of rice tungro virus and nephotettix virescens in delhi india

Walhovd, H., 1978:
The over wintering pattern of danish hedgehogs in outdoor confinement during 3 successive winters

Urquhart, F.A.; Urquhart, N.R., 1976:
The over wintering site of the eastern population of the monarch butterfly danaus plexippus plexippus danaidae in southern mexico

Fletcher B.S., 1979:
The over wintering survival of adults of the queensland fruit fly dacus tryoni under natural conditions

Chen R C.; Zhao J.; X.X.Y., 1982:
The over wintering temperature index of brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens

Mineeva L.A.; Selyakh I.O.; Makar'eva E.D.; Baulina O.I.; Gusev M.V., 1985:
The overall activity of dehydrogenase in the cyanobacterium chlorogloeopsis fritschii detected by electron microscopic cytochemistry

Anderson, P.A.; Olavarria, J.; Van Sluyters, R.C., 1988:
The overall pattern of ocular dominance bands in cat visual cortex

Hoffmann F.; Eismann D., 1984:
The overall surface of occlusal contacting in static occlusion on casts

Hoffmann F.; Eismann D.; Dietrich K., 1985:
The overall surface of occlusal contacting in static occlusion on casts of a different morphology

Schueler L., 1986:
The overcome of a selection plateau in the parameters of litter size and litter mass at birth

White, P.J.; Millar, G.; Coggins, J.R., 1988:
The overexpression, purification and complete amino acid sequence of chorismate synthase from Escherichia coli K12 and its comparison with the enzyme from Neurospora crassa

Young, E.C., 1976:
The overlapping breeding territories of several shore bird species

Csaba G.; Shahin M.A.; Dobozy O., 1980:
The overlapping effect of gonadotropins and thyrotropin on embryonic chicken gonads

Shahin M.A.; Dobozy O.; Csaba G., 1985:
The overlapping effect of tsh and fsh on embryonic chicken gonads at the mid incubation period

Shahin, M.A.; Török, O.; Csaba, G., 1982:
The overlapping effects of thyrotropin and gonadotropins on chick embryo gonads in vitro

Wunderlich M.; Swash M., 1983:
The overlapping innervation of the 2 sides of the external anal sphincter by the pudendal nerves

Kramer, D.A.; McKinney, W.T., 1979:
The overlapping territories of psychiatry and ethology

Saiz Salinas J.I., 1986:
The overlooked species of sipunculan commensals of solitary corals sipuncula

Odling-Smee, F.J., 1978:
The overshadowing of background stimuli some effects of varying amounts of training and unconditioned stimulus intensity

Carlyon R.P.; Sloan E.P., 1987:
The overshoot effect and sensory hearing impairment

Hirsch, I.A.; Tomlinson, D.L.; Slogoff, S.; Keats, A.S., 1988:
The overstated risk of preoperative hypokalemia

Yudofsky, S.C.; Silver, J.M.; Jackson, W.; Endicott, J.; Williams, D., 1986:
The Overt Aggression Scale for the objective rating of verbal and physical aggression

Hyams, P.J.; Ehrenkranz, N.J., 1977:
The overuse of single patient isolation in hospitals

Parry W.H., 1985:
The overwintering of euceraphis punctipennis eggs on birch in northeastern scotland uk

Levy Y., 1984:
The overwintering of exserohilum turcicum in israel

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