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The planned construction of the sieber valley dam in the harz west germany survey of the current state of the fauna in sieber flowing waters and prognoses on the effects of interventions on the ecosystem

Heitkamp, U.; Lessmann, D.; Piehl, C.

Informationen zu Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege in Nordwestdeutschland 4: 63-80


Accession: 006735997

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A faunistic survey of the River Sieber (Harz Mountains) has been carried out. The occurrence of species is related to physical and chemical conditions of the river system. In the upper course nutrient poor and acid conditions lead to a fauna poor in species and individuals. In the middle course, good water quality and more favourable feeding conditions lead to a more species rich fauna. However, in this region hydrological conditions are disturbed by water removal and the construction of weirs adversely affects the migration of animals. The lower course is heavily polluted, which results in a species poor fauna with high density of individuals. Finally, the possible impact of the construction of two reservoirs on the river system is evaluated. From the ecological point of view, such massive distortion cannot be tolerated and the construction has to be refused.

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