The outpatient clinic for the aged in the department of psychiatry of yokohama city university hospital japan

Amano, N.; Matsuishi, T.; Akagi, M.; Yokoi, S.

Yokohama Medical Journal 37(6): 527-534


Accession: 006730199

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Since the outpatient clinic for aged persons was opened in 1984, twenty-five persons have been diagnosed for mental problems and/or have been treated. This study is to report on those cases and to indicate the points at issue in geriatric treatment. The mean age among 13 male and 12 female cases was 72.4 years. The demented cases were as follows: 8 cases of senile dementia, 2 cases of Alzheimer's disease, 7 cases of dementia of a vascular type. The non-demented cases were as follows: 3 cases of Parkinsonism, a case with gait disturbance due to cerbral infarctions, a case of psychogenic reaction, a case of depression and one poorly-diagnosed case. Psychic symptoms contained hallucination, delusion, personality change, loss of volition, hypersexuality, wandering about, delirium as well as amnestic syndrome. The electro-encephalogram has demonstrated that normal responses were observed in 4 cases of the demented and slowing of basic activity in the others. CT scan revealed brain atrophy in all the examined cases. Seven cases out of 14 that were followed by clinical observation were interrupted. Any interruption has an important impact on the future. Conclusively, it is important that dementia is diagnosed, observed and treated more correctly as the patients increase in age.