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The phenology of the san jose scale quadraspidiotus perniciosus homoptera diaspididae and its association with its natural enemies on almond trees in northern greece

Katsoyannos, P.I.; Argyriou, L.

Entomophaga 30(1): 3-12


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8959
Accession: 006734287

The phenology of the San Jose scale was studied in a heavily-infected almond orchard in northern Greece. It appears that the scale there completes 3 generations per year. The majority of the population hibernates as 1st instar larvae. A series of releases were made using the introduced Hymenoptera parasite Prospaltella perniciosi Tower. Sampling results showed a very high mortality of the San Jose scale. Apart from the percentage due to climatic factors, the remainder is a result of the action of natural enemies. A considerable part of this action is attributable to the local entomophagous insects and especially the predators, of which Cybocephalus fodori Endrody-Younga appears to be the key species. The rest is attributable to the action of the released populations of P. perniciosi.

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