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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6733

Chapter 6733 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Roberts, R. J.; Mcknight, I. J., 1976: The pathology of infectious pancreatic necrosis part 2 stress mediated recurrence

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732001

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732002

Krauser K., 1982: The pathology of knee joint menisci in dogs of large breeds

Winn, W. C. Jr ; Glavin, F. L.; Perl, D. P.; Keller, J. L.; Andres, T. L.; Brown, T. M.; Coffin, C. M.; Sensecqua, J. E.; Roman, L. N.; Craighead, J. E., 1978: The pathology of legionnaires disease 14 fatal cases from the 1977 outbreak in vermont

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732005

Whimster, I. W., 1976: The pathology of lymph angioma circumscriptum

Marwoto H.A., 1987: The pathology of lymphoreticular and genital tissues of silvered leaf monkeys presbytis cristata experimentally infected with wuchereria bancrofti

Scaravilli F., 1982: The pathology of machado joseph disease a possible homo zygous case

Bretsky S.S., 1985: The pathology of malignant fibrous histiocytoma of bone a study of 130 patients

Priscu A., 1985: The pathology of meckels diverticulum clinical morphologic and therapeutic aspects

Fox H., 1983: The pathology of meconium ileus equivalent

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732012

Ku G., 1981: The pathology of mesangial immuno globulin a nephritis with clinical correlation

Cho S Y., 1981: The pathology of metagonimiasis in experimentally infected cat intestine

Mcqueen A., 1985: The pathology of mycobacterium ulcerans infection

Copland J.W., 1983: The pathology of myxidium giardi infections in wild and cultured eels anguilla anguilla

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732018

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732019

Wilson, J. F.; Kjeldsberg, C. R.; Sposto, R.; Jenkin, R. D. T.; Chilcote, R. R.; Coccia, P.; Exelby, R. R.; Kersey, J.; Meadows, A.; Et-Al, 1987: The pathology of non hodgkin's lymphoma of childhood ii. reproducibility and relevance of the histologic classification of undifferentiated lymphomas burkitt's versus non burkitt's

Dutta D.V., 1979: The pathology of noncirrhotic portal fibrosis a review of 32 autopsy cases

Shaw C.M., 1979: The pathology of occipital encephalocele and a discussion of the pathogenesis

Roberts, G. H., 1971: The pathology of parietal pleural plaques

Karmody, A. M.; Lempert, N.; Jarmolych, J., 1975: The pathology of post catheterization brachial artery occlusion

Collins R.A., 1980: The pathology of post parturient fatty liver in high yielding dairy cows

Hua S.P., 1981: The pathology of primary immuno globulin a glomerulo nephritis a renal biopsy study

Hepp H., 1987: The pathology of proximal tubal occlusion morphologic evaluations results after microsurgical anastomosis

Coetzer, J. A. W., 1982: The pathology of rift valley fever 2. lesions occurring in field cases in adult cattle calves and aborted fetuses

Coetzer, J. A. W., 1977: The pathology of rift valley fever part 1 lesions occurring in natural cases in new born lambs

Austin W.K., 1980: The pathology of saddleback disease of underyearling atlantic salmon salmo salar

Hadfield, M. G.; Mamunes, P.; David, R. B., 1977: The pathology of sandhoffs disease

Willoughby L.G., 1982: The pathology of saprolegnia infections of anguilla anguilla elvers

Lawrence, J. A., 1978: The pathology of schistosoma mattheei infection in the ox part 1 lesions attributable to the eggs

Lawrence, J. A., 1978: The pathology of schistosoma mattheei infection in the ox part 2 lesions attributable to the adult parasites

El-Hassan, A. M.; Satir, A. A.; Ahmed, M. A.; Omer, A., 1977: The pathology of schistosomiasis in sudan

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732036

Goodall P.A., 1988: The pathology of sheep associated malignant catarrhal fever in the hamster

Pfeffer A., 1981: The pathology of small lesions of atel ectasis and consolidation in the anterior lobes of the lungs of young sheep

Schmitt D.D.S., 1985: The pathology of specimens of salpingectomy

Beecham J.B., 1984: The pathology of superficially invasive thin vulvar squamous cell carcinoma

Meyer B.W., 1981: The pathology of surgically excised aorto coronary saphenous vein bypass grafts

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732042

Jahadi, M. R.; Shaw, M. L., 1976: The pathology of the appendix in ulcerative colitis

Noble, J.; Hamblen, D. L., 1975: The pathology of the degenerate meniscus lesion

Harris P., 1987: The pathology of the early and late stages of primary pulmonary hypertension

Van Der Gaag I., 1988: The pathology of the external ear canal in dogs and cats

Craig J.M., 1979: The pathology of the female reproductive tract

Baker, J. R.; Anderson, S. S.; Prime, J. H.; Baird, A., 1980: The pathology of the gray seal halichoerus grypus 1. pups

Baker, J. R., 1980: The pathology of the gray seal halichoerus grypus 2. juveniles and adults

Frankel, K. A.; Rosser, R. J., 1976: The pathology of the heart in progressive muscular dystrophy epi myo cardial fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732052

Ono K., 1983: The pathology of the involved tendons in patients with familial arthropathy and congenital campto dactyly

Hernandez Guio C., 1980: The pathology of the liver in porphyria cutanea tarda

Alfano G.R., 1987: The pathology of the long cystic stump

Brown P.J., 1980: The pathology of the lungs of rats after sub cutaneous or intra venous injection of active or inactive larvae of nippostrongylus brasiliensis

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732057

Neiman R.S., 1985: The pathology of the spleen in steroid treated immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Volpe, R., 1978: The pathology of thyroiditis

Kuehne W., 1982: The pathology of tuberculosis 100 years ago and its present role in mortality

Fridberg G., 1982: The pathology of ulcerative dermal necrosis in swedish salmon salmo salar and sea trout salmo trutta populations

Baskerville, A.; Hambleton, P.; Dowsett, A. B., 1978: The pathology of untreated and antibiotic treated experimental tularemia in monkeys

Singh, M.; Blandy, J. P., 1976: The pathology of urethral stricture

Purcell R.H., 1980: The pathology of viral hepatitis in chimpanzees

Dienstag, J. L.; Popper, H.; Purcell, R. H., 1976: The pathology of viral hepatitis type a and type b in chimpanzees a comparison

Weigand, K., 1977: The pathology of viral hepatitis type a and type b in chimpanzees a comparison

Forrester, J. V.; Lee, W. R.; Williamson, J., 1978: The pathology of vitreous hemorrhage part 1 gross and histological appearances

Silver, M. D.; Wilson, G. J., 1977: The pathology of wear in the beall model 104 heart valve prosthesis

Reid H.W., 1988: The pathology of wildebeest associated malignant catarrhal fever in hamsters rats and guinea pigs

Patterson S.D., 1982: The pathology of yersinia enterocolitica ileo colitis

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732073

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732074

Rosenbruch M., 1986: The pathomorphology of so called juvenile renal disease in the dog

Spengler D.M., 1985: The pathomorphology of spinal stenosis as seen on computed tomographic scans of the lumbar spine

Komanduri A., 1986: The pathophysiologic and roentgenologic effects of chest irradiation in breast carcinoma

Ishihara S., 1986: The pathophysiological conditions of drug shock and life saving measures

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732079

Et Al, 1987: The pathophysiological role of water sodium balance and renal dopaminergic activity in overweight patients with essential hypertension

Wakiyama K., 1987: The pathophysiological significance of trace metals in rats with experimental liver cirrhosis

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732082

Roberts R.D., 1986: The pathophysiology and response to steroid therapy in sarcoidosis

Pender M.P., 1988: The pathophysiology of acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis induced by whole spinal cord in the lewis rat

Alexander Williams J., 1986: The pathophysiology of duodenitis

Brain J.D., 1988: The pathophysiology of enhanced susceptibility to murine cytomegalovirus respiratory infection during short term exposure to 5 ppm nitrogen dioxide

Maurizi C.P., 1987: The pathophysiology of enlarged ventricles in normal pressure communicating hydrocephalus and schizophrenia a possible therapeutic role for melatonin

Tso M.O.M., 1985: The pathophysiology of experimental insulin deficient diabetes in the monkey implications for pancreatic transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732090

Hara T., 1988: The pathophysiology of myopia

Ikeoka H., 1986: The pathophysiology of nasal epithelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732093

Van Der Wal A., 1987: The pathophysiology of protein overload proteinuria

Section 7 , Chapter 6733, Accession 006732095

Traber L.D., 1984: The pathophysiology of smoke inhalation injury in a sheep model

Mcgahan, M. C.; Bito, L. Z.; Myers, B. M., 1986: The pathophysiology of the ocular microenvironment ii. copper induced ocular inflammation and hypotony

Krebs W., 1985: The pathophysiology of tricuspid regurgitation analysis of tricuspid valve annulus motion using two dimensional echocardiography

Easter, S. S.; Schmidt, J. T.; Leber, S. M., 1978: The paths and destinations of the induced ipsilateral retinal projection in goldfish

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732100

Yin G K., 1986: The pathway for the anaerobic degradation of ascorbic acid in neutral injection

Tavares, I. A. F.; Munday, K. A.; Wilton, D. C., 1977: The pathway for the conversion of di hydro agnosterol into cholesterol in rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732103

Strata P., 1980: The pathway mediating opto kinetic responses in vestibular nuclear neurons

Schiramm, V. L.; Lazorik, F. C., 1975: The pathway of adenylate catabolism in azotobacter vinelandii evidence for amp nucleosidase as the regulatory enzyme

Ishimoto M., 1984: The pathway of ammonia assimilation in bacteroides fragilis

Johnson K.A., 1983: The pathway of atp hydrolysis by dynein kinetics of a pre steady state phosphate burst

Elliott D.C., 1983: The pathway of betalain biosynthesis effect of cyto kinin on enzymic oxidation and hydroxylation of tyrosine in amaranthus tricolor seedlings

Cockburn, W.; Mcaulay, A., 1975: The pathway of carbon di oxide fixation in crassulacean plants

Knaff D.B., 1985: The pathway of cyclic electron transport in chromatophores of chromatium vinosum evidence for a q cycle mechanism

Gatenbeck S., 1982: The pathway of d cyclo serine biosynthesis in streptomyces garyphalus

Halestrap A.P., 1982: The pathway of electron flow through ubi quinol cytochrome c oxido reductase in the respiratory chain evidence from inhibition studies for a modified q cycle

Slater E.C., 1982: The pathway of electrons through ubi quinone cytochrome c oxido reductase studied by pre steady state kinetics

Stern S., 1980: The pathway of enamel rods at the base of cusps of human teeth

Miller, T. L., 1978: The pathway of formation of acetate and succinate from pyruvate by bacteroides succinogenes

Dennis, S. C.; Clark, J. B., 1977: The pathway of glutamate metabolism in rat brain mitochondria

Suzuki H., 1986: The pathway of glutamate oxidation in isolated mitochondria from the avian hepatomatous growth induced by mc 29 virus

Kovacevic, Z., 1971: The pathway of glutamine and glutamate oxidation in isolated mitochondria from mammalian cells

Lord, J. M.; Merrett, M. J., 1970: The pathway of glycollate utilization in chlorella pyrenoidosa

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732121

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732122

Pogson C.I., 1983: The pathway of ketogenesis in rumen epithelium of the sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732124

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732125

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732126

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732127

Kitson, T. M.; Knowles, J. R., 1971: The pathway of pepsin catalyzed trans peptidation evidence for the reactive species being the anion of the acceptor molecule

Schwartz A.L., 1983: The pathway of the asialo glyco protein ligand during receptor mediated endocytosis a morphological study with colloidal gold ligand in the human hepatoma cell line hep g 2

Ferguson, I. T.; Lenman, J. A. R.; Jacobson, I.; Turner, J., 1978: The pathway of the jaw jerk in man an electro physiological study

Janerette C.A., 1979: The pathway of water entry into sugar maple seeds acer saccharum

Brodskii R.A., 1983: The pathways for absorption of stearic acid and leucine in the rat small intestine after gamma irradiation

Siegel A., 1987: The pathways mediating affective defense and quiet biting attack behavior from the midbrain central gray of the cat an autoradiographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732135

Olsson R., 1984: The pathways of amino acid oxidation during germination of mustard seeds sinapis alba

Guillaume J.B., 1981: The pathways of ammonium assimilation in rhizobium meliloti

Ukhov-Yu, I., 1976: The pathways of arterio venous shunting of the blood in chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities

Meeks, J. C.; Wolk, C. P.; Thomas, J.; Lockau, W.; Shaffer, P. W.; Austin, S. M.; Chien, W. S.; Galonsky, A., 1977: The pathways of assimilation of nitrogen 13 ammonia ion by the cyanobacterium anabaena cylindrica

Strous G.J., 1988: The pathways of endocytosed transferrin and secretory protein are connected in the trans golgi reticulum

Klyshev L.K., 1983: The pathways of exogenic aphyllidine and aphylline transformation in anabasis aphylla shoots/

Klyshev L.K., 1983: The pathways of exogenous lupinine transformations in the shoots of anabasis aphylla

Rubinstein L.J., 1979: The pathways of extraneural spread in metastasizing gliomas 3 cases and a critical review of the literature

Lehninger A.L., 1984: The pathways of glutamate and glutamine oxidation by tumor cell mitochondria role of mitochondrial nadp dependent malic enzyme

Gambardella, R. L.; Richardson, K. E., 1977: The pathways of oxalate formation from phenyl alanine tyrosine tryptophan and ascorbic acid in the rat

Chernyakova D.N., 1984: The pathways of protein transport in the lungs out of the system of bronchial vessels

Diorio, A. F.; Lewin, L. M., 1968: The pathways of thiamine biosynthesis separation purification and identification of some precursors of the pyrimidine moiety of thiamine produced by neurospora crassa auxotrophs vitamin b 1 enterobacter aerogenes inst chromatography inst electrophoresis inst spectrometry

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732148

Neechin-Ch, 1976: The pathways of trans cranial blood flow

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732150

Ewer D.W., 1979: The pathways of water uptake by the eggs of locusta and schistocerca orthoptera acrididae

Eccles, J. C.; Sabah, N. H.; Taborikova, H., 1974: The pathways responsible for excitation and inhibition of fastigial neurons

Terashima T., 1987: The pathways responsible for the characteristic head posture produced by lesions of the interstitial nucleus of cajal in the cat

Kabanov, M. M., 1977: The patient and the environment in the process of rehabilitation

Woodruff J.D., 1980: The patient at risk for development of vulvar cancer

Herr H.W., 1983: The patient disease status and treatment options for prostate cancer stage b 1 and stage b 2

Schmidt J.D., 1983: The patient disease status and treatment options for prostate cancer stage d 1 and stage d 2

Mailick M.D., 1985: The patient has a family reaffirming social works domain

Tee J.H., 1982: The patient recruitment pattern of general dental practice

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732160

Barry, W. H.; Goldman, R. H., 1976: The patient with a permanently implanted pacemaker

Satterwhite, T. K.; Dupont, H. L., 1976: The patient with acute diarrhea an algorithm for diagnosis

Terezhalmy G.T., 1988: The patient with chronic renal failure who is undergoing dialysis or renal transplantation another consideration for antimicrobial prophylaxis

Cupa M., 1981: The patient with chronic respiratory insufficiency right catheterism for acute distress

Nusbacher C., 1985: The patient with ichthyosis a case

Madrigal D.R., 1985: The patient with sensory loss

Hjortdahl, P.; Otterstad, H. K., 1985: The patient's choice emergency department or their own general practitioner

Ruff, W.; Werner, H., 1987: The patient's wish for treatment examined on an example of clinical psychotherapy

Giseke V., 1982: The patients and the work of the ophthalmologist at the basis an annual investigation concerning ambulant morbidity

Eriksson A., 1985: The patients dying after long terminal phase have acidotic brains implications for biochemical measurements on autopsy tissue

Williams A., 1985: The patients of private psychiatrists

Wiggins K.M., 1983: The patients relation to time during the final minutes of a psycho therapy session

Forrest A.P.M., 1980: The patients subjective attitude towards screening for breast cancer should screening be extended to other forms of cancer?

Holmberg, L.; Zaren, E.; Adami, H. O.; Bergstrom, R.; Burns, T., 1988: The patients's appraisal of the cosmetic results of segmental mastectomy in benign and malignant breast disease

Rowley J.D., 1985: The pattern and clinical significance of karyotypic abnormalities in patients with idiopathic and postpolycythemic myelofibrosis

Hall, G. S.; Laidman, D. L., 1968: The pattern and control of isoprenoid quinone and tocopherol metabolism in the germinating grain of wheat m triticum vulgare m vitamin e gibberellic acid

Varty, K.; Laidman, D. L., 1976: The pattern and control of phospho lipid metabolism in wheat aleurone tissue

Robertshaw, D., 1968: The pattern and control of sweating in the sheep and the goat adrenergic alpha receptors

Van Der Horst R.L., 1985: The pattern and frequency of congenital heart disease among blacks

Kassel E.E., 1985: The pattern and incidence of nasolacrimal injury in naso orbital ethmoid fractures the role of delayed assessment and dacryocystorhinostomy

Churchman A., 1985: The pattern and meaning of neighbor relations in high rise housing in israel

Nimmanitya S., 1979: The pattern and nature of the lymphocyte population response in dengue hemorrhagic fever

Steptoe A., 1985: The pattern and prevalence of symptoms during the menstrual cycle

Bozcuk A.N., 1986: The pattern and rate of dna replication in polytene chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster at successive larval and prepupal stages

Madden, J. D.; Siiteri, P. K.; Macdonald, P. C.; Gant, N. F., 1976: The pattern and rates of metabolism of maternal plasma dehydro iso androsterone sulfate in human pregnancy

Perry J.N., 1985: The pattern and speed of displacement of females of simulium damnosum sensu lato diptera simuliidae across the onchocerciasis control program area of west africa in 1977 and 1978

Bagnall D.A., 1986: The pattern and timing of lymphatic metastasis of the rat carcinoma lmc 1

Coupland S.G., 1983: The pattern electro retinogram in optic nerve de myelination

Odom J.V., 1988: The pattern electroretinogram perg in ocular hypertension and glaucoma

Ueda Y., 1985: The pattern electroretinogram recorded with skin electrodes and its clinical application report 2

Ringens, P. J.; Vijfvinkel-Bruinenga, S.; Van-Lith, G. H. M., 1986: The pattern elicited electroretinogram i. a tool in the early detection of glaucoma

Ringens, P. J.; Van-Lith, G. H. M.; Poel, H. V. D., 1986: The pattern elicited electroretinogram ii. retinal responses in retrobulbar neuritis

Bentley R., 1987: The pattern erg in man following surgical resection of the optic nerve

Rix R., 1987: The pattern erg in response to colored stimuli

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732196

France T.D., 1985: The pattern evoked electroretinogram its variability in normals and its relationship to amblyopia

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732198

Brodal, A.; Lacerda, A. M.; Destombes, J.; Angaut, P., 1972: The pattern in the projection of the intra cerebellar nuclei onto the nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis in the cat an experimental anatomical study

Franceschini V., 1982: The pattern of acetyl cholin esterase distribution in the normal and retino deprived optic tectum of newt triturus cristatus carnifex

Chaplin A.E., 1987: The pattern of acetylene reduction by cyanobacteria grown under alternating light and darkness

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732202

Dawson, K. P.; Shannon, F. T., 1986: The pattern of acute medical admission to a children's unit

Addy M., 1985: The pattern of adsorption of cationic antiseptics to polymethylmethacrylate

Rubinstein E., 1981: The pattern of age specific tuberculin hyper sensitivity in 2 groups of south african school children

Tam P.P.L., 1984: The pattern of alkaline phosphatase activity in the developing mouse spinal cord

Kuvajev, W. B., 1976: The pattern of altitude distribution of the plants in the subpolar mountain ranges of eurasia

Gale M.D., 1987: The pattern of amyloplast dna accumulation during wheat endosperm development

Kawashuda H., 1985: The pattern of angina prior to acute myocardial infarction in relation to acute complication prognosis and the finding of coronary angiography

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732210

Cave A.J.E., 1987: The pattern of aortic arch branching in the rhinocerotidae

Flickinger, C. J., 1978: The pattern of appearance of enzymatic activity during the development of the golgi apparatus in amoebae

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732213

Razin S.V., 1985: The pattern of attachment of heat shock protein genes to the nuclear matrix is not connected with their physiological status

Cavanagh J.B., 1982: The pattern of axon recovery in the nervous system of rats following 2 5 hexanediol intoxication a question of rheology?

Savage M.O., 1988: The pattern of basal and stimulated insulin responses to intravenous glucose in first degree relatives of type 1 insulin dependent diabetic children and unrelated adults aged 5 to 50 years

Distel H., 1982: The pattern of behavior of rabbit pups in the nest

Tan K.L., 1982: The pattern of bilirubin response to photo therapy for neo natal hyper bilirubinemia

Volodina I.A., 1983: The pattern of blood flow in the cerebral cortex micro vessels

Nambiar R., 1979: The pattern of breast cancer

Banister E.W., 1987: The pattern of breathing during hypoxic exercise

Dantzker D.R., 1986: The pattern of breathing during successful and unsuccessful trials of weaning from mechanical ventilation

Gardner, W. N., 1980: The pattern of breathing following step changes of alveolar partial pressures of carbon di oxide and oxygen in man

Finucane K.E., 1986: The pattern of breathing in acute severe asthma

Grassino A.E., 1982: The pattern of breathing in diffuse lung fibrosis

Robbins P.A., 1984: The pattern of breathing in man in response to sine waves of alveolar carbon di oxide and hypoxia

Lane D.J., 1979: The pattern of breathing in patients with chronic air flow obstruction

Smith L.P., 1983: The pattern of british grassland farming a verification

Ruiz G., 1988: The pattern of callosal connections in posterior neocortex of congenitally anophthalmic rats

Palka J., 1982: The pattern of campaniform sensilla on the wing and haltere of drosophila melanogaster and several of its homoeotic mutants

Haswell, M. S.; Randall, D. J., 1978: The pattern of carbon di oxide excretion in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Holdsworth, E. S.; Colbeck, J., 1976: The pattern of carbon fixation in the marine uni cellular alga phaeodactylum tricornutum

Marshall J.M., 1982: The pattern of cardio vascular response to carotid chemo receptor stimulation in the cat

Camussi G., 1987: The pattern of cardiovascular alterations induced by infusion of platelet activating factor in rabbit is modified by pretreatment with h 1 h 2 receptor antagonists but not by cyclooxygenase inhibition

Zackai E., 1987: The pattern of cardiovascular malformation in the charge association

Kramer, S.; Herring, D. F., 1976: The pattern of care study a nationwide evaluation of the practice of radiation therapy in cancer management

Smith, A. R.; Crawley, A. M., 1977: The pattern of cell division during growth of the blastema of regenerating newt fore limbs

Parisi, E.; Filosa, S.; De-Petrocellis, B.; Monroy, A., 1978: The pattern of cell division in the early development of the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732240

Naquib N.A., 1987: The pattern of central nervous disease in children in king khalid university hospital in riyadh saudi arabia

Arthuis M., 1981: The pattern of cerebro spinal fluid proteins in infants and children determination of normal values

Balabolkin M.I., 1982: The pattern of changes in lymphocyte receptors to insulin in tumor bearing animals

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732244

Bugayeva E.A., 1979: The pattern of changes in the heat resistance of ova of different clutches of eggs of the grass frog rana temporaria at earlier stages of development

Bugaeva E.A., 1983: The pattern of changes in the heat resistance of tadpoles of different clutches and the possibility of thermal selection based on the heat resistance of their cells at different larval stages/

Mengistu M., 1987: The pattern of chronic complications in adult ethiopian diabetics

Sans A., 1984: The pattern of ciliary development in fetal mouse vestibular receptors a qualitative and quantitative scanning electron microscope study

Ibrahim E.M., 1986: The pattern of colonic diseases in the eastern province of saudi arabia

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732250

Woods A.M., 1987: The pattern of colony development and the formation of the uredinium of uromyces viciae fabae on vicia faba

Whitaker R.H., 1987: The pattern of congenital renal anomalies associated with neural tube defects

Gaidaenko G.V., 1982: The pattern of connections between the hippocampus and hypothalamus in the tortoise testudo horsfieldi

Gaykema R.P.A., 1985: The pattern of cortical projections from the intermediate parts of the magnocellular nucleus basalis in the rat demonstrated by tracing with phaseolus vulgaris leukoagglutinin

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732255

Brody J.S., 1988: The pattern of cytokeratin synthesis is a marker of type 2 cell differentiation in adult and maturing fetal lung alveolar cells

Bode C., 1981: The pattern of d galactosamine induced hepato cellular injury modified by simultaneous application of d levo fructose

Segreti W.O., 1983: The pattern of damage to the oogenetic series of cells after a single feeding of cis di ammine di chloro platinum to habrobracon females

Libstug H., 1988: The pattern of dendritic development in the cerebral cortex of the rat

Knieknecht G., 1985: The pattern of dental plaque

Potts, M. J., 1978: The pattern of deposition of airborne salt of marine origin under a forest canopy

Thomas D.B.Jr, 1988: The pattern of dermatobia diptera cuterebridae myiasis in cattle in tropical mexico

Hill, D. J., 1975: The pattern of development of anabaena in the azolla anabaena symbiosis

Hughes S.P.F., 1987: The pattern of distribution of blood flow in dog limb bones measured using microspheres

Bornbusch A., 1983: The pattern of distribution of di methyl benz a anthracene in the amazon molly poecilia formosa after intra peritoneal injection

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732266

Albrechtsen R., 1985: The pattern of distribution of laminin in neurogenic tumors granular cell tumors and nevi of the oral mucosa

Marshall C., 1979: The pattern of distribution of phosphorus and dry matter with time in spring wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sappo

Bishop G.A., 1982: The pattern of distribution of the local axonal collaterals of purkinje cells in the intermediate cortex of the anterior lobe and paramedian lobule of the cat cerebellum

Clayton R.M., 1983: The pattern of dna methylation in the delta crystallin genes in trans differentiating neural retina cultures

Barlow, P. W.; Vosa, C. G., 1969: The pattern of dna replication in the chromosomes of puschkinia libanotica m

Lakshmi K.R., 1984: The pattern of dry matter production and partitioning in cassava manihot esculenta

Uche G.O., 1986: The pattern of early menstrual cycles in nigerian girls

Ferrus A., 1986: The pattern of early neuronal differentiation in drosophila melanogaster

Morgan, E. D.; Poole, C. F., 1976: The pattern of ecdysone levels during development in the desert locust schistocerca gregaria

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732277

Biggers, J. D.; Whittingham, D. G.; Donahue, R. P., 1967: The pattern of energy metabolism in the mouse oocyte and zygote

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732279

Yurovskaya, E. M.; Pavlova, I. N.; Kolchinskaya, I. D.; Karpova, L. S.; Smolova, L. V., 1977: The pattern of enzymic oxidation of thio cyanates by the thionic bacterium thiobacillus thiocyanoxidans

Fokeeva V.V., 1986: The pattern of enzymuria in patients with renal tissue dysembryogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732282

Weill S., 1988: The pattern of epithelial mucin secretion in normal hyperplastic and adenocarcinomatous endometrium

Hsu, S. S.; Vickery, R. K. Jr, 1976: The pattern of esterase variation in the mimulus glabratus complex scrophulariaceae

Van Der Hoeven J.S., 1984: The pattern of experimental colonization of a human and a rodent strain of the bacterium actinomyces viscosus on the dentition of the rat

Clayton R.M., 1983: The pattern of expression of chick gamma crystallin genes in lens differentiation and in trans differentiating cultured tissues

Lapalme Chaput L., 1979: The pattern of facial growth before and during puberty as shown by french canadian girls

Carey, E. M.; Dils, R., 1972: The pattern of fatty acid synthesis in lactating rabbit mammary gland studied in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732289

Reuter W., 1985: The pattern of fatty acids within the total lipids in children with glycogen storage diseases determined by gas chromatography

Al Meshari A.A., 1986: The pattern of female genital tuberculosis in riyadh saudi arabia

Shigemi, F.; Shiraishi, S.; Urano, Y.; Ohsaki, M., 1978: The pattern of fibrinolytic activity in human skin following exposure to middle wavelength uv light or psoralen and longwave uv light

Joossens, J. V.; Vuylsteek, K.; Brems-Heyns, E.; Carlier, J.; Claes, J. H.; De-Backer, G.; Graffar, M.; Kesteloot, H.; Kornitzer, M.; Et-Al, 1977: The pattern of food and mortality in belgium

Barashkova, E. A., 1975: The pattern of frost resistance curves for wheat varieties differing in resistance

Rapoport S.I., 1986: The pattern of functional coupling of brain regions in the awake rat

Nosova V.P., 1982: The pattern of functioning of arteriolo venular anastomoses during pharmacological arterial hyperemia

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732298

Semenkin V.A., 1983: The pattern of gamma resonance absorption lines in deoxy hemo globin and oxy hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6733, Accession 006732300

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